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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  January 30, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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a frightening publication as our local shopping mall of roma is brought at gunpoint. tonight please need your help to find the suspect fox 8 is live outside the mall with all the details on what happened. the shocked is woman as bo people here at the mall please say he was the perfect target for the suspect she is walking to her car at night in the dark alone. we just had a customer that was just grabbed at gunpoint. at our store.
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they say a woman was robbed at gunpoint. while blocking out of great northern mall wednesday night. they took her purse and cookies please say two men armed with a handgun robbed a woman at the western entrance to macy's around 830 at night they got away with her purse and her credit card. most security cameras managed to capture the getaway vehicle a silver are gray sedan please say the suspects we're later caught on video trying to use the victims credit card at a difference door and cleveland. the skinning the whole area look at your surroundings that's the most important thing to do. it's hopeless someone would see the video and recognized the two he adds that this incident is a wake-up call for people leaving the mall at night. fee know you're going to be there when and start part in a
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those other cars don't part by yourself. make sure if possible you have a buddy system where you go to the mall are whatever store you're going to with another person. the great northern mall had no comment they told me that they are fully cooperating with the north homestead police department still fill in tracy anyone with any information on those suspects is asked to give them a call. tonight the ohio epa says the school officials have done nothing wrong in their handling of the lead in the drinking water our local elementary in unexpected warning on the agency's website regarding water quality pc journey elementary todd district officials offguard. despite the fact the epa declare the water safe for consumption back in november spokesperson says the hearing on the side of caution.
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also found in drinking water. most of the residents went in our community and south russell are and the don't have any information. only believe it was simply because there high ph they set all summer and that caused the issue. the original issue. a superintendent says the district will also be airing on the side of caution handing out bottled water to students and staff until results from recent water are back next week. the head of the ohio epa says his office should have moved more quickly in the wake of seeping water crisis. state leaders missed several deadlines village officials they needed to warn residents ohio congressman tim ryan has called on butler to resign but he says he moved to fix the problem the daily learned about it the growing concerns over lead in
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sure what's coming out of your faucet is safe coming up later on in the show will break down a simple test that gives people piece of mine. that was a wild scene tonight please pursuit sparking new demands. he's tired of the dangers high-speed chase is that start in the suburbs and and in the city of cleveland a reporter has more on a call for change tonight. immediately fired off this memo demanding action sunday at chase from euclid into cleveland northeast side and it was a crash into a home the councilman that up with chases by police from eastern suburbs into cleveland often ending in crashes. this time robert next-door. you cannot have this stuff.
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meeting with suburban police. when they chased them to cleveland he wants them to file the same chase policy as city cops. one chase from the outside too many. to show you how long this is been a problem i reported on one of the suburban police chases with the across including a decade ago councilman shared with me e-mails he his written to city leaders over the years in fact here's one from 2,007. we show you cleveland police foss is often called off chases even after violent crimes fall out from massive chase that turned deadly this week you could please said this. the balancing act in jeopardy. all is has to be considered.
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director recently discussed this with a county please chief. don't tell me that i have to wait for some bourbon committee to tell me to pursue policy. at gallic fox 8 i team. new at ten tonight our county woman faces serious charters for threatening to stab her prosecutor inside the courthouse they fear was reportedly there as a witness in another case when she went to the third fourth and threaten the prosecutor no one please arrested or outside the building they found a knife and her purse the 47-yard woman now faces charges of retaliation having a concealed weapon and inducing panic. the national convention less than six months away preparation for the huge cleveland event are underway tonight as well we learn how some local universities may be playing a big role. bill organizers of the republican national convention
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believe it are cleveland state university say after students go home for summer break on their dorm ones would still be in use. cleveland state in for the whole city of cleveland this is an opportunity of shine. the spring semester ends cleveland state university and most students go home for the summer hundreds of dorm rooms will be left on occupied. the administrators said they are working with rnc officials to announce those dorm rooms republican national convention in july of this year. hotels and downtown cleveland and all across northeast ohio are expected to be sold out for the gop convention when 50,000 people converge on cleveland this summer will be thousand the police officers of the security forces they'll also meet somewhere to stay. the administrators said they are offering up nearly 600 dorm
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they include ramsen the 22 story historic then tower near east 24th and euclid avenue as well as their own newer comics around it makes us unnatural for housing and other activities. organizers would not discuss specifics they did released this statement. the republican convention is in the planning stages right now on everything from housing to transportation to the delicate experience. intimate a decision on specific housing yet including cleveland dorms. were in great shape. we often have different groups that comment in the summer like this so we know how to do that. were excited to have them here and be ready for them when they come. administrators say the rnc is expressed interest in using some of the csu's art galleries to host other events.
