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tv   Fox 8 News at 9AM  FOX  March 3, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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vu. you're still not going to convince me. i like it. am i missing something. yes. now.m it will bring you to tears. you have seen one when. i haven't seen onen it's worths w your 30 minutes. all right. john stay most is on this show.i my gosh.s on i love him. it's wholesome goodness on tv. not saying it's not . it's a girl thing.n watch to. it's not me. i would rather played madden madden you can watch. let me know how it is. good morning thursday march i'm todd meany.. third. goo hi everyone. everyon i'm stefani schaefer. thanks for being with us onus on
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you. dozens of cars art damage indam several communities which neighborhood among the hardesto rh hit how police are trying to track down the suspects.ood a hit how polic wake-up come out and see yoursee yur car has got damage everybody else does to.. and that spoils your day trying to get to work give the kspids offs to school and deal with that.and dealit do you post pictures of your children online?h p i think a lot of us do. do. for some parents, it could land you in jail or you could at least get a fine. find out where one law is in effect and would it stop your some pareuou in jai from posting photos. your comments in this morning's are you looking for the perfect i invited my good friend lisa to come on the show today for our morning show cooks segment. lemon dill chicken salad stuffed e i'm looking forward to that. it will be yummy.ggs ready to go. check in with scott stilld tasting that seafood. a lot of peppger and that good stuff.tuf take a look see what's going onat's on radar the snow is approaching
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come around midday andto we would wou have to adjust the timing on this.s. mentioned that about 4:00 wet4:00 w wait until eight or 9:00 hour toh do that in ounow we are adjustingadjsting it quicker. not continuous snowfall there is light snow moving through tiffin and mansfield.ied. don't think we will see much in the way of accumulation from this pocket here but there is is more snow on the backside ofs this. thi. temperatures in the mid- 20s check out the winds out of the southeastec north olmsted 24. watch the temperatures theretures ther the 30s. 32 indianapolis. temperatures go up snow albeitl fluffier snow will become more of a wetter snowfi the pocketc right here the one overhead youu can see this injection of dry dr air into the system as itt rotates in this general that's a sign that this thing is not going to bse a si a big snow producer continues to rotate on and off snow primarily in theth
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climb up into the lower 30s. some accumulation initially accumulation on the grass not sohe grass not much by the roads.oad check that out coming up in aom little bit.. the eight day in a few. see you then. the topping our headlines today.y. cleveland police are trying to find out who is going on aeveland p ol vandalism sipree hitting cars ince a out whoing on a few cities. jessica dill is live in tremont, one of the hardest hit areas, with more on what the victims have to say.ica dill is lmont, h good morning. good morning everyone. as you are saying it'sg is frustrating imagine yourself walking downstairs come out tout get in your car and go to work wor and you see glass everywhere. people in this area a trendyr area aree frustrated that areare worried because they keep getting hit by these cleveland police say about threeand po say dozen cars have been hit since abo this past weekend alone.ut thrn cars been they say the vandals have been shooting out car windows in several communities in theoies in t second district. the vandals are using bb guns or bricks to cause the damage and residents are left cleaning up glass and making repairs.ks to cause tnd macie lambr ix says she noticed aa ss and mg rep bb sized hole in her driver'sin her drive
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go to an appointment. she says at first, she wasn't aware her suv was one of many vehicles hit. oddly enough, across the street, there was a safelight auto glass company and then there was also a business card on my window, so my windso i thought alright, this must be a rash of al one of the neighbors told us us they have surveillance video they thmight have gotten theey h surveht hav suspect's care the on the and and cleveland police trying to trackg to trac down these people before there the number begins to and a lot of people saying notot just tremont they've had their cars hit alel over the place pla talking about st. clair and other areas. something that ever n if it's not's the same people stop if you are doing that.ha too bad. hopefully they catch the. thank you.y a northeast ohio man is undertheas arrest, accused of threatening to kill the president. the iteam was first to report the investigation.ttused of theside fox 8's stacey frey is live withcey freliv what fox 8e has uncovered aboutered abo
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good morning. the secret service say jonathon morni smead called them sunday night,lled t making they say he admitted he'd beened he'd been drinking and meant no harm but a they have to take any sort of threat against theey have presidentt seriously.y. they went to his home inin cleveland where he lives with his 76 -year-old grandmother. she didn't know how much trouble it meant but d federal investigators say he called the say he alled secret service says t i want toant kill president obama and wants w to kill hillary clinton and he wants federal charges not little state charges.s. the federal complaint saysed jonathan smead also had a greateral compla had a gr interest in past assassinationst of presidents especially jfk's. in fact a relative described it an obsession with that case.sion t ha still these threats seemed to come out of nowhere. what did you think when federalhereats seeme agents showed up at your doord to u thinkn fed i was pretty upset.
