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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  January 19, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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snowfall but to the southwest . willowick intending about 10 degrees below normal currentlya mid to upper teams . the high today at hopkins of 20 degrees . the winds will be mostly calm overnight, and last night the wind chills were the zero . tomorrow, clouds and some might snowfall in that system from the west and southwest maybe just a flurry for a quick coating tomorrow, 20s and
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forecast coming up. the city is getting mixed reviews from some residents who say that their streets have not been touched is roosevelt leftwich is a groundfox with the latestt in what is the city's take? >> i say that they're doing the best that they can, we are in the fairfax neighborhoodth, this street looks like it has not been touched . the city is get into the residential streets . they say that it is in better shape than last year's. >> it is a matter of perspective ,, 24 hours after snowfall it appears that more
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passable . on target with the goals of passable within 48 hours that those peoplea on the side streets will give you an earful about the straits. >> just a by now many people in the neighborhoods hope that the snow plow would have gone through . so far it is still snow-covered. a quick look on the side where most of the snow fell showed claimed mainstreets but the neighborhoods need lots of >> my neighborhood came over .
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she tried to hit the brakes and she plowed into the side of his van. >> the city is getting some high marks, here it is down to the pavement but the issue is side streetsut, many are not happy . at the beginning of the winter they addedhe the tracks and snow plows this first large snowfall, they follow the approach to cleaning city streets back for busy working through the system, expected that if we don't get anys large snowfall we will be on thosege residential streets within 24 hours so our commitment is to make sure that within 48 hours after a snow event the side streets are taken care of. >> the city has reached some of
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down some and the larchmere area and also hollywood . so those residential streets have been plowed but there's a lot of work to do .e the city says it is getting into those residential areas last year at this timee said 5 percent of the plows and trucks were broken this year, about 75 percent are operational and in better shape still have lots of neighborhoods to get two him and asking people to be in their still in that window of operation andhe will get to them soon. fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online.e. and
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morning at 4:00 a.m. the i-team investigation found a suburban officer facing drug charges tot he could get back on the job as ed gallek has the latest. >> restartable gunshots in a public park on the lakefront, and officers facing charges in thethth 18 asking questions in the gunfire, by shots and then threw three more, and sims park in euclid and officers facing charges, is accused of firing shots at the park park while drunken off-duty, talked to sean alexander proxima pk.. >> it was crazy, off-duty and just firing shots. >> greg abbott records, report
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woman who said she fired shots into the water, blowing off steam and an officer asked how it was going and the response was not good to depending on how this plays out he could end up back in a car policing the streets, 19 took the question to be euclid police chief. >> he is currently suspended from duty to be said that he entered into a last chance agreement to keep his jobhe as long as he needsob certain conditions, the city says it cannot share much because of medical records areot this incident was was discussed at the law law firm and legal representatives in determination madeeded based on circumstances that would there would be a path for return to duty. >> no answer at his address, his attorneyey said that he did two tours of duty in afghanistan and
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going through the protocol to pull his life together . on the streets, second thoughts about a second chanceon in a case like this especially these days, with police work being critiqued like never before. >> i believe in second chances se but it is a lot going on with that last chanceg agreement that police have suspended him 90 days,em as for the charges the court date next month, though that may be delayed for prosecuting judge to handle so there's no conflict in euclid court.. >> looked into his personal file and saw some combinations and other references tole off-duty conduct ever talk about a young guy who was on the forest is couple years back wa information on story we told you about last night, city hall is responding to report that the city often fails to meet its goals for the number of evidences on the street they maintain that the
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around-the-clockun, the city also says it is reviewing what i can do better and accounts of firefighters and first medical responders to handlea care before the ambulance gets their. >> post on wayne county sheriff 's office faces post- controversy as the captain sat down with peggy gallek rejoins us. >> what did he say? >> who spoke to the captain, is hosting shared thousands of timesn, not everybody agrees that to draw attention to the fact that it is my belief that there are many laws on the books addressing things like police officers being shot and killed and other crimes were the penalty is not used to the fullest extent. >> linn county sheriff captain doug hunter explains why he put the posting on facebooks on monday . shows picture of
