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tv   FOX 8 Sunday Early News  FOX  January 17, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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this morning bomb threats in canton. what some businesses were forced to dones plus what authorities found. caught wr in the act. cameras were rolling as two robbers hold up a local gas station. how you can help track them down the america family holding onto the powerr of prayer after a little boy dies during the sledding accident. >> i'm tracking the snow and the cold and i will let you know how cold it will getet plus how much we will be shoveling out by thelin end of the day.
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starts right now. happy sunday. it is january 17th and the beautiful skyline shot there.. if you are headed out and about this morning, grab your heavyyo coat.. >> it is a cold one. winds coming up later it and we will have more in the forecast so i think winter is here. >> it's january. we have been so lucky for so long, i guess we are due. >> i would like to know about this weekend. it's like a teaser but once we go back to li work it's going to come i back for us.s. >> that makes it harder to get back to work and unfortunately we do have colder air pushing in for the rest of this holiday weekend. r you're going to step outside and a need hats and gloves bundle up because right now we are starting the day in the mid to
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we will wind up around 20 degrees but we will have a cold or start for the next couple of days here. f we are headed into the lowd twenties by one ori 2:00 p.m. around 20 at five wherein the team this evening. we have a clipper that will be pushing in. with the wind we could be anywhere between zero and 10 above. we also have a lake effect snow warning for lake geauga - -dash and ashtabula counties from noon today until noon on tuesday. so it will be cranking for a good two days out in the east. the blue is a lake effect snow snow warning for cuyahoga county. we are expecting some shovel snow for you. right now though we are not
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we have some light flurries down toward finley but that's clipper will likely be pushing in this afternoon and i expect us to see some snow showers as early as 10:00 a.m. sh everyone will get around the coating and to coating and upper lakeke effect we will let you know how cold it will get and if wen have any sign of seeing above average temperatures any time anytime soon. last night several businesses forced to evacuate after bomb threat. >> the target was evacuated after a threat called called in just before 7:00 p.m. and also confirmed to the eye team the walmart on tuscarora's west, the circle k on ora' mahoning avenue all affected by these threats. the good news is police say all businesses were searched and nothing was found. we will continue to follow the
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eight and at w eight and at w tears and heartache.w so many mourning the loss of a boying who was killed in a the sledding accident. police say drew hayden was hit by a driver after sliding into the road. >> friends and family arey a holding on to the power of prayer seeking a face so bright and full of life. >> he was about the smartest little child who is ever been a part of my life. his smile lit up the room. >> no words can describe the loss of the little boy who died a few days after sledding accident in north ridgefield. >> dozens gathered at a great lake at great lakes church in amherst saturday night to focus
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it was no doubt emotional. don't. >> the photo slideshow could be seen here on p saturday by everyone who attended the vigil. even a few classmates came toes pay trip into the young it to the young boy. >> jew was his best friend. my son is eight years old and they go to school together. >> explaining something like thisxp to a child is so difficult. >> a parent telling that to a child is heartbreaking. >> for now all these people can dofor is lean on each other, listen, love and remember this happy face.ten >> police are still investigating, but no charges are likely for the driver.stg so far more than $26,000 has been raised for the haydn family. you can find more about that by going to m investigators are still
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responsible for that house explosion on northfield center that killed a family of four. three of the victims will be buried this week. police found a gas can at the scene of the arson at out this the fire and say it is suspected to be arson. meanwhile friends and family held a vigil outside the home that is there will be vegetationati visitation. that the christ community church until noon ch and from tune until six. services for cynthia, ruth and allison will begin at six at the chapel and we will have more information at we have learned that a cleveland police officer made a second arrest in connection witho a series of robberies in the fieldn at lake on december 5th. the suspects held up three people, including a priest. earlier this week's police
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nowip david harrison is also charged with aggravated robbery. police are searching for 18 -year-old the shaun newton the third victim and then police are investigating the third shooting on the city's eastside that happened on east 100 11th street. the victim's mother came home to just before noon to find her son unresponsive with a gunshot tosh his arm. it is unclear who fired the fatal shot. is anyone with information shouldsh contact the police homicide unit you met police in ohio trying to identify remains found in a state park. >> some family out there that has lost a loved one and don't know where they are at. >> a woman walking her dogr spotted the bones in a ditch near the st. mary's river. the medical examiner says it is