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were all wondering what would make him so angry. i don't know. i just don't know.t kn the fox 8 iteam obtained a report showing that jonathon smead was recently taken to metro after getting a call that he was holding a knife to hisro afte threat and fake gun to his head,r r he wasding a lot going on there. think so much stacey reporting. turning to other big stories on this thursday morning. cleveland police are investigating a crash on theg storie clevela city's east side, that left two people p officers say the driver waseople speeding in a stolen vehicle, before hitting a pole at east h itting 105th and pierpont. two juveniles were taken to thehe 105thles hospital.wereen to th witnesses tell fox8 they believe fox8 th bel ie the accident happened during aveappened dung chase. achase. police are releasing few details at this point. the suspect accused of shooting and killing a canton police k9 has been indicted. shooting demorious barefield faces ald face a number of charges, including aggravated robbery, feloniouselonious
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dog.ulting a in january, officers were called to fishers foods, and whileoods, and while searching the area, police say barefield fired several shots. jethro was hit in face, a, polic shoulder, and neck and died from his injuries.hould police returned fire, shooting the suspect in the leg. the leg. a fake parma police facebook page has apparently been taken down. flice facebo someone set up the page, andeo posted fake news set up one said it would be a crime to feed homeless people.d it would people. another announced a pedophile reform event.event. some people were commenting thinking the stories were real. so the real police complained to facebook. and this morning the page is gone.nd this police searching for the man h womening say has been followingowin them around stores when they'reen they' shopping. shing. here's the video from walmart and a by marshall store but ut rather then report the incidento to police thert the women left the stores and were posting theirtin g experiences on facebook. policeo are hoping somebody willy will recognize this man fromrom
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was following them around the store. my goodness.llow if you know anything suspicious police can help you out. were asking do you post picturesct of your children on social media. you could be thrown in jail ifme be you do it in w france. find out why andi if this was as was law in the us would you stillu s share photos ofti your kids. visit is hearing more and moremor about the coyote attacking dogs here in northeast ohio coming up may be an easy way to protect your pets more about that whenen we come hi scott.ot eight our outlook taking us through the middle late afternoon still o shows light snowsnow we already have some on radar right now look at these the temperatures going back up to the 30s. how much snow will we get.
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that.
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welcome back. do you post pictures of yourpost children on social media?pictures were all guilty of that here.e. if you do it without theirou t consent they could sue you. that is if you live in france. under french privacy laws,s, that is if parents can face a fine of about fine ofbout 49 thousand dollars or jail time. the fines are for publicizingfor publizing details of their child's private life without their permission.details of their chilon. french police are particularlyy concerned about the possibilitypossibilit of pedophiles using facebook toiles usg view photos of children online. they also say photos could be used for identity theft.ey also kids can also sue their parents sue their p when they get older and get compensation.arentsts when t if they want if they feel goodgo
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they could do that to. that is crazy. i can't imagine one of my kids doing that. i understand t the privacy thingin for sure.ur here's my question doesn't gon't go retroactive when they werey little kids. yes it does. that's what the article says. little get the compensation. any baby photos. but i think as a parent you're protecting your kids anyway. not going to put up picturesctus that would incriminate them or o make them feel uncomfortable i would think. i would thinkem feel ule.. some pictures i take of my kids don't post that. now those kind of pictures. just her in the bathtub. isn't she cute. i don't know. can't imagine doing that looking back or doing tth imaat to mygine parentsre right now.
