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tv   New Day Cleveland  FOX  January 24, 2016 1:00pm-2:00pm EST

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>> won all four road games. is ex spoke play in the off the court issue. darryl reynolds will bet the start in his place. yesterday. all that storm and that snow forced it to today. going to be limited crowd at the wells fargo center you don't think that impacts. >> donny: look like you before we go do our show. if you're in the nba i play for the cavaliers, that's before
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there was no one at our game it's harder at the next level. about it. they create their own energy. >> sold about 16,000 seats. >> they got the money. >> we'll see next at halftime out to the field with joe davis and jim jackson. >> joe: rob, the blizzard of 2016 pounded philadelphia more than 20 inches of snow here. snow here this weekend. but number 16 providence that storms into the city of brotherly love. they try to bring fourth ranked villanova run to the big east to a stand still. belize war is over but the storm continues for top 20 matchup at the wells fargo center. big east college hoops on fox sponsored by jeep grand cherokee. ready for anything winter throws at you. today it throws us this top 20 matchup between 16th ranked providence and no. 4 villanova. one started.
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joe davis, jim jackson. molly mcgrath joins us in a moment. besides all of us becoming lot more familiar with this city, we've been here few days now, how does this game getting bumped back a day affect how the teams get ready? affects the player. it enhances the moment, gives a little bit more scowing in, more bonding in the hotel. they are ready to go. >> joe: got two of the top teams in the conference obviously with that we've got some of the brightest stars in the big east. >> jim: kris dunn, potential national player of the year. he can beat from you outside also gets to the basket. he's altered dynamic on the defensive end he can do so many things well. but defensive she he causes so much havoc. and josh hart. last year's big east 6th man basketball. inside, outside. only villanova player to score game. also he loves to step up in the big moment late in games.
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talk a he bout the post players. post players still have presence in this game. guy that went from six points to 19 points working hard. his mobility will test daniel ochefu who has been in foul troubles, can't afford that the if villanova. job you ready to do this thing? villanova and proffer dense finally ready to do it on fox after this. when you have a lot of followers, you should take them somewhere. they want to see the world through your eyes or your stomach. so show them the waterfalls, the duck boats, pthe sheep and sweaters made from sheep all i need is one card and a witty instagram caption. pfor rewards...for the services and protections of membership... for the journey... carry the american express premier rewards gold card.
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>> joe: more than a year since villanova has dropped a big east game. right now they sit at 7-0. providence trying to join that log jam of 5-2 teams nipping at villanova's heels. molly i'm glad you were able to get here today. but not everybody was so lucky. >> molly: over 18,000 tickets
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season appearance at wells fargo center. because of the blizzard the buses that were supposed to shuttle in the fans, cheerleaders and band, all cancelled. they couldn't dig them out of the snow. the rail lines in pennsylvania are not up and running yet head coach jay wright obviously disappointed but he told me that they're approaching this game as if it's a neutral site game. and even at the arena they didn't have enough workers here this morning to install the villanova logo at mid court. >> joe: the 76ers logo. that dealing with bad cases of vertigo last few weeks but says today feels as good as he has in a few weeks. here are starting lineups brut to you by jeep grand cherokee. one spot of note that four for darryl reynolds makes first career start daniel ochefu will come off the bench. villanova saying minor off court issue leading to change that jay
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15th season as head coach. longest tenured coach in the big east. trying to get his team 23rd consecutive big east win. officials for today's game, pat driscoll, matt potter, tony giassa. after 24 hour delay we're off and running from philly. first top five win since 2009. >> jim: been waiting for this game. how villanova wants to guard. how effective can they be in half court setting. >> joe: arcidiacono.
