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makes me want to cry.r he is like no thank you. you. my daughters say this is so sweet. really special. sorry boys. his like do you mind if i don't if i watch this with you.ou we want to watch something else. good morning on this wednesday marchmm second.nd. i'm todd meany. happy wednesday to you. i'm stefani schaefer.e thanks for starting your morning o with us. major developments after in early morningor fire kills a manma and his dot we are lie with moreith mor on what happened and who else was injured on fighting the super tuesday yesterdayday presidential front-runners torunrs to clinton and donald trump lookingtrump more like the front runners after super tuesday break downsay brak do the results for you coming up. y and want to talk about from the morning show cook segment continues with our very ownow scott sabol whipping up hishis tasty sable's seafood chowder great ideassty sable nate dawson son andan smelled so good. giving your ideas you canel cook
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maybe this friday for lunch forh f scott was it's fermenting withme his chowder this week a littlelit too spicy on the first one. experiment on us that us taste. us t you will do that believe me gotme some history with that.h that. talk about that coming up a little bit later.k about thatt we lhaavte some snow and the snowe showers continue this is kind of a little bit of lake effect andand some of that moisture that is on the tail end of the front yesterday supplying the end snow s in but you seegmo what'sistu happening.peni and we haveng a couple of streakstreak ofs snow one down here further he south and southwest of cleveland in two akron for more streaksa here extreme northern summite n like if you go on the turnpike and then goorth to 271 and had up toup 71 and i 90 and write down thethe ashtabula trumbull geauga county line bread in there pretty muchm most of geauga county and surrounding areas. that's where the heavier snow is andd . several inches ofches
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here as the morning continues. that is what we're still goingoin with as the temperatures remained lower middle 20s virtually no change in then the temperature notice thatice that windchills now have continue toto stay steady and the teens the teenthe snow showers will continue they will start to weaken over the next three hours.ov and as the temperatures begin to begin to cool. that's what w were going with e going with afternoon looking a little better 18 tomorrow think willk w get some improvement early andd snow showers redeveloped lateredeveloped later on in the day. the day. we will talk more about that that coming up in about five minutes.ute. back to sounds good. thank you. k you. we begin with breaking news on cleveland's west side early morning house firereleve leaves oneves man dead.a jessica has been following it followg it for as all morning long live one the scene with what we know so far.. jessica good morniing.rning. todd and stephanie good morning. good morning everyone.nd card story the family came up to up t me said it was my mover that passed away a good man a goodgo family of the moving company andmpany nd
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-year-old richardt and his dog.d hi the daughter is 19 years old she sh just brought that photo out of the homeot you feel for the familye famy firefighters called out to this home around 4:00 a.m. they tried to enter fromme around the rear but thebut the winds were so tough they had tod t go in from the front. both the man and his dog pulled from the home. f firefighters tried torom th refigh resuscitate both of them but neither of them made it.t firefighters tell me they knowy know how important animals are twore tw people so they tried to save himm to.. what the weather this morningtothis orning made it actually difficult for firefighters. one firefighter is now in the hospital.decult forr we did have firefighterwe sustained injuries to his nick minor facial burns. intensifier. the winds actually activated theivated t fire to make the fire grow.h
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fire. firefighters tell me that he he came home from a late-night work shift he is started cooking andng and unfortunately i think he fellfel asleep while the oven and stove was stildl going the family tells me that hee was actually had aad a moving shift he came off the fit they dog the firefighters triedh to save him the dog was a hugeug part of the street of the the children loved him everyoneveryone loved him the family told me the dog was founddloved hi that by richard because they said they knoww t-bone what it refused to leaveeae richards side. very heartbreaking story. it really is. is. jessica alive for us thanks. onto the super tuesdaythe supertue yesterday.. hillary clinton and donald trumpnton andonald left super tuesday, as the clear winners. but they each face tough competition from within their own parties.eft supeesday, as thenners. it's not decided. dec it's certainly not but wherewhe getting to where it looked likei what will happen clinton and trump 17 states yesterday. bernie sanders picked up wins inintr for states.r stat marco rubio took home one andubio
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including super tuesday'som cruz claim biggest prize his home state ofize hihome texas. sta which was exciting. it was expected. fox 8's stacey frey is in theg. ey fre newsroom with more on the super tuesday results.y in troom wit good morning. donald trump and hillary clinton both won big neither of themd trump a winning enough delegates to sealgh delegto seal the nomination, but both carvingg out dominant positions in their parties. a confident trump telling the republican field and focusing on hillary.hillary i am a unifier. i am u once we get all this finished, i am going after one person that's hillary we get all with his seven wins on super , trum broad appeal for his antiestablishment movement. senator marco rubio winning his first state of the primarys season minnesota.t st he insists his campaign is in it for the long haul.e of season minsists his after big wins in texas and oklahoma ted cruz says it's timete d c for other republicans to rally around him to beat trump. ain the democratic race, clinton for other republbl ound won seven states, building up a delegate cushion over her insurgent rival bernie sanders.
