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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  FOX  March 1, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, cleveland and all of g northeast ohio on this tuesday morning. the first day of march, 2016. super tuesday. that is not it is reveal day. all of that going on on fox to news in the morning it is super baby day. let's check in with superstar for a look at the forecast raise your cake. window for that let's take a look at the temperatures mostly cloudy skies with breaks of sunshine to the east the cloud covere is going to pick back up
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with the cold front pushing through st. louis st. louis f is up into the 50s. behind the fronte teens and 20s. big change in the temperature by late afternoon continuing on through the eveningyy with a quarter half of an inch with the th wet snow that will begin by late evening snowfall amounts a good one - - 2 inches coming back down for that the most part i think one number again that is tonight. cloudy with temperatures coming and tocl the mid-forties rain developing lateg by late afternoon. we've had an accident earlier this morning police say they are on the scene th on east to 75th and raleigh on the east side with a the vehicle
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beyond the scene there. trying to steer clear going slowly around that. smoke was coming from a home on fire earlier this morning with a couple of vacant houses that caught fire so firefighters have returned to the scene there.f and a very slow right from west 25th heading to the inner belt bridge in the 90 eastbound over by west 17th as you head into town we send it back into the wayne, christie, stephanie. >> the biggest a date yet for the white house is super tuesday one primary voters had in for 11 state.
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today were fox eight news reporterei stacy is standing byndin live this morning for super tuesday. good morning. >> good morning donald trump will speak at noon rally a noon rally here at a hanger at a columbus airport. he is feeling pretty confidentir in the polls where primary voters don't to head to the polls for another week or people will have two park h about 4 miles away and shuttled over to the hangar whereto they are holding the rally here in columbus we will see how that goes. the front runner is feeling confident he can secure a large number of delicates todaydear putting away any doubt nearly in half made the republican nomination for grabs today they show show a commanding leadgr trump's failure
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wizard david duke makes you wonder what, if anything has extra. >> so many great endorsements a lot of support out there among votersma a lot of people predicting donald trump could sweep the 11 primaries today if not all than most as i said we don't they said we don't vote here in ohio untild the 15th the polls are showing he has a strong lead here as well with 31 percent of likely voters think they would li pick donald trump. >> thank you very much appreciate it.
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are following this tuesday morning. cleveland police on the lookout fore a black truck that smash through the front of a pharmacy and drove our pharmacy and drove off with an atm.dr this happened on 79th and euclid avenue just after 430 this morning police are not sure how many are involved in the smash and grab. >> another smash and grab this time and east clevelandd and euclid avenue just after 4:00 o'clock this morning. vandals attempted toto get away a from the atm. take a look at this videohe they did not get the atm out of the video. >> and cleveland police - - someone set to abandon homes on fire. we were there as firefighters battled the blaze at the home on fulton road just before 4:00 a.m. they have rolled it as arson. >> police continue their search for two dangerous men.n.
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well is affected. >> we have more on this missing man and the body found m. >> good morning, everyone a up as our story here this morning > a sad and violent one police in the medical examiner are still working to confirm the body that was found in the trunk of a car is one of them and that was abducted. we will keep you updated on that, but let me go back to the beginning of the story.b around 1230 monday morning, the 46 -year-old charles is backing his packing his car into his mother's's car on east in east cleveland two men wearing masks confronted him police say you forced him and sidekickor things from the home and enforce charles back into his vehicle while inside to 71 -year-old mother was demanded to turn off the home security system they took off with the victims car leaving bloodstainss in the driveway. later in then
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the driver with the body in the trunk. police say they are beyond worried. po >> it tore this all up don't know what to do i never thought and life this wouldi hit my family. >> he was a man he was a hard worker he is a very good >> you do feel for the family members police say the body b foundod in the trunk the physique does matchthe charles is physique they also say some of the evidence matches up waiting for the official word. >> sad news. jessica turning to other big stories today police say a fourth brought may have been targeted by a child predator who is still at large
