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tv   FOX 8 Sunday Morning News  FOX  January 24, 2016 8:00am-10:00am EST

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welcome back. >> there is a shot from our roof cam at washington dc. washington reagan and dulles are both closed today. hopefully they will be open by tomorrow but they are trying tohg move the snow that's piled up, over 18 inches of snow in then city over washington dc.. >> a lot of flight cancellations. i know a lot of people are eager to get back and back to living like they need to b be. >> if you would like to do something a little positive ae
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peanut buttertle day and bottom has a jar of peanut butter in her purse. it's like let's make a deal. i'll give you $50 for jarred peanut butter. >> this is not a $50 - -dash i don't know after that a commentnt - -dash you can have some. to like chunky peanut butter cracks. >> no. >> only creamy. >> you guys aren't goingg to beo able toin talk. we like mister ed. >> i can't keep hamburger in my house because the whole jar would bee b gone in about 15 minutes. >> chunkier creamy? >> either one. doesn't matter. if it's got butter in it a kind of butter. >> it's good for you. thank you soo much. >> and joy. let's have a look at storm fox this morning and see if there's
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it's very light as well. a gorgeous sunrise this morning.orn you saw that shot their moments ago and this littleot decke mid-level deck of clouds showing and reflecting bap signoff that son off the base.d what a beautiful shots. 13 in canton and worcester. the windchill is zip, zero. feels like eight at hopkins, ford akron canton and you see the departing storm system that brought feet of snow to parts of the northeast and mid-atlantic. my goodness, what a storm that was. madison 11, eastlake at 2015 strongsville cuyahoga falls 11, urbana 14, same in north olmsted. soul solon checks in at eight and high pressure will dominate our weather seen today and
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of tomorrow.en at the developing weather system will eventually tug in some rain forest late monday night into tuesday l morning. after that we could have some lake enhanced snow with the system sno but it doesn't look like a big problem for us. bu today closing in on 30. partly cloudy skies and a 9:00 p.m. temperature of 27. we will have a look at the eight day to see if there are any important storms in insight as we head into the last weekend of january already and look forward toto february. eight oh 3:00 a.m. and for once we are not talking abouti snow in northeast the very powerful dangerous storm for millions along the east coast. >> winter storm jonas still slamming some of the major cities forcing government officials to close government offices, shutting down airlines
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>> things are starting to get of pennsylvania turnpike which had all of those issues as well.. staying on top of this is a big problem as well. here's more about what people are doing at hopkins airport. to new york 85 million people are beginning to dig out from the massive snowstorm that pounded east coast. at least 14 deaths have been blamed on the weather. eleven governors declared states of emergency with washington dc under snowow emergency after the storm dumped up to 40 inches of snow in some parts of the east coast. today should look brighter. all of the major metropolitansans are starting to look snow band. >> the bulk of the snow is gone offshore but coastal areas could still see has hazardous conditions like coastal new jersey were cold slashing nextne covered the road thanks in part
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in from the atlantic ocean.n the storm left drivers and at least three in at least three states stranded foror hours. >> it is nonstop. it feels like we aren't getting anywhere to be honest. >> this is horrible. we were stuck in a truck for 13 and a halfk i hours. >> in new york a travel ban gave cruise a chance to get rid of the snow. central park saw its third largest snowfall with 25 inches. even rock stars were telling new yorkers to stay home tickets plus to go until 12 oh 1:00 a.m. so there will be another foot of snow.. stay home.y two words, hot chocolate. >> steven tyler coming out to talk. >> telling us to drink hot chocolate.cho yes sir sir. >> we have the latest and meanwhile staying on top of this storm means sacrifice. when it comes to traveling a lot of peopleo are just stuck in cleveland because they can't get
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>> and also the city is gettingtt some unexpected visitors. alison brown is telling us evenn though we are not seeing the snow here in cleveland air travelers are certainly having trouble.. >> cleveland getting unexpectedct visitors thanks to the blizzard on the east coast. >> it's a great town. we just couldn't get a flight out. >> a great attitude especially stressful.ssfu >> i am watching doom and gloom from across the country. but i was out therehe for business. i had to go and now i had to get back to new york. >> butw it is going to be tough. airports in major cities like baltimore washington dc philadelphia and new yorkke city started preparing for the blizzard blizzard a while ago and airlines did the same. >> they keep canceling and then there's a domino effect they just have to keep up with it. it's kind of a pain in theo ke butt. >> american airlines announced
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to philly and charlotte saturday, delta canceling hundreds of flights also. >> united airlines has had to cancel a lot of flight so far to the east coast. newark, philadelphia to name a few.w. they hope to resume service on monday. meanwhile several people stopping inle cleveland this weekend and they ile say it hasn't beeneyle too bad. >> there is plenty to do in town >> i managed to get a room in town and sit itag out. >> some say it is just better to wait in cleveland and comfort. >> it is better the way we did it then get stuck in jfk for two days sleeping in the airport. >> the airlines denied airline tonight is waivingi fees or experts say check with your airline to see whats ay kinds of o deals they might be offering because the inconvenience might get you a bit of a discount. don't forget to bring you the latest here at fox eight and of
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we have exclusive video of another rta bus blowing through a red light. rta a local citizen is turning to us after catching the act on camera and ed galek has the pictures. >> i got in my car warming itarm up, i look up and i see the light before i see the bus so as soon as i see the light turned red, the bust bus just barrels right to it. >> the bus barreling through a redd>> light. what happened here is similar to what we saw in november in shaker what heights, another rta bus blowing allies allied clocked by byby another driver with a dashboard camera. >> they are not driving by themselves. > they're driving with passengers on thehe bus so they're not just putting themselves at risk, they
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intersection it's the the light turns red. e it takes about five seconds toi get all the way through the lights, no obvious sign of slowing until then. one of the things we did in this latest case was sent the videoe headquarters. the agency will investighe driver and thecy circumstances. union. the president says with theers busth can enclose to the intersection andse the like changing light changing, drivers have to consider what they see on the roads and on the bus. >> the decision to be made to i do i stop thehe bus or do i keep going? if i've got some action going on on the bus and it's going to be debilitating to the passengers, i don't abruptly stopped. >> in the case last november, rta ordered the driver to get retraining.g.
