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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  January 27, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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this. >> why she turned herself in? >> indication that she knew that the police were closing in she came in here with her attorney jim one man dead after a powerful explosion ? the home in closing the schools are today, dave nethers joins us what an incredible blast was. >> we are in newcomerstown, and tuscarawas county, you can see that there is debris scattered everywhere, this house is across from the middle school to high school, the blast was felt for miles away, that pushed the bed away from the wall.
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on state street. >> 8:30 p.m. tuesday, newcomerstown is rattled by a large blast. >> it was terrible explosion, and it scared me to death. >> all once heard a loud explosion and it sounded like a bomb going off and i went on the porch and all i saw was the sky was lit up with a great ball of fire bigger change the magnitude of the blast was evident, the explosion rattled walls as far away away as 4 miles away, terry henry, was unable to get back into his home extort. >> that double window was blown out, my kitchen window is blown out the cupboards are indeed, they're on the floor of the back door is not usable. >> across the, and cows cows were blown from the ceiling of a middle school, the district
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>> manny warner senior picking up debris from around his home. >> it is scary, thought that i pray for the guy who was in there, what happened he was a sweet old guy, he was a real nice fellow. >> they were back on the scene thursday, the tuscarawas county coroner confirming one county coroner confirming one fatality, waiting waiting for dental records directors to confirm his identity, columbia gas company is helping to search for the cause. >> we are working with investigators to make sure the investigation is thorough, people in the neighborhood want to know what happened, and also people in the community and so do we. >> are then checked out fine, but it is still scared of going to go to my boys were allowed to get minors together.
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boarding up the house next door, you can say some degree on the roof and in the trees, we are here at the middle school you can see that there is shattered glass in the parking lot . looks like drywall, insulation blown into this schoolyard, it is just an amazing site. >> who know that the people here , they knew who lived in the house, they are not going to speculate, the medical examiner's office here says it may be several days before they have a positive indication to confirm who the victim is. >> will cover these sorts of things so many times before, have you ever seen anything quite like that today.
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this magnitude, this is a very hilly area, people on the other side of some of these hills about three -- 4 miles away said that it shook the house, the postmaster here said that it moved his bed in his home away, moved about 3 inches from his wall that is located about 3 miles away at his house. >> thank you dave nethers. >> high-speed chase a car car thief in euclid is calling attention to a dangerous trend in the suburbs, jack shea joins us with the story. >> city of cleveland is very concerned about this kind of chase and you and you could please say that's causing a sharp increase in pursuit. >> so much of it is a judgment call, we have the duty to the public, but had to balance that
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must consider every time you pursue a suspect. >> euclid officer begins a high-speed chase sunday afternoon after checking the license plate that it had been stolen in cleveland, euclid gives itself as a more leeway to pursue suspects in cleveland, in this case he was driving at a high rate of speed on east 185 street in and out of traffic going to i-90, he jumps onto the highway where he accelerates to more than 100 mph, nearly hitting several cars and a police supervisor terminates the pursuit . the officer is followed at a distance when the suspect cuts across four lanes of traffic, hit the car and the vehicle is careening across the field before hitting the house, the suspect fled on foot but was found in a nearby vacant house .
