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tv   FOX 8 Saturday Early News  FOX  January 30, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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tomorrow, get three more minutes of daylight, clouds tonight with their 40s, on radar, y even a few snowflakes just as recently as a few hours ago . those are moving moving off east , looking at the crib-cam . started to see the skies brightened up earlier, currently 25 ashtabula and 31 hopkins akron-canton 26 the wind chill is 16 those will be improving
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today, the south wind, which will give us warmer temperature today . high pressure should be in controlhi throughout the afternoon into tonight with showers forming tomorrow morning to the north then you can see it in parts of indiana i some of those will move in our direction .e st. louis this morning and paducah 50 that will be coming our way,th the high today and 46 is a mostly cloudy today tonight
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if any confrontation outside of a local shopping mallon a woman robert bentley outside of great northern mall the police need help to find the suspect,rt listerine has the story to post a police investigating after a woman wasce robbed at gunpoint while walking out of thent great northern mall wednesday night is back the police say the two men, armed with a handgun s robbed her at the western entrance to macy's around 8:30 p.m. got away with her purse and credit card . . >> mall security cameras captured the getaway vehicle eight silver or gray sedan and the suspects were caught on video trying to use the credit
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in cleveland. >> are hopeful that someone will see the video and recognize the two suspects and also also that this incident is a a wake-up call for people leaving the mall at nightav. >> ilitch going to be there when it is dark to park in the lighted area where there are other cars which are impossible to have a buddy system so that when you go to the mall oredd wherever that you whatever that you go with someone else.rt >> melissa reid fox 8 news great northern mall officials are cooperate with the police anyone with information should call the north olmsted police department..olform >> ohio epa says chagrin falls officials have done nothing wrong in their handling of lead in drinking drinking water at the elementary school, g awarded on the agency website regarding water quality at tc gurneyrd caught them offguard offguard, the posting board of lead in the
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the fact epa declared it safe for consumption in november, a spokesman says that the agency erring on the side of caution with the updated recommendations on what it learned in sebringngio were higher levels of lead were found in the drinking water. >> we are in the same aquifer, then most of the residents so we don't believe that s this is an aquifer issue to simply hide phn outlines all summer that caused the >> superintendent says the district also be erring on the side of caution,er handing out bottled water until they get results from recent water samples next week .. ohio epa office says they should have moved more quickly after the sebring one crisis craig butler says city leaders missed several deadlines to notify the the public ss aviation has sent have sent stronger warnings toio
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to warn residents,y commerce until i has called on butler to resign but he says he thinks the problem but then he learned about it.bu >> boxing, police pursuit sparking demands, vocal leader is tired ofvo dangerous high-speed high-speed pursuits that start in the suburbs and end in hi cleveland as ed gallek here with more on this call for >> we showed you the chase, cleveland councilman mike polensek amy lange sent a memo demanding action on sunday chase from you put intond the clue the northeast northeast side ended with a crash into a home,st the council, is fed up with chases by suburban police into cleveland often ending in crashes.
