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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  FOX  January 18, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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differences itol will last a lot longer. here is a list of the ongoing like affect here in central and western lake county looking at pretty good areas another one up your thompson township even in two sheridan that notice here in cleveland we have not seen much it was slightly snowing with light lake effect of might accumulation but at this.the core of the issue will be in lake county and geauga county up and ashtabula county wind it chills ten or 15 below zero everywhere 16 in the east lake single-digit readings akron medina at four in the digit readings you might even further south. this takes us
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early i put the city's appear lake county and land look at these by the time this - - is up there could be allocation with more than 2 inches of snow on the ground. and then less than an inch south of cuyahoga county. it will warm up well it freeze that is the big question we talk about in just a little bit. traffic time with patty. >> thank you. we are on the east side we had to take a pitstop year but the side streets are ms. we are all long harvard along to 71, and it has not been easy with a little slipping and sliding for sure as yound get into the parking lot, but right now they have this cloud very nicely getting on 271. it is not a fun ride. snow-covered lake and snow-covered once you get up to
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packed i and you cannot even really see the lanes. look forward to that along 92 over in lake county be careful the luther king day a lot of people have the day off, so we are seeing lighter volumes. >> definitely so much snow on the roadway even if you want to go faster there is a lot of ice on the roadways you need a lot of extra time t the suspect is behind bars shot and killed in danville we go there live with new information. t >> we have the identity he is
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last night thomas kittrell. a devastating story here they are the ones he released the information with the line of duty. she said her boyfriend and left with weapons looking to kill an officer. the officer was killed outside the conducted the municipal building around 11:47 a.m. he does have a criminal history to look into
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investigators are trying to figure out how she got online and where she may have gone.ow he had setbacks he faced it all. >> someone was about how doctor king persevered over the years african-americans to facing problems, but opportunities are also greater to find them they were during doctor king's quicktime. >> i lifetime. >> i will also have ds the
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the team hosting the golden state warriorsel t with the nba finals rematch just two weeks left until they had to the polls for the first time in the iowa caucuses. >> they have made it clear based on senator sanders on record that he has voteden with the nra it, being numerous times he voted against a very the very the bill five timess and voted group old. >> i think what we have we're aggressively as it can to normalize relationss with iran. understanding iran's behavior and so many ways i is something
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support for terrorism, the anti-american rhetoric we're hearing from some of their leadership is something that is not acceptable. >> we don'tr use the term you hear republicans throw around sending other kids into combat the keep using the term boots on the ground a woman in burlington, iowa said governor please don't refer to my son who's served two tours of duty as a pair of boots on the ground. >> other candidates also touched on healthcarere the polls show a tight race between clinton and sanders in iowa and new hampshire. >> foxing is keeping tabs on developings stories all morning long. >> with the stephanie for a look at what is just an. >> we are following a tragic story out of new jersey where an ems officer has died involving his 19 -year-old daughter the 49 -year-old scott danielson was part of the squad dispatch yesterday afternoon he quickly
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been there with one of the victims did it help the squad treater. he went out to the hospital to see his daughter had a massive t heart attack right in the waiting room. he was flown tolo a different hospital where he died last night's daughters okay. she is now has discharged from the hospital. we will be keeping tabs on the story. >> eight minutes after 8:00 o'clock. coming up heading home - - we will tell you what is next forh them and how the government a negotiated their release. >> and a call for help and no one answered - -dash what a 911 dispatcher was doing for eight minutes instead of responding to emergencies. >> and no numbers on the side we will tell you like ass is going for less than $1 a gallon at several michigan gas station. >> a perfect way to honor doctor
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the good tuesday and will also show us how to make one of meals. >> and now we check in with mr. compton was in heaven this morning. >> as i am. it's all about snowboarding and skiing. when some of the hottest looks on the
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good morning, everybody. low visibility with the like affect the snow. pulses of have a lake effect snow. here is ashtabula and connie at and then the central area where we start to een north madison` painesville and mentor pretty good streaks of heavy snowfall like affect them
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here now look at lakewood and bay village they will have a couple inches of snow here on the tail end right now our current temperature is running in the single digits all day long. cuyahoga falls in the single digits and then akron and south clevelands nothing major here. lake and northern geauga county with the grand total a grand total of another footd of snow is several inches on the ground s it is thus less than that further south. like affect furthers north windy and cold with highs between eight and 12 above. five above tonight the like affect continues because it ish a little more scattered and will slowly dry oute the clipper