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reads, it's time to bring back consequences . if posted a few hours after an officer was shot sh and killed lawyer did pick a suspect a suspect in that case is in custody. >> whether our agency or others, if they are injured or killed killed we take it very seriously and stand united. >> has been shared more than 4,000 times.. >> bellotti says across the feedback has been positive, he says a few people who are offended. >> some people took offense and seems to me that they took offense to the fact that it was posted on martin luther king day and it had nothing to do with martin luther king day it was a way to draw attention to the fact that a law force officer was killed overnight and that i believe additional consequences need to be used to a those who
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does not apologize if andy posted posting will not be removed anytime soon and that is good news for some i believe the bible is god to stop this trek stuff and all this stuff. >> hunter stressed stressed he would not talk about what he believes the outcome should be in any specific case backss the nation's top enforcement officer speaking out about the death of a local officer,nt loretta lynch says she is appalled by the way a man allegedly targeted dental officer thomas cottrell, she says that he and two other recent officer murders andc utah and philadelphia are philadelphia are reminders of how dangerous a job is. nd
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of robbing a priest in little italy is behind bars, david harrison pled not guilty to charges of robbery the casesd bound over to the grand jury, johnchez phillips was also charged, there still searching for a third suspect.e >> or too cold and wind made it difficult for firefighters battling ai fire at a local manufacturing plant, this vote could be smoke could be seen from miles away ist dave nethers spoke to employees who were inside at the time he joins us from that location many viewers send pictures and video of the fire that got a lot of attention here at tristan rubber moulding, in jackson township, one of the employees said that he may have been accidental responsible facts that responsible for explicitly
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>> is the whole life life is in smoke or think i have work for is gone back into his tristan rubber moulding in jackson township watch as theh plan goes up in flames back closer but it was in the front because it was cool back there. >> said he was trying to follow a frozen pipe when he may have sparked a fire inside the wall trying to find out with a propane torch of, that is what started it. >> back around to check to make sure that my brother got out i looked in the wall wasas engulfed in a spread to the sealing. >> said that he tried to put out the fire and used upnguishers. >> i try to get that get that won't put out i went through the third extinguisher and i cannot get close enough to do any good.a >> we responded with a full response upon arrival there were
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onto the roof. >> the smoke was visible for miles and firefighters had to battle brutal elementsir the. >> had issues with my mask and my air pack freezing up. >> while the employees got out safely they were working to put out the fire from outside the buildingwowo of the company suffered a devastating loss. >> at her, it was a good job i'd like to come to work work with when please. >> three years years while i further andnd then i got is because of his company, i don't know where i'm going to go >> the company has been around since 1995,, the fire chief in re jackson township says that officially, with regards to what we have learned that the cause of the fire is under
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interviewed employees and will be careful about releasing the final cause of this code, that could be days or weeks away. you have noticed that gas prices are falling have fallen the best of stopping congress from charge a surchargec for which you need
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site some of these, but with some some sunshine goes a long way this time of year especially in snowbelt . but some say that i'm at 7:00 p.m. . it was near 20 with wind chills below zero with a
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you go to the north, minneapolis , currently 6 degrees and windchill below zero . this lake-effect was so unorganized they canceled the advisory and joseph few flurries and the chagrin falls area, but nothing really going on with lake-effect began to taper off lake effect snow warning advisories in rochester, watching this snowfall the snow fall, most of it but down the accumulation to the south and west .t if you are looking upstate new york sun still under the snow warning, we have no watches or warnings here
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advisories are going on because of that clipper system, the center of the vortex to the south . . tomorrow, about 8:00 a.m. from toledo down to bowling green and points west some snow showers along the ohio indiana border . think it will break apart we will remain cloudy with a few flurries, but it is so minimal maybe just a candy coating . but tonight, about 5 degrees . and then also low 20s tomorrow .