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best this timeme also. >> what bothered me the most is >> funeral services were held saturdayvi for a danville police officer shot andor a killed in the line of duty. were held in newark. flags of the ohio state house ofhou honor. he was shot in the head last sunday allegedly by a suspect su anan b officer. a third suspect in a string of robberies in littlee italy arrested 18 -year-old deshawna newton p at he made his appearance saturday when theen t judge said his bond at $200,000. the case has been bound over to a grand jury. his codefendants are already waitinggs trial on aggravated robberyg charges. the water supply in ohio is still t contaminated with dangerous levels of lead so
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weekend passing out free bottled water to residents. the american red cross brought more than 8,000 bottles of clean t water to mahoning county about 90 miles southeast of cleveland. tests found that water samples contained lead levels that far exceed federal standards. today off they will offer freel leado screening for children six and honor and any women who may be pregnant are currentlyny breast-feeding. 8:11 a.m. and still to come school: shooting. >> teenager opened fire at a school in canada. tee with the gunman did before he opened fire in that school.wi the big nfc championship game is today on fox. we are only two weeks away from the super bowl and the ads are getting we will let you know why now may be the time to get the big widescreen tv if you will have a party. beautiful skyline sun shining off of the building.
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it it will be back with a check
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>> nick jonas. does that look busy around times squared now? it looks like there are a lot of people. it looks like the whole thing isle a big sheen of chino vice. that is a live look from times square which looks a little bit more like a little town. it is not a huge bustling city but that will all change. he was a look at storm fox and we can find a little bit of snow but do you have to look over lakeit of erie into another country
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using snowflakescou and i don't think this will be an issue for us today. if anything, that's no will continue to move to the east. that snow will continue to move east. sn leaving in its wake some absolutely massive amounts of snow.a we've heard reports over 40 inches of snow. that is amazing and no front up after that. 20 degrees at the lakefront right now, 18 in cleveland. we are tranquil and compared to that a wind chills at eight so still cold this morning. c temperatures may not do it justice when you add in the very brisk wind chills but still 16l 1 in brentwood medina 10 morrisn 17, mentor 20 and sale in the
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hudson 14, and sunshine sunshine to mostly cloudy skies.y a bit brisk. chilly winds southwest at five to 15. we will show you the map of how through midnight.t. w hereby the morning hours but it shoulde be a gorgeous sunset. if youou to beautiful sunrisenr mooned up moon wolf moon death moon up there.on how about wind? ec they areabo blowing a little bite more vigorously out of the the south tomorrow and tomorrow night. those winds will howl. tomorrow we will feel the windel is for for sure. 41 degrees, mostly cloudy
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the day close to 30 miles per hour as the weather system works its way into the ohio valley. on the backside by tuesday night into wednesday morning therere will be enough cold air to get some lake enhancement going. accumulations of bit too early to tell. there is our brief gush of warm air. it will be briefly colder than that bear mass will retreat and set the wi stage for temperatures to rise while into the forties nexte i weekend, i'm happy to report, but we just have thate weather system to get through late monday, tuesday and on the o backside some lake effect possible. so mid- thirties thursday, a round of snow possible friday and there is a warm front with temperatures rising into the forties was scattered rain showers saturday and sunday.
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shooting inn decades. >> here's the story from los angeles. >> reporter: this is the scenesce in a remote part of western canada where police say a teenager opened fire at the school. police s investigators don't know why the 17 -year-old unloaded. >> there17 are four individuals deceased as a result of this tragedy, and their other injuries being treated by healthcare professionals at this time. >> because of canadian lawsn regarding minors accused of a crime, the name of the person has not been released. >> we have one male in custody and public safety is no longerer at risk. we have secured the firearm. >> wednesday to teenager teenagers brothers were shot to death before the gunman went to the high school.sch >> this is every parent's worst nightmare.s when i spoke with community leaders, they obviously expressed that the community is reeling and all of us across the
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to theng families and to the whole community to give the town with theve a community where thee t shooting hit has been hit byn poverty and a high suicide rate compared to canada. mass shootings are rare in ra canada. only three in the last 10 years and at this point0 the motive fori the shooting on friday is unknown. a kansas state senator is state senator is under fire thisas morning after he created a newe dress code for women only. >> sexism is alive and well with some of my colleagues. >> there was no suggestion that men needed help deciding what to wear in m the morning. it was targeted only at women. >> representative peggy mas calls representative peggy mass calls it insulting. it's written c by center for some term which homes. it requires women and only women be dressed professionally with no let necklines are button necklines or miniskirts.ed he claims he has seen too many women dressed inappropriately
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says they are distracting to others during testimony. several female committee members are threatening toomm boycott. several people highly critical of mexico for letting a drug kingpin escape from mexico and now they're selling merchandise of el chapo. merchandise cupcakes piata's. a mexican actress has been theen leaked linked to his escape in and then a mexican navy tracked and him down a few weeks ago. m if you are in the market for a new tv, now's the time to score a pretty good deal. more people plan to buy televisions ahead of super bowl sunday ban at eddie and the other time of the year according to a tv buying retailers like walmart are already starting to roll out deals in an effort to rollout shoppers.rean an
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can save an average of 20 percent or more on high-end h tvs this month. >> i was thinking about buying a tv. >> were you?kibou >> yes but i have no money. >> that's a problem kid we are not even thinking about buying a new tv.. >> i was thinking that would be great but i have no t money. >> it's not going to happen.en. 8:22 a.m. and still to come,. > cows. there's a cow in here. a cow saved in the nick of time. they look at the new farm thisew cow would be living on because a lot of people thought he wouldg be neat and hamburger.
