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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  January 21, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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allegations of his association with or gore that he recruits for isis. >> wish in which to save the allegations are true and have no ties to any political organization in us or abroad have never discussed the politics of islamam, the islamic state or anyam political organization with anybody. >> for more than a decade his rantings have generated controversy, and 2,000 to pay tribute to a palestinian martyr, which he said it can to bury dc not to praise it and said there's not a problem with referring to postings as entertainmente. >> i do not endorse, advocate or practice violence i was trying
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to this university university, the community and to my students and i shall do so for as long as i am able. >> suis of the class thursday said that they were not considering withdrawing. >> and need the i need the class to graduate so i cannot just drop out, regardless of what i hear.. >> but some think that it is best for him to resign, questioned that he did not want to take that needed to be askeded. >> his students asked for your resignation, would you consider that? ts >> no sir, that is a question of speculation, so i'm not going to go therei. >> he is not charged with anything, it is a tenured professor, so the university is not doing anything to remove him
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university president called his comments, over the years as nothing happens until the investigation is completed. >> absolutely. >> thank you dave nethers, fox 8 i-team investigation is found has found speed limits for aren't any emergency call. covert. >> seems hard to believe but include them, there is no speeding for ambulancesth . we have learned that the cleveland policy that city ambulance crews should never exceed posted speed
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never imagined. >> how fast you think the indians can go on a emergency callc? >> about 60 mph? >> i would say that it could go above the speed limit. >> investigated after we heard a clip of ems crew got in trouble the bosses or were answering a call and go in 47 and a five mph , the ems unit president says something is wrong. >> we have people passing us and we have lights running and they wonder if we are all banned the address but we are obeying the speed limit and we have police who tell us to speed it up it up and we are handcuffed to obey the speed limit.. >> the unit says there's no question the need to be saved with answering a call that's why theyer go through training and have partners to watch. >> on top of rules and
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response time.. >> the i-team check statewide, the seko says -- they don't have to worry about speed limits as long as they haveha running lights and sirens but they must use caution. >> the city city had their policies since 2013,3, came to light with the live with the recent internal charges against eight ems crew, both drivers were surprised but they say it seems reasonablee. >> is richer for the amateur probably saying hurry up. >> you have to consider other peoples lives. >> salish disabled that says the goal the goal with the speed limit is is the safety of thehe crews, patients and everybody else, the ems crew that god charges for speeding just got a warningc though it seems that the
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>> how did they get busted? >> it was not a traffic stop or a complaint, the bosses bosses took an overview of the call and let that be gps system and that's how they found it. >> liv ullman injured after she was hit by a hit-skip driver, andt an interview tina lowe says the driver did not try to help her as roosevelt leftwich joins us with starring. >> police are still looking for the driver, tina lowe looks for answers as to why somebody would hit and just leave. >> pictures are so disturbing you may feel that it is not real , but in this interview with the winner of tina lowe, she says the injuries are very painful.
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holding onto things, my hip is pretty bad, and but i have a large gash on my head with four staples. >> this mother of a young daughter is thankful that she is alive, she says that she rememberss little of what happened , she does remember she waited for the light to change at the intersection of fulton. >> i remember walking off the curb and in the middle of the road and thenin i was was thinking picking out my teeth and a puddle of my own blood and ice cold water. >> several people helped her, my manse gave her a blanket of warmth , but the driver did not help, the surveillance at the gas station show the woman poured into the gas station and watching before driving away.
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peeked around and watched me and cannot come to check me and i want to thank everybody who did check on me. >> she says she cannot understand how someone could leave her like that, her injuries will heal in time, the thought of someone so calloushe will always hurt. >> they are heartless, but nothing else that you can say, i don't care what kind of trouble that you are in, i would not leave someone in the middle of the road, i would double check,no because but because what if i had died ? . >> though the cameras at the nearby marathon gas station are excellent, the license plate was obscured, if you have information call the cleveland policetete. >> printer any new leads in the
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clear. >> the places said they have received lots of tipsac and they're always looking for more information, if anybody knows anything to call the police. >> dozen people in the path of a huge winter storm that could be record-breaking, dc expected to get the worst of it, virginia has the national guard on standbyvi and maryland is bracing for the worst. >> anticipate heavy wet snowfall resulting in fallen trees and the potential for power outages. >> the storms rage is massive with tens of millions of people from the southeast from the south east to new england could be snowed-in,h the storm expected to disrupt air travel across the nation including here, there may be a silver lining as matt
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you should know.t >> so far, no major delays or cancellations at hopkins, but there are some across the country, airlines canceled flights to charlotte and philadelphiaes and many more expected tomorrow. >> just as they tried to escape winter's grip. >> want to get out of cleveland for a little bit. >> meijer store could put their plans on ice.. >> get my fingers crossed that i can get out before the storm hits. >> expected to drop 2 feet of snow in places like 2 dc philly and new york city.
