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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  FOX  March 4, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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mid to late afternoon before we seen any breaks of sunshinenshi probably. this chances are still pretty small. we are so highlighting partly sunny skies. e temperatures in the middle 30s ass a we see clouds increase tonight often on snow showers. if there is any accumulation, it will really be hit and miss. this will not be a major issue at all. some is looking a lot better monday and tuesday even better@ she was also working that friends know, patty. >> that is right. we had earlier problems out there but they are cleared away. we are taking a peek ath i 90 from the west side of town over by west boulevard. a little credit, but this is where you pick up the t
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northbound over by west 25th that is also a slow right b from west 25th like a parking lot as you head out across the inner belt bridge and 71 there. good news is - -1 also an accident at west 52nd and report of west 54th and store large part pothole. i can be part of the problem. wayne, christie, stephanie, back to you. >> a lot of fireworks tent last night's republican presidential debate and it just kept coming.t >> stacy is in the newsroom now with some of the mosts he defended is me and said he was pushed some politics in for some politics in this ever-changing
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class-action lawsuit over trump >> she's trying. >> she's trying to get out of itte let's see what happens in court. >> the unprecedented attacks dominating the race for the white house continue more combat than substance. rubio rubio and cruise taking our cats governor casey confusing to enter into this come as he described it. here is another interesting exchange last night. >> breathe, breathe, breathe. you can do it. >> it really hope that you don't see them on the stage. >> you never know. >> coming up -
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attacke what impact, if any, will have at this.? >> it should be very interesting it's like watching a reality tv show last night. >> unfortunately, it is reality. >> thank you for reporting. governor k-6 will kick off sunday in his home state with the battleground ohio rally. he will come up with arnold schwarzeneggerme we will have coverage on fox eight news and on our website. w >> three people are recovering at the hospital this morning following a wrong runway crash that took place in cleveland where interstate 71 south i meets i 90 a around 3:00 a.m. this morning. the car and u-haul truck amo were involved three victims listed in stable condition cleveland police trying to figure out why this car involved was heading the
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cleveland police officers injured when another car right into the cruiser happened around 5:00 a.m. this morning at lakeshore boulevardd:0 the woman driving the car hit the cruiser was arrested for drunk driving. they were taken to cleveland you could euclid hospital. >> and daytime robberies first happened on february 712 men robbed@ at case western reserve student at gunpoint. on monday, for menstrual another students backpack new euclid avenue while the suspects car targeted to believing the hospital that night they were spotted in a dark colored 2016 for escape. >> car vandals strike again a numberls of victims really continues to rise here. we check again with jessica and it is the unfortunate
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neighborhood. >> i wish i had better news to give youi but unfortunately the news is they keep going they've had more carsy will surveillance photos coming back just to representt. cleveland police think it is now connected to more than 50 incidences of vandalismha because of out their windows shattered the mostlyir bb guns, but also breaks. the beatles are striking all the time various times will stay in may. police say to situations like thiss if it is teenagers, a and a lot of times they will bride to one another, so they are asking you to keep your eyes and ears open.e >> a lot of times is these kinds of things happen@ kids tend to break into other kids, so weo want someone to just give us a tip.
