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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  January 19, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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cleveland's own fox 8 news. i'm glad you are with us tonight, the winter packing a punch as well and more to come, lake effect warning for people in snow belt and northeast ohio to deal with dangerous windchill. dozens of school close -- clothings -- closings and delays scrolling at the bottom of the screen throughout the hour.ou entre e with team coveragegh tonight, the kids will have to worry about those with school tomorrow morning.rr right. and it doesn't matter where you are. so one court -- if you are
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people , it is locally, coldmatter what and of course, that small segment of northeast ohio with a late effect. you can see easily come as we zoom in because south and west ofouth cleveland commit is not an issue. it is not an issue but as soon as you go little bit to the east, i-90 and anywhere in between, we have the snow showers. right now the heaviest my we are seeing multiple bands, one into euclid and another one looks northeast towards madison. another one, smaller band towards astabula, but they are all certainly capableas of putting down half an inch in our come away from like that almost all day. look at the snow t warning primarily eastern part of the county. and traditional, astabula
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nine,l, lake -- astabula until noon. continuation to go, and during the day tomorrow but until then and that includes tomorrow morning's commute commit isut going to be pretty tricky with traditional snow fall. cold everywhere. we will see youu with another update. brutal, blustery come all the weatheral hitting us especially hard lake county with the snow is relentless. that is for sure susan with the latest on the conditions, high. high, tracy, bill, conditions not so good, and we traveled through and it is still bad. which is interesting, a lot of bad weather and snow storms on those sorts of things but this really has been relentless. but is the right word all day come all night it has been
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extremelyly a couple of long days for first responders and residents. it is@ not over yet. gusting winds near whiteout conditions turned rush-hour into russian burlap for drivers traveling through lake county. cars off of the road everywhere. treacherous conditions caused by blowing and drifting across the interstate. while peering businesses in sidestreets keeping snowplows busy. they will get worse now. the department of transportation had d max cruise around the clock and local municipalities but they say at times, a losing battle. because the snow is not letting up, the temperatures so cold, the treatments not working but not way that so many accidents the trucks getting trapped --
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crash after crash. first responders can barely get a break and police lieutenant in the calls keep coming. i would guess at least 20 and road closures, nonstop, oscars very busy. the@ same in neighboring cities like willoughby where the police report of 30 accidents. they need to slow down. that is probably the biggest factor. you gotes to use common sense for the most part. improbably not write your bicycle so you make it home safely for the work continues monday night. shovel some snow for the second time today. subzeroo windchill and at least 2 feet possible before the snow finally stops them at least this round. to beea expected this time of year and had a pretty easy all weather long -- all winter long and i will welcome it. and good
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lake county, lake effect snow and even seasoned veterans, grown-up and lived here all their life a challenging storm because it keeps coming, 44 south almost tonight he now to the conditions definitely slick. i can only imagine tomorrow morning if this continues because of all the accidents police advising people to slow down into make sure you have your cars filled up in good working conditions make sure warm clothing in the vehicle. they did see people today who were stuck in traffic because of the next head and they sat in traffic for hours. definitely want to be prepared heading in this weather. suzanne, thank you very much tonight. tonight the portion of the night -- i-90 west in state route 44 after a series of accidents today ice and snow forced the vehicles to spin out and clyde.
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mile a stretch but fortunately no fox 8 official school closing -- closings stations on the screen and online fox but remember fox 8 news in the morning begins 4:00 a.m. with storm. some other news tonight the family of a murdered three-year-old boy said someone their home this afternoon. the shooting coming after a series of threat and i guess the family of major and the months recent months, kevin freeman with details. the good news no one was hurt but "grandfathered", fired that is at his home to intimidate him and his family, for four months, they have been searching for justice for the three-year-old boy, actively trying to get the suspect to remain on the run tonight behindn bars. victor
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afternoon when someone fired two shots at eastside cleveland home. is he a ats truck going down the street. i didn't know what it was in my neighbor called me from across the street and street and said, thatallem truck -- the please cover to shell casings from the street thatas say no bullets actually hit the house. my level appear has not changed any. and willing to stand strong. september 15, the three-year-oldbe grandson, major how word in the crossfire while sitting in a car during the drive-by shooting on east 100 13th street. he was struck by a bullet and later died. last week my us marshals arrested 23-year-old aaron and charged with aggravated murder. but the main suspect, 23-year-old son now lindsey on the run.
