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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  March 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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fresh off his victories in texas and oklahoma and alaska, look for him to continue to cater to the evangelical voters and ohio governor john kasich admitted that he has to win ohio to message of positive change without mudslinging he says you cannot beat donald trumpt with the name-calling came. >> people get a testimony get a testimony, which the delegates wet finished second in massachusetts to pick up delegates have exceeded expectations.we pi s taoh
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.fpos >>th iy h lanmaaais plan to have some curve balls to cumbersome . >> peter kassig will kick off his push in ohio with a rally joined by arnold schwarzenegger in a sunday at 2:30 p.m. at franklin park conservatory and botanical gardens in columbus
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it's getting ugly inside the gop as they get ready for the debate if lorrie taylor says a republican tells americans what they should not vote for donald trumplote and joins us with the details.c >> mitt romney spent close to an hour making a case for my donald trump would be a disaster as the next president, from fire back with his own insults. >> if the republicans we republicans choose donald trump as our nominee,> the prospects for a safe and prosperous future are greatly diminished effect back in, you can see how loyal he is,y he was begging for my endorsement, i could have said it dropped to your knees and he would have, he was beggingi . >> donald trump has never had a loss for words when under attack , former republican
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a phony and a fraud, mitt romney criticized the plans for the economy, trade penalties and national security amongst other issues, and although donald trump let him have it with some remarks . donald trump spent most of the time during a campaign stop praising himselflf, and explains why he's not as wrong on the issues as mitt romney said. >> mitt romney said we have to keep free trade but if but if we keep the blade it the way it is and won't have any copies leftt. >> we're going were going to get rid of obamacare and replace it>. >> rib eye to make america great >> is vested policies would would lead to recession if our policies will make american and less safefe he has neither the tournament or judgment to be president and his personal qualitiesrrr to me that america
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on a hill. >> mitt romney calls on americans to make the right decision in joinings mitch mcconnell and ryan and their attempts to prevent donald trump from winning the nomination. >> donald trump raise money for mitt romney with private parties and supported himdora and now the attack comes back so it is all rather odd andk trump supporters, most people dislike this. ever seen anything like this ? it is more like a circus and not presidential.v >> if you find a trash talking odd there is a good reason. >> that was four years ago but this haven't. >> so common governor romney, go out and get them,, you can do if .gg >> his endorsement is a delight
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his endorsement.nt >> today, dressed is previous endorsement said he was disappointed whenvi mitt romney choked during the 2012 presidential >> today, after the press conference mitt romney posted this late comingafp that if trump had said four years ago when he h said about the kkk, muslims and mexicans, and i would not have accepted his endorsement. >> nearly released power audio from the faa show how close close a city airport snow plow came to crashing into the plane on takeoff, the city saysam the investigation is complete and taken firm action asas roosevelt leftwich has more from hopkins. >> the plow driver lost his job over this and the airport is using this as air teachable moment to let employees know about, those who have access to the
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>> for generating, 2016, it was called cold at hopkins with snow falling and 12:45 a.m. , plow crews are being monitored on the runways, hopkins tower just cleared spirit airlines flight 329ont is on its run at 150 mph down for florida, the recording happened about awn period of about 40 seconds but was convinced. >> snowplow across the runway in front of the spirit flight 329, the plane cannot stop but clear the snowplow, driver does not respond to any
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tower or airport ops. >> although business businesslike the flight controller was upset. it shows the seriousness of the incidentt, airport director for zabel says driscoll events the piles are monitored he said in this case driver said he became disoriented he says in cases like this the training received is quite clear. >> this instance it was not snowing very hard was not a visibility issue indicated in a statement that he lost his situational awareness . what aware of e alerts me that is that the smart thing to do would be to stop.
