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tv   New Day Cleveland  FOX  January 28, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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he here we go. here is where the fun begins. welcome to new day we have a big
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the kitchen and then after yesterday with him we can make >> all caps off. >> what is the seasoning question mark usually the first part of the spring before it gets too warm probably the next >> what are you going is going to make with this? >> him three fourths to fourths cup of no. >> i was looking at these maple
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>> yes that is the burden it is from a bourbon barrel from six to eight months depending on the intensity of the mill and then we reprocessed it from the sky here. >> so you put them in the great? >> oh yes. >> especially if you are making and selling it. very good. incorporate the sky up here. i see you get some brown sugar. >> it goes in many different stages if you take it all off it is maple syrup and then you have a maple cream and it is a little but more bit more of the water and that is another. >> once i put the maple syrup
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to take and you could have that sugar there. that is great. this will be pretty interesting here. you have your have your daughter on there. and then it gets a little fluffy it is a little more aching. >> i think if the french got a hold of their maple syrup they would go while they don't have it we will let this guy cook up a little bit. we talk to guys with small farms and it is usually a of sugar house. >> yes a sugarhouse that is where we started some time ago. >> he was just telling me out bit ago they were moving to
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sweet facility so they will have them all over ohio done. >> so oh yes. but then if you keep using it you can keep it going. every year. so what does one of these cross? >> discussed about 25 bucks you can go to our website. >> it is interesting to us that is that they get the barrels from a red eagle facility over there in madison that is terrific that is the baby i will take a little shot at that. >> you can do it for breakfast or a dessert type desert type of thing. it is maple ice cream
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a while two around the table restaurant two. >> maple syrup ice cream put a little maple pecans on here. if i don't we find out who it is. hold on one second. >> i'm on new day right now i can't really talk to you. >> they hung up. there you go. first time it ever have happen they say always remember there you go. this is a little like that it is so good to have you back to cleveland. >> thank you i want to apologize for just calling david. i
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started it during the break. >> what are you going to do? >> that's right. >> we have been catching up catholic and note your whole life is right are the kids doing? >> i want them to make fun of me last i did not realize what i thought they looked what they thought i looked like until i saw my son's bumper sticker that said i am in shape it is a shape. i did not laugh as much is them they have the kind of laugh you can't take back and i am like what are you talking about i'm in shape and then they laugh to the.where they almost hyperventilate. >> they did not believe you. >> no, so if you to got to get in shape to 50 former college football player, and i can't let him out man me and front of my
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>> that's a lot of pressure. >> i've got a get comfortable where he does not feel comfortable calling me little fellow or little buddy. >> luczak intimidating? >> never much you have an to have an issue like that but he's not working as is a male model he sells power tools. he would shake your hand but he is a little weak. he was working at the dollar store just got promoted to assistant manager toilet paper fell off the top shelf and condemn i knocked off his hearing aid and glasses. if you want the steward you want
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>> it is true. it is true. were they get a promotion at work you talk about that i was talking about stuff like that. and that is just recently. >> yes see, i did channing tatum guys are very into her. she is tiny. i don't consider myself a huge bed, but in out a i feel like an ogre. if you are midwest average size you are a giant. she is about 3-foot 6 inches 45 or 50 pounds. and
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yes. i work around the semi >> you got a round of applause for that one. even when you come to cleveland the women are all closed ear. i want to keep my job. >> so there is nothing i can do so why not. >> do you like it? >> now it's awful being around naked women. it is horrible. i don't know what i did to be stuck around playboy models. it is a weird so i will say it is strange people say it must be
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obviously with my girls she will want to have relations i would say it's almost like let's leave work at work. i've been seeing this all day. >> she handles that pretty well done. >> she is awesome she is very confident she is definitely look but don't touch. >> there you go. so will we be hearing about all this pressure comedy a little more geared towards kids stuff? >> my stuff his family stuff but a lot of anger and hate i talk about how much my kids annoy me and also fun things i talk about my son's first swear word with a story i obviously can't tell here you will hear that. >> what letter does it begin with? >> the letter m.
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>> it begins with the word mother. >> okay. check them out in hilarity's tonight through saturday. we have a way to battle the last three months of winter coming up. don't go
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will come back. the end of winter is near, the audio muster up and get through the next few
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ideas i love that place it is a great place you will find it with the somebody you will spend a lot of money. >> exactly we try to have something for everyone with developing countries we try to >> and the money goes to a great >> i set myself up and brought us make start what do they cost? >> they are actually and made we have the a cute little guy as well definitely close and kids
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at them. >> exactly, so it is a great way to get organized if you are you're stuck in the house even with the home to core items our picture frames a great way to freshen up. >> do they go buying those who make these? >> this is the lemons women's in the picture frames it is colorful. >> it is great. and what is going on? >> when you are stuck inside we
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is still the technique the potter are here is here is the glassmaker from india. you can put the plant in there or candles in there. >> this is around $50 which is a great idea some plan to end up a few things this is handmade in bolivia has great geometric prints on it as well.
