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tv   FOX 8 Sunday Early News  FOX  January 31, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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good morning. today m is sunday january 3:17 a.m.. as aj says it feels almost tropical outt fee there. >> it is just stepping outside of knowingt step that the last day of january. tomorrow is february and i can't remember the last time we had a january that was thise warm. >> good morning. >> of course we have aj standing by with a look at our balmy forecast. >> good morning. yesterday's mid- fifties are going to b fie kind of bolstered by the warm front we have moving through. we we could be flirting with 60 today.lirt
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better late thananuar ever very mild noon v reading it is still january 59. clouds and showers more prevalent same in akron canton. that is the warmest reading of thethe wa month and it will unseat that warmest day of the month so far. we are about to see a pretty sunrise and about the next 45t 45 minutes or so. 56 and hopkins 49 in akron canton and youngstown. we will show you breaks in the southwest and propel the temperature. our forecast high yesterday wasas
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up it being 10 degrees warmer than that. almost 60 in paducah already. 60 almost 27 degrees above the average a high. trouble off the field again. o johnny manziel name began in a second incident. they tell us john is just being being investigated this jus invest point and has not been charged. >> makes cleveland lookt be bad. b
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>> not surprised. >> another case of cleveland browns quarterback johnnyse o manziel as the center of attention it's not good. >> it's kind of heartbreaking becausetb that sports team has a a negative connotation to it already and we want to build itatio up and when we see something like that it's like oh s no. police are involving police say a 23 -year-old woman called police to report a quote q ex-boyfriend. the report does not identify the woman but she is believed to be men's l-letter's bel ex-girlfriend and fort worth children identified on twitter. when she arrived at the home police arrived at the home home she th
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>> the police report reads in part that a assault had possibly occurred there were unable to locate a crime scene. s it goes onto on to say that the fourth worth police department were trying to figure if a criminal offense occurred. meanwhile police are talking about the situation with john. >> when you are a you're a professional wii>> athlete and you're inend the public eye, you can't be
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he is acting very immature. >> johnny manziel has not been arrested or both the browns and the nfl are investigating but neither is commenting at this time. ne should medical marijuana be legalized in ohio?dica that's the question. would you know what to do? >> hundreds attended a town meeting to talk about justde that and brittney harris has that story ticket thank you. years.year should medical marijuana be legalized in ohio?ld med if you ask many of the people at this town hall meeting in >> i'm here on behalf of my mother and my brother who who suffers severe epilepsy, i and we have been doing research for a long time on theoing r benefits of marijuana to treate epilepsy so we are here to hopefully skeptical about medical
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>> she is one of many to share t her storyo with senators. they felt it was important to getpo feedback from citizens about thertck f idea especially since issue three failed last november. would've allowed both the use of recreational marijuanad've and medical marijuana. >> they had to make it happen. our lives, the kids lives are depending on it. l there's many other others were talking about it. >> because hits close to home for christina from concorde. her five -year-old c daughter suffers from chronic seizures. she said cannabis oil couldcoul really help her out. of course not everyone agrees that medical marijuana should be legalized.edic citizens against legalizing
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on the matter saying inzehis part the fda processes process is the method we should continue to use toho improve improve medicine and a short safe and effective use. legalizing marijuana for elective use should not be decided by legalized or voter decision. and early morning shooting left of victim fighting for his life early saturdayhtin morning outside a bar on broadway avenue. witnesses told police it started with a fight inside the bar and security kicked everyone out but a short time later theyone suspect fire. one andd man was hit in the head with a bullet and he was rushed to the metro medical center and no his his condition has not been released yet. dangerous situation where there was an active encdang shooter, would you know what to do and how to
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teaching those skills was the goal of a free activeki shooter class put on by a crossfit city club. the included how to avoid a situation how to barricade yourself to and if needed how to arm and fight. if ne the owner of the club it says it is not completely out of your control if you have been trained what to do.e be >> we want people to feell comfortable or as comfortable as possible. we want them to have the toolsls they need to be able to defend and protectable themselves to get give the class is open too anyone, not just members of the club., the hope is that the training willho help peoplepe make better decisions if they mak face an active shooter situation in real an life. a high school band takinging center stage this weekend. >> its is all part of the hot tri-state high school rock off. t last week was round four of the competition. three acts from each round will go on to compete in the final round. it is
