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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  January 19, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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bridget lane shows, icy road conditions conditions and snowcover many schools are area, will ea have a live report. >> fire crews battling the massive fire in jackson township . >> the stock market has you concerned, szarka financial will hear two help you feel better on tuesday that essex elementary issued by the national weather service until seven tonight to you is included and more snow
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noon star trek. >> thanks for joining us . a frigid morning with temperatures in the single digits .fr it was bitterly cold . just talk about the cold hell about the slow start as we take a look from the roofcam .l the official school closing station . so many
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you can see the see the on-off nature of the snowfall, . you can just pick up the silhouettes of the buildings downtown as was not the case yesterday . b you can actually see some breaks in sunshine just like yesterday towards toledo . the wind chill is three below with a west wind
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breaks in the overcast, the next weather system is approaching from the last west you can see those ch snow showers moving throughmo iowa, missouri heading into st. louis . we will have a look at the 8 -day outlook so stick around. >> wicked winter weather affecting most of the area, especially to the east in the snowbelt going to check on on the road from groundfox would jessica dill >> on route 322 and a the mayfield area . it's the worst i
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we are about 25 mph in a 40 mph zonem earlier we were down for about 15 mph are doing a good job of clearing the road but it is coming down heavy but did see several cars in the ditch . we saw a car off the road at 271 year mayfield heights . the lake effect snow warning in effect for the snowbelt .. there is also a windchill advisory in effect, the lake effect snow fault hitting geauga county hard odot says expectingt snow-covered roads and whiteout conditions . the snow continued to fall so we're just taking it very slowly .. so take it carefully when you get out on the roads.
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destroyed by fire, we spoke with employee who says that he set the fire ass stacey frey joins us . >> it is a complete loss here this company in jackson township he says that it was not intentional, he was usingth a propane torch to call the exhaust linesch on the wall ignited, he was trying trying to put out the fire, called the fire department, . there was smoke in the building, for about 18 employees inside the building about 9:00 a.m. today, it is called tristan rubber molding, and they feel horrible about what happenedfe i was was someone that i believe started the fire
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up three fire extinguishers . insulin called the fire department. >> they thought that maybe it was out but it was within the walls and then got up it got up to the roof it was shooting through the roof .t nobody injured, it was a huge challenge for firefighters on a bitterly cold day in such a large fire that is put into a defensive i mode to attack the flames from the outside . . >> with extremely cold temperatures, elyria will be keeping overnight shelter open tonight through saturday, police wrote on facebook that the shelter will be at the first unitedhe sectarian church located at 200 east avenue near downtown elyria, users need to arrive
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the family of a murdered for your boy bullies some hard shots at their house possibly to intimidate them . police say they found two showcases in front of the home of actor freeman .of in september his killed when caught in the crossfire of a drive-by shooting on east 113th streetilht, last week us marshals arrested marshal arrested 23-year-old aaron dunnings ofl his facing murder charges the main suspect, 20 through donnell lindsey is still at large, the family is handing out flyers hoping that somebody can help to find him . victor freeman says since then the family has been harassed and threatened to be got two realize that it is trying to get justice .is somebody in the city knows exactly where donnell lindsey is
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special attention to the freeman house with extra patrols in the neighborhood there were no injuries in yesterday's shooting and the house was not yet be backn from all sources for an gunned down in kent ohio, i won't call 911 on sunday said her boyfriend left the house on an plan and plan to kill an officer,r, a half-hour later the body of temperature was found outside the police department, or jew would you herschel ray jones iii was arrested less than remembered as a friend and protector , in response to his death in linn county sheriff posted s at your outfit electric chair and the caption reads, this time to bring their consequences, in the middle went the middle went there aren't too
