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tv   Fox 8 News at 9AM  FOX  February 16, 2016 9:00am-9:59am EST

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rolling rolling.l that's your news at 8:00 throw it to the 9:00 crew. we'll take it. he was and guardians of theof galaxy is getting all of thehe space movies good for him.him good morning to you i'm todd. everyone.d. i'm stefani schaefer..everyone. glad you could be with us todays today and not coming your way here on schools are closed because of weatherools closings of the bottomm of your screen. something to know for sure. omethi that's right. to k we have snow everywhere. all of our crews are out we have we have live team coverage me or gor straight to aj right now in the weather center with the very latest for the forecast and a a little better weather coming our w way.eather it will start any time moving west to east storm fox showingo vest now and looks like it'ske it's trying to kind of puff up ato kind f little bitpu ffbetter from medina down to the south and west of
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slow progress it is making from west to east that is good news temperatures right arounds rig freezing or just htbe loawr a degree or to either side of 30 windshields we've got some chill brru barberton. notice the snowwbarbe and little burste burst their see the green collarllar around my dainik and brunswickbru that's a quick inch of snow no doubt about it. i. but that storm is going to pullpu off in the process of doing that doinhat you can see the back edge of the snowe kind of diminished quickly very rapidly and then sort of of expanded again.ain very interesting little dynamic it work there.k perhaps an upper-level trough of low pressureap and that is pulling through a. another chance of tsnhow coming in for tomorrow will talk about that the eight day outlook coming up in our ita is time toime head t outside of the east shore doorway where patty harken is
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things a lot aj good morning we are in grand forks on the east shore way byar east 72nd approaching 55th.pproa it is just wet outchi that's the conditions you're dealing with a long here the east doorwayit and 271 as well. it was down in akron earlierkro canton earlier the roads were messy but they're getting bettern e akron still dealing with a hosto of accidents for 90 eastbound at stateo street 77 north at waterville 77 south at lovers lane and disabled vehicleled vehi blocking 77 south at the central interchange.n and strongsville they havesvi jackknifed tractor-trailer 71 southboundhh bus route 82 in 82 i talking with cleveland policed police watch for disabled vehicleicle blocking the right lane at i 71 and we have a wires down alongo clayton road north of the clay is blocked in the area. try columbia. back inside to todd and stephanie. thanks. th be safe out there.
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better this morning..seem e ge a look at conditions and streetsboro you're smiling thating that looks great. you know it is significantly sinificantly better than it was when we first it camewas whe out here about 4:00 this this morning.g. m flurries falling but nothing really accumulating.ornfl this morning treacherous driving out here and now route 14 we just have wet roads and a littlet l bit of slush out there.her when your turn corners anders things like that you have to bebe careful and on the highways it was just awful. we needed the rumble strip torip to tell us run the ad of the road was this morning.s thi that's thse mo reason we have schoolho closings out of the area. out take a look o we've been talkingl to snowplow driver been out hereeen ohere doing his job since about midnight clearing and plowingplowing and doing it again and shovelingshov that heavy kind of and other little visitor this morning guy from ravenna says it took him twice as longg to get get here to streetsboro as it normally wouldo and he was
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forecast that scott gave and hegave and was going to be able to get where you he needed to go today. so far so good took me about half an hour to get from ravenna to streetsboro the roads are really slick east ofst o streetsboro. str what would iteetsb normally take you.o twelve or 15 minutes drive time dri i'm headed my way to sell into go to work. i get to cross you off my bucket list i've always wanted to meete stacey frey.ey you're welcome. thank you very much. extra special bonus on this snow day.peci who knew i made somebody'sebod bucket list. that is awesome.weso that's why your smiling this there you go.o. i made somebody's day.y's day that is you're makingme hours right now.ow thanks so much. you're welcome. be good we will see you soon.oo life teamn coverage continues we will check in with jessica dill. lie that i 77 and farallon how are the conditions where you are you this morning i know you're
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we're going to get somebody out there to you.e going it's so funny she keeps gettingetti these visitors i'm doing this.his. i'm shoveling the live track out of the snowsh all of thesehee friendly visitors i've been getting a workout at least weleast are in this morning it wasin really bad a lot of snow out here . fortunately behind me if youyo take a look at 77 is goingin pretty smoothly low they had a bunch of ttruckshly lo out here thisre t morning doing a good job of clearing it. right now job of know that i'm lookingok at this it's a little bit worse than i seen thebit past couple of hours. the snow is coming downs and you yo can see not as many cars goings going through as it was earlier inlier in this community have to go slow take your time because there isthere is a lot of snow starting to pilepile up in the salon area. area couple cars off the side of the road and. when you're off the off highway t especially we are in parking lot right now something called mexican restaurantng lot is called mexican restaurant didn't didn' make that up.p. makth tons ofat inches of snow out heret h for sure.