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you posted. because you're proud of your kidsse happy of their accomplishments or whatever.te maybe not all parents are posting appropriate pictures.l that could be to. let's get to our comments leslieents slie says i feel bad when parentsare post pictures of the children at the doctor's office. why they need to do that.ha don't understand so glad i grewew up before facebook and social media the kids haveup be no say at all. a heidi says no government interference it's not the the government's right to punish people for posting picturest of their own children. come odn get a life.e. maria says on our facebook page i don't like the governmentver telling you what to do but it never have.e. never will post pictures of my m children online when commonen commn sense runs out the governmenternme steps in. rebecca says how about justst block your page and don't acceptccep friends of people you don't know. and sandy ou don take is of socialoc
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trying to keepit an account holders post private certainin entities wouldn't even have to consider enacting such heftyty loss. the quesstiolon we're asking this're morning we ask want to know what younow wh think. if this was the law in the usthe would you still post pictures of your kids head over to vote on our web pull.vee on know. ou don't want to break the law. i would still do it and go tond jail. good luck. okay. thanks. we'll take more comments vote onnts voten our web pull.b we'll check in right now and see what is happening weatherwise.ther hi scott. good morning everybody. the snow wiis good mo turning to creepeep into western ohio as we look at starbucks radarrinto wester web camera timeme lapse waited actually have a peek of sunshine but that was followed up by the clouds. this is the composite radar makes it looks like this know isis k
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composite radara put it together make one composite image now ass we look at starbucks radar lookloo at the wynn's first which areirst which are shifting you can see it's been a that west. 'sre up into painesville most oft of cleveland and even into east middle 20s. right now as we look at the overall picturethe te. just a littleitt area of snow and it's prettyretty light seems to be weakeningt seems accumulation from that the other element is this system is a lotot of dry air embedded.b it's rotating you start to see these dry patchest that's a goodgo sign this is not going to be a major snow producer for us. it's continuing to slide to thehe east we'll see these waves ofs o snow developing the temperaturesp will start to go back up should be low 30s we will have al have period of on and off snow primarily in the afternoon. of scattered snow primarily on thearily light side most of the
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the road surface temperatures are a little warmer this time of year ares a little bitle bit longer for it to accumulate onon the roads but primarily on then the grass accumulations through midnight tonight on the light side. traced to an inch could be a few be a spots locally maybe get a little more thanit that for the rest thisst now will probably develop a little bit quicker. hardly a big event by any stretch of the ina tomorrow clouds early partly ear sunny mid 30s another clipper on saturdayny that one seems to be be even weaker than the one thatne comes through today. the next system will be a rain produceroo th at least for the end ofend f next week does a 180 as we build some warmth.r i mean, legitimate warmth notno just once compared to normal.norm a we're going to see some days ins in the 60s 25 degrees above normale . by tuesday and wednesday and thursday of next week 65 i don't want to adjust to the numbers too much way too far outt to adjust t to naila that down.
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two each day but you get thet the general trend it will warm up u next week a good chance of rain with both of those week a go warm days. we'll see how that goes in fox8fox8 news your official school closing station.n. like a year ago so much snow a a system that produce an inch ofof snow whatever.ateve now get an inch or two of snow it's a little likee it wakes youou up a little bit.t. not an inch.. a candy coating oh my goodness.ess. shut it down.w scott thank you. coming up . could the race for president bed getting less crowded? one candidate has a cryptic thdent be message plus, find out who is expected to slam the republican frontrunner, tonight. are you planning to travel anytime soon? find out what has just been banned on all commercial flights in the u.s.ll some students get suspended from suspendedfrom school then they do the unthinkable. sc find out what happened afterhat happenfter they showed up at theired up aeir
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welcome back everyone glad you could be with us on thisse with u thursday morning. following developing newss orightnths righ now check in with wayne dawson for a look at what is just and. this just in a new poll justust released shows americans do not want to wait to replace supreme court justiceto. poll found 50 percent ofpercen americans say they wantthey president barack obama to nominate someone toww pres the supremepr court one nominee beingng considered right now is judge jane kelly.