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today it is pure insanity.uf >> my points across the city leaders to call a meeting with suburban police, when they chase into cleveland who wants them to follow the same chase policy and city cops,ha. >> look at the number of cases where cars have been hit and houses, whole sections of power have been taken down . to give you an idea how long this has been a problem, i reported on a chase fromyo a decade ago and council il polensek shared with the e-mails he written in fact year is one from 2,007 .. >> we shall you be cleveland police bosses often cold cases even after violent crimesn, is fallout from a deadly chase, this weekde euclid police at this .id. >> we have a sacred duty to the public but balance thatat versus
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to be considered v v. >> a shows the safety director recently discussed this with the county police chiefstynt and polensek not satisfied. >> don't tell me that i had to wait for suburban committee to tell me that they pursue policy in the city of cleveland unacceptable.n >> ed gallek fox 8 i-team. >> sac county one faces serious charges were threatening to stab a prosecutor inside the courthouse,te was there as a witness when t according to reports she and the prosecutor,, she was arrested outside the building i found a and found a knife in her purse i the 47 -year-old faces charges of delegationd and inducing panic. >> rnc is less than six months away preparations are huge. >> kevin freeman explains how some local universities may play a role f f. >> press, as cleveland state university in the city is an
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>> in the when the spring semester ends andnd cleveland state university and most in school forev m the summer, hundreds of dorm rooms will be unoccupied , school bus traders are workingbu with the the rnc to rent out the door rings for the convention in july. >> were going to host all of the safety forcest in a couple of our residence hallspl during the convention. >> hotels in downtown cleveland and all across across northeast ohio or expect to be sold out for the gop convention win when 50,000 people come here there will be thousands of police and other security forces a on that need someplace to stay . administrators are offering nearly 600 dorm rooms on campus including rooms and the 22 towers near east 24th in euclid and inside of the euclid comments complex . >> we are so close to the inner
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for housing. >> convention organizers would not discuss specifics but they
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their concerns as the number of zika virus cases increases in the united states the cdc says are 32 cases across a dozen states and dc the major concern with the viruses that thousands of reported cases of babies born with small handss c us public health experts say they areli preparing for an outbreak but note that the viruses coming ng through travelers and not spreading locally.. >> it is not coming up because you do not have to
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possibility of a major outbreakar, but in reality, you have to say that we believeea, that it is unlikely that it would happen. >> colombia and venezuela recording a spike in caseses and the fear that it could be potentially linked to that zika virus . bia while inmates who escaped from a california jail last week turned himself in, the orange county sheriff says that bob don't want them to a civilian in santa ana and want to turn himself in, they believe that the 43-year-old still unanswered after he escaped with the other two men who may be in that man, wi they are still on the runth and considered dangerous. >> ethan couch will stay stay stay in a juvenile detention center untilet a texas judge decides this case will be moved
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system, he was 16 when he killed four and a for in a drunken driving accident, did not i get jail time arguing he was too small to know right from wrong, at 19, they say that he violated probation would be fled to mexico and want himd to be in an adult >> hillary clinton presidential campaign joins the call for the release of e-mails from her private server, the obama administrationilgnpr confirmed for the first time friday that her unsecured home server server contained some material that require the highest levels of classification that her campaign questioned the secrecy of messages callsls iterle over classification run amok, the state officials would not describe the substance of e-mails. >> super bowl 50 is a is a week away it appears that the stadium grounds crew could be playing favorites,.a th >> they forgot the mccown panthers are playing, this is video that was i shot from the news helicopter above levi's stadium outside san francisco or the super bowl is being played
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logo and name displayed prominently in the south and thatnv s also see what's left of the same logo and the north endzone, it appears they've been painted the broncos logo in the north north end and lieutenant dan repainted it on the other side of the field, nobody is commenting on the mistake and it has been fixed,an caroline and denver face off in face-off in the super bowl every seventh
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today, it will be in the 40s . looking at
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blue, mostly it is clouds and a few snowflakes . you can see the twinsca out of the north, at cold air yesterday, we had four tenths inch snowfall hopkins, andop eight . eight . that is about 27 below-average snowfall where we usually are here this time of year .he you can say snowflakes heading east, not putting down much . most of the activity to the north is very quiet around the ohio valley,ui cuyahoga county airport 31, windchill readings
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make it to 46 today, and some to the south we be at 50, with some scattered broken clouds . currently 31, toledo is 32 degrees,to and tonight 38 mostly cloudy . the cloud cover test it thick overnight . there is a spotty shower showing
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rainfall morning on monday, you can see that we don't have much to london, tomorrow 52 degrees mostly cloudy with a link late
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gentleman hall of fame bubblehead will be included in to the first 50,000 fans . a great group of guys, it is a very cool thing to have to be recognized for what you done in your career. >> tribefest on friday hailed a town hall with playersn and playhouse square he said that they worked hard . the browns welcomed ray horton
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time he was hired,ho and fired rehired a by jackson, says wants to have a good working relationship .. he did a good job put together a good staff he has no more coach to higher n, three on monday he has is a proven veteran coach who knows ordovician. >> cleveland heights native, has 46 million reasons to smile todayay been given a contract extensionn with the chase for the $46 million including $20 million guaranteed .