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welcome back at 8:25 a.m. a cow captured a lot of hearts. there was a daring escape from the slaughterhouse. he was running around with and hethenn was caught and people said p now what?
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said he was going tos be turned in into steaks please get that he's getting a second in chance. >> he was rescued hours before he was set to be slaughtered. a happy ending for the steer who is now named freddie. >> one day after his daring dash through jamaica, freddie thed stier has a new name, a new homeom and new friends here at sky lands skyland animal sanctuary in new jersey. when the founder heard about the escape from the live meat fo market just hop in the truck take tookuc the trailer and go. >> he got on the true trait trailer train>> h phone with the market markets owner and he seemed receptive at first. >> but a family had already paid for the stier. >> theyey didn't want to hear about it but i set him about an hour into the right so far so i'm going to come anyway. >> got stuck in traffic and got to the market after it closed. >> so we spent theer night in the truck and convinced the reluctant owner in the morningnce that freddie deserve to be
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night trying to get there. this is a big relief. >> they got them home and named him after freddie mercury since he came af from queens and things. freddie has artie been checked out by a veterinarian.die other than a small injury to his eye he is healthy but he'soth only about one year old and still has a lot of growing left to do. once he is full grown he couldgrown get up to soient 2600 pounds. the skyland sanctuary is used for educational tools and the animals here are never used for food.anie didn't want to get too close to freddie who has had a stressful couple offwlos days but we found many other animals. some are rescued and of others earned their freedom. >> and don't think they should have to earn it. >> he didn't have dependenta money. donationsn have been coming into paper's care. if all goes asto planned, he should live the rest of his lifees here. 8:27 a.m. and we will be
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a live look at a very still new york city this morning. still buried under feet of snow. look at that. there is one lone person walking down out there. it's so unusual. you think the streets of neww york always jampacked with people inin cars just deceit of the standstill isil pretty eerie.. >> not today at all. let's check in with ajaj colby. >> he o does. >> good morning.. yeah it's a little it's a little chilly.ea i just had little issue getting myitt coat on but i would definitely recommend getting a coat codon outdoors. it is on the nippy side out here. brisk and chili with temperatures rising well in the twenties to near 30 degrees today. no precipitation falling which is nice. storm fox doppler radar showing
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should stay right around around detroit and folk points to the when does have really backed off.. nothing in the gust column. at top hopkins airport highs of around 8 miles per hour.o youngstown is the slowest wind velocity at five.oun here's craig kam and we've had a that camea in and just a few get a lovely red hue. maybe a a little purplish. right now it is to wini spot. there's likely aburg tha nice cool spot down their clear skies and radiation there clear skies and radiation of cooling.r you can see fairly clear skies and from outer space you can kick pick out some of the cloud winter storm that is pulling
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pressurere today allowing some decorative clouds in here. clouds on the increase tonight andd tomorrow as the next system approaches. tomorrow night could have some rain around. perhaps some wintry mix all rain and then tuesday into wednesday we will transition into all tu snow today we will enjoy else sunshine. all sunshine. just a few clouds.s. temperatures in the mid 20's at noon, up to 29 by 5:00 p.m. and sunset tonight at 5:33 p.m. partly cloudy skies at nine and 27.. the 80 aid it forecast a couple of little glitches but are there any important storms? we will let you know coming up.a in the news, if all goesoe according to plans, six months from now the republican nominee for president will make his or her acceptance speech at the gop convention in cleveland so how are the plans going?n i
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know it. it w >> bill scheel sat down for a one-on-one interview with theith man in charge of all off cleveland's preparations.rat >> whatever happens on the stage of the goptev convention, cleveland wants to make sure that when people to send on this city six months frommpeople now that cleveland is ready to host the republican convention. to the man leading those efforts is this. >> we will be ready no doubtn about it. >> but ready for what? will we know what the republicans will nominate before they come to cleveland?u >> do you have destroyed at least planning for the possibility that there will not n be a presumptive nominee? >> yes. we have to take every aspect for which we are planning and look at the potential effect of not havingng a nobody and what effect ef that would have and what we would need to do to have a plane b.
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all of the hotels including theu new hiltondi that is rising next to the convention center, let them know there is a chance the convention could run long and planned.. it could also mean more people may m show up. already expected visitors aret expected to spend two expected to spendo $250 million in cleveland. security will be really tight but only in thatc area but it shouldn't discourage people from coming downtown. hea f says in fact you should think of the convention in a different way. >> i liken it to one cavs when tabs when the finals. o how many people came downtown tontow watch the game at bars and restaurants?est everywhere in town they just wanted to be on the streets to be around it before during and after. i think it will be that same type of atmosphere. >> improvements will be done,
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and they're hoping it will be unconventional. a cleveland cleveland world war ii veteran and local trailblazer gets a majorel military honor. ninety-eight -year-old robert jonesei of north randall was recognized n last night for his service in the army and air force from 1942 to 1946. they held a ceremony for him as he begins c his transition into nursing he is so also a former boxing freshman here.ere. >> to honor the veterans who are dying hundreds aa> day, many of whom never got a single thank you and so we have the ceremony to honor our veterans with a pending and ar certificate to formally thank them for their service to ourur country. >> a well deserved honor. >> robert has devoted his life to helping others. he is a dick retired the kennelth engine in engineering near who served on the life after 90 new mexican today.