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old 5-foot seven - 6 feet tall.. the bones could've been therere for as long as a year. police found evidence of foul play and are investigating the case as a homicide. it could take months to identify the victim. cleveland police are searching for two thieves accused of robbingg a gas stationi at gunpoint. it was all caught on camera for my cleveland police are a investigating after two men t robbed the royal police gas grill gas martt on east 25th. take a look. >> he was stepping down waitingit on customers and two armed guys to armed guys came with two guns one of them jumped behind thed counter and put a gun on his face in his face on his head and told him to open all the gas cash registers. >> the owner of the gas station wasn't there during the robbery but says his cashier is extremely upset. up
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he thought he was going to get shot. i guess some people take advantage of it and tried to rob us o in no. >> as you can see both suspects are fully clothed while you cannot see their faces, police were still able to get descriptions of them. he was wearing nike air force one basketball shoes, whitee gloves, a blue bandanna with white stars, sunglasses and a blue backpack with white lettering.let the second says bess kaz on black and blue nike air force one shoes and a black love with blue stripes.tri >> as they don't going to 10 a to any corner stores anymore, wherever you go you're always on the alert. >> jeanette has lived in this i neighborhood for 43 years and says the area is filled withed crime these days. she is notot sure what can be done to stop at. >> the young generationss out
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a lot of people blame the parents sometimes but should you can't blame the parentsen s all the time. you can't keep your kids 24 hours you know.ur they have homes to sleep in on cold winter nights, but teens from the lakewood congregational church spent last night outside as partt g of their annual effort to send light on the shed light on the plight of homelessness. they began constructing their box shelters saturday afternoon only shelter they have with for the night. last year they raised close to $5,000 for the coalition for homeless and they think the the night outside teaches them a viable lesson to give the big thing is they will all wake up tomorrow and tell you i just wanted to gettomo through the night cold and i can't believe people had to do this every night. >> that's no joke.
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more money from the homeless. h they will share their experiences later this morningi on fox eight news live. why not get a power powerboat? the american boat show is this weekend featuring more than 400 different vessels. the event is open from 11:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. andm. a tomorrow from 11:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. it will really put you in the mood for summer especially a powerboat which is what you need.e still ahead, finally free. >> five americans are on their way home thisfiv morning after what iran calls a prisoner watch. details are next. state of emergency. the latest out of flint michiganhi as the water crisis they is the water crisis thereas deepens. we all know she can hit the high notes, but adel is in the news thisl i weekend it is not for
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we explain later this hour. but first here's a look ata l one of our fox eight roof cam's.roo after the break we will have a
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welcome back. finally on their way home, five americans held in iran have been released in what iran calls a prisoner still swap and will so swap and will soon be back in the one us. >> here is a report from washington. >> e reporter: washington post bureau chief jason messiaen isaen one of the us prisoners released from iran today and what if a a thing called in what is called a swap. they are flying from tehran to switzerland and then to f germanyrm at a us military hospital gig in
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those with children who have not hadth ch a father for over three years. a as you can imagine, it is shocking to believe this day has finally come. >> in return for the release of the prisoners of united states is offering clemency for p seven inmates being released to iran. he given they have thought they were coming. >> contenders for the whitehe house are already reacting to the news. >> there may be some ugly core parts to this deal that we don't withhold judgment but right now i give thanks that the americans are coming back. this should've happened should have happened a long long time ago if you do this happens of the international atomic agency issues aod report on iran's nuclear program. they say once sanctions are lifted on a rock that will buy some some us european made
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iran's civilian fleet.o coast guard crews continue to g search for survivors after two marine helicopters collided off the coast of hawaii.awa twelve marines were conducting a nighttime trainingari mission in i the choppers crashed near oahu thursday. the storm fueled powerful waves which limited search efforts. military officials are asking for the public's help to promote any clear debris in the water. president obama in flint michigan. the tap water became contaminated after the city switched its waterrco supply to the flint river in 2014. the attorney general says he is investigating the crisis. in the meantime to men and in the truck has partnered with the
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and other volunteers to pick up water and delivered to the home and getting seniorr centers. the surviving boston marathon from bomber must pay his victims f more than $101 million. that ruling came friday from a federall judge. restitution payments to the 49 victimsents and their families must begin immediately. he denies defense team's motion for a new trial. de a late christmas gift from amazon. amazon prime drop in its membershipom price from $99 to $73. you still have some time to sign up. the promotion and that noon today and is only good for the new members. don't you think a box of 90-degree heat would be great?