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american voters on a southernn sweep and added massachusetts,added m which sanders had hoped to win. she's now focusing on trump.aswhich sander it's clear tonight that the stakes in this election havehis electio never been higher and the rhetoric on the other side has never been lower trying toeen loweying to divide america between us and them is wrong, and we're notg, and wre not going to let it work. as for ben carson and ohio governor john kasich. cnn reports that gop operatives will pu the race and run for marco an rubio's florida senate seat.d run fo kasich came in second in vermontame in sec and massachusetts but fourth orond in vermo 5th in 8 other states.r state he's focusing on what he e' considers his home court, michigan next week and ohio on the 15th. con long campaign on both sides.s.
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no response fromw him he sayshe s he's committed to staying in howhow he will react to that proposal who knows as far as he'spr a president.s h and drifting.g.and dr we will see what happens. thanks so much. the republican presidential contenders will meet again for another debate in detroitit we what happenen the l that happens tomorrow.t happe and our own gabe spiegel will be cover it.ael er i be sure tot. tune in for liver live reports from the gop debate, this thursday beginning at four on fox8 news and back here at home. police in streetsboro are trying to figure out who randomly firedgure outho bullets, into two homes. it happened around 12:45 monday morning. randobtw steve haines says he wase haine watching tv in his living room, when a bullet pierced the front of his home on barlett road. the bullet hit a wall in his living room. iving room,let pierced the front of there is the explosion steve says he checked on his steve wife and called police, then received a call from his neighbor, whose wife is pregnant, saying their home was also hit. he ch wice, thenen rom his streetsboro police shared photos ro from inside the home. police s the bullet hit a popcornle machine, before striking an inside wall.t hm steve says the shootings couldays
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our grandchildren who come and spend the weekend with usekend wi us sometimes, they sleep right here, we have a blow up mattress have and they sleep right here in theow up matt living room. it's where they sleep at on the weekend when they visit us. so it came across where they could have been living as a matter of fact, they were here saturday night and this happened sunday wheree been ling as a y were here streetsboro police say neither homeowner heard the gunshots.wne another person living nearby did report hearing four pops that sounded like firecrackers that night.heard the g another pearby ea could have been the gunshots. fox8 now has security video from a deadly east cleveland home invasion.sec this is video from inside the after two masked men broke in early monday morning. her son charles barnes was abducted, and later found dead inside the trunk of his car.son charles baba cted, an the suspects, when she refused pects, to silence her security system.whe i sat up and there was a gun in this close to me.
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wouldn't give it to him so he knocked me in the head, heouldn't giv knocked me in the head so hard with that gun i did a back flip.ed my goodness.ess. the two accused killers are still on the loose.e.the two se. anyone with information is asked to call east cleveland police. cleveland police are looking force ar e looka gunman who shot a 16 year old on the city's west side.a it happened last night, near west 73rd street and loraind s avenue.treet and the victim was rushed to theictim hospital, with a gunshot wound to the face.was rushed authorities have not releasedrit any information on a suspect, at this point.ies a court ruling will allow the city of west lake to leave the cleveland water system forourt rulin the sy another provider.stem for a judge made the decision aftersion aft a nearly four year disputerly four between the water system and the west side suburb. the city of cleveland said in a statement to fox8 it isen the water s wt side suburb. disappointed with the judge's decision and plans to appeal.pp what would you do if you were inu wer the middle of a tornado.a find cover may be a digital orgi whatever see how one woman quick thinking helps her escape the twister and it's all caught on
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if you take your children to a bar. we'll explain and read your your comments next in this morning's download.c past one around.ou hi scott.hi sco temperatures are going nowhere or at least the snow showershower seem to be weakening a little bit. talk more about that and look at are several more systems that
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and we need voters who want safer gun laws and who are disappointed in leaders who stand in their way to remember come election time. i share president obama's outrage. it's time we had leaders with the courage to stand up to the nra. i'm p.g. sittenfeld. in the senate, i'll fight for commonsense gun safety, criminal background checks, ban assault weapons. i approve this message because ted strickland will never stand up to the nra.