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exactly where he is. darnell lindsey fired shots from a carir and hit a young baby three years old who did not deserve to die. since the killing victor and his familyn have regularly handed out flyers across the city hoping someone can help put lindsey behind bars. and he says he and his family including teenage son have been harassed in receivedei threats. whoever it is, you've got tove realize that we didn't do anything to you. we are just trying to get justice. it will stay -- pay special attention and beat the patrols in the area. victor has one message for darnell lindsey. turn yourself in. it has been a while since the family with receiving threatening phone calls partly because had to change his phonech number ina a few weeks ago, hit by a car while crossing the street in front of this house that really can't say at this point whether related to any of
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said he will keep fighting for justice these incidents show more reasons why darnell lindsey should be off the street. the family ventured come a shame to live. exactly. both still grieving and on top of this to have to deal with this. kevin, thank you. the community and shock after place officer shot and killed on the job targeted as well sunday night danville and the village of a thousand people in a woman called 911 saying the boyfriend left the house armed, out to kill a place officer less than a half an hour later. the body off danville officer such rope found on the ground outside but the police department but 32-year-old herschel jones the third arrested two hours later. the investigation continued and johnson custody and the knox county jail. people around northeastun ohio, achievement of martin luther
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the story for tonight and you have much more how people spend martin luther king jr. day. really, there was a full spectrum of activities free admissions and offer exhibits but the focus on dr. king, one of k the most powerful events tonight, cavaliers game where many prominent african-american community members gave an interpretation of the speech dr. king gave glendale high school in 1957 but among them wayne dawson. . >> tonight's event kicks off the cavaliers 12th annual celebration of a month-long series of events to recognize the achievements of black america a. the cleveland orchestra youth chorus with the feature performers with african-american composers with a message of
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theanca event largely aimed at introducing young people to the idea of service anduc self-worth. the whole of fame come a free event live performances, educational programs all in debt using music to find their voice and create a sense of community. this is the 30th anniversary of doctor martin luther king day, a loweroc back in 1994 encourages people to transform the holiday to city -- citizen action and we saw plenty of that both here and across the country today. for sure and it's great to see. still to come tonight, a follow-up to i team exclusive. major concerns over emergency response times in cleveland and what we learnla about a shortage of ambulances on the street. the definition of drunk what the federalal government is proposing to lead to a lot more arrests. the death of rock 'n roll with the passing of glenn frey.
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gallon for gasoline but now find
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>> pr on snow watch tonight and you can see the snow was still coming c down. just got blasted all day long and snow covered roads, i-90 out in the metro area but as you can see, school closings and delays coming in by
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so you need to getby up early tomorrow morning andre, slow gullwing, no rushing and take your time and it will be okay. and that is the key, plenty of times to plan for it in the morning, allow for it and just a ton of patients and put out some of thosets are on the way in. typical areas where we see suzanne, it has been coming in waves all day. and will continue to be there throughy. morning but after about that a really quick and for some and by noon, to 3:00 p.m., nadine. it is going to be often on nastiness euclid all the way up to route 322, and again astabula county, the lower limit right
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heaviest of snows will be. a close look at everything because she will see the hotspots and we will kind of pup already dogs around. typical signature. we are not alone and you can see the warningsgs of two red chester -- rochester, and virtually everybody else. but off, canton, just a flurry or two so obviously went to getan outside the zone, just dealing with a lot of cold. but that ini and of itself to create problems just by its very nature. dealing but the with the typical winter weather and eventually it eases w up a little bit. we will have a look at the forecast coming up in just a bit. we will see you then, andre. finding themselves on the other side of the law. former sheriff's department of d please facing serious charges and authorities uncovered a
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problem a major chain offense -- defense an entireir country with a promotion. the fourth cavaliers andey warriors astabula, highlights and the latest on you
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r. at the us celebrate five
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still missing and former fbi agent was named as part of the deal with iran but officials and the country claimed they don't know where he is. and if -- disappeared i rain resort working for the cia. the family insist he is still alive despitee multiple health issues. i don't understand what they will be doing. whatat is their plan going forward? we have not heard from them since the initial call. we would like to speak with them to find out what are they doing to get my data home now?e what is the next step? we are just lost here and desperate. secretary of state john kerry said the us has noo idea if livingston is a light but plan to proceed as if he is. the university of cincinnati agreed to pay $5 million to a man killed by the campus police officer sam debose killed in july during traffic stop. buddy kim footage shows the officer openow fire without
