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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  January 28, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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they say is off her attacker but so far the assailant has not been identified, within the past hour one of her best friends, told suzanne stratford said he was . regarded about the shifting time of the meeting with her attorney on that day. >> the whole case is so bizarre, and she was unsure of her attorney at the time . she just had bad vibes. >> she said that she offered to go with her that day but that she said she had been there before and would be okay, the investigation that investigation is far from over, prosecutor mcginty said that the indictment takes us a step closer to bring her just this litigation has
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breaking news from being a side of cleveland police investigating after a body found buried in the backyard and researching the house you are thomas sowell street this morning as part of a missing persons case that's when the dogs found the remains, sources said that the victim had been missing for months, waiting on the medal presented salmon to release the cause of death was not three people accused of fraudulent use of rta services for the disabled to benefit themselves family and friends, city wonder 1-year-old helen masson and 64-year-old linda williams of cleveland are both former employees of rta, 48 -year-old trina thompson is a dispatcher who was suspended accused of using the free service and take hundreds of rights to places like work, the airport and sporting events,
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get visas by using go to drivers and vehicles for their own benefit taste all the services from the for the elderly and disabled, rta spokesman says no customer was denied service due to these issues. >> blake after hit-and-run accident left a a woman injured entered the driver is facing charges, as peggy gallek reports . >> official looking for the 24 -year-old since last tuesday and wednesday she walked into the police station and now faces felony charges of aggravated vehicular assault in the scene of an accident video from nearby gas station shows the correlation, her striking tina
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at fulton road tuesday . servicing the crime knowing what she did and still pulled off. >> that it shows the driver stopped but it shows the driver stopped at the gas station, hiding behind a suv any suv as others rushed to help her, others said they are relieved that an arrest has been made. >> should do the right thing but a bit too late that is the issue at hand and hopefully she can understand that this is is over a year from now, that she will need a lead a better life switch back my life is messed up i cannot eat right, by cannot walk right because of the pain in my leg . other than that , i don't carry hatred
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that i will do but i do hope that she gets what she deserves. >> peggy gallek fox 8 news. >> she's due in court tomorrow the victim says that she will be there, i-team learned why the police don't have cameras in their cars to los alamos even though some of us would pay for. >> the answer is red tape as ed gallek is sure with what he uncovered. >> found to delay going back to 2014 so we went to city hall and we heard a new promise for cameras in cleveland police cars . euclid police chaser car, taser car, with a dashboard camera rolling, the clue police don't have dash-cam now the i-team obtained this letter as cuyahoga county prosecutor to the getty has been offered to buy
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2014 the prosecutor's office says it has set a demonstration, in and that time the city police rely mostly on witnesses after chases and other incidents that could be caught on camera. >> cleveland hasn't bought body cameras for the police to where that no cameras in cars even with a standing offer from the county prosecutor to pay every last penny. >> you choose a vendor and i will pay the bill the same day. >> last day of the center director wrote that they were doing a dash-cam system pilot test that now they but now they are doing more testing. >> what is going on ? councilman zack reed, and was floored by what we share he shared he has been leading the call for years pointed out that they may have answered questions about the
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rice. >> this is about red tape this is the fact that they're not doing it. >> while they've been they been buying talk about buying dash camera with the prosecutor money , 13 other suburban departments have done it some of them getting cares for the first time whereas with parma heights anymore to the fleet. >> blair's office did not provide anybody to talk on camera, city hall told us that the new goal is to have dash-cam 's and the clue the police cars by september . but i prosecutor's office offers a city $5,000 cleveland says it's testing dash-cams for from the same company that has the body cameras that it would be easier to use both kinds for the same company.
