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but he added donald trump's make america great hat to his and he jokingly endorsed trump for president.and he jok there you go. there you go. news you need to know. i'm very excited about that. about hat. it looks funny.unny he is funny. he is pretty funny.r thank youett guys.uys you're welcome. good morning on this friday morning it is marchch you'. four or thisr or is. it is the four.r. i know march started earlierarted ier this week of the week just flew by. week o i just knocked over christie's water. there's nothing in it but i knocked not the cut over. didn't want to have an emergency. is a lot of electronics. any of your luncherf back here. your drink. your makeup. there you go. with h you stick if you would like it. cooking later on.ti good morning to you this fridaythis frid morning this is how fridays are.ays are. i'm todd meany.
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i'm stefani schaefer.iday glad he could be with us. last night may have been theave been t ugliest debate yet for the republicanhe presidentialdential candidates i sat back andack and thought it was all at one point about trumpt it was just unbelievable. some of the most talked about unbeli talkedbo moments because there were many coming up.utuscoming up how about this.ut th. actor and comedian rob schneider is live in the studio. that is so exciting. that is awesome. find out where you can see him, this weekend.o plus, we have some fun things some games you can play play along to.along . he has daughters.daugh i did not know. we'll talk about all of that. it's been a filling week as our fox8 morning show team cookedeam cook some of our favorite recipes. coming up todd's son is helpingon is hel him make a family favorite and a great party dish chicken a fam yummy. my wife's family's recipes.s. he is darling so handsome.some. thank you. he gets it
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he grew like a foot since i'dn seen him.een him he gets all of that beauty from his mother. absolutely. let's check in with scott sabol for a look at our forecast on this friday morning.s motherc for a loo you don't look bad either.he this know if god that's a good thing can't cover is thick andd r is thk and given the thickness of the cloudsve and this north land whichd w is kind of enhancing a littlet bit of this cloud deck with the t moisture off the lake a wellell before we see breaks ofof sunshine. starbucks radarbefore we seereaks o road conditionsn have begun to really improvempro there's been a good three hours since we gotv rid of the snow andno the temperature struggling mostng ost of us close to 30 degrees thengrees the there's the north went at aboutt five to 10 miles an hour.ur the forecast as we look ahead toead today we are highlighting someme breaks of sun the snow is gone is gne th middletempe and upper 30s. warmer further south.rther suth melt off a lot of the snowno tonight bigger question as we look to the upper midwest willl waste thel redevelopment.elopment. there's the clipper coming in tomorrow much faster movings and and there is some snow developing
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here this thing will start toart moderate look at the daytime highs. pushing 40e snow shower we see see will be mixed in with rain and ad a highly doubt leaves the much ines thmuch the way of attenuation. slushy half inch maybe about that much if we are lucky.uck not this much but this much makema that cl this much is much better.h is muter. thanks. the stakes have never been never en higher this primary season, as donald trump surges toward the nomination. higher ry yet the candidates hit new lows last night in their latest debate. fox 8's stacey frey is in the newsroom with some of the most outstanding moments. with there were many. outstandingth isn't necessarilyessaril always a good thing.n like nothing we've ever seen in modern presidential politics. this is how last night's's modpre republican presidential debates is how last night's began. he referred to my hands, iffer red tmy they're small, something else han must be small i guarantee you there's no problem. i guarantee you. this campaign for the last year, donald trump has basically mocked people with personal attacks. i guarast year, d trump has bas this little guy has lied so much
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here we go. here we go.. he has lied so much about my record.has lierecord. you see what happens again when you challenge him on a policy issue?see ww the first thing he does is launch an attack on some little guy thing. a don't worry about it, little marco.n't wo the unprecedented drama and unpre personal attacks that have dominated this race for the ce white house continued lastdented d erso night.nal a continu last in a debate that was more combat than substancence much of the ire was focused on donald trump. trump faced tough questions about policy positions that he's changed repeatedly the iraq war, syrian refugees, the wall. he responded by casting his positions that hechanged flexibility as an asset. repeatedled by ing hi this debate was a dirty, bareknuckled brawl. the only candidate staying focused on policy and refusingd to enter the fray, governor john kasich. you think that donald trump is naive about the threat that vladimir putin represents? i'm not biting. let me take you around the world, ok?hat donalal