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multimillion dollar settlement. the university willhe pay 12 children to go to college. michigan finally preseason federal attention after high levels of lead contaminated water supply and access to federal aid after president obama signed a state of emergency and also getting help from the national guard and the american red cross. theic problem started when switched drinking water source from the city of detroit to the flint river in 2014. the rock 'n roll hall of fame. at dead at the age of 67 and copeland of the eagles with don henley to write hotel california and live and -- life and the fast lane, and a successful solo career according to the band's website
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illness. safety concerns in cleveland. ther fox 8 i team and shortage shortage of ambulances and emsm workers about long response
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fox 8 i team exposing a shortage of ems union after a mother and daughter pleaded 31 minutes for help. ed team reporter ed kallick on the latest controversy. . seconds turn twos minutes felt like forever fors the family at this child a having seizures. the family way to 31 minutes for police and ambulance and the ems union sharing this document to show no shauna surprised. theg union tells the i team since late decemberin of the city has dipped below its goal for ambulances on the street more them 40 times. stated already of the city staff 18 ambulances 24an hours a day seven days a week which we have shown have not done. and very hard time keeping
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guys to find out, come to see about my child. it wasn't because we forgot about you. it is because we had no resources. thesse union said a shortage of ems units play a role in the delay. we lost a unit in the afternoon but it wash reopened a couple of hours later r and they got the call. way outside the area for the call came in. the report shows mostly the city goes down one ems unit at a time the service handling 115,000 calls a year. one factor, what you see right here ambulances at the grudge for prepare but the i team shows you a big problem with ambulances breaking down in the city replacingng some units but that takes time and new but the union said come it the same problem with safety forces, more
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hired. weather down one ambulances, too, fox 8 i team. the case you sell firefighters got their medical first responders but the city is investigating the ambulance b delay and the union points out the city had more vehicles t rolling years ago and handling you were calls. a new definition of drunk driving. but one make you a danger behind the wheel? the federall government is proposing.
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cleveland's own fox 8 news. dozens of school clothing
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fox 8o news, a lake affect warning for the snow belt along with a windchill advisory for much of northeast ohio. tonight, lots of people concern about road conditions in the midst of all this mess, suzanne strafford tonight, susanna all yours. hi, bill, hey tracy. but that the best right now, since we have seen all night, actually have a couple of lanes that ha people actually, some of the other, and it was down to one lane. forty-four, snow-covered, down to one lane multiple cars sliding off the road at this late hour, sliding off of the road for but the police in men are telling us responded to at least 20 plus accident. they have been going nonstop reporting they responded over to 30 accidents at least.
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ago and actually asking everyone tod slow down. people driving too fast with for these conditions. evenasi when they seem possible, it is just so cold. pretreatment o-dot may have tried commit will not work because it is just too cold, drifting snow, gusting winds and it's pretty bad, pretty treacherous secondary street -- streets, much worse despite cruzan trucks being outpost have around the clock working on it. they are absolutely advising everyone to give plenty of a time for travel. you will needed a speciallyy traveling on the east side and traveling through lake county it is bad so coming up are out to heading i believe east, this area still slick as well my bet give yourself extra time and also advisinget people with a this all thei time but it is
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good shape through the extra clothing, food, snacks, snow boots put them in yourh car in case you break down pouring k should get stuck in the traffic, out of their heels. you just a don't want to be stuck windshield weather wearing that type of gear. basic stuff, common sense advising people to do it because they have seen people who didn't do wit to date and things did not turn out great for them. this afternoon i-90, one car to spend@ out with a chain reaction there. it is a easy to throw extra so in your car, a first aid kit. especially driving home. we have more snow on the way, all the details for us. the usual places and d outside commit is not open to be much of an affair but you have to remember, looking at those roads
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come w in 80 split area i believe but when you get these -- get these air temperatures. when they go under 10 degrees, salt and trying and all the chemicals that are used to try to keep these roads clear, they really start to become a lot tougher for those things to work. but is a lot easier once the snow@ starts to increase in places. it doesn't matter how much salt it is commit will show up on the roads. you so evidence of that up inhe here. outside the lake affect areas, not so much a huge concern although you do have to worry about a lot of roadways that might have placed over perhaps melted snow that has refrozen, windchill temperatures and a windchill advisory inro effect. okay, let's talk about the main man which essentially up i-90,
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heading up second to the into the snow. this isto the region with action. we zoom in to show you that low-pressure in here. we can tell that because the direction of the snow showers almoststwe north, northwest south, southeast, and this line will act like focusing mechanism with a little energy early-morning. so here we go again come an interesting morning commute this may actually drive some of the snow further south for about three to five hour window once the shift occurs tomorrow morning. after that, thing start to simmer down that you can still see from time to time, we can't see the city. this is where the additional five to 10 inches or so, in some places will be getting close tong a couple of feet of snow when all said and done.