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businesses@ check this out and send them over to police. >> aren't we got to find these guys. five days. five minutes after 8:00 o'clock. we check in with todd he has a look bobby christina browns autopsy results of now been revealed her face being immersed in water along with drug intoxication led to her death last year. the fulton county medical examiner in a wet and atlantic released a statement this morningan with a a full autopsy report released later on today. she was the w daughter of bobby brown and whitney houston found face down and unresponsive in about sub in a this have in a suburban atlanta home@ she died in hospice
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alcohol were involved in the death along with medication used for sedation anda anxiety she was 22 and she passed away a medical office has reviewedhe article records to determine how she likely died again, the full autopsy report will be later on today we will follow that one. >> that is sad. seven minutes after 8:00 o'clock is your time. s this is the suspect is a way in a police car. we will it you know how this winter .-dot next. >> plus,hi masking the zika virus we let you know how oneki company isow helping with a spray. >> and h getting ready here in our studio here they are. carrying cap to play up some itunes. we w will let you know where you can catch them next. >> good morning, everybody the snow showers are gone a little bit of time here most of us will
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going up with the snow in the
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good morning, everybody we will hear more from them in the 8:00 o'clock show and then akron coming up on march 18 a good band here. snow is gone with the light northwest wind that won't get much stronger today it will stay like this for quite a while we will deal with thathi with the wind for
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winter it almost 70 years 30 we are piecing together some elements here with the el niop and we will talk more about that 30 in brunswick a 31 in but fox eightox still has a northwest wind with the increase in my or fog her is the overall picture any accumulation will be the variety of fact most will probably melthe as it transitions over with a touch of rainsiti late in the t afternoon. not really looking at any major issues your tomorrow next week we warm back
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the stationary front with close tracking along at and the possibility of maybe some thunderstorms is a look at the eight day sunday through tuesday looking very promising. mostly sunny low 40s on sunday middle 50s monday o stringing together a couple of 60s. tuesday and wednesday good chance of rain wednesday and early thursday and we have adjusted the temperatures to reflect the rain back into the 50s still above normal from the second half of this weekend to the beginning of next week in. we are your official school closing station. back to you guys.t >> a scary situation for onene police officer as a driver takes off during a traffic stop check this out - - the officer ends up in the car with theth driver and is charged with fleeing the scene the deputy says he just kept hitting usr the flashlight which made him stop the deputy was unharmed and the driver now
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including a warranta prompting officers to pull them over. >> a shocking victim he went after a military veteran who is blind and fighting cancer. he ended up running away without taking anything. r >> i know special case you've got to stop somewhere. >> right when blind is sevense years ago after surgery to remove a brain tumor police are still lookingmo for that would be robber. >> local doing its part to help in the part of the zika . viruss the internet search giant has
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google and google engineers are working@ to map the spread of the zika virus. they say mapping the outbreak is not easy. many have contracted zika do not the sica do not show symptoms. the outbreak n from a house break information. >> staying put it in washington dc in washington dc after his term expires so sasha can graduate high school. she is a sophomore and when asked about plans after she said have not figured that out yet. he's got some time. >> a lot of nice places he can find some place. >> i think he willso be just fine. fifteen minutes after 8:00 o'clock on a friday morning unplugged and unwind we will let you know why todaylu maybe the day to be that cellma phone at home.
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fans@ made to grab light sabers a little bit early we will let you know why. >> and comfort food like chicken
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will come back to fox eight news in the morning. we have a couple of school closings and delays for you at the bottom of the screen make sure you follow alongg at you can also find the latest on our website at if you have not, get that on your phone. the so called tampon tax in new york is getting some legal pushn with five women filing a lawsuit to block the 4 percent tax on feminine hygiene products. per the state department classifies them as general merchandise making them ineligible for medical tax resumption but they are necessary forgi women's health the
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$30 million in feminine hygiene products each year. >> we kill giant costco is increasing its entry-level wage for the firsti time in nine years entry-level employees are now paid $13.50 or $13 an hour starting this month.or that is at least a dollar an hour from the previous starting wages the companiess ceo says it is an important thing to do given the physical demands of entry-level work. >> star wars fans rejoice the first six star wars films were made available for digital download download the first time everermaai it will be released on blu-ray and dvd april >> i can't wait. i absolutely
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for a day,ex you will have your chance go ahead and put your fund him because it is national day of unplugging.s an annual event starts at sundown today. it stretches into saturday it is inspired by the jewish tradition of turning off electronics and abstaining from work one day a week from friday night to saturday nighte in order to focus on family, friends, and relaxation. i don't know about you, but i think that is a fabulous ideas. >> unplug your phone and focus on your family and friends. >> see how well that goes overrr not going to see people do that a lot. >> in the meantime, you can still tax us because texas because you have until sundown. we will get plugged in as we talk about our free for all friday. a maxis hear your son's are is are so tall and handsome. >> i've got him by about that much.