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look at you you have a baby in aaby in bar. bar sweet home alabama the movie clip you might be thinking abouttsweet hom as you take your kids into a bara bar apparently a lot of people are are doing it. you have a baby in a bar. is it really the type of placece you want to bring your children or your baby. b become so prevalent bars are issuing rules surrounding the topic. parents are not allowed to bring kids and after 6:00 p.m. 6:0 not acceptable under any circumstance not only normalizes drinking but parents runn the the risk of exposing kids to inappropriate behavior language others think as long as there's drivingr others as long as thes the bar serves food and doubles as a restaurant might be okay. that is true so many places that have bars in there s that necessarily are a bar. bar. you're not sitting at the bar you're sitting maybebeno in other
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i think it's ridiculous that isthat is my opinion. you don't have to agree with me m. why do you take your baby the atmosphere the you're not drinking but whatwha about everybody else. else. not going to not drink because your child is our.s our. right. at least there it's not smoking. that crossed my mind. bring them into an environment. bring them in a smoke-filledn.. i played some smoke-filled bars you go in and you are just like you know going like thatgo t would be awful.ul. if there's a restaurant in in there. absolutely. it happens a lot of places. sometimes parents feel like theyaeel like have a date night maybe they hadybe th a baby the baby is sleeping in the little carrier they can have a little appetizer.tizer. and a drink.nk. i wouldn't take my baby to a place but for some parents theyar do.t viewers talking about this. abou not too many people on the side.t bring them in. bring the
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let's get to your comments brenda writesomme on our facebookurfa page she says if were going there to eat or a private partye par yes otherwise known.wn. lori commented i have no urge toto bring my kid to a bar but to each they're own it doesn't sound like it would be a good time.o hold on my baby is crying i'll be back for the is tracy says i grew up with my dad dad at the vfw some of my happiest memories. robin says no exclamation mark ia don't care what you exploitu explo exposure child to but i care a bar is a place to get away from away fr everyday stressesom it includesin kids.ce rebecca commenteds it's also like al sa restaurant than sure about why would you even want to take your kids straight to a bar. okay.y. couple of our comments depends depen on the bar some bars are bar andarear and restaurants we heard frome heard fr somebody who said that and
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rebecca saysomt like a restaurantau than sure. jessica says another jusco saysay shouldn't drive your childrenr anywhere after you have had some drinks.c absolutely. that is a huge concernl you'reo going to a bar to have a drink usually. or you have your kid going to ang to bar but not drinking you're just going for the appetizers. pamela says not many act responsibly by the time theythey leave a bar and even if thef parent axis possibly who will keep the rest of the drunks under control.ww wiper motor kind of behavior. pass the baby around. all right. we wantt to know what you think. here is the question is it okay okay for parents to bring children toreno a bar we want to hear from you head over to b leave me aave comment on our facebook page and i got the text phone get to me t me quickly that way as well.l l the other patrons wouldn't like it as the texture said they goy
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they're spouses. i mean, the kids.ids right. and that to. i'm sure. thank you.y were going to check in with the chef scott sabol. from the house of stable five-star restaurant. absolutely. got to wash your own dishes that's the only a bstholit tng.o whi here or go take a look atn theth weather so far. fa snow showers have begun to push inland again. starting to weaken a little bitle to the west we still have pretty gooda snow in geauga county also starting to flare back out ink lake county a little bit and a couple of snow showers lake c intont western summit county in the valley.te vley. down into akron seeing some snow. s this will continue through the morning. additionalnow. accumulations aretionre certainly likely here in anotherth er three or four hours. probably another incho or two and an d spots temperatures lower middled 20s. they're going nowhere here as we are continuing to bring in that