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incursions in the past said they turned over the investigation to the faas taken it very clear that this is not a pattern or problem but just aea bad mistake . he said this will be studied by all snow plow crews or anybody who has access to the runways w. >> have modified the training and the sensitive isis a trading mechanism, we talked about this incident and we do that with anye incident that happens at the airport so districts in our program and hopefully to ensure that it does not happen again.p >> he points out on any given day there are dozens of trips across the runwayay from baggage carriers to security he says that you have to understand this is aa isolated incident and make sure that this does not happen again
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>> that plane was loaded with passengers, the pilot reacted quicklyw to clear the snow piled. >> local lawn taken on east these cleveland city hall over the use of red light cameras issuing traffic citation says jack shea joins us. >> she says that the city of east cleveland breaking the law by using cameras. anger that she got the ticket ticket after a traffic ever shorter running a red light, she contested the $95 citation because unmanned cameras were banned95 in ohio at march 2015, according to the east cleveland continue to give citation becauseacen they are offered by a
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east cleveland generatesy $50,000 each month, she was horrified because she was willing to go to the city hall to contestedie she considers the use of cameras to be illegal and extortion speaker many out-of-state people do not know that these cameras are illegal in ohio are going that are going to pay the money in that . >> the city will use the cameras until the state supreme court decides she is considering a lawsuit to stop the use of the >> police now say a series of robberies near university circle are related .yie several were case western reserve university
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day, matt wright, what investigators say? >> they say they're close to catching themem responsible for four separate robberies in this area as the police here continue to investigate . be aware of your surroundings anytime the first robbery fresh robbery happened for resettlement in little italyyst at the student reported two men and suv robbing them of gunpoint at 10:00 a.m. that on monday university circle place a student was walking to class along east 123rd year euclidasas with four men in the same suv still his backpack including laptop, cleveland heights police sayay suspects robbed a thirsted person walking home tuesday on south overlookst the electronics and wallet, they say the most recent robbery targeted a veteran leaving the va hospital
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tammy day was surprising because most the time you think you're okay in the daytime. >> the suspect vehicle described as a dark colored 2016 ford escape possibly stolen, these incidents do not occur on the campus, but the school sent out alerts to warn aboutbu this. the family gets tested for an assault on on a grader, attacking school by a then school employee who is in was in court is also peggy gallek >> the former school employee said little as he appeared in , marcus crum appeared in warren municipal court and then the contents of this to 10 days and alternative jail program of 80 years qt service and three
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talk to said later he felt bad what happened, the police said that wh is accused of slamming the job into lockers happened inside of steam academy in the fall, the girl's mother said the assault happened after her daughter put on ahehe kitty headband that he had told her to remove. >> and will in the ongoing process of counseling and,, she does not leave my side 24/7 except to go to school but. >> she said that city suffered physical and emotional injury and that she no longer attends steam academy. >> surveillance video at the
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three hours ago you could still see the city that is three half miles as the crow flies from the five live webcam, courtesy of city of cleveland water division appeared the citysy appears in a gray haze . by snow reduced visibility just enough to cause essentially the city to disappear . even hopkins airport , reporting one . 25 mile
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2 miles play-doh there are still some places that the visibility is not thattll much effective like mansfield, new philly but everybody is getting snowfall . operator, some of the darker blues and green indicating where the snow is coming down just a bit heavy but nowhere is it falling heavy . the accumulation 's are happening slowly .. most of the snow is in southern ohio along eastern kentucky . this will be a nominal, this is
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this time of year,, hurley 31 degrees hopkins with temperatures flirting with raising . just a bit above had akron-canton . >> light snow, coatings to 1 inch most of that occurring primarily in eclipse looking at one-inch, a bit more in some places i think that we've got a loose connection . >> i just got it to work i got it, flurries ending, partial
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between two clipper systems, the first one moving away the second clipper, with a break on friday then nice weather comes into the five-day period after the next clipper, we are home free . we will be replacing the northwest winds aloft with this nice warm search . and that means 50s and eventually mid-sixties focus
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unless the flies, fox 8 the official school and delays on-air, online. also
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gabe spiegel usually does training but he is in detroit so lou maglio is filling in for what's trending. >> while most famous women and women's soccer today making headlines again for a good reason, announcing that she has agreed to donate her brain to boston university after she dies for the sole purpose of testing of athletes and disease that disease that many football players have been diagnosed it is a progressive degenerative disease , after they suffer a severe blow to the head, her brain willw help researchers try to determine how much of an effecte hitting the ball has on soccer players she says that she at believes her decision today will have more of an impact on people
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efforts with the 1999 us 18. what i used to coach the little guys we would train them with a beach balln would take a
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>> you contact the ground and. >> euro coach for many years. >> ebola side of the tv still there is never a good thing. >> right against the crab them move forward. >> don't get mad if i hit youou here it comes . >> it hit my nose. >> that's also not a good thing to hit, one more time. >> she is a quick learner .. >> that was all right.