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>> jim: first stop inside. >> joe: the one point win against see tan hall wednesday. lot of close games lately. reynolds into the corner. missed on his first shot. >> jim: providence opening up in the zone defense. dunn, jumper off the back iron. important for dunn to get off to a couple of easy baskets to loosen up get his energy flowing that translates into a better defensive effort i believe for kris dunn. >> joe: you mentioned slow start he got off to in win against butler on tuesday. 71-68 against 8th ranked bulldogs. only had three points until the final minute. jenkins for three. reynolds the tip out. arcidiacono finds josh hart for three.
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three-point line unlike last year. i don't know -- why did you jump back it was coming this far over. nova in the butler game you see arcidiacono with the 15 footer. felt more comfortable knocking down 3s not the case early on let's see if they can knock in a couple to loosen up a little bit. against arcidiacono. turns it over. >> jim: dunn can get in trouble he gets in the air tries to create something that's not there. >> joe: josh hart tries to reverse it in. last touched by villanova. >> jim: right here, kris dunn, standing straight up. right now expecting help, no
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arcidiacono get to his spot. providence with the top two scorers in the big east. [ crowd noise ] shot clock inside of ten. a catch. off the mark. rebound jenkins. >> jim: that's excellent rotation. going to see plethora of high pick and roll for providence. they went into that game seton hall dead last in the big east shooting the 3. hit about 50%. direction.
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early in this game had open opportunities. got to get a little bit closer as shooters. two guys on the perimeter that have to make shots. loosen up the defense. going to be so much attention to kris dunn that other guys have to step up. kris jenkins. >> jim: nova attacks the zone by getting the basketball right at the freethrow line. another player stepping up for providence. averaging about six per game. he got the first five for the
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reynolds. brunson, freshman against freshman working against edwards. shot clock winding down. brunson and the drive. and the travel. 5-providence. opening minutes in philly. what's america's best-selling brand of trucks? you're in for a big surprise, pal. actually, you're not. it's ford f-series, again. and, it wasn't even close. same trucks that have been leading the industry for 39 straight years. why? game changin' innovation. like f-150's high-strength, military-grade aluminum alloy. which helps make it stronger, more capable and more efficient than ever. innovation. it's why f-series is making every other truck brand... history. over the years, clementine saw a lot. she saw mark grow up... she saw him tempted... but she never felt threatened. until taco bell introduced $1 crunchwrap sliders... ...and clementine began to worry
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>> joe: college hoops sponsored by america's best selling trucks for 39 years. ford f series built ford tough. 5-4 providence. opening minutes. in the big east, first year the new big east, providence. friars second tournament title all time. then last year villanova returned the favor by beating providence in the semi then went on won the final behind josh hart over xavier for its second big east tournament title.
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got his 200th career win at allen fieldhouse beating texas. michigan state bouncing back from the first three game skid in conference play in three years. cal who you saw few days ago with a big win last night against arizona. junior lomomba nope as glue guy, defensive player first five points. >> jim: the players step up transfer cleveland state had ability to knock down shots make plays like i talked about very important other players step up and right now junior lomomba is doing just that by first five points for providence. >> joe: daniel ochefu coming off of the bench because of minor off-court issue. first time he's not been in the line up since ironically last year against providence. >> jim: force him to play defense.
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plagued him the last few games. >> joe: at least four fouls in three of the last four. including against seton hall on wednesday. lomomba again with the shot clock winding down. no choice but to throw it up. villanova who is known as team that gets out and shoots it and scores points on defensive end. they were as good as anybody in the country. >> jim: i love the strategy behind playing the zone. what it takes away from providence is that the pick-and-roll and kris dunn's ability to penetrate. forces them to stay on the perimeter. >> joe: jay wright was exclusively than man. but it's a zone. arcidiacono with a tough step back. foul on the rebound on rod bee bullock. >> jim: what do we see early on.
1:17 pm
inside that can keep possessions alive two. offensive rebounds by ochefu allows villanova to beef up their offense not just the blocked shots. scoring down low. ability to get offensive rebounds that ochefu brings to the table. window. using the window. >> jim: he called it. >> joe: leading scorer, four double-doubles in villanova's last five games for the junior from silver spring, maryland. >> jim: you like to see a guy like that. sacrifice himself, paying dividends not only for himself but for hi teammates. >> joe:la mom would you. incredible play. it didn't lead to anything.
