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tv   Fox 8 News at 430AM  FOX  January 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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today is january 29. thought about you guys to the west just a touch. very light coating. we're going to take you look further west.
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temperatures and 27-30 degrees in sort of accumulation will be short-lived. this following chilling out in the the morning.
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a milder weekend as have been treated and this is 90 were prejudiced 77 as a murder mystery one step closer the stabbing death lisa sherman and
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friends. new line about his whereabouts the time when he was repeatedly stabbed. investigators are trying to identify her attacker attack attacker felicity of that her daughter says that this indictment is a good start. there we reach our goal of getting justice. we're able to reach there, moore's a scheduled for rain on
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with attending ohio university. developed after an attack predecessor the female victim was picked the most recent sexual assault in december one instance to stay outline and travel in the second half. mandatory staff just as a passenger jet's authority for takeoff. they had at the airport since 2002. a nine -year-old coordinates with his facing charges after
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them with parents asleep inside the ravens agree to think again which involves playing prince after he's posted a miscarriage police say a nine -year-old with a pot of water on the stove. portland is paid for the past spring. that's not a party to throw hot water on no one. it can be serious. he was rushed by ambulance here to met your he was treated for second-degree.
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turn on the stove. what do you think about it. he thought was funny. that boy is no facing a felonious assault charge the name should be held accountable. if you think he can get away with this that nine -year-old's mother says they've of apologized to the victim this case has is not taken to juvenile court still pending it will be showcased on the third floor featuring items. the steeply through the first offense following the release of the nativity six health ices to kill.
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and traffic is just ahead. the complaint of nausea and headaches with more than 100 children per second at a middle school. find out what forced to evacuate the building how a steelers fan decided to get revenge on his friend who is a denver broncos
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stand out. by design. powerful.
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checking students for symptoms some evacuees are also taken to a hospital after reported nausea and headaches but no serious
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district spokesperson says it like they came from a boiler at that school the united nations and is becoming much more of a threat the world health organization says its arty spread to more than 20 countries of the number of cases could tough for ninth by the end of the year that outbreak is largely in latin america countries but the cdc says there was 31 cases here in the united states the mosquito borne virus has been linked to a spike and a rough birth defect mr. analysis forces an airline flight back to london with some passengers and crew suddenly became out there over iceland with people on board started complaining about they decided to turn around and head back to london passengers and crew members were evaluated
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requested further medical attention. a man told police he had them for his own protection his summa partner was also to king francis still on high alert the park remain open turns out to be a major part of security for super bowl 50 it looks like an old-fashioned trade was so connected to lock boxes on wheels turns out it's actually an air sampling unit a sensor
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attack. who's up for grabs in exchange for two tickets to the super bowl that at all also listed his home brew happens to be a steelers fan that left them doing after the broncos at the steelers out of the playoff in the hopes that they will stop calling him. weather and traffic every eight minutes just ahead. now the cards to family is getting a little bit bigger need that new member next.
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he easily see a couple of inches
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will be early on we're seen a touch of redevelopment out over the lake. by afternoon and should be a little drier. clouds early some breaks of sunshine touching 50 on sunday we might see another 50 next
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overall not a bad start. no problems jennifer 62 miles per hour you will notice the snow off to the side. no problems coming along for 80 and twinsburg 70 went around downtown has been cleared away this is the e shore way they have been treated many dispatchers said that their crews are out. no problems there down in macedonia they did reopen this ramp thank you, petty. mcdonald's is selling that specials special sauce but it
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sign at $5 each. soon after from anywhere that's way too much is the first quite stillborn in 2016 more than 80 years they've had a tradition minutes all the he will then
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clydesdale team. there isn't any reason in the world and another four years given to celebrate the end of prohibition. 457 why her divorce attorney has
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