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finding the next big act but to give students a venue. >> what this is about is not i necessarily finding the next rollingce stones but it does give these kids an opportunity to work with professionaltu musicians, professional production p people, marketing in fact, there are a lot of people who have movedther on for the next many years and have made a life with people living in then t music business. >> the high school rock off one o oh of the be found and what is called the final exam and receive cash, e prizes and a chance to open for a live nation cast. the stage.e >> it's s a great experience for >> having some fun. som it is 7:10 a.m. and still ahead, the oregon standoff. >> what s is left for ayman bundy and othersfor ay who argue bot occupy
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wildlife refuge in oregon.a and the latest from flint michigan isest fro next. >> plus how would you like to that sounds pretty good but it comes with a catch but it might still be worth it. >> first here is a look at one of our fox eight roof cam's. no pandas in the sky but aj is and with's and with a a look at the forecast and you will love
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welcome back everyone at 7:14 a.m. >> w we are following news out of denver where police say at least onesay person is dead and several others rushed toea hospital after a fight between rival rival by by rival biker gangs at the western stock show complex in denver. please quickly evacuated the arena but have so far not said whether they have anyone in
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a federal judge has denied bond for ammon bundy and others of the group will walk you pride the federal wildlife refuge in group remain on site even though the group'sp remain leaders repeatedlype told hisat followers to leave peacefully to and go home. most residents in the town say saidthe they say they wish the group had brought t weapons that supporte their protest over how much land in the west's federal property. ranchers say citiess and states lose out economically and they hope thatlose changes. >> out the land goes back to the county. it's ourr land that we all can share, but the county a needs to receive this revenue from the land, not the federal government, not somebody that's going nt, no to spend it on a pet project in illinois or wherever. it's got to come backlino here. >> so far 12 people have been arrested on conspiracy charges. as for the four holdouts, they say they will surrender as long
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the government of michigan is releasing some but not all of the mic e-mails related to the flint water crisis.s. the governor released 274 pages fromsed 27 an 18 month period in 242013 and 2014 when they switched their water sourced switch their water sourced or contaminated systemited tou but he is withholding other e-mails because this state law does not require he releaseate any documents. the people may call for him too resign. meanwhile tens of thousands of bottles of water being of distributed to flint residents. legoslt has introduced its first figurine with disabilities after a social campaign asked the company to have more diverse options. the figure is an old wheelchair accompanied by ah service dog and it was spotted servi at the london toyon fair earlier this week. t everyone needs a little love evenne pandas. >> is in isn't that true? t >> we found some have a dreamm
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their professional panda huggers. >> how do i apply?al the giant rick didn't research center r in china is looking to hire several full-time positions.vera >> they're looking to be loved. >> the job description says he will spend 365 days a year hugging the pandas and being there for any ups ande downs of panda life. you must be at least 22 yearsrs old and have some basic panda knowledge. >> they are black and white. i bas t know that. t >> and be able to ride and take pictures. the only downside, a lack of d you won't be allowed to bring yourll ownow food. you have to eat what the pandas eat. >> pandahat as child. >> it pays about $32,000 a year.a >> for eating panda child. >> don't pandas eat - -dash now that's koalas.las. i was thinking you can load you call eucalyptus leaves. >> they havecalypt to eat bamboo. >> i think so.o e >> 90 percent of their diet are
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so you have to eatis bamboo. >> i guess it's going to have to be delisted.g >> it can't be that bad. >> can i have the other o 1 percent. >> you don't know what itit is. >> it's totally panda child. >> that'sally right.. >> that's probably not the worst job. >> that ruby great if you got to spend your whole day hugging f you pandas so just weigh your options. a good day to get out and go to the zoo and look at pandas. >> it reallynd d is. >> fifties right now and these temperatures are so beautiful for latemperat january, but this has been the kind of season we have had all winterof s long, including the last part of inc autumn last month we had several days inad a sve row where we had 50-degree temperatures so we will be looking at that but first of w all, what a beautiful sunset.
