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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  February 20, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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did you talk to mr. mandel yet christmas. >> we want to make sure all the a facts are there and clear. and we will presented to the prosecutors. >> nowe at 6:00 it could take a while to clean up the latest johnny manziel mess. why the browns controversy oh quarterback hasn't even spoken to dallas police yet. plus, supreme court justice antonin scalia's funeral was a reflection of his remarkable life. why the emotional service was mixed with plenty ofl laughter.
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we could winds windsor whipping through the midwest. to the damage left behind by gust wh up to 70 miles per hour jen question mark. >> beverly windy today but we did enjoy a taste of spring. temperatures have been mid- 60s this afternoon. tomorrow winds relax and it gets cooler. fox 8.. news at 6:00 starts right now. >> a garbage truck driver makes a disturbing discovery. good evening and welcome too fox 8 news at 6:00. i'm bill sheil and jennifer jordan is off tonight. the driver told police found a dead body in the back of his truck early this morning. so how did they get there and where did it come from? fox eights brittney harris joins us live with the latest in the confusing case. hns >> that's for sure. still a lot of unanswered questions tonight about what exactly happened but here's what police are telling us so far.ex it's a bizarre case with a lot of unanswered questions. >> he discovered the body. he actually saw the body, but i
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>> detective sergeant randy bartlett from s the fair lawn police departments is a public way services driver found a dead bodyer in the back of his garbage truck early saturday morning. he was stopped at this shopping plaza off market street when he first called police about the they are now investigating what exactly happened. >> it appears that it will come from a dumpster. all we know at this pointco is that it was a white male. we're not positively identify the individual and we havele to wait to notify next of kin once that it spent. >> he says for lawn police are working with the summit county coroner's office to determine where the body came from. this is the drivers route included stops int both of those cities too. >> it's just a matter of hooking up with detectives from this department and checking areas where the trash pickup sites wereetfr. >> if anyone knows any thing that might have happened, call the fair lawn police department. bill question mark.
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while state highway patrol is investigating a crash that killed two people and start county less t thing. it happened about 7:00 friday calendar avenue in lexington township and that's just west of alliance.en trooper say a chevy impala was traveling at high speeds and the drivern lost control, the car first into a c utility pole. both the driver in the passenger were thrown from the car and paramedics pronounced him dead att the scene. the start county coroner has identified the victims as 28 rolledon leland ray and 24 -year-old aubrey white. the crash close its 19 for more than five hours.are you can read more about the cleveland police are investigating after security guard shot an armed suspect was firing at carsec with a stolen gun. this happened about 2:30 this morning of the gas usa stationed at the intersection of west one 17th and triscuit.
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he p saw the suspect, 23 -year-old they sean larkin shoot at the passing guard. larkin turned and pointed a gun at him.tu that'sat when the security guard shot lurking in the race, shoulder and leg. paramedics rushed larkin to them under arrest. will ber several charges, including receiving stolen property, because the dam was heights. meantime, cleveland police are shooting just on the street. two men got into an argument outside the little lounge near western avenue after some pushing and shoving, the suspect pulled out a gun and shot a 24 -year-old antonio cummings andd leg. then jumped into a car and sped away. a friends drove coming still liquid hospital where is recovering tonight. anyone with information onre the police. detectives continue to search for the man behind the carjacked a man filling an atm and got away with $200,000 in cash. it happened thursday outside the
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40 atc and kings men. the victims as the robbers gotten to the car robbed at gunpoint vs they get a wrap away with about $2,000. anyone with information should contact cleveland police. the ohioel epa to the most recent tap water samples taken from sebring village took the below the federal standard for lead.eseb state leaders say the operator's he bringsy water plant waited months to notify people about potential health hazards. but, to epa employees were fired, one more demoted, over the situation was handled. ms getters a is 44 homesn have been tested about of federal limits for lead since mid-january. the u.s. treasury department is giving the state of ohio $98 million to demolish make it and blightedll homes and help other homeowners avoid foreclosure. senators cheryl brown and rob portman were part of the group pushing for the treasurye department allocate do billion
