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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  January 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> outside of the judith resnik community learning center in akron, a school built on the footprint of the elementary school that she attended as a young child can't still is today remembering her, 30 years of her death. >> 30 years after akron native judith resnik and and six in restaurants died space shuttle challenger. impact at the high school from which she graduated .. >> not other students were alive when she died died, or less is more than just about history. >> since 19 signs we have the lab desk there and they question its questioned that she said
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>> each itcher, on this day of announcements at the beginning of the day we do a moment of silence and i was awed at the response of our students. >> 20 years on this day, roses have been anonymously sent to the high school in place by her roof photo on the hall of fame, outside a marker pays tribute come as they get thursday at the elementary school where her legacy is woven into the fabric of the school. >> students have the school gathered thursday. >> in a statement, the resident family says that 30 years later, she continues to serve as an inspiration to all of the family as well as to the nation and we miss her terribly and are grateful for the many scholarships many scholarships and schools named in her honor that serve as a living memorial
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were lost that day. >> three decades after the death , a local hero continues to inspire those who walk the halls that she once did. >> i believe that our students are very proud that we have someone who came from us, so she could do those things, then they could do the those same things, as well. she was class of 1966 and firestone high school this was the 50th anniversary of her graduation, and perhaps in that audience not audience today is the next astronaut, scientists are musician and not audience
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rampage will be challenger disaster for those moments that you remember where you were when you heard about it . i was at home with my 2-year-old son who was sick, never forget that day and still get emotional think about it, rest in peace challenger curb. >> i was in the first grade, and no mentor school, remember running up to the the school in the shuttle exploded to try to save us from what we saw, the memory is etched in my head for ever. >> i was a freshman in college, it had snowed and i stayed home to watch it on tv, i remember
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not have survived hvac was that school in shaker heights, the tv monitors are set up to watch the mission and remember that my teachers cried and it was being too young to really understand what we have witnessed switchback we have our coverage of the first anniversary of the challenger tragedy at fox, as viewers share what happened as there is a photo gallery and more at fox >> week after a hit-and-run accident left a woman badly injured, the driver is not behind bars and facing serious charges, this was only a matter of time. >> the police were searching for the 20-year-old woman who walked into a police station facing felony charges, of aggravated vehicular assault and leaving the scene of an accident, video
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striking 310 tina lowe, who was crossing at fulton road on tuesday afternoon video shows the driver stopped at a gas station then as others rushed to help her she left and not tina lowe and those who saw the crash they're glad that the driver has been charged. >> i don't think that i'm going to be able to walk right because of the plane in my leg, i do hope that she gets what she deserves. >> should do the right thing but she did a bit too late, hopefully, should understand that the onus is over, years from now, that she can have a better life in. >> will appear in court formally
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that she plans to be there. >> said it will be difficult to get there about that it is important to be there and that she follows this all the way through. >> one of the men who burned down the west side cleaning homes burned his punishment in court today, a judge sentencing ismael camacho tenures present for the fires on west 33rd street, in which he and another man were hard to burn down the house last february, he was a link to evidence the same including gasoline, and a woman inside one of the houses barely escaped and now it now has issues from smoke inhalation. >> , i can no longer seen i can no longer swim like i used to have continuing problems with with choking i am on medication for the rest of my life, and in addition to the chronic problems i would have now i have lifelong injuries. >> he pled guilty to aggravated
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tampering with evidence. >> 17 go girl serving time for her role in the murder of her stepfather is on the loose smith left applewood centers on west 25th around 7:00 p.m. yesterday wearing a gray ohio state sweatshirt, red and black hearing aids and white classes, her stepfather was was killed in 2012 she is serving a five-year sentence for letting his killers into the family home, and anybody who sees her sees her is advised to call 911. >> two threats closed mayfield high school today as it was placed on lockdown after a student told staff about a nonspecific threat on social media and the school was dismissed at 10:00 a.m. they say it came as a caution because of a bomb threat called in to the lord of education yesterday, nothing was found during a sweep of the school.