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kelly also heard that obama'sama's former classmate at the harvard law school. former clas said of the public and leadersblic andleaders say they will not consider anyon supreme court nominee until after the esid lection. keep you posted on what happens.a that is justpp in back to you y u guys. appreciate it wayne. frontrunner donald trump i think he could do great damage to the party. he already has. some republicans are trying to he coumato the party. stop trump, after his strong gains on super tuesday. super ty. that now includes former republican presidential presil candidate mitt romney who iso is expected to slam trump in a high profile speech tonight just hours before tonight's debate in detroit. meanwhile, ben carson has pulled out of the debate altogether saying in a press release hepress se h quote sees no path forward.e our own gabe speigel will be in detroit, for today's debate. saw him leaving a little bit ago.him le ago. be sure to tune in for liveo tune in for live reports, beginning on fox8 news at four pm, and on
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airlines flight 370. a piece of a debris believed to be from a boeing 777, was found on a beach in southeastern a bo africa over the weekend which the week end officials say is consistent with drift models. the malaysia airlines flightm disappeared in 2014, with 239alaysi a people on board.airappear in 2014, the search for the plane hasarc turned up some aircraft debris but also false leads.upupbut ao there is fal no record of any otherse l boeing 777 missing besides that flight.flight. it's official e cigarettes are banned on all commercial flights in the the transportation secretaryrtation sery made that a rule yesterday. the agency already considered the previous rule, banning smoking, applied. but it wanted to clear up any confusion, among passengers.d studies have shown thaties hawn that e-cigarettes do contain harmful chemicals.s. absolutely scary. all right. all
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camera captured an arrest that shaped our history here in the us.ed o on march third, 1991 a man recorded this scene from his apartment balcony in los angeles.rom hisis it showed los angeles policelos an officers beating rodney king. king who was black was released two days later, without being charged.geles po four white police officers werete poli acquitted of criminal charges in the beating.ce officers that led to violent riots, around southern california.led to v almost exactly 20 years later, king was found dead, in his swimming pool. exactly astronaut scott kelly is back inelly ick in houston. he touched down, early thisearly th morning where he was welcomed by his vice president biden's wife wass wife s also there to deliver some beerher and apple pie.e to deliver s kelly spent 340 days at the 340 dayhe international space station more than any other american astronaut.sp he landed in kazakhstan latende tuesday night.d in kazakh scientists will now compare how kelly's body measures up against his twin brother, after a year in space.s twin br space. already, they've noticed scott is two inches taller. isn't that amazing. that's some of the informationome of the in the nasa is hoping to use for future missions to mars.fos.
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northeast ohio neighborhood. find out what's been stolen and, they have a lot of history.ot of hist thousands of local students areocal studes ar owed a refund. find out why and how much. find out why and how much. scott. any snow we have on radar is really light.. how long will this be before webef see accumulation and how much.
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welcome back to fox8 news in the morning on this thursday or friday eve hope you're having a terrific starttrning on thi to your morningr m orthanks so much for being with us today.g wi city leaders are working to make historical markers inth u ci cleveland's mount pleasant neighborhood more secure because of vandals.ant neigh police say in the past 10 days,y in theast 10 d vandals stole picture and the printed copies inside the markers.ature and they were put in place to honor former mayor carl stokes, landscape designer charles adams, and former browns running back jim brown. adamsm brown.
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to see someone cause such senseless damage. it's disappointing because he did a lot of things for the city. they were real happy about it my whole family is happy about it in to see somebody took the timeim to take it out it's very heartbreaking. to taking. the printed portion from the from e charles adams marker was foundund yesterday, inside aj rickoff school.. scool. thousands of students at the university of akron will be getting a refund. the state ordered the school to repay the increase in ther school's facilities fee to students. the statatrepae incr the university raised it ten dollars per credit hour, as part of a new budget passed last june. but, the state ruled it was actually a general fee, and subject to a freeze passed earlier by state lawmakers.. bubu actually a g the university says it will says it will refund more than four million dollars to students. cedar point just announced the last piece of track for itsol newest coaster has been put int place.coaster has be it released this drone footage of valravn.leased t check it out.eck it t. it will be the world's tallest,ld's tlest,
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coaster. that's a term for coasters witherm for cors wit a moment of free fall with ate fall least one 90 degree drop. riders will go more than 20 stories up to the top of a 223 foot hill, and come straightome straig down at 75 miles per hour. it is expected to be good to go when cedar point opens on mayw seventh.hen cedar poi and if you're interested working at cedar point the park is hosting a job fair, this sunday. ce browns coach hue jackson and cavaliers guard mo williams will be at the cleveland auto show atvelandshow a the ix center tonight.t a fun day yesterday. wayne, kristi and i had the pleasure of checking things out.hecng we saw a thinumber of new cars and trucks, and chatted with several fox8 viewers.w the auto show wraps up ono show sunday.wraps all right.t.allight. nice to see you guys here yesterday. it was to every year they did a great job. they really do.ii t do you post pictures of your children on facebook or instagram?ey reallu post picour
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if you do it without their it without eir consent they can sue you that is if you live in france.onsent they i had no idea. under french privacy laws,e parents can face a fine of about 49 thousand dollars or jail time.r french priv can face a f the fines are for publicizingng details of their child's private life without their permission.their chil french police are particularly concerned about the possibility of pedophiles using facebook too view photos of children online.e they also say photos could be used for identity theft.w photos of cn online. they can steal kids i didn't see s sometimes to. be careful.. kids can also sue their parents compensation. to. bb kids cahe kristi taking your thoughts and comments so weird. we just did all of the storiesto online predators last week and the fact that you're excited for your kid after your a gat meth ayot uyyou post a picture got the teamh named their last name on theirthe jersey. i understand that part when it comes to suing your own parentare it's a little weird. do you think. am i way off.