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the victims included ten -year-old girl who was nearly pulledar from her bedroom window. another victim said she saw that way suspect in her yard as she was getting ready for school. it was possibly a toyota corolla. the girl's mother girls mother so she is doing well and still very troubled by what happened. >> she covers the blinds ai little more and is more aware of her surroundings.i making her a little more aware. >> police er have seen several cars but so far no one is led to a >> about what county school a butler county school district this tuesday morning after a shooting was carried out in the cafeteria happening at the junior senior high school about one hour north ofr the city a 133 -year-old boy put out a gun and
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shot to others were officers say the teens then run out of the building. they kept everybody called i was crying and bond doctors say they are expected to be okay they accused him and called on murder charges this morning investigators say they have learned the reason behind the attackti. >> nine minutes after 8:00 a.m. is your time. an officer involved shooting leads to death. now one police officer o is on administrative leave this morning. >> and is a self driving car blameng to blame for an accident with 17 crashes? oh baby - - doctor oz's joining us live in just a few minutes for the big revealin
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know.ev >> so exciting. >> good morning, everybody. look at these temperatures going up and to the 40s.dve that is our fox eight our outlook when does the rain arrive? we will talk about that with some snow in a few minutes. >> oh baby is right. christie's baby gender reveal coming up. the gilligan islands will be launched they are very smartm physical students whenar we comee back cardboard lake regatta kicking it with kenny. stay
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good morning, everybody pretty nice sunrise we are anticipating some rain and snow. 21.6 inches last year we were triple that number looking at
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march 1 the winter of 1949 almost 70 years ago the last day of wonder it was yesterday lookk at the normal high by the end of the month this 53 dozens at march 31751 as we bring in daylight savings time w temperatures in the low to middle 30s we will warm up nicely this after and there is the snow to the north with the trailing cold front look at these temperatures now teams north of the front ase and this is typical for this time of year still be a good changes in the overalll forecast rain by late afternoon as we transition too wet snow later on tonight with highs in the middle and upper
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rapid one with dangerous amounts here and 28 as we look about one - - two close to the shoreline south of akron happening at that most pretty localized about 10 miles of lake erie another chance of a quick snow shower thursday mostc and southern ohio thereut is the eight day as we bounce around a little bit by the end of next weekbou was 60s by next week fox eight news is your official school closing station.n. it 14 this morning in that headlines a north carolina police officer is on leave this morning after shooting the wrong suspect to death. investigators
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protesting police violence the driver of a passenger shuttle bustt pulled and when it started to overheat no one was on board and accused of stealing a taco truckcu that ended with the truck sideswipe school busw witnesses say the officers fired two shots they then surrendered and no one was hurt. >> after more than a million miles on the road and a dozen accidents in a dozen accidents with a self driving car beingei
8:16 am they had always then began going around them fortunately no one was hurt and neither vehicle sustained major damage. >> fifteen minutes after 8:00 o'clock the cloud is clock is ticking. kenny is running it made it all the way to new york city in time? >> it was t a circus yesterday taking it to the ultimate authority am i having a boy or a girl? even i don't know about
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welcome back everyone. welc e ve it's super tuesday and donald trump is making a stop in the i buckeye state where primaryt's supertrump i voting a ers don't head to the pollste whereprimary for another two weeks.eks. he'll hold a rally in columbusa rally in today at noon. that's where fox 8 news reporter stacey frey is live this morning. right now.ow hi stacey good morning. good morning. rning. donald trump will speak at hangar at the columbus airport. ohio is a very important state winner take all must win for anyan republican. and the latest quinnipiac poll shows trump winning with 31