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the money goes to f devastated by the foreclosure crisis in 2008 through 2010. over the past six years, ohio is used $570 million from the hardest hit fund to help more than 24,000 ohioans7 stay in their homes. as the temperature continues to rise, so did the odds that your car will hit one of the countless potholes across north east ohio. last week's deep freeze didn't laste long but is the weatherth gets warmer and all the snow and ice melt away, the bare pavement as revealing plenty of deep and dangerous potholes, like this one along 55th near kearney edge just east of downtown. if your car is damaged by a hot pot hole, be sure to reported to the city of cleveland and they may reimburse you for the we nearly had 60 degrees today but the warm weather didn't stop people from enjoying a winter tradition. it was a great day to do this. enjoy some fun in the sun at the metroparks toboggan chute's
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-- >> i honestly don't like the cold d weather so for me that it was a perfect day to come out. w my son loves to toboggan and going down the hill and i don't have to stand out in the freeze was doing it. >> weather permitting you still have about two weeks to get down to the chalet. the toboggan chute's close for the season on march 6.e across town, spring is already in the air at the metroparkset washington reservation golf learning center, where you canes see plenty of golfers taking their first winds of the season. the driving range is packedt with deaf or's, young and old, including a few hardy souls wearing nothing but shorts and t-shirts. jenn harcher is in the front yard with detailsj on a warming trend to hit this weekend. the winds that hit overnight and icy a little bit of those wins are still blowing out tonight.
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but the good news is they will relaxax as we had in the day tomorrow. temperatures unfortunately will fallel down. we will not in the mid- 60s like we were this afternoon. cold fronts dropping in right now. it's not going to bring rain or snow to the area but it brings back clouds and cooler temperatures tomorrow. part of the reason why i'm wearing ee a spring jacket is rate around lakefront it is chilly at 45 degrees. just a couple of miles to the east at the airport is 64 degrees and 68 degrees in cleveland. it's more of a northwest wind off the lake. it's 59 degrees and lorraine and akron/canton a at 64 degrees. a lot of us are probably grilling out tonight. it's a gorgeous night to do that. fortunately we still have to
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northtito evening hours. 46 degrees as we head towards 11:00. winds out of the northwest day at 60 miles per hour and as you a go more inland we have a more southerly front. it will bring a cooler day tomorrow and i am tracking our next system that will bring a mess tour area t tuesday night and i will talk about that coming up.ue and we are ending february cold andua snowy. you can kind of tell where my a day forecast is going to trend to at the end of the week.k. so i hope you enjoyed it today because it doesn't look like we will see a day like this again. some of us broke some records today and we'll talk more about that. >> i know you are supposed to look into there future but let's just and enjoy the the eight day will come later in the forecast for analysis enjoy
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dallas police just released new details about their investigation of johnny manziel, the browns quarterback's ex-girlfriend has accused them of- assaulting her. investigators are looking at surveillance video from the night ofsu generally 30th, when calling probably called 911 claiming menzel are several times and dragged her into a car. crowley's attorney says the client suffered a ruptured eardrum and saysys mandel brian to kill crowley and himself. please are grieving crawlies medical records from the ninth the incident led to a judge issuing a protection orderm , bahrain barring manzo from contacting carly. the police have yettba to conduct major part of their investigation because officers have not actually spoken to me and sell yetet. >> the detectives work around witnesses. schedules and neck and some time delay the process. as of today there have not been any determination if any charges will be filed against
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we are letting the detective do their due diligence. we want to make sure all the facts are there and clear and will presented to the prosecutors. >> so to recap, dallas police have both surveillance video and medical records from the alleged assault, but still have not interviewed johnny manziel. they hope to wrap up the in room and thus each by the end of the month t, meantime, the browns have indicated they plan to release manzo as soon as the nfl calendar allows, which would be march 9. now basketball. the cleveland cavaliers hit the weeks as a get ready for oklahoma cityh tomorrows but they will be without their newest acquisition. fox 8 sports anchor p.j. zigler joins us with the details m the latest on channing frye. >> the cavaliers are being -- he is yet to complete his physical with the team. the cavs are being borough before clearing him.
