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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  February 11, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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this in response to a found claim against tamir rice's family for unpaid ionesco, jessica dill has the latest spin some wicked weather and is not prepared. >> introduce you to walter ganous pitbull, who has had a rough start but he is looking
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hogh city of cleveland responding to criticism that it is insensitive and callous toward the family of tamir rice. >> leavitt road said today the family tt a 500-dollar bill for ambulance service for transporting thebi 12-year-old two metrohealth where he died from gunshot firefighting cleveland officer check in now with jessica dillc for the very latest . >> meeting is still going on behind me, discussing this they want to say that a bill was never sent toa the tamir rice family, has been some kind of mixup with the insurance in the state . he said that the bill was not sent to the family,
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they close the account, when the state asked for information, somehow that's real good at sending the bill to the state, he said no bill was sent to the family, some insurance companies , will pay the entire bill was like medicaid or limited to what they will pay . plus in the austin this is where the likelihood of collecting amountsts, then ride it out . we have not, in the past, nor intended to in the future, and build the tamir rice family for r transport services there has never been a direct billing to
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mayor jackson apologized a family he said that said that as soon as he came into work today he tried to find out do not want southern plains looking to happen in the future city says that this was administrative something that just went wrong with the paperwork they said that it said that it may have been somewhat working too fast
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and some wicked weather yesterday, the main roads were a disaster, i-71, i-90, from basically and four until 8:00 p.m. .m . currently, we will be having highs in the single digits for saturday . yesterday we had a white out conditions check in with jenn harcher looking at the forecast and the weather center i can tell you that the afternoon commute is going to be yesterday . tracking lake effect snow bands
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like lake county and geauga county and some other spots that have seen the nt lake effect snow for portions of medina will come tosn snowfall this morning . south efforts, elyria, and oberlin, you see it coming down following
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here this morning, including the spot where a car off the edge ditch on to someone, visibility is not as bad as yesterday, there were still some slick spots including ons route three in, and stayed there but enough group room the day and he knew that the roads were slippery misjudge.
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the light, tried to stop and something that i slid through the intersection and ran into the back of a truck let's make another arrest in the murder of kenston couldn't 8-year-old nicholas massa was shot and killed sunday while visiting a friend at ryan's place bourbon county said happened when three men robbed the apartment, 17 -year-old mike grier and pau gasol is being held how bond a high school student was also arrested after the incident,g both were charged with delinquency by aggravated murder case could transferav could
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trying to find poor people who robbed a woman at gunpoint and thatt police on a chase, they say they use two different cars and were spotted and ae black kia, the pursuit was called off shaker square shaker square into crushers bump into each other causing minor damage is. >> 19 has found a state trooper punished for lying and getting out of a traffic ticket the key evidence on camera as ed gallek has more.k >> chippewa county for navigating navigating and now sergeant christopher brock got suspendeds for how how he be then taken. >> should be treated like any other person walking down the street to patrolled in an internal investigation after questions were raised last year
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traffic charge after an accident with a bus,pte the comptroller general to take of the ticket, andtt we took a hard look when we e saw the case was dismissed, the city prosecutorw and brock indicated the trooper who wrote the ticket was not there to patrol file that sadr brock lied in courtt that he knew the lieutenant was in the courthouse said he was not dishonest but did not tell thene court that the lieutenant was present when he n was assigned to the patrol post all for avian brook park report says investigators asked him if the case chance an unfavorable light on the petroni said that it does not look good. >> there would not have been a basis to dismissive for want of prosecution. >> judge pinkey carr, sees more to this than a simple ticket soon it is an issue of integrity this is ouro criminal justice system we are here to make sure
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>> planned parenthood is launching a new online ad targeting john kasich, is expected to sign the bill passed by legislators to divert money away fromom the organization, it would restrict money for going to groups that performre or promote abortions, planned parenthood says the money is used for hiv testing, cancer
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with primary season underway the democratic presidential contenders are preparing to
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sanders and and hillary clinton seek support of african-american voters, pierce kim hutcherson.ic >> democratic presidential candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders battle it out thursday walking at then pbs democratic debate despite her recent new hampshire lost she pickedhe up an endorsement wednesday. >> the members of the congressional black caucus across many different generations, have collectively concluded that hillary clinton is the right person for the job.. >> bernie sanders met wednesday with reverend al sharpton, talking about 20 minutes but he did not extend his endorsement.2do >> a recent nbc wall street poll showed showed that senders show that senders with 70 percent a monthed after americans in south carolina compared with 74 percent support for clinton,. >> because the relationships are so long-standing and deep they are real, there are real people