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not going tost see that any time. >> especially anytime. >> especially with the free shipping. snow, cold and wait until you see how coldait it is going to get. i was at the shard chardon winterfeststi w yesterday and at the end of the they ushered in the the t fire andhey ushere ice to celebrate winter and they got their wish. a lot of the snow belt will be pounded with lake effect snow starting lke tomorrow and continuing until tuesday. we have a clipper moving in and everyone of course will feel the cold. that will continue through much of this week.. t temperature right now 26 degrees. we are a little bit warmer after midnight. we have gone down from the air there and temperatures continue toerat fall.. want to fix in cleveland and
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's 29 29 new philadelphia but if you factor in the wind, wind rights now out of the south and west but they south and west but they will pick up as the system moves in. mansfield is at 15 at was at 15 at the winds will pick up to through the afternoon as the clipper moves and end our temperaturespe will continue to drop throughout the day.ill not by much but you will noticeil the a difference as you move into the latete afternoon especially as the wind picks up and then t in the evening temperatures in the teams. as far as where we are temperature wise this time yesterday where 8 degrees colder so you can tell the arctic air is moving its arctic air is moving its way in. and how would you like to be in minneapolis? right now they are at 13 below. that is not even windchill. three in chicago.
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readings s here tomorrow morning and tuesday morning. these are the watch advisory morning maps here. richland and ashland county are under a wind advisory. this is today and continuing through tomorrow morning. wind chills of 15 below possible. it will definitely be a cold morning. we will have wind chills between five and 16 below. in blue we will talk snow. watching the wind here carefully portions of eastern cuyahoga county even write rise along the lake shore a secondary snow beltlt could get some lake effect snow. lake geauga ashtabula county under a lake effect snow warning
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effect snowh coming. this morning we are fine but 11:00 o'clock we are dealing with snow. everyone has seen the snow about a quarter of an inch. then that is where we are looking at additional accumulation there. are let's look out the snow falls today. snow fall mainly in the evening time wee will get one to 3 inches and that onto ge that funny three free today to mark 27 with temperatures falling. tonight 10 degrees and thegr
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that, five to 15 below temperatures not differ aiding all thatat much 20 tuesday into wednesday. wednesday another clipper moves in. friday could get interesting. the snowstorm for everybody last time i saw some and looked i
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>> bring the pets indoors. >> absolutely. 7:23 a.m. and still ahead,. >> cavs get some much-neededu rest ahead of tomorrow night'smo game.
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you meant good sunday morning. a well deserved off day after the longest road trip of the year the cavs finished their six-game 12 day road trip with a five and one record.a they dominated the houston rockets friday night's snapping a winningg streak snapped in a
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that dates back to 2006. as the cavs return home, could c they mean making the move in the a move in the near future? according to one place cavs of started cavs of started to to make calls first first surprisingly wind and f when in kentucky saturday night kevin carpenter had a career eight hi 18 points. ohio state in maryland on saturday taking on turks and the second half maryland turns up the special robert carter asks down part of the 2423 when five went by the t turks they got big
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been addicting posting saint joe's james fighting just justin lane on the baseline to pop the jumper and the vikings lead at three. they cutt the lead but vikings can't finish this one off. in the third they got some easy buckets but bengals win 3959 to 64. to the brown's busy days for new d head coach phila jackson browne's offensive coordinator john defilippo will not be back with theilip browns.ip k he has two jobs two years left on his contract and could end up going with the rams. c jackson reportedly met with pat hamilton, former indianapolis coordinator friday. jackson could bring him in as an
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hamilton was fired by the colts in our late november after twober years on the job though vikings reportedly blocked running backng go to kirby wilson coach kirby wilson in cleveland. former browns defensive coordinator ray horton is still in the mix to come back ray to r clevelanday as you jackman jackson's offensive coordinator. he officially interviewed at saturday for saturdays at the head coaching saturday for the head-coaching job that head coaching job that type announce mike milwaukee has their head coach as their head coach.. winning streak comes joint and in new england as patriots head back en to the championship game. en seven catches for 82 yards including two touchdowns as patriots beat the chiefs 27 / 200 and we will find out who they will meet in the afc
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7:30 a.m. and still ahead, rp rta attacks.tta >> a bus a driver is is attackeds with a knife and the i team
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a hope and hope your sunday is off to a great start. watch out some snow was going to be developing as would getu toward the late morning hours. windchill at 15 degrees. by noon everyone is seeing snow showers, 24 is the temperature the windchill is feeling more likes 27. 27 worcester 23 from toledo to mansfield and colder air continues to creep on in. we show the map out west west there we do have a cold front
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into thetar area from the west. behind that colder air all the way into tuesday morning theing lake effect snow watch for cuyahogang county in your under a warning which means you're goingo to be shoveling out over half a foot or more. i will have those numbers coming up forll you in just a moment. a wild struggle on an rta bus. a man attacked her driver with taking a closer look at what the driver dead and what bystanders didn't do. >> he's got a knife. he's got a knife. geek and life and death struggle.e. an rta bus driver finds himself
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passengers go gone and other bystanders just watching. g he said he got a gun? >> it started like this. last month that at least 115 15 communion, police said jared henderson tried to get on with an expired fare card. brother. >> hey! hey! moments later the driversrs attacked and passengers scrambling to thea back. the driver hoping for help inlp some passengers shouting at the drivers. others complaining about pain the inconvenience. >> i got a job to go to come on and call the police. call the police. second turned into minutes.