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and some other prizes is coming up. >> tickets for the saint jude dream home go onn sale thursday t february 18th at 6:00 a.m. the half-million dollar home is being built by cleveland customom homes. >> tickets $100 each, the ticket will also give you a chance to win a car from nick abrahams automall, hot tub from lighthouse pools and spas andpa some other pretty of the pretty nice prizes.e head on over to for more information. 8:37 a.m. and still ahead, you know the music right? >> everybody knowsyou that. t >> the truth is out there. >> x-files returns tonight. we will get a preview of the highly anticipated reboot. also ahead driving into thei ride sharing game. meet the automaker who wants to give uber and lift a run for their money. it's the season of sniffles.
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do we have a cold or the flu? sometimes it's hard to decipher
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welcome back on this sunday morning. we taking a live look right now itri are on beautiful lake erie. it is just starting to freeze over we've been frozen solid so we will take it. is it a cold or is at the flu? to that the flu? to help us tell the difference we're joined this morning by a
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thank you for being here.ldr when you're what when your work when you're watching a child come down withth r wo something making it even more challenging especially if they can't't communicate what they are feeling.c the cold and the flu you going to get similar feelings in the beginning. s going to be fussy or want to be
8:34 am
fever may begin to spike plenty of rest plenty of fluids. >> i know with kids on the o normally youn had mentioned fever is fever associated with both cold and flu.
8:35 am
physician about this. >> would you recommend of people have a child of a certain age that if they expect they can do this rightpec away. >> for only children the only children and teenagers who would like to stay home the best thing is too get they're going to be miserable. down below the age of five they're not really asking themselves if they save you see any i vomiting comment.ent >> what can you do for the little ones. >> who want to make sure they
8:36 am
infection. >> very good. obviously for the same day appointment he can get the care you need right away. thank you right away for being with us this morning. that's good information especially for those of us with little ones. >> it is cold and flu season. the weather allows that right? >> sure.e w helps or hurts dependent on how you look at it and a lot ofa l folks are probably going to want to go out and get their christmas decorations down. i know people already still have a lot of those up. >> no. >> you u took them >> time to rationalize and justify.. >> lets head down to akron canton.
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i want to show you the beautiful sunrise down want t there we are looking to the north add to our thin little cloud deck for that is moving through this morning.oud de sunshine bouncing off the mid-level clouds. a lot of clearing. high pressure in place and life likely to have a few more clouds on the increase later still going to be here later t finally bad storm system that just pounded the northeast and northeast in j the mid atlantic is retreating heading off into the atlantic th is ocean. i don't want to be anywhere near that out of the atlantic ocean eitherr but some snow out here. not a big weather system. keep that son coming. 17 degrees at brunswick, in
8:38 am
checks in at 20 and highs today close to 30 so it is nice to see those temperatures closer to average we should be even closer with just 34 this time of year. sunshine mixed cloud clouds the seasonal chill in the air. partly to mostly cloudy skies, brisk and chile. clouds pretty scattered to a start but seeing a bit more of a piece to cloud cover up pasty cloud cover up there tonight.. winds will generally be like then start to pick up as you see the clocknerren here by 12 or 1:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. that will definitely produce some wind chills. probably feel more like mid- thirties tomorrow in the afternoon and the winds are
8:39 am
south guston perhaps close to 30 miles per hour due to this t weather system. as it slides to the t northeast n there is a warm front and then we transition back to the colder stuff. t wearing to the thirties on tuesday and may be late thirties that's a low thirties that the seasonal day. snow showers possible. this is more of the lake and a lake enhanced snow.s it wintry precipitation friday ahead of the warm front and we should see highs well into the forties on saturday andse sunday with scattered rain showers possible. fox eight is your officialcia school closing station and we will send it over to you todd. brindle uber and lift are getting somele competition from general motors. they are creating an onin on-demand car sharingg service. the automaker plans to test the service in ann arbor michigan but they expect to launcherv
8:40 am
you can rent a gm vehicle through a free smart phone apps so it's like in big cities with where they have the bikes and instead they will have carsle parked and you can rent it with your smart phone app which unlocks the vehicle for you so see you can gett in. your rental front to love this story. >> i do not lovea it. >> meatless and butcher? two words that don't usually go together but now they wo do in minnesota. the first of the can butcher shop in the country opened in minneapolisssh yesterday to long lines of eager customers.rdy they sell things like a beacon vegan italian sausage, kielbasa, porterhouse steaks,, mayonnaise, vegan cheeses. the owners say they use naturaltu ingredients and sauces and other flavors to get thee exact texture seem like meat. hot sauce lovers this one is for > you can take the great taste of sriracha anywhere. they're selling it in small
8:41 am
the spicy snack when you're not atfec home and some restaurants will suck the packets along with ketchup and mustard. s an the company is selling miniature bottles. >> do like it?llike >> am not a big super spicy pan. >> christy capel. >> she christie capel. >> she lovess it. >> big on that idea. super bowl 50 or likely call it super bowlr l-letter, is- two weeks away that anheuser-busch is already ready. here'sl a sneak peek at one of their ads. >> really, i get the elbows geek you get them in the middle ofhe the back?t >> there is no middle. >> are you ready? >> and know it. are you ready? >> you know it. >> no longer just democrats or republicans. there is a bud light party.