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the snow down into youngstown.ngstown. the forecast as we head through head trough the day today keep these temperatures middle 20s windchill valuese between 10 and and 12 above additionaladdition accumulations early and the snowe sn should start to weaken as the th e morning goes on. cloudy tonight.c tomorrow we can get backloud uypp again. what happens with this low isow is that it goes down and aroundund ohio undercuts northern ohio u starts to push back to the north temperatures will be low 30sw which makes snowfall forecast tocas difficult especially thist time of year. we kind ofy this a lot of years weear underestimate at least i do i do i know that underestimate the power ofof the milder push and that might drop the snowfall numbers a little bit but this is drobut t is what we are going with this starts late tomorrow and other 36 hours before thisbefore thi s begins. we have some wiggle room here and time half inch to an inch toch o the north and a couple of inches in further south.uth. not lake effect in general snow mixed in with raine south ofof akron. and we got ano tther one theth second one behind it that comesom e
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developing along that line andng along then behind it we finally see the pattern break upt lit this is an isn going to be a permanent break doesn't meane the end of winterend of wint by any stretch buter possibilitys very strong possibility of maybe seeing our first 70-degree dayegree y at some point the middle of next week.oeek. the eight day as we start to seet to some breaks 40s and 50s sunday and monday.ond 60s tuesday into wednesday another thing we do ni know i do do is underestimate the power ofer of the warmth in the sunshine.s the wind.the win get enough wind and sun sun wednesday pretty good chance we we could touch 70 although we havealthough we h a chanceav may be some showerssome owers late in the day.e d fox8 news your official school closing station. pretty called now by this time ti next week we'll forget this evenn happened. very nice. we won't tell anyone.appened not even going to remember. r em scott thinks. 9:18 the time. what has been covered up four
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watch this driver thrown from the wagon he was writing and see what happened in what emergencyemerge workers are now saying. shocking video after a childr. falls out as a minivan. he keeps going.f on a busy busy street. see what happened after.
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sexual abuse at a roman catholic diocese in central pennsylvania. ils horrific this abuse took place at campsites, confession, an orphanage, children and foster homes.hanage, it took place at the cathedral. the findings looked at abuse over the last 40 years. it found at least 50 priests or religious leaders areund a responsible for abusing hundredsble for ng h of children. two bishops allegedly tried to cover everything up.p. the priests would be sent to serve in other places or take sick leave. in some cases, they were back to leading sunday service, only a month later.ome case back to monsignor burkhart would say to his victims he would ask the child a question. victims he what do you think god would say? chi the victim didn't respond. monsignor burkhart would fill the silence by stating god approved.silenc the 50 priests have all been e 5 removed from the diocese.0 priocese.
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the b disgusting. police are trying to figure out why an suv barreled into asuv b massachusetts restaurant,arreled killing two people. witnesses say it slammed into say it slaed in after coming down a hill and co going through an intersection . it hit two cars, then the restaurant. the two victims were customers.s. the driver survived, while six iver s others were also hurt.ur a scary accident at a texassc rodeo happened, right in front of a stunned crowd last night.ary nigh watch this video. it happened during the chuck wagon races, at rodeo houston. you can see one of the drivers fly off his wagon and slam to the ground. he was not moving, for some time.du ra hone that's why we stopped the video. but emergency workers say he wasorkers s awake and alert when they took him to the hospital. there's no word on his condition this morning. awakealert w hospital. his horses continued to run around the track, out of control until crews were able to stop them. they were not hurt.
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what's this little kid falltle ki right out of a minivan.a this was in china happened on saturday. running after the minivan where are you going. not seriously hurt he gets up u and starts running to catch uptc the driver apparently didn't even notice. the dri luckily other drivers were ablevdn't iver to catch up and flag him down.s we able you can see they were reunited back there and the child lookslo okay but chinese media says the vani was recently rear ended theth trunk's door didn't close properly popped openoo and thed child fell out. unbelievable. all right also in the headlines today.y. snow and freezing rain delaying an flights in chicago and causing problems on the runways. a small, privately owned jetd felaying hicago a cwned jet landing at chicago's o'hare chicag's o'h a international airport slid off the runway around noon yesterday. no one was hurt. and not long after, an american airlines jet also slid luckily this was on the taxiway before taking off. s more than 375 flights were on taxiway befor canceled.