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is a growing trend after cleveland put the brakes on many pursuits they say lawbreakers are convinced that no officers will chase them so they run about in euclid they will continue to pursue. >> initial reason for the pursuit, it may seem less serious than to understand that these types of people are the ones involved that have guns and drugs burglaries and robberies. >> in this case the driver of a stolen car had a number of outstanding warrants for arrest and he has no drivers license. >> it's a tough call for them to make, but i want to suspect to know that they can get away with what they have to think of the safety of other drivers. >> he says that you never know what that person might be up to there might be they might be up to something quite dangerous in
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on that. >> ruth hill man convicted of killing his baby receives the maxim sentence, he played guilty last month to involuntary manslaughter,, avoiding a murder charge in august 2014 his four -month-old daughter was found unresponsive with signs that she had been been been squeezed that said that he had been with her alone, eason county judge sentenced him 11 years in prison which is the maximum under ohio law. >> tonight akron police morning against fighting back, after placed nicely they recommend it can the camia gamet listing to fight back when you're under attack but after some cases the victims were defined, the police is better say it is better to comply with the robbers switch back he shot her in this
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two suspects were then to the ground when he refused me still his car at gunpoint . the restrained him man who tried to roll rob the place the place with the place with a rolling pin the city can replace property but not your life and she do not know what they're going to do it is not worth risking injury or death to resist, some said that they never considered anything else. >> i'm going to go down i'm going to go down fighting because, he has no right to do that and i'm not moving i'm fighting . because nike had better watch out because i'm going to take a class. rather than resistant they say that it is best to avoid danger in first place to be aware of your surroundings, when you go home late in your car with a few
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approaches them drive away. >> iowa caucuses will be held next week tomorrow we republican candidates have a final chance to convince voters to vote for them, but donald trump will be not not at the gop debate, bill martin joins us with less trump says he has better things to do. >> donald trump does not care for fox news channel host megyn kelly they had a spat after the first gop debate and that's why he has said he wants no part of the republican debate tomorrow on fox. >> are not a fan of megyn kelly i think she is third-rate reporter that she is not good at what she does and they can do a lot better than her so i'm going to be making a decision with fox
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with the debate. >> he made the announcement during a campaign rally in iowa yesterday, his campaign not happy happy that megyn kelly is moderated the debate debate, doing some interviews today his campaign manager said that he knows when to walk away from a bad deal and accuses fox news of playing games with them, other candidates are seizing the opportunity opportunity to criticizing. >> what mr. trump is scared, to faced megyn kelly . that i would ask that he at least showed the respect to the people of iowa. >> i will show up and be happy to take that empty podium that he vacates i would love the opportunity because this is a lot of drama involving i think the networks and some of the candidates, most people in in iowa are more concerned about their jobs. >> fox news chairman roger ailes has defended megyn kelly and
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part -- donald trump says that he will organize a rally to raise money for the wounded warrior project. >> some question if he might still show up in some insiders say that it is a big mistake to not show up. >> the latest waveband show disappointment with browns quarterback johnny manziel. >> even after the season ended and continues, the billboard on the west side that is stopping traffic, roosevelt leftwich joins us with more on what the sign is about. >> people turn a few heads, it shows what sense is the different phases of johnny manziel from johnny cool to the
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6 pounds and the less portrays him as a body part, says that his party image and continued poor play with the browns is the inspiration she says she just wants the team and johnny manziel to do better than that bigger change what i have heard is him getting into trouble, and always partying and doing something bad, and and not buckling down to business at hand to create, to be a team member for the browns. >> she says the other thing is that she believes he is squandering lots of talent and the billboard will remain up until they feel like removing it
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wish and something senator rockwell about there is not much exciting. there are some things to
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we will show you the forecast, reasons why there are some pros and cons, quite a few pros, it is late january, nearly february and were going to be talking about not snowfall but rainfall, looking at this day has been cloudy overall . temperatures at the freezing mark, just a bit 20 and 25 thanks to the southwest winds . we have those cool air with a milwaukee, 30 and some 40s and 50s showing
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clipper systems black moisture, and do not have significant snowfall usually isn't this what is going to be the status quo . a winter weather advisory, from lake michigan, but overall, this pretty quiet, here comes that clipper snowfall tomorrow morning and afternoon, i think there will be some lake enhancement with an upper-level disturbance tomorrow evening and night . could turn into some light lake effect through friday . tomorrow morning and few flurries, nothing problematic, scattered snowfall continues tomorrow evening into early
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have some breaks in sunshine, during the day tomorrow, a tomorrow, tracy went and snowfall . we can handle that, but what changes, friday morning , looking at an initial entry into only in the snowbelt because thursday night into early friday, that's the best chance to get additional lake effect snow phone only . will be warmer this weekend we make it 50 .
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and for groundhog day, it'll be in the 40s, on wednesday, temperatures dropping with snowfall thursday . fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. . i'm going to be away for the weekend in punta cana for new day cleveland . i think the forecast for punta cana is 40 degrees until onion. >> within told to get over to
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fox 8 news at 4:00 p.m. when we have chocolate cake. >> today is national chocolate cake day, the first recipe for chocolate cake was published in 1847, the first company to make a boxed cake mix was holed up in sons in the late 1920s.