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team this afternoon i will not play with the cavaliers sunday againstwi thunder. frye had a heart condition doing the 2012-2013's even the cut him out of theut lineup, but he played all 82 games the following year. tyrone lu says the cavs are not concerned about frye been able to team. >> not concerned at all. we have until tuesday. >> the cavs will fly to oklahoma city as they get ready for the matchup against the thunder. cheaper and carry irving both miss the first meeting december come on the cavs rally to be okay see at the q. the thunder is 23 and 5 cents or less. tipoff sunday is at 3:30. as a result, jarrod jared cunningham with the trades
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eligible to be plane or waived team. with that comes as early as monday. we will have to wait and see. >> a lot of up in the air. >> we are still without three guys. we have more on shumpert's condition coming up in sports. >> still ahead tonight, saying goodbye to a legal legend. some of the biggest names in washington gathered to pay their last respects to an antonin scalia today. the find out why president obama decided to skip the funeral mass. plus, it's a big day on the road to the white house as people into keefe wrote right calf their votes for we'll break down the earlywr v returns from the nevada caucuses. then hang on or you could get blown over. what is feeling the nearly hurricane force winds blowing across the midwest tonight. in the future of space tourism is coming together, piece by piece.
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around the ship that could take
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we all just enjoy this for second. blue skies and they 30 it t a little dark out there. no snow when you see the green grass in the foreground and in the 60s today along the coast here at fox 8. but what is the main word in cleveland weather, changes. they are coming soon. ifo you have been outside any time inee the past 24 hours, you know it's tough to walk, let alone drive in the powerful wind, but we've had it easy compared to people in the windy city. wind gusts in chicago hit 70 miles per hour last night. there we're so strong that they ripped pieces up a set of several high-rises endsds y sent construction materials line. several workers got choppedh halfway up a building and had to hang on for dear life until the winds finally got down. the wind also destroyed the canopy at a gas station of the city southe side.
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cancellations at o'hare airport. this is the scene of a few hours west in iowa.e a powerful gust 60 miles per hour flip this tractor-trailer on inside and it happen along i 380 near cedar n rapids. police say the driver gotce away with only minor injuries, but there we're also several other big rigs that were blown off the road all over the hockey state laissez. and there is a strong t wind advisory in effect for tonight. so why are we having all of these huge when gusec got wednesday bring the temperatures way up this afternoonon but we kind of love it even if we hate ite. it was a nuisance if you want the science behind it it is be because we are betweenbe two pressure systems. if you're not a fan of the wind,
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it will still be windy this evening and breezy tonight but tomorrowow changes. >> changes. >> so nicely said earlier. in with the changes come cooler temperatures as well. but today we hit 67 degrees. just shy of a record of 69 degrees. akron/canton broke the record at 67 degrees. they have a new record today. last year was a different story. we weren't talking about record highs we were talking about record lows. we started off a breweryrrh 20th at 17 degrees below it is still plane is out there now and i'm sure you are starting up the grill. we t are at 60 degrees and will be in just changed to mid 60s -- we're checking a very weak cold
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you see the northp when pushing over the cold legs. temperatures have dropped in the mid- 40s near the lake. c still wind gusts of upwards of 35 miles per hour. it's going to get better as a into the night tonight and into the day tomorrowbs but this is such a beautiful site. the lots of sunshine today thanks to a high pressure in the area. here's what is going on.ur we are about 4 degrees warmer than what we were yesterday. very warm on the east coast a a but we do have cold air moving to the northwest of us. a cold front is pushing through. that is what is going to be a changet a ring out. this cold front will be seen in the hot the night and bring cloud cover . if you have plans to travel to the south he will hit rain
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fact some clouds and also open tomorrow morning. the further south you head is where you will see some sunshine at least. some pix of sun from time to time but for the most part clouds will win out tomorrow. itom will be much colder temperatures back into the 40s. 38 degrees tonight and clouds northerly winds 5-10 tomorrowor and 43 degrees. a big difference from today. talking about a 25 degrees. if we hadn't last the last week of february, spring is getting closer and mid- 30s. quiet on monday and s sunshine and low 40s on tuesday. then we have the nextns storm system headed our way that brings everything for us wednesday with rain, sleet, snowth and lake effect snow. thursday temperatures will be
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will have a snowy end with lake effect snow saturday, sunday. temperatures in the 30s and upper 20s. >> you centered low last year was minus 17?en >> yes. >> so we are 84 degrees warmer on this february day than we were last year. >> your math is great. >> still ahead tonight, you've probably heard of a school for music but what about a school for wrap? coming up, see how a liberal arts colleges getting liberal with its definition of fine arts in training the rap stars of tomorrow. plus, some of then can barely walk but they know how to bowl. we will take you inside a very special party for some very special kids. pj question mark. >> up next in sports, day two of any in spring training and the cavs push for road gamesn since the beginning of february.