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life after she was mauled by a pit bull, a theul entire ordeal
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when it it is we had just enough racing yesterday, but do not feel like it . was just after midnight .s for the month, snowfall seven . six we are minus over 2 feet snowfall below average . we will have three more minutes of daylight tomorrow sunrise at 5:42 p.m. . 31 degrees lakefront .
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milwaukee . high pressure moving with showers possible late tomorrow,w, into monday morning . otherwise the winds will be coming in with gusto out of the the south eventually switch around toto a westerly direction with some cooler air, otherwise milder temperatures for the weekend . the full forecast is coming up. was mauled by a pit bull, a the video captured on a body camera this morning she shares her >> i was thinking that i was dying to check 20 chante pray recovering from the 2 pitbull attack on sunday as she was leaving aas hole in cleveland heights she says the dog i crafter af
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pulled away and attacked. >> it was just biting down and growling and shaking and for some reason i'm just trying to pull my leg lengthor. from the ground and the doc is dog is still not letting go and clamping down tighter . she says that she was able to call 911 short time later cleveland heights police officer everett hayworth a-rod. the dog was on top of her, she falls falls down in the dock and teased her, ith know the dog and then i cannot shoot it. >> he was able to pull it away from her , and then he shot and killed iten. >> or appreciate it officer slager me because if he would
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daughter b. >> tell him thank you for saving me not only for myself and putting himself in danger sot. >> the police say that the dog was supposed to be in quarantine at the time of the attack because of a prior attack on january 13 that chante pray says she does not blame him for what happened. >> the owner has been cited for keeping a vicious dog and failing to have proof of liability insurance, she says that it was a product of its >> it is her fault the dog was the way that it was you can raise it to be good she had that dogd since it he was a puppy and saw the stuff that she did to that dog it is the reason it was so >> jack shea fox 8 news. >> monday she plans to thank the austin person at the department
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honors him for his bravery. >> concerns involving against a professor under investigation for a possible association with isis,ininr the rewards of office classroom conduct here is dave nethers. >> gives a professor, julio pino has been a catalyst for controversy, social media post like this was after the capture of osama bin laden that says there is no problem withs chairs andch there is a problem with the us, fbi acknowledging that they are investigating his possible association with isis and and if you use his influence on campus to promote the islamic >> to say for the record that none of t the allegations have any >> documents obtained provide a window into his classroom, student reviews fromneas past years and said he was excellent andt was amazing prepared and knowledgeable.
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survey,ud no one made any mention of isis or terrorism, appeared to confirm statements he made last week. >> i never discuss the politics of the islamic state or any other political organization with the studentspoamy , faculty or anybody anybody else on-campus.ty >> the survey is raising new concern, students and one class complainedur that there was no inspection he talkshe about the highbo and drunk and raping little girlsru. >> said that no professionalism within every class he said he was going to get drunk and find a junior girls it to your gross to have sexual relations with, kent state provosts said the university is looking into the newest accusations t to ensure these concernse are dealt with appropriately, students in his current class last week said they were going to wait to form opinions.. >> i am a little bit concerned
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class to see t how it unfolds. >> dave nethers fox 8 news. >> no charges against him, university has taken no action to remove him because he is tenured r. >> a bid to legalize marijuana was crushedd last november now state lawmakers want to hear what you think about medical marijuana, joins us whater people are getting a chance to speak out. >> on tuesday lawmakers will hold a public forum at 10:00 a.m. at the wolstein center put the wolstein center putting together a task force to study medical marijuana and the state form toto the first of several scheduled, t senator kenny yuko richmond heights is one of the legislators says it is an opportunity to come two agreement that will help people with difficult medical conditions referring to a poll in october pole and october that shows 90 percentic of ohioans support medical marijuana medical marijuana isn't fighting
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introduced the bill for medical marijuanaa back in 2,005, many poets are concerned that it could lead to abuseet, and possibly obtaining prescriptions then sell or give it >> issue 3 coming, to legalize recreational marijuana received only 3 percent of the vote in november, the backers of medical marijuanano and taken when, several groups are working to get the medical marijuana proposal on the ballot this >> clothing drive has been so successful that had to make an early delivery, 2nd district officers asking people to bring in winter clothing for the homeless, they're asking for socks, underwear andnd gloves hats and scarves, they have already donated 600 pairs of socks and make fools out of their clothing , and they brought the donated items to st. malachi center tonight.em >> last year we started this, we e reached out and asked them to