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>> political analyst dan jones says that senders numberss with african americans could improve. >> i think that he will grow in the black community and where we are now he is has not made the strong connections so philosophically yes but practically not yet. >> kim hutcherson reporting. >> two republican presidential candidates have dropped out of the contest after poor showings in new hampshire and iowa, chris christie and carly fiorina have officially suspended their bedsst, chris christie in particular was once seen as a potential front-runner in free arena says that she'll continue to fight for those americans refuse to settle for the status quo. >> ferguson missouri appears to be headed toward a legal battle with the federal governmentouou yesterday the justice department
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.. t city officials voted to amend ant agreement to reform person place in court the city later said they don't have the money to make the settlement were. >> the croatia and 6,000 people were on board t back at port work after surviving a major storm. >> royal caribbean's, and this is, was on its way from new york to florida on sunday, hatteras north carolina . the e storm producing winds of 120 mph damaging the ship that several state rooms injury for passengers,s, the ship turned back arriving in new jersey just before 9:00 p.m. last night, royal caribbean says passengers will receive a refund less a voucher for 50 percent off a
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it as you get towards mentor, and chardon and the snowbelt, more likely . the good news is that while tabor,oo you'll have time to shovel the driveway feels like 2
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the great in youngstown it will be getting colder this weekend with arctic air setting up shop .. the actual air to mature into teams and stay that way today . tomorrow, we will be dry than that front moves in about one -- 3 inches generally . it's going to be single digits started off dry and then the afternoon clouds and then the next round of snowfall friday afternoon and then lake effect friday night into saturday .r today, a high of
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degrees windchill of between five and 10 degrees below zero . see the arctic air is that place .ar including
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more trouble for twitter, lost 2 million users in the last three months , there stock has dropped 12 percent at the end of last year they had aroundnt 305 million active users in facebook has one . 6 billion, even mr. graham surpassed twitter in september with 400 million users it. >> youtube is breaking into the streaming service, they released
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yesterday two movies yesterday along with a new series of original content is part of theel th red suppression service costs about $10 a month to do away with all the advertising and access to originals and the company music service statement light spritz is great for light spritz is great for passengers a tennessee congressman is making a push to see sanders, he wants a new law to establish minimal standards to determine how small and how close together that they can berm the it says it is about saving a comfort he says it's not clear ifco a crowded plane can be evacuated effectively some say that more seats on airplanes lower fares some say that it just means higher airline profit margins arere looking to get away now that winter has arrived, airline tickets are at a six-year low, they fell by more than 6 percent in the third quarter ofll 2050 the average
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due to lowered jet fuel costs and the expansion of low-cost airlines areff burger king is now serving hot dogs,ur two versions of the classic, $1.99 and the chili cheese dog for $2.99 . i put them on the menu in five cities last year and decided to expand nationwide, but for the
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the city of cleveland is responded to criticism that it is insensitive toward the family of terror ice in the city sent a bill for the ambulance service that transported the 12-year-old two natural, fpo where he then died from a gunshot fired by aw cleveland police officer, so get right to jessica dill who joins us with the latest. >> to see what the city says good afternoon.e
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meeting,s a lot of people there expressing confusion over what theon city had to say and try to do my best to gett exactly what the mayor was telling people it sounds like that the city says theyou have to respond to the state as the state asking for any claims issued there was a claim sent a portion of the bill that medicated not cover . they said that their was no bill sent to thew rice family, medicaid pay for their portion, the city to close the account and absorb the rest, when the state asked for the information it generatedh the other side ofd the process reopening it and sending the bill to the estate, novell is ever sent to the tamir rice family, mayor jackson says some insurance companies will pay the entire build some like bill somewhat medicaid are limited, the city posse is whether posse is when there is a likelihood of y
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off and someone should have investment amount . director finances the hell not build the tamir rice family for transport services has notra been a direct bill sent to the family statement in january of 2,015 . they submitted and received a partial reimbursement, insurance claim to medicaid for the transport of tamir rice . a that partial refund was not about $179, 90 cents . the transport cost was about $500 we absorb the difference on that claim so no claim was generated to the familyly in the past or the future . t >> mayor jackson did apologize to the families said that hopes that this that this has not had
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and when watching on twitter a lot of people streaming across the countrya also found it account will be looking into the story and have much moret on this fox 8 news today and fox out and the family does not have to pay any of those 500-dollar bill . it turn turning to the weather, we are currently under a under a snow advisory until 4:00 p.m. . the concern is thet coldest temperature for the next few days keep hearing about this arctic blast as we show youut the luck from the roof-cam, send it to the weather center with jenn harcherer.