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parents. i may facing three right now. i can't really talk about it. $150,000 you would have to . please don't sue me kids. can't even by your shoes. how are you going to afford yourafford shoes when i have no lohr writes on her facebook pageaceb she says i would still postpos pictures of my children. keeping my memories of when my children were little. lit not everyone has money to gotl out o and pretty pictures every time they snap a photo.t christian has a good point justt just about every day we hear of some story involving pedophilesg pedophi parents don't think of suchf things when they share pictures of their children. we can't tell her kieds to beds careful where they post on on social media but don't follow our own advice. crystal says don' this world is crazy and it's not paranoid to avoidnoid t posting pictures altogether.og it's great your kids made honorhonor roll but you just posted where
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good point. a responsibility is on the parentson this world is crazy it'szy not i think we just read thatth one avoid posting picturespictures altogether.r. a couple of text one writes 18 -year-old alto hold on a pressed the wrong button. 18 years olds can bese sent tont prison. let's go to the other when i found go to without their permission and a lot of folks still havel ha enjoyed the digital age and wantwan no presents on its childrenhil everyone need respected.spect and protected.otec another taxi rates did not post anythe pictures of our kids orkid ourselves for that matter bettertter safe than sorry too many freaks out there.n the question is if this were the law in the us would you stillti post pictures of your kids online.ine. 76 percent no and 23 percent said i'd still do it. it bring on the lawsuit.
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get my kid out there. they don't know any until they're 18. listen. i've watched every episode of matlock i am good.lilii've wat combat me. i really respect the families that say they don't post any picturesfamilie we're in a age where wewe all just do it but i think it's really great that you don't.. if you could be protective of your kids you're thinking about.bout think before you click and post. absolutely.y. absol all right.u think it before you click it. click before you take it. you might get a ticket that could land you in the clinker. were going to come up with a better slogan. we're working on that. just write down the words will put it together.t write dow thanks. thas. you didn't like the clinker. trying to remember so we don'treme forget it for nemxtber time. coming up as we all know havingl k
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vice chnoanabging ey venti what yout yo think. find outut things are changing as more parents to be plan ahead. tv bomb see what happens after a one reporter interrupted by a stray dogo. and then things get a little awkward.nd th fox8 morning show cooksooks continues today stephanie invited a special guest that is lisa helping her make perfecte perect easter side dish and i cannot wait to try this lemon dill chicken salad t stuffed eggs and
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i have no idea what is. welcome back following developing news out ofws o cinciutnnati this morning police searching for an 18 -year-oldnc baby officer say a car was stolen around 7:00 this morningrni with a baby inside the ford focus was running in front of at of a home of the car later found crash by the child was not n inside. police questioning for people
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on our website and on fox8 news at noon. wayne thanks. there's a shift in pregnancy rates showing more families are planning ahead. there's new evidence that the percentage of women planning their pregnancies is at thee tes showd. thehe highest in decades. a new survey shows that 45 percent of all pregnancies wereancies wer unplanned in 2011 that number down from 51 percent in 2008.m 51 percen the drop occurred regardless of a woman's age, ethnicity, religious beliefs, or income. researchers can't say for sure what the exact reasons are for this 2 2 the d dity, reli but they speculate that it may have to do with contraception choices. t when you're cooking you probably make sure you have all of your ingredients maybe some measuring cups but, what about your clothes?ts maybe a new survey shows 15 percent of adults roughly 36 million people admit they've cooked in the nude. u what.rveypercent of rthey've cook in the some say they feel free and more comfortable and they cantabl e actually cook better. and almost one quarter of the respondents say they like to use
