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tv   Fox 8 News at 9AM  FOX  January 19, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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wesn are live with more on what'sat's happening acrossat northeast ohio with many different avenues.y we've got you covered.differen is this a good way to make they to m streets safer. safer. find out the plan to change legal alcohol limit for drivers.ri one business wants workers tots wor use marijuana on the jobke.. i said they want them to use it on the job will explain why and also what that catches for for t. i can assure you we will neverw il be doing that on the job. j. that is true. that check in with a.j. colby aolby aol look of at the forecast is no beginning to recede. good morning it is starting toar look at little bit better. be taking a little bitt of time ite it makes no warning for cuyahoga county has now expired as has the wind chill advisory. adv but they're stillis this. very confined lake effect snow eastside north f pepper pike and the rest of it is very light out towards bay village andllagand strongsville elyria as well.a as well.a
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action a little bit in thompson th and we've had reports of over had r half a foot of snow in the lasteports 12 hours will continue to watch radar but things appear to be winding down and we could still pick up a quick inch of snow before all is said and done. 13-milesa an hour winds stilli producing a wind chill out there factoring in our 9 degrees temperaturee currently and thatntly and thatntly and thatntly and thatntly and makes a wind chill of seven below zeroha minus 10 atus worcester. appears to be the coldest number on the map around the state hard t to find double digits anywherehe ste digits aerehe and tough to find st much more thanch m just snow confined to the snow belt across the rest of thethet state.t some sunshinne coming up up toin g look at that. arctic air in placein g once wew quiet down today we are watchingre w our next system which is moving through nebraskaystem w and heading ind he our direction. it is a week weather system that t could bring and maybe an inch we'll show you the maps in in motion here. e
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systeme just get snowfall amounts afa coating may be an inch that that would really be the exceptioncepon rather than the rule.r will top out at 17 today.toay. lake effect fading with hopefully a break or two ofo ofo sunshine. sunshine. it will be anemic. won't do much for our temperaturebb headed for seven tonight partial clearing and a then increasing clouds as we head toward gone with the nextth th weather system.eeweathersy st look at the eight day forecast day forec d coming up in just a few minutes but now it'as time to go togo ground fox patty harken who is standing by live. thanks a lot aj.ks a lot the only word i heard from the forecast is sunshine.e sure. 271 just approaching rocksideoachi road the snow is really flying along to 71w is r mayfield chagrin that's what you can expect that's's ththeat way you'll be traveling. we can see these roads startingst to get a little slick out here h
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ground fox as we had 270 south.2 local rain onto 71 between i 90 and 480 those are jammed if youme can definitely take the express lanes that's why they're called the express lanes. back to you.. all right. thanks so much. so much . jessica has been out all thisb morning. she had to getis blue juice fixue the wipers. she is life for us this morning. good morning. we have moved on lakeside red re light right now at east ninthst but everything pretty clear downlea here obviously there are some are s snow on the ground for sure andund you just want to go slow to fo beto fo beto on the safe side all of theseth buildings are just opeening uping here now thatup it's 9:00 they hadhey ha a delayed start because of the cold and the snow butt a you wantu w to make sure your careful withwithw the wind chills and that is what's really intense today layer up because there was awa wind chill advisory that just
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counties but to give you an idea id still called out which ise whyw we're in this nice warm ground fox but i want to go this way we w were talking about the rock hall so pretty with the snow over the site if you can see it on the camerara sot it is just so pretty with as you're bundled up and stay warm can enj we are on the west sideside earlier today those roads seem seem clear and downtown everything isis going smoothly right now. back to you..back to you all right. thanks so much. be safe out there.u all stacey has kind of a birds eye e view of what's happening today.ning toy. checking of the traffic cameras she is live in the newsroom withroom with the latest on that. 271 getting a little messy at this pointt lake effect bandandan shifts through the area.he area. a lot of the areas that werehatereh trouble spots earlier thisrlier thirl morning down to wet pavement take a lookrn at 77 and harbor ha traffic moving a little bit l slowly there but not too badi wet w pavement but bitterly cold.. you just want to be aware of o
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trucks going through like we are when traffic starts moving mov slowly thing start icing up as up they're trying to fight through the traffic as racing carsss keeping their distance that's what we like on a day like this.thi 71 west 25th a little closer to town slow going still.sti you would hope all of this is clearing up as were heading outeading of rush hoour traffic but still s plenty of issues out there spinoffs and things like that t warnings from about lamps that are still very i see in somemem areas i'm seeing a lot of issues with 271 especiallyeas i'm se well down south of the of his abilities can be an issuean i and some spots not seeing too muchsn i because there wasn't thatan much snow that fell but it stillut it was very slick out there all throughout the morning.wa 271 south near rockside road has been an on and off throughout theout t morning as well. we'll be keeping an eye on things update youmorning as we iln just ajustaj couple of minutes but great to be able to look at these different cameras have got foxhave foxh crews out there giving you a great sense of what things are
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that's a useful tool no doubt. do thanks so much we appreciate you appr at the helm. thanks so raturesiate y ou a in the forecast, elyria will beppr helm. thely cold temppr keeping an overnight shelter helm.m. open tonight through saturday. really nice news that they're elyria police wrote on facebook the shelter will be at the first united presbyterian church.y nice ns that it's located at 200 east avenuesbyteriachurch near downtown elyria. visitors need to arrive between seven and nine pm. stay. nice of them to do that. ay. year old boy believes someone fired shots at their home, toeir hom to cleveland police say they found two shell casings in front of the home of victor freeman.n. g majorar howard, was shot and killed when he was caught in the crossfire of a driveby shootingled on east 113th. when he e cros last week, us marshals arrestedsfe of a a on east 113t 23 year old aaron dunnings. he is facing aggravated murder charges. but the main suspect 23 year old donnell lindsey is still on the run. run.