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>> that is the only reasoncaav fox eight morning show it is been a good week i thank you for feeding as, everybodyyo me either. that is about one. no kidding. wedi are taking your thoughts and comments with the free for all friday. what's a talk on facebook this morning. when did running for president take respect and dignity and throw it out the window i was floored when trump started talking about his private parts last night. n click on facebook says the only want making a fool of himself is governor k-6. he seems to be the only adult in the room with ohio coming at maybe cap maybe a winds ohioe i am happy the west side market is opening submit my partner andit i all make it sunday's off we've lived here
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been able to go if you work saturday or during the weeks and no opportunity, but a lot of people have sunday monday off and they can go on sunday monday two. lebron james is really good. >> if he is. he canan do anything he was the eastern conference playert of the month if i am not expected this i am not mistaken. some guy named stephen curry was also there. hopefully we will see them together in june in the finals.. hopefully the cavs have some revenge on the team they lostvs to it is nice. two weekendee games is always nice for the fans around town. >> go down and enjoy them a little bit. >> coming up m at 8:23 a.m., fireworks. not big enough.
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they say last night. gauge happen to have a front row seate we will give you highlights from the motor city when we come back. >> and@ot a lawsuit we are considering white a local woman is considering legal action. >> good morning, everyone the snow is gone most of us in the 20s light wind taking over keeping lig the cloud cover pretty thick then we see some cloude cover and 60s in the eight day. we will have that when we
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talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, scream. only one guy's done more than talk. kasich. he'll do for america what he's done for us. create jobs. four hundred thousand jobs here in ohio. brought 'em back from mexico and china. turned our deficit into
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an america that works? let's loan 'em john kasich. new day for america is responsible for the content of this advertising. [music playing] [music playing] no problem you can take over if you want. good morning everybody we're ebody we' looking at the cloud deck alongalo the lake erie shoreline and the temperatures are in the upperper 20s low 30s couple of o delay's school closings at theings bottom of the screen nothingh real big buti look at the temperatures the snow is gone snowow
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redevelopment as east lake 28 cuyahoga falls currently at 29. 29 the thinning of the clients will be short-lived and we will see some pics of sunshine later thish afternoon especially to theon e last. ahead of the next system anticipatingspecially to la temperatures to go up into the middle 30s later today overnight tonight called back over couple of hit and miss and snow showers pre- dawn tomorrowtomoow morning and keep that going throughout the day although althou tomorrow the temperatures go up to around 30 to 40 some of thatf that will be mixed in with some rain. any accumulation i hesitate to put a map of here because this willa be kind of an insignificantni deal tomorrow trees to a splashy half of an inch maybe as we look ahead to next week.week the spring pattern starts to develop. heavy rained potential right here wednesday and thursday dera stept out see you can look at thet eight day forecast sunday andast sund monday and tuesday the middle ofddle o the eight day we are lookingl really good with mid- 40s on sunday mostly sunny. 50s on monday anddsunday mostl 60s on on
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from rain to a little bit coolerbit coor but again rain may be some som thunder and any rain that we seee could become locally heavy by by the middle of next week. fox8 news your official school fficial sol closing station. send it back to you guys. well done scott. d thank you. boy oh s it was a wild night inside and outside detroit's fox theater.boy o a wildid the final four republicans facedaced off once again. fox8 gabe spiegel has more on the latest gop debate, from the motor city. d from bad business deals tobad bines school bailout plans and plentys of name-callingplan s aanndd ot her greatother gop debate of this time in detroit michigan. t in downtown detroit thursday night, before the debate began, hundreds of protestors showed uptestors sowed with their drums, signs and their plenty of chants most upset with the job loss situation in flint, michigan. plenty of profanities shared for donald trump.lenty of pr this little guy has lied so much