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for people they responded huge and they do the same thing this year' >> the clothing drive runs through february 7 you can donatee clothing at the 2nd
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we will have a verbal sky
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we were headed toward spring. >> i like that winter is flying by. >> just in time just-in-time for another big snowstorm,>> when all the computer models, looking ahead to middle of february is picking up on a massive storm system . sometimes there could be a glitch and this isre almost two weeks, but we will see . we could end up being on the mild side .ei we had some snowfall earlier today off eastha, hopkins picked up less than half inch yesterday . sunrise this morning , from the crib-camnr perspective, those high clouds added to some cover and there is some ice on lake erie . here is
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extensive cloud cover through the ohio valley are beginning to show signs of breakingr in the overcast . snowfall to the north andwf we expect to be so free today, currently 31 degrees hopkins and 26 akron-canton . with the windchill and the teams . w today in high of 46, well above average about 12 degrees with some scattered broken cloudss and breezy . overnight low of 30 degrees, the clouds break up a bit in the morning and then there are some
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morning but most of it will hold off until later in the day aroundrn five or 6:00 p.m. perhaps later . and some showers on monday as well early . about one quarter inch for most of us in the tomorrow's high of 52 degrees . if were going to get the january thaw, then why not on the last day of the month . wof that's right on schedule, day showers possible with high-pressurean willie mays, the next weather system is moving northeast keeping the really the
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tomorrow down to 40 with a morning shower monday . these mild temperatures hit around a few days, not necessarily remaining in the 50s we will be getting back into winter50 by the end of week into the next weekendee on tuesday, it will be blustery, groundhog day, from brain to snow with highs in the mid '40s wednesday and friday looks and rides an extensive snowfall that on next ex saturday with highs in the low to mid 20s with t nighttime lows and the single digits next friday night into saturday morning ..
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world for the death of their grandmother they say the snake escaped the disney animal kingdom dropping out of a tree biting their son, she sees this and according to the family she died of a heart attack, the family attorney says they plan to sue disney world to seepl damages for the boy's injuries ands the wrongful death of the grandmother . it's a thing of them snakes, t and was it a pet snake,p those are questions, is easy to put fingers and cast c judgment until you are in the shoes of the person who hasnt lost their grandmother is an disney does not address the death but a park t representative said that the allegations are in utterha mischaracterization of the fax said itha was wild wild, anonymous and not part of their collection . >> administrators polled a high school newspaper because of pictures of topless people, it
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topless male, portions of their body are covered with stickers on the front page but not inside their link to the headline of free the nipple they say that of breast-feeding through the larger issue of female sexuality , but recovers mothers proud that her daughters take a stand not everybody agrees. >> they're writing about things that matter to them to checkck in high schools must be young adults but still very immature people not of the people are re high school students they are there are all over 18, the school and ministers will review how the pictures got printed in
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a young boy with leukemia allows listeners he asked her to marry him, kimberly chang has the storyry switch back it is the hospital proposal that has
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>> and a grand public declaration, 5-year-oldld gideon robinson, a patient at rady children's hospital in san diego , proposes to his nurse sarah . p i urge you heard you got down on monday?ou >> i again i then pulled out the rain let up on her finger and then it was over. f >> are you nervous? >> no. >> is mother record his mother recorded the moment and they talk leading up to it is back and we see what it looks like? >> it's been a tough few months for him has been going through treatments that staff tries to make the place is as fun as
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his hard. >> want to legos and i stole all of them l. >> she gave you legos? >> yes, that's all i like. >> even though. he is the he is someone with a h tough battle, and he wants to make others happy. >> i want want to make her laugh because she thinks i'm such a funny boeing. >> as far as kicking down alumni and saying, will you marry me, he probably caught on tv, i have no idea,. >> anything that brings a smile to his face hass her blessing. >> but then you can do when you are here is to try to make the most fun on this issue can.
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