8:42 am
starring in the big brewer's upcoming brewers upcomingrri commercial. the buzz light party is coming giving a bit of a nod to the presidential election here in 2016. the message of the ad seems to be everyone should throw aside the their political differences and just drink bud light's. >> that's a greatoo idea began interested to see that whole commercial. stillll s ahead, our favorite fbi agents are back at it. the truth is out there.e > the x-files returns to tv tonight with more unexplained and mindbendingth cases and we can
8:43 am
still come to our house. >> we were talking with aj normally pretty solidly frozen at thisis point. mulder and scully are goodl friends back together the much-anticipated return of the x-files returns tonight. >> michelle paulino gives us a preview about the reboot. >> it's good to see it get out of that house every once in a o while. >> after a 13 year break, david a company and gillian jillian and and and gillian anderson return is mulder and scully in a sixn episode series of the x-files. the stars like the idea ofth playing older versions of the familiar characterslayin but their passion for solving cases of pollen normal phenomenon is just asas strong.
8:44 am
gauge againg b creatively what this show was was which part of thet fun was playing a character 13 years later. who gets a chance to do that?cter 1 i love the idea of taking mulder and scully on and on and on andn seeing where they end up. fans can expect the story to bery consistent with the x-files of the pastst but now they get to work modern technology into the storyline.. >> what we deliver is not any bigger or scarier. some of the topics that we are touching of t upon our scarier than they have ever been but aside from that and those realities, the science fiction aspects and the monsters etc. with a level
8:45 am
death i don't think is any greater. sunday night. >> don't miss the tonight premiere of the x-files writer on fox eight right after the nfc championship gamefter tonight. still an hour ahead. the latest on the blizzard that is paralyzed the east o t coast. back.
8:46 am
you met buried.e the east coast gets slammed with record snow and the latest on the aftermath of the system is finally moving out >> plus the storm may have moveday out but is ruined travel plans. finally, home. what local college students had to do to finally get moving after the blizzard stranded them good morning. >> we wereei spared when those the latest winter blast and blizzard that moved up the east a coast from lust three and lost three and a half feet
8:47 am
oh we expecting any more snow? we willng let you know. fox eights muse in the fox 8 meters in the morning starts now. muse >> happy sunday. it is saturday january 24th waking up to blue skies. >> welcome back at 9:00 a.m. >> thank you for waking up with us this morning.> tha we are going to send things over to t aj whoo has a check of the full forecast. like you said, those blues guys looked blue skies look nice this morning. totals windchill sometimes in thech single digits but we will get through it compared to what they have endured over the east to coast, this is mere child's play. sun and clouds today.y in anime time temperature of 26. mostly sunny, some decorative clouds upnny there 29 at five and
8:48 am
clouds. temperatures that at 27. and there is some there's some snow flying. may be some action west maybe some action west of toledo 18 degrees in akron canton. chill of two. this cold out there. medina 11, barberton 15, aurora 18, mentor is 20. thereof around thee state meanwhile watching the snow finally moving t away from the northeast in the mid-atlantic and that's pulling that certainly is good news. meanwhile, for us more sun then fun then clouds today.le, f we will have a look at how this shapes up in the eighth day
8:49 am
moments away.up inn nine oh 2:00 a.m. and we begin with n a the let massive winter storm that clobbered a the east coast yesterday. more than 3 feet of snow in parts of north virginia and west virginia and maryland. >> tens of thousands of people from the carolinas to new york without power.r. here's the latest on the deadly t storm from washington dc. >>he eight epic and deadly moving storm slow-moving stormed shutdown airports and grounded flights. what's worse, this historic storm has become deadly, killing d people from north carolina to new york. >> this is bad and getting work rapidly. >> drivers in several states stranded on the road. d >> this is an historic snowstorm. it is hi a huge challenge. >> in pennsylvania hundreds of cars stranded for 20e hours on the turnpike including buses of high school students.
8:50 am
on the interstate for 19y hours having to decide whether to stay warm and keep their cars running or conserve gas. >> the situation is gettingt worse. >> the city that never sleeps will be a little quieter. all broadway shows canceled, bridges and tunnels leading into and out of the city have closed, and the nypd is enforcing the band. t >> you can see how massive this storm is and it will continue turning throughout the weekendo with more people in its path.ut >> the storm has wreaked havoc on people here in cleveland. even though we're not seeing the snow we are still seeing then effects. >> alison brown has more in this trickle-downn effect with the latest effects on passengers.
8:51 am
unexpected travelers. >> it's a great town. we will just stand how we can get a flight out. >> a great attitude especiallyial at the a time that can be stressful. >> i'm doing work especially what's goingo on i'm excited for business and i have had' to get back to new york he gets going to be tough. airports in major cities like baltimore, washington dc and new york city started wa preparing for the visit a while ago. airlines did thesit thing the same. effect.. it's kind of a pain in the butt. >> american airlines announced they werere canceling all flights delta canceling hundreds of flights also. >> united airlines had to cancel hundreds of flights. they hope to resume service on
8:52 am
in the meantime people say it hasn't been so bad. >> i've been able to get a room in town and sit it out. >> some say it is better to wait here in cleveland and comfort. >> that abandoned a band of what the way wedon did it than to get stuck at jfk for two days sleeping in the airport. coming up, a live report from washington dc and we will keep track onfr of the nation's capital all nations capital all weekend long. we will take you there live coming up and don't forget wet have the latest for you here and at inn other news this morningis the water supply in sebring ohio is still contaminated withat dangerous levels ofe lead. with that in mind the american red cross brought fresh water.