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let me. trump and cruz tangled in a heated exchange on nominating conservative supreme courtednser vati justices, with cruz repeatedly asking trump to breathe.verembreathe. rubio asked the moderators if he could get a question when theyio were done doing yoga. coming up, mitt romney's anti trump speech and what impact it could have on this race. vote for any other republicanpub which would potentially lead toad to a contested convention if all ofof i and trump doesn't go with a clear o number he needs 1200 we'll seell what happens. exciting in cleveland. that's for sure.e. yesterday and watching the debate it is soan cute it it's's it is.. it is. speaking of governor
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his home state on sunday with a battleground ohio rally. he'll be joined by formerate on sformer california governor arnold schwarzenegger in columbus atat 2:30. fox 8's kevin freeman will be there and he'll have coverage on fox8 news and we have a lot of other news tor ne get you caught up on on this friday morning.ay morning. three people are recovering at the hospital this morning following a wrong way crash in cleveland.s mor it happened where interstate 71 south splits with i90 at around it involved a car and a uhaul truck. happen1 s a uhaul ems crews tell fox8 threet victims were taken to metro in stable condition.tableondit cleveland police are trying to was heading in the wrong direction. thehe at the time. and we were there this morning as the driver of a car that rear ended a police car was taken away in handcuffs.n handc it happened at lakeshore before five this morning. police are not releasing any
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e we'll keep you posted on this story.ll ke cleveland police are daytime robberies near campus. the first happened on february seventh, when two men robbed a case western reserve student at gunpoint.ies nearr case over by little italy.y. gunpoi another student's backpack near euclid avenue.monday, fofo a third student was held up tuesday along south overlook alon road in cleveland heights, while the suspects targeted a veteran leaving the va hospital thatt heights, w same night.ght. spotted in a dark colored 2016 ford escape.da be on the lookout for it. every day that passes, more and more cars are being vandalized on cleveland's west side. the number hit has now surpassed 50.mopassed we had 30 50yesterday now we have 50.ha people are now going to bed fearing they could be the next target.d 30 w we have pere because of the safety glass you wouldn't hear glass being shattered. jessica dill is live in tremont, with the latest on the investigation.saouldn't hearglatttt jessic good morning.rnin good morning everyone. people are worried.. good there aren't a lot of places to p park a lot of people have to
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to bed wondering if their car is going to be targeted next.ex they wake up come downstairs tod try and make sure they're car is okay.d make sedan in these surveillance photos.gnize this b that were provided.ovided. cleveland police believe it isve connected to now more than 5o the cars have had their windows shattered by mostly bb guns butave had t also sometimes bricks. what makes this extra strange the vandals are striking all the time at various times in both the day and night.ometi cleveland police say ins thin bothh situations like this if it isons l f t they're asking you to keep your eyes and ears open.hey're as just be very vigilant, know your neighborhood, know what's normal for you neighborhood.ighborho. going on out there we say seee say something, say something and that means anything, even if it's something that you think issomethinging, even if it's something that you think is small, that you call in and let the detectives know. police are asking anyone who may have additional surveillance
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forward with any footage from 3 to see if they can see anything. cussing so many people money somoney irritating a lot of time lost on this to you for nothing.hin right. jessica thankk you so much.. sure.e. sur with filing some developing news check in with wayne dawson for a look at what is just an. the suspect accused of shooting accuse of and ki slhooling a canton police k-9 has beenng indicted now he was in was in court just a few minutes ago. a pleaded not guilty to a numberum of charges including aggravated robbery felonious assaultl and assaulting a police dog. back in january officers were called to fishers foods while searching the area police sayal he e fired several shots jethro was hit in the face shoulder and an neck and died from his injuries. please return fire shooting him in the leg.leg his nex.t court appearance ise is scheduled for march 16 but he but h was in court this morning he hass pleaded not guilty. back to you guys.