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areay and here is the eight day not only are we looking at late light snow late wednesday friday monday we have a pretty significant snow with the numbers are moving through` new england. foxing is is your official school closing station. traffic time with patty. it is 8:13 a.m. >> thank you. good morning. we are in ground fox to 71 northbound trying to get up towards mayfield. about truck is up there anything that is why all the traffic that is been a trouble spot 90 as you head towards lake county also with a lot of snow back going on the roadway. moving well and folks try to get behind it 71
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we're getting a little snow out this way it is coating very lightly on the freeway as we pass here we see a truck or a carr off to the side into the median it looks like it is been there for a while and another detainee was chosen to remain in iran and has since are really arrived home in massachusetts the us pardon or drop charges against seven iranian serving timege for or accused of shanks sanction violations in the us. they are expected to be reunited with friends and family sometime today. >> i surf warnings complicatingeme for 12 marines effort to helicopters were done off the coast of quite a. various
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volunteers have been looking around working around the clock to find them. chris believe the two choppers may have collided during a training mission. >> you tell today in honor of the police officer killed officers searching for two people whowo took off after a traffic accident near salt lake city. the 44 -year-old officer a from the suspect and was then shot by him. a 31 -year-old corey anderson was killed moments later. the shootout with officers anderson have been wantednd for a parole violation. o a woman he was with us now being questioned. >> st. louis police investigating an arson involved shooting that killed an apparent robbery. police say a witness k flight down officer to report a setting in setting conference the suspect in saysic he raised a hand gun. the officer shot him twice. the officer was not her.
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scene chanting against police. >> a missing two -year-old boy in tennessee. noah chamberlain disappear thursdayer afternoon. his grandmother so she was hiking in the woods nearsd our house with him and his four -year-old sister she was focused on the sister for one minute when she turned around, no is gone. police and volunteers from across the statee of been searching aroundn the clock. overnight temperatures have been in the 20s. >> authorities apparently repeatedly called 911 and got no response because an operator was busy ordering a pizza. they called repeatedly to 911 with no while no what no luck. after an r internal investigation authorities found she was on a personal call ordering a pizza. she admitted it wasas a major
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written reprimand. the patient okay. >> the latest attempto to land a rock rocket on a platform floating in the pacifica must work. take a look at this footage provided by the company ceo. the unmanned rocket successfully carry the satellite into orbit then felt the secondary with a loaded platform a popular spot in new york's central park willr become much more rare the city reached a deal last night to significantly reduce the number of horse-drawn carriages around central park they will oca go from 180 to 110 by the end of the year the down to 95 and 2018. there will only be in operation for nine hours a
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that animals are being treated unfairly. seventeen minutes after 8:00 o'clock. you can log on to nominate your favorite school we are back with much more including our wonderful singers the week and family in honor of doctor martin luther
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remember snow day. when the schools were closed and the day was wide open. the first step into fresh powder was like stepping into a new world. the crunch of the snow as it packed under our boots. the drip of icicles melting in the sun. so pull the hat down a little lower. and make sure there's a cup of hot cocoa waiting. because this winter, every day is snow day in pure michigan. your snow day begins
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we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. excelsior! eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. arrrr, that's not even a real spaceship. good morning everybody. weather headline as we look ahead at biggest lake effect snow event since last yearar everybody. h when chill 10 to 15 below what's happening lake like effect event will last through tomorrowow veryyy active weather pattern as we aree a developing some storms in thein deep south will that produce norod for us friday and next monday that's the bigger questioneson
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liquid cleveland avon lake baye by village seeing white snow atnoat this point still have flurriesv in shaker heights but the core of the snow is still on a line i n how these bands are going west w to east through chardon and tondto the chimney of geauga county and all of lake county and eastern halfe of ashtabula county.ula county. this will continue might get some let ups in the snow but itu will start will see it kick in again with more bands later on. o when she'll stay this way alla day long. e right now and sullen twinsburgsullen twin at threesb and west say them very dry but cold and very windy here as we look at the overall snowverallve numbers it takes into accountto a what has already fallen thisallenhis morning keep that it might.might since this like effect event event e started shortly after midnight as youafter m look at the numbers there t will be pockets of close to ahell be po foot of snow on the groundcket what wh has already fallen adding to tomorrow.