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friday and saturday . discovered tomorrow is nothing major,, we will be watching a system from the coast, the panhandle hook it looks to be pretty close for comfort we have to watch out because friday and saturday couldu turn out to be snowfall or it could be a complete mess . on monday and tuesday, we should have highs above freezing. what started as high hopes and it is crushed dreams, after they get pounded in last night'ser
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to have the worst laid by three points on stage was embarrassing. >> this is. the clippers come to the q. thursday night that a week from saturday they disperse, a chance to show that they have made m adjustments, in the meantime, thee badge showing is begging the question of question of the day lose confidence? >> i don't think so,w we just went five -- one on a tough road trip, we do understand that
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that all the time, and we still have to get better. >> talk about the browns what is the latest on the coach search. the browns head coach, hue jackson and former browns defensive coordinator ray horton , now with tennessee had interview and is believed to be the man they want to be the defensive coordinator, not long ago he was in cleveland, he talked two gym shorts but he is the eagles coordinator, horton is in the final year of his original browns contract after fired after one season with the browns incso the 13th of. >> many drug draft experts think that he could be the first word i taken this year, they think it
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him, he looks ready to move to the pros mini rave about his talent but the titans are open to trade in the topic since they have marcus mariota soapn s wellbeing cowboys try to leapfrog the browns and this will be, this will be a scenario to follow. the roses get into the hall of fame in but is not the mlb hall of fame in cooperstown, he will be inducted into the cincinnati reds hall of fame . he is banned from baseball for betting on games that he was happy to just be national golf course is that this is the best hall of fame in baseball and i have been to many
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hall of fame . and hours downstairs is way beyond all the others. >> certain he was just being diplomatic, he would honestly love to be in the hall of fame in cooperstown but that is not going to happen just infa gas prices are down and why are
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>> the snowfall, tomorrow is clipper system, will just be a
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occurring friday, saturday and monday tuesday next week . it's well not be as cold . currently in the teens . it makes the windchill factor . so uncomfortable . it is a composer or of not below zero . temperatures in the teens have taken over the great lakes region .te a three-hour look showing flurries of snow showers , the national weather service canceling the advisory, still a few flurries their chagrin falls along 322 and and
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from this event . there still some showers that mean business off of lake ontario, . we're going to be watching, this swath of snow accumulation stage of the south and west we will still have flurries . the lake-effect warning of their searches in rochester and also affecting kentucky and illinois with winter storm warnings . we will be clipped by the northern fringe of the system,, the air will be somewhat dry here, tonight in the process of hiring out,to info be getting quite cold
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tomorrow back into some 20s about 10t below normal tomorrow morning a few hit and miss flurries . the morning commute will not be a problem, . but the muscles i think most of us will be well below 1 inchch, declined on thursday and then on friday it will be questionable,dey then assistant that is much more moisture laden the panhandle hook couldld be on a crucial trackck , for now, looks to be to the east saturday and sunday, as if it moves farther west it would affect us with snowfall friday and saturday, we think that it will miss us .in set up on
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depending upon the direction of the storm, monday tuesday wednesday a chance of snowfall and some mixing on tuesday . we'll will be having temperatures above freezing withwe mid to upper 30s. fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. and we are the only morning news show that 4:00 a.m. . with dropping surprises you might think that they would ditchchsu fuel surcharges that were added when the prices were sky high.t >> matt wright is sure with why you still pay extra.igig >> with gas prices high seems that anybody in the business of deliveries were added fuel local newspaper now common practice in the shipping industry despite lower fuel
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>> with surprises going down, and filling up his cheaper,. >> to say that the global economy is goofy because of the cheap gas but as a driver, that uses premium i love it. >> a gallon of gasoline is averaging just $1.69 in northeast ohio. >> the lower price of the more that i can drive. >> with prices below $2ceat a still found some charging extra. >> despite diesel prices down 30 percent from last year, companies like fedex and ups continue to charge surcharges below and and inside. >> fedex is charging for percent ground surface and 2 percent
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>> the companies noted that the rates are based on average national diesel costs and adjusted monthly while base rates stay stable, ups also says it's paying for more fuel due to a surge in e-commerce deliveries toay spread our residential locations to do as you save money at the pump, don't expect those fuel surcharges to go away completely. >> so whether higher or lower if they say they say the pill costs are passed along to the customers we have links to fedex and ups surcharge rates and how they are calculated at fox