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yesterday evening as the sun sets.urinsterday ev the high clouds made for such a colorful sunset. we had some rain showers come through early this r morning and it's been a fairly nice start to the sunday s and dry this sunday asry t well.ell. that won't be the case later on this evening.enin the showers will assemble and move through. we are starting to see some signs of that happening from chicago down tot happ st. louis, and these rain showers will go through late tonight and early morning. right morning. now 52 degrees at the lake's deg product, something that we normally getometh in late march or early april. not much in the way of windchill
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and it is january thaw. the high yesterday was 56 degrees when we have an average high of 35, almost a dozen degrees above average.lm it's the warmest day so far for january. before that 52 was our warmest temperature earlier in w the month the last time we had a temperaturewe of 56 degrees was ons december 27th which capped off a whole week of days when we were over 50 degrees.ha wh that 50-degree plus range also included a 65-degreean high smack s dab in the middle. impressive stuff.m 59 today is two dozen degrees above average. very mild. showers are possible but as we said, especially this afternoon. the breezes pick up as well. forty-nine akron canton inin
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tonight we are calling for we're calling for a few showersstoni around and turning cooler. winds out of the south becoming west so that will aid the chilly field to the air.h there is the showery weather above this ahead of the front end we will see the main area of precipitation that had shifted off toward the east.rion tomorrow's highs 41, almost 20 degrees colder. a a shower in the morning then partlyya cloudy and temperatures begin to fall as we go into the overnight hourstempto f and headed toward upper twenties as we get into tuesday, groundhog day. still calling for some breaks of sunshine what should be som enough to cause the groundhog to head back into the borough as you see.oboroug low fifties. still very mild and wednesday is our day of change. a the next weather system we will be watching will likelysy w have blizzard conditions although
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of year.itio we should stay on the mild side and then change over two to an airrd mass which is not not arctic in nature but is definitely feeling the chill which is closer to average for this time of to year. now it is 7:22 a.m. and stills 22 ahead, as a junior has a junior high student jun take it taken bullying to the extreme? t >> the victim's father is pointing fingers at school officials. a very bright feature ahead, how one student is proving he is amonge the smartest in the world if not the
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>> greece last night on seven at
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>> warm weather is the word. >> that is the word. i could stand for is that outside t this morning. welcome back atmo 7:25 a.m. and it recently retired ohio police officer said he was told by the city he could not buy by the k-9 officer had been working witheen for four years. he offered to pay the city of marietta for $3,500 for his k-9 partner aj. it decided whenen he decided to retire. ajax isis six and has the potential to work for six more years but marietta's law detector says the dog law detector says the dog is technicallydect property of the city and will be sold at auction to the highestsold bidder. >> i'm afraid that somebody that might try to take the dog and auction it away high of course overhigh my head. >> i don't know that anybody in the city of marietta once that toci happen.. >> the departments is only
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retired or someone who trains k-9 officers would be allowed to bid on9 of ajax. shocking video out of a denver school were seventh-grade seventh-grade girl is being beat up.e ntnt her father is's outraged after he sayss he toldou school officialsfici that his daughter was being robert medina said his seventh-grade daughter was assaultednth- and hit repeatedly by an eighth-grade girl repe in a classroom. his daughter's friends took picture with the cellen phoneds and found out after his daughter sent aund text to the relatives. he says the school never called his family orl ne police. >> you should call the po parents enforcement to say hey look visit is this is what happened.emen they said they had already called the copsa which was alive. got there. >> it is a private school that says theyeygot iv follows followed all procedures.. both girls are suspended and medina says that is not fair to his daughter as well.medi a high school senior s
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ins am the nation. >> this after getting nat a perfect strokee score on one of those most difficult college tests ever beard he. he learnedfi t what learned last week that he had earned every possibled ea point on the advanced placement calculus exam. he was one of 12 people out of 300,000 students who took the test to do so. no surprise here. he says he wants to become get this, a rocket scientist. >> there was some challenging questions but nothing that i couldn't do. chqu just work hard try hard and you will get good atju it. >> all of his classmates passed the exam, but he was the only one to get a perfect score.heas he plans, once again to become a rocket scientist and we hope it takes them veryentist far. >> he's got a great future ahead of him. >> that makes you feel good that there's going fee to be someone to takeso care of us when we get old. 7:28 a.m. and still ahead,