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especially with this casemo watched so closely.osel thank you.y. coming up a new warning for travelers new attacks reportedlyattack r e being planned plus whereg plannelus w authorities say they are most likely to happen. kids and deodorant should parents make their d kids wear itwear or is it something they should choose themselves.selv what one mommy blogger says inys in your comments are next in thisn morning's download. fox eight our forecast now itow does showit improvement in the sky sky conditions having a few flurries fl but no significant snowfall at this point. we'll see some sun. temperatures mid- 30s melt off- 30slt the snow could we add to it will have a look at the eight day and may maybe some 60s when we
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going to be a great day this nowy thi has to we've got warmer temperatures coming up with the weekend's forecast is coming it's a fact of life teens andct of lifens a nd preteens can sometimes get body and so most parents will buy a stick of deodorant for their kids, and discuss personal hygiene.i ygiene but one mommy blogger says not so fast.ut one mo marianne miller says she refuses to make her kids wear deodorant,t, because obsessing over your children robs them of theirf their independence and sense ofepende she says that when you ask your kid to wear deodorant, what they're really hearing is moms in charge of my body or mom ise of my picking on me.body or mom miller says instead to just buy
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them decide if and when theye if andhen th ey want to use it. that's one way but then also if if you don't encourage them to wearto wear deodorant that could be made fun of or teased or alienated fromm school or maybe it's their teacher who has to say something to them and that might be a bigger deal than just a parent.paren. is not you don't have to say you yo smell. say it in a nice way. way. we all get in this age your bodybod starts changing and you may start noticingst that you have an an older. talk about it in a healthy normal manner i don't it's an unfortunate bullying is is so prevalent. you can run into that. th will they learn better if youtter let them figure it out on their owniff. i think they could figure it out. take a sniff of your own mom kicked nagging me i'm conditioned mom will nag me.e. i can understand that but the th
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and dad may be trying to help and not embarrass. emba can't begin to tell you every parent i know you feel therregin tso ametellame how many times you tell your kids to brush their teeth.s t o hundredsbrh thei and hundreds of time.reds of this is the same thing. the wrestling mats at home for hom brushing they can go weeks without if you don't remind them.n lookout for my child that's our job. we are parents.jj you maywe ahav e dpaifferent opinirenons teresa says on our facebook pageook p as parents we make choices for fo our kids that's what we do.. bathing brushing teeth wearing close.n where there are allowed to go etc. my teen boys going withouto g can can knock someone out. gross. sarah ccom mmented of courses partar of a good hygiene common sense foron that matter.te. kimberly writes yes, i do it teaches them personal hygiene., isn't just showers and baths anymore. an derek says no one wants to raise this smelly kid.i
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that's right.ight. we want to know what you think about we want that vote on our web pollb pol do you think these parents should let their kids go without and figure out l there stench on ste their own.n. head over to our facebook pageebooage and leave me a comment may be ae funny story i will read those as as well and had back over to ourr web poll and vote as well. well. see you in a little bit. okay guys. smell you later. always smelled great. always shower in thew good. check in with scott for a look at our forecast.r hi scott..hi sc kind ofo tstmells out here everye once in a while walk out here and it stinks.ce that's not a good thing. decomposing insects.c anyway. we are looking pretty nice withtty nic thee snow.ow the snow is moving out.movin fox8 ogur outlook showing thee sunshine most of us will see it will be a little uwhile but ise whileut i think we'll see a little sliver
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right now the fox8 the webw camera which is the crib camera cam about the water intake about 3 miles offshoreth which shows that rolling clouds and lack ofof snow. a few flurries but nothing organized.t temperatures climbing close to freezing low conditions are pretty goodmperatu c at this point. poi just ant little bit of slushy snow snow here on the sidewalk north wind kept the cloud cover entrenchedr across northern ohio.hi elyria is 30 bedford 29. 29 canton at 30. 32 currently in new philadelphia. here's the forecast the how the back edge adofhere's the clouds not not really moving all that fast. northwind againn kind of reenergized this card deck andd deck it lowered a littlae bit.tle b the ceiling is pretty low.ow again still highlighting try to be optimistic on this friday fori breaks of late de son.f lat etemperatures mid- 30s.tures mid- 30s. next system to the northwest ihwest i think this will be weaker it will be much fasterr a few snow showers light accumulations arrivetions a tomorrow the temrperriatures go up. upper 30s near 40.