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the public and criminal aspect, in the blue line representing law enforcement in the us, in his daily video updates, captain hunter says the picture was not meant to take away from martin luther king jr. day, one comment , to ask, why not wait no more the more day to post thatot. >> responded.o >> if you think that maybe this criminal should have waited for more day, maybew the denver police officers family would have liked more more day with him, itay him, it is silly to get upset over a picture,hi higgs boson draw attention the fact fact that a belief in the us no longer have consequencesosf and criminals do not care. >> so far the posting has over 5,000 lives and nearly 4,000
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the music music world is mourn the loss of a member of the rock 'n roll hall of fame.. >> , lynn franco the cofounder of the eagles,t who wrote such its ends hotel california, inducted into rock 'n roll hall of fame 1998,. >> don henley said -- he was like a brother, the bond portion 45 years ago was never brokenon.. >> according to the band's website, lynn frey had been
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was 67. >> michigan governor will likely devote much of the state of the state address to the water emergency in the city of flint michigan, gunning rec center has h come under fire for how he's handled the disaster, he says that he says that he's doing everything he says if you don't have any canned and refuses to step down, the problem started when the the stakes wished the water supplied to a dirty river and 2014, wn gross water ended up in people's you can water the city has switched back and is handing out filters and testing kits and bottled water to the city of 90,000 . the federal government is looking to cut the legal blood-alcohol blood alcohol limit to nearly half mean that some people would be over thele legal limit after one or two drinks, ntsb says impairment begins before a blood alcohol count reaches . 08 and by that time the time the risk
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doubles a say in a variety of factorsof factors affecting to be a secret weights drivers showing signs of impairment can be cited even if they are below the legal limit,, said action would be required for any changes to take effect in be versus cincinnati is settling a is settling the case with the family of a man killed by a university officer during a traffic stop last summer .a the family of family of samuel dubose will receivee nearly $5 million additionar the rest is promising free undergraduate tuition to his 12 children . ray tensing facing murder charges in connection to the 43-year-old's death, the family hopes that this agreement4343 leads to reform within the police department. >> plantar protesters facing charges after blocking traffic on california'spe bay bridge to demand racial equality,ay the grips, at a rally at 4:00 o'clock o'clock before the
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blocking the five westbound lanes from oakland to san francisco, please reopen the
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lake effect snow fall on the side, richmond heights, and also south euclid towards shaker heights, gates mills, 271, i-480 corridor in the long mayfield road . it's no fun to be driving there today
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reports . they do a great job to show you what ise happening on the roadways . to the west, maybe just a flurry or two, and that has been the case all morning long .e the lake effect snow fall has been confined, downwind of all of the great lakes . speaking of the great lakes, most of the frozen water is first water is in the western basin,, as you get into the shallow water, between 70 and 100 percent ice coverage, but mostly it is wide open, only 12 percentw ice covered, were going to go deeper into the season, to have the potential of put together some great
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this is the link .w thanks, records have only been kept since 1972, and 29 out of 44 winters have at least 90 percent ice coverage, well over 6 percent .ll this is pretty rare, only four winters have less than 20 percent and the lowest wasas 8 percent buy canon 97 -- 98 . we are on track to have the lowest amount of ice coverage in history nt which is the past 44 years . today a high of 70 degrees the lake effect fading tonight and some partial clearing .l it will be cold and clouds predawn . there have some lye soap all tomorrow for coding
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perhaps a cosmetic coating up to 1 inch on the outlook .to there is improvement . looks like a storm system yesterday they push by snowfall friday . but most of it will fall over the mid-atlantic
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. columbus -based restaurant chain max & erma's is closing two locations, the news delivered to employees that wesley can belden village locations, 11 other max & erma's throughout michigan, indiana and ohio will also close to helpm the company streamlined operations . employees get a severance package, and all unused, seafood will be donated two charity. >> well today that chipotle restaurants across the country was shut down for one day, they willr temporarily closed on
