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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  January 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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mph, nearly hitting several slow-moving vehicles and a police supervisor eventually terminates the pursuit of. >> the decision made because of this baby travel conditions and it was just to dangerous to continue so he shut his lights and siren on, they kept hitting in the direction that the car had last been seen. >> the officer followed at a distance with the suspect cuts across four lanes of traffic, loses control and careens into a house the suspect fled on foot but was found found in a nearby vacant house. >> you don't have to be a hunter to see the footprints of the footprints of the smoke from the car to the house and makes it a little easier. >> the police say that this high-speed pursuit as part of a growing trend in the suburbs, after the city of cleveland stopped such pursuits.
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that no officer will chase them, so they run, but in euclid they will continue to pursue. >> when you initially heard the reason for the pursuit and mayci breaux service until you understand that these types of people are involved with carrying weapons, drugs and are burglars and robbers. >> in this case the driver had a number of outstanding warrants for his arrest and no drivers license. >> are following the windows news of the arrest of hit-and-run that shocked northeast ohio, ed gallek has details. >> the suspect turned herself today around noon, this is video captured by a camera attached clarkin faltered in cleveland, last week a car ran into with a
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hit in the crosswalk, people helped her except for the driver , who was seen leaving . tips from viewers helped investigators identify the suspect in this afternoon the i-team learned that the driver went to see police with her attorney. >> that driver will likely be in jail for investigation and we will name the driver and service charges are filed, that driver was only wanted for driving under suspension. publisher is that viewers told the police who this was an placeless close at hand closing
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herself in. >> exposure levels and house in house shaking houses for miles away didn't want him dead now working to determine the cause. >> dave nethers is at the scene and joins us. >> and newcomerstown, tuscarawas county, nothing is left of the home beaver street, the blast horse in worsened the closing of schools in the district here is what we know. >> debris is everywhere including on the tree with this incredible blast with them within moments the night sky was lit by a huge fireball. >> on tuesday night, 8:30 p.m., debris from the house was scattered everywhere, the lines
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were reportedly knocked down from the elementary school across the street the tuscarawas county coroner says that the man died, they are not yet identified him, this is what the neighbors experienced. >> i was in the base working on my computer, i heard this blast and i saw debris flying past the window. >> it was scary, i went to the store and got home and then all of a sudden, it lit up out there like it was daylight,. >> family and friends, who knew the man who lived in the house, say that he lived alone in. can see some work is underway to
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ready to reopen beaver street. >> decor says that a possible notification may take several days, waiting on dental records . columbia gas company was there and insist that . the postmaster said that he
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it moved the bed and he planned guilty to involuntary manslaughter avoiding the murder charge, in august and 14 his four -month-old daughter was found unresponsive besides being squeezed to death, he said that he was home alone with with her come to base her come today so county judge sentenced him 11 years in prison which is the maximum under ohio law. >> akron police reminding crime victims to give the robbers what they want after several people refused to comply and in the case ended up shot, matt wright is here with what the police are recommending. >> jo ling kent said they did not consider anything besides fighting back but after a series of cases, victims remain defiant the police say that you're better off to comply could change showed us where he shot her after she refused to hand over her purse on the night to
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her in on monday announces two suspects ordered him to the ground on austin avenue, but he refused, they pointed a gun and then stole his car and then demand restraint at a bar and grill, police say that you can replace property that much alive and since criminals are unpredictable as not risk it. >> take everyone of these threats of serious when they pointed a gun at you, you do not know if it is fake or real and don't take the opportunity to fight back, you also want watches that we get a good description and call the police. >> the police say is best at what put to avoid putting yourself in danger, suggesting that she be aware of your surroundings at all times when you get home he went in your car
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locked and if someone approaches them drive away. the impression i got was that the victim said that they were sick of the end of stamford stanford, the police say that their has not been a spike for just several coincidental cases this event it's best to not put yourself at risk by fighting back. >> if you drive on pearl road at state road should get an eyefull about jenin cell that was put
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this is meant to turn turn heads in to slow down traffic on pearl road, nancy sysack says it is meant to send a message that manziel has disappointed a lot of fans. >> it is meant to turn heads, it is the latest nancy sestak billboard that is. >> i think that it is controversial because of the pictures out there. >> thinly disguises a johnny manziel, six panels of manziel, charlie kho, mysterious belly, kubo johnny, hawkman manziel and the wolfman johnny.