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snow and the amounts considerably fallitionaln three to fourto in cleveland. cleveland. c it may be a few spots that pickly er but southern cuyahoga county akron hardy anything.ytng. primarily a lake effect snow sw event that will continue for ar a wild day planner doesn't show a whole lot of improvement withvement witve 12 above today. drive for further south as we fall to the single digits tonight. additional accumulations in n tomorrow localized lake effect but we start to see mocrrowonditions lo improve a little bit l saeete in themoceete i day withn a high of 17. traffic time with patty it is thank you scott good morning wemorning we are traveling 90 eastbound we90 eastboud we t the ramp 90 east and west mound those ramps are full and backingn onto the highway. could see traffic along 90l westbound as i look out the driver side window it isou veryry slow on the westbound side asbound you headsid towards 306.
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again snow-coveredo on i 90 from 271-2306 it was good.good mostly just wet and they're .aey'reaey' little snow we covered so thato at is something to keep in mind asd a you step out the door.o 90 easto approaching centeroac street keep you up to date from ground fox. be careful out there. top story this morning. an ohio police officer is dead, and investigators are trying to figure out exactly what happened.. totoan ohio per is ohio peroh this all unfolded in danville which is a small community in knox county about two hours to our south. hours fox8 news reporter jessica dill t new is there live with news rerter information for us this morning. heartbreaking.formatio so heartbreaking to hear absolutely. good morning everybody.ever it is devastating especially for f this little town talking to thethe community memberst they really can't fathom howt t thish happenedh appenedh but we do know police officer were shot and killed w behind meehind me e last night. the scene is still blocked off here throughout the night and nig they left a little bit ago butut are stillut investigating this and
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the man whose wife wasr taken way too soon to the name is officer thomas cattrall a danvilleas cattral police officl aer sheriff's office df'sfice d saying we are very sad to report t the line of duty death a police officer thomas cattrall.cattr last night dispatchers received a call around 1120 from a femalei in danger. she said her ex-boyfriendd hadd left with weapons and looking tolooking kill an officer.ffer.ff officer cattrall was found shot around 11:47. he was defused when he was foundfo and service weapon had been taken and cruiserha was missing. approximately 1:36 a.m. the th suspect was observed running from as home on east washingtonon street after a short foot chaseeas he was taken into custody by officers. a female was discovereded outsideu of the residents interviewed by officers and a later released. i was speaking with thehe community members inside a little coffee shop herey they the said they don't understand why danville was targeted they don'ted theyon'ted
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on the forest and ofst and of course they're devastated by y this news as many people should be and it's so heartbreaking forrtbreaking fo them they don't understand why it happenedo t hhey set ovverthnightemovve let's very scary while the search was going onrthn one womanwo said she stayed in and try to try t take care of it something will be following. tragic.f it jessica thank you very much. other news right now.jessica a large group of residents gathered in north ridgeville to in remember a little boy killed in north a tragic sledding accident. nine year old drew hayden died friday, at metro health medicaldical center. drew was sledding in the meadowin lakes subdivision in north ridgeville, when he was hit by a investigators say a 44 year old river will not face charges for the accident. americans celebrate the life and legacy of doctor martin lutherle, when hnis say a r old cident king junior today. [music playing] [music playing] the cleveland orchestra paid