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shovel one is the live truck and some we've been okay. but no visitors. if you want to come out here andand maybe say hi or bring someom coffee.. we would love to bring your hot chocolate.e. we make that happen for you.ou. thanks so much.muc 9:05 right now. n lots of other stuff happening in the news today. uf terrifying moments involving gunfire and a police barricade, in one of downtown cleveland'sning inn erving gunfire most popular areas.r area cleveland police officers, detectives and swat members surrounded part of the warehouse district at west ninth street and saint clair avenue lastroundedouse night, after reports of shots fired at a popular store. neighbors at first thought it was a possible standoff orou hostage situation. now police are investigating a possible robbery at krush clothing. people downtown can't believelice arein possibler what happened. we were walking to starbucks and just heard a round of gunshots, we came down and saw all the cops. they were flagging us the other way and everything. wbucks and ou the police say no one was injured in the incident. investigators say four people are in custody, and the store's
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a private memorial will be heldestigattoemoria on the baldwlin wallace campusill b tonight, for a student killed in a wrong way crash this weekend. crash this brooklyn police say a 48 year old man was driving east in the westbound lanes on interstateund lanes 480, when he slammed head on into a car near ridge road, around 4:30 sunday morning..mmed hea the medical examiner has not positively identified theiv victim, but relatives say she is 20 year old kayla coates.ely ident you see here. they say coates was going to work at a mcdonald's inay coat middleburg heights.urg heigs. she was working to pay her tuition at baldwin wallace college, where she was majoring in accounting.he to pa it was her brand new car, shea just got it in december, mades her brand n her first payment in january. kayla was the best person ever.rson eve she just made my day so much better, her laugh just made everyone laugh, it was thehe just may cutest laugh ever. tonight's memorial will be at
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ballroom at 9:30. counselors will be available for fellow students. the other driver is at metro, but his condition is unknown. union loor fello an unattended candle is beingd candle being blamed for a fire that destroyed a house in lorain.lamed the fire was reported just after 6:30 monday morning. when a neighbor reached the porch of the burning home, she found a 66 year old resident whoeported just afterdreached th who appeared to be confused but not hurt.peared to look at that fire.ire how it is blazing out of there.g out ofther damage from the fire is f estimated at 75 thousand dollars.rom my goodness. all right.t. l today is the deadline to register for next month's ohio primary.deadline to chelsea clinton the daughter ofon t democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton made a stop in cleveland to urge voters to support her mother. we have to protect the progress that president obama has made, obama s made, and build on that progress. we cannot afford to go backward. the former first daughter addressed residents at the murtis taylor community center c on kinsman avenue yesterday. she feels her mother is the most qualified of all theommunit sterday. presidential candidates in the 2016 race.nti meantime, bernie sanders
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campaign office in ohio. this one is in elyria and it joins offices in lakewood and akron. the office is the product of sanders supporters and volunteers. it is a grassroots effort funded by local volunteers and is not affiliated with the official bernie sanders for president campaign. we're following some developing news. and want to talk about. here's wayne dawson with a look at what's just in.d is iciagn. we newso hoverboards in the news once again.. the orange vill age fireddag from itit hasn't reported warning about the popular devices.ces. what you to check out these photos just released showing the damage after a hoverboardsverboard catches fire in the basement ofment of a home. fortunately nobody got hurt andand occupants quickly put out the fire with a fire u the consumer product safety commission investigating dozens of other fires involving theum self balancing boards.board that's a look at what is just j and now back to you guys.y s so many of those.os e that actually look like that waswas
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doing it. t if it was the battery or the hover board but so many of how many kids have them. coming up on fox8 news in theth morning. freak accident unbelievable accidentnt fr hurts to even look at a during a he is festivalstival tournament. tounament. a player falls and comes to aes to sudden stop there she is andn there is the stop find out whyp find o she stopped andut what happened on the court as road conditions. get better onon this tuesday morning would you wou prefer schools to close orl a two hour delay what do you think is best. which would you preferhink is we are reading your comments next int in today's download. aj. good we're looking at our fox eight hour forecast good news here thehe snow begins to taper off withinthin the next hour or two.w and you will see on thethe temperatures there we areae looking at around freezingd fre through thee day.
