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tv   Fox 8 News at 400AM  FOX  February 23, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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bridge to discuss the case. a lisa sherman's divorce attorney accused of lying to policevo. the room investigation. >> very emotional and very hard we want everyone to remember what happened to a lisa sherman. she was brutally murdered and she needs to be remembered.r in cleveland peggy gallek, fox 8 news. pete the unsolved murder cases
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featured on crime watch daily at 2:00 requiring them to go to the hospital the lake erie preparatory school which is that i can charter school they shared some soup with four other childreny there will be through the tuesday to remove babies and children in the are now one homeschoolers are trying to find that made them sick. the student took in the suit was
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be to return.i the fox 8 i team barb wire fence will be installed around thea food people have written standardrd there's plenty of 60 people have left without permission the time not is 4:08 a.m.i by voters are speaking out against the presidential hopeful.p i'd you can make sure you're not being scammed.e we are anticipating some pretty good rain.
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there something you should know by now
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eight minutes so loves that with scott sabol. skies remained mostly clear you canr see that for months as is really brightening up in the skype were starting to get some cloud coverhe and eastlake in low cloud cover. will check it out.
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northern ohio. both of these lows trekking through the carolinas and another onere up over portions of minnesota her first word will describe the rain in the second one will tried the air. guess a changeoverd to wet snow as temperatures remain in the 40s.
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windy day tomorrow will start tos see it tomorrow night into thursday to wet snow. it's going to stay for a whilen
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official school closing station.da i'm getting sick. from two until five busiest port doors.ti keep that in mind if you're going to beat participating in that.rt writing under i 90 and also
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150 second. over on the westside of someone 37 well as well. go to our website i'm sure you will see some lower gas prices in your neighborhood. people would ask for $200,000 to be allocated the peacemakerse alliance is once headed by reggie rocker who is accused of using the nonprofits cashr to pay off gambling debts p john k-6 is taking some heat for some of thef comment he made in front of aon
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how did i get elected. they have anybody for me in the armyve from us and left the kitchen super tortuga that yard send them all the way backup things were different. after that, a female voters shot back telling him that she would come supporting coming out of the kitchen alwayslw been home-grown affairs. the cleveland cavaliers look to continue their winning streaks see if they could pull it off against the detroit pistons next. >> go to to vote for the next fox 8" will that's the winning school on thursday
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check out the temperatures most of us in the high 20s a fewf spots starting to climb back up
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will start to go back up into the 40s near 50 tomorrow and by thursday we start to drop the thames into the 30s we are anticipating rain to wet snow pellets of all play tonight we wake up to sevenof because of the saturated from because of office normalsa so happens after that. it's going to last a pretty good amount of time here. this is going to be a general snow monsters several inches of accumulation region with on thursday backti into the 20s with left over snow on friday a break on saturday increase the chances of rain and looks like
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monday of next week.kk we do have the signs that's not very difficultt this is i 90 as a child over rocket river. that'soc good news is he has to travel early. note issues whatsoeverrl route 83 ridgefield. maintained. in sports the cavaliers hosted the pistons looking for another went post then tribe is in the
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sports.s. top of the tuesday to conquer last night for the line ankle the pistons outplayed them and it was 9688 and click amounts of rain it's a five-game win streak is reggie jackson had 23 last night he bit back there at paid to there's kevin love working inside a 24e the judgment police in midges sought of thef cavaliers over at my were pet
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turnovers for 23-point againstai the team like that he can college best ball say green bay over cleveland state 7861 that he will re-signha looking unlikely thatun he will re-sign and alex mack is expected tohe i would make him a free-agent but the report says his return to the team is very real possibility shipowners your get paid moneyey on the open market.op and former browns defensive line they climate iswn landed withl
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all in the adjustments made is the season goes on he continues to fine-tune his can with the hopes of consistently. because there working hard to make adjustments to use the more you can stay ahead the for the first time since 1985 the basketball tape85 she had such aa
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all out of sports time for 27:00 a.m. is your time. now the fox 8 i team is asking tough questions for.s but these weapons.
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