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it is set for two and that is for $39. >> that is great. i need a set of these. >> and then these are pretty fabulous. they come and three different designs they are huge. you could use them in the kitchen or just about anything. cap look at that. i like that. their coffees and teas all for
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helicopter and there are hats and gloves it is really awesome. these little scarves are colors on them just a fun way. made. this is something that is really great with a fine piece of work in the story to go with it is not great place. >> thank you so much. >> cleveland heights is a great place. and they have food trucks and a whole lot more with a lot of fun or if you would rather stay indoors had to playhouse square for the stunning performance we heard about the other day on new day with chinese dance and music they combine it with a whole lot of action. and that is at the
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forget at the house of blues saturday night for one unforgettable performance no excuse for not going and enjoying good music. and of course more new day cleveland
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will come back to new day.
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cleveland candle company. good to have you here. and that is great for this time of year with valentine's day what kind of things to do bring for us? >> we have than a valentines impressions on the subway here we did signature allegedly and then we have much more worthy you come up with the idea?
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shop that is what we are kind of known for we kind of create any sent you want so it is a lot of fun you could come in as a group. you could come in anytime we are open you don't have to have reservations just come on in during the weekdays come on in they take about one or two hours to set up you can pick up your candle the same day. >> what do we have here? >> this is our number one selling candle. >> what is the number one? >> hot man. you know if got to sell that. it is like a cologne
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have a ten by 20s space. then we have the cleveland once we send out which is magic with the shelf we introduced this month it is actually one of our top sellers in december what do you have over there then? >> these are some of our most popular. >> it may have a little bit there. yes. it's a little crispy on the side. perfect i know. we will introduce that tonight. so yes. over here we have some of our uniqueness we bought these for the kids in october with fun stuff like that. we have of baking candle as well. why not? >> so -
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- exactly. so we started doing paint night too. we do have candle in pain so our customers can come in and a price we do it for is $35 which is really good price for a one paint night type of things. >> can - - you can also go into the store and mentor or you can order online to? >> yes we have a little collection on our website and we have $0.150 on ebay right now. so yes. >> what is your favorite? >> my favorite out of all of these i think is the i heart you
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that one? >> i like that won a lot i would pick between the two of these good stuff. >> thank you for having me. >> you have some wonderful things. we are right off heiser road. >> what is better than a nice candle in the evening this is the classic tale in pride and prejudice be among the first to see it tuesday, february 2 at cinemark valleyview. just be color number eight to win. still to come here on new day - - it is thursday and that means david is taking you back to the movies. a romantic flick just in time for the valentines day
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will come back to new day. coming up in sfr hour, how can you enjoy delicious meals prepared delivered to your door? we will show you how, and it will be very close. >> this is such a great idea it
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and wife that mix morning and great outdoors together to open a brand-new winery. we will take you there too. we're not going to introduce you you know him already. jimmy malone. >> brought right to my door this is a great country this is what america is all about i don't want to give up tonight of the but we've got a great deal in store for the techie person this on his self-propelled you don't have to push it it is supposed to stay with within a certain range and everybody kind of runs along with you with the
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where you take the babies temperature. it folds up rome ice. i was that there should be benny hill music playing though going downhill i have to keep up with that thing it has the cover of the baby. it will be about 2750 which is some are expensive $1,800 for a my brand-new wagon you don't want to toss that in. my baby would be three years old to fight at that. that is right >> so basically wait for two or three years when people don't need it anymore and by then they will have babies and that kind
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>> that is mean. it is really. the whole thing freaks me out. if they get it to change the baby's diaper, babies diaper, now we are cooking. we get that for a long time. and this is nicholas sparks in charge of it all. >> do i remember? that is the only movie i will watch over and over again. this guy writes a lot of books this movie the choice is turning into a movie or ten by and mrs. the sparks this is the one called the trees. choice. let's take a look.