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hi everybody, the cavaliers have hit the road for the first time since february 3 as they get that to take on oklahoma city thunder on sunday afternoon. we will not see channing frye in a wine and gold uniform sunday. he is still working through his physical process, he did not practice with the team and did not travel to oklahoma city. iman shumpert is questionable forum sunday's game with a sprained left shoulder. he did not practice today. lebron james says okc is a tough matchup for any team. >> i would like to say that would match up well with anyone not just those guys. they are matchup problem. when you have two guys that can give you 40 or 50ob on any given night, it's a matchup problem.
6:27 pm
defend the best we can and try to make it toughes on those guys. >> mba announced to changes to the upcomingng cavs schedule. the first one involves a march for him against the utah jazz.t the game was scheduled to starts at 9:00 eastern time and it will now tip off at 10:30 eastern time and will now air on espn. the cavs home game on march 23 against the milwaukee bucks has been moved up to a tip off tema 7:00. it was originally scheduled to start it it. former cavalier anderson varejao could have a new home and the coming days. several teams are expressing an interest in ending the former cavs forward. according to espn, the gloves a warriors, oklahoma city and san antonio spurs are all looking into a signingur bury her hope was scheduled to clear waivers sunday after being traded portland earlier this week.d wa a tough afternoon for the --
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win her -- two and one in lincoln and the cornhuskers coming to the game with a 1413 record. they are led by andrew white the third averages 17 points a game and senior guard siobhan chill to averages 15 points per game. tonight's game tips off at 7:00. it was so nice, the indians could've played twice today over at progressive field. the indians were on the field today, but they were in goodyear arizona for day two of spring training for pitchers and catchers. this first week of practiceinor, terry francona says he wants his pitchers working on nothing but arm strength. as far as the rotation goats, nothing has changed since tried tess, the fifth and final spot in the starting rotation is up for grabs in the indians hope they have several options early in the season. t >> if what happens at the end of camp and we send somebody down
6:29 pm
that can aggravate a player. but if that is what we end up doing, that means our pitchers healthy, which is a very good thing. >> we could of gone over to progressive field and started the season off just right. it actually feels like spring out there.ig >> 84 degrees warmer this day them this day last year. >> nonetheless we will be talking a storm from now until the end of october. >> still ahead tonight, and emotional sendoffti in the nation's capital as a honor the life of justice antonin scalia. we will preview the south carolina primary and announced the winner of today's democratic caucuses and nevada.a. in the first major tropical
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battling a small island nation.
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more than 6,000 warner.r. >> the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception in the n nation's capital today to pay their last respects to one of americans legal legends who began his career here in cleveland. the lateho supreme court justice antonin scalia. just as we assign, paul, who is a catholic priest, presided over the, brewmaster at ten of thousands of dignitariesri including his fellow justices and vice president joe biden.
6:34 pm
sounds from an emotional >> mourners fill the capital's greatest catholic church on saturday to pay their respects to the late justice antonin scalia. >> bells told for several minutesb while the hearse carrying the late justice pulled up to theul basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. pallbearers carried the flag draped cat into the basilica following the session of clergymen. longtime friend, justice clarence thomas, was among several current and past justices attending there mass, along with many political dignitaries like vice president joe biden and republican presidential candidate ted cruz. >> the late justice his son, reverend paul scalia, delivered mass for his father and begin with the liturgyl el. justice thomas did the first reading.