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also caught on camera a fedex driver survives a tornado by survives a torn hiding behind a soda machine.ado by what's the surveillance video the pop machine at the bottom of the screen where it saysre it her trying to escape last week'sing toe l twister, near baton rouge by running up to a hardware store and banging on the door.ast we tw nobody's there it is closed.ed. so osed. so she hides behind the coke machine in the front door.oor. winds 140 miles an hour during this.ds 140 the store can't take it anymore the entire thing crumbles and goes flying. the coke machine fell overs but she was able to hold onto it until the twister past and amazingly she wasn't even heard. unbelievable. all right. u.s. astronaut scott kelly is u. waking up back on earth thiss. ast morning after a very long time in space. scott kelly back on mother earthmorning aftong titi
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night.landed he spent a record 340 consecutive days in space, aboard the international space station.s in space sta nasa will now study the effectsdy the effects long spaceflights can have on the body by comparing scott to his twin brother mark, who's a retired astronaut. aceflights can have on we welcome him back home.ome that would be a long time. away from everybody like that. attention westside markettion wes shoppers. something came into us big b announcement just made.e. find out how it's shaking things up and when you'll soon be ablea to shop. changes coming to the rock 'n roll hall of fame will tell you about the major makeover and why it'se e easier to visit them rocksit the hall more on that when we come back but right now our resident chef getting ready for you to cook in here scott. we've got stuff going on we'ven got some snow we'll check that out look at the forecast throughk the rest of the weekend when we
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when the student took the phone from her desperate he takeud a picture of a photo that she says is not for her husband then the student that loaded through text and made the teacher was in the wrong because her home was unmarkeded she was the one that made the picture available to her students as a student who should be held responsible the sheriff's officesi is involveds that if the student should face any charges. if you do use emoji's if you doyo you have to be caps on music local school student is in
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post on her instagram. it included a gun and knife in a bob emoji. the turns out this is becoming a big trend among students they havehe not announced us any discipline actions will be taken against the student. he's got to be careful.
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student at redwood elementary school and avon lake are very excited they have a bald eagles nest and it appears that the third has laid to exit at the live pictureas with the seven t berlin but it's 9:41 a.m. according to the principal the mother bird laid the a that takes about 38 states to hatch, so if you do the cargo agent we could of the day vehicle by the first week of april. he want to watch the eco- camera
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schools we've been following ajfo colby is the weather this was been going on. that's where we are wearingar their cars. hey, aj. we've got some students here that are going to tell us about their weather projectnt for the past two months our classes been recording how things change within the water.
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temperature. the two little ones are trying that we had been charting that precipitation. is it snow and rainin how do youyo guys do
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all do the weather just one person and the next day most of itos you guys draw and stuff. it's kind of cool. future meteorologist in training. they are so cute.e. will send it back your way. should be a great meteorologist. look out. and elephant goes on a rampage up next see how it went we may
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to play you kind of like bermuda
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watch him pick up there's track. 70 percent of cases do things
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after studying the electric signals ends train powered they said thatat unskilled person fairness electric sculpted they were able to learn piling tests 33 percent better than the placebo group there calling a brain scott's here cooking up hooking up the
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the month of monday or tuesday maybe you should try that on the airy the perp takes a lot longer than actually cooking this.
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have carrots celery which i havech cut them some shrimp air. you can do is either way very sharp nice to have all those stuff upo a couple tablespoons of olive oil. you saute the
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a little too much don't overdor it.t don't overdo the pepper. it's really good. the weekend. tomorrow the thought eight the cooking continues and patty harkin and stefani are big -- i met one of my- sweetest friends in theee world to help me make the perfect easter side dishes.
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that sounds good. let's check in with natalie anda david for a look at what's happening on what you cooking up today that's for sure. >> coming away with him is thishi pretty soon. >> 10:00 a.m. bit i did with you.
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about getting rid of cellulitean look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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