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using dorm rooms at other local colleges or universities officials would not comment again about specific. very busy. and bid to legalize marijuana was crushed. now state lawmakers want to hear what you think about medical marijuana or hear the story for us. people are getting a chance to speak out here tomorrow. to state lawmakers will hold a public forum at 10:00 a.m. let her cities are put together a task force to study the idea of medical marijuana the cleveland state form as the first of several that are scheduled all around the state. kenny l richman hike is linda alleges that is leading the listening towards is being called. opportunity to come to agreement to help people living with difficult medical condition. they show 90 percent of ohio and support medical marijuana present fighting this play. longtime the first introduce a
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representative back in 2005 many opponents are concerned legalization could to need to abuse and selling are giving the marijuana away issue three of the bid to legalize recreational marijuana use the seat only 36 percent of the vote and out november. medical marijuana backers certainly think this time they can when tracy several groups are working to get a medical marijuana proposal on the ohio ballot this coming november. here was the dog attacked that nearly turned tragic a woman is mauled to be rescued tonight she has a message for the police officer who put his own life on the line to save hers. what he said about his female opponent not sitting well with a lot of people. the broncos versus the broncos the grounds crew for the big game makes up big mistake.
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winter this weekend melissa has your first look at the forecast including a breakdown of a
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obviously it's been a pretty cold day snow earlier this morning east but since then we've had sunshine just before sunset temperatures deftly on a cold side for now we're in for weekend warm-up let's get right to the temperatures across
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most of us located in the low 20s or so you had west in your in the upper 20s warmer air will start to move in wends have shifted we went from calm although when chills are very cold right now 21 for finley it's only going to get better i do believe will continue to bottom out with the temperatures around early to our three in the point that's will start to notice a little climb in that temperature department by the time you wake up saturday morning for the time you wake up you should be right around predawn hours. and then we are in for a dry weekend for the most part. thanks to high pressure to our south. urine north going to our north an area of low pressure becomes approximately northeast ohio a kid billy corbett for the clouds a crossed our northern county to the south better chance of getting a little bit more
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few more degrees. slowly rising toward don mostly cloudy skies tomorrow mostly cloudy north i do think will get sunshine especially more sunshine farther south when looking at a warm breeze up in the southwest. hit the middle and upper 40s that's not good enough lesko for low 50s january 30, 2001 on scene a chance of showers majority of the daylight hours from church services to brunch get grocery shopping done is all quiet. wednesday's transitional day falling temperatures gusty winds what happens after that is included in your a day forecast in that just minutes away. coming up i can state professor under fire at the federal investigation continues my performance reviews written by his students are raising concerns. what a family blames apart for a bizarre chain reaction that
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coming up in sports the announced their 2016 hall of famer's. the cavs look for their third straight when are they are in detroit in a huge milestone for lebron james will discuss it all
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as the number of virus cases johnson united states the cdc says they are now 32 case across dozens of states and the district of columbia the major concern of the veeck of ours is that thousands of reported cases of babies born was small ahead public health experts say they are preparing for outbreak but note the virus is coming through travelers and not spreading locally. we prepare for the possibility of a major outbreak. in reality you have to say we believe we don't know we believe that it is unlikely that it what happened. columbia venezuela are now reporting a spike in cases of rare often paralyzing syndrome they fear could potentially be linked to the zeke of virus. one of the three inmates escaped from the california jail last week turned himself and your
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civilian and santa anna and said he wanted to turn himself and please be the 43 -year-old still a white van a day after he escaped in the other two men also escaped maybe living in that event, they are still on the run and considered dangerous of course. will stay in a giblets then gentle texas judge decides if his case will be moved to the adult system coach was 16 years old when he killed four people and a drunk driving rack he dodged jail time by arguing he was too spoiled to know right from wrong now 19 prosecutors say he violated his probation then fled to mexico and they want him in on adult jail. hillary clinton's presidential campaign is joining the call for the release of e-mails from her private server the obama ministration confirmed for the
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material that required the highest levels of classification for campaign was questioning the secrecy of the messages calling it over classification. the officials one described the substance of the e-mail. folks from flint michigan to northeast ohio lead in water becoming a major concern. how can he know whether you're your family.