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shows tr percee the venue tough generic 824 supporters coming here parkinge parking about 4 miles away and getting shuttled miles away over here to thethe location where the rally will be held. trump's visit comes a day after another rally got out of hand in's visit r large groups of protestors interrupted trump repeatedlyupte some of them chanting black lives matter.d trump rep e a time magazine reporter tryinge report t to capture the dozens of blackrying protestors getting kicked outtting kicked o was grabbed by the neck and w shoved to the ground by a secretas grabbed b service agent after he steppednt aer h out of the press pen wheree ress penwh e reporters are confined.d.r trump, the only presidentialepoters are c candidate who confines thefines e media. the new york billionaire was fending off criticism that he had not clearly condemned the support of the ku klux klan in e was f that h an intervieew on cnn sunday. u klux kl in none of these negatives seem toem be having an impact on the pollpo numbers or the numbers of people rallying around him. the room holds 3000 peopleeo
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trying to get in. amazing. amazing. the polls show donald trump with a commandingp lead heading into super tuesday we willo see ife those polls turn into actualual votes so far they have for him three out of four states he hopes to consolidate his hold onln what he hopes will eventually beually republican nomination by the end of the day today. all right stacey reporting liveg live from columbus this morning.ning. thank you stacey.ace i'll read. all wearing pink and blue todaya even aj. even we weren't sure what it was going to be. aj.e thanks for playing along aj. aj any problem wearing pink it wast wa i knew it was going to be a boy.s that's why i wore blue. not just to fit in.wh i'm so happy for you guys iuys really am. off to the west we find some
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this weather system will bringin rain initially and perhaps even some freezing rain and sleeti eventually to all snow. high close to 50 today with the the rain here late this afternoon. 24 tonight with evening rain andg rain then freezing rain all snow you can see that wintry mix snoww comes and overnight intornight in t tomorrow perhaps even a littlelit lake effect snow which will haveave to be early in the morning tomorrow snow showers coldery in the risk and otherwise clouds hang tough. hang to here's theugh fox eight day outlookt rain twos no as we mentioned and and some accumulation up to two or 3 inches not out of the questiontion perhaps a little messy.ess teens wednesday night. thursday's high 33 will be in in the 30s on friday as well. anddthe 30 then a little snow on saturday. milder temperatures coming for next week.k.saturd all right.ll ri we've got the weather from your school tomorrow. that will be att bali lane
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we'll see you guys tomorrow morning weather from yur schoolsc looking forward to that. fox8 your official schoolool closing station we will send it back to you guys. all right.t.all right thank you so much.. a great day. it is exciting. a great so happy for you. weha areppy happy for you.r you. everybody's calling from all over watching online. north carolina and kentucky. i will tell yourr. i'm his agent.en a big-time athlete.le he is already running drills with kenny crumpton is going to get ge wet todtay. every year. hi guys.. i'm just happyhi guys i got it there on time it is awesome. thank you kenny.nny. congratulations. got a boy. that is awesome.ngra pities inevitably will do physics may be a year atear at lakewood high school hanging out with david as we can see paddyad
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our theme is a bora bora. anything that is tropical. that's it.. you look awesome. all right guys what is your theme.theme. winter in a liquid sports.rt i like that with so this is coolo though dual compartment of thehe first time i've seen that's what is the principle on that. the bubble caved in when you step in.n. okay guys what is your theme. we are st bad musicians. very nice. and tell me about your boat.a cardboardd we ju together and clear an d packing tape on it. i only got one. i like it. it kay. what is your theme. theme. ballerina. all right.t. all you like that. i do. right. a boat. talk to me. me.
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nice double layer it. it. pattern. okay. last bu.t not least my wrestling myestl i love it how are you doing.doing what's up kenny. ready to go.. i like it. yes kenny. l get them in david. look ate it. it his boat is look at these guys taking three adults. all right it's all about getting into theinto te boat. boa a lot of people lose it when they gett.ople we have to figure out the best way to get in the boat.ou do you know how to swim. yes, i do.s, i have a feeling we're going to be swimming.have a f it's all about getting an.ting they made it one second. another one. they got an. look at the girl power.
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girl power doing it. i didn't see this. it has a little water gun that is awesome.ts awese. i love it. powerpuff girls go girls go. let's go.werpuff minutes ago. the guys are swimming. not only can they wrap they can swim.t onl look at that powder puff girls. way to go girls. we are up next.