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day tomorrow. tonight, mostly cloudy with a few breaks outside, but the snow belt 6-10 but again, most of it will be in tomorrow, thanks to high high-pressure andy eventually will cut off but that might be as late early afternoon for a few places. a clipper comes by on wednesday but that is going to be a light affair, after that things get quiet, but not so quiet around us. a preview of what is going on the storm center developing on friday. it looks like that will be mid-atlanta stone -- no storm, traveling on friday might want m to rethink that. we will bet okay for a couple of days come in fact, temperatures to approach 32, 34 which is
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of lights those light snow mid-30s what's going on around the country. that is for sure, thanks, astabula county sheriff employees indicted on charges ofco theft and former corrections officer mark less the stealing money from kiosk at the jail, barbara work for the sheriff's office with him three decades and accused of taking thousands from commissary and that is where discovered after a bill had not been paid. i'm disappointed by the same token it is our profession to investigate crime. once we found out, certainly what wein had to do but then we turned it over to additional people in so impartial investigation. 2 and four -- former employees to face the charges. aar look at the stories making headlines tonight and the family of three-year-old boy killed in a drive-by shooting said someone
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the crossfire of the city's east side last september. today, shots were fired. ramp others home and send extra patrols to the area. central community morning after place officer is murdered. danville officer tom was found dead late last night, shot and killed after 911 call warning of a man out to kill officers. the suspect caught just a few hours later. the cleveland public library just one of many places celebrating the live and legacy of doctor martin luther king jr., today daniel program with a chance to honor dr. king's's vision. participants talk about how each generation using his message, issues related to social justice. save your money to save the date for the hottest ticket in town six in the morning, st.
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red tail go one sale and valued more than half the modicon deals tickets a hundred dollars each, benefited st. jude children's hospital and also a chance to win a car from automall, hot to have from from lighthouse pools and a spas the and a lot of great prices, fox and remember every year, like an hour with thousand tickets immediately. but on the calendar to make sure you get inbu quickly, still to come at ten shocking criminal case against the doctors. drugging a woman with laced strawberries was the beginning but what they found that his home. but the republican front runner for president be banned from entering the uk?r
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>> welcome back come everyone with a live look at the fox crew on the move out, all the main drag but as you can see the secondary@ roads are covered tonight, getting plastered with snow welfare. dozens of school closings coming in and keep an eye on the bottom of the screen and a warning for
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advisories for much of the viewing area. temperatures below zero, bitter cold. federal government to change the definition what it means to drive m drunk. infect it once the current legal limit cut inn half matt wright explains what that means for drivers. cleveland please respond to head-on crash early monday morning. after place a suspected drunk driver drove the wrong way on i-90. the federal government says states like ohio should do more to combat the problem. a moral -- multifaceted problem with stricter laws,, federal improved education. the national transportation safety board once to legal but alcohol concentration limits .08 down 2.05 and over the legal limit after one drink. a lot of conversation about how much can
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think that's the danger and we should avoid that if at all possible. ohio, the variety of factors affect bac putting weight, metabolism, even how much what you have had to eat. too many factors to have a cookie-cutter system of how much you should drink or be able to drink without becoming imperative, high on state troopers say it can actually give you false sense of security because drivers impaired behind the wheelen company cited deep them below the legal limit. we will charge someone over the i paste on c impairment not based off of the level. any change to l the legal limit would require action from ohio state legislature. inside ati local ferrari, had people talking. are you still taking a risk? just like texting and driving. it is a good deal to keep everyone safe and help out with
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to come and in the book. supposed to be a history lesson instead of backlash but find out why h being pulled by the publisher. not aul mistake, see where g ok, the typical bacon cheeseburger is all bacon. but what if you sneak in some serious cheese... here. gouda, gruyere and swiss cooked bacon and boom s new gouda bacon cheeseburger. and finish it off with bacon fondue fries,
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our story out of sweden charged