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y.3. yopmey e here in ohio as well as around the country. how can you make sure the water year fame is drinking at home is leadfree on that explains about the easier than you think. you expect your water to be safe but there could be a hidden danger. they sought as we let is actually coming from. lead can and to your home one lead plumbing materials like pipes fittings in the solder holding them together corrode homes built before 1986 are most at risk. as a whole the plumbing industry as gotten on board with it to try and eliminate all led being used in plumbing. if you're worried first call human a simple water suppliers
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buy lead testing cakes available at hardware stores contests the water yourself. the first step in doing one of these at-home test is taking a sample of your water. and then tape to falls about sampled water and put into your vile. after leaving the test strips in the vile 40410 minutes you ready to remove them and check the results. according to this test all water looks good. it's a concern for young children. university hospitals. says testing matters cents high level levels and blood can affect brain development in children and cause kidney problems and high blood pressure and adults.
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rules as to how to handle that. terrace-led experts say stop drinking it and call your local water provider and cleveland fox 8 news. experts say lead paint chips are also major concern locally a lot more information on that in the water and testing fox 8. from the one way to the reformatory. it's in on a model from ohio find out why she hired hitmen. it will be a city uncil
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moments after woman is mauled by a dog fight she wants to say thank you to the officer who saved her life in zone air super bowl grounds crew accused of playing favorites inside a big mistake on the field. that weekend warm-up of how long will the unseasonable temperatures hanging around melissa will look ahead or the extended forecast news at ten continues right now. a police officer saved her life after she was mauled by a purple the entire ordeal captured on body camera. a local woman and sharing her story of survival with their own jack shea. twenty-two -year-old shawn to a pray is recovering from numerous bite once you shall put. when she was mauled by a friend piffle is living a home in cleveland heights pray says the dog and is a try to grab his car
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attack. the dog was just biding down. i heard a growling and shaking. cruising down tighter. she said she's able to call 911 and shut out the address a short time later cleveland highs to the stroman arrived at the scene. i can hear the dog biting us. she falls down the dog continued to bite her. the dog continued divider. officer heyward his body camera capture this video was able to pull the dog as it was going for
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animal when it charged at him. putting his life in danger for me the picture life in danger. cleveland heights police say the dog was supposed to be in quarantine at the time of the attack because of a prior attack on a chart back on january 13 sean taste says she does not plan animal for what happened. the owners been cited for keeping a vicious dog and front of proof of insurance and maintain the dog was a product of the environment it was raised in. you can raise a dogma puppy to be geared. she's has that dog sense of puppy. seen the stuff she did to that vicious. jack fox a news and cleveland heights. on monday by the way she plans to think the officer in person the police department she also plans to give him a plaque the
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look at the other stories making headlines. and attorney for man charged in connection with the death of the sheraton as kind is not guilty attorney gregory moore is accused of making false statements to investigators he was killed back in 2013 after going to moore's downtown office. was marshall's breakable possible cockfighting ring in youngstown authorities found 30 dead roosters inside the suspects home 18 more we're alive they been taken to a local animal shank short of 24 -year-old surrendered to police in connection with this case. the model is a convicted of trying to hire a hitman to kill her husband's ask the jury's found 330 to a guilty of conspiracy she actually met with the undercover agent pretending to be a hit man faces more than ten years behind bars when she is sentence. new concerns involving attends
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the new worries and bald his conduct in the classroom. julio's long a catalyst. the capture of osama bin laden saying is no problem with international terrorism there is a problem with the united states. the fbi a knowledge and they are investigating that. presses a possible association with ices and whether a user inputs on campus to promote the state. documents obtained have brought a window in his classroom reviews like this one from classes instructor was excellent and the professor was amazing prepared and knowledgeable. not one menacing a mention about ices. or the islamic state appearing to confirm statements made by
