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tv   FOX 8 Sunday Midday News  FOX  January 31, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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foxy news in the morning
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>> good sunday morning to you. waking up to cloudy skies on this january 31st with a littlery 3 bit1s of sunshine breakingki through here and they are but if you have b stepped outside this morning you will not mind the clouds.will we have very, very mild january temperatures and hopefully you will get out there to enjoy.ures a let's send things over to aj who is going to phyllis and on fill us in on this we needed this. >> it's lovely out here and untily ou yesterday the warmest temperature in the month of january was 52 degrees set a few weeks ago. s now we are enjoying temperatures that will be near record levelsying today. first of all its 57 degrees already at 57 hopkins and 58 at the lakefront and with temperatures like that, who needs windchill? te
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and mainly it is a pretty stiff south wind that we've got going. kind of some showery activity as wellower that mainly to the north and some spotty light from spotty light rain showers. best chance of rain coming later tonight after seven or 8:00 p.m. comin 57 in akron 52 and was stirred over to philly overnight philly checks in at a 58 sustained wind that 21 atusta hopkins akron canton gusting to 31.ron and here's our 3d weather flights. you can flight. you can see 3we some clouds the vast majority of the t rain is still west of chicago at this point but it will eventually settle ahead of the cold front.nt the eight-day forecast takes us into the month of february.y trouble off the field yet cleveland browns quarterback
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possible domesticns q qjohnny violent violence v incident for the second time in four months that he is being investigated for possibly assaulting a woman he used to date.po alison brown tells us to johnny is just being investigated at this point and no charges have been p filed. >> disheartened. annoyed. >> it is frustrating seeing how he is literally struggling through all of this stuff. >> not surprised. a case of cleveland browns quarterback johnny manziel the good. >> it is heartbreaking because cleveland kind ofhear has the sports teamh has a negative comment connotation to it already and we want to build it up. when you see something like that >> t police say something about his ex-girlfriend in texas. police say the 23 said the 23 -year-old woman called3 police to
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involving her ex-boyfriend. dis the report does not identify the woman n but she is believed to be his ex-girlfriend. they identified him by name them by name on twitter.ntifie when officers when she arriveded at home she was quote uncooperative and men's l-letter manzella was nowhere to be'n' police dispatch their helicopter to look foratch t him. eventually officers learned that he was safe and in noally o danger to give he is going to be an nfl quarterback, at some point you had have to take responsibility and to be a professional off the field and on the field andd hopefully somewhere along the line he willho get bad weather does in cleveland or somewheret bad else. >> this reads in part that a possible assault had occurred, the complainant occ was uncooperative with officers on scene and they werere unable to
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it goes on to say that the forth f fort worth fort worth police department is activelyth f working w witho dallas pd to determine if a criminal offense occurred. meanwhile here at home sports fans are definitely talking about the situation when johnny. >> when you aresi an athlete and you are in the public eye, you can't be playing around like he is. he's acting very immature. >> we will reiterate johnny manziel has not been arrested oriter charged. both the browns and the nfl are >> should america's should marijuana be legal in ohio? here's more on the push for pot. >> the ongoing debate for years. should medical marijuana be legalized in ohio? you ask many of the people of this town hall in hall in
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>> m actually here on behalf of my motherbeha and my brother who suffers severe epilepsy and we have been doing research for a long time d now on the potential for and benefits of marijuana to treat epilepsy so we are here to hopefully speak to people who are skeptical about medical m marijuana. >> she was here to share her story with couple of senators who are hosting a town hall meeting. neither have plans to legalize medical marijuana at l this time but they thi felt it was important to get feedback from citizens about thes imrom idea, especially since issuepe three failed. >> they have to make it happen. >> this morning police are investigating after driver hit to two people crossing the streets between kelsey road and apollo parkway around 630
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one victim died at the hospital. the otherth is in critical condition. police in say the 73 -year-old driver was drunk and faces several charges including aggravated vehicular, side and o vi. police vi. police have not identified the victim or the driver. in that garfield heights police are that investigating the early morning shooting that left a victim fighting for hishat life. it happened outside a fight f outside of the a bar on it started with a fight inside the bar one bullet to the 22 -year-old man in the head. paramedics rushed him to the metro if you were to encounter
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active shooter we do know whatw
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a federal judge has denied bond for ayman bundy and other members of the group that occupied a federal wildlife refugeedal w in oregon, this is for members of the protest group remainthe on theprot sides even though theides e group's leader repeatedly told his followers to leave peacefully and go home. most residents in the town say theytown wish they had not brought weapons but not they do support theiro protest over how much land in the west's is federal property. the as they say the states and cities will hope this will perhaps lead tohope t change. >> it is our land that we all can share but the county needs ton receive revenue from the land, not somebody that is f gorgeous spend it on some project in illinois or whatever. it's got to come back here. w
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arresteden on conspiracy charges. as fornspi the four holdouts, they say they will surrender as long as they are notr rren arrested. the governor of michigan is releasing some but not all of his e-mails related to the flint water crisis.ils governor rick snyder's office released 274's o pages and and the governor's withholding otherher e-mails from staffers because michigane- law does not require them to release any documents. many critics call on snyder tooc resign. meanwhile tens of thousands of bottles of water are still being distributed to is still being distributed to residence there at this stitite point. lego has just introduced its latest inclusive figurine with the new lego comes after a socialal media thing that i asked the company to have more diversity. in the figures in a wheelchair
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it was spotted at the d london point toy l fair. what a day. >> you saw >> it is award-winning out there mars february 1st. the last time we had the warming temperaturesth 52 degrees a month. the record highs 62 here's a look at time lapse from the group boot h h camp nothing precipitating on our heads heres underneath those clouds. here is stormm fox doppler radar. the rain is to the north.oppl there was a little shower that showed sho up a couple of hours ago
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made its way up to thompson and you can actually seempso that. that is about it. could be a daughter to warn your windshield going through the rest of this afternoon and especially this evening. afterno the probability of rain will be on the increase fore pr sure i met is as of right now though showers are rightright here and in iowa heading toward chicago they will get a littleng rain also out of this weather system. computer models are keeping the rain onng the light side definitely under a quarter of an inch. look at nitelyinch that warmth all the wayy up through western pennsylvania connected to western pennsylvania connected to
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we will be humming this normal t day. if you're a grease fan, don't
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so how about that?t $3 listen to this 11 no boy singing a song oh boy singing a song by >> that if his 11 -year-old tristan who was reportedly not expected to make it home from the hospital when he was a baby it ho because he was a baby and now he can belt outnd hello by adele. i guess with a voice like that we can forgive him the steelers jersey isn't that incredible? >> his very talented. you may see him on some future
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>> remember his name. tristan sounds good feels good. we are talking about dropping the top in your convertible a little bit later onnth today. >> good. thank you foror clarifying it so it random i don't have a convertible geek it's one of those great days today. it' >> roll down the windows. >> that's all i can do although i doha have a sunroof. anyway we've got snow on the way but it's going to get colder for later in the week. t thank you for watching fox to news tv news at th home and online
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