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he has lied so much. it took only minutes before trump and florida senator marco rubio engaged in a verbal cat fight.or gentlemen. once the fox news moderators got control, ohio governor john kasich got a chance to speak. ich i split delegates vermont, massachusetts, now we head up north to the place to my turf. as president i will every word of obama care. killing small businesses.esses. business dealings and rubio andnd cruz took hard questions aboutstions bout lack of experience and job growth.. when asked about a governmented about g overn bailout for detroit schools,meailout fo governor kasich cited cleveland's success.etroit cleveland is coming back the cleveland schoiols are cominge c
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overhaul.rhaul. the same thing has to happen and all of our urban schools. the closing handshake followed suit.e clos michigan's primary is tuesdayy is buttue already many eyes areeyes focusing on florida and ohio. take all delegate states.t that's the latest in detroit michigan.. let's go b acc k to youou in the studio. okay. thank you. governor kasich will kickoff hisokay.. ickoff his push in his home state sunday with a battleground ohio rally. he'll be joined by formerh in his s wiattleg california governor arnold schwarzenegger in columbus at at 230. fox 8's kevin freeman will be there and will have coverage on fox8 news and the world is witnessing a first of its kind fight in 21stit century politics.s kind fi unbelievable yesterday. the last gop nominee forhe last p president mitt romney rippingnomiipping apart the man who should be considered the party's presumed nominee, donald trump. he had a lot of things to say.t of t s fox 8's stacey frey is in the
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fox on mister romney. good morning. good morning. an unprecedented takedown of a republican frontrunner, by aa former republicgood standard bearer. republicanfrontrupu donald trump is a phony, a fraud.ld his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. the most extraordinary part of mitt romney's message he wasn't a bad for the gop.s he was calling him perilous for cica. romney effectively called trump a loser in attempt to undermine trumps core rationale for hisrationfor candidacy that he's a winner. the 2012 gop nominee is an imperfect messenger since he courted trump's endorsement just 4 years ago.d tr but the straightlaced romney is also clearly disgusted with disgust wit trump's demeanor as a presidential candidate. trump responded true to form. whatever happened to trump airlines?r how about trump university? and then there's trump magazine and trump vodka and trump steaks, and trump mortgage?
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i backed mitt romney. i backed him. you can see how loyal he is. he was begging for mygging for my endorsement. i could have said, mitt, drop to your knees, and he would have dropped to his knees.ur knees, a there you go.u go. mitt romney did something veryid something very interesting yesterday, not only did he say, don't vote for trump.esterday, not on he said vote for everybody else. marco rubio in florida, john rubio rida, jo kasich in ohio and ted cruz, whichever one has the best chance of beating trump in a given state. he's talking about creating asid ted cr he situation where this will be a brokered convention, where the a about delegateeas are divvied up in suchtinguationntion, were the a way that no one is they that frontrunner. n that would leave to votes andvotes an revotes and a reshuffling ofeshuffling of candidates at the convention ndida here in cleveland.tes a that hasn't happened since the 1940s. it will be a great convention here in cleveland i can't wait. it's not predictable which isble great.w politics at its best.its
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thank you.u. th oth east cleveland to stop using red coiderin east eileen spevak decided to contest her 95 dollar citation, because unmanned cameras were banned ins were ban ohio last march.ned in the east cleveland law department says the city can can keep handing out tickets,ckets, because the cameras are operatedcameras perated by a private company. in the end, eileen won her fight.e end, she considers the use of thehe cameras to be quote illegal and extortion.ras to be there is a lot of people that are from out of state that don'te that don know that these cameras are illegal in ohio and they'reand they'r going to end up paying the payinghe money, that's sad. by some accounts, east cleveland is generating up to 60 thousandaccounts, thousan dollars a month from tickets. the city says it will keep using will kesing the cameras, until the state supreme court weighs in on the issue.reur all right. the cleveland national air show will have some new additions tow addition go with the navy's blue angelsnavy's be ange
8:35 am