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i never discuss the politics. nor any other political organization with the students at the faculty. the surveys raised a new concerns. no inspection only talks about being high and drunk and raping little girls another saying no professionalism at all considering every class he mentioned how he is going to get high and drunk and find 18 -year-old girls to have sexual relations with. their top concert universities now looking into the newest accusations to ensure these concerns are dealt with the appropriately. they we're going to wait to form opinions of their own. i'm a little bit concerned about class. penn state university david dave the charges against professor
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and removing him from the classroom because he's tenured professor a clothing drive-by please have been so successful they had to make an early delivery officers at the second district asked the community to bring in winter close for the homeless. and of course long task and scarves it's artie donated 600 pairs of fox and bags .-period other winter clothing. the officers bought the donated items to saint malachi shelter tonight. last year we started this. we reached out to the kennedy asked them to donate basically socks and other winter clothing for the community. they responded huge and doing the same thing this year. one of force see the clothing drive run through february 7. a little bit of winter clothing maybe for one day are so you can get rid of it. here's melissa with all the details.
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warm-up. a little bit colder today. mainly in the 20s. except run wanted talk in the morning. as of right now here's how it looks it's dark outside sunset was around 540 the days are getting longer that's a good thing all is quiet because of the clear pockets that are occurring temperatures have fallen a little bit lower. that was our high temperature right around 33 at 1:00 a.m. we felt in the 20s and hovered in the 20s all day long. maintains that the day when chills are in the low to mid teens high temperatures 33 to low 24 we're hitting the low right now the actual temperature occurs before midnight we're about 10 inches below normal snowfall. just looking sunrise tomorrow morning at 742 and that's when temperatures will be rising in the middle to upper 20s at that point even if you're up at that point.
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fallen into the teens but wends have shifted in that signifying the one dull pass by will be in the warm sector. a little cooler right now cold but near 30 on cincinnati 47 in st. louis and it was well into the 60s almost 70 in kansas city today. were not going to hit anything in the 60s will have a nice warm day here are there a couple over the next eight days before we go back down help. 16 degrees colder than 24 hours ago almost 20 degrees warmer in kansas city seven in st. louis we have a little lake affect snow hung around a little bit this morning. in this evening was no problem whatsoever and actually turned out to be a beautiful sunset. the system is guess say to the north. southern fringe of this could affect us in terms of clouds at times especially our northern county.
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lucky us and all the way down to the sunshine state the deep south east the carolinas all look good as well. here's the system one of the plea crowds trying to come in. overall high pressure is in charge of our weekend forecast for 75 percent of the time the reason why i took away 25 percent because of the system right here when it moves in temperatures are so one on sunday no doubt in my mind it that snow. temperatures will still fall a couple more degrees in the upper teens partly to mostly cloudy temperatures rising late wake up tomorrow morning be the upper 20s to depending on when you wake up in the 30s at that point middle to upper 40s tomorrow will stay mostly cloudy more clouds north brighter stars our south. at think most of that is after do. he got a lot going on push her weight from your super bowl sunday stacking up now low 50s
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colder. low 50s in mostly cloudy. it will be in the evening hours it's all about wednesday. we have rain in the morning and dry getting wendy tone to mix of snow to the evening. a lot of people upset now hear his apology tragedy at the happiest place on earth what a family blames disney for her
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a senator has brought unwanted attention to bid for reelection. around the country after choice comments about his female opponent are brittney harris
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the studio mother of two. how does that work out for you. ohio senator tom pattern for strongsville is receiving major backlash for comments he made on america's workforce the longtime politician was brought on the radio show to talk about legislation and ended up insulting his opponent jennifer harold she is running against him for the seventh how to take your seat in ohio. how hard she some work on education i want to tell her i just got 27 percent of the pot and just my district. didn't take long for those clips to go viral online with many women offended by what he said. we talked with her at her home on friday. initially looking at it i thought this is not just me bigger narrative.