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suffered from illnesses like e. coli and salmonella and norovirus . drivers are doing a double take at michigan destinations as little oil prices in a price war led to gasoline price that 47 cents, across the street a gallons was selling for 50 3 cents, the police had recorded direct traffic because there were so many people. >> had to be about here up and down the highway, the domestic around because it b was just to many vehicles out heret. >> michigan is is the first have gasoline under 1 dollar in a decade, gas prices averaging ve $1.88, down 17 cents from last year. >> trader joe's recalling its store brand raw cashew pieces because of possible salmonella contamination,es the products into
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states including ohio there to asking customers to throw out the product won't return for aa full refund, trader joe's says that miller has gotten sick and they're they're doing this out of caution. y >> today is national popcorn day according to the popcorn board board, burke concedes about 13 billion quarts of it each year, equal to about 41 quarts for every person, still ahead, a
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. it is a blustery morning, and what is in store for rush hour ? this is a live look from the roofcam,is senate chilly weather center for the latest on the forecast with aj colby . it is coming down on the eastside, eight lake snow advisory has been issued for
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and these advisories will be in place until 7:00 p.m. . snowfall on the side . it's coming down there wickliffe, eastern lake county and pretty much decided on, mayfield road, just not very pleasant . 15 degrees lakefront, hopkins and currently windchill minus three . check the forecast, it will be winding down about dinnertime dinnertime tonight into tomorrownn have to deal with
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the system coming our way . you can see the low pressure trough, with a clipper type snow that rising over southern parts of of ohio into tennessee and mississippi valleys . wednesday close to thursday onn 3 degrees . next chance of snowfall, will be monday, tuesday with highs just above freezing . >> stark county business was destroyed by fire, and i believe the pictures and the video,
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that he said it. >> stacey frey report. >> this was not intentional, the man who who worked for this rubber company in jackson township was using a propane torch to exhauststck alliance on the side of the building, somebody called me our department busy trying to put it out, there was some panic, smoke was in spoke was in the building in file there were flames along the wall , tristan rubber molding woman has been around since 1995 and they feel just horrible about what happened .el i was using to what fire temperatures, uses dry chemical that cannot get that wall out to use it for
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enough to do any good. >> firefighters took a defensive status, document from outside two attempt to contain it from spreading to other businesses which they weren successful in doing. >> two former ashtabula county sure employees accused of theft office, correction officer officer mark leslie accused west accused of stealing money from the phone card kiosk, harbor good work for the department for more thanrk 30 years accused of taking thousands of dollars from the commissary, they were discovered by a state audit both aret expected to face a judge to. >> republican national convention national convention-rnc committee on arrangementsts detailed planning is going for the little
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but mention runs from july 18 through 21, there's plenty of work to do, 11 candidates remain in the race with the iowa caucus and just two weeksit. >> county panthers coach ron rivera then the team from using hoverboardhe lustily in freak freak accidents leading up to the nfc title game, they will be hosting arizona sunday at 6:40 p.m. on fox 8, want to talk about including what happened last night with the cleveland cavaliers here isa john telich with the rest of your tuesday morning sports.t >> nba finals rematch last night at the kid was a dead for the cavaliers the warriors just random town looted by as much as more than 40 points .
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three pointers, lebron james, try to keep them close, the warriors had a great sense of urgency, the gates behind the defense and steph curry scores again and thenns of downtown when not shooting for downtown, green was . they were out hustling the cavaliers, others andre into another steal and then here comes the golden state warriors as steph curry scores,re the cavaliers trailed by 26 points at halftime, in the second half, they have any answer, jr showed frustration and he was given a wa flagrant foul then steph curry just kept making shots he had 35
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three-point land and a 132 -- 98 final, the cavaliers played embarrassing basketball last night thatsi after the game the coach said, i cannot sit here with an honest hard to tell you until you anything to explain the game it was at the dam. >> the browns, filled a couple of old dudes in openings in the next several days, vikings running back coach kirby wilson will likely talk to the browns could become the running game coordinatorrw, nfl network reported that they will have a chance to interviewor titans defensive coordinator ray horton , the titans will grant them permission, he's still under contract to tennessee . in college basketball, and cleveland, congratulations to the csu vikings winners over nyc .
