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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  March 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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today,o marco rubio kept up the offense .. >> we have the front runner who refusesne to answer a a single policy question last night he took a position and said i change my opinion on temporary guest workersqig , high-tech workers as soon as the debate ended,
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i feel good because i sense that the people of ohio are probably and that means a lot . to have the people backing me that is a great thing. >> it took about two minutes before he said anything the crowd started senta to the chantinghe kasich. >> is that frustrating speech about frustrating, i could've been knocked out early,, and i'm having a good time and people are hearing that the message has been nothing but a good experience the problem with the debatesheee is that it has been really hard for people to get to know who you areh, maybe a little by little it is starting to happen.. >> use it you said that you're
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>> we will have very aggressive grassroots oriented campaign in ohio like i run all my campaigns and put our possum message out there not going to spend my time ripping donald is going to be talking about me, and hopefully the republicans in ohio say that we like the guy . guess some people who are republicans that may not like the chance to like me . i'm confident that the majority of republicans will rally behind the antiwar name in my team for all the hard work in progressnt and success we have had in the state. >> other girls getting amped up? >> not really, they get in they are out with me a little bit, my wife is getting more excited coming she did a great job she represents me in placesid that she is really good.
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start with, youh back in august he pierced her that you keep your chin up the book you have to keep going, if you're motivated the right way, and which is to do the things to fix the country i'm not that worried about, not that much of a success . you do your thing and be determinedy. >> a lot of polls say you're the only guy on stage to beat hillary clinton. >> democrats are concerned because i can get crossover votes are about the angry guy i am nothe dividing people and that is appealing . >> the bottom-line message to ohio is that you need them. >> i do need them, worked as hard as i can to raise the economy and leave nobody behind, we pay a lot of attention to the
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the minority community hand, they know me and that it is just a matter of if they want to keep the home convoy moving forward. >> but the race to the white house still undecided, and the campaign momentuma here in ohio is gaining steam. >> one of the two democratic contenders will be here tomorrow speaking to awo intimate crowd as dave nethers has a preview of that visit.a >> pat sajak olivet institutional baptist church on quincy avenue in cleveland, and a number of national difference makers have historically made, an appearance here after tomorrow you can add bernie sanders to that list, the poll showed him and hillary clinton in a dead heat, and into the march 15 primary, the church reached out to bothc
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invitation, and he was the first to accept this this will not be around the rally come is not open to the public it will be a ticketed, andt event with a limited number of people share their concerns and listen to what he can bring to the table,e exit polls in the south show hillary clinton with an overwhelming majority of the african american support but he that believes that the prince church tomorrow will give voters a lot to >> i think it is significant that he's coming back toto cleveland again to have this conversation he has a strong record on issues that matter, he hasath a tremendous track record and agenda and we talk about the futuren he's got a lot to say. >> mow the grass focusing on ohio today, hillary clinton was scheduled to speak with members of the nt ohio legislative black caucus today, that's a group that will haveda a influence on a
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state, tomorrow, is the first saturday that ohio voters will have the chance to vote early in cuyahoga county,t were getting closer, two march 15. another shakeup in the browns front office of. >> john telich joins us speak back h. >> routes announced today that alec scheiner is stepping away from his position as the th president of the football team continue as a consultant with the team through the end of 2016 , the browns owner's lauded him for his work on enhancing the experience and first energy stadium, spearheaded the switch to thei newer uniforms prior to last season it itr was clear that
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and dollmaking elevating sashi brown and bringing in paul depodesta, and that s shiner was china was not a big factor, he says that he looks forward to helping the browns over the next few months as he determines his next challenge.t >> alec scheiner has been with the browns since 2013. the bottom line is i think that with great organizations, such
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, they are consistently front office lair, you do not know much about them you just know the people who coach the team andab the guys on the field so they need more consistency and in this regard is going to look to any other challenge for >> assurity got another challenge that they would allow him to move oni. >> it has happened again, a driver on the i-71 ron lane in cleveland this morning driving head-on into a u-haul truck entering theuc two drivers and their two passengers as jack shea spoke to the man driving the u-haul and has the storysh's neglect he says all four people or fortune to be alive and video of the high-speed crash backs that up.- >> to get on the freeway, on 71
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said please lord do not let a wrong way driver hit us and then we both saw the lights coming straight toward us . it was another wrong way driver. >> they were headed home around 3:00 a.m. friday in a u-haul truck that i car going the wrong way of on a 71 year i-90 split was approaching,a fortunately they survived, odot cameras revealed that 47-year-old timothy taylor had been driving for miles the wrong way for the crashmoor that taylor and his passenger had been drinking, says that taylor who owns his private security company tried to do the same but he was blocked in by twoomom odot drivers he says that he realize that there's a problem to be addressed at a would've seen