the lineup will include the air force f35 lightning two heritage flight program, which features a modern jet flying with a world war two era also new the air force f22 raptor tactical demonstration, the air show will take placece wo eraical demonration, september third through the airport. plans for a rock hall facelift just yet. roll hall of fame shared sketch plans for a major outdoor plaza it would include a large stage, parking. but the city design review of the proposal until march 18th. the museum's president and ceo says they got great input onrkinew commitit . t on their designs, and look forward to getting final approval. time. 35 degrees outside still ahead. who do you call, when you need fashion advice?ho do you call, you don't mess around. this little girl called on the professionals just maybe the wrong professional we'll explainl we'll coming up.explai
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itself?hat keep talking. sounds like a dream, right? lik well now this dream is becoming a reality. and you can't have chicken without dumplings.nlings. stacey frey is cooking up dinner
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[music playing]
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we'd like to thank take offo than charlie for being here today.ff you can see them play friday, march 18th at the empire concert club and bar. you can find more information on our website, just click the morning show 18th cyo we are continuing our morning show cooks segment today. today our stacey frey is making some delicious chicken and dumplings. there are some.e. they are.e.they they're very good. this is my families go to
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i have had since i was a kid andand we were kids i don't know how i don'thow you did it but six kids andds seventh came along.on you got to pick family dinnerinn for your birthday and mythday a my grandparents would come over. ove. i would always pick so simple my husband will evensband wi even make it. the only thing he will make.ill make. do you do most of the could gainn or your husband.r h i dou. if it's a treat what should isuld i make jaclyn and dumplings. first of all you brown chickenwn chick i've alreadyen done. set it aside chicken whatever what chicken is on sale my mom did bone in chickenn what is that.a this its just boneless chicken. i've and season that salt and pepper and rounded up.ed up. the bottom of the pan you have that nice you know brown stuffown in the bottom of the pan. two that you will add.dd i can't do that i can be of some assistance. to kids of criminal a musscih make it light cream of mushroomof soup doesn't make a difference. put it together it's delicious.cio
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two cans of that. do and then i want to grab this onehis one can't. put some milk and cann' of milk.milk 2 percent or whole milk. whatever you liket. add it all together the flavorlavo is so good if you want to make it a little bit lighter. stir this.make i my little whisk. you can do that want me to do d it. i will make you work. rk. while you're doing that come to t ao boil. okay. doesn't really take long for thee the pan is already hot you justu just browned your chicken in there th and said that aside. then you will add a little bit of sauce.d e. i like it. add a little flavor in there. i like it. it . i don't know if anybody knows about susan's old.o. a staple in my house. mind to.. got to have it. it. put a little season salt in in there.. let that come to a boil. okay.. put the chicken back and. and. okay. there you go. let that sit they're for a're for second what i've already put for for
8:43 am
flour baking soda and salt. make a nice middle well in thee middle. some summit milk. and oil.mid put this in my mom always told met the secret to a good dumplingpl is you don't mix it too much. oo makes it just enough to make all al of the ingredients mixed together. because cooking is atog lot oft of chemistry. so if you mix it too much the dumplings come out really delideli or goopy or whatever it's like pancakes don'ts want to do themhe too much they don't come out theth e right consistency. here you go ish all balled up up together your. and then all you do while thisthi is still boiling drop them and. put it in there.there flop it on these are the dumplings. put it on top. put all of those in. know where to wipe.w here you go. keep that finger right here. put the lid back on. okay. kay. and they're going to let it comeco to a boil a little turn it down and let it 14 minutes.s. 14
8:44 am
offnu that ruined the dumplings.pli you want them to steam and there t there we go. thank you very much.h. my finger again. this is the finished product iuct i made it last night. l hope it's not tasoot hot so i cano i c anshow you. it's okay.y. kristi capel. scoop it out.out time to grab. smell so good. i hope i didn'tsm make it too t salty. i think i w eent crazy with theh salt. i often double up the amount ofnt o dumplings because my family really likes dumplings. and sometimes i even add more of the soup at a couple extra cansxtra cs of soup i don't have a fork for you. 14 minutes it is done. try it. i am.. super simple. what i normally do is thenh carried and it is dinner.
