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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  February 15, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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next at ten paying p pennies at the pump. a big mistake at one ohio gas
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cleveland zone fox 8 news. it is the calm before the stormhe tonight, parts of northeast ohio bracing for winter weather and it is expected to have a big impact on the morning commute. little bit of what you need to knowe about, the farther you go east the worst it is going to be winter weather advisory for a large portion of the area. school closings to come in tonight, dancing by with a first look, high, andre. the old adage from the real estate folks location, location, location it depends how much of an impact he will have them as you can see the magenta lines
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counties in ohio and our viewing area that are included that will be columbiana county. winter weather advisory goes as far west asgo astabula, summit county and wayne county, pointing south andn east. that is going to be the biggest impact. here is a look at doppler be b radar and the snow was starting to creep northward and now start county, and if you are seeing a mix chances are over to snow before too long. here is a wider perspective and you can see the storm center going up the spine of the appellation, close to -- close enough topp the area if you are in the western a corner northwest corner, lucky you fewer problems to deal with in the morning.
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accordingly for further east, east of i 71 where i 77, you need some extra time but don't forget school closings coming in so check the list. we will see you soon thank you, andre, speaking of the school closings, get all the closings -- closings and delays online and on the air a reminder fox 8 news in the morning begins atre 4:00 a.m.. let's get to some breaking news as well, a frightening scene cleveland's warehouse district, swat steam -- will swat team, suzanne strafford live on the team with more suzanne. bill and tracy a lot that did happen but we still don't know the investigation underway what was extremely intense situation downtown at the corner of west six and st. clair, a staging
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can show you down the street, the officers down west ninth and st. clair st. clair blocked off the rest of the area open to traffic but unbelievable and all start up with reports of gunfire from people who live and work in the area. a lot of apartments, nice apartments, people heard the shots fired and called the place, investigating an incident cre che clothing, a contemporary clothing store. and officers responded to shots fired in connection with a robbery, believed r to have been happening inside the store in her but the owner of the store came outside, the shooters on 4 people trackra down and detained but the owner being questioned about exactly what happened. we sell k-9 units, swat teams throughte the building extensively searching to make sure there was not anybody else in sight. some people said evacuated but neighbors we spoke to said they were held up locked insidede of
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safe and thisr is what they heard tonight. we were walking in starbucks and heard he roundup gunshots. we came down over there and saw the cops s over plucking us the other way. i heard to gunshots barricaded with cop cars. my has been has been living here for the last eight years and he says it's his first time that there was a shooting her hostage incident in the area. and tracy and bill there were reports where people thoughtre there might be a hostage situation taking placeig inside dish taking place inside the storm but everything is under investigation but one thing we heard from multiple witnesses commit to gunshots fired that's what started this whole response, no one was injured this evening and so no one was struck or her but they have to
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to make sure it doesn't happen e again too many people coming from that part of m town. and the people that we spoke with quickly who live and work out here said this is a great area. but they definitely want to know whatt happened, suzanne, thank you she was working her way through college when her live suddenly cut short but the family of a wrong wayt driver shares their pain to tonight. more on the extent andir that impacted having fun and local family tonight. please to figure out why the driver going the wrong way on the interstate. that crash so bad that the medicall examiner has not positively identified the body but family and friends,he coworkers have been told 20-year-old woman from cleveland who they say had so much love to give and so much promise now unfulfilled. you think you will
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spouse, but never, ever did i think a granddaughter who is 20 andd holding -- had a whole live ahead w of for kathy coats we see the news 8:00 o'clock sundayy morning and 20-year-old granddaughter was killed in a carndd crash. she's gone she's gone. what do you mean? just after 4:30, 48-year-old man trippingd eastbound in the westbound lane on interstate four a.d. near bridge road when slammed head-on into the 20-year-old car. . on her way to
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mcdonald's. last day opening and i'm completely okay with this. ever. just made my day so much better. her laugh, made everybody laugh. she was really nice. to try to help out as much as can. just an overall great person, she was workingt to pay her way through the college where she majored in accounting. the university released a statement saying in part the school community withay incredible -- maybe it wasn't her. and all of this time, unfortunately it has become a reality and one that is hard to handle. is just gone. you still think they will walk through the door? the other drivern was taken to