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a significant other. apparently their bodies aren't working. we're keeping our close on.'t you guys have fun. hi todd. lisa how are you good to see you. good to see you. impressed with this recipe y y closec or not all week long cookingook with the fox8 morning show today stephanie is up she invited lisa her friend.frien doing a lot of our family and i have to say sometimesf you've all met my mom into my children and my family butmy mom sometimes godgo gives you other family membersem that aren't blood and this is like a sister to meet lisaen't blood been a wonderful friend i've talked about you a lot on the show andndt on show an our kids have beden in schoolool together since first grade everybody knows lisa we traveled together and i have to say aftere to sa the accident that summer aftery i was at work going to the hospital and being home with the kidsg single-handedly got me andand swimming and doing things together with her family and you
9:40 am
you've been a blessing ever since.. i love you. i love you too. we both have brothers.others. a couple of pictures of us inn new york we went to the macy's thanksgiving day parade. with our children a couple ofa years ago he had one night lisal and i had such a good time andn laugh their heads off the first time i've laughed in years and their heads the as are our kids in new york. lisa has four children tell us alyssa is 17. anthony is 14. abigail is 11 and ashton ish eight. very fun and our kids that arehat like siblings. they all get along great all of us a couple of years ago macy's thanksgiving day parade.rade. freezing cold. this i just said to our producer this isis i juaid to these are our kids atids a t homecoming they went to homecoming together my sonme andand
9:41 am
for state ignatius we all get along so good we we spent a lot of holidays together. be together this eeastter ber be together for thanksgiving and easter's past and florida ande today were doing a little twist a littlist on a deviled egg.a devi i love it i love deviled eggs.s. you like chicken salad. i like chicken salad. you can boil chicken and chop it up it either if you like smaller chunks or even thicker chunks e and thisven thicke is rotisserie chicken you can do that too. we're going to chop that into pieces about that.ha and it is a pretty healthy dish a lot of timestt you see this chicken salad put it on maybe abe cracker or a croissant. put it in the egg. is healthy more protein and you and you don't have if you're giving it up. i love the color with it we are chopping up some chicken. and we addch in a cup of green
9:42 am
were going to chop some dill andill a some fresh parsley. nice size chunks. tell everyone what else you doe yo do you play tennis you do so manyso ma great things.t t i'm trying to get my motorcycle license.hi big a harley guy i have ah motorcycle i need to practice on and i enjoy piano lessons.ons. good to stay busy i think at ourhink at age keeps the mind sharp keepseep you active and you meet people. pe it's that is awesome. fresh herbs. we can put that in there. extra punch. and it smells so good.mells so it smells wonderful.derf chop this up. a cup of mayonnaise. and we use the light one youo u don't realize missing any kindk d of flavor or anything like that.a t.
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everything you wouldn't miss dill. i am nott sprinkle i don't measure thature tt much. i think we've got it all measured out for you on the website on fox8.coml andand pinterest page. you don't much i don't cook that fries for dinner. nothing wrong with that. f tell you guys a secret i told my daughter i said and lisa isis going to cook on the show shehe says what are you guys going to call w it. we get together that's what we normally do. six kids together.r. norma makes it easy. fresh parsley. putting this in there put in whatever you like to taste. if you likeo lik a little more of fabulous. i wasnt thinking that you yo
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i love it. all right this is a great dish that you can have on easter sunday or even after easter you o have allr even after of those hard boiledrd boiled eggs.. eggs. what to do with hard-boiledwith hard-iled eggs. after you get sick of them after three days. you don't use that yoke for thiske for you could if you want to add a little bit four-color but you don't need it. we are addingtt-color but you a little.itt i love that.hat. and some lemon. in that up a lot. ready for that. all right. yummy. we doo haalvel th re recipe onight.ecip pinterest page ande on our website we b is one 24 dozen.ze 24 hard boiled eggs.ed eg two dozen that me try one get over here. m let's put some lemon on here. a little extra.. i love the color. a litt yummy.y. that is awesome. help yourself.