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wedding for a year,,. >> those plans may have to change along with itineraries, airlines are waiving change fees for those traveling through the affected areas allowing them to rebookraro. >> i think that speaks to the severity of the storm, airlines don't do that on a regular basis ,li i think they realize the significance of the storm. >> are trying to minimize a mess , st. louis airport could shut downss leaving airplanes out of position, interim director director frank szabo says airlines are repositioninger three dozen planes include them to wait out the storm. >> that's good news for the travelers because once the recovery happens those airplanes will be here. >> just need to be patient and allow extra time.
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delays but if it does, but hopefully we'll will be there in florida. >> the best advice, is to check ahead of time to airlinesbe, there will likely be some issues in the coming days andll may want to take advantage of travel waivers offered for east coast citiesak. >> matt wright, here is a graphic, this is going to avoid us? >> yes .o it will be close . we didn't know it was in our direction that you can say it into its entity in a big way we are basically highlighting it .
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easter, for us just mo if you are, here pittsburgh, and marietta and will be starting tomorrow afternoon . these are warnings, for the delmarva, baltimore, dc with winter storm warnings . some that have to be concerned with freezing rain, this includes the large cities all the way to new england. >> over the next two days, this is close but those are the south and east will be hit hard, with perhapsst record-breaking snowfall
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own forecasts are coming up. >> fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online... >> we are the only morning show that starts at 4:00 a.m..or >> three suspects in the beating of a little italy priests are behind bars, they arrested da'shaun newton yesterday, was wanted in connection with the robberywa and beating but not yet charged, saved her some and johnchez phillips pled not guilty to robbery, the attack happened last month during robberies in the neighborhood, a witness who tried to assist was also beaten. >> chesterland recovering after injured trying to save his dog in a house fire, he is a woman escaped unharmed that he went back inside to get the dog ended
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critical condition, they say that he is much better tonight, dog died in the house declared a loss. >> saint ignatius high school closed closed because of a bomb threat, it is called into the cleveland police department 4:30 a.m. today the school says it was not credible but they closedw classes just to be safe. >> user replaceable but they have to try, the kids and
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in 1934, the world didn't need another hamburger. a steakburger. 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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to his seat christmas cards response was along has 8 -year-old secretary was burned a fire that killed her father and siblings in 2010, she said she wanted cards to fill out the christmas card tray, that request went viral and card scheme will of the world, volunteers in upstate new york says that she has received more than 2 million >> we got them from iceland,
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about anywhere. >> there was a lot of mail i was not really sure what to expect i'veas not done anything like this before. >> soviet people the world, we see that with this book these 2 million cars by counting guess a lot of loveve. >> shares received cards from the white house, dolly parton, katy perry and other famous people, her family ty also has set up a trust fund because she has received so many donations from around the world.echa >> the east coast is bracing for
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snowfall some about 2 feet, one of those areas is not us . were going to look at the 5-mile crib cam . some very thin sheets of ice, it's about 25 percent ice coverage but as it warms up some here gradually it will continue to break apart . temperatures above freezing . our high today was 24 and still below norm robot are going to be in the 30 s and come close to 40 degrees paired sunset is at 5:29 p.m. .