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the prosecutor's office music money seized from criminals during investigation. >> a teenager accused of murder escapes from a health facility, the 17-year-old was sentenced to five years juvenile detention for her role in her stepfather's death in 2014, disappeared from the applewood center west 25th around 7:00 p.m. last night wearing a gray ohio statesmanship, red and black hearing aids and my glasses i think that she may be headed for marion county if you see her call 911. >> ritchie county woman spending three years in prison after her baby was found dead in the trunk of her car, and the 20 woman was sentenced to 90 days in juvenile detention for abuse of a corpse plus kinky control until she was 21, she was 17 years old at the time and told police that she
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and the baby was stillborn. >> two threats causing mayfield high school today and the school was placed on lockdown after a student told the staff, and dismissed at 10:00 a.m. because of a bomb threat that was called in to the board of education of the place and not find anything. >> cove street is shut down until they are able to repair a the massive watermain break, avoided west 163 blocks between medicine and western avenue. >> today marking 30 years since the space shuttle challenger exploded killing all seven. >> exploded about one minute after takeoff from cape canaveral florida on january 28, 1986 killing all seven. >> message of the day of remembrance across the nation to honor those who died in rates was laid on on the tomb of unknowns at arlington national
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>> astronauts aboard the iss lead a wall of silence with commander scott kelly speaking said that that their spiritual legacy lives on. >> astronaut judy resnik continues to inspire young people in the hometown of akron where her legacy endures and the school where she once walked. >> dave nethers joins us today. >> has been 30 years, outside of the judith resnik community learning center, it is built at the poetry school that she intended as attended as a young girl, and today paid tribute to her death. >> 30 years after akron native judith resnik in and seven other astronauts died in the space shuttle challenger explosion her life continues to make an impact at the high school from which he graduated although none of the students who were alive when she
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than just about history. >> she was a part of firestone high school and actually my students had a great conversation about what it means to be a firestone high school. >> on announcements at the beginning of the day lead to a moment of silence. >> for 20 years, ms. day roses are sent to the high school in place by her photo in the hall of fame outside of a marker that pays tribute as they did thursday at the elementary school where her legacy is woven into the fabric of the school. >> her family says that she
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restoration to the family and nation, we miss her and are grateful for the scholarships and schools named in her honor that serve as a living memorial to her and all of the astronauts lost that day. >> three decades after her death , is a local hero continues to inspire those who walk the halls she once did. >> believe that our students are very proud that we have someone who came from us and she can do those then they can see to do the same thing. the class of 1966 and carsten says it is the 50th
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a lot of remarkable people have graduated, and the black keys and perhaps the next great astronauts or scientists may be inspired. one of those moments in history that people remember where they were when they heard the news of the space challenger explosion. >> hundreds of you commenting on fox 8 facebook page sharing your stories. >> i was at work, it was crazy, everybody looked at the sky. >> i was four years old but excited to hear a teacher was going into space. >> share your stories and the
6:13 pm there is a photo gallery and how the nation remembers
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. a live they live look outside on a cool night in cleveland, it's going to be warmer coming up as grocery talks about the weather situation, if the indians opening-day editor which are like we will have the next few
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snowstorm on opening day, but nature is sometimes confused, just a few hours ago, starting at midafternoon, just tell people it was . the southwest wind did not take much for the challenger to get into the 40s that clouds have taken over . today a high of the high of 43 lol 25, above normal though the literature and below normal snowfall, rivers of lake effect snow fall, sunset at 5:38 p.m. . because the temperatures are in the 30s near 40 and got rain
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, in the higher elevations of geauga county handle on 322 . as you look, you'll see this trough, it will
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if you'd like about 50 in st. louis would look at your going to like that coming here letter have the weekend . there'll there will be some breaks of sunshine the cloud cover, this will stay to the north but could get colder for saturday . tonight, scattered flurries in some lake enhancement until morning tomorrow by noontime that shuts off, and on friday with some sunshine . storm belt, areas of one -- 3 inches in higher
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county, geauga county and parts of lake anna could get between one and three and then it will get warmer this weekend, tonight low 20s . tomorrow, upper 20s the temperatures go up and down so quickly, it is a roller coaster ride that and then saturday and sunday near 50 on sunday . the groundhog day, low 50s . the high temperature wednesday in the morning well pretty much match . the snow showers with 20
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overnight lows in the teens in
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tonight is a big night for cleveland sports is bt joins us, the starshine tonight's. >> it is the greater cleveland sports awards downtown at the renaissance hotel lebron james list the list of pro athlete of the year, leaving the cavaliers to the finals last year he has one this before, gary barnidge of the browns had a breakout season this past year earned a spot in the pro-bowl and michael brantley had a solid season after he came back from injuries . the sports award celebrates amateur athletes and college and pro stars, for a taste of what's to come us go downtown. >> backstage at the awards, awaiting jimmy haslam to speak to the media in the next few