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strawberries and locking in a bunker. made contact with the victim met her once before abducting last september, the doctors accused of driving 330 miles to his home keeping her sis sister -- sedated upper mass to keep from being recognized but the prosecutors believe they intended to keep her there for years. it's like this in sweden, anyway. but not in sweden. the doctor trial expected to begin next week. british lawmaker to ban donald trump from entering the country. more them 500,000te people signed online petition supporting the band. supported by at least 100,000 people is considered to
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a -- other support the band because trump from his speech that is hurtful to large groups of the population. now, i know when people happen, in this country and i've heard of aeo number cases where people excluded and so hatred come i never heard more stupidity. i'm not sure that we should be stopping now. that debate comes after trump calls for temporary ban on all muslims entering the unitedem states. a controversial children'ser book about george washington and slaves pulling the book from distribution scholastic will no longer distribute the picture book. the birthday cake for george washington that features hercules a s smile as he bakes the president birthday cake hercules takes great pride in the task. critics say the book sugar coats slavery but scholastic admits it
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about slavery. scholastic will accept all returns on the blog. trippers with a double take with oil prices sliding overnight guests with a stunning low. take a look at this gas $0.40 per gallon in michigan yesterday,n after three different stations, the first to have gas under $1. in a decade. the gas prices averaging $1.88, down $0.17 from last year's average. all right, entre e we should talk about the bitter cold as well, looking at the snow comingab down but it could be dangerous. so obviously use common sense, the last couple of years, and with it comes most of it up and down i-90 core door. tomorrow, later tomorrow morning, some of that to the
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before finally quits but you can see lake effect for eastern cuyahoga, astabula county come elsewhere winter advisory with overnight low with an average, windw chills around 15 below. in the lake effect areas an additional five to 10 inches of e snow and that is key, totals could go past 2 feet in places but only in places and then related tomorrow with sun, 17 degrees. we will move over a little bit at the end of the week. ae deal making some people appetite. papa john's explaining the decision to use the torieses dictator and a new ad.
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it is anything but a typical promo code. raising a lot of eyebrows tonight papa john's offering iser customers a free pizza but to get it you have to order online and into the name joseph is the promo code, at the beginning of the year but the campaign not to run not to promote the dictator himself but the name of a tank featured in a popular game in russia however some a calling for boycott of papa john's because of that deal,l, kentucky apologize on russian pizza chain and always tries to bei political.
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the nba finals rematch for the cavaliers, the warriors went them out of the jam in the i warriors led by 43 points numeral 132-98 the final as we lebron, just tries to attack, try to keep the cavaliers close but it was old fulton state. they have a sense of urgency, and behind the defense, from downtown, and no answer for that guy commit get some from downtown as well. the cavaliers come another group off of the turnover come again with a slam, fireworks and the warriors f continue to. the cavaliers down 26 at the half. so the cavaliers to anything in the second half? what would they do? jr showed the frustration as he knocks over barnes right there.
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flagrant, two and absolutely nothing in making matters worse currie 35, seven of 12 three-point land, 132-98, the final at the queue cavaliers off tomorrow but the game on the road, brooklyn on wednesday night. absolutely embarrassing performance tonightay. a couple of openings in the next week. vikings running back kirby wilson likely to stop to the browns, the running game court nader and meanwhile the nfl network reporting a chance to defensive coordinator in cleveland and grab permission -- grant permission to the browns, still under contract to tennessee. college basketball tonight and here is yourr final from 70-53, the vikings pick up the victory over uic.
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potential fixing in tennis, the greath one roger federer said about the suggestion of paying friends players more money to perhaps save this off but it does not matter how much money m you put into the system but there will always be people who will be approaching players for nefarious reasons. also, partners, certainly would be more suspicion surrounding the sport. this was the first day, by the way of the australian open serena was a winner in her match, thank you verys much. until 9:00 a.m. cuyahoga county and astabula county but after that, tomorrow, thing start to settle down. but cold, 17 degrees, looks like another coming for wednesday, light snow, and inch or two and
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notice we go fromma 21-quiet. thursday, friday, saturday, quiet here but you don't want to drive south to virginia for west virginia friday. thank you very much and we appreciate youre time. the 10:00 o'clock crew will be here fory a.m.. stay safe and have a wonderful
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