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fliers around town, hopingngthmifliers someone can help find him. aund town, victor freeman says, since then,to the family has been harassed andr freeman says, threatened. whoever it is, i mean, you gotou got to realize that we didn't do anything to you, we're just trying to get justice. t somebody in this city knows s exactly where donnell lindsey is.omebody in this ci cleveland police say they willland p pay special attention to theolice saytention toheolice s freeman house, with extraay patrols in the neighborhood. no one was hurt in yesterday's shooting, and the house was not hit. patrols ghgh hi memorial services are beingpatrol planned to remember a police officer gunned down while on duty, in the community of danville. a woman called 911 sunday night, saying her boyfriend left the house armed, and with plans to kill an officer. woay less than ahalf hour later, thethe body of danville officer tom cottrell was found on the ground outside the police department. 32 year old herschel jones the
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hours later. officer cottrell is being remembered as a friend, and a protector. in response to cottrell's death,, officer ceing the wayne county sheriff posted a picture that's getting a lot of attention on facebook.f atte captain doug hunter posted anan image of an electric chair andndcaptain doug the caption reads quote time totime toti bring back consequences. in the middle of the post there are two thin black lines that represent the public anddin the the post there criminal aspect. the middle blue line represents law enforcement in the u.s. in his daily video update daily vid eo captain hunter says the picture was not to take away from martin luther king jr. day.s one commenter asked, why not wait just one more day to post the picture. captain hunter responded with comme day to post do you think this criminalthink should have waited one more day? maybe this danville police officer's family would haveeshld have e mbe this shld have liked one more day with him.mlik it's silly to get upset over aed picture like that. more day it's to it was posted to draw attentioned to d raw to the fact that i believe in at the united states we no longerrto the f have fear of consequences.t thited states we no ited statewe no the criminals simply do notcriminals s mp d
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electric chair post has over 5 thousand likes and nearly 4,0004,0004, shares. coming up should the legal lowered. new federal push could bringould bring some changes on that. the story and your reaction in this morning's download. before contemplating the many choices on steak 'n shake's $4 dollar menu, one must calm the mind in our zen garden. focus. the garlic double steakburger meal. reflect. the taco salad meal. zen. the original double 'n cheese steakburger meal. oh! download the new steak'n shake rewards app.
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road you can see photographerapher keeping a nice safe distance
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good method.hod. that's the only thing you can dou can because you don't want to feel fe like you're f creeping up behindp ehind anyone i noticed this morning ais m lot of peopleor have to hit thehit brakes you'll see them starting to swerve because of the ice so the ice much ice under that's no you have to leave that safe distance safe stan and let the crews do their jobsjo out there to helpbs us out. absolutely.solutely so that's a prime spot where he ise he is just behind that salt truck.t salt truck.t s i like your style. 9:12 the federal government is looking to cut the legal bloode alcohol limit for lookdriving, nearly in half.g to cutim the change could mean some people would be over the legal limit, after just one or two drinks.. the ntsb says impairment begins before someone's blood alcohol count reaches .08 and by that time, the risk of a fatal crash risk of a fatal more than doubles. cra state troopers say a variety of factors affect bac, including metabolism and body weight. and, drivers showing signs of
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they are below the legal limit.irment can state action would be required for any change to take effect. taking your comments on this in the downloading a lot of peopleen upset about this did facebook facebook crush on you.h on y yes. got to get a better system. it froze up. we saw a few camera shots.sho talking about this earlier some people feel it'st a little bigit brother like just why don't you just enforce the rules. instead of making new ones but look at all of the bars and restaurants the establishmentstablishment that how they make their money m on people consuming an alcoholic beverage and if you can just have onen and be behind the wheelbehind than what is the point. the may be exercised self-control. you've got taxis all these other outlets g that have a designatedes driver. you have to think on the
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driver. is that is going tois goin bring accident down way too many stories of victims who have been b hit by someone who is notnot necessarily drunk but what theyha call buzzed or not even. if that can helplpcall buzz you know you you talk to family members that have lost someone and you can certainly understand why theyh would be pushing for this. th let's get to somei comments maynts ma be federal government shouldsh crack down on heroin epidemic.pi rob writes how that we actually enforce the existing dui law stop letting all of these people enforce e ence back on the streets. good sense of. of. john writes in saint. the level is restricted and protective enough any lower manywer many people can't have a drink atrinktri all. people this is what happens whenapp you elect politician to favorician to fa big powerful government takes freedoms away. that's how it works.vogo tommy writes on our facebook page i'm loving this smoking ban ban alcohol i should other people not suffer because of the government.t.