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antennas suggestion of being french players more money to stave off this kind of thing is it's not much how much there's always people who approach players with also many websites as partners there can be more
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years to come and but found improved brain function in addition, researchers also saw this as reduction in autism spectrum traits with no sign of mercury or other pollutants ll associated with fish having a negative affect that offset the benefits,aa crime watch daily
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story of a boxer who has been gunned down, his friends and family and mother brokenhearted >> everybody liked stan stanisclasse he was a handsome guy with a heart of gold and a devoted son. >> we are very proud to he was a joy every time he came home, he would be happy and pick me up. >> he was a world-class boxer get on with his all this fighting in the ring. >> he was a great guy, ever a time in that i've known him
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disrespectful he was kind courteous and there was not one person in my gym who do not like >> it was otherwise somebody who wanted to take him down,, his bigshot, was from a colt 45 handgun. >> i asked what happened and he said, he shot stan. that was the last word that i heard, he shot my son. >> but who would shoot a man without an enemy in the world? >> what did he do to you to
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>> next up, the police corner his killer has killer in his motive will floor you . >> more on this tune into the next crime watch daily. >> you can watch crime watch dailyy here in fox on fox 82:00
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if lately you may have some concerns,, are joined by alex menassa from szarka financial can't answer some of the stock market questions, lots of people were panicking, iss china was shut down a couple of weeks ago, how bad is this . >> happy new year, by the way.
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worldld. >> the stock market has been banned it is down, over 10 percent since the beginning of the year . were $1 trillion market value has vanished at the beginning of the year. >> it is the worst january start in history for the stock market. >> that sounds bad. that makes me to not want to invest and keep what i do have. a couple reasons why this is happeningng in which you might want to think about doing ..
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level, china is devaluing their currency and all kinds of repercussions and that spooked the markets but there is a mother reason, the security blanket has been called up, the federal reserve, the basically propping up the markets have done this for years after the 2,008 crisis they stopped at the end of 2,014 they took away the blanket. >> the market is now back to normal it is more volatile and we had, we had our first big correction last august and now we have seen another woman so people have to be prepared. >> in the state of the new normal what do investors do ? when you are close to retirement , or college education ?dolo. >> always have enough cash reserves, he should you should
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expenses security blanket that you can't use first and also, before you get excited about building wealth you should have your cash reserves . don't think you're going to make quick money, here is a quick pop to make money pay off high interest rate credit cards . but first then get that out of the way before you worry about the markets . if you put money in your 401-k, keep doing that, you areng buying in with more shares and then when it comes back your balance will come back like gangbusters a . people who
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half a million because they put money aside consistently . the charge charger port was fantastic, chair 290,000 jobs it is still doing fine. >> want to remind people about the wonderful book and information in money talks. >> it has received great response to the match thank you so much . if you have financial questions or need more information f on szarka financial go to fox
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welcome back to fox 8 news . of this tuesday afternoon, canadian auto dealership in hot water after postingan signs outside the business poking fun at female drivers . instead -- we are like snowflakes, they cannot drive . after they started to get some negative attention the auto dealer posted a few more . it says -- sensitive women, don't read this, you know who you are,
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drama queen's edition for today have been canceled. >> builder says that he is not backing down. >> celebrities are just like everybody, only justin bieber cannot walk down the street without being mobbed by other celebrities.usm >> that's adam sandler, flagging down justin bieber . that he is a bigger fan than his daughter who do not seem fazed by the interaction, justin bieber share of the encounter on instagram callinga adam sandler a living legend.
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ongoing,, if you live on the side you know what i'm talking about come out of that snow band i watch the heavier snowfall from gates mills tor chesterland, perhaps outskirts of burton, near 271 . and that area, plenty of snowfall, today a windchill of minus 3 degrees . there will be some breaks of sunshine tonight it will be called, heading cold, heading down to 7 degrees,d the winds ave eased a bit, some partial clearing and increasing clouds as the next weather systemri comes in tomorrow could even have a coating of snowfall up to 1 inch .
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morning commute? >> perhaps at the tail end of it , the snowfall is out of fear it will be dry onll thursday and weekend looks to be great. thank you for watching fox 8
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