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welcome back to fox8 news in the morning. something is going to blow up.up. the last time we blew up powdered sugar this isle de ja vu. vu. we are making beef roast. this recipe comes to as from my sister in law in florida who we love.i she gave it to my parents they pass it along to us super easy. it's a crock pot it is perfectperfe for little boys to build big
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and the rest of us. that is good stuff.u hi little girl. what you do you tell them aboutm ab that meet.t. the best kind to buy.that we like round roasts two and a a half pounds somewhere in there.lf but poundwher fear it on all sides sealedeal in the flavor in the juice and that's what actually put in the crockpot first. so anyway so we see are that. and the best thing about this it this it looks like it is spicy but it is justst really good flavor.avor. i love it.t. the order of what you put in the plot is pretty important. the lrist of ingredients andedients a everything on the website i like this because the thing that takes the longest is heating up the pan to steer it. you want to go back to backo grandmother. she's going g to go back toack
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what we l likgera ins the potatoes.atoes use any kind of potatoes and redes a potatoes these are a littlere a yellow potatoes baby potatoes.e potato potato.. and we like the baby carrots get get the theme. i'm kidding we didn't plan that.. baby carrots a whole bag of those. 16-ouncewe world 1 pound bag.bag. and as many potatoes as you as you like.e. ke. this is all depending on whatwh size your crockpot is. i right. rht. we have a giant crockpot so we try to fill it up giant so we don't have to cook to mile.mi say this is seared. dump it in. dump that in. this is all for television.evi then you add your potatoes. do we cut these in half. half. you you don't have to.on't have you can quarter them off if youyou cut them they soak up the juice a little better.ittle b the carrots come out tastingi like a million dollars i'm nott going to live. to liv. they soak up the juice.uice.
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her veggies. feel like she's eating something healthy and trick her. e and then we at you can do a whole onion again depending on how big your crockpot is. not a bigg fafanh. use about a cup maybe half a cup of chopped onions.c very important how you put that in there nice and neat. and here is the front part ofe fronpart of that will be a little different from your pot roast at home. at a stick of butter.ut before we do that we almost forgotbe the telltale ingredient. 16-ounce bottle of pepperepp cheerney. pour the whole thing and. get all of the juice in the jews is important.or why.why. talk to me goose.ose. you will put that in your gravy. what's fun here is when you do your gravy obviously you make your gravy howeverv you want.nt
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to heat up the pan k before you put the powder and that is that powder burning that is smoke. just get a fire extinguisher. we are good.d. you make your gravy make yourk yo gravy regular however you would like to do here is the magic part. want you put everything in let's les go back to our crockpot.rockp put your stick of butter on top. hold on. wait until they pan over to put your stick of butter on top and thenst ranch dressing mix. how delicious is that.tha then you can't salt to taste my tast mom let me borrow these they're like little chocolatee . she thought a giant eagle. a little souvenir from cleveland. usually souvenirfrom wait until it's donet i cooking that way people canca season it to the personal six to eight hours on high and thento that's when you come in
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you put the juice in of the gravy.y. that is the best part. we have tot wrap this up but itut is super easy we will have theav recipe online at i think we covered it all wel didn't blow anything up. here is the finished product. come on guys. is th somebody wants to eat. all week long catch the morningr show cooks a lot coming up in the 9:00 hour jessica dill is whipping upe 9:00 hour crusted chicken chicken squares. whipping it up. stay with us. stay with us on fox8 news in the and patty harken are going head to head.ty supreme. we will find u i've gotg money on good morning congratulations totions to thoughts and c c oomkriments as wste i wish w them well did you know it was a was a boy or girl how did you knoww did you know what were you were having whenhen you were pregnant.gna.
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welcome back to fox8 news in the morning. anytime you get kenny crumpton and patty harken togethertime you. oh boy. that's a party.oh patty harken. awesome.y team bora bora. absolutely.m one person in mind that would bed be you. we're going to do this. david not bad. our final week coming up. words of wisdom. words of wisdom the boat is
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time in simultaneous out taketa over the show for you don't dot here we go. the water. let's go in between these two. come on. you may now enter your boat. on your marks. get set. all the boats are off and on their way. kenny ande patti struggling toggl get in the boat. seems to be a little heavy at the
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there goes kenny.. oh we got. they needed a ship not a boat. they finished up kenny and patty are not going to give up the ship.t goi they're not giving up. the old college try. there we go. we appreciate fox8 coming out in covering the lakewood high cardboard boat regatta today.a tthis afternoon will have 38 boats starting at about 315 at lakewood high if anybody is interested coming out ticketsickets are a whopping dollar.llar 38 boats from students this afternoon.n. well done.. good job guys.s.well do nice effort. and the boat looked great.
