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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  January 31, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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>> trouble off the field. again. cleveland browns quarter back skwraubny manziel once again named in a possible domestic violence incident. good evening everyone. >> . this is the second time in 4 months manziel is being investigated t-r possibly assaulting a woman. he used to date. >> . live for us this evening. outside first energy stadium. what's the latest we know about the case. >> johnny manziel hasn't been arrested or charged regarding any alleged events that may have
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this is another case of johnny in the controversial spotlight. once again. >> disheartened. annoyed. >> it is frustrating. >> not surprised. >> it's a joke. >> another case of cleveland browns quarter back as the center of attention. and it's not good. >> it's heartbreaking. it's like cleveland kind of has sports team has a negative con notation already. we want to build it up. >> . police are investigating an alleged assault involving his ex-girlfriend. early saturday morning in fort worth texas. the police report says a 23 year-old woman called police to report a quote disturbance. involving her ex-boyfriend. the report doesn't identify the woman. but she's believed to be manziel's ex-girlfriend. and police identified manziel by name on twitter.
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when officers arrived at the home. she was un-cooperative. and manziel was nowhere to be found. she told officers she was concerned about his well being. so after cell phone calls and other police agencies involved. fort worth police dispatch their helicopter to look for him. eventually officers learned that manziel was safe. and in no danger. >> the report from police reads in part. >> back here at home. sports fans are talk talking about
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>> when you're a professional athlete. and you're in the public eye. you can't be playing around like he is. he's acting very immature.
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ongoing debate for years. should medical marijuana be legal here in ohio. if you ask many of the people at this town hall meeting in cleveland. they'll tell you yes. >> i'm here on behalf of my mother and brother. who suffer from epilepsy. and we have been doing research for a long time. now. on the potential benefits of medical marijuana. >> . the constitutional amendment would have allowed both the use of recreational marijuana. and medical marijuana. >> they have to make it happen.
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many others need this medicine. and it's time. >> her five year-old daughter suffers from chronic seizures. she says cannabis oil could really help. of course not everyone agrees that medical marijuana should be legal. the citizens against legalizing marijuana sent us this statement
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>> witnesses tell police it started with a fight inside that bar. and security kicked everyone out. but. a short time later. police say the suspect would returned with a gun. and opened fire. one bullet hit a 22 year-old man. in the head. paramedics rushed him to the hospital. where he under went surpbg surgery. his condition or identity hasn't been released. anyone with information should contact garfield heights police. >> if you were to encounter a dangerous situation. one where there was an active shooter.
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>> the class was open to anyone not just members of the club. the hope is that the training will help people make better decisions. if they ever face an active shooter situation. >> in real life. >> the middle of winter in cleveland. only a light jacket. many were at edge water park today.
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>> 56 degrees today. and we're going to be back into the 50s tomorrow. as well. difference is we're going to bring in the clouds. too. >> back up into the low 50s. tomorrow. so starting off your day with clouds. temperatures at 44. seven o'clock in the morning. can't rule out some spotty drizzle. throughout the day. for the most part i'm not expecting the showers to develop. until around dinner time. and then the bulk of the rain. that will move in over night. with the cold front.
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so far on storm fox. we are dry. likely be that way. hit and miss pockets of drizzle. through the day. you can see the rain just north of des moines. and omaha. right on the border. that will be sneaking on in to our area. and a cold front moving in. that will bring colder temperatures for us. it might mess up the monday morning commute.
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>> on february 13. the high school rock off winner will be crowned in what's called the final exam. the winner will receive cash prizes. and a chance to open for a live nation act. >> . good luck to all.
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isn't that amazing. and wonderful tonight. >> it is. >> we didn't reach any highs. but it felt nice to be in the 50s in january. winter will be back. you'll see that coming up. but this weekend warm. it continues. tomorrow, forecast high 54 degrees.
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>> this time tomorrow. we'll likely have the rain. he's what's going on now. up. they'll continue to do so. through the night tonight. i'll take you hour by hour. here. we're looking dry. 40s. some dropping into the upper 30s. depending on where you're at. eight o'clock in the morning. dry. i can't rule out a few pockets of drizzle. here and there. throughout the morning. now afternoon still looking tpwaod. but it's right around dinner time. you'll really start to see the sho us pop up. cold front will be pushing in. over night. just after midnight. that's going to be the best shot at seeing the rain. and then as we tkwet into monday morning. i can't rule out a mix. but by the late morning hours this system should be out of here. temperatures will be trending colder. through the day. 42 degrees tonight. mainly cloudy cool.
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very light. 54 degrees tomorrow. mild again. pockets of drizzle throughout the day. time. the winds will be picking up out of the south at ten to 15. here's a look at your 8 day here. monday temperatures will fall once that rain gets out of here. we're back. in the low 50s. on tuesday. wednesday this system will be wind. rain with that. falling temperatures. wednesday. lake effect snow on thursday. >> not lasting too long. but nice to have a break.
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it paid off. saturday morning a woman pointed out a white van to officer patrolling the park district in san francisco. she told the officers that is looked like the van on the news. officers realize that was the stolen van that had been linked. according to to the orange county sheriff, officers approached the men. one ranch he was chased down and placed in handcuffs. one was found inside of the van. nobody hurt. during the capture. both men were believed to have
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authorities found 3 ammunition rounds in the van. but not a gun. >> google map images of jail. she faces charges related to the escape. and set to appear in court. on monday. >> on friday. the third escapee turned himself in. about half an hour from la. he was cooperating with authorities. when the other two were spotted by the citizen in san francisco. when asked if that woman would get to two hundred thousand dollar reward. the sheriff said she certainly deserves some of the money. >> >> a federal judge has denied bond for a bun tkeu. and other members of a group that occupy a federal wildlife ref skwraoupblg building in oregon. this as 4 members of the protest
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even though the group leader repeatedly told his followers to leave peacefully. and go home.