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mid-teens, the win makes it feel like single digitske, we're still tracking lake effect snow advisory, warning for the snowbeltrn will be ending about 4:00 o'clock . i'm storm fox radar we have two distinct snow bands . within days, the snowfall is coming down pretty northern medina county in portions of summit county, ridgefield, brunswick, grafton overkill broadview heights with some whiteout conditions at times it should be out of here in the next 30 minutes -- one hour . it is starting to wind down,it painesville sees a steady snow band currently . there will be about 12 hours to have time
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weather clipper after 2:00 a.m. sparky lane snow showers . about one -- 3 inches some of us can could see just a candy coating and lake enhancementmeca . with lake effect friday into saturday along with arctic air . high temperatures in the teens and overnight lows single digitsmp with the windchill factor it will feel betweenen minus five and minus 10 degrees below zero . we should be back to normal next weekld. he was abused to the point that he could barely barely walk but a risky group is not given up giving up on the people and
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forever home is brittany harris tells us he is very deserving. still cannot believe anybody could that anybody could be so cruel to thisis pit bull named walter abandoned by his ownerbu and a veterinarian's office a couple weeks ago and now the 2 -year-old is in desperate need ofra a new-home. >> it is sad because you probably create a person with a wagging tail,it doctor amazing that we, they will not hold grudges he is caring for a while caring for walter rachel cothey barkleyi pet hotel in baseball in orange, and orange, he has trouble walking using a makeshift wheelchair . . his abusive owner is to blame, causingsi permanent nerve damage. >> there's nothing broken, it is
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>> he says whoever adopts it will have to be patient, does not have much bladder control, that is the only issue, otherwise he is very social enjoys the company of others .s if you aren't are interested to adopt them you can meet him at the barkley pet hotel and day spa on valentine's day,, brittany harris fox 8 news.
12:29 pm >> before you reach for the over-the-counter decongestant,re
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is a season
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and you can do to protect yourself they say that if you feel it coming on, take vitamin c and zinc come to fight off the virus of can be taken as a a a capsule or capsule or loss and poor times a day but only for a couple of days alsoca comes in this brave . doctors do not recommendnd taking it for extended periods of time, getting rest and plenty of fluids . the study says poor physical fitness in middle age can lead to a smaller a smaller brave you have studied 1500, 40 who do not have dementia heart disease and they took a treadmill test and began 20 years later those who do not perform well on the second test had smaller brain
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four people murdered in what appears to be a love triangle triangle gone.lo >> happen broad daylight here is crime watch daily's b matt doran. november 6, spartanburg county, south carolina and a bike shop on the outskirts of town, scott ponder, his mom beverly, a friend and mechanic, have been shot dead. you have vivid memories do you remember where you were? >> on that day i talked two him at aboutn 2:15 p.m., he called me
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i'll see you later and that was the last time i talked two him.n with such an extreme act of violence in broad daylighta not long before authorities received the first solid tip. >> the sheriff had a picture of two people, a man and female that had been seen walking alongside the road, i know who they >> the place tracked down a couple,, but are never charged, then a year the year after the murders, on a hunch hunch, the detectives looking into a new angle and then a break in the case that nobody saw coming and what they founda blew everyone away. you can see crime watch daily
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is a good day to stay inside andis watch a movie or go to the lake erievi monsters game tonight game tonight and at the cuban.m >> the film based on a the classic novel with a zombie twist. >> david moss talked with stars of them movie pride and
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gets a date with addition of some it is up to the ladies and pride and prejudice in zombie's. >> doubt you'd expect with jane austen .yo when i read that, it became clear in my inhibitions dissolved, the story still stands and these girls go through. >> is a cool take take on everything in itke
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quite anxious before a job so channel that energy do something productive so i did some kung for three months and then when i went to london i spent a montha learning skills. but i did some boxing and try to get really fed, we were all working together because >> bruegger's five girls becoming action heroes and we just loved it.r' >> it was just a wonderful change.. i think shear-like clouds . women are completely empowered and independent and saving the
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who knew that the name bernie sanders was so hard to pronounce? at >> rail against pharmaceutical companies and the like,. >> an outcome nl, it has gone viral, tweett are servicing of his face on a sandwich or on sandals. even chelsea clinton misspoke, calling him president sanders and then apologizing to her to
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