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facing felony charges at what what happened at a weekend sleepover left a left a 12 real victims with serious burns, matt wright spoke with the victim and has details of. >> a 12-year-old has been out of school all week recovering from second-degree burns comfortably say that the 9-year-old boy poured boiling water on him at a sleepover coin that a, that a prank, it happened at his home on randolph road in cleveland early sunday and they say a total of seven kids were there and several agreed agree to play a game in which they prank each other, the husband was asleep upstairs they say that a 9 -year-old for boiling water on him as a payback for the past prank, the 12-year-old was taken by anniston metro his mom says this is beyond a prank. >> , he said the prank i want to see something happen two him, as a 9-year-old or not not, but he
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and what would he do next? >> the 9-year-old mother says that they have apologized to the victim, and that her son has some mental health issues that they are dealing with, the case has not been brought to juvenile court so the felonious assault charges still pending. euclid heights police officer credited with rescuing a woman who was mauled by a pit bull, jack shea joins us and you have the video from the body camera. >> it was a close call for the victim as the officer was forced to shoot and kill the dog. >> moments after the cleveland heights woman is attacked by a friends pitbull, the police patrolmen tries traced to pull the dog in the victim, when flc shoots the pitbull, which then
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second shot that kills it, the patrolmen renders rendered first aid until paramedics arrived . she was taken to the hospital for treatment and later released , investigators have many questions for the dog's owner because it was supposed to be in quarantine after attacking a child on january 13, the victim of some victim of sunday's mauling is fortunate that officer hayworth knew what to do when the dog attacked again in. deal with the dog has been cited
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have a proof of insurance, the victim was lucky that they officer knew what to do. >> world health organization issuing a warning of a potentially dangerous illness, tracy mccool has a lack. >> they say the zika virus is spreading and the americas and answers are needed, the head of the world health organization estimating that between three and 4 million infections in the region over 12 months, right now there's no immunity to the virus and no vaccine it is spread by mosquitoes found nearly everywhere . 20 percent become ill, the sentence could last up to one week and death and death
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is what he could do to pregnant women and unborn babies places where the virus has been there has been increasing babies born with smaller heads it was discovered in africa in 1947, last year it made its way to south america, brazil has reported at least 4,000 cases .. >> .com continues to hold a solid lead in most of the
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you brought that up and trending , there is that a law in a law in some state college you can be fined for not bringing down your christmas lights .. >> this is is my week is my weekend a is my weekend prom promise alleges that you have put this off, we've had so many days that were great it is done, i have no excuses. >> this weekend, it is going to
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have your decorations up, this'll be a nice weekend for late january . we have some sunshine today with southwest winds equals two pretty mild january temperatures above normal . now clouds are coming in from the north and west because the showers are on the way . we're starting to get closer to toledo and now through detroit had to watch for help for the temperature dropped because we could have some initial next for this turns into wet snow showers emilio lake-effect tonight . russia will notice, indiana and illinois illinois getting some rain/snow mix the for the most part, looking at flurries and snow showers . andy morrow, the only real accumulation in the
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minor . low to mid '40s currently, we at temperatures between 40 and 45 and windchills around the 30s . southwest wind between 15 and 25, some clear try to work its way and stop both temperatures, 53 st. louis and 54 paducah . it looks good, again some snow streaming in, and then by midday tomorrow, we start to notice the shear cloud cover and some sunshine for everybody on saturday, another clipper system coming this way . i think the french state to the the north so were not expecting any precipitation but it does look to be rather cloudy, forecast
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cut into 1 inch, but to focus to the actual snowbelt right tonight, the areas that could get one or 3 inches of snowfall by midday tomorrow . nothing huge but the snowbelt that could be a slow-go tomorrow morning . otherwise no big deal to tomorrow, colder, with upper 20 s . has some breaks of sunshine . anybody complain about this forecast .of rain late day with highs around 50 . will be mild through wednesday next week on wednesday, it will be falling all day after 40s in the morning, fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air,
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a local school pride itself on using technology in the concepts in teaching. >> the goal is to improve student achievement as wayne dawson takes us inside garfield heights middle school this week 's coolschool .
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is in position to become an all inclusive school goal is for every student to achieve, for social change is a cooperative classroom, two teachers instruct the math and language arts classes for each grade. >> we get to see things through many perspectives we get to teach in small teaching small groups in voodoo or location and provides intervention for all students to learn. >> also new is chrome books in science class . and for the first time, stem classes have been incorporated into the curriculum, recommended to take a robotics course that is a pre- engineering class. >> if you want to be an engineer engineer when you're older you you are older you can learn the basics, i think it is of great interest to anyone of us. >> teaches us with love and gives the gift of hope hvac they
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garfield heights middle school all quire arbeit additionally to check it teaches you how to read music to understand the notes and it is fun because you can fox with other people . in all aspects, they are encouraged to stay on the pbis path, positive behavior, intervention and support. >> it rewards you for good behavior and each day the day the teachers pass out blue tickets to students who have been outstanding in their classes. >> on this day, and was rewarded with a student versus staff basketball game. >> wayne dawson fox 8 news garfield heights.