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cases. >> it's a dashcam controversy in cleveland so why aren't there more cameras and police cruisers? still cr to come, is startling i idea of investigation.s star coming up in sports, johnny manziel back in thepo headlines for all the wrong reasons plus the cavsng r looking for revenge
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welcome back. in beautiful sunday. justice suit coat out here just a suit coat out here although not necessarily my recommendation. i tend to run a little hot andan plus i've had a couple of cups of coffee so turning on the sweat machine. t let's have a look at our high 56 degrees yesterday, 11 above average. 1 the record high as 62. i don't think we will hit that record today to be pick up some daylight from up yesterday of course no snow. y 27.9 inches below the normal snowfall. the rain returns this morning up to the north on storm fox doppler
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sixty-two at the lakefront and county airport. fifty at hopkins. a look at the warmth that has worked its wayarmth into northeast ohio but if we look at the n temperature, it is 19 degrees warmer than it was yesterday at this time.s9 ha there is the next round of precipitation to the west and the cold front had headed oure ne w way as we get to tomorrow morning should clear. t mild temperatures will ensue. showers developing later on this evening, but we could get into some sunshine today.uld it feels so nice. i'm sure many people will be out taking a peopl stroll or maybe even with their tops down which i've seen happen mayb've in warm weather like this. on eighth his convertible.. >> thank you for clarifying. [laughter] cla the fox eight i team has confirmed why cleveland t police did not have cameras in their
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else would pay forn thou it all. >> the answer, red tape. t and galek when digging and here's what he found.k when >> we have received this letter that's that the cuyahoga county prosecutorcuyaho has been authorized to by dashcam's for police and 2014. they've even set up demonstrations but all that time and citytrat police still rely mostly on witnesses after chases and othermost incidents that could be on >> there was a high-speed chase.ra the police department was chasing a carepar nonstop, ran through the passenger side rann through this crossing guard. >> school guard not a police >> they bought body chemistry police to wear but none in cars
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offer from the county prosecutor to pay every lastnt penny. they said would you choose the vendor i paid the bill the next day.oo ve they said they were doing it a i dashcam pilot system or test but evenm now the city is doing more testing. >> what the hell is going on?? >> councilman zack reed floored by f what we shared. he s has been leading a call for dashcam's forng years pointing out the cameras may have answered questions about the police a shooting of 12 -year-old tamir rice andti more. >> this isn't red tape. this is just a fact that they just aren't doing a f it. >> cleveland has been talking about buying - -dash cameras with cleveland prosecutors money but we cleveland heights police and 13 other suburban police departments have already doneub it, some of those police forces getting cameras for f the first time or as part of parma heights, adding more to the fleet.height the mayor's office provided no
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by e-mail they told c us the newh goal ise to have dashcam's in cleveland police cars by september. a browns quarterback isba once again in hot waterck plus cab's take on the spurs. he was pjs everything you need to know in n your sunday morning sports report.our s >> good sunday morning to you. that is more like it from the cavaliers. they wererecava against that one of the top two teamsnsth in the nba and they took it to the san antonio spurs at thth home with the new offense. cavs jumped out to an earlyy lead final seconds of the first quarter jarrod smith beats the buzzer and gets the job at the go, cavs up by seven after one. second-quarter tony parker takes theny par ball and cavs double-digit
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theb t ball and all five cavs starters double figures as they beat a the spurs 117 to 103. and high school action marlon moore layout bengals up six. saint ignatius hanging in there. michael hollis drives outside. bengals start to pull away gets the bucket and eight points then they throw it out more head toad jefferson who took takes it over to justin lane who finishes with atook tlane dunk and that makes them on unbeaten at home 64 / 46. cleveland state lost in overtime 72 / 70 o on a last-second shot.ot kenny carpenter scored a career-high 72y carp points and they've won four straight games. g more troubling news on browns quarterback johnny