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apps for scheduling rides, pay for food and candidate's. >> now there is one or bullies, the smartphone app created by minnesota high school students helps classmates to reach out if they are overwhelmed with anything like bullying or life in general, it is called precise advice counselors allowing students to instantly call or text a real person anonymously for help, it was developed as part part of a contest that gave
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society's problems. >> this is more of a real-world problem that many people go through there is no judging with so much you do do not know, you have to be afraid if they're going to to tell someone since we're from a small school. >> the students won the verizon innovative app challenge in minnesota now the creation goes up against teams from other states were chance to work with tech experts at mit. >> here a scared cat found itself in a tough spot, became stranded on top of this poll, believed to have escaped up their wind chased by a coyote, but what you hear about firefighters who saved cats but this time it was a electrical worker, he tried to grab it and rushed down the pole like a
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was actually the best outcome. >> of course what the cat to come down safely and our crews and publishers are trained to get them down so we use some tools to coax it down and we had a good result to cut down safe and sound. >> they believe the cat was out there for about 24 hours it was spotted by several people driving by, the electrical company said this type of thing happens about once a month. >> final season american idol has begun, and an old friend is coming back. >> he was the second season winner of american idol idol, ruben stoddard is now sharing his experience with hopefuls, he is helping contestants in the early audition rounds, and in a few weeks he will be back to mentor some of the top 20 for seniors.
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seventh album, but he has had his share of hits and misses, says he does not measure his success by success by how many albums are sold. >> my last album, with david foster was when the best i have done and sold only 75,000 copies , and today standard, that is a lot of records, but in 2,003, i sold two . 5 billion records . finally sold 20,000 i would be happy with my job, it has been at times difficult, and that is just with anything, people think that just because you have had some success, that you are excused from going through the hard things and that's the troop. >> don't miss miss the american idol, as hollywood week begins starting tonight at 8:00 p.m.
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p.m. on fox 8. the excitement is building on fox 8 . civilians are being seen in progressive field, we are at the ballpark to show you how the new
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there is plenty excitement in the forecast especially the weekend, when things are looking
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>> we are about five below normal, so snow showers tomorrow morning, looking at the upper 20 s, low 30s, because of the wind, sending in the teens and 20s because of the windchill factor . clipper system come in two parts , tomorrow morning the main part and the front and a second or shot snow showers in the afternoon and evening tomorrow, tonight mainly cloudy . tomorrow and few flurries in the morning, around midday mostly cloudy .
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in the evening, it will be a light lake effect into friday, tomorrow, the 30s on par with the average high temperature . details on the weekend forecast and also groundhog day is ahead. >> it is 16 days until opening day in progressive field . construction continues on phase two of the relations. >> the indians are adding more local flavor to progressive field for the upcoming season, p.j. ziegler is outside progressive field with more on
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to your next indians game. >> this story may make you very hungry, apologize in advance if your getting ready for an early dinner . those options would be available to you at progressive field, hot dogs and burritos and >> it is only 20 days until spring training in goodyear arizona. >> as they get ready for another season of baseball at the corner of making in ontario, getting ready on based innovations, instruction projects including a new scoreboard, and new drink
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millennials and diehards. >> be on the physical renovations are adding street food vendors, clip and pickle sandwiches to the ohio city burrito and happy dog. >> are famous for our burrito, we have lots of options to make it just are serving the top three the westsider the clevelander and theme michael. >> etan patz might change over the course of the season but we also have a beef hot dog is in those who want a diverse menu of offerings that they requested and it was delivered to change we have become such a foodie town no better way to showcase
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options. >> the rather mild winter and mostly smoke-free winter so far has allowed them to get ahead of schedule on the revelations they say that the relations will be ready for opening day on april 4 . we'll be playing against the boston red sox on opening day. just another example of how they are incorporating local business inside the ballpark so that when you go to the ballpark, progressive field, you get the true cleveland experience. people who recently ate at wendy's should check your credit card statements closely common activity, activity has been
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those restaurants the charges were first reported this month the company has launched an investigation with the help of cyber experts, wendy's encourages customers to keep an eye out for any unauthorized charges. >> is apple going into a salesman ? now investors are worried with stocks opened lower after they predicted the first sales decline in 13 years, shares of apple dropped 4 percent today dragging another tech stocks with an assessment comes as they are worried that it does not have another blockbuster product replaced the iphone. standoff at a well preserved an