8:53 am
levels that far exceeded federal standards. the offer screening for children h and any women who may be pregnant or breast-feeding. nine oh 7:00 a.m. and still ahead, an earthquake in alaska today and we will have the latest. >> plus t as flynn's water crisis continues find out who is stepping up to make suret citizens therepi up have good water to drink. could a new candidate be entering candidacies presidency. a beautiful morning ini downtown cleveland, sun shining off the buildings they are. aj will have a check on your
8:54 am
it is 10 after nine we are
8:55 am
this chilly albeit sunny sunday. it's great to see you obviously especially if you can get sun and son in here. it's mainly clear. snowfall picks up that precipitation. it looks like there's a little bit of a south the souths component we will see if we have patchy clouds filter the moon race here at 9:00 o'clock and his seed cloud deck is fairly thin. more morris on then son then clouds throughout the afternoon. mrr the temperatures close to 30 degrees throughout the day. we can expect fairly seasonal weather as we go through the
8:56 am
monday night to a change we changed to rain than all snow and wind on tuesday. tuesday and wednesday couldnesd sport some snowy weather as well. a little too early to tell but overall in the big weather news there will be no important storms in our next eight days. temperatures will average above average. maybe 40 or above for a couple of days on the eight day.mayb otherwise we will give you an idea of the temperature 17 at 17 and medina brent zook brunswick and t at aurora, 19 over deadlines. hudson and west salem up at 10. that's a degree better than last hour. a her the forecast maps as we go through tonight ande tomorrow.
8:57 am
of snow outt here. cedar rapids into the twin cities and the in the arrowhead ininc i minnesota back on into canada. enough for rain shower chicagoo may be even milwaukee maybe even milwaukee all the way down toward mee m paducah. this weather system goes through with the chance for rain showers as we said on tuesday. snowfall amounts look to be the highestl north of milwaukee on into the upper peninsula of michigan and also a stripe into central and minnesota otherwise very quiet in the snow department at least for now.quie forecast today sunshine, mixed clouds, a chill in the air. brisk wind will make it feel more like 20. wi tonight partly to mostly cloudydy skies. a little on the brisk side again
8:58 am
24. wi a few more clouds tomorrow morning, enough to filter the sun i wouldd say on monday but no precipitation to speak of. most of monday should stay dry monday and tuesday rain showerswers as winds begin to wind begin to gust out of thee south 10 to 20-mile per hour mile-per-hour wind even on into tuesday morning can see the southwest component to the wind and maybe even a little bit better than that. small mostly cloudy and the wind begin to pick up.lou 41 for the high-end south windut at 10 to 20 miles per hour. then here comes the next gush of warmhe h air as temperatures begin to recover quite nicely. a
8:59 am
into friday and saturday. it's warming up in the mid forties. let's send it back your m way. >> fox eight news is your official school closing stationf and kids are heading back to school this week.k.and the worst of the blizzard finally may be o over. the monster snow storm that hit the east coast and here is more in the aftermath from washington dc. >> from georgia all the way up to newew york as 40 million people are beginning to dig out from the massive snowstorm that pounded the east coast. 14 states have declared snow d this after things are clearing
9:00 am
and boston coastal areas of new england could still see hazardous conditions: slushy mix covers and roads. the storm left drivers in at least three left states. >> it is nonstop and doesn't seem like where getting anywhere to bee honest. >> in new york a travel band gave crews chance to get rid of some of the snow. central park saw itsi third-largest snowfall at 25 inches. even rock stars are telling new yorkers to stay home key gets in the morning so there will be another foot of snow.w.poshe mo stay home. two words. hot chocolate. >> now that the snow has tapered
9:01 am
out their there? a >> it's beautiful out here. the two major airports in washington dc are closed asajo well they are dealing with the they're dealing with the backlog into thiss week once it stops knowing you can use some of the side streetsome but even now itit takes a while so we will be digging out for a wh while. >> what did you do yesterday? in and they didn't work thet w entire day.y. did you have any downtime that all? >> i did. i had to get up early this morning againd t but i actually
9:02 am
walked. did not take their cars i did see one or two cars that appeared to be stuck. there were a couple of people attempting to slow down so people definitely got out and tried to have some fun withini it. it can be pretty tough to get. >> do you feel like all the snow that is on the ground but people are prepared for what is really in store inaudible. >> they really did take the warning seriously. >> the lineup went from the cache all the cash all the way
9:03 am
island around the corner. schools will be closed tomorrow federal offices will be closed people knew they were likely going to have two hunker down here for a couple of days. they were right we don't get a lott of support here. they were getting as much snow as they would have likely gotten in an entire winter. people definitely took the warningg seriously. se >> we appreciate your coverage this morning. >> we do have you covered. we've talked about some of the stuff in new york here and at at an earthquake rattled alaska. therattle quick struck about 160 miles
9:04 am
so far no injuries have been reported. no tsunami threat because of how deep it struck. ago find me account has of flint michigan cope with the water crisis there.lin at last check donors about a given nearly $200,000.0 that money will go toward thingsngs like buying water, water fruits and vegetables. go find me at self said they $10,000.ey lead levels in their water systems support after switching to au new water system in 2014. michael bloomberg exploring his options to runel as an independent candidate. he told people he would consideroul running effect if the election came down to bernie sanders and donald trump or ted cruz so i guess he feels confident that he particular combination or combinations there.