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expecting 1200 to attend the event tonight the biggest fundraiser for the greater cleveland sports awards, this is how you get some big-time events like the turn of last year, lebron james, michael brantley for the professional athlete of the year year also the healthy college and high school players of the year that we wrap up tonight at 10:00 p.m. . ballroom has just opened, jimmy haslam will be addressed in the media and a few seconds. >> know that lebron james will
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and recorded two weeks, official tonight, that the cavaliers will not have any other all-stars besides lebron james . looks like a former ohio state star will be the start of senior bowl week. >> according to reports, he has been outstanding, braxton miller , you saw him in college football earlier this season he knew what an outstanding player he was, he is is getting lots of attention, also another player, getting attention this is north dakota state quarterback carson
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yesterday, he is moving up the draft board the browns are interested in him, he could say that this is pretty draft talks the browns have three of the first city five picks in the 2016 nfl draft,number two overall, and number 32 overall in the second round and dead number 65 in the third round, the draft is april 28 through 30 th in chicago. >> according to the canton repository the state football finals will be back in stark county in stark county in 2017, word is games will be at tom benson stadium which is being renovated . that is the case it is a tough deal for the folks in massillon. >> they've done a great job that
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-year-old cleveland heights jason cole charges after what what happened
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mcvey prank love lengthy polar vector with burns and burns and matt wright spoke with the victim with details here. >> the coma victim recovering from second-degree burns they say a matter of going for hot water on the sleepover. >> the sleepover inside of this home ended in a trip to the er for children of teontaey thomas sunday morning. lan seven boys please say who played a game involving playing pranks on other after he fell asleep they say a 9 -year-old port 80 part of hot water on his back for a payoff for a pass prank. >> that was not a prank he can can be serious mistaken to metro treated for second-degree burns.
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happened. >> tia hunter host the sleepover she says that she took required medicine that makes her drowsy and fell asleep that's when they say the 9-year-old turn on the stove. >> that boy is facing a felony charge, the victim's mother says the matter and should be held accountable. >> if you can get he can get away with this, but we do next is to stop. >> the 9-year-old mother says they have apologized to the victim that her son has some mental health issues, the case has not been brought to juvenile court so that assault charges
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>> a cleveland man spends next 10 years in prison for fire that destroyed three homes and hurt a person they say that ismael camacho and another man how to burn down the house on west 33 rd, a woman woman who escaped now has issues with smoke inhalation she spoke held the fire changed her life. >> i can over swim and sing like i used to i have continuing problems with choking, i am on medications for the rest of my life and in addition to the chronic problems i have now have lifelong injuries. >> camacho pled guilty to aggravated arson, assault and children with evidence, betrayal hearing for two other suspects in the arson are scheduled next month. >> medical center identified the man who died when they newcomerstown house exploded, 77
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dog died, it could be felt for miles away they have not pinpointed the cause of the blast but workers with columbia gas or taken part in the investigation. >> cleveland heights police officer credited with rescuing a woman who was mauled by pitbull as jack shea has here's a video from the body camera. >> moments after she is attacked was attacked by a friend's pitbull police patrolmen everett haworth tries to pull the dog the victim he then forced to shoot the dog that charges at him, he fires a second shot that kills it. >> will
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paramedics arrived. >> the victim was taken to the hospital and later released switch back according to the police report the same dog was attacking a child on january 13 at the rsa for keeping a vicious dog and failure to have proof of insurance. >> victim is fortunate that the officer knew what to do when the dog attacked, jack shea fox 8 news. >> we know the expression that the show must go on is the case with the latest republican presidential debate even though donald trump is kept in the debate tonight fox news channel because he has no respect for moderator megyn kelly, even with the iowa caucus a few days away,
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according to a website that compiles residential calls he has a commanding lead in iowa, 33 percent say that they would like you it to be the next presidential nominee, ted cruz a second and marco rubio is third. >> less than six months away from the rnc if you you have the downtown apartment or condo you could earn some extra cash. >> three of the largest landlords in the downtown area are allowing them to sublet as roosevelt leftwich has the latest. the deal could open up about 1,000 apartment for sublet three landlords k&d group landmark the
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them to sublet, prof is near the q., and he's fourth in playhouse square are some of the prime spots david gilbert says people want to sublet will be able to get about double the rent of the deal with the city host committee and the alliance could create a warehouse to match rnc renters with available places. >> working with certain owners who have been gracious to work with us it works out great because they know who's coming and they have the alliance that is managing the process take care of the price paid face care of the administration and the cleanup, it is a one-stop shop. >> the price is roughly two