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all right. welcome back to fox8 news on a crazy weather morning. here inw cleveland and all acrossacr northeast ohio. good news is on storm fox you y ou can see the back edge of the snow moving very slowly but fromr west to east pretty good snow mercy therefrom not only here in in downtown cleveland bot southand from dina from adina on south bot
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starting to work its wayy to the the north.h. we are very close within the hoururno should really see the snown and verowy quickly. quick so moving right along tough to see downtown but want to showt want you the iceto s flow out on lakel erie look at that i believe it's over 60 percentha ice coveredered remember last week at this timeme or the week before it was 1 percent coverede just to the north of the islands on the canadian side of the lakelake everything else wide open.en. visibility's mile and half can ca half mile at lorain.rain. mile and a half at dover newne philly. temperatures close to freezing right nowwtemperat a heavy wet snow snow you've been hearing us talking about. whatu've beenearing we refer to as hearteart attacks know the stuff people shovel and don't take enough breaks. be very careful if you absolutely have to shovel justu so heavy and of course the coldcol air doesn't help
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take the southern route awayroute a fromw we won't escape this cold fronthis cold it is very weak f heading in itng i will sweep out the cloud cover cov it eventually for canadian high-pressure to build an. an. should be very nice thursday.ursd wednesday with a front we willill have to certainly plan on someome snow it doesn't look like much in the way of that is goodness.umul made week a mild on the winds w aloft and even the stuff coming in behind the front on fridayrid doesn't look too cold that is good news. how much snow could fall tomorrow.. some computetr estimatesomo area showing a candy coating up to perhaps an inch.n inc that's worst-case scenario. today wet snow moving that's wor east andst south will move west to east as as we transition just cloudy skies for pretty quiet temperatures mid- mid- 20s. then tomorrow mostly cloudy.cloudy. and they'll be a few snoww s showers along back that cold
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little lake enhanced snow tomorrow's high degree shy of s h freezing here's theigh d fox eight igh day outlook and wet are callingl for highs in the 30s on o thursday with a good deal of sunshine that will be nice. and though winds crank up of of milder temperatures on friday near frid 40s forayay behind the front in in the next chance for a little snow would be on monday and then tuesday's high 36. the mid- 30s.0s. fox8 of course your officialal school closing station andtat you're seeing those at theioet bottom of the screen always has the very latest as well. with that in mind we'll send itl se back up to you guys in the th studio. aj thanknk i have to say. i find out forfo those text alerts which you have not done that yet they arere fantastic found out my daughter out my ght school was closed the minute theym closed.os moms and dads get a text so nice.a put it on their phones.ei looking out now peopler areare
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to close all of the schools and some people say why didn't you have a twohy hour delay and youd can take care of that that'shat's what we're talking about in the download.d. can be tricky with parents they need to get to work you have toe make plans of going to be home all day or it hard for parents. find someone else to take them them or the school on their own. delay would causech more problems.blems. it would but they wouldn't havewoul to cancel thedn' whole day and getd credit for the day as opposed tog there on hours now that still. for on hou it's done let me make plans ifn you don't have a plan in place pla and you're forced to scramble what do you last night the weather was wa starting to look bad at our house where an snow beltto look ba we knowno we're going to get slammed in one of the mom said message that saying if we got a snow day t cancan you babysit. that's what she's doing you have to plan thath stuff and i before starting to look that way.
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she is there babysitting frankiee and it really and not watching us because she is very busy.y and let's get you some of youryour comments this morning jessica writes on our facebook page closed even if the school is delayed i would not have beenf the not have sent my kids to be safe than take a michelle commented closed if i have to make childcare arrangements for two hour delay ho then it may as well be all day.all rebecca writes to our delays aredel hard for parents. pool work. p delaysool are good for coldcold temperatures i would prefer to the school to close even if somesome roads to become clear not all al l roads may be clear by the timee ti the buses run my child safety is more important than what istant than is convenient for me and a lot of people are saying the side roads f subdivisions not even cleared yet. can write skill regular time deal with it.y back in the day.. texts says better to close thanos have schoolse delay opening itning i
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everyone involved.tth i say close this weather roadr ro crews can get out and clean the the roads without having to dealto deal with school traffic.fic. a good point.oint that's a great point because thee additional school trafficaf because it's buses parents going to school dropping kids off. good point.oint you realize we're just hearing from parents.m p the kids would be like closed.losed closed. c i want a delay i want to go to a test i didn't study for.y for. thank you for your comments wecommentwe want to know what you think asink a road conditions get better this morning would your have preferred schools to be closed or delayedl ay for two hours head over to to vote on our web poll. kristi thank you.than you're welcome. thanks.. a garbage truck felt 100 feet
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welcome back. russian airstrikes are being s two hospitals and a school in syria.atos
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times in two attacks minutes apart. nearly 50 people were killed after the airstrikes.four mi they happened one day after president obama asked russianasked ruian president vladimir putin to stop attacks on syrian a los angeles county woman isy woman under arrest accused of giving birth and then abandoning the baby, in the bathroom of a arrest subway restaurant. a customer noticed a woman, who was bleeding, leave the sandwichstomer noti shop in west covina. employees found a newborn baby, half submerged in the toilet, with the umbilical cord still attached.s founde d. the infant was alive, and is in intensive care this morning.are thning. police followed the trail of blood, and arrested a suspect.o those who know her say she is homeless, and is struggling with drug addiction.meless, an oh my. a bizarre, freak accident at azarre, freak ac youth basketball game is caught on camera.cident at a it happened sunday afternoon ined sun wisconsin.dada wicons watch as ain 14 year old girl wentold girl wt sliding along the floor then, l