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to take you to the snowbelt, chardon. >> the fox 8 coolschool is is part mentor school, see what makes it a coolschool. >> many children, start today with a the day with a bowl of cereal before school. >> and a staple on many tables for decades is getting a change, most people know the cartoon rabbit on a box of tricks cereal , but not anymore, general mills is given given the serially real mascot, the other contest and a bunny from houston , was named as the winner , and will now be greeting children as they the children as they enjoy a bowl of tricks cereal in the morning, it is part of a children's campaign to revamp its image and become more
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excitement senate bill bagheera fox 8. >> a chance to win a dream win a dream home and other prizes coming up, st jude dream home tickets go on sale thursday or 18 at 6:00 a.m., the half-million dollar home in the avon's red tail community is built by cleveland custom homes. >> tickets are $100 in proceeds benefit saint jude children's research hospital, boutique and gasia also a chance to win a car from nick abraham auto mall, a hot tub from from lite-house pools and spas enterprises, go
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there is is snowy forecast but am fixated on the possibility of 50 degrees coming up. >> surging temps here it is all relative, because sometimes they are, beer, 50 degrees is very cool, and coming up, florence going to get colder . there is a secondary trough coming in from earlier this morning attached to that same clipper system inducing rainfall and snow showers initially . go going to show you, the clouds are not
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is dead catapult - they, in a southwest wind allow it to be about 40, 45 degrees . they initially be that makes it before snowfall tonight . currently upper 30s to low 40 s . the wind went ahead on that front allows the windchill to not be a problem . scattered lake-effect tonight or tomorrow, most of us could get a quick dusting, i think the light regulation will be in the snowbelt . best chance of one --
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be only in the snowbelt . tomorrow, lake effect shuts off mid-day lunch time and upper 20 s, we have details coming up for the 8 -day outlook she's in. >> less than six months away from the rnc, and area businesses are seeing the benefits. >> a local restaurant will be packed but not by hungry customers as grocery shows us, where twitter sets up shop. >> on east fourth street in >> about what's happening with the city of everything it is exciting to have the rnc. >> even though the rnc is months away, businesses like the greenhouse tavern power seen some very.
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has rented out the entire restaurant during the week of the rnc in july. >> the restaurant will be used as a eating space for the election team and be useful to be on the ground and a dynamic dynamic space with everybody we work with will be in town said the online social networking service in a statement wednesday . >> i think it will be invaluable for the smaller companies and people working hard everyday. >> twitter will rearrange the inside to look more like a tech meeting place the restaurant . and ask them if chef sawyer would be feeding them and the answer was yes. >> it would be awesome to the city and good publicity. >> there was no comment wednesday from the greenhouse
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twitter, said in their nine years of covering many historical and political events, to rent out the entire restaurant was the first. >> i think is big because people underestimate the culinary strength in cleveland we have lots of great restaurants and puts it on the map. >> melissa reid fox 8 news. >> you heard the expression that the show must go on that is the case for the latest republican presidential debate even though the front runner will not be there, bill martin joins us with what we can expect tonight. >> donald trump is skipping the debate tonight on the fox news channel because he says he has no respect for moderator megyn kelly, even with the iowa caucuses a few days away, that may not hurt according to real clear politics a website that compiles residential pools they said he has a commanding lead in iowa, 33 percent of voters would
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presidential candidate, texas senator ted cruz a second and marco rubio third, with trump out tonight you can expect them to be more aggressive, even some candidates at the bottom of the polls are open to seize the moment such as rand paul. >> i was lobbied to get into the debate and he is running away so i think he is afraid of questions about his bankruptcies and that he has never voted in a republican presidential primary. >> that were sent to the press will be on the the whole fate of donald trump not showing up in ted cruz challenges him to a one-on-one debate, interesting sideshow, the greatest show on earth this is not a show, this is serious. >> the poll showing trump losing to hillary and i beat her that is why you've got so many democrats echoing the attack
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in the general election. >> in addition to those candidates of the others on stage in and demanded they are john kasich, ben carson, jeb bush and chris christie, carly fiorina, mike huckabee and rick santora, jim gilmore took part in the earlier debate the iowa caucuses monday february 1. >> the so called affluenza teen is back in the us, ethan couch was flown from mexico to dallas this morning to face charges, he played . two mexico with his mother . they said he violated probation after being seen drinking alcohol, he got probation for a car accident in twitter team after the defense convinced a jury that he was too rich to realize what he did was ron. >> scare in the country on edge because of recent attacks here is tracy mccool a look at that.