9:45 am
yeah. thank you for coming. thank you.u. appreciate it.. t it i love you.e i love you so much.muc i love you.yo you like.u li great snack for the whole day. all right. tomorrow morning fox8 morningni show continues our cooking segment stacey getting help in the kitchen from her son aid inin making chicken and dumplings and then todd.odd. my son max and i will cook up some tasty chicken and in then th recipe i got from them will have a lot of fun. sounds good. it is ggoin gg to salt and pepper to taste and we are ready to go. much more to come fox eight newsnews at nine. four students are facing some serious up next find out what they're accused of doing to their principal's house. me serioioup nexey a young girl had a runny nosen four months after numerous doctors appointmentsts and lots ofs o rounds of antibiotics shetics she finally found out the bizarre bizae reason why she had that runny nose. you're not going to believe
9:46 am
coyote attacks across northeast ohio?to eve th i saw one in my neighborhood a couple of weeks ago roaming around. find out how more pet owners are helping to protect their dogs.f weeks agming
9:47 am
9:48 am
welcome back to fox8 news in the morning thanks for being with us on this thursday. we take a live look outside. idaho police believe 4 teens set fire to their principal's house in retaliation for being suspended.theip in r police say that a judge has beenen asked to issue warrants for therrants fr the arrest of three high schoolers and one middle schooler. the fire destroyed the payette high school principal's home. his family and pets escaped the fire that started in a trash cancan outside of the garage. a go fund me page has now beenen
9:49 am
a five year old girl in california had a runny nose that lasted for six months. now we know why. khloe powell went to three ru nose that doctors who all prescribed antibiotics. six monththkhloe well wentnt she even went to a dentist. thought something might be weird with her mouth nobody found anything.nd over the weekend when she blewanything per nose that's what came out. that's a safety pin. so disgusting.disgusti when you have inches long and black and partially disintegrated for being up there for so long. my brother was like, your nose, it's just disgusting, blow your nose, blow your nose. so she blows it and out it comes the safety pin. it's like this'sow your it was a huge object, it wasur nose.e. sot's likthis big. bigger that her nose.ose. we were horrified. i was like, did you put this up there? was l she said she does remember rememer sticking it up her nose but shet wanted to see how far it would go. g then it disappeared and sheo. thought it fell on the floor inpeared she couldn't see it anymore.anymor
9:50 am
she feels fine now, but doctors will still check her nose for infections.e for oh my. these days, across northeastthese ohio, we've seen more and more pets being attacked by coyotes. days, across norea we've done a lot of stories here on fox8 about local dogs. now, there's a new way to help protect them. ox8 abab a california family has developed a protective vest for dogs after losing their pet to a coyote the protective wrap has plastice wraplast ic spikes protecting the body and neck.pikes the coyote vest doesn't slow dogs down or impair their ability to run and play. the vest costs about 70 dollars. slow air their a if you're interested in checkinged in chking it out we posted a link on out we p just look under seen on tv.k on that little pooch is adorable.o love that little thing they have on. a special program for elementary students, is teaching literacy and compassion.hing tey havpecial progog first graders in a las vegas school district practicing their reading skills for some furry friends.ool distric as part of nevada's read week, the students are visiting audents siting local animal shelter with books the kids sit in front of the kid kennels and quietly read to the strays and lonely pets who just
9:51 am
isn't that adorable. experience for the kids who areizer excited to read to the foe dogs, and it also relaxes the pups.r e kidto interaction like that. the students also made tug toys for the dogs by braiding old t-shirts.beaving the hh what a great idea. he's been seen by millions after going viral online. now, we're getting to meet the pup that some are calling thep coolest dog in the world.that some this is piper, and he's actually an employee at an airport inairport i traverse city, michigan.s the dog has been a hit on reddit and a number of other sociall the d media sites, posing in his ia goggles, headphones, and vest.sites and while he certainly fits the part of a superhero, his job is to actually keep personnel at the airport safe. l chases away all sorts of wildlife, birds, fox, you nameas cha it here on the runways and runwd don't want to come in contact with the aircraft. blly what we he is adorable. the airport has seen a reduction in birds, and particularly theand paicular
9:52 am