8:45 am
husband loves it. asians i like i have never had ad american dumplings i've had asian dumplings. i love this thing. ad i made them last night. anyway. really easy and maybe you need aybe yo little extra season salt.u need a staple in the front household. we have it.he just grab this. go in there and.. just stick a spoon in it. it. all good. didn't realizeze wegoo had so muchad so much talent. talent in the amazing.mazing. we are so well rounded.nded you are i am.. they pay me for this.i should be paying us. your time right now is a 45:00. 31 degrees outside. it in emergency. a fashion emergency. we'll let you know by the
8:46 am
dialed 911. p are the temperatures expectedted back this spring ones anytimees aime soon scott has a look for us ins in a few minutes.t hi todd.todd getting plugged in at last look at your comments on this free-for-all friday get one and one and before we go. t with fox eight news returns.rns.
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and we need voters who want safer gun laws and who are disappointed in leaders who stand in their way to remember come election time. i share president obama's outrage. it's time we had leaders with the courage to stand up to the nra. i'm p.g. sittenfeld. in the senate, i'll fight for commonsense gun safety, criminal background checks, ban assault weapons. i approve this message because ted strickland will never stand up to the nra.
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[music playing] [music playing] good morning everybody can't cover thick this morning snow isow is gone forecast today we'll see breaks of sunshine snow is moving out actually it's moved out it is history temperaturesera tu again mid- 30s upper 30s
8:49 am
this note today we'll see snowsno w showers redeveloped and i 22. tomorrow is different and willwill be warmer upper 30s some of us might touch 40 be warm week clipperk cliper comes in from the northwesto mixes and with rain here and so i think that will eat away at snow numbers tomorrow may be ae splashy accumulation at the very most. next weekpla the pattern does a 180 we've been hinting at this last las 10 days how long it lasted theedthe bigger question heavy rainrain potential here from the middle mi of the country of their westernestern ohio could see more than an inch of rain andhi with the heavyav rainfall ahead of that a prettyetty nice stretch sunday monday tuesday 40s and 50s and 60s and pretty much springri weather through the end of next week. fox8 news your official weather through t schoolcho closing station. send it back to you guys.g okay. thank you scott.o a heads up before you pour befo you pour yourself a cup of coffee this morning ceramic mugs sold
8:50 am
the retailer says the 8 dollar valentines day themed cups seen here were mislabeled asasr microwave safe. so far there have been three reports of sparking during microwaving.arhrrowaving. customers can return them tos can retu them target for a refund. most people get grossed out byre airplane bathrooms. well, one plane manufacturer is looking to change that.l, one boeing says its developed a selfits d evloped cleaning for planes. an ultraviolet light hits the bathroom cabin for just three seconds killing 99 percent of the germs. the uv light even helps get rid of odors. uv li the company says the technology is still in the testing phase, but when its approved, it can be added to existing i'm already signed up for one of o those. i know that's right..ght. you've heard of a fashion've he emergency, but this story takes the phrase to another level. emergency a two year old needed help year ld neede getting dressed for the day, so she called 911 and asked dispatchers how to do it. the girl's grandfather was watching her at the time and haddshe c911 and aschers how to do
8:51 am
let alone because the girl dialed 911, twohe girdial officers showed up at her house and happily helper get ready for the day.ed 911, h we have such hard, intense such h things that we have to deal with all day long.ard, i thin h have a little girl running up to the front door, asking me to putr, asking on her pants, it was just the hion ghlight of my day, i loved it.her ants, and although aaliyah made a callall for help for a nonemergency, the responding officer was thankful she made a new friend out of the little accident. call 911.t grandpa is trying to help.el think she knew how to call 911l or the phrase fashion emergencyhion e and how to call 911.l maybe she was taught whenwen something is wrong. fashion emergency.gency. it's a phrase we all say.we a something that is wrong. fashion emergency i need help. if we had a impression emergencyrcy we could where our cool new ne shirts. thank youshi guys.s.