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leader this weekend, with itsade 36th annual mlk celebrationr this weeebratior this concert. before the show, cleveland mayor frank jackson presented the 2016 omm people who have positivelyunit and the teachings of doctor king.and the tea many museums in both cleveland and akron will offer free admission today including the the natural history museum. there are also several service message of a day on for service as opposed to just a day off from work. you can find a complete list of all the mlk day events on our website, betty white turned 94 yesterday. and she's celebrated with a few
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the expense of johnny manziel. no roger looks nothing like youuall thmlk da8.e es during fox's suuring fosuurin you're much sexier who is this johnny manziel. i ain't touching that one. my goodness. the ad, for bandwagon dot com,d, for bagon featured betty white givingng@ advice to coaches and playerssfeured bet bet who may be out of work, now that the season is just about over. she is a riot.riot. she was my goodness.od whatever she's having i willi take some. seriously. i'mta telling you. she's got such brilliant wit.nt wit.nt just the way she looks it so s funny. i watch the pproposal over the weekend with betty white. if you haven't seen it yet. she starts speaking spanish. i'm not touching that one she
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still ahead this morning it's a's dish doctor martin luther king jr. like to eat h when he was on o the road. it smelled heavenlyy the chef andf nd owner of edwin's is here tos is he to teach us how to make thiso make is special pinto bean soup and hasnd has a great way to honor the civilhonor the civil rights leader's legacy such a greatci place doing wonderful doing won things.d kenny crumpton good morning. good morning everybody. we are kicking it with the newnew ski boots really comeback willack wll show you the hot ski gear and boots all the cool stuff and i of course will have a lot of funl with the close. kicking it with kenny.
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a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
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[music playing] we'd like to thank the weedene t family singers for being here today.we go to get the information where to checkfo them th out today want to thank you so much for coming and it makes ourmake holiday special.e speaking of special we are heree h at village ski and snowboardi and s shop showing you guys the hottest gear s this year and a you're now that one let's talklet's tak about these ski boots start with my first.ut thes this is got a full heat mobile id li basically we're going to heat most this minor we will moldedm
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the shells are also heat het multiple if we need to correct to coct anything or do custom fitting iningin a boot. it infits to her foot perfectly. we can custom fit that boot toat fit every type of foot we need. what do you have. this is a similar boot and thisthisthisth has a full free ride boot for a big amount and writer. this thea pro model. a full hiking system in it. guys out west maybe.. hike up the mountain with that allows the blue to move that way. veryhe blu e e go okay.okay you pick two differenttwo different technologies to talk we talked about skiing.ed abo basically if you lutook at this profile the ski it's narrowerofi and talk more sidele the ski i can't to it. something you will want to ski on the front side of the mountain on hard pack and groomers. and this backside something like this look at it it's a lot lo lighter throughout the waist ofwaist of the ski.