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news off the field that is making headlines. this took place in the dallas-fort worth area where according to police john's ex-girlfriendaccord says she was involved in a disturbance of the browns quarterback and was uncooperative with police. she told p authorities that she was concerned for mademoiselle's well-being so police search for him byli calling his cell phone, whichis c he didn't answer, and theyey ended up using a helicopter. police later located him. he was safe anded h have in no danger. no one hav was arrested and browns are not commenting on the they would have to wait until the day after the super bowl if they wanted to cut ties with the embattledwlte quarterback. no baseball game schedule games scheduled at s progressive field. indians were in town taking part it tried fest were over 3,000 people attended at the hotel in downtown. indians return to spring training in less than three weeks andtutraini now they're only 64
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indians had to do themselves out of a hole to start the season. the manager hopes this year will be a littler ho different.t >> the only thing i really know is to try to get theme ready and then turn them loose. we have had a hard time gettingting into the flow and the rhythm are guys have done a good job.hy it has taken us too long to get into that rhythm. everyone wants to know the status of outfielder michael brandt brantley and if we could see them playing for the league together.nt is recovering from shoulder surgery and is expected to miss some time to start the season. right now the timetable will not be s determined until he is cleared by the doctor. >> it all dependsyhe on when i get cleared. until i get back target to a retake? i don't targe know. >> we will keep progress on him as we draw closer to spring k
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a big win by the cavaliers and we will seeca if they can do it again on monday in indiana. ca other sports time. have motorsports time. have a great e. sunday. a big night for more than 200 people in geauga county. c last night marks the annual winter mall in chester lent. food, plenty of dancing, even some limo rides. the r event was sponsored by the mom's ministry which stands for mayfield united methodist they said the goal is to create more social events for those with special needs. >> i started this ministry because i didn't>> i feel there was enough social activities for them and they tend to be t secluded and don't have a lot of social'tav activities, so i started this ministry to give them social activities.t mtr we have three dances a year, this being our biggest. >> this was the 60 year for the annual winter ball.th60 this would be your ticket for a brand-new home. h tickets for the saint jude'sude'
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february 18th at se 6:00 a.m. >> cleveland custom homes built some $500,000 homes which is located in the red tail golf community in avon. the proceeds benefit saint jude proteins bef a hot tub. for more information head over to and who doesn't want a hot tub? d all of that? kick it with a hotot tub. 7:31 a.m. 7:41 a.m. and still to come grease is the word. >> it is. it's got a groove and it's got meaning and tonight is the night. up next to look behind the scenes of greece live. >> coming up, super bowl safety is almost here and we know 196 -year-old who is pretty fired up with the bigretty matchup. >> let's take a live look
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cloudys a side but no complaints because when you step outside you will beu step shocked at how warm itt ho is out there. aj will be back with the rest of your sunday weather when we
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7:45 a.m. breezy outside and it's going to 7g be a lovely day. >> it is.. it is not quite florida weather. >> there is w a space between nato and they are. >> will writebe a period
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>> kudos tohip you for being couth. >> big words. >> you guys are keeping me awake here ticket remember the candy bar while it wasn't a candy bar. remember the kudos bar. >> i think so. they are quite tasty. a lot of chocolate. >> it is quite tasty outside right now. with a morning like this i don't think weorning will ever really want to go back to winter.l ever when we see the temperatures that are dueen w in. >> i think the groundhog should be forewarned aboutndho this. we've got a ring to the north and know when jury precipitation inside today or for that matter, tomorrow m as you will see in february.i
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comeme s out and paste to film of clouds over the buckeyes stage.ste to in indiana there's a little bit of dry air that could work its way into northeast cou ohio which temperatures. i think i'm going to amend my earlier statement about not getting to the record high of 62 degrees. i think there is a chance we could get close to that record.ere is a little bit of sunshine would w certainly add a couple of degrees did c that so we will see s how it all pans out. 60 degrees at hopkins, 49 in akron canton.nt cooler in toledo at 43. at 8:00 a.m. yesterday around this time itterd was 33 degrees. look at the 33 spike in temperatures as we went into the afternoon. ss we mid- fifties.