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but landlords make it any kind, they want to give up their apartments. there is some snowfall in the forecast, but i am looking at the weekend. >> look outside about 330 today, 3 miles north of the city, we had some sunshine and the wind from the south and west regard clouds come back producing rainfall and the rain mix and snow showers . for this weekend,
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sunday, the last day of january . monday beginning mild and soggy and eventually a steep drop in temperature . showers and snowfall moving in the line they are parma and brunswick, through southern lorain county into wellington . and also shelby and ashland . as we move into geauga county and the higher elevations along 271 you do have some snowflakes during
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red rocks will switch over to snowfall the next few hours continue tonight into midday tomorrow, and the snowbelt . 51 degrees paducah we will get that here by the end of the weekend, some scattered flurries and snow showers for everybody this evening . and ending about lunchtime tomorrow and be four-year sunset maybe a few
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tonight's low 20s, with some lake effect and becoming mostly cloudy and windy tomorrow . but the high temperature in the upper 20s . on sunday near 15 and then monday mid '40s on tuesday, groundhog day, but they mainly cloudy, and then on
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fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. metrohealth release results of external audit investigation and response to allegations of employee stealing botox. >> will review the report and conferences completely exonerates our ceo, allegations that metrohealth pay for his personal travel are not true there is no evidence of theft of property or services related to botox or other treatments. >> a spokesman says the police received the botox treatment could not be charged because the pharmaceutical company provided
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hospital for free, the employee who filed a lawsuit has been terminated but metrohealth insists it had nothing to do
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probably heard of a blood of a bunch of bull about a voice drive ? interested in setting up on on the donor's. >> brittany harris talk to her how that works and it could help a lot of people. >> world where you have trouble talking cannot express your thoughts in a clear way the real dean for george zimmerman a better high school senior who has for years until she was introduced to this app under under i-pad allows you to type out what she wants to say and then the program besides it for her. >> allow me to educating the people on how they can accept people who are different. >> she has autism and struggled at other schools because of the
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help her talk but now she has the resources and her aide says says it made a huge difference. >> she's attending the normal classrooms the normal classroom something she has won integrated class and she's getting straight a's throughout the entire year's . >> before shut up are involved now she is in activities she is on a cheerleading team competes in speech and debate is back at lecture to pick up why she wants and she found a voice that she likes but says that some are not so that's why she's expanded the options by hosting a voice drive and at a concept that you can take take part you just go online and record your voice shields they get a lot of donors . >> is so important, voices are how important if everybody had the same voice and they don't have their own vocal identity which takes away from their
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>> brittany harris fox 8 news. >> if you want to learn more about the boy striving to sign up for it, go to fox >> tonight undefeated wrestling champ meets his match in an
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talk about some snow showers curling in overnight, raindrop switching over to let snowflakes . could have between they candy coating to 1 inch, and the snowbelt, only, it will continue tomorrow morning with some areas getting one -- 3 inches for the rest of us just to cut into 1 inch . then we climb, the last couple days of january, near 50 on sunday . on tuesday, groundhog day, will 50s then on wednesday, rain, a mix and falling temperatures it will be called into next week or some dogs up for adoption. >> we've got some more finals from the ashtabula county apl .
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sweetheart . they rescue straight, he is well mannered, friendly noses basic commands he will speak and rollover and is good with other dogs and older children got a bit much for a toddler . he is a pit bull rottweiler mix he is affectionate and loves to give kisses . he is wearing his white socks . thank you blackjack, and heather has read . a couple of years old , they simply cannot take care of him as they should use a global sweetheart he is mellow gets along well with other cats
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keep your platform, so open your heart to read . find homes for both of these wonderful animals number is at the bottom of the screen . we have blackjack and read, red, so give us a call just to undefeated high school wrestler gives up his perfect season to make another wrestler dream come true. >> deven schuko is a senior at norton high school in massachusetts he was 270 until this past weekend he volunteered to take on a opponent with down syndrome down syndrome, andy howland has been very vocal in his goal of beating the defending state champion so the champ made the dream a reality. >> like to give that andy, just to think that are both champions . >> congratulations.
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the video was posted on facebook that video has been viewed about half a million times, he says he gave up the match to set an example for his teammates. thank you for joining us tonight at home and online at fox
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