6:35 pm
because the love of god has been poured out into our hearts through the holy spirit that has been given to us. >> reverend scalia then read the homily where he thanked everyone for the outpouring of support. >> on behalf of our mother and the entire scalia family, i want to thank you for your presence here, your many words of consolation and even more forre the many prayers and masses you have offered at the death of our father, antonin scalia. >> immediately following the mass, school he is family members left for the burial site to saymae their final farewell. >> and the waters of baptism, and two and died with christ and rose with him to new life. maybe now share with him eternal glory. >> steve nana's, fox news. e >> father possibly is moving eulogy for his father was both personal and moving, but like hisut father, the humble priest also showed off the famously al wet.
6:36 pm
not that i hadn't in hearing confessions, but that he had found himself in my confessional line.ha and he quickly departed it. as he put it later, like heck if i'm confessing to you. the feeling was mutual. >> justin antonin scalia was 79 years old. he is survived by his wife, maureen, and their nine children. president obama did not attend today's funeral, because he is busy reviewing nominees to fill justice antonin scalia's vacant seat on the supreme court. last night, cameras caught the president carried a large binder or background information and research on several potential candidates. reporters asked how many names heia plans to review but the president's laptop questioning kept walking. republicans are threatening to
6:37 pm
the next president decide on a replacement. today is also a big day for the candidates vying to replace presidentr obama and oval office. record turnout is expected for the pivotal south carolina republican primary. the polls are still open for another hour. and fox news correspondent carolina shipley has the latest from columbia. >> a strong finishapl in south -- is what the poster of the state, florida governor, jeb bush, is fighting for last-minute votes in south carolina and possiblyla the future of his campaign. >> at the volatile time. to be able to be expectations would be helpful and i think will do that t. >> after a shaky finish in new hampshire, florida senator marco rubio made his final pitch to votersa on the heels of endorsements from governor nikki haley and senator tim scott. >> i am ast conservative as anyone running for president, but i'm a conservative that can
6:38 pm
and we can win. >> senator ted cruz minting the dayo in dc a justice antonin scalia's funeral and reiterating his argument that the next president should choose the justices replacement. >> this election is not one branch of government it is too. there should be a choice given to the american people. >> and the front runner donald trump is warming his supporters to not be complacent. >> the more we can do it,be and the more we can win by, the bigger the mandate, the better days, and easier job will have. >> meanwhile, democratic presidentiali candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders spent the day fighting for one in nevadanni with polls showing clinton is expected to bring home a victory.ol >> if there's a large turnout, i think we're going to do just fine. t >> the republicans caucus in nevada on tuesday and the democrats go here on saturday. in south carolina, carolyn shively, fox 8 news. >> just moments ago, hillary clinton was declared the winner of the democratic presidential caucuses and the swing state of
6:39 pm
the former first lady was expected to claim an easy victory in the silver state but the sanders campaign had the momentum after his big win in the new hampshire primary. both candidates are vying for the hispanic voteim in the first state where the makeup of voters are more closely resembles the democratic base nationwide. clinton had more organization on the ground, while sandersna relying on his appeal to younger voters. >> brunner has struck a chord among dreamers and latinos and hopefully it's preds of the older communities. >> today's victory could give hillary clinton'sni campaign a big boostam headed into super tuesday in a couple weeks were a number of states will hold primaries on the same day. a freight train derailed in downtown indianapolis last night, causingna delays and railways from new york to chicago. asfr you can see, two cars, one hauling flower and the other carrying nonhazardous oil, clipped on their sides, virtually no one was hurt.