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>> jim: the zone defense playing early dividends for villanova. forcing providence to stay perimeter oriented. >> joe: jenkins fires. villanova has missed first six 3s. >> jim: bullock the other way. that's a part of the game i think where providence right now to eliminate what the zone defense has taken away from their offense. get it out in transition early. bull look for an easy basket. >> joe: jenkins in the zone. ochefu feed for the first three ball of the day for villanova. >> jim: again, ball centered inside on the freethrow down ochefu who immediately out to the corner. that excellent execution and
1:19 pm
attacking the zone. >> jim: that's excellent place to trap as sideline becomes an extra defender. >> joe: bullock. it's ochefu going to the line for two shots. the discipline offensively versus the zone. >> joe: ochefu hasn't score more than six points in his last four games. knocked down the first freethrow. give us the book on daniel o. >> jim: he's a rim protector more than that the fact that he can block shots for players
1:20 pm
underrated passer, once he gets the ball down low, he can get the ball out on time and on target. and he's got much more of reliable. guy that you can anchor inside, and feel comfortable that he can either get a foul or he get basket or both. >> joe: missing both of his freethrow attempts on wednesday. makes both here. villanova up by four. jalen lindsey.
1:21 pm
dunn picked from behind. >> jim: this year making better decisions. bridges from behind picks up the foul. >> joe: talking about the easy two. you were talking how villanova was mixing up defense. we talked to jay wright said, how do you slow kris dunn? >> jim: that's what everybody wants to know. >> joe: e says there's no one way. you have to be able to make him feel uncomfortable like he talked about peyton manning or tom brady. switch up the defense enough, they don't get comfortable in their set you have to make them think. >> joe: josh hart knocks it down. >> jim: had to throw some football in there. >> joe: going head to head today. you cheering for brady today? >> jim: i love great football. cold weather and close games. >> joe: that's a travel. villanova by four over
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>> joe: how about this double header on fs1. creighton and georgetown in the nation's capital. then another top 0 showdown xavier and providence with the action tipping off 6:30 only on fs1 sponsored by jeep grand cherokee. ready for anything winter throws at you. early going as we go inside the huddle with ed cooley. >> have some fun.
1:25 pm
keep doing what we do. let's go, family! >> joe: i love the fact early in the game he understands that his team is not playing extremely well. but he wants to keep his team loose. the way you do that is to instill confidence, listen, have a little fun. shots are going to go in. play the way we want. but also that last play with rodney bullock out in transition. that's providence basketball. get something easy. rest will take care of itself. >> joe: it's not been the cleanest start you think, credit to the team's surprising the zone early. >> jim: i think it is. it takes away the penetrate to get into the paint. versus a zone, you are perimeter oriented. he's coming along nicely. >> jim: he understands his role on the team. he's dynamic in the fact that he
1:26 pm
he understands that he can drive to the basket. >> joe: kyron cartwright. bullock knocks it out of bounds. reynolds is back in the game for villanova. replacing ochefu. with jenkins, brunson, booth and bridges. >> jim: he doesn't give you the shot blocker but the mobility. particularly when you're guarding. >> ben: till in the high pick-and-roll. i can rotate over. that -- may lose a little shot blocking. but you gain mobility with reynolds. >> joe: you so ryan -- talked about he has to be did key in this game if you want to win. trying to draw a foul.