8:52 am
if i had when i asked my wife or ask you guys. you guys are willing to helpg to hlp out. look at that. wait for it.k drumroll. there it is.s. there it is.s.ther in the 9:00 hour.hour. sorry.. you guys sound greaat a lotso ofrr of stuff coming in talking about free for all friday we get toet your comments coming and we'ved been talking about the gope debate runway accidents lebronbron james and his cryptic tweets and and westside market being open on sunday. hears comments have been these republican debates become a jokears comm they are entertaining no question. like we said the only one that seemed to be talking about the issues.s. they're making our country llookis bad. ba another comment came in from oneom of the text so simple westsidetsid market will be open on sundays.sund so excited about talking about people goingop downtown on saturday to get the west side market that will open up a lot of opportunities fories for people to do some things on sunday.y.
8:53 am
downtown hav that will be awesome. especially in the summer. especially in the summer.h you mentioned going to church.rch. head down to the market with the th family all of that stuff will bef will really c ool. we appreciate the comments ons this free-for-all friday hope you have a great we can continuentin the conversation had to ouruad to ou facebook page or hit us up on twitter or instagram.gram. thank you. giving kristi the text phone.hon i have the power. my favorite part of thatat segment. 8:53.. standing behind donald trump kind of. comedian sacha baron cohen was completely in character at his movie premiere last night.andinn edian coletely we're going to take a look. we'd like to thank takeoffto thank takeoff charlie for being here today. thank you very much for our t-shirts as well. you can see them play friday,uch for our t-shirts as well. you can see them play friday, march 18th at the empire concert club and bar.ur aay t-irts as w once again guys thank you for stopping by you've beene again doingdo you guys are great. take it away.yke it aw.
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[music playing] a musician is suing hip hop artist jay z over his musicy z ovehi streaming service tidal.s musi the suit was filed saturday in federal court in new york by new y john emanuele, who is half of the duo american dollar. emanuele claims he has not beenaims heas not given what he is owed in royalty payments. been the suit is also seeking class action status on behalf of other artist being streamed on this asd on th well.ill. a spokesman for tidal said the for tiid the service is up to date on all royalty payments. lty paymen. here comes honey boo boo star mama june shannon, is hospitalized after collapsing in her georgia home.a home. the 36 year old reportedly fainted several times, after complaining about not feeling well. doctors are reportedly runninge edly run tests to find out what's wrong.ning shannon reportedly told tmz she had not eaten much ahead of her collapse, and she was on a diet. all right.l righ
8:59 am
be the trans ambassador for republican candidate ted cruz ifcandidaed cru he wins the presidency.z if jenner calls the texas senator a quote great constitutionaliste gr and a very articulate man. despite this, she hasn't officially endorsed him.f icial the olympic champion and reality tv star is a republican the olym she said if given the given the opportunity, she would love to advise cruz on issues regarding the transgender community. opunityadvise cruz actor sacha baron cohen isr s acha endorsing donald trump well, sort of. band was donald's rallies that won me er they're lik.e soccer matches in england shouting, violence and the only difference is that weference hat we don't throw the black people out. the comedian was completely in character, during his movie premiere in los angeles lastrles last night. cohen plays a british soccern brothers grimsby.plaer for the premiere, he dressed, walked and talked like his
9:00 am
but he added donald trump's make america great hat to his and he jokingly endorsed trump for president.and he jok there you go. there you go. news you need to know. i'm very excited about that. about hat. it looks funny.unny he is funny. he is pretty funny.r thank youett guys.uys you're welcome. good morning on this friday morning it is marchch you'. four or thisr or is. it is the four.r. i know march started earlierarted ier this week of the week just flew by. week o i just knocked over christie's water. there's nothing in it but i knocked not the cut over. didn't want to have an emergency. is a lot of electronics. any of your luncherf back here. your drink. your makeup. there you go. with h you stick if you would like it. cooking later on.ti good morning to you this fridaythis frid morning this is how fridays are.ays are. i'm todd meany.


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