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made famous by the 1978 movie. >> who would have thought so many years later. this film is still to popular. keeps us all connected too.
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play the lead roles of can danny and sandy. >> about a time in the 50s. that's i think we're really nostalgic for that time in the culture. it was a very innocent time. >> >> there's bad stuff happening now. to go on a trip to another time where things were easier. >> pop artist kicks things off. singing the title song. >> there's no pressure like being the first on stage. >> i love that rush of the nerves i'm going to get. >> i've thrown in. what i kinds of like to do. just a lot of this and this. >> i just put a little bit of me in it. >> during the 3 hour live production. cast members will be shuttled in golf carts between two huge
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where anything could happen. >> i think i drive one. help us all. i'm a horrible driver. >> when it comes to singing their favorite song. they can perform on the spot. >> do not miss a minute of grease live. tomorrow night. watch the action right here on fox 8 at 7 p.m.
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red tape. i team reporter did some digging and here's what he found. >> >> police chase a car. cleveland police don't have dash cams. now the i team obtained this letter. prosecutor has been offer offering to buy dash cams for police. since 2014. the prosecutor office says. it even set up demonstrations. all that time and city police still rely mostly on witnesses. after chases. and other incidents.
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>> even now -lt city is doing more testing. >> . what the hell is going on. >> councilman floored by what we shared. he's been leading call for dash cams for years. pointing out the cameras may have answered questions about the police shooting of 12 year-old rice.
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>> the ohio epa says school leaders took the proper steps to protect students at one school. from led poisoning. there could be a problem tonight. >> an unexpected warning on the agencies web site regarding water quality. caught district officials off guard. the posting warned of led in the school drinking water. despite the fact that the epa declared the water safe.
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temperature right now 41 degrees in cleveland. 56 in cincinnati. 56. eventually continue to soar our way. we have a warm front moving through. this is why there's the risk of a shower. or drizzle. throughout the day. but the main system will come with this cold front. that will push in. mainly after midnight. and in the monday morning. >> i'm expecting most of the rain. but wao eur we're not going to get a lot. take a look. less than a tenth of an inch. for most. >> very light. in and out of here. what you'll notice monday, temperatures drop.
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>> maybe mixing with some snow. at times. at it starts to get out of here. snow. at eleven on monday. it will be cloudy once again.
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>> we're 21 degrees warmer than what we were this time yesterday. >> . how about this. the winner tonight. you're at 48 degrees. at the moment. we will drop to 41 tonight. mainly cloudy. cool. with a light south win. temperatures will hit that low just after midnight. and then we'll rise from there. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning we'll be into the mid 40s. i expect us to hit the low 50s. tomorrow afternoon. >> mild again. drizzle and some showers. >> 8 day forecast, a few showers in the morning. mainly east. temperatures will be falling through the day. we'll start off monday in the 40s. fall through the o 30s. back into the low 50s on tuesday. ground hog day. wewinds will pick up. heavy rain will start to move in. tuesday night.
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>> a cold spell here. from wednesday all the way to valuen taeupbs day. >> valentines day.
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the new york times announced it is endorsing him. for the republican nomination.
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candidates are in full swing to gather support. with just days to go before the iowa caucus. >> the new york times sending shock waves down the campaign trail. in iowa. the paper is endorsing ohio governor. and former secretary of state hilary clinton. the times viewed as america's paper of record by some. and out let of the liberal elite
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>> we are trying to run a different kind of campaign. not one of personal attack. >> declare their support for certain candidates. the iowa caucus starts on monday. at 7 p.m. central time.
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>> the school never called his family or police. >> you're supposed to call the family right away. and if not law enforcement. to say this is what happened. they say that i had already called the cops which is a lie. we had to call the cops. >> tpher of hope is a private school. and said it followed all policies and procedures. both girls were sus suspended.
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>> department says only officers someone who trains cay tphaoeubs. would be allowed to bid on askwrabgs learned last week. that he earned every point possible on the advanced placement calculus exam. one of 12 out of 3 hundred thousand students to take the test to do so. no surprise here. he says he wants to become a
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a lot of attention for taking on a song by adell.
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>> that is eleven year-old. he was reportedly not expected to make if home from the hospital. when he was a baby. because of premature lungs. now he can belt out hello by adell. >> not easy to sing. the video was taken in pittsburg. everyone was watching a steelers game. with a voice like that. i suppose we can forgive him for the steelers jersey. >> . amazing voice. >> that is more like it from the cavaliers. they took it to the spurs at home.
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>> >> gets the lay up. up 6. hanging in there. drives. dishes it out to kyle. who buries the 3. ben gals pull away. silver gets the bucket and the foul. 8 point lead. more sends it ahead to jefferson. who tips it aoefr to lane. who finishes with the dunk. and betkeubgt re-plains unbeaten
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>> a disturbance with the browns quarter back. she was incooperative with police. manziel's ex-girlfriend told authorities she was concerned for his well being. so the police searched for him. by making calls to a cell phone. when he didn't answer they used a helicopter. police located manziel. he was safe. and in no danger. nobody was arrested. the browns are not commenting on the incident. the browns would have to wait until february 8 the day after the super bowl. if they want to cut ties with manziel.
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