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condition unknown that the student government involved in wallace organize private memorial gathering 9:30 tomorrow night and the whole union ballroom. the counselors also available for studentselo to talk to. the family has set up 2 "go fund me"h page pages with funerals expenses and you can go to the website fox, has seen on tv if you want to help thems out out. imagine getting that phone call for the grandmother. very tough for that family but again wef try to get more information from the police but being with a holiday hard to get more information where this happened but maybe more questions, thanks, kevin. clevelandnk please find themselves on the wrong side of the law, sean wells arrested drunk driving and weapons charges inte columbus this past weekend, one of the cleveland police cadets
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week training course in columbus was state highway patrol academy. he's been placed on restrictedtr duty. and unintended candle that destroyed a house this morning, reported just after 6:30 when a neighbor reach the porch of a burning porch commit 56-year-old resident who appear to be dazed and confused and looking for her cap but thankfully the neighbor was able to convince her to move away from the flames. she just didn't want to come out but i told her we had to go because the class a shattering out. we will pray about the cat later but we have toe go. and she said okay.he the damage from the fire estimated $75,000. emotions running high said the cities dear calling method was debated during a city council meeting and there and has more. the controversial dear calling method used in then heart that
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reduce the property damage. outside when her city pole. -- they are upset at the city's deer management program that's has been in effect since february 1. into a metal trap using food. if i believe what they are putting out on social media i would be shocked as well. but according to mayor patrick ward, in a animal control specialist managed to call ten dear and quickly without prolonging suffering. i knowi that it's not the equipment that
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had observers watching this. but lost to a motion, resident after residents voice their concerns during the public comment period after regular city council meeting mondayhe night. according to the merit mayor of the residents complained of deer problem in lyndhurst four years implemented the program is a way to cut down on car accidents, property damage as well as dear aggression. do it in a you mean -- you main way, step two, how do we prevent first. the mayor said 20 is the target number and after the program that ends march 31. we are doing the best we can within the confines of the geography and density to wrestle with a problem that the residence have told us for theo past ten yearsr exist. now theno mayorw adds dear calling does not happen on theca we can but again
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the protesters tend to have their voices heard at each regular city council meeting until then. thank you melissa, the animals have become a problem in northeast ohio. that is becoming the victims of a dangerous predator, the drastic approach to deal with coyotes. tracking down on how lawmakers say communities taking the traps too farra but now find out what he's doing aboutw it. paying for gas with pocket change, the mistake that pitted two stations against each other and made a group of ohio drivers happy. plus blank and you will miss it the mysterious site tend the wood raising questions and a group of investigators think they
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not got a flake of snow here yet and you try down south on interstate 77 and look what happens. you go to akron and you end up with some hefty snow, snowing heavy with disability a quarter of aa mile and the snow and fog and you can tell the channel the direction. wit is going to reach a limit where it doesn'toni go to the northwest, but rate there and those red target a visibility a half a mile or
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to the north and the snow, reducing milepost two a mile in some cases a quarter of a mile and can't -- and what we are predicting, snowfall totals and the things start to settle down around noon 7-12 inches from previous testament in previous down towards akron and quickly drops off from there for
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are rightht now, by morning -- police officers putting their lines -- lives on the line, the job is a lot more dangerous, inside the department working without a vital tool. playing hooky for a very long time. the consequences for a a man who skipped out of work for sixma years. later on in sports, rumors flying and what's being said about the cleveland cavaliers and the pre- camp buzz on the indian pitching staff. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense.
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when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. hey candidates. enough talk.
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the political jockeying continuess with the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia, and the vacancy should not be filled until the nation has a new president the presidentw p obama said he will nominate a replacement and when he does, he expects the senate to fulfill its constitutional there will be plenty of time for me toy do so and for this and to repeal itsnd responsibility to give that person a fair hearing and a timelyo vote. the responsibilities that i take seriously as should everyone. that texas judge initially determined an autopsy should beia conducted on scalia they changed her mind after speaking with the justices doctor. peyton manning named in a lawsuit against his alma mater, the university of tennessee
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student athletes. back a in 1996, a tennessee trainer filed a -- the schools quarterback and claim settled the nextn year. and report was with this --a assaulted by la spitzer, called 911 saturday andan taken tod the hospital. a woman tellinge doctors, spokes warm and said the claim is not true and to resign in 2008, revelations he was having sex withs prostitutes. 2 separate -- separate people in both of the victims expected to be okay.