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technology. a little bit@ bent up for deeper snow conditions. it is collaboration with the skith company with the band metallica.and meta that is pretty awesome. a big skier and he hooked up with executiver and he.. i want to be rich and famous. oversteer for our big finale we have our models. they skied all day now hangingnow hangino w out in the lodge.e l the lien is wearing a sweatere from spider. basically it will keep you warm you can use that as an insulatorn under your jacket but nice for just hanging out in the lodge. on your right on. looks very cool. okay jake. jake has gods very cool. is hanging out got got a summer sweatshirt on and a boot bag. put both boots in there in thein there in side put your helmet and therethe and the rest orf helm your gear anddd you're ready to go.o. and chloe. a
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after skiing where that under a a a jacket as well. wll. she's got a ski bag from highom sierra. very good.m want to think chloe jake and elainewant you did a great job andndn you and everybody here. appreciate that. the snow is out. anytime you show up its nose.o showing up in october next timetime t for you.r you. come on out to village ski andlag snowboard hang out with the guys did aowboard h great job this morninghis thank you so much. go support local ski areas. just feel it. just do it.t. go back to you guys in the th studio.h thank you very much. y mu this would be a great way towayto honor the legacy of doctor martin luther king jr. brandon chrostowski is the chef and owner of edwin's.martinher kikibrandon chroswi he's here to teach us how ton's.mar kiki make a meal dr. king liked to eat when he traveled pinto bean soup. he's also going to tell us about
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kudos to what you've been doing.d taking and individuals who have been incarcerated in now out teaching them skillshbe.. kudos to you for that. t thank you very much. you very much. little things in life.ife and so first of all before we dodo anything else this is martin m luther king jr. day we celarebratec you have an award that you got this is it aover here.vehere. take a look at that.hath what a wonderful award this isul tell us about it. last yearawaw the prosecutor'sprosecu office given an award to askedward to aske few individuals. it's an award i have one thate one means the most to me.t especially this day of all ofofes the holidays thispecily this d is number one. you're making something doctoraking so king like to eat when he travels. it's tr ue. tr very simple. sim make this at home and makpe it in no time at all. depending on which way you want w to go. i'll explain. it's a little bit of oil.l. g a touch of butter.h pinto bean soup.of when martin luther king used to travelelwhen ma and acquaintance the road
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said when he traveled to the north you would never go out tout restaurants. not never butt seldom and when he and when h came up he would asks the the churches to cook for him. churchesesch they've been known tokn t throw down. he probably did the best thing. he thought it was very important to be nourished by the want to love temper go kept him really going not just civil rights ci movement but physically. nice. simple soup what we did stokedid our beings daryl and i youngyoung student at the institute we soaked a pinto beans for 24o r hours very simple if you buyyou buy dried beans take the amount ofmou dried beans double that inle th water. water. 24 hours later they are soft.oft.of if not use canned beans we have upfront makes this whole process a lot quicker.lot as simple as this. take the betterqo we will add add onions and carrots and celery. garlic. and chicken stock and beans.nd eans simple. let's just do it.o we had here the onions.ios.
8:36 am
aboutyo one small sized onion.zed little bit of the onions and celery. and carrots. again you can find all of these at the local grocer. and as soon as you sweat out orr become aromatic we will then wil take the pinto beans add them and the stock.e sto really simple and this way we are not just celebrating a great stupid and great individual tomorrow evening at edwin'sed we're celebrating specific day tired of the negative press. let's get positive and movean forward. tomorrow night if you come to edwin's youo can bring in an in a article positive press and get ageta free appetizer.izer.iz any kind of article a free appetizericle p or freeree dessert. just cut it out or@ bring it inng itin or whatever. printed out a hardcopy.
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will addthere is a this reminds me when i i was a kid talking him hawks. is that in there as well. that will stink the whole houseo up. will throw it in there.n and casey want to know what aknow wha him hock and. an he's got it right here. it ri that's it. so that beansght .. and if you like to add the greens right to your left. l throw that in there. the dump it in.n.du this is nice..this is can'tni wait to taste this. evening with a ham hock i willam ck i wil still taste it.tae i very nice. very nice. one more.. @one putmore the hock in.e hoc in an hour and a half later your soup is ready. nice. how long what is the total t cooking time on this. a little under two hours. bye und the time you get everything cut prepped in the pot it isit i here and let it simmer for anmmer for an hour and a half two hours total.. i will try some.. dish a little up to see what wat doctor king used to like on the road.
8:38 am
cold with this is one of them.the that is for sure. serious comfort food. i will just try it right here. not bad. ba very good. itit is hot but it is verygood. o very good.o very g oo thank you. chef thank you very much. keep up the good work.ork appreciate what you are doing.oin all right.o today's recipe on our website andnd our pinterest page.