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fill colder than the actual temperature . it feels those like 16 in ashtabula earlier today rollie was in the 40s . and minneapolis today was in the 20s .l but awarded for dc and storm warnings, a lot of those,
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about freezing rainin . it will be a good time this weekend to . this will hit our shores sunday, startingr tomorrow afternoon sun will have about 2 feet of snowfall in virginia, maryland, pennsylvania could have 20 inches, even some on the edge of this will gets a good 6 inches , and see how lucky we are,nd if you want the snowfall just try stuff with expert between six and 10 inches, tuscarawas county could get a quick coating, the suppression
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completely missing northeast ohio . we'll have the 30s and more cost of the south, friday through monday, it'll be quiet . about 40 on monday chances no several times next week with highs in the 20s and 30s . the future the browns is coming into focus , the new regime using
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john telich, i have calmed down after the golden state game, what about the clippers tonight, they arere red-hot red hot, believe that the cavaliers recovered wednesday, now comes the fun part to play the second game of back to backs, on wednesday, players like lebron
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irving were not played much in terms terms of lives so the high clippers will be at the q., blake griffin will not play, they are the fourth highest scoring team in the league .. the cavaliers host homestand continues saturday quincy butler in the balls visit the cute, it is set for 8:30 p.m. the first of back-to-back saturday games for them to get another shot at the spurs next week. >> the browns the brass was on full display. >> the chief strategy officer football operations were questioned by the media, paul depodesta said he could tell when meeting with jimmy haslam that they're changing and see the vision, and it it is different from pastntee regimes in
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for more on today's events, check in with p.j. ziegler. >> next order of business for sashi brown and paul depodesta paul depodesta is to hire vice president ofs player personnel, sashi brown said that they will not have agm,la every team has their own philosophy of the roster,he he shared his vision and paul depodesta talked about using analytics to get the players. >> have to find players that will impact us hopefully process in in place not just numbers but in general thatmb, if we do them time and time again we're going to start to be right more often than not and when it matters . if parliament the size of mistake, we will not be perfect. >> the browns not saying what the future is for johnny manziel
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accountable, he was fined by the team for missing a scheduled treatment on january 3 for his concussion suffered during the kansas city chiefs game he has he been cleared of the nfl concussion concussion protocol and according to sashi brown to sashi brown it's up to manziel to get his act togetherer on-field . >> browse did not retain john defilippo and notose taken long take them long to get a new job. >> a ghost giggles hiring him as their quarterback coach, he interviewed with a couple of other teams, this past season was thea first to call plays in the nflto, who answered to doug peterson the eagles new head coach, we are the exclusive home for checker checking the cardinals travel to carolina tobacco panthers, the coverage
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night . still ahead, a canton officerll tells us about the task
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can officer whose camcorder was was killed in line of duty last week may soon get a newd k-9 partner. >> is that he really does mrs. parker and catherine cancer cops are donating it to the department,ps officer ryan davis goes to houston sunday to find his new >> officer ryan davis talk about the loss of his partner jethro who was killed during a shootout with the suspect, he says that jethro, save his life, the entire canton kitty mourning his death. >> they are one of our officers, officer davis austin davis, that was his partnerof and a member of
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on him. >> austin davis felt it was best returned to the k-9 unit, k9s4cops base in houston is going to help. >> will fly to texas sunday to meet his new partner. >> lots of lotion . the biggest is nervousness . i'm not going to find jethro . but hopefully begin the healing process.bu >> expected to bring home his new partner next week. >> the new dog will go through 14 weeks of trainingo here at the canton canine facility in. >> they say that they are grateful for the donation and hope that the dog will be on the job this spring, he says that he
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and still it still responding to e-mails from hundreds who reached out sincefr the death. >> it is incredible the amount of support for the outpouring of compassion . from people that i have never met and don't know who they are. >> the place say that austin davis and his partner began training february 1t. he said it will take time to heal but hopefully this will start the healing processkefu. >> and prince family and strangers get to say goodbye to denver police officer killed the line of duty, he was found outside of the station monday,
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received a call from a woman claimed her ex-boyfriend was looking to shoot an officer, who was arrested several hours later , we have all the details at fox >> boy killed in a slight accident remembered as a hero, the meadow lakes neighborhood in north ridgeville put ribbons ono ri their home to honor 9-year-old drew hayden,9 honoring him because his organs were used to save several lives,ca cuyahoga county grand jury process under scrutiny from the common pleas court, judges steve bittle and michael russon will lead the newly formed venture review committee, take a look at the process to see if it can be more efficient, created by the judge john russo says it is not associated with the outcomes of any recent grand jury decisions.c >> at the gaza plan, so sponsored likely republican nominee for president makes his convention . >> suisun city going to be ready
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one-on-one interview with the man in charge, does the way that the race is shaping up, does that change any plans t claim it does . it adds what they need to prepare for, no votes have been cast in theot republican primary, the normal colors is that they choose one candidate who comes to the convention with enough delegates to secure the nomination the nomination for one of but won it this year,t history does not repeat itself. >> what happens at the convention, want to make sure that the 50,000 people come in six months that,0 are ready to host the rnc of the man leading that effort is david gilbert. >> we will be ready no doubt. >> with the field now led by donald trump and a large group of candidates in the running, do we know who they will nominate
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>> do you have have to really start planning the possibility for the possibility that there will not be a result of nomineepo? >> yes, you have to take every aspect in which we plan and look at the potential effect of not having a presumptive nominee.p >> part of the plan b. is to let all the hotelsla including the hilton let them know there is at least a chance that it could run longer, and on and thursday as planned it also means or people may show upns, the 50,000 expected are projected to spend $50 million. >> security for the convention will be tight especially at the, david gilbert says that should not discourage people ge from coming downtown, he thinks people should think of the convention in a somewhat different way.