1:27 pm
from tout side. bentil scoreless half way through this opening half. >> jim: providence has to take a page out of nova's book. allow the ball to touch the middle of the lane. excellent defense by booth. >> joe: he traveled. first of all excellent defense. nova understands exactly where the ball is going to be. booth in correct position right here. borderline. i thought he got -- he planted his foot. took allowable steps. a little bit surprised that traveling was called. >> joe: providence trying to diagnose the fact that villanova's zone, fazekas passes
1:28 pm
inside, taylor lindsey rejected, but fouled. looked like bridges got it cleanly. >> jim: the difference is the ball was able to tough the baseline, didn't back out. that opened upment passing lane for dunn inside to lindsey. attacking the zone in different areas, moving the basketball allowing the defense to switch, >> joe: his first point of the game. ochefu back in for reynolds. booth sits down, arcidiacono back in. lindsey came off of the bench on tuesday, first time in more than a month that he's done so. counting on him to be third scorer this year. he's had a rough start. only about seven per game. he has the athletic ability and game to be a double digit scorer. that's something that coach
1:29 pm
has to be more consistent in his efforts. villanova keeps it. >> jim: joe, very important in game like this where the crowd is not involved, especially for the home team that you generate your own energy. not going to get it when you have a crowd that is not as present. >> joe: bridges turns it over. defense continues to be the story in this first half. >> jim: you have to rely on defense. offense you're not -- defense has to be your establishment. >> joe: dunn turns it over. rejected but arcidiacono follows
1:30 pm
fazekas for the three. bentil to the floor. comes out with it. kris dunn. his first points of the game. >> jim: out of the broken play good things can happen. kris dunn going straight downhill able to find carter inside for much needed basket. maybe that gives that easy shot. >> joe: the pace really picked up. brunson fires away. leading scorer in the big east, ben bentil. arcidiacono down to the floor to get it. and a time out. >> jim: the senior is always
1:31 pm
is going to happen. how important this game is. ben bentil getting a little touch keeping providence close. [ scanner beeping ] sir, could you step aside? "sir"? come on. you know who i am. progressive insurance? uh, i save people an average of over $500 when they switch? did you pack your own bags? oh! right -- the name your price tool. it shows people policy options to help fit their budget. [ scanner warbling ] crazy that a big shot like me would pack his own bags, right? [ chuckles ] so, do i have the right to remain handsome? [ chuckles ] wait.
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>> joe: back here in philadelphia. villanova with seven point lead. tonight the emmy award winning pop culture phenomenon returns. "the x files" the truth is still out there, jim jackson. tonight after the nfc championship. 22 inches of snow in philadelphia. sixth most they have ever had since they have been tracking it. the cold shooting.
1:33 pm
why i'm joining you. it does have an affect in regards to -- i think early afternoon game have an affect on lot of players also you're accustomed to playing a little bit later. get your mind and body ready. we get into this game a little bit more. the rhythm will begin to gel a little bit more for both offenses. just tough early on. >> joe: jenkins up inside. >> jim: i was speaking to him before the game. transformed his body. came in at 280. what's the biggest benefit. my mobility and stamina. more importantly my teammates trust me. they saw that i put in the work, that i was dedicated, i bought into the team concept of bettering myself. and hens he's able to provide a
1:34 pm
around game for this nova team because he lost the weight. >> joe: jay wright told us couple of weeks ago about kris jenkins, that he wants more defense, more rebounding out of him. he knows that he can. he played the five in high school. jay wright said there was game where he went head to head with gentleman legal okafor got the better of him. >> jim: now that you dropped the lbs you're more mobile. stamina can have the consistent effort. see the dedication and his teammates have responded as well. >> joe: shot clock winding down. jalen lindsey with high arcing three. short armed it. it will stay on this end. jenkins grabbed it with his foot on the baseline. >> jim: that time daniel ochefu arms straight in the air. not trying to block the shot
1:35 pm
staff have stressed. picking up early cheap fouls. >> joe: behind the back. providence continues to stumble outside. one of eight from downtown. >> jim: if you're nova that's where you want him out on the perimeter taking jump shots. >> joe: dunn fouled, brunson shoots the three. three freethrows for the freshman from lincolnshire, illinois. one of the nation's top recruits in illinois also year. three things you need to know. there's no way his favorite band is green day.