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rain. anythingn barely accumulate at at this point.s point. accumulations next week the weather pattern shiftsa more of a oa springlike pattern with potential now forr maybe some locally heavy rainfall.nfall widespread through the midwest t through texas ashe a front stallsall out wednesday and thursday eight day forecastdn even with some rainrn and move into that front shuthut allow for at least three maybemay weather. sunday mostly sunny 40sy 50s on monday.ond 60s tuesday and should be to the 60s wednesday and may be be some rain not snow by the middlee mi and end of next week. fox8 news your official school closingng x8 news your station.i it looks pretty good a couple of incidents of snow this time of of year it looks picturesque.ue. sticks to the trees. absolutely. thanks. coming up military veteran needtary te help findingran the person whoon who broke into his home.ho
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doingg. have you watched star wars the force awakens by the way youe way you want to watch it again. yes. again and again i loved it. it. when you can from the comfort ofomfort your own except that one part when.when. coming up where giving away tickets to the inspirational film miracles from heavenhea starring jennifer garner.nifer gaer. does not open in theaters until march 18 that you can when a family four pack to a special screening that is happening tomorrow at 2:00 at the chagrin cinema. giving awayening tha 2:00 at the c again a four pack a and that will happen in just at a short while.i
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this is what i came home for -- to work in the community, turning schools after hours into centers for healthcare and safe spaces for our kids. i'm p.g. sittenfeld. after princeton and a marshall scholarship, i turned down a job at google to work improving education. now i'm running for the senate to offer new ideas -- cut college loan rates in half, pass common sense gun safety laws. i approve this message to offer bold new leadership
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the u.s. government is issuing a new worldwide caution to american travelers abroad. the state department warns isis and other terror groups are plotting new a newe caution tan trave authorities believe there's a likelihood of attacks especially in the middle east, north africa, europe, and asia. e the new warning urges u.s. citizens to remain alert in public, while traveling abroad. but despite the alerts, no travel restrictions have been issued.. in li president obama says 20 millionng abrad. ts have bn people have gained health insurance thanks to the affordable care act. yesterday, the presidenty, the traveled to milwaukee to congratulate local leaders for winning a national health insurance enrollment contest. travelele ongratrs he praised the effectiveness of the law, saying it improved some existing plans and provided a
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sluggish economy.he law, saying imeg so your insurance is better than it was. oun i know . even if you didn't vote for me. thanks obama. hillary clinton has pledged to keep the affordable care act in place, while many republican candidates have vowed to repeal and replace it if elected. a thief in missouri targeted a shocking victim. thief in mis he went after a military veteran who's blind and fighting cancer. virgil wright was asleep in hisl w home when someone broke in.right wa his roommate yelled to virgil.s asleepme when meone brok somebody's in the house. instead of hiding virgil actually confront the person. the man held an assault rifle to virgil's chest but he ended up running away without taking anything.a just the whole situation. why i got to deal with this stuff.o
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it's got to stop somewhere. went blind seven years ago after surgery to remove a brain tumor. police are still looking for the would be robber.yeago af he's got some courage that's forfo unbelievable so brazen and mean. all right. ab have you seen the new star wars movie? soon, you'll be able to watch it at home.razen an. e you seen disney just announced the film's digital downloads will start on april first.isanthe film's a couple of weeks away of course. viewers will also get to see other features like deleted scenes, and extras from jj abrams.t t othe i can't wait to see this.o see this the force awakens is the highest grossing film of all time in therce awakens u.s., making more than 925 million dollars..s the film will be released on bluray and dvd, just a few days later on april fifth., just a few days later. april 1 on the download and i was thinking maybe like aprilil fools joke or something. and dvd comes out april
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those quicker people beyondg thet man people want to see ed.see ed. i thought they would hold this want for christmas. fabulous christmas releaseo ilease will take it now. i love are red light cameras illegal wewe here we are and they are not aare not local driver who fought her her ticket and one. hear how she did it coming up. are you hungry. a big announcement opening some restaurants right here in in northeast ohio. tell you about it when we come back. hihi scott.cot. use the eight hour outlook. still might be a little overlytle overly optimistic with the sunshine but keep it going see how it works out.t. northwind keeping clouds radg clouds r through the lunch hour. will we see more snow over the weekendd we'll check it out when we come back. s awesome.
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hold on. yes.ho it's like anything is there. this is the ability to the bottom lip.eris they said it was the crown. they wereow part of the meant even
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who cares as part of the really. also six flags adding to their roller coaster this year nine rights willhi be equipped virtual reality headsets fighters with you to customize fix the staff into the sideiom of the virtual reality it will be available this summerl little stream and david in new york. there only compatible with samsung galaxy. we'rewi going to bring you back toto reality. todd and his adorable sons max are here they're teaming up with one of the family favorite thingi is that he's so handsome.ha he's all of this policy.p he just reminded me that he's getting closer and closer all the time. tell everyone you stand. todd has three prepared to the others have in the middle and iti
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