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tv   Fox 8 News at 430AM  FOX  February 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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good at morning. welcome to fox 8 news in the morning it's monday. the day after the super bowl. february 8. 43 degreeses outside kind of mild. m they can switching offense is there with this early after the a great went for the broncos fans. not sure what teams come sableco is rooting for both had some rough weather coming our way. at least it's about 40 that's goingth to change as the afternoon goes on the fronts going to come through in two ways we will see one can't come through during the day and another come through it won't notice the rain and wet snow is coming out us from the south.
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isn't that aggressive as you look at storm fox radar per starting to see some accumulation as the winds come out of the south. the middle and upper 40s so initially we are highlighting some rainnd0s in the transition over tor wet snow is the temperature at 30 some accumulation is possible today terrible piece from today from it. the traced to an inch there will be use there will be some spotsso
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snow and another one at the end. that will kick in behind the slushy wet snow in a little bit. this is the seventh back there and traffic slowing person close canal road when her i 9052 will be posted. there on the scene before route 91 with a fatal accident.ilil
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meany joins us now they're doing everything they can for those who are responsible have her students have enough shaken up. now i want to move out especially something like this could happen rate near campus. they say there's no immediatee threat to campus anyone is asked
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this story.s in other news an northern ohio police officer recovering after he wasff wounded in a shootings that left a suspect that saturday night and kansan a high about an hour west from the city of they try to arrest an armed suspect he took off. but it does appear that he was shot. is expected to recover this incident is now under investigation.
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stop racism. is to acknowledge they exist. >> when we still were second in the nation and poverty. we can't solve the problem if you don't talk about it.t. great says we must also focus on reducing how many small children
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death in cleveland. are they trying to enforce the law or isy it just a money grab.b. we turn our cameras on the cops and go in search for answers can't and attract this week weather and traffic every eight minutes only for a few hours how the restaurant chain is taking action after its e. coli break. >> take check on her super bowl performance plus. details on her big announcement.r look at that. low 40s here enough cold air been pulled into the system hereh going to see rain changing over toer us a wet snow knows how it's not moving very fast to the east talk more about that .-dot
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what a great show coldplay bowl show they were not alone. that's beyonce and put on mars up andt put on the shut that that the people in the stadium to their feet.p formation world to us in a
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show that will be her first had thingst to her to the world. there's not a stop in cleveland schedule. how could she not stop. maybe it was just a mistake. what a great show. do think she'll ever put some clothes on. we're laughing because they were going back in time to other halftime performanceses and whitney houston she was sweating this because she has close on john shoot out grow i was just wondering. he had to leave the room. i'll be pit back on beyonce 's
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there's a weather element there.'m i'm not complaining. i just pointed that out. i guess that. do you do i think i want to leave the room. i watching make sureea for the show.r and you needed this is a topica to topic talk about in the morning. you feel me. the site 80 degrees here. it's not even 40 degrees here. the warmest tables he is right now the warmest hour we see until maybe the middle of next week is right now. notice we have some rain
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don't seeh what the toledo temperature. a little further to the making their clevelandhe and another hour or two. i think right now will start to notice a little further south polar points on the cooler air in to the area most of the ones are relatively light our forecast now willw continue to highlight the streets of precipitation that runs from central canada and all the o c way down to southern ohio into cincinnati were
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upper 30s. this will be rainen initially and it will start to pull down so some of that will start to transition over to slushy, wetl soon. there's the break it would step out scattered snow showers developing as the winds are shifting here in chicago out of the northweste associate slushy accumulation willso start to see that after thee morning commuteom notice the temperatures start to fall back to the lower 30s l here as streak of rain and wet snow push further north will start to push a little bits later this most of us will start to accumulate later today as the temperatures fall back into the 20s tonight and stay in the upper 20so here's is going to happen.e
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today temperatures will start to fall behind in the secondat i would say by saturday into sunday most of the areaby is goinggo to see temperatures dropping. there's a quickck look at thet radar where are you going. ther kristi just got up and left i don't know what that means. g it may be. is that what that is. do still have that stuff from
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next line on television. they did was not before route 91 i just spoke with willoughby hills police.ouou no problems there. roots are in good shapepe saw asa lot of salt trucks on standby. they are prepared.ot over at north ridgefield. further sanctions to be imposed
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this after they launched their second long range missile. these dangers in serious violations is also been seen asn a slap in the face towards the united nations. the updated to at least 26. the 16 story apartment building that collapsed dozens more still trapped there right now it's one's of 11 buildings wrecked by the 6.4 magnitude t quake. there's a lot at stake at noon in new hampshire and the primary just one day away thereay investing a lot of time in an effort to win over voters jeremy roth reports.po >> less than 24 hours from being
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canvassing for supporters. the winner of the republican iowa caucus marco rubio pontiff the second person donald trump came in and all of the people of new hampshire. they seem o to be very positive compared to 35 percent for hillary clinton. >> when we begin this campaign here in new hampshire we were 30 points down in the polls. despite there wet i love the new hampshire primary because that
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is so reporting. her food safety meeting. at the mexican restaurant question about 500 people got sick at the meeting employees wille go over an updated food safety program implemented by the chainpdpd also be close from 11 until through this afternoon. 4:49 a.m. is your weather and traffic just ahead from that most creative the most bizarreea look at the field super bowl commercials at everybody talking about last night. >> he kicked his way to the top
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to come oni fox 8 news in the morning the big sellers at the
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