6:40 pm
the trainin was traveling from indianapolis to cincinnati and had two locomotives and a 111 freight cars. authorities are working to determine the cause of the derailment. in the meantime, the landside has wiped out a busy stretch of highway in idaho. this is the scene neared elk city, were highly 14 is buried under more than 15 tons of rock, trees and mud. residents are trapped in their homes of the road is the only way in or out of the small town. it could take several days to clear the mess and reopen the a massive storm is battering the island of fiji tonight. tropical cyclone winston is already making landfall and toppling trees and dumping terrestrial rains. reported just a muchd --
6:41 pm
hurricane force winds and rain. i said zastrow combination for the country's low-lying regions prone to see searches and flash >> the advice to the people is to please be preparedo at all times and be prepared to embrace the disruptive storm force to hurricane force winds as the cyclone draws closer. >> but this is just beginning. the eyeu of the storm is expected to hit here around midnight tonight. so, the government has activated 700 evacuation centers and is urging locals to prepare for a dangerous storm. prime minister frank bono merrillo told fiji and they need to prepare to survive. that's exactly what they're doing when we arrived. >> here and mandy, they are getting ready to cyclone winston. it wasn't meant to come through here t but just change course and now businesses like this one are trying to protect themselvesc .
6:42 pm
city going into >> people are say mainly to stock up on water because most of the shops are closed and there's's big queues of the atms because locals are getting all the cash theyey come from the banks. >> are you nervous?s? >> yes. we are scared. >> the island of annu louisville is also expected to take a direct hit. their high winds and heavy rain have already arrived. we are told entire timee towns are empty and like much of fiji, are bracing for a long night.nd >> that was jessica much and reporting. we have been dealing with wins in chicago like we saw earlier and much stronger winds than we've had. what's in store for the rest of the night and tomorrowow? >> the winter out of the south and that draws and a lot warmer temperatures than what we have
6:43 pm
last year we're talking about record cold and now we are talking about record warm. very windy and it will be blustery this evening. those wins will die down as we had into tonight and tomorrow. the headlines are cooler sunday. we're not talking about record warm tomorrow, in fact we are talking about a 20-25-degree drop from where we are now. 2 still above normal so that the bright side. our next system tuesday night will start with snow and change over to rain snow mix at times back to snow.w. this is one system we have to be watching and it could shift and change over the next severala days. it could been more rain or more snow.w. ending february cold and snowy. we are back into the 20s and thursday 30s and lake effect
6:44 pm
of the week. well above the average in this shy of the record of 69 degrees. that was setback in 1930. it is still lovely out there. 59 degrees and lorraine and 62 degrees in mansfield. ashtabula is coming in at 54 degrees. can you smell their burgers cooking in your backyard? it is a gorgeous night as far as temperature goes but winds are still out there. a gusting winds at 25 to 30. winds are still up there that will change. for front push through right along the lake. temperatures there are in the 40s and not front was a two the south. northeast ohio will be rain free but a reinforcing cold front will bring in cooler air as we
6:45 pm
here's a look at the eight-day forecasts. tomorrow is 43 degrees and mostly cloudy skies. back into the mid- 30s on monday andb tuesday lots of sunshine with 43 degrees. as we get into tuesday night and wednesday, thursday, rain snow turning back it into a mix and then snow again. we will see temperatures all over the placee and snow that could accumulate in some plus the wind will be back wednesday through friday and it could feel even colder as we head into the upcoming weekend. as we say, yes it will change so i hope you enjoyed it today. >> i did it again with the math and it was 84 degrees warmer today than this day last year. >> send us your pictures today we would love to see them. >> a horrific car accident. a local man trapped inside the burning car facing certain death >> i thought to myself i'm not going to get out of here. >> monday on fox 8 news at
6:46 pm
stranger comes was rescue. now the victim is certain it was an angel who appeared and saved his life. the amazing story of a rescue that even first responders can'trs explain. angels among us, fox 8 news exclusive, monday night at 10:00. still ahead, ns have you ever dreamed of becoming an astronaut? while it's too late for most of us but if you still got your eyes on the sky, see the brand-new spaceship that could launch you into orbit. and if you can't be an astronaut, how about a wrapper? we will show you how one college is training to the hip-hop stars
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to new york city police officers willll recovering after they were shot earlier this morning. and arm suspect crashes car directly into the officer's car and try to drive away. the officer and the suspect exchangede gunfire. one was hit in the bullet best and the other was hit in the head. fortunately both are expected tod survive. >> this morning was a reminder of the important and dangerous and crucial important work that our officers do in the way they put their lives on the line for us every single day.ayt these men and women step up for
6:50 pm
>> the suspect was shot several times and is in critical condition. if he survives, he will face a attentive murder charges. five people were on board when the chopper was suddenly lost powergefiv and slammed into the water on thursday. -- more than 18,000 americans want to become astronauts. nasa says it got a huge response to its astronaut candidate training program. thena actual number is 18,300. that's almost three times as many applicants as nasa got for its g last astronaut class, back in 2012. the previous record was setback in 1978, what about 8,000 people signedab up to see if they had the right stuff. but it's s a very tough job to get
6:51 pm
between eight and 14 people to go through astronaut training. in fact, there have only been 338 astronauts total since 1959. but if you can't cut it as an astronaut, you can still take play on the first public space ship. >> this is the vehicle that is t ince in going to take many hundreds of regular people into space for the first time. we are looking forwardun to getting it into the air where it belongs and eventually space. >> burgeon galactic just unveiled its new and improved spaceshipllll now, after two long years, the company is busy perfecting its new model. pilots are training and a simulator a and hopefully that serial two will be approved for lift off because more than 700 customers have already played paid $250,000 fee aboard the first commercial space flights. a liberal arts colleges getting even more liberal with its definition of fine arts. leigh ola university in new orleans is now offering special training for want to be
6:52 pm
the school has a state-of-the-art recording studiot put the skilled recording engineer. the program helped launch the career of wrapper g easy. he graduated from lay ola bakken 2012. since then he has released several successful singles and >> that's why wanted to come back. i just wanttat any way i can give back and anything i learned along the wayi i would like to share that. >> he started as a freshman project and that call model that they use now was started when he was a freshman. it just continued and it grew. >> right now, there are a bout a dozen students in the rap program at lay ola. still to come tonight, pulled over by bowling. why they and their families had
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the corner alley uptown partnered with a special wish foundation, opening their doors early for over 100 wish familiesrten to enjoy every day of bowling. one mom of special needs child snug way for a momentee from bowling with her family to telle us how special the day is for all of her children. >> it's wonderful to see my kids altogether c. and being able to do something like bowling, it's just amazing. >> they do get right back to bowling. they want letterman's return. many of the children face immune and germ issues, which can make activities.
6:57 pm
and major the kids were in an environment that is safe for them. crest pizzeria also provided the field. a special wish currently serves 54 children were cleveland clinic, university hospital, and ronald mcdonald house. congratulations, it looks like a great daycd. and i loved those bumper cars. >> you learn pretty quick. >> you do learn quick when the ball goes in the gutter. i was good at that for a while. >> we are not going to have temperatures near as high as we had today. we had the mid to upper 60s in some spots and low to mid 40s inu most places. we see breaks and sunshine from time to time and relatively quiet start to the week. remember it is the last week of february.
6:58 pm
thursdayy looks like rain/snow mixing with sleet. >> thanks for joining us we are back at 10:00. have a good eveningjo introducing longhorn' s big, bold, steaks. the only way to make em' better was to make em' bigger. our new center cut 10 ounce filet. our perfectly seasoned 16 ounce t-bone. and our fire grilled 18 ounce outlaw ribeye. big, bold, steaks. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can' t fake steak. for lunch, try our steakhouse burger
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dear fellow citizen, i know how it feels to save for retirement and college - times two. i get that it can be overwhelming, because i' m living it. but i always tell people - saving' s not that complicated. you just have to work with what you have. if you have a question about saving, ask me. sincerely, alex payne. fellow dad and fellow citizen. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to
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we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. wolowitz y,ernie. hey, how's my little astronautie hottie? okay, i guess. it's just, being cooped up in this... tin can for weeks on end is starting to get to me. well, hang in there. you just have a couple more days to go, and then you'll be home. i know. i got to get back to work. i love you. love you too. hey, bernie? before you go, can you do something for me? what do you want me to do? okay, here it is. i really miss gravity.


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