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anything can get banned if youf y have enough votes even if it's legal like tobacco. brain says this is a state issuee why is the federal government and faults and why don't theydon't they lower the legal age anywaye banning something doesn't stop it from occurring. melissa writes legal limitlim doesn't some people can bebedoes at .08 or . above and perfectly be fine others can't be even lower than that and be totallyo hammered. you can build below the limit and still get a dui.du kimmy says if they lower theower theow legal limit erthey'll be able tobl find people for having a drinka dri not drunk.. at a a restaurant and drive home i drive think it's more of a moneymakerone issue for them then public safety. i would like to sicee the sciencesc -based facts behind the idea notbehind e idea n ot just because i said so. cliff rights federal government doesn't have this kind of powernd limits are set by states and in ohio there is no limit .08 percent is a nathan says it doesn't change anything people are still going
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.. don't they remember when theyen try to ban it it didn't work and work a never will why do you think k lower the limit will do anything.anythg. what we're asking you thise asking morning is should the legal alcohol limitt be lowered for drivers. drirs. go to our website click cck on the article and then you canen go vote for me and head back over to our facebook page and a leave me a comment. passionate viewers about 300a comments already. you wonder 300a does the changing of the limit is that enough of af af warning for people. will people follow it. people are still going to go outo go out and drink. not following it now. so will this help.h e is it more enforcement or is it i more just the knowledge that it's lower this time. we'll hear more from you. thank you. you got it. i thanks coming up will check in with a.j. colby. coming when will this stop and will
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had this week aj please say no p we need a little bit of a break. good morning guys.s it will wind down this afternoon. tomorrow and improvement butment bu still an everybody still on theheh way.h should generally be under ande an inch. they're still picking up quite a bitpicking of snow right now eastern cuyahoga county around gates mills over to sell selling along mayfield road all eastside once st again and we'll give you ae'll give you little bit a wider view there we go you can see how can find it is geauga county. eastern cuyahoga county north of o aboutf pepper pike and certainlyrt 271480 area getting snow even as we speak.k. upwards efforts of another inch maybe two or threewa is still possible as these like bands continue to diminish through the late morning into the early afternoon everything else shouldse sh be fairly light. 9 degrees currently at hopkins h
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windchilll i minus seven at hopkinseven at currently. you can see around the area of areaho brunswick checking in at 8 degrees. meant dina iss siix . si 18 and mentor currently.y. with some snow in progress same in will be. 1919with some snow and 389 north olmsted andndn sullen at 9 degrees.9 d here's our next weegather systemsts that will be for tomorrow and arrow and quick coating may be even him tohim an inch and some backyards as it approaches you can see thee movement west to east with that t snow shield slipping throughth chicago then eventually tomorrow morning after about eight or 9:00 hopefully after rush hourpefully te that will ber ru tshhe best timing onming o this system that appenars to be anars be a n wet we're going to forecast for wednesday. here comes the next stor m system m sy and it sets up as almost in alberta panhstandle hoosyk hybrid as a the mid-atlantic storm begins to wind up here this is why
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flakes here but it looks like lie the bestl probability for snow will be across the mid-atlanticatlantic states into the carolinas.a so the forecast for today lakelae effect of this morning that ishat is left over will fade. breaks of sunshine windchills 10 below zero possible.s tonight partial clearing.ea rcold. and that will be a nice break increasing clouds as the next little weather system brings an light snow. 21. thursday will be the upper 20s partly friday as we said there could be some snow around best chanceest will be south of cleveland. normal chill on the way for the for th weekend with highs close to seasonal levels monday and a well. getting up just above freezing. fox8 your official schoolcial sch closing station.closing ta
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good morning welcome back to fox8 news in the morning we are in ground fox by mayfield road. in the express lanes they're moving well.l. in th snow has been flying around it starting to come through roadways be careful on the ramps on th has you get off of the highwayseayseays we have some ramps as you exit 271 north and southbound and also exit
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main break it is closing solon road west of brixton road.rixton that happened later on this morning it is closed west ofest of richmond as they deal with the water main break.break. all right. back to you guys in the studio.tuo. thanks patti stay safe out thereo for sure. a lot of big stories makingmaki headlines and will check in with kristi the music world morningmr n another great artist. so sad. so sad. the lo ss of a member of the rock 'n roltl hall of fame. check this out. [music playing]fame. [music playing] glenn frey cofounded the eaglesn frey coun with don henley, going on toded the eathe ea write sthuch hits as hotel ite s california and life in the fastthuclifornia a lane. life in t lane life they were inducted into the rock hall in 1998. henley said in a statement quote he was like a brother to me the bond we forged 45 years ago was never broken.wa according to the band's website, frey had been battling multiple