favorite thing to chase. favorite thing to chase. while he may not receive a pay check, the now famous dog does get plenty of treats in return.check, of course you need to keep theee birds away fprom the engine andn all that.l t very important for him to doto that. before we go to scott wayne had that story the baby 18 days olddays ol missing stolen with a car this morning the car was warming up warming u somebody's house the baby has been located hearing that some police are now to have a news a conference we'll have more comingnger up today at noon.n. a man. my goodness.n will check in with scott sabol us ou good morning everybodytsid a coupleue of flurries on radar but look atar but lo a little bit. a li the humidity is pretty lowttle bit with the dry air in place the snow showers fall within the cloud it evaporates and don't get fal mluch witt mu that's the deal here so far as a we look at reading salad past dining madonna in cleveland westlake in avon laken on the way way out to our a everybody in then the
9:53 am
cloudy skies.t two elements to this forecastast now the rotation around that lowt low rain on the southern end of it. it. scattered somewhat disorganizeds area of snow on the northern end of a classic patterns looking atng at early march snow get a little injections of dry air and also little fishes of warmth tends toend erode away at the snowhe especially winds temperatures goe up and that's what will happen wil today. not anticipatingl h accumulationslation any snow will be scatteredered probably not developing until until later on this afternoon.s aftern a few flurries this morningmorn primarily this afternoon as it starts to push used temperatures climb up to the lower 30s and an d the area of disjointed snow heaviest will be primarily west toledo nearteie clinton and finley norwalk.. even out intoono most areas will probably get a half of an inch may might be a couple localized 1 inch numbers here but a the ground is pretty pretty warm at this point takes a whiles a whle for this note to accumulate andumulate so we don't want to overdo it it too much but still snowfalll snoall
9:54 am
out and see a little more of an improvement tomorrow and see 60s next week. last yeart a went it was pretty p much over with at this point in the year. we'll see what hatppheens whether or not that happens this year.ea back to you. scott thanks so much. see what's happening in the new day studio solo anchor today. natalie over there hello. you could come and join me becausecould co cake shop is here we are making some great cupcake treatsceats for you as we think aboutt st. patrick's day coming up day that is at the auto show joining us live throughoute the show and also on the show we havel the boutique and little li italy christina will be here showing us how to dress up spring and on top of that one ofone of my favorite lebanese dishes going to be madee. we will join you at 10:00 you
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who want safer gun laws and who are disappointed in leaders who stand in their way to remember come election time. i share president obama's outrage. it's time we had leaders with the courage to stand up to the nra. i'm p.g. sittenfeld. in the senate, i'll fight criminal background checks, ban assault weapons. because ted strickland will never stand up to the nra. i will. welcome back everyone.e back eryone. a reporter in memphis had a tough time during a live shote check this out.ut. alright earl. who is in and who is out. crazy weekend here.e we've got a dock that we are in fraser right now.
9:58 am
i got a dog apparently taken a liking to me.a down one get out of g et oo a stray dogs. aree going to come back to you ik to youi can't get this thing to leave me me alone. we will be back. all right.alo the segment has gone to the dogs. segmo the earle farrell was trying to report on the latest in thee dogs.. earl presidential election when a stray dog came along and stole the show.tray do it's not often tiger woods can can be shown up, but an 11 year old boy who flabbergasted tigerrgasted t woods.ii s. tiger just opened a brand new golf course in houston, texas. he invited the boy to do the honors of teeing off the veryjrand newouston, first shot he won some kind ofe ki contest and here's what he did
9:59 am
mr. taylor crozier. are you kidding me. the boy stepped up to the tee box in front of a huge crowd including tiger.g tiger. he gives them a big hug.g. that he had to go next he had toad follow the 11 year old who justo ju had a hole in one on his nextt course. how dodo you follow that.hat my goodness.ess. tiger did not get a hole in oneone it was great to meet you todaya by tyhe way.he nice meeting you find to be here be ere don't know how you guys do it every day this is nerve-racking. we are like hi lisa. it was fun.s fu thank you. thank iyou love you.yo. thank you so have a great day natalie isn coming up next in studio with david moss at the auto showhow talking about all things auto


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