9:05 am
it is 9:20 a.m. and we will get a look at somebody make a name for himself s on american idol. low lights from last night's loss coming up in
9:06 am
nice sunshine. >> it is nice sunshine. the american sports this morning disappointing news. really cavs falling flat in the very first game as head coach. >> cavaliers were not able to
9:07 am
half. cavs struggled more in the third. we were 16 percent from the three-point line.cgedwe we we were 40 percent from the free-throw line. here's kevin love and here's one he of the free throws. this is just one of those games you couldn't get anything done. cavs end up losing this one. the final was 96 to 83. hopefully they can rebound, no pun intended, when we come back at the queue. here is here's p.j. zigler with the rest of your morning sports. >> how to do good sunday morning for you. now he is running the ship. he met with the team on saturday
9:08 am
told them justt because they made ase coaching change doesn't mean things change within the cavs.does he said the team as a whole must change if they are going to get to where they want to be. he was asked about the connectedness of was the team thatas cost david glasses job. >> we've just got to pull together. i think sometimes we have a tendency to pull apart, and my whole thing is just to try to stay together. we're a team. we are one unit and we've we could focus on thatare o because there's going to be a lot of tough times, a lot of ups and downs and we've got to enjoy it. >> who believes the cavs got the record best b players in the championships? one of the big things david blatt was criticized t for was how he was utilizing guys like kevin love. w he wants to use a front player the fund playererh rotation and he also wants to use kevin love the
9:09 am
was in h minnesota. >>, using more with elbows amusing more with elbows. going to try to get them in a post- situation post situation where he's moree comfortable and it's my job to do that but i think is a great athlete. >> cavs fans weren't the only one' t surprised by the firing ofn david blatt on friday afternoon. so was the team and so was their superstar lebron james. many people believe he had a hand in the firing of coache black but the general manager denied that saying he made the te call. lebron said he found out about the firing when the rest of thee team did on friday afternoon. lebron was asked saturday if david griffin made the wrong call in firing david glass. >> iring think he was right in like i said, obviously he sees it from the outside and from the inside looking fr in where he's around us every day and he felt like as good as we can be we are
9:10 am
>> lebrongoal james says his new coach is very detailed owner derek detailed owner. got experience coaching even if this is his first head coaching job.b. lebron says he puts his trust in taiwan loo lou and will follow his lead with a whole half of the season left to be played. >> we are still learning each other. a we are a team that is very and experiencing growth and togetherness. we haven't experienced much together but sometimes a little hardship happens. guys we don't know quite how to figure it out together at this point.igu >> can stay and safer means it firstc place and akron zips take care of the miami red sox. they are four and two in the mac m and don't forget fox eight is your exclusivee
9:11 am
nfc championship game. they travel to carolina to to battle can newton and the panthers. that starts later today at 6:00 o'clock. we are outt of sports time. have a great sunday. still ahead, aj is back with a check at yourj forecast. plus stuck in the snow. how some local college students spent some time stranded on the highway during this weekend's local blizzard. >> we will introduce you to the american idol contestant who or justa punched hisn ticket to hollywood. could he be the next american idol?ou fox eight news in the morning
9:12 am
welcome back. you are taking a life of alive for the times square. >> people are finally getting out but it does look i see. >> it does what guys he though i can't tell if that is ice of the light of the screen. >> were hoping to get back to normal quickly.kly a group of students from johnr carroll university got caught and blizzard conditions ononcau saturday and spent nearly 24
9:13 am
>> that is a tough bus. there were actually coming back from a march for life in washington dc but once they got to pennsylvania they stopped. brittney p harris talk to students who won the bus. ta >> to east coast blizzard has left thousands of motorists stranded on the highway. th snow is continuing to fall and they have their hands full with accidents. stuck on my i 76 in pennsylvania she says she and about 40 of the classmates on their back in
9:14 am
still ran into his trouble. >> she says police stopped by st their bus if they needed anything plenty of food and water.ent >> we're playing games and watching movies.e they were playing games and a watching for other people out there.e. >> as for when they are expected to get home, she says she has no idea, it all depends on when the clouds can get through to clear thenn get lane and she is hoping thatat as a sooner rather than later. in and an update this thi morning, the students made it back home at 2:00 a.m. we are told they had to help dig out three buses in front of them to finally gett home. h max and aramis close in three locations it sells the
9:15 am
their locations among the places that will close the "-right-double-quote village west lake albert in columbus they filed for bankruptcy protection in 2009. rock 'n roll hall of fame held a special tribute last night. >> as part of the high school rock off competition the rock hall honored glenn frey, a 1998 inductee who passed away this past week. w that is ray flanagan who led the audience in the tribute. rock rock hall of fame is meant to honor thoseoc of made important contributions to rock music. mu
9:16 am
david bowie passed away and the rock 'n roll hall of fame is a history museum. we deserve the rock 'n roll history. >> by the way, last night was the wa continued route round three of the high school rock off. there is a northeast ohio man heading to hollywood with hopes of becoming your next american idol. if youica don't know his name yet you will. it is tank jackson and he has some star power.kso >> i really wasn't nervous. i figured i just had to go and do what i usually do think it looked like it paid off for time one jackson of ashtabula who is heading to hollywood after auditioning for american idol last a week.
9:17 am
i've ever seen. >> the 29 euros clearly impressed the judges with>> his rendition of a the luther vande banjos song. >> that was it was her video. >> tank isn't a stranger to the auditioningsn't process. he's been trying out for years but it's never made it this far.r.h even so. >> you can imagine tank is pretty popular around town these days.tty he can't go anywhere without meeting fans that his friends and his biggest fans or his family of his family have been there fhis frien since dayan one.