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the first in my mind was that i was going to die . i understand that we all have problems we have our struggles and if he was a sober he would not have done >> to the taylor was taken to metrohealth for treatment, said he will face charges including ovi. >> men man accused of shooting and killing a canton k-9 officer jethro robbing a grocery robyn court today,o kelontre barefield pled not guilty to six charges including robbery, assault and a police dog and shooting at the police, he could get more than 50 years if convicted, the 3 -year-old german shepherd jethro was shot three times during the january confrontation and die the next day.t >> two our teenagers face charges from monday's school shooting in cincinnati even though they did not fire shots,, the butler county sheriff says
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two students before this before opening fire in the cafeteria, two were shot and two injured g now the teenagers who were shown the gun have been charged with failure to report a crime,ent the alleged shooter oo remains locked up on attempted murder and is in court next week .mp >> investigation into the death ofof ex-wife of oj simpson and her friend ron goldman is still an active case as far as the la police department, now 20 years later they may haveve a crucial piece of evidence the alleged murder weapon as roosevelt leftwich reports . >> that evidences a knife as you may recall the two victims were stabbed and slashed to death, and this the murder weapon ? police cited is too early to speculate, aa police spokesman po said the knife the knife was found in the possession of a retired lapd officer said he gotes it while working off-duty as
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simpsonsn brentwood estate, construction worker, who may have been involved in the in demolition of simpson's home and 2,004 gave it to him and told the cop that he founded upon the property .,0 captain andrew nyman told reporters that they're looking to see if the story isnd real but until that otherwise this then but otherwise this knife is considered evidence of. >> we need to determine,i is this evidence ? and if not, then how do we prove that it is not and the only way to do that is by challenging the people involved as to where it was recovered, where he was alleged to have been etc.h. >> suppose that after forensic testing that there is something on the knife that could connect into o.j. simpson, double jeopardy would apply and there would be no o new people versus o.j. simpson trial but it could
4:13 pm >> many questions come to that officer thought it might have been the murder weapon then why did he say something before nowow? >> that's what the people were sketchy about describing their trying to investigate what hee may have held onto this knife, simpson's home was torn down and 2,004 so that is 12 years that this knife has been in possession of his police officer who have never brought it
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the sun is shining, and we like that and i'm going to have a and you are invited . also melissa mack to celebrate and
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in my mind, the end of winter .. >> your buddy list of a party, does your wife know?ou >> i know that he wants to think that this is completely done et next week will feel a lot like springtime,e, but to say that we won't see another snowflake is still too early, h fertile equinox is on march 20, the beginning of springtime astronomically . but friday will be beautiful, but thatat sunshine is somewhat ineffective we are only in the 30s where it should be in the 40s on average a clipper
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snowfall initially, then perhaps a mix and perhaps all rainfall, next week's warm-up, and with that, it turns into, april showers . are you getting a lot of rainfall next week . cleveland 32 degrees . kansas city today, they are in the 60s or comes on next clipper system coming in from wisconsin and minnesota, tomorrow morning, predawn, a few snowflakes . i think we will have a mix, all rainfall tomorrow afternoon . this is the area of circulation
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we are on the freezing line, to the north, a the better chances fell to the south, * tonight low 20s, becoming mostly cloudy predawn snow shower to an afternoon of rainfall . . with upper 30s . we will be near normal, and sunshine sunday . then monday,
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60s and then, were going to have a bunch of rainfall . get a lot of rainfall because of
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they present under fire and a reporter under pressure and a rabbit fighting crime.
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this weekend to look at what's now showing.> ginnifer goodwin and jason bateman lend their voices to the disney animated movie utopia, the rabbit becomes the first to join the police force, then she tries to prove herself by solving fsh the mysterious case by working with a fox, as utopia is rated pg. tina fey stars in whiskey tango producer who takes the assignment in afghanistan . a fellow journalist takes her under her wing, she discovers the key to becoming a successful
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foxtrot is rated r. . and for thrills, there is london has fallen, gerard butler returns as a secret service agent assigned to protect the president ., this time during a terrorist attack attack in london, david moss sat down with aaron eckhart to talk about his role as the president, and what it what it takes to go on some
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drug butler, said aaron eckhart and the ones that followed him here we go again, london has fallen, this visit lacks possibility that the it is fiction it is intense to make the making of the film the subject matter is intense . sometimes, filmmaking is about to modern times and although this isesde an entertaining movie, it is a dangerous place and we need heroes, that believen . in goodness and we need special agents, that protect us and the military and all that stuff. every single day, these scenarios, it is a highly choreographed dancee it is
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dangerous . everybody has to be perfect for dance festival the dance festