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tv   Fox 8 News at 430AM  FOX  February 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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this time of year. let's check in with scott sabol who has the middle of the faith. for the most part through tomorrow not anticipating any issues keep on the gulf coast.
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little further west.ra as you might have the nor easter developing know that were inside our coffee dates it looks as if i this is going to track our high temperature 28 and worcester 31 inr cleveland have much whenm today is a takeover afternoon. forecast high today in theth middle and upper 30s under cloudy skies. regionwide shouldie be climbing up into the who deathly going to make return by the end of this. freeways are okay this morning have a couple things happening.
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there are some wires downh use caution crews have been calledl to the scene the other issue cap this is house fire that happened earlier this month is todd drake) 30s and pendant road. maybe a couple of hours all theal lanes are open overnight lookingl at a few drivetime junot we do seet any issues out there for my 90s as you had towards 490. wayne and kristi pack to you.ow john k-6 signing a controversial people talking funding for pain.g had.
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a lot of people it doesn't name. in the pulpit is the mostmo affected by this. they say they lose more than the other options dozens more health next line the mortalityor rate in the state of ohio the chairman of the ohio democratic party issued a statement which reads in part president listening to the majority of ohio supports the fundingreng casey decided to take sides of the extremists we're indicted on only charges under his rightt wing leadership ohio is now competing with texas and louisiana forn more state in the nation for woman south.. it's a way to get votes in thei presidential election that comes
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in the south carolina police say he worshiped work doesn't over driver when he killed six people and injured two others choosing his victims who range in age from 14-74 at random. kelly wright has more. michigan community is grieving after coming closeis on a shooting spree killing at least six people and injuring two others that violence breaking out saturday in the city of kalamazooere according to officials 45 -year-old jason dalton's shot five people outside at cracker barrel restaurant including a 14 -year-old girl before killing a
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dealership.p. dalton was taken into custody on sunday morning hado no criminal record and work dozen who for dryer. i'm injured in a passenger in his vehicle hours before thefo shooting said he could tell something was wrong. he started driving erratically we are running sign those that the event passing to remember those victims what others say inay that incident has shaken. jason dawn is expected to be arraigned toledo multiple
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attempted murder in new york, kelly wright, fox news.s. a horrific car very trusted that that going to get here. stranger comes to the victim is certain it was anan angel who appeared in saved his life. the amazing story of a rescue that even first responders cannot explain angels among us an exclusive out here.est six different thing musicians from the cleveland area were awarded to instruments of their
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submitting essays as to why they need him. 437 another traffic every every eight minutes. struggle. we do have some spots and
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but come from the dishonest press.s. >> assault when conference combined with that jeb bush is marco rubio and ted cruz adjusting for position is the best alternative to trump.
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you can't bht figure going to makem america great he's have to explaina you're going to do it. het. has explained that he has a relatively high floor of support that he alsoy has the ceiling. john kasich is not making any campaign stops there focusing his efforts on instead crucial southern state fromin the blue side of the aisle she is hoping that she is hoping that she can push through south carolina and super tuesday. >> isd bernie sanders is showing no signs of slowing down.g the wind is at our backs and we have the momentum.o within pets voting in south carolinat and etc. in the republicans have a nevada caucuses on tuesday this is a big week as everything rushes toward super tuesdayek and greens
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fox 8 >> they have been playing scratch off lottery for years is how many much but recently a good luck sites from a yellow lady. pick up some lottery tickets for her and her sisterr that work they will splitat $6 million. by the way there big splurge so far isb 20 pairs of socks. pixel baby under her in the t-shirt of the. b weather and traffic every eight minutes is just ahead.
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good at morning here's the eight-day forecaste as we highlight another deepening low pressure system over at the gold coast ahead as the temperatures are going to climb. wec should be up into the mid- 40s tomorrow and rain wille develop tomorrow night the into wednesday it's going to be real windy on wednesday and we're probably going to have some
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rain on wednesday temperatures search climb into the high 40s that will dictate how warm weekend.. changing over to wet snow onw thursday on the backside of that snow as a tracks further north how much snow we get thursday willrtrt a touch of lake affect early friday clipper snow some point late saturday into sunday as the temperatures will stay below normalal we have a few things happening all part of the internet construction. we still havest this house fire this fire itself is out the drake road is still closed o this is in north worlds in..
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it out a-ok good at morning westlake m no problems as you come in from the westside and this is the in about perch all lit up in blue underneath you still see some flashing lights as they continue to test out part of theirig t new scoreboard the detourset signs are posted wayne and kristi pack to you.ou it's a star wars fans dream come true thursday crafty lifesaver from the iconic sums in his garage business was just a hobby but the demands was so large he eventually quit his full-time job and out makes light sabersbe
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paying off during the last 18a months of salt lake's favor company has sold more than 1300 light sabers. there you go. turn your passion into cash. 4:57 the details and a life report. plus and it cuts out west where
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2016. 5:00 a.m. is your time. let's check in with scott sabol we have some changes on the way. over this is going to go the


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