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mccool. >> fbi established checkpoints around the preserved in oregon were some activists are holed up , who took a drastic turn turn yesterday when the protesters, was killed during a traffic stop , they say that he charged them though they opened open fire, protest leader amanda lundy was arrested, despite those developments, some say that they will not leave the national wildlife refuge the decision to stay came on the stay of the occupation in which armed protesters seize control of building to protest the sentencing of two ranchers . what they called government overreach here comes to federal lans. >> a local local sheriff claimed the local sheriff claimed the protesters will be shooting said that they tried tried to arrest them peacefully but they chose
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she is an amazing woman, i was supposed to talk to her today, she was born on january 27, 1908 july before the reinvention of cell phone, tv and internet. the 108 -year-olds celebrate a birthday with family and friends , do not have any children but she was a foster parent for a long time probably fostering about 50, she says that she loves kids and animals and grew up on a north carolina
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nothing special she is very much what she wants to and we also asked her what her secret to long life is and here's what she said. >> , just treat on another good, because i love everybody. >> and i accept everybody that i can, that's what we have to do. >> she has a relative who lived to be 114 years old so her family has some good genes . go back to melissa mack, with
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>> some very mild conditions for the weekend, and poor groundhog day, on monday, it will be warm . today it has been mostly cloudy, and mostly low 30s for most of us . for the weekend talking 40s and perhaps nearing 50 sunday, the first few days of february to be rather warm . groundhog day on tuesday will be warm . and if the season shadow . the cold air has been around the
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some 40s and 50s to the west , kansas city with 50 degrees . a front that came through, was induced in this addition some lake effect off of lake ontario . a few more rough around come around tomorrow, tomorrow it will be hit or miss and take a closer look into northeast ohio, tomorrow morning between six and 8:00 a.m. the first hit of the clipper system the more showers during the evening commute than a lake
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means for those of you during tomorrow traced to 1 inch snowfall . tonight tonight's mid- 20s . and mid- 30s tomorrow, and for the weekend, the last january weekend with 40s and near 50
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sunday and tuesday . get ready for the 134 coach tyronn lue in the cavaliers coaching change, was rumored that lebron james pull all the strains as they coach killer, a limited partner of the miami heat, said that james tried to get coach sylvester fired, lebron james says that he had no idea who that was and said he never met
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on the players and that sucks to have the damage he says what she wanted to do ? i have knowledge into the teens and will continue . >> i have a fan base here and all follow the world, they respect what i do and cannot worry about a select for people that want to use their native energy to take away my positive energy. >> he disputes those types of reports as at face and back to you the cavaliers looking for their second victory under coach lou tonight. >> gm last week said he did not consult with any players including lebron james. >> he said that he was surprised as well as anyone else been told that tyronn lue was to be the new coach. >> at a soccer player's quest to
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homemade jersey. >> looks like that quest is completed, the soccer star lionel messi at a put a photo of the boy with the jersey because he wanted to help him, the only clue was that the boy was in iraq he has been found in afghanistan thanks to the people who share this week, he says when he grows up he wants wants to play a soccer player, he hopes to send the boy a real
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it is is national talk like a day . and that looks scrumptious . >> it has has survived bill martin who walked by and do not take a bite out of it and then that does does not happen very
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>> he is coming. >> we knew that this had to happen,. the ministry in upstate new york , that nobody seems to know. >> it happened 700 miles away in . >> over the past six months, marching band music can be heard from abandoned building in niagara falls, it is the university of iowa fight song place every day from 3:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. it took the owner of a restaurant across the street to figure out what it was . some of the residential tenants
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police have been here . on the other hand, music on the on the straight and on the street would not be bad but i don't know have the same iowa fight song repeated every 50 seconds that's not necessarily positive. >> niagara falls police have responded to the location several times over the last few months, they say they have not been able to get hold of a the company that owns the building even if they did, no law is
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high-speed police chase of a car thief in euclid is call attention to a dangerous trend
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>> jack shea joins us. >> the city of cleveland is now very cautious about this kind of pursuit and the police say that it is causing a sharp increase in pursuits. >> euclid police officer, beginning a high-speed pursuit of a car sunday afternoon after a check of the license plate of the license plate reveals it had been reported stolen in cleveland. >> euclid gives the officers more leeway to pursue fleeing suspects then cleveland, in this case the man driving the stolen car is driving at a high rate of speed on east 185th street street and weaving in and out of traffic. >> so much of these are judgment calls we do have the duty to the public that the balancing act of jeopardy versus protecting the public is something that always has to be considered be considered anytime there is a pursuit. >> the suspect goes to i-90,
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