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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  February 1, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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are following breaking news, this is an stark county, they're there on the scene of a fire after a trained derailment in brewster ohio . so far no reports of any injuries that nearby residents have been evacuated, we have a crew on the way and will bring you more. >> lake county man arraigned on charges he caused the deaths of two pedestriansnso in a drunk driving accident on saturday
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>> they said the driver had been drinking for hours for the accident did not talk did not debacle the system was nearly twice the legal limit. >> very shocking . they never knew what hit them stuff they were hit from behind .. >> they say about 6:30 p.m. the beastly kabul was hit from behind by a pickup truck while walking on the side of lost nation road, 57-year-oldp kendrick perkins was pronounced dead , her boyfriend, was taken died, the driver of the pickup truck, city said the 4-year-old was arraignedci on two counts of aggravated vehicular homicide and ovi, .co among those mourn the loss of the couple are a between
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grandson. >> this gentleman stripped her of her parentss at a young age and of their grandson of their knowing them . i would say to him him that you need to get help and i say this two everybody that the help is out therere and i don't believe that we should or any family should have to deal with this.or >> if convicted, he could face eight years in prison on each countac and he is in the lake county jail on a 50,000-dollar bond. >> lynn stein to determine who killed a couple in an elyria parking lot, recalled . police were called to the scene about 10:00 p.m. last night withw reports of shots fired and that's when that's when they
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suv administration called police expect aad cleveland police commander sat down in protest of the punishment handed out last week for a jason given kill two suspects,s,k has learned that commander james chura is not a captain,c he will oversee units in handlingwi sex crimes, child abuse and domestic violence until the i-team that came after differences of opinions he said that he may be involved in arbitration hearings as i'll certified the punishment. >> the charges filed for an f attack of an rta bus driver video last december attack with the bus rider flew into a rage about expired fare card the moneyntt went to help the driver police called the police a cuyahoga county grand jury charges l he was on probation at the time and still in jail weekend and nobody is complaining. orge
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temperatures coming back and a chance for snowfall . the wind is still very calm, it is a calmv, quiet evening, this morning in the morning you can look at fiven places before sunrise at about 7:00 a.m. indication of a large storm system coming from colorado and tonightht partly too mostly cloudy tomorrow so breaks of sunshine so maybe punxsutawney phil the buckeye chuck will see their shadows . the big storm system producing serious snowfallth for areas north and west tonight upper 20s and then tomorrow around 30 degrees for your
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thickening after dinnertime with modern conditions will be winds reaching 30 -- 35 mph . . johnny manziel here and here could be coming to an end after a texas is in or texas this weekend as place forn call to a fort worth apartment afterc a woman told that she is worried about her ex-boyfriend johnny manziel on saturday after they had an altercation,e police are not releasing information about the information until the until the attorney general attorney general reviews in common herere inm cleveland a growing movement to boycottg any talk of johnny manziel social media it is called a johnny green february. >> on twitter using the hash tag of j. f. f. i said i would be ul committed to not talking about g him and then they gathered
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a thousand people who signed up and itit is gaining momentum. >> brownson not commented. >> the partnership underway for a canton officer and hish k-9 officer, officer ryan davis lost his former partner jethro last month after he was killed during a shootout with the suspect , lastly davis went to texas to get his new partner to come it is a bittersweet moment for him he says that jethro cannot be forgotten.m >> the word replacement is not fitting, there will not be a replacement but it is a new partner and we are moving forward with training. >> plans are to have to go complete history and to be working on streets in april. >> coming up, all eyes will be
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which will give the all-important give the all-important jump on the race for the white house ?ve find out tonight as the iowa caucuses get underway asw joel waldman joins
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init an tid i'm, going to contact diversity, they do a lot of this campaign polling they say that ted cruz is up about 1 percent withc previous caucus goers but looking at first-timers he iscu down 18 points to donald trump so it is important tonight to seet who turns out . we spoke to a person here and she had never caucus before said she was think about it there is a certain energy . back in 2,0084 president obama, about 40,000
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fewer potentially . if bernie sanders gets a big number could be a big win for him on the democratic side.n >> thank you joel waldman, will have the latest at 10:00 p.m., as two which candidate will come out on top in the iowa caucuses have more coverage including a ride a live report from des moines, iowa tonightpo fox 8 news at 10:00 p.m. it'll be an interesting night out west with snowfall also moving in . to virginia tech students arrange in the death of a 13-year-old girl, nicole lavelle's body was found 100 miles away from her home and blacksburg virginia, as a general david eisenhauer and 19 or natalie keepers was arrested sunday to help him dispose of the girl's body they
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beforehand and plantar death. >> based on evidence collected we have determined that they were acquaintedw prior to her disappearance, using this relationship to his advantage to abduct and kill >> motorcycle or or the place i would police have not disclosed how she was killed . learn more about the actions of three escaped inmates in californiao that they can map a taxi driver at gunpoint and forced him to stay with them for a weekxf two of them also fought over whether or notve he should be killed and where to bury his body, he was not injured and they say that he was helping them all for inmates are back in custody. >> a growing concern over the spread of the zika virus, the world health organization declares a global emergency that would increasekat efforts to stop it as it is spread by mosquitoes andt for most people causes no more than a mild illness that