1:36 pm
>> jim: ask everybody, okay? i'm right with you, jalen. >> joe: out on limb there. >> jim: talking to us before the game. level of maturity for this young man. he wanted to go to a school, one, that he had senior leadership on the team. so the pressure wouldn't automatically be on him to carry a load. he wanted to win right away. now he has all, understands how to play at this level. just wasn't there. >> joe: kris dunn, first quick steps. jenkins the rebound. jay wright said that jalen brunson was as prepared as any freshman he's ever coached besides ryan arcidiacono. >> jim: that's byproduct of being around the game because of
1:37 pm
understanding what it takes. >> joe: dunn, finally gets into the scoring column. sometimes when players like that want to go and get it, they find a way to do it. >> jim: especially when you isolate in the middle of the floor. that's the hardest place to guard a person, hard to double team. >> joe: ochefu. dunn had that one go off of ochefu's foot. they didn't call it. ed cooley saying the same thing that kris dunn is. that was a kicked ball. >> jim: take a look. kris dunn loves to flip the screen especially left to right. as he puts it in between there,
1:38 pm
it did carom off of someone's foot. that's what kris dunn also head coach cooley are trying to get explanation on. >> joe: instead villanova gets easy two and largest lead of the game. >> jim: part of it, too, the officials see it as non-intentional kick. >> joe: talk it over. not a call you can go back and
1:39 pm
jon ed cooley has taken them to the ncaa tournament first time in 25 years friars have done that. he was not pleased with the call on that previous possession. looks like the officials ruled that it inadvertent kick of the ball and play on. i didn't any time you see kris dunn head to the basket. that time four transition defense. that's play out of the time out. allow ben bentil to use his athletic ability to catch inside. >> joe: 6.5 per game last year leading the big east in more
1:40 pm
[ crowd noise ] >> jim: see isolation of kris dunn. lindsey. arcidiacono. what a bounce pass. >> jim: allow the play to open up. arcidiacono didn't rush the situation. he knew where he was on the back side. dunn being covered. lays it in. >> jim: it was patience shown by ben bentil saw the double team coming. right hand, that's part of the
1:41 pm
become a big time shooter is reading defense. >> joe: arcidiacono defended by dunn. quick feet from jenkins. stay on this end of ther from. >> jim: ben bentil down on the post right here. able to get right to the basket. how about the senior. patient inside, works on the bounce pass. finds his backcourt mate. ben bentil again the patience, escape, the jump hook that's impossible to stop. >> joe: mentioned him staying on campus over the summer. strength coach kenny white was talking about the work that he did. paying dividends here in his sophomore season. first foul on ochefu. ben bentil to the line.
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>> rob: some interesting highlights coming your way. smu the lone undefeated team getting all they can handle from temple. the second top 25 showdown of the week in the big ten no. 9 iowa, no. 22 purdue. jim, back to you guys. >> joe: all right, rob, look forward to that. villanova by nine over providence. as we go inside the lexus play book. >> jim: in transition defense has to be able to talk. look at something ryan arcidiacono right here. phil booth will cut, jalen lindsey has to put his back to the baseline. never doing that you never see the offensive play. it was an easy pass and easy transition basket for villanova. but it was poor defense by providence. >> joe: providence has top two scorers in the conference, combined average about 36 per game.
1:45 pm
mcgrath. >> molly: well, joe, providence last huddle ed cooley was lubing at kris dunn and ben bentil, continue to play aggressive. also encouraging his starters to have some fun out there, he's really happy with their level of energy so far. >> joe: they need the energy because neither one has sat yet. ben bentil in fact hasn't sat in three games now. >> jim: here is the thing, though, when you're a player that's a high volume shooter get a lot of touches, you can't get frustrated when you're not making shots. because the opportunities are going to come back around. even in kris dunn's case, last game talked about butler you knew he would come up big. you have to be patient, take the shots, don't force them but get enough touches to get yourself into a rhythm. >> joe: bentil with eight to lead providence.