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michigan's governor will likely devote much of today's state of michigan's the state address to the water emergency in the city of flint.state address rick snyder has come under fire for how he's handled the disaster. some critics are caa two. he says he's doing everything he cr citsome can and refuses to step down. the problem started when the state switched flint's water sw itche supply to a notoriously dirty river in 2014.dtcver in 201dtcve the corrosive water caused lead from the pipes to end up in people's drinking water.he corrosive wate the city has switched back andtched bdtc is handing out filters, lead testing kits and bottled waterg kits aott tole the city of 99 thousand people. a man trying to warm up, at a boarding house in tennessee stood too close to a heater. and this is what happened. house in tennessee his clothes caught on fire.his clot and as he took them off thehes caugh flames spread to the drapes andmes s then, the entire house. he was taken to a hospital, in critical condition.pre dmes s he w
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but the house is nearby, there's still no sign of a missing two year old boy, who disappeared during a hike in the woods.ppeared duri a h nearby, there's still no sign of a missing two year old boy, who disappeared during a hike in the woods. noah chamberlain was with his four year old sister, and their grandmother on thursday. they were walking in the sofboy, we in ttheir gr gr near the grandmother's home when she turned around for a minute, and noah was gone. temperatures have been in the 20's. turned aroun and police say they've searched say th've searc hundreds of acres, using infrared technology, and night vision. they're still treating it as a search and rescue mission.they're twitter is having some big problems this morning. it had a worldwide outage overnight causing big problems g somomproblems for people in other parts of the world. it started to come back just before five am, our time.for peop oth but it's still pretty iffy. not too bad everything is kind of back in working order. twitter has only said things should be back to normal, soon.. of back in w we hear it was down a little bit but that might be up as well.
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you see any problems wonderinglems won why your feet hasn't updated a lot of people worked tweetinged ting this edmorning because of the it'sig dea thank you. coming up are you heading out on on the road sometime today.o be careful that is for short s live in ground fox checking outx checking traffic conditions across the area you can see blowing andsee blow available. aj good morning. good morning lake effect snow warning continues for lakeor eo geauga it ashtabula countiestabu that's until noon. when will the improvement startovement hopefully soon. will have those details in the
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almost all do do any sort of any level should be taken seriously. greg says the whole dui enforcement has nothing to do with 16 safety and everything to do with revenue. they're preying on people who play the guessing game lowering the limitit it's not about the dui and about the safety of anyone
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his car as well as total his vehicle that he can even walk when he got out. it's a bit ridiculous have the wheeler adults be responsible for themselveses in alabama they're going to do it anyways. the question we are asking you is should it legal limit the limit the lowered. some of the numbers that the .08 thank you so much. the cleveland cavaliers took on the golden state warriors last night they game didn't go as hope we thought we would get
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look at this layup. harrison barnes to some threes with the fragrant to foul. pages kind of the trucks him. he stopped it was in my way he got each checked it in face a suspension. seventy-five of the games of 80 we never even mess we have a
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go. right now they get us and my husband. during an numbery spoke about martin luther king junior's impact. our own wayne dawson's among the street to address the crowd last night.y and knowing did such an extra nine job last night. beautiful on the court. it's like it's on jumbotron.
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last night to take advantage preparing down a did that as you seen from the picture that are photographer has been showing us the season on the east sideomat i just spoke to my has been out and shaker had the snow is still coming down. keep to go are running into trouble. peoplee moving very slowly along 71 and west 25th. v hutcherson the stock trades this
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deicing all of them. just signed on some what roads that have been well treated this is what still sleeping through the area. we are seen from the traffic cameras still moving on 77. that's a great indication of what kind of the day were having here. weyr all know this happens. we like to be the ice for all of you say you know what to expect if you are on the east side where you need to head to the east
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marijuana. everyone's life. that's why there's delsym. delsym's advanced time release formula helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. all night...
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