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gun. then we see him pull a knife and hear a passenger call police. finally a bystander steps step then she steps in a knife. >> reporter: in desperation the driverrte also grabs an emergency phone, and jared henderson get somebody to help him think somebody to help him. she can hunt at a hundred dollars for anybody.nybo >> even to be able to try to get on a bus that day, you might argue jared henderson was lucky. court records show that two months earlier the judge had j given him probation in a burglary case and a drug case. flashing police lights. help can't come on thehin bus soonus enough geek.
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>> he had a knife. >> such a struggle even the police battle with henderson put putting on the cops. the driver walks off to catch his breath.r w >> that's incredible video there. the head of rta sent the i team a it misstatement saying the driver acted heroically.i henderson is sitting in jail while cuyahoga countyil prosecutors are reviewing charges. a grand jury indicted a former police officer for rape and attempted murder charges.arg jeffrey martin is accused of stalking a woman and improperly using a police database to access information about her. in he now faces charges of rape, sexual battery and burglary.. he retired from the police force last year. the in stark countyy firefighters are investigating a fire that spurred us small
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people to the hospital at this trailer and forth or mistreat. joshua stevens and his grandmother wilma noland managed to escape the flames but josh suffered burns on his hands while caring the 87 -year-old woman out of the trailer. the trailer is a loss on the fire under investigation. people gathered toere celebrate martin luther king day earlyti this weekend by focusing in part on teaching younger people how to part stand up against injustice. interfaith alliance for the spotlight on speaking out against what it terms racial ce for injustice and the language of peace.d they said they want to pass onto the next generation the importance of standing up for what you believe >> we want to make sure we have a voice that is promoting many of us are in positions to speak for people who cannot speak for po themselves.l
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listenl to the voices of our youth.t i think what is the most concerning what is most important is our youth are looking for direction but i dir think they're also looking from help from leadership and we want to listen to all of the voices that are here. >> the breakfast was followed by a march to the courthouse and aou call for civilized speech andh public matters. of course tomorrow is the federal holiday celebrating the life of doctor martin luther king jr. still ahead, it is not everyday you get to meet a adele. >> it ist not. >> and it is not everyday she shares the story on national tv. how to college students are hoping she comes through on her promise.rom >> but first here is a look at one of our fox eight roof cam's. weather after the break and it will be a nice sunrise before it
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it looks like one of the old apollo camps. >> it is. >> that's bets on display there at the great lakes science center. so much cool stuff to see and the best part is tomorrow is completely free admission in honor fre of martin luther king day. >> willie we o will be talking about that coming up so stay tuned for that and we will tell you how you can get in for freere to see all of the cool things they have down there. a good indoor activity also write right? >> yes.goodcti >> you want to stay indoors tomorrow. i know a lot of the kids want to get in the snow outside and play in it.