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a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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scholastic is pulling a controversial picture book about george washington and hiss sclling a
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the company posted on facebook that it will halt distribution of a birthday cake for george washington. the book has been criticized for its upbeat images of washington's cook hercules and his daughter preparing a cake together. scholastic says they have great respect for the author, illustrator, and editor, but believe the book may give a false impression of the lives of slaves. it'll cost you to listen to your favorite music. apple's itunes radio servicee lives off it'll ct you to off will no longer be free. it'l the company broke the news to customers in an email. beats 1 will soon be the only free radio service provided by radi as of january 28th, stationsionsio based on arnstists or genres willnstists res w require a paid apple music subscription of 9.99 a month. that service features guestst require aaid apple musi hosts, exclusive interviews and music selected by apple's djs. nope they didn't forget a one.hosts, exclusive intews and check out the price of gas at stations in michigan. that's right the sign says 78 cents a gallon, for unleaded.allon, forunlead gas buddy edot com says several
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area lowered their prices to under a dollar a gallon, as part of a price war. the stations are the first in the country to see prices under a dollar gallon in years.r a doof a pri war. thtry to all right. a save money on gas spend it on chocolate. why not. a new report in the wall street journal says chocolate prices are going up.urnal says the report says the raw material says the used to make chocolate is harder to find, because of bad weather and poor farming techniques. the demand for chocolate has poor for chocote has also reached an all time high. the cost of chocolate has climbed 40 percent, since 2012. poacac that is not good.o i will still spend the money. the you do what you've got to do.m today is the day patty's neo- neo- patty cakes go on sale.sal. we've beens waiting sinceti thanksgiving to try one of the he sweet potato pies. thanks to this guy.@ [music playing] turn into patty. you will turn into patty after
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patty. what a voice. there are two kinds of patty cakes vanilla bean poundcake andund caramel we will taste the caramel cake right now.e ccri hereght you guys go. looks delicious. this is the caramel. this is only sold at walmart is this the deal. i know the sweet potato pie was. while. i can sing because my mouth is full.i cc ll. patty. patty. isn't that so good. i mean, it melts in your mouth.mouth. seriously. you consider it's a cake thatke that was made about six months ago and preservedab i don't know.onow.
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purchase it frozen. it's a good cake. usually i'm a guyca that likes homemade cakes right off thatf that you know the same day kind ofd deal. right out of the oven.ov for a cake you buy at a groceryroceryr store or walmart not bad. patty's new cakes at walmartor go g on sale today. tod they have vanilla bean to. i don't even know what's going on right now. in our own world.rld. i would actually buy this. ths. available all year round. that's a good the last bite right here. ri i'm licking your plate if you're not. not. no somehow we don't see this trend catching on. we'll show you the strange look two stars were sporting on the red carpet this weekend. c okay. more importantly. we'd like to thank the weedene to thank t weeden family singers for being here today.f they're amazing.e amazin the weedens are here in honor of dr. martin luther king day.the wee luthe r
8:45 am
was a well known baptist well known minister here in cleveland, and often invited dr. king to speak mieak mi at st. timothy baptist church. the two men worked together on voter registration drives, here in cleveland.voter regis you guys are amazing thanks foror coming. tt ake it away.
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[music playing] welcome back. david bowie has scored his firstav number one album after hisid bowie has sco death.. dea blackstar debuted at number one on the billboard 200 chart lastblactar week, and knocked adele out of the top spot..wee blackstar was released on an january 8th bowie's 69th birthday.blackstar was reon an
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later.he died f pop icon cher is helping theis helpinghe people of flint, michigan duringof flinichiga their ongoing water crisis.n cher has sent 180 thousand bottles of water to flint, which is in the middle of a federal emergency because of lead in its water supply..bottles o, cher teamed up with icelandicndicndic global to send the water and shel to send picked up most of the tab, herself.the water send the water will arrive at the food bank of eastern michigan onhe water wi wednesday, and they will handle distribution. cher called the situation a tragedy of staggering proportions. maybe this is a new men's fashion trend?led thtuatioedy of staof sta what do you guys think. saturday night live alum will forte showed up at the fox all star party this weekend with half of his head and half of his beard completely shaved. even his eyebrow was long on the his ey scraggly side of his face.w raggly sid o hf is last man on earth costar mel rodriguez also shaved part ofhf is last ma his head and part of his
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