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the soccerball. >> next topic takes us to new brunswick are getting a lot of attention . it is in canada . here's the video starts off with friends hanging out in the lab and classroom that takes a turn when you get to the library . you see two college students making out between the stack of books . they awarded to school with the best university commercial of the year they say the video played well to the audience and applications increased 22 percent after that campaign . ud but try to distance themselves from other schools .
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all right, 3:15. k, you better watch out boys, i'm on a hot streak today. what's that? wait. what's that? man, that's just the ice cream truck. you ain't got nothin. we got time. you don't got time. i've got time. no you don't. [arguing] look at that! ahhhhhh! we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. we no longer offer an excuse to bet on when we'll arrive. we're making a bunch of changes
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not only will we give you a one-hour arrival window, but our new tech tracker feature will alert you with the exact time we'll get there.
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loco man in custody accused of stalking alone in violation of a noncontact order.. >> arrested after they washed driving faster workplace, dave nethers says the dash-cam video of the arrest and joins us from fox 8 studio at the university of akron. id >> a textbook example of what not to do when placed under arrest, alliance police take a report from one who told them
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washed her from the parking lot of her workplace, they pulled him over a short distance on the dash-cam you can hear him berating the officers, the woman had a no contact order from eight to 14 stalking case, when they took him into custody this is how it went.. he has resisted before and in fact, he was tasered was reported that the restored so he is, he knows the drill. charged with menacing, stocking and resisting arrest he is in the stark county jail.
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getting a new a new a new set of ipads to better ipad 2 better kim k. with the deaf community. >> brittany harris joins us about these ipads . make a difference for celtic indicating with the deaf and hard of hearing ifce and a training session to show that they are easy-to-use thea officer pulled up the app requestedni reconcile language interpreter joe riggio is the outreach manager he says that he knows how hard it can be to communicaten when police don't know sign language. >> instead of waiting several hours for interpreter the situationer is going to be more seamless . the fish can be lost over timehe when you wait for the interpreter.wh >> this will these will be available to the police
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using grant money.hiai one more sign of spring time, show you on the big board. >> orange barrels? >> , daylight savings time will be arriving in 10 days, not this weekend . t it is the second
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forward from 2:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. on sunday morning . it will be next weekend . here is the clipper, just nominal, most of the heavy or light to moderate snowfall, from southern ohio, down to chillicothe over to huntington, parkersburg and s. the higher elevations of west virginia . across the northern counties we have that light snowband that is just now coming to a conclusion in northern indiana . visibility reduced you can see a short distance from the camerase to the edge of the runway okay not great, the 5-mile crib cam about three halves miles away does not see
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trying to accumulate but is having a tough time it is why andt temperatures are too close to freezing to stay on the ground much . the high today was 33 degrees, below was 19 degrees at about 4:00 a.m. snowfall deficit will be about 31 inches with this clipper . we will add about two or 3 inchesw next week when we see nothing and it will be very toasty . in about 10 days, the sunset will be about10 7:30 p.m. instead of 6:21 p.m. post a
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how much of an impact have to wait a few more days to get a better idea of how far south it goes we may trim back a little bit but it's going to be '50s
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wednesday with rain showers. >> the robbery was brazen about thehe surveillance video is still
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does the russians have south american cocaine and celebrating a classic american candy. >> hillary care with the update and. >> started with some surveillance video, this is released of a brazen robbery in the houston gun store almost a dozen people,i type change to a pickup truck bed pulled off the door, once insided the ransacked the store stealing firearms caused extensive damage more than 50 weapons were stolen and no arrests have been made. >> oscar pistorius' conviction stands, lawyersrs for him say that the court has dismissed the appealor of a murder conviction that means that he will be sentenced for murder,a the prosecution is seeking a minimum