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hearing is him get into trouble, parking and ended up doing something bad. >> nancy sysack says that his reputation is the inspiration behind this out just last week and video of him christian champagne champagne with champagne and party in anabel psycho showed up, and to the belly episode, and as traffic stops a bunch of others that makes you wish that he would've devoted his energy to something like football. >> that's when you want the publicity is a member of, who can't make the team the best it can be cut gives everybody a hard time and are more focused on get you out of trouble. >> the single step they say it will stay up as long as they
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to find his his way will this include but are not. >> he has been the leader for
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a live look, lake erie . not much is frozen, just a little
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to say thin cloud deck, lots of holes in the cloud deck . you just cannot play it straight . >> but i sent you a. >> that she did . these clouds are trying to break, from time to time we have some holes in the forecast with blue breaks, the atmosphere is trying to get rid of the clouds, but will it be for tonight is done, because
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tonight, at 9:30 p.m., where they will rise after sunset, you know that we are in the waning stages of the move, get it smaller, but it will have 89 percent illuminated . the cloud deck is stubborn, but this, is the next clever . which is beginning to affect parts of wisconsin and iowa, notice that most of the snowfall is on the area of the pressure because leading edge of snowfall will will will probably be just tomorrow morning, the overall pattern, shows most of the snowfall to the north just like last time but we do see potential for accumulating snowfall tomorrow . may be
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coating . just like to see how much develops, but right now it looks to be between a cosmetic coating a 1 inch, close to 30 in many locations so not much temperature climb, . tomorrow, here comes the clipper snow with accumulations to a cosmetic coating does not look like a big shot that a general pattern of snow showers as the front comes closer . more in snow showers friday morning, see the colder air behind the system on friday then quickly behind that, the
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about 44 and 47 saturday and sunday, then a series of cool fronts on monday next week and when that does it goes down wednesday afternoon with 20s thursday at the beginning of probably one week of cooler weather. for snowfall totals still 2 feet less than normal. when the snow flies, fox . fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. sign up for text alerts at fox we could change the girls high school basketball team is
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. >> to good can be too bad for you. >> has joined us with the trending topics a group of minnesota girls are high school girls are completely dominated the first three games and received a letter sent out that the other teams were threatening to forfeit were to quit the
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unfair because he feels like the only option was to play worse, some liberals are seniors and this is their last chance to play in high school. guillotines could work at playing better. stick in our laws that are on the books today and a keeping peace and we think that their straightforward but has not been the case, all the nazarene university compiled a list of some of the strangest laws that are on the books and here are just a few.
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back pocket on sunday. >> grounded as a violation this violation to be in a park with a sleeveless shirt it is a 10-dollar fine . arizona it is illegal for a funky to sleep in me has to. >> at ohio it is illegal to get a fish drunk. >> in south dakota, it is illegal to sleep in the cheese factory and in texas it is illegal to sell your high . in washington state, while you cannot take a photo of a rabbit from january until april without an official permit
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in connecticut, the pickle is not legally considered a pickle unless it announces. days are officially on the box, who knows when they were put into the box, most likely a long time ago. it illegal for women to cut their own hair without husbands
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lee says john, some people say how high but it's is his decision to skip tomorrow's
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for what he is promising not to come to show up for the thursday republican presidential debate. >> could be risky as he battles for a victory in the iowa caucuses scott mclean has the story. >> days before i would vote, the front-runner dissenting and campaign confirmed that he is skipping the thursday debate escalated the few that has simmered. >> the network refused to back down on his call to replace moderator megyn kelly, said that it violates journalistic standards, today he fired another shot on twitter said that refuse to call her a bimbo because that would not be legally correct, instead i will call her a lightweight reporter. >> with him out of the way, his opponents will have free range
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spotlight for hosting an event. >> became totally feel like they do everybody also let have their debate and see how they do with the ratings. >> it's a gamble, tied with with ted cruz in iowa but is it a brilliant move or steak the jury is out to it as a master stroke before the iowa caucuses. >> ted cruz will take center center stage but still wants to meet donald trump face-to-face. >> invite him to engage in a debate with me between now and the iowa caucus. >> they said that he is still welcome on the main stage and the never said that he would be treated fairly in washington scott mclean. >> view of the chrome is going viral after found out that she was going to see him in person,
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it is being shared. >> forgot to tell you something, cancer were going to do on monday, we're going to see donald trump in person in new hampshire. >> mother, who lives in maine, says the family is a very political but that her 9 -year-old daughter is a big fan of mr. trump . she says that she likes his hair and that he speaks his mind. sixty days until opening day and progressive field, construction continues continues on page two of renovations, the indians are
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>> p.j. ziegler joins us with the details. if you are hungry than listen to the report, like a sandwich or burrito or a hot dog, you're going to like the new food choices that progressive field, three local restaurants will be added to the food menu at the ballpark along with some new views . working on phase two of the renovations to the ballpark construction projects including a new scoreboard, that dated view of the playing field from the main concourse, the left-field area near the home run porch, also adding three new food vendors, from the pickle
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and happy dog exam we make the burrito anywhere we have lots of options. >> we have the westsider, kluber and classic pickle she's a reliable are how talks the may change over the course of season but we also have a vegan hot dog chasing thanks to the rather mild winter and lack of snowfall , they have been able to get ahead of schedule so the relation project is slightly ahead of schedule, they say that everything will be ready for opening day on april 4 the change >> the lauren moore company to give you a blast from the past car made famous by back to the
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a limited run, it has not been made in more than 30 years the lauren moore company in texas has been refurbishing them for years but now a low-volume and factoring infection bill approved by the government allow them to build replica of the laureates. >> it is a green light to go back into production that was prohibited, it was against the law to do that it is a game changer, you wanted this to happen . estimates a enough enough supplies to build about 300 cars with the first one finished in 2017 cost of between 45 and $55,000 hope to sell the replicas for less than $100,000 depending on the engine place in
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when do we get the most snowfall , what month? >> january she said we did not get much in december , or january, and could we make up it so that in february's claim? >> that depends on the storm track talk about that when we look at the end of winter forecast in a few weeks. and we can still get some springtime snows.