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down into the thirties by midnight. just about 2:00 a.m. or so we began to climb back up again and it is all uphill from here. 59, a couple degrees above or a couple of dozen degrees above the average highen temperature, and showers possible. it will be breezy for p sure andd turning cooler tonight. there will be some rain along theolwi front end just behind it as well.ust you can see the rain showers showers into the evening and maybe even squeak in and a barbecue.d ma some folks have kept their propane grillsa k outside. why not? o 41 tomorrow, a shower in the morning. partly cloudy skies with falling temperatures likely that 10 to 15 miles per hour. that is a front going through anddthat meanwhile another weather system will come through innot the
7:40 am
forecast getting us into a little bit of snow wednesday into thursday. perhaps some lake effect snow. t 34. friday looks quite beautiful, mostly beau sunny and then we've got some snow developing saturday into the teens saturdayng s night then sunday's high 21 so we are getting back into we're getting back into. >> we always come wing ck into we back.k >> that is a delay because it was supposed to come in on bau friday but we pushed it off for a couple of the models aren't coming together into agreement onen that. >> we will wait wage wait and see and cross all of oura w fingers >> maybe we can eject it. >> one of them is an eject button.
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generation oftroduc fans to a timeless movie that has had a singing along for nearly 40 years. the premiere of greece live right here on fox eight fox eightgh tonight. >> live performers present many unique challenges but here's moreut on how cast members are preparing for this big event.t me >> on sunday fox's production of greece live will introduce a new generation ofe fans to the classic musical made famous by the 1978l ma movie starring john travolta and olivia newton-john. >> who would've thought that so many years later it would come back and it keeps us all connected also to. >> this timeme conn around julienned and aaron j play the lead roles of danny and sandy. >> it and sa was a innocent time and in
7:42 am
time and there's some bad stuff happening nowst so it's nice to go back to a time that was maybe a littleba easier. >> they kick things off singing the titlehings song. >> this no pressure like being the first one on stage. b i love the rush of the nerves i'm going to get.of the i feel really honored and very lucky that a i'vend been asked to experience something like this. a i'm definitely kind of thrown in what i like to do which is a little of this and a little of this. into it you >> during the three-hour production, rydell high cast members h will be shuttling golf soundstages on the one of could htagef happen. >> god help all of us because
7:43 am
>> i am driving at one point. i will try to get out of a one there. >> when it comes to singing their favorite song, these guys can perform on the spot.he >> it looks fantastic and don't miss thestic minutes a minute that a minute the minutes of a minute of greece live.s a you can catch the action right here at 7:00 o'clockn ca p.m. followed p by fox news at 10. a >> when you see something like this it whe is really nice to watch. >> it is 7:52 a.m. and still ahead, hitting the high notes. >> up next we next we will introduce you to a hige ne boy who may be giving a delve a run for her
7:44 am
talk about this. >> a boy from columbia is getting a lot ofro attention for taking a song from adele. listen. >> i have chills. that is an 11 -year-old who was reportedly not expected to makee it home from the hospital when he was a baby because he was born beca prematurely. now he can belt out hello by adele because "-left-double-quote work. b
7:45 am
in barbershop in pittsburgh with that kid's voice a bit i guess we can forgive him for his football him team choices. we've got a lot more coming up in the 8:00 a.m. mor hour.
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