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talking about women who are moms maybe young children. perhaps running for office and if i we're a man i don't think this would be an issue. she said she considers being a mother her greatest strength. the mom can translate into be a good and capable of effective representatives said that pat has since tried to clarify what he meant by sending out his own statement he said empire has a whatever the race five daughters it was not my intention to suggest a young mother can and serve the legislature. is a poor choice of words to express what i know firsthand raising young children and working is tough. and cleveland brittney harris fox 8 news. we did reach out to senator patkin front on camera interview he was not available you can read both his and jennifer's full statements. censoring the school newspaper administrators want to know how
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distributed to students. the controversy over the city council meeting a group of statements. bl
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they say snake escape from disney's animal kingdom dropped average free from above and bit her son the grandmother saw the snake bite the bullet according to the family went into cardiac arrest and died a short time later a family's attorney says they plan to sue disney seeking damages for the boys injury in the wrongful death of the grandmother. there was a pet snake those are questions that we had it's easy to point fingers and cast judgment intel you're actually in issues of the person who lost the love and affection of the grandmother. they did not address the woman's death of the parker present of said they's allegations are in mischaracterization of the facts disney says the snake was a wild non- venomous snake and was not part of the ports collection. mayport a high school newspaper because of the pictures of topless people that wire says but topless women and one
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with stickers on the front page but not inside his images are linked to the headlines free the nipple the writer and photographer said they wanted to look at the issue of breast-feeding for the larger issue of female sexuality the photographer's mother is proud of her daughter is taking a stand not everyone agrees. high schoolers they're very immature people paper says people pictured high school students and they're all over 18 years old school administrators say they reviewed how the pictures and it up getting printed in the first place. members of a satanic group will give the opening prayer in upcoming phoenix city council meeting some council members objected the city's attorney says the government cannot exclude religion for prior art of the circumstances leader of this attended temple says the group doesn't intend to do offensive the temple doesn't
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sees a biblical satan as a metaphor for rebellion against tyranny sanest will perform the invitation on february 17 in the past the cities in the case has been delivered by christian jews muslims seeks and people of other faiths. coming up a super bowl mistake. crews are ready for the big game. the story behind the glaring admission on the field. up next and four.
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think he'll be playing favorites this in the forgot the carolina panthers are playing this is video chef the news helicopter that levi stadium at san francisco with a super bowl as being played you can see the denver broncos logo and name display permanently in the south end zone but you can also see was left of the same logo and the north end zone. it appears the crew painted the broncos logo in the north end zone removed it and repeated it again on the other side of the field no one is commenting on the mistake in a has been fixed carolina and denver face off and super bowl february 7. that work in progress the results are exactly what they calves want a won three straight and tonight the big three can bind first 77 points. @ten first-quarter points
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had an himself a nice game. it is a jumper to fall .-period he had 28. a double double 11.14 rebounds and how about lebron james a milestone night because the younger player to score 26,000 points he finish the night with 20 as the cavs when their third straight. looking for their sixth straight went the ohio. all by jimmy hall knocks down the three get a double double but it wasn't enough ohio -- get your tickets now for july 30 there in ducting the 2016 hall of fame class indians legends in charlie jamison will be inducted a progressive steel before that the oakland a's a gym tell me hall of fame wideout will be
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fans that night. what a great group of guys. it's a very cool thing. to go and what that class is really cool. spring is right around the corner. this afternoon they seen how these town hall meetings. the right-hand back the asking price was too steep. cleveland browns at the welcome home met for defensive cornet or ray ford rejoined the team for second time he was hired fired and then rehired by the browns and head coach says they like to keep good relationships with a set of things and when coaches it was not actually they walked
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second time. $46,000,000.20 million guaranteed. of the state day forecast one more weekend ahead for late january. mid 40s saturday. it will continue the rain through midday monday a little bit colder monday back to groundhog day will return to the 50s and then a transitional day. falling temperatures. we go right back to high temperatures below normal and
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