1:46 pm
now seven. ochefu called for his second. at the 3:32 mark of the first half. foul number two on daniel ochefu. >> jim: i love the decision that time. you place josh hart in the middle of the zone defense that allows him one, he has the shot to take. but excellent playmaker out of that zone defense as well. >> joe: providence not getting any early looks. inside of ten again on the shot clock. lomomba, he's got eight first
1:47 pm
>> jim: if you're providence you want to find lomomba where wherever he is on the court. he's going excellent high pressure job of maintaining his spacing in order to get the looks. >> jim: kris dunn back the other way with his second three. >> jim: you you let him do what he does best. you feel some of the turnovers
1:48 pm
and makes critical shots. the ball just around the perimeter. no way the zone can keep up with that amount of ball movement. that's why coaches always preach, make a quick decision, get the ball moving. >> jim: this nova will have a big lead but allow to you get back in the game. excellent time for providence. >> joe: bentil. up and in. he's in to double figures. >> jim: got a little help. ball was deflected a little bit up inside. you see the progression. this game elevated matured
1:49 pm
>> joe: both teams get that offensive rhythm that we spoke about. dunn, lomomba. [ crowd noise ] somebody goat up and in i'm not sure who. back to two-point game. >> jim: scramble situation so tough to but a body on someone. that providence able to get looks at the rim. finally able to tip it in. justle your hand up. maybe you'll get credit for it. >> joe: going to give it to bentil. booth off the back iron. arcidiacono steps inside the arc. foul on the rebound. let's see if they got this
1:50 pm
>> jim: you know what, you're struggling sometimes offensively you have to figure out ways to get easy baskets. one way get offensive rebounds, that time, excellent battling of the boards by providence. >> joe: it was bentil. villanova fouls. you haven't shot the ball extremely well. got down early. now you have an opportunity going into halftime to tie this game or you can take the lead. fazekas for three. and providence lead. 17-5 run for the friars. final seconds of the half. jenkins way outside with three
1:51 pm
brunson knocking it down. to give the lead back to villanova. how is that for a finish to the half for you. >> jim: joe is right in line with both teams in the offense stepping up, i love the fact that the freshman didn't panic. stepped right into his shot, aimed, fired, basket. able to give nova the lead going into halftime. go to molly mcgrath with ed cooley. >> molly: they were limiting kris dunn early but you guys got hot. what sparked that run? >> i think our defensive energy. they got loose for some 3s, playing a great team. make sure we keep our toughness and tenacity hopefully that can carry us through. >> molly: thank you, coach. joe, back to you. >> joe: all right, coach cooley's team trike to get first top five win since 2009 when they beat top ranked pitt. end of the first half. send to rob stone and donny marshall in los angeles for the jeep grand cherokee halftime after this. hey!
1:52 pm
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>> rob: welcome to halftime. ready for anything winter throws at you, nova they have been vocal from three. josh hart the first half triple right here.
1:54 pm
and up two at the half. in studio with you, intensity level in this one found another level in the late stages of that first half. 17-9 run to close for the friars. but nova on top one of the reasons, the threat of the three ball as you look at in our jeep grand cherokee. >> donny: both teams look like they were stuck in snow. slow start. for nova it's not necessarily that they make the three when they make them there you have to respect guys running them off the line. late close out by another. kris dunn, right there, jalen brunson you got to put a hand up. even if they're struggling they're not great three-point shooting team. they're going to make shots. if you run it three-point shooters with your hands down they're going to make you pay. we saw that in that play there then at the end of the half again not closing out on the shooter. >> rob: leading scorer, only player double figures. more highlights on the way. will temple hand the mustangs their first loss. larry brown hasn't been beat
1:55 pm
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