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cleveland. chelsea clinton, in northeast graphic o words from a university president. for sheer students to cost him
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little politics,
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all of ohio and cleveland specifically but does it involve candidates at this time? a story tonight coming in -- the white house very well. she does, tracy and bill who lives in thera white house for a few years. chelsea clinton all grown up for mom presidential candidate hillary clinton. the community in cleveland, and about an hour's worth and many about healthcare affordability in the country. told the audience her mom would build on the accomplishments of president obama and the next t president to be able to stand up to races and anti-islamic rhetoric and also effecting for mother'sfo democratic opponent, bernie sanders. and we all need to be thinking of all of the risk, all the work that is yet
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mom has thehy strongest plans, but being able to deliver -- in other bernie sanders campaign officeam in ohio, and joins offices in lakewood and in akron, the products of supporters a grassroots efforts comee up funded by local volunteers not ifnd -- bernie sanders for the campaign but the race between sanders and clinton very tight in nevadand caucuses so important for quentin clinton after crashing when soon enough by super tuesday. and having plenty of activity here for sure between now. the wall coming through standing
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>> the dangers these officers face every day. a flash of something fierce come a ministry and thefi woods with enthusiast very excited but tonight experts are looking to spoil the fun. another roundup winter weather and a lot of others, if a full forecast, the news at ten continues right now. cleveland's own fox 8 news.
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everyle 8 day some local officers working without bulletproof fast. an officer recently murdered. , last month in danville a man shot and killed a cop and even residence snow police that can be critical. i
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quite concerning to me. it may not be any good anymore. this was a secondhand fast off of somebody else. the please -- the police union said the officer will get a new best every five years. and the best will not expire and a gallon of milk might but the older it gets the less effective it becomes. this apartment one patrolis car paid $9 an hour and use their own money to supply. and cost several hundred dollars. just seems like people
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>> . if you think you can help, fox and seen on tv a link to the facebook page and and authorities think the suspect about the machete attack was from the west african nation. an officer shot mohammed after theam attack. the please say information connected to the registration on histi car triggered an alert. a piece of debris into a home. and a woman lost control in akron
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three people taken to the hospital to be checkedhr out and the speed cameras come a push to prevent the place from preying on drivers. and laurie taylor has more tonight. .-dot caught speeding cars with hand-held cameras from high atop a hill. from interstate 77. drivers may not work they have been cited until a ticket arrived in the mail. a month later. in glendale come officers are invisible to passing traffic as they sit inside a shaft while speed cameras click away from
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perform. . introduce four pieces one of which would make it more difficult for raising more than 30 percent of annual revenue for trafficerce citations. >> another would limit speed cameras to twice the number of residents to limit glendale citations tont roughly two -- the thousands currently written and all those failed come another when their pro hemmat --d fire departments from using speed cameras and the senator has nothing against community a
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problem with municipalities writing citations for reasons that have nothing to do with safety. newberg heights mayor, takes exception to those who say their officers are not making the freewayay safer. if you don't know but that camry is. what are you going to do. you are going to maintain a reasonable speed all the time. comments unsuccessful fox 8 news. getu ready, and cause some problems on tuesday. preparing for the potential snow and icece commit out since west -- last week. crews working 12 hour shifts around-the-clock. o-dot says they are not expecting that realizing northeast ohio to fish and that can change quickly.
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the do, full cruise any time. and up to the minute road conditions on the website and the latest on the storm at fox and then i talk about this now, school closings -- closings, andrea, southeast basically, interstate 71 east of 77. below the lower clouds edging in, and the snow reaches many communities. here is the low-pressure right now near georgiana. and that wave of moisture and of course, hitting the cool air. you can't call it cold air anymore. and
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pretty good clip. and visibility, canton airport visibility fair a quarter of a mile but when we zoom out, this precip a heavy wet snow. look at the temperatures to tell you that to 33 right now but they heavy snow akron, canton, and there's nobody in the 20s and these temperatures again have modified dramatically from the weekend. speaking of the weekend, the arctic air actually pushed the
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10 percent to 64 percent those were the two brutal years. and still doing okay. and temperatures continue to rise, stabilize to 33. temperature for today's date. winter storm warning, buffalo almost to the north of pittsburgh and the advisory from roughly astabula area along the pennsylvania border and the amounts quickly drop off to the a west. i 77 where the traffic is slow in thewh morning and the snow
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time, really similar down and then heavy snow and then quiet. and then heavy snow. rain showers 47250 on friday one storm and then i think we can quiet down a little bit. school closings, obviously check the web and that is traveling to rush-hour. major coyote concerns in a local community. leaders are asking for help. h controversial president refusing to step down. but he set up about struggling students that sparked a
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windows. we'll also tell you how long our visit will take
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police in one local community asking for helpa to eliminate a dangerous predator. hunters to come by to take out as many and david nether's coyotes most dangerous predators and all around us every county and theev state. and recently attack 12-year-old dog and taken 14-year-old yorkie mix with a few from its owner. the coyote grabbed him.