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>> okino in ecuador erupting ground vibrations could be filled as it erupted according to area scientists more than seven explosions occurred in the past 24 hours of kinetic activity will vary in degrees of intensity in the coming days, areas near the okino have been affected by hot lava flows. >> at more than a decade of construction and billions of dollars part of the new world trade centerrt transportation hub opened today checking the subway lines in lower manhattan, the port authority and fairly systems the project is not without its critics, ut at $2 billion over budget one former official in charge of the project calls it a symbol of
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to m&ms candy, it turns 75 years old they were first made in 1941 as military rations, the hard candy coating was applied soha that it would not now been shipped overseas and were not sold to the public until 1947. i tried to celebrate and found thatat regular m&ms are not the >> do you like regular or peanut ? i will go back and get you the
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in a little back, this girl had a sickness for six months that doctors cannot figure until one
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5-year-old california girl had a mysterious woman knows that lasted six months in amount another >> khloe powell into three doctors who prescribe prescribed antibiotics she went to the dentistd did not find anything but over the weekend when she blew her nose a safety pin came out,, the object was partially disintegrated. >> my brother says, you knows it is so disgusting, blow your nose , so out comes the safety pin it was a huge object it was bigger than her nose we were horrified.
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remembers sticking the safety pin up her nose to see how far it would gohp a disappeared and she thought that she dropped it, and she feels okay about doctors still checker fore infectious. >> have you been a situation where the truck you used too tell whether something is too big or two small. >> just like in math, there is a truck for that aske p.j. ziegler joins us from the auto show at the i. x. center. >> nissan is ready to shake up the light duty truck rolled with the 2016e nissan titan xd comes with the cummins turbo diesel . relatively newer truck in terms of this marketplace . worked on this for five years has 300- horsepower it has over
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andoo 2500 payload capacity there are five model levels available, because tow trucks been this nissan titan xd is one-of-a-kind . >> don't have to go to a different model to get the toy capacity or or the fifth wheel is all encompassed in this .or this is where they want to go with trucks want to get into the commercial production . probably seea these trucks out there with with snow plows on them with snow plows on them but i the price tag for this starting at about $40,000 it is the nissan titan xdb and you can get this at your local nissan dealers could
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>> a python australian has been python australian has been sent and create a teddy bear code is fully teddy bear babylon to the family dog the ticket to the event and x-ray showed it intact to cut the snake would have died so they did surgery to remove the toy the snake now now has 15 stitches and is being nursed back to health then be released
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australian. >> there has been a political war of words still have a debate tonight and and started this morning when i mitt romney asked america to not vote for donald trump, the battle is sure to continue when trump comes
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anchor megyn kelly for the first time since the cleveland eye bank. >> joined the me c other gop candidates in detroit is where we find gabe spiegel.>>dega ta rue ipt fox theatre the fox news channel host and the debate with megyn kelly chris wallace and red baronwa as moderators . this theater has been around since the 1920s . look for marco rubio, from four to continue his attacks on donald trump . also ted cruz fresh off his victories in texas, oklahoma and alaska
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but for him to cater to evangelicals and make more ronald reagan comments and also dig some donald trump, john kasich has to win ohio to continue what he says it is a dead according to his numbers and he says he will win and stay focused on remaining positive his resume started to get some traction nationally in. >> pennsylvania, illinois, connecticut, new jersey, new york, this places where we can be very competitiven and in fact i win ohio,c they were they're going to probably go to a convention, that's at totex tvetoastucky main frasca louisiana this coming weekend . a big night expected


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