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no one realized it at first but one of the boards on the courtards on the cou had split and had gotten stuck in the player.rhad split and h and the official said, what do you mean?? yo mean are you hurt???are yurt? and she's like, there's a pieceike, the of wood stuck to me. it was 3 to 4 inches long and in some parts, probably a quarterably a qrter to a half inch deep. know that you know what it isis it's almost hard to watch. it's hard to they thought they had to removet they had to the board, so they could take her to the hospital. but they were able to free her and, luckily the piece of wood did not hit any of her internal organs. tspital. but and, in fact, she only spent one night at the and unbelievable story.ry. i would have been concerns torns to take the board out knowing thatng th it could make her start bleedingd let the doctors do that. what a story. thank god she is okay. all right. th the driver of a florida garbage truck is recovering thiscoveri this morning, after surviving a 100 foot fall off a bridge in the truck.ot the truck landed on a street below interstate 95, yesterday
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he survived.low inters 95, yeste the interstate ramp was then closed, as some drivers stopped to look down at the crash.ed, as some police are trying to determinere tryg to det why the truck went through aermine concrete barrier, and fell. the woman who said former new york governor elliott spitzer attacked her has now changed hernow changed her story. 25 year old svtlana travis5 retracted the allegation, in an email sent to the manhattan da's year old svtt retracted office. on saturday, she was at a one thousand dollar a night room at the plaza hotel when she called 911, saying she was having a breakdown, and had cut her wrists. when cops showed up, they were turned away by spitzer who saidel when 1, saying shkdown, a had cut everything's fine. but officers checked out the officers c scene anyway and travis claimed spitzer had choked her. later that night she flew home, to russia. police are still investigating.hecked out th spitzer r debate over catholic traffic cameras hitting a.ate over c what one state senator is doingd o to fight these speed traps thathat we have. aa glitch in ohio gas station that drivers fill up their tanksr
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they thought they were getting getting the deal of a lifetime. i guess.s. is the deal still available. some heavy wet flakes moving moving through the cleveland area rightright now.w. no but off to the west things are starting to improvet off to the foxfox eight hour forecast keepsast kee temperatures around freezing. for the next eight hoursre snow
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will long and cold. nonstop allowing the snow's been steadily falling. just a heavy pushea get down tow the grind. >> very busyin for him. it is one of those very heavy wet snows i'm trying to get my hat and my skirt to scarf to dry
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very wet snow post today. the heat center tom pattern hasn introduced several billsll designed to prevent police from preying on unsuspecting drivers through the use of thes speed cameras he says he's not above and forcingov travel clause but he does haveq a problem with the making money over safety.o we believe that police visible
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willwi caution people to address their speed appropriatell if you don't know that camera is what are you going to do. a mistake at the pump becauseb
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unexpectedlyly the nearby circle not knowing about it saw theea guests. 2016 rock 'n roll hall of fame she trick will be rockingll the 13th annual benefit helps the educational program that's going
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still some snow coming down as you can see as he's got some beating of the water. as the water is speeding on it. welcome back poses are still may be in the dark houses he's ready by by your wifee a valentine's day gift that she assaulted her husband within miniature piece that because he didn't buy her for valentine's day gift. and knocked him unconscious. he thought it was funny at first. fairly sure is intoxicated and now facing phonies assault and domestic violence charges wow.
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is that woman even close. getting that could be continuing your trip.ha you just it was invented by hotel people the hotel people this is the oddest thing to do toyo go to a hotel highlighted to do it.l no you have to go to compare conspiracy. okay.
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i said insta chat it's not answert i'm trying to come byt that i don't know what you she is he shows boyfriend and a commitment to her buddyd her boy. he looks so happy. wendy's with you yes how do you feel about him i feel different. in the end she decides the only thing she can do is to tell her boyfriend how she says she's going to open up in her mom reassures herer
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okay if you want to share your chocolate milk. you just do it.haha a couple of kranz that's okay.ka even the mainland like gluing feel like sure he'll understand how sweet this is on ash wednesday you can tell she's just received her ashes adorable is making her think more about this relationship. affect todd meany was trying to thought obama submitted ago. i saw him from behind us it's called u the 9:00 show. anything can happen.
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sexy model pictureson that wasn't supposed to get out.t we're tracking the back edge of the snow you can see the snowhe that is fine all the way across eastern ohioio you can see the
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valley mid- 30s today 50 degrees with the wind on fridayee let's see what's going to happen on new day cleveland this morningn we've got dell. we have popped the next sl isis going to be making up some
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good morning, everybody welcome to new day. g a lot of people tune in today because theause weather is not too great outside. by the time we


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