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ground and you have a couple off days after that that you can play that after school but tomorrow it will definitely becho cold and the wind chill is below zero at times so actual air temperatures are in the teens throughout teams throughout the day. acu temperatures right now in the mid to upper twenties. cold out there. averageent time of average high for this time of year is 34 and we will be nowhere near that. there is an arctic front pushing through an western spots across the area. 16 degrees in cleveland is what it feels like. fifteen in mansfield, 20 in the akron cantonf area c you can tell in some ways it is already starting to feel like the arctic blast.ike a front sweeps through right between five to 10 but in the afternoon we could see gusts up upwards up towards upwards
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speaking of temperature changeur we are five - 10 degrees colder than we were yesterday at this time. we still have this arctic air mass that is going to work its way in.o temperatures five below zero for us actual air temperature butut wind chill is what windchill is what i am concerned about as we head into sunday marked monday morning and monday. let's talk about snow. tracking a few snow showers as the initial front comes in. we have seen some light snow showers to the east of sandusky senate county and down toward finley and now east of 75. this will continue to push on to the west is the front moves west and we will likely get the snow anywhere from between nine and 10:00 o'clock at this point. will track our future view for
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starting to blossom just around 10. t we continue that through thee noon hour and most of the day before eventually that gets out of here around the pennsylvania border. we are looking at a coating to around 2 inches for some end lake effect snow starting in the late afternoon to evening hours. we could possibly get one - 3 inches by the time the night comes and then load lake effect. like geauga and ashtabula county are under a warning outside of the a snow belt cloudy and cold tomorrow. snowfall today coating to 1 inch could see some isolation and some of these shades herees but one - 3 inches from lake geaugaga and ashtabula county. some snow as we are starting off at 7:00 o'clock monday look at what some of us could be dealing with upwards of
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wouldn't be surprised if someone has a foot before it is all said ando done and its continues to work its way through the area. the air at 27 today, snow one - three lake effect snow tonight and we are at 10 degrees. additional lake effect snow an additional three - 5 inches for snow and monday everyone is cold, windy, 15 and that trend continues well below average for the next several days. a wind chill advisory out. >> the snow we can deal with, brutal.b >> it is the wind. >> it is the wind but at least we're not dealing with actual temperatures below zero becauseuse of that was the case then the wind jails would chills would be even more ridiculous but we have a couple of these days here so
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weather.n m two days after the death of her husband, celine dion has lost her brother toand cancer as well. her brother daniel was one of 13 13 siblings and battled tongue, throat and brain cancer. friday it was announced he onlynou had a matter of hours left. dion canceled several of her las vegas shows following her husband's sws death. a video that is going viral, adele showing off her skills in carpool karaoke, buta it is a story she told the late late show host that has someone some college students getting national attention as well because the students say they met her while she did she was kind of tipsy tips in a london restaurant and are hoping she comes through on a special promise. >> at this pointnt in the year most people have turned the page on 2015, but to college freshman from nashville are still veryill
7:41 am
december. that is breeding morgan, a freshman at b tulane. that is his friend jamie, a freshman at university of denver.. >> we both went to the same high school. >> this is the two of them afterr meeting adele at a london restaurant two days before christmas. >> it she she was coming by myranys table and my mom was like hey adele. >> they figured their chance to say hello toy f adele would end there but it turned out adele was rolling inurn the deep end of a few glasses of wine. >> my mom said we are big fans but then we tried to get tickets to your the show but the tickets were sold out in like 10 minutes >> i find this e-mail andmai dressed in my pocket, and other family from nashville who also implement the tickets were sold out but they manage to get tickets inniti nashville. >> amazing. >> it was like word for word the
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>> much to their surprise, adeler recalled the entire encounter during carpool karaoke on the late late show this >> did you ever think that younk it? >>lling absolutely not. >> they can't tell how many times they've told their friends thisldth story.y. it turns out adele was telling her friends as well. in. >> hopefully she will get back to us. >> they deserve it. they've been on tv they have a good story but so far the tickets haven't arrived but they say they are checking every day. >> i think she's going to come through. adele is going to come through. 7:51 a.m. and still ahead, exact change.nge. >> a very patient cashier is making headlines this ave morning,,
7:43 am
jar experiment so they have to ex be cool. >> they do have to be cool. the.e. a routine trip to target inspired a facebook post that has gone viral offense things to cashier's kindness. >> therapy glare and her children had been waitingait
7:44 am
when sheh realized realize thei holdze up. an elderly woman was paying in all wa change, and the cashier, ishmael gilbert, was helping here count each coin and going and then when her daughter asked to helpg count, she realized ishmael was helping more than just that one customer. >> she apologized and telling me she is sorry and ihe told her he knowhe you're fine. i treat everybody the same and i get it back everyt time. >> i thought this stranger is teaching my daughter something that i could never teach her. >> isn't that co great? >> the facebook post has been shared nearly 15,000 times. target officials plan to reward ishmael for his patients and his >> all money spends the same. pennies, nickels, quarters. >> it's all good. we have a lot coming up in thea next hour. >> we are going to meet some very cool kids coming up and we
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>> we are going to talk about at a special event going on tomorrow on martin luther king day and
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