9:18 am
works will just works theyb more their dislike of maybe a bee numbers you're di been number 16 and here i am in the running for number >> good for him. it is unclear when tank will be headed to hollywood. u he wasn't able to give us any specifics about that but you can watch americannpe idol. keep an eye here on fox eight every wednesday and thursday. >> how much alive tdd watch of the live tv to watch everyday? mu cleveland where told his number one in the country when it comes to live tvoun viewership. we want an average of four hours 42 minutes a an day. that does not include about an hour of time shifted programs like. >> dvr. detroit comes in second followed by baltimore.mor the city with the lowest amount of live tv viewers a san francisco. the watch about half of what
9:19 am
>> they have way better weather out there. >> which is nice. >> thanks a lot less live right here at nine 9:39 a.m. and coming lve up how some zoo animals are enjoying the snow. >> plus taking a white wedding to a whole new level.l. we will meet a bride who did not let a up blizzard ruin her biguin day. a struggle for power in thebig wilderness and in town. debbie jan news show the outsiders we will get a sneak peek coming up. a live look outside this beautiful sunday. aj will fill us in on your work
9:20 am
>> have got nothing. >> it's beautiful. look at that. >> so this weekend's brutal winter storm one of the biggesthis ever to hit new york but it was still not big t enough to prevent one couple from getting hitched. >> here is more. >> about my snow boots snowboots about seven months my ago and actually definitely need toeed first snowboots on her for snowboots on her wedding day today. s the beautiful bride trudged through the snowow storm and got to send apostles church on the the westside peerage always have also had to take the subway becauseso h of the driving band. >> it was great weight check header pictures of a lot of strangers.
9:21 am
going to be next level. within 100 guests were able to to make it, some from other states despite the blizzard. >> we just can't say enough our family and friends who made it. it made ourmil day. >> brenda rivera and i took pictures of ourselves of the couple and their parents in the church. ashley was born in a snowstorm and the storm also hit on her 30th birthday.hda >> her 30th birthday was on almost loadout snowed out with literally 2 feet of snow during her birthday at all during thelit day which we overcame and held anyway but it was with great difficulty but she beat the snow beat the snow for her when she arrived in this world, she beat the snow for her 30th birthday and here we are with this one
9:22 am
>> the couple and their guests walk walked down ninth avenue in the blustery freezing storm to theirr reception. it was the beginning of a wonderful life together. >> congratulations to the happy couple. >> i love t it. it's great. >> let's check in with aj for a look at the forecast. >> it is great. cool, cold but not a snow snowy start for us. nt you have to go across the pond to see any snow and this is southern canada and ontario where they continue to see with a continued to see that snowfall from west to east. you can see cloud deck providing a lot of color this morning as it attracted the sun's rays suns rays off the base of thetra cloud. all of the splendor picking up a couple more minutes of daylight
9:23 am
here is a look from outer space. this light snow patch will continue to move westno east temperatures holding steady typically in the mid- twenties thanks to clear skin's light wind and radiation all cool and. that helps but now the upswing into the upper teens headed for 3030 today was sunshine and mixed clouds double dues toledo and 18 in akron canton youngstown at 19
9:24 am
close to zero dover new philly is to right now. tonight partly to mostly cloudy eventually. pa there will be periods of bright moonlight wolf moon last night brisk wind with chile light windi mostly cloudy 41 degrees as thishis surge of slightly warmer air begins to move far away and we will get just rain for a period of time on ra tuesday then we are headed back not for the basement but there's enough cold air around to bring in the snow once again on tuesday nights on into o wednesday. for these forties here on
9:25 am
up an here then briefly colder back into the thirties to around thirties to around 40 degrees.s. as we get into the weekend forties for high with a chance of a few scattered rain showers. we don't see any important storms all this week either. as we lack of january and heada into february. fox agency or official schoolol closing station. a loting of folks would be very happy that january is coming soon to an end soon. in the mountains of appellation appellation family has been ountai living off the land for over 200 years. >> you can see their struggle with the outside world on wgn america. let's take you inside the outsiders. >> you come up and you ain'tain' alive. >> the to fare ba well the feral well clan trying to survive an amount targeted by businessmen on
9:26 am
ends outsiders. >> they don't see us in life asn it was meant to be. for us there is no tolerance for outsize folks outside folks like us. >> in the mountains of kentucky this clan has lived for two m years that basis is the struggle for outsiders. >> i said this is the best thingh in years. is that i want to thin meet with the guy. >> they said they cannot waitot for the season premiere. he put together an all-star cast to test tell the story of the feral plan including saint elsewhere as david morris. >> does feel like there's something you enough about this that it's going to come to all kinds of people. >> he plays the father and the song is played by ryan son is
9:27 am
>> it will draw people in and that's the brilliant part of the show. >> i waited five months for her to happen and when itite did david morris won one and a tv and is that it's happening. >> it's nothing like you you're seeing onng television and wgn america is allowing them to go places no other have. >> they've really pushed us. >> the battle between fair barrels and authorities trying to get you kicked them fromom their home some of the outsider start to venture away from the home and that iside where the realea drama begins.ns >> it is really just good tv but i think it will be easy to latch on and want to follow these characters, but it will
9:28 am
haven't seenen before. >> we will never leave this mountain. >> outsiders premieres thiser tuesday at 9:00 p.m. on wgn america. stilt, at 9:00 o'clock aj 9 9:00 o'clock aj has one final: check at your forecast. plus a panda peck playing inpla snow for the first time right
9:29 am
>> i can't remember. >> if you don't remember.
9:30 am
nothing hot about this shot. it's is cold. very very cold geek at least you can see them all. >> finally this morning do you think you're having fun in the snow? do check again. that's the panda at dc's nationaland zoo having a blast. the smithsonian tweeted out this video of him was it yesterday? it's quickly went viral. there is more where that came from. they've artie seen about 2 feet. >> there's about 2 feet of snowfe so you know when in 2 feet of snow. >> there's a lot of stuff on the mall. >> pretty much everything is still closed. >> especially with is us on monday everything is closed
9:31 am
no school closings tomorrow. they get the watching fox w fox eight news at at hallmark online. don't forget the latest on the winter' storm and its national peanut butter day day. >> that's right. >> agent join us at facebook and twitter.
9:32 am
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