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believe it's mating season. macedonia police said there was one out for male who has become so aggressive and so fearless that they are on a mission to track it down andha eliminated. and so safely where it won't cause any harm to anybodydy else. what you are to do to call hazing. making loud noises, anything to try to get them to run away from your property. macedonia police say the coyotes are here to stay an important find ways to coexist. and
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their pets. macedonia, dave nethers fox 8 news. thank you very much still to come 10:40 he collected a paycheck but did not go to work. tonight but if people want to know how a man's managed to skip out of his job six years without getting noticed. when ohio gas station. cleaves -- hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me.
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>> college president refusing to step down, simon newman will remain the presidentdo of st. mary's university and at the school faculty told him to resign, coming under fire for his i did to improve the university's retention rate, the funds on tuition for those who do drop out. in a statement to school newspaper prefer to the students has bunnies that need to be drowned however a poll shows majority of students their support newman's -- leadership.
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computer glitch caused the prices to drop, at one point the gas was at $0.49. then dip to $0.17 a gallon. low prices and started dropping gas prices to compete. at one point, showed up their receipt, claiming they paid just 1 penny per gallon of gas. and customers are really happy. lasted for three hours before the problem was fixed. and diamonds are forever, a big chunk of maternity, 400 carats amen recently damon recently discovered in the africannam country of thing called
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theth company with a diamond said transparent making it quite valuable and rare. it could be worth about $20 million. discoveries the largest diamond ever recorded. in skipping work for years without noticed. water utility. from 200-72-2006, in 2011. $40,000 in wages, and detected so long 20 years of service and realized he had not been showing up. everybody knows it.
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a short clip oflu video for hunters buzzing tonight.
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there's been a lot of controversy over the years and does bigfoot really exist? a few are saying he does, in utah. paranormal review, and bigfoot sighting in utah and video taken at a distance come of course, shaky at first, but
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woods, weighing in on the video, and do not believe that israel, actually a bear or a person in a costume in the shaky distant video. the crazy nba the deadline coming up thursday, inc. shot down, as soon as it surface over the we can. kevin love, his name thrown out quite a bit so far. late this afternoon come up bubbling to the surface of according to various reports, been involved in trade rumors to other such as kyle koerber, they have all been mentioned in the rumors keep flying the next three days has the deadline is thursday. if thad the team stays fast is there enough challenge for the
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go the distance when the playoffs begin? the middle of this week the pitchers and catchers reporting to goodyear, arizona. indian came to begin but the indian pitching staff, lot of attention hast the better ones in 2015. and a pre- camp of the staff in major league baseball, the top ten staff and separate them from believers, just clump them togetherie because the rationale is this both units blended together seamlessly in baseball these days in cleveland fourth overall rank, the cards, thehe mets, the dodgers, the biggest item of note, well-paid total this season. that is0 obviously baseball in kudos to the indians for trying
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have bob, a medal of freedom, unselfishly gave 4 of the best years of his life enlisted a day after pearl harbor attack and if you can help fox seen on tv for more information on how you can -- excited to bring you the daytona 500 this comingr sunday, to say the least chase elliott 20 years two months, 17 days but the youngest pole winner in history. jason stata, bill father-son duoon to d win the pole but today in it when it downplays his contribution turning that poll. yesterday, very little to do with me. about 2014, and auto parts to make it all happen. those guys want to learn that. i had very little to do that. good young driver but the buckeyes moving up and they are
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alabama, in clip -- crimson tide third, the odds are strong with a boatload of talent this spring. nfl draft him former buckeye cardio jones wrapup trainingm with george whitfield, the qb guru roof who is out in san diego trying to get ready. thank you for being here. be safe in the morning. good night. >>
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