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defects with cases confirmed in several states are prompting some lawmakers to calles on the feds fence to do more to fight it backcc they should expeditiously work with private industry to develop a vaccine, treatment and a test for the zika virus .. today show estimates 4 million cases of zika virus could turn up in the americas in and the next year,n cdc says says says it does not says it is nown looking into e. coli outbreaks linked to chipotle, and initial outbreak in october 250 in 11 states a second outbreak of a different strain of e. coli in december affected five people in three states they're not sure what could caused the outbreak and chipotle says it is putting new food safety standards in place to reduce the risk of future outbreaks.dar >> talk about the iowa caucus, and there is a snow storm moving in.t >> they could easily get a foot
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that they whole line of the storm system for us to some cloud cover paired with our sunsets about 5:45 p.m. in overnight tonight it will be calm and quiet .l when you average out the highs and lows hs in january it is about 28 which is about status quo the status quo . snowfall is about 1 foot below normal . early morning then we fell to the upper 30s and the low 38 . at hopkins 37 and very calm
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in minneapolis for 31 that is basically for them a heatwave,t was her from thinking through this morning, next piece of the storm affecting iowa and a blizzard warning instant winter storm warnings . iowa withh portions of nebraska and kansas colorado montana wisconsin and michigan . it is a juicy system going to get smacked with precipitation . we'll have some rain tomorrow in west east . about 8:00 a.m. wednesday in wisconsin
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about 3 inches would have fallen , for us,u partly cloudy to mostly clear skies tonight . but it will be client with some sunshine moral which could be questionable for punxsutawney phil and buckeye chuck because if there is sunshine they would see their shadow, we will give you theosh coverage tomorrow morning and then more clouds throughout the day with showers after 6:00 p.m. , the mount ayr losing click with southwest wind between 15 and 20 gusting up to g 30 -- 35 . then we go on to getting warmer with some pretty decent downpours tuesday night into early wednesday and once that front comes through the through the rainfall shuts off midday wednesday . and that
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low 50s midday wednesday that fallen into the 40s in the upper 30s and then low 30s, the weekend, temperatures between 35 and 40 and those big snowstorms, will be nothing for the first full week of february. fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. a place where ohioans go to reportla mysterious sightings in the sky see you tonight at 10:00 o'clock for that . . layoffs are coming to yahoo, it could help theo co2 to control the company, reportedly amounting to 15 percent of the
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following thee1, release of courtly finances officials are declining commenttl there ceo hood been trying to fend off a group of angry shareholders they say in the paste three half years has not made progress in the attempt to turn around the financial performance . jamarcus allen off en after the news was play at donald trump rallies, donald trump took the stage around today to play the song from goodell goodell, you sat at his s pre- rally playlist now she wants everyone to know that know that she were given given permission should not the first to make it clear she is not associated with the candidate,ak aerosmith frontman steven tyler acid to stop using their classic dream of .o last week marking 30 years since the challenger disaster today marking 30 years since the destruction of columbia, seven astronauts died
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reentrysie in 2,003, exterior tiles were damaged during the stuff they found that they led to itd breaking up over east texas as it descended toward the space center is back six months away from the the rnc, and local
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the breaking news out of brewster,
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train derailment, near the willing and airy station, no injuries as far as we know . residents are being evacuated there, for continuing coverage have that tonight fox 8 news at 10:00 p.m. . work with restaurants are cashing in the head head of the rnc, a great restaurants and catering says horovitz restaurants are booked . washington dc political website the hill will be headquartered at hodgeses using the downtown restaurant for meals were space and entertaining . bin 216 and cibreo italian kitchen and playhouse square also rented say it's a way to guarantee revenue at a time when protesters might steer clear.
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the revenue keep employees happy and making more than what we normally would makem to be open for that week. >> is planned of his plan to hire more employees . the rnc downtown alliance as well be plenty of restaurants open to the public.ce >> tickets for the st. jude dream home on sale thursdayf for great event 6:00 a.m.,le the half-million dollar home in the avon's red tail h golf can be built by an custom homes custom homes with tickets at $100, proceeds benefit saint jude also gives you a chance to win a car fromss nick abraham auto mall and hot tub from lite-house pools and spas and othersn can't, just go to fox for more info.
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receiving rave abuse, more than a 20 million people in for the three hour live broadcast aside from a brief audio glitch it was the most part flawless. >> a mother hears her sons heartbeat three years after he passes away,he heather clark auster said -month-old son and twin 13 donated his organs to save the lives of three children , 4-year-oldans jordan drake was well those who received his heart, thanks to a group called donate life arizona , she got a precious gift to listen to her sons hearde a good living inside the girl,. >> feedback are tied at 10:00
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