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>> to put you into a bad mood. currently 29 degrees at hopkins, the temperatures are pretty stable, also 29 detroit, to the south, we did not get anything from the weekend storm, although it was down here, at charleston . raleigh 47, washington 40, ashburton picked up about 34 inches, the webcam thailand showing lots of bare ground, a lot of it is building fairly
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looking at our temperatures, with the cloud deck in place, did not go anywhere today and it usually does not it is a fairly homogenous atmosphere . we have the snowfall deficit, we are almost 26 inches below normal snowfall . we might add tomorrow one-inch maximum . tonight it will be pretty quiet, show you the larry david again will rise about 9:30 p.m. with 89 percent illuminated . even if you do not see the clouds are breaking, they will there will be pretty sad, someone posed the question
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white, because of the full moon . looking at some of the numbers, they are not impressive but might be enough to sugarcoat some areas . dispense with the friday flurries, and most of the weekend it looks okay, pull out a chart to assist in the process of planning, it will be quiet saturday and sunday, and then late sunday into monday and tuesday the chances of increasing again with a series of cold fronts and eventually, it will play into the cold stretch beginning next thursday,
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least it is in the 40s. >> for your chance to win a drew holm and other prizes, tickets for the st. jude dream home on sale thursday for 18 at 6:00 a.m., the half-million dollar home in the red tail golf hindi is. >> tickets are $100, proceeds benefiting saint jude at the tickets give you a chance to win a car from nick abraham auto mall, hot tub from lite-house pools and spas and other great prizes, just go to fox for
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stop in the water at niagara falls and walking away from a helicopter crash as lou maglio joins us with today's update. the fbi establish checkpoints around a national wildlife preserve in oregon where armed activists are lead hold up, it took a drastic turn yesterday when the protesters was killed during a traffic stop, protest leader ammon bundy was arrested, the protesters say they will not leave the wildlife refuge, the
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of the occupation has armed protesters seized the building as protesting the sentencing of two ranchers, small helicopter made an emergency hard landing in the middle of a the street and long island new york, a this to the pilot instructor walked away do not need medical treatment, he made a landing about 2 miles away from airport, the faa, says the helicopter reported engine trouble before the landing . poland commemorates cinema near 71 years since the liberation of auschwitz, a group of survivors or the death camp in the flowers , one . 5 million people died at the nazi death can camp, this years theme is focusing on returning to normal life after they were liberated at the end
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to replace two, 115-year-old hundred 15-year-old bridges near niagara falls in order to do that they have to shut down the water, to reroute it from the american side, they would then build a temporary dam to redirect the river flow to her
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want to share this woman's story , she has been around long enough to see the browns the browns and indians win titles, take you to a party as she celebrates more than a century
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award include celebrating her 108th birthday , and wondered what the secret to longevity is. >> greg harris joins us with
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she was born in 1908 . she was alive during world war i and saw the invention of radio and tv . celebrated with family and friends today she does not have children but she was a foster parent for a long time, fostered about 50, she says that she loves kids and animals and we asked her about her diet she says that she does not really do anything special agent whatever she wants and she said that the secret to life is. >> to love another and to treat what another good . because i
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>> she has a relative who lived to be 114 years old so good genes run in the family. >> is a great message, to share with others. >> she talked about a lot of stuff, tv is forever favorites she says that she watches judge judy . happy birthday to her we told you about the photographer sold a simple potato photo for $1 million. >> it is a potato with a plain luck background and a light shining on it to photographer says that he sees commonalities between humans and potatoes and refuse to budge from the listed
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of a potato on the desk. >> we put that on on our facebook page to see who would get the most linux, it has been a runaway from the beginning, hearst has hers has more than 15001 has about 600. plen of people are commenting, she says that your potato direction is better than bills can imagine all, imagine all the fun with this one potato . rubber ducks says that yours has more personality and his just lays there just to devoted yours and your reflection added character.
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one guy on the skills popped up to stow high in started digging a larger igloo, the true religion house comes complete with sliding door, living room and
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bar . at 6:00 o'clock, command man busted for impersonating a police officer by the police officer in the video you only see on fox 8. >> a brutal beating and a local school tonight the victim tells a story in hopes that he can help other victims of bullying fireable casablanca and fireball post on killing a man about what it. fox 8 news at 6 starts now began with a i-team exclusive,
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great add inside a local school and they special-needs student is barely able to defend himself . >> peggy gallek here with what she uncovered,. >> the assault happened jammer 14, two students are facing charges, about his concern for her child safety. i-team got cell phone bill that shows the gear for 10 assault inside the halls of cleveland heights high school, special-needs student marquise brown said around 10:00 a.m. when he was jailed. >> i was getting slid on the ground and stuck my head hitting him with bookbags. >> by the logan says that the
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>> my son, has been viciously
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