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who made that boat. really nice. it was beautiful. it looked good. it wasn't functional.i it looked good going down.t wasn't hi todd. a lot of effort. and a lot of set up. the best 10 seconds on the water they ever had. good morning kristi is having a boy. congratulations.t you guys were the blue you look great. thank you.ue you l had to represent.res i went all blue.e. i knew. okay aj. i didn't have pink. we did the gender myths and those we find those seem to gom t we all seem to know. i don't know what it us we just ju had this feeling going on. this glow about you.. viewers so excited.c hal mentioned early on he knew
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he was certain at that point. when he sees something. you see something you know something. someth everybody is so excited all the wives tales went on the window windo when my wife and i had our twinsi we had twins ably integral congratulations to how andt kristi congratulations i said sai she was having a boy she had a girl already. already confirmed that congratsongr to kristi and how we found out we foun the ofd our children when they were born a nice surprise congrats and kristi and candle.and people suggesting names now as well. kyle is a good name. k names going. kyle and kendall cute together. name them something with a kk don't forget to use their middle name when they are in trouble. kendall murray.y. she gets heard that quite a bit.b. she knows.e kno w and 123 comes after that. don't make me get to three. i got a belt. thank you for everything.for e ve congratulations we had fun this morning witath that.hat
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feel free to chime in on in on facebook at that congrats. there you go.a she's saying hello to never want.e hello.. coming up on fox88hel adele toppingoppin the charts again we will let youwill know why. [music playing]
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[music playing] [music playing] will come back fox8 news in the n morning we are celebrating a baby boy . yes. want to say congratulations. happy for both you and how. all right. happy for his roleais in the films coolght
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away. kennedy's breakout role was ind airpo the 1967 movie cool hand luke as a character who befriends paul newman's luke. kennedy earned an oscar for bestned an o supporting actor for that roll. he was also in disaster filmssaster lms like airport and earthquake and the parody naked gun films. george kennedy died yesterday indied yes te idaho he was 91.rday this morning there is still no ruling on supermodel janice dickinson's defamation caseson's against comedian bill cosby. defama dickinson is one of a number of numbe women accusing cosby of sexual assault.assault. dickinson claims cosby drugged and raped her back in 1982. the statute of limitations for that criminal case has passed. but now the former model ishe f trying to take cosby to court on defamation charges. she says cosby's former lawyerormert martin singer releasedartin sin statements accusing her of making up the assault. a hearing date is set for later this month.
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a hearin the top selling album of 2015llin continues to rule theg album billboard 200. 200. adele's 25 nabbed another week at the top marking her tenthna nonconsecutive week at in first place.secuti this comes after the british singer won four brit awards including british album of the year last las t her latest album sold more than 80 thousand copies, this past week. her latestm she is incredible.ble. amazing. i love herr voice.e. all right. that's the news at 8:00 the newsew at nine begins immediately.ediate hi guys. good we just tried the ghost by thethe way it's fantastic. fantas really hard to put down if you don't might will be top storyop s bits in nibbles as we eat our food.ibble not spicy at all a little tank to it. good. the m eat is a fantastic thee vegetables are delicious.ic thank you. good morning at 9:00 a.m. a super tuesday0 not only foronl y kristi and how about in the the
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i'm todd meany.y march 1. i'm stefani schaefer. glad you could be with us. 's donald trump heading to ohioohi today live oin columbus with moremor on his bid to become the next okay to use cell phones whenuse cellho ne you're eating wits h your family. in a lot of people try to limitimi if you can but a popular a popul restaurant now has an incentive they want to force you to put it away during the meal. me the story alin your comments coming up in this morning's download. do a family recipe sure town be a hithi at your table your family'ss dinner. jessica cooking up her aunt's crusted chicken squareses d c so she's making it for the very firstve first time herself.f. really. she is trying to learn how too cook. that will be coming up in thist hour.r. hour. sh year. ver everyone's bringing and family members recipes.veryone's b check in with a.j. colby by the a.j. y b way i had some of the colbyolby tarts yesterday they were


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