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who tried to bring handguns into a hotel near disneyland paris, still looking for a woman who was with them, they say that the 28-year-old is a paris resident who had two guns and ammo nation inside of his luggage try to get through security at the disney hotel new york when they were spotted by an x-ray machine he said he had them for his been for his protection is not clear what charges he could face. >> this comes after france is under a state of emergency after last november's lammas extremist attack that killed more than 100 . >> breaking news, in the case of a nurse murdered in broad daylight in downtown cleveland. >> bill sheil has the latest details what can you tell us. >> regarded the aliza sherman murder from a couple years back,
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who facing bombing charges related to other cases, has been indicted on several charges including, chairman of the evidence and determine case, she was supposed to meet with him downtown before the divorce trial she was killed that day in her assailant has not been found , read to you part of what
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l$g)[w in the meantime the search for her killer continues. >> according to the statement, he was not in his office at the time according to the prosecutor 's office are in the middle of winter, but that is not stopping the boys boys of
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so lake effect snow fall tonight, ending tomorrow morning , with some pockets of someone getting one -- 2 inches
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warming to near 50 sunday, and then groundhog day on tuesday with a warm-up on wednesday . and then back to the cold air, the initial precipitation could have some mixing . . its taste to the north on saturday, tried to produce a cloudy day . this is overnight tonight
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higher elevations snowbelt and could get between one and 3 inches, though tony's tonight . the lake effect tapers off by lunchtime, and then the mid- 40s on saturday maybe low-fat to sunday , showers moving in sunday gone monday, groundhog day, low 50s . then a big temperature decline started off mild wednesday morning and then followed
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showers, a mix, and then snow showers with highs back in the 20s and overnight lows in the teens . people in if you have an important item of clothing you take it to the dry cleaner's. >> the same is true for football uniforms, they use that same dry cleaner to keep the team looking good, they send their uniforms to south carolina, they are dropped off sunday at with orders to be cleaned by wednesday, he takes pride to know that they have them to look good on the field. >> said what everything that we sent back to look exactly like this does and that's why they
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>> the panthers just wore their white uniforms last sunday, but there is no rush to finish them this week, they will be wearing black and silver uniforms in the super bowl . the indians home opener is 60 70s away,. >> for the cavaliers new coach was the all-star coach for the eastern conference, john telich joins us with the latest. >> the indians have winterfest this weekend with events friday and saturday, spring training is around the corner . michael brantley & company are getting in some work in westlake, also jason kipnis, corey kluber, yan gomes and others, family come
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shoulder surgery, they will be in goodyear arizona in a few weeks . for the season opener april 4 at progressive versus boston red sox. >> cavaliers go to detroit for a friday night game against the pistons, three came as the coach tyronn lue hasn't played at a faster pace, which was evident in the second half wednesday when they cruise passed the phoenix suns scored 12 straight points after halftime, they have a back-to-back situation, in detroit friday and saturday, versus the spurs . and michael brantley is up for the pro athlete of the year award at the greater cleveland sports awards and have a report coming up
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cut off this weekend as which team has the best record in the eastern conference and with a victory last night is assured that they are the team and he is the coach even though he is two and one as a professional head coach. >> earlier this week talked about the trans am car from smoking banned on the auction block on saturday. >> in fact burt reynolds hot rod car is too much horsepower how about a fiat 500 that will be up for auction tomorrow in philadelphia, and it is want of cars used by pope francis during his philadelphia visit leicester with all proceeds going to the children's hospital of philadelphia and the city's catholic archdiocese. >> felix and oscar, alan castillo and even bill in tracy
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. they were willing to accept a dog john pinette .com they say that it is the the best thing that could have happened, the dog and the duck duck will live together in their new home, they were close before they arrived at the shelter, so they don't chew break apart the pair. >> will likely see any animals adopted but when you have a case like this pair bonded, we call them brothers, are going to go to a home together so that is
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are going to be having. >> the shelter volunteers say that their sad to see them go but they're happy to see them
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give you some breaking news coming in the case of the aliza sherman. >> she was murdered outside of her horse office in downtown cleveland three years ago, bill sheil has details. >> her lawyer is facing charges. >> gregory moore, facing charges
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other cases cases facing new charges including evidence tampering in this case, was scheduled to meet at the office when she was killed, indicates that he was unprepared and that he tested her just before and after her murder said that he was in his office where they were to meet the at the prosecutor's office is phone records inc. e-cards and witness statements show he was not there , they say that he gave false statements to homicide detectives about his whereabouts appears the investigation is far from over prosecutor tim mcginty says that the indictment, texas one step closer to bringing her killer to justice he says investigation has been relentless. a 9-year-old from high point
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