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to happen. >> we were in so much more trouble. >> if i release you you won't want first anymore. do i scared you? because you bother me. >> this is about the choice and everyone has a choice in each and everything that happens he has to make a choice if he wants to make a commitment to a young lady he is a fast kind of character and she does not know she wants to get involved with a guy like that and of course the choice is all about romance. teresa palmer have a little bit to say about nicholas sparks magic and the movie. >> i think it was relatable enough to that so that we feel we can be in the story. that
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that up? and that is how i felt i could be rachel mcadams or allie hamilton. and to me it feels very grounded in reality not this picture-perfect romance story is a little messy. and sometimes it is life. >> that is true. >> yes. it works. it makes you feel, as a woman at least - - you want to have that women moment it could happen. >> you want to have that moment but not with guys that look like that. >> you are both married. >> how about sensitivity? >> yes, i do like when my browns are playing yes. yes. >> you don't get tripped up
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>> no i am actually quite happy because i cried like that at home alone. >> we are talking about ben walker and a crime scene with the guy gets all sensitive how do you do that how you cry on cue? truly a trained guy. >> it is less complicated than you think. >> you are crying and that makes me cry. >> you have a great story based on a great novel in a beautiful place with an amazing actor and then something horrible happens how do you not cried? i am crying just thinking about this. and god forbid there are puppies if there are puppies in their
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>> it's funny how you see these guys out of character and they really don't look that much like their characters. >> i think for the men it is really interesting to see how they adapt. they are so cute in the movie and it want that to happen in real life. >> we are touching samaritans here today aren't we? >> i don't know how you can't when you get that close to >> it ends in a lot of movie stars. and then maybe you fall in love. sparks is behind the one behind all of this how does he come up with all this stuff and write these books? >> i wish i could tell you. and maybe an image or if he may want to explore you start with the
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mentally in your mind what is their age and what did they do for all living what is their history? you have got to try to scaffold out what you think you can write it. with all of that said i have no idea where all of that comes from i have no idea. creativity is a crazy thing. it is interesting. i am getting ready to go see a movie and he starts up a our conversation with these movie questions as i guy and up being pretty interesting why are you asking these questions? i don't know what he looks like i thought i'm not going to the movie to hang out with him you learn all of the stuff about them he is a
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mining some kind of thing that is the other choice in the movie but he was looking at what he was getting into with nicholas sparks. >> i told myself all that is really something special here. in love and relationships and putting them into words which then translates to a film i think elevates the human experience it will be a week from tomorrow. >> the finest hours opens tomorrow we talked about that one last week and next week a
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right here. you have a choice. still to come we have some fresh
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well come back to new day. and imagine delicious imagine delicious meals prepared by cleveland's top chefs delivered to your door. . welcome executive chef from spice one of the many we will get to experience before we get to exactly what they are i want to know what delicious treat you are making today. >> my mom's chicken and noodles i grew up on this recipe and levitt it is wonderful for wintertime a great comfort food my kids pressure than it is one of is one of the beautiful things we prepare for a lot of things is delivered to your door right at your time of choosing. >> the kids are going crazy over this and i'm sure anybody would fall about that. >> absolutely what i did was a seared some chicken in this dutch oven and basically what we
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gravy so i added chicken fat and there with butter or chicken fat you could use this is from p hill's organic farm they do all of our production for the catering company as well we have the chicken fat and there we will have the mayor paul which is carrots onions and celery the backbone. >> who gave it that name? >> the front when it comes to cooking, it truly is. >> david would do that and of course i know what that is. basically what we will do is just kind of sweat this town you don't want to put all lot a lot of color on it just click them till they are a little translucent when they will get a little bit softer than a miracle of food to be we will hurried out along. we will add
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are doing is making a real around our vegetables. if you want to makes this up i switch because it is more beneficial. he wanted so it looks about like wet salmon. so now that we have this wet sand texture going on we will have a little bit of white wine. and it is almost dry. i champagne perspective would be good. so we have got the sticking down. you will add some celery sticks and we throw in some burrito spice at the farmers market and you can't forget about that too. we don't do that in the wintertime but we can cook some eggs outside in
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>> sure. we have our texture here going on anytime you are making a real, if you want to have hot sauce with real or where it will cost up that is where that comes from everybody has an aunt that refuses to cook while at thanksgiving. >> you at the hot stuff to your hot brew. and then you will return the chicken legs to the gravy and then throw this in the oven at 300 degrees about 45 minutes. >> you make this look very easy of someone like me wants to have this delivered to me it is phenomenal i think can i do it but i could have something like this delivered to my door out? >> my meals - - let me get the chicken back in here. this is a wonderful service we are
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prepared and killed don't then it is available for you to order at the time of your choosing. credit card is loaded right onto the set you pick your time of delivery and the items you want. >> that is great when you have parents that are working and you don't have time to kick, which would something like this cost? >> the entre es are between nine and $14. >> that's not bad at all. >> yes it is bus. these are less. these are dishes that can work in a delivery system you're always thinking about texture and freshness and how this is going to work when it gets reheated. and my coronary team. >> you have a lot and then you ship them in the containers and pop them in the containers?
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is wonderful. keep that in mind that you have it. and then you have spice obviously too. >> absolutely. thank you for having me. >> you could have people for dinner through the cartoons away any look like a champion. let's talk about wine smack dab between medina and here is something for everyone. the concept as the name implies that kind of leads from there if he, in the door for the first time you will step in and to use choose a little bit more upstairs it is a little more
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crystal chandeliers a lot of people ask this is there a price difference? i again it is what you command the reason we kind of came up with the concept is the first wanted to show with the experts with jack was pepsi would jerk was pepsi at my law firm there were a lot of lawyers that loved to get out duckhunting and my dancing so you we came to the realization people don't really like is so we wanted to create a database that would allow people to come in and choose the floor it is interesting to see what which four people choose. >> it is very important we've been regular up i didn't think i
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- you know, we love to enjoy the next person we listen to country music and all this. it is very important we have this to go with it. >> we are on about 30 - - 35 acres and this just made sense. and then a number of years ago it's kind of gotten interested in wine and for me to have the grapes coming back and really realized we had this
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this is recent for verizon for whites. we also have our kitchen where we have soups and salads and a couple of creamy panini's adventurous a lot of
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>> the high a and low winery is
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