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cavaliers are in the >> looking downtown to watch the game, sell their wares that could be before during and after i think it will be that same atmosphere . >> imprimis public square will be completed and the hotel andsq kluber will be ready either for traditional or unconventional convention.ei >> was like lets nominee will be known by the time of the convention and will be somewhat of a coronation but if no candidate has enough delegates that they are basically free to dof what they want, it gets complicated but but but as time magazine said it would mean that all bets are off as to who the nominee would be. >> could be a potential logistical nightmare.
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planned, but if they do not get somebody chose and thursday them ,do. >> in our lifetime, but also draw with john ford has ronald reagan's vice president, that cannot be worked out that george bush led to his being vice president and then the presidency twice. >> anybody here to visit may find the best way to get downtown is to ao be on the trolley , rta unveiled first of 12 new ones todayf in time for the rnc, they will make more frequent runs from the convention and downtown hotels and restaurants. >> that will accommodate our needs for the currentt lines that operate during the day and the
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use a combination of new and old units during the rnc afterwards retire the old units a . >> it is always free, there looking for a $10,000 from downtown businessa and organizations to cover the daily cost of thea night and we can
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countryman was pulled over for driving like this, they say that the 8 -year-old plowed into a snow drifti and said it was too much trouble to clear of the that office car so he declared a tiny hole to see through the police were not impressed and he was ticketed $110 . it is dangerous but many people try to cut corners when it comes to winter >> there are some hacks that will help you to save time, we'll play it safe, put a tube sock over your windshield wiper hi blades blades to keep them h ice-free, then you can just
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a grocery background and to prevent them from freezing, if you already have eyes, use a spray bottle with a mixture of one third cup water and two thirds cup vinegar , straight on the windchill for an instant deicer,, if the door lock is frozen, do not use hot water because he can break,fr carefully heat the end of the key with a match or a glider, you can't avoid that altogether with some wd-40 .y just like duct tape, it works for everything.ta those were some good tidbits . when it is time to go home i just want to get going. >> that's why it's good to park in a garage
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are some good tips . for those to the southeast they should listen up . there is a weekend or easter, not here, and we will be warming up, 30s and maybe a 40 over the next week, the active weather pattern next week as severalal snowfall chances that we will be bypassed by the large storm off the southeast . we have light winds and 20s and 30s in the area, dc is getting ready for a lot of snowfall, pittsburgh 22 degrees and for some of us if you lake effect flurries today, we have cloud coverve remaining intact, there was more sunshine to the
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south, they're beginning to become a large storm that will be the weekend for easter . winter storm warnings have been posted watches upgraded to lizard warnings . delmarva peninsula mineral virginia . i have been to jersey under blizzard watches .
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feet snowfall, in west pennsylvania, it gets as close as tuscarawas county, about half an inch, you go farther south, they're going to get a foot of snow . tonight, partly cloudy, more clouds tomorrow, with around 30 degrees, but saturday and sunday, and monday, warming up, about 40 degrees monday and chance of snowfall tuesday and lake effect tuesday in clippers tuesday through friday with overnight lows, mostly in the 20
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fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. fox 8 news is the only morning show that starts at 4:00 a.m.. >> sometimes a girl just needs
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gear is there is everywhere, but notot an ounce else's baritone outcome of this collection of brewski or whatever you call them inon loudonville, ashland county, it dates back to the 1960s when john francis allerdingn together collection with about 2500 cans, but he died in december, the family is selling the collection, if you are interested, we have details at fox >> you know what the man cave is but have you ever heard of the she-shed. >> brittany harris found out
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>> after months of planning, the 2,016th marlee home improvement show is here, held at the i. x. center each year, there is a lot to see you got all the classics like flooring, and of course windows but also the more unique fans alikeorc she-shed, the female version of the man cave. >> the idea is to take a regular garden shed and turn this into an outdoor oasis. >> the owner of absolute roofing and construction built this, it is not for sale, but his woman to show people how easy it is to make. >> this month is called the happy hour, you cannot hear you get some wine, cheese with a ll wine cooler, and it is fully stocked with the best available, some books, a fireplace, a place
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you cannot afford to build wannabes may want to sign up for a raffle, someone willan get give that woman behind me. >> tickets costing $10 with proceeds benefiting the breast cancer fund of ohio.co0 >> is wonderful to have this is opportunity at the nari home improvement show because we have a booth there and we talked to wonderful generous people but this is huge. >> got a good laugh about it said that she would love to have her own.od >> you have your own studio off of the living room but i don't have a man cave gives him he is relegated to the basement, what can i say i'm'm she's going to have a studio plus a she-shed. >> brittany harris fox 8 news. >> the show starts today and runs all weekend all weekend for
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