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pennsylvania man started an online petition seeking justice for jethro, pages pushing for harsher punishment for the suspect accused of shooting the k-9 officer to death,c the petition asking us house of representatives to treat a case like case like he is case like he is accused of of shooting the human officer, as of today, the petition with more than halfwayt to its goal of 5,000 signatures.ay >> large for ohio state fired much band director are sticking around a while longerd the jonathan waters legal team asked to be removed because he cannot afford to pay them, and today the greatest in the case when the university attempted to have his gender discrimination lawsuit over the firing dismissed, he was fired a couple of summers ago aftertter accused of ignoringr sexual harassment between band members. >> if you're looking for some
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hiring part-time dealers, 50 jobs open for table games likede blackjack, you do not need experience, free training will be offered, if interested you can apply online, we have a link at fox >> she's in mac center max & erma's closing 13 midwest locations including here, part of working to streamline operations allow the locations of closing will be held in village in westlake they have 51 locations in 10 states the first restaurant opened , 1972 in columbus and the company filed for bankruptcy protection2 in 2,000 by the national tennessee-based work in a blue ribbon bought it next year to cases of birth defects linked to the scandal barn zika virus have been confirmed in the us one in
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babies were infected while there pregnant mothers were outside ut the us and the cdc have the cdc issued a travel alert for pregnant womennha to place for it is present so far no vaccine for it .aa water crisis and for michigan hit the boiling point as many call for for the governor to resign protesters apart outside of hisfo ann arbor home and called for his arrest, president obama declared a state of emergency after the governor asked fory for for help and they say he did not act soon enough, national guard is handing out bottled water a court case could could be a game changer in social mediald new york woman could be in jail because of something posted on facebook, rick gonzalez tagged her former sister-in-law and a couple of posting even though that she had a restraining order against her, a judge says that says that he still considered contact, she now faces up to one year andys geo-.
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treat,, but far more in five will be in alignmentm mercury, venus saturn and mars and jupiter will be visibleuu about 45 minutes before sunrise first time in more than 10 years at all five have appeared together the show will last through february 20 . for more information, the us naval observatory can help you, we have posted the link to their webpage at fox day in star trek day in cleveland they found a group of fans celebrating at p. j. mcintyre'sf at the westport neighborhood tonight the city council issues a proclamation making a star trek day .n glinda salgado chapter of the federation, a group of star trek fansgg who come together to
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their start in cleveland in 1984 before branching out all over r the world. since the founding in 1983, our prime directive has been to do community service as well as s enjoy star trek as a genre and to live the hopeful future for humankind and celebrate diversity and infinite combinations. >> it had been nonprofit that the local chapteree filed paperwork to become an official charity, the proclamation will be made 7:00 p.m. at city hall
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that's sunday at a pennsylvaniaa man, is thanking those who brought him back to life . a few months ago that joseph smith was found alongside the road frozen and presumed dead. >> amanda kelley has the story
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>> frozen nearly solid and they snowbank seibel road is where justin smith's father found him a year ago. >> arent to him he was blue and life black was a check for a pulsing pulse and harpy there was nothing. >> last thing i remembered was waking up 30 days later . >> he was on the scene and said that he did not want to give up just yet and would not pronounce him dead. >> initially, they were questioning, she said very low temperature can preserve brain and body functions. >> eke out approval to do this a machine machine to her mother's
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>> he held my hand instead of going to put everything including the kitchen sink into your son is back he was taken to the cedarcrest campus in allentown, as he warmed learned of his heart started he woke up amazed. >> or heard anything like this it is just amazing.y >> you look to the science of what happened, it was hard to imagine anybody on earth that can survive this. >> that he's he is missing his toes,, pinky finger but he is back to school and playing golf what doctors call a medical miracle. of what they why i do this every day. change e>> the way that modern medical practices are used for hypothermia patients he's now back attending penn state and
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degree, amanda kelley, newswatch 16. >> . but the mid- 20s thursday will be dry friday and saturday, we had to watch thetu track of a strong storm system if it moves v farther west they could affect us but otherwise quiet . . monday and tuesday, so mixing to the south with temperatures above freezing with mid to upper 30s . while we are here we want to
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7,000 like us on facebook we have this cake to celebrate . we wish that we could share this
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apple can't claim with a problem company said that there is a bug in theny phone battery battery meter latter part cell phones turning off even when fully charged they say it happens because the meter is not updating property . it shows up when you change the time on the phone manually to a different time zone they're working on a software update. >> the brew-boat couldn't include in the spring, combination of flintstones like car, only on water, your group yo
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a move there is ai land version which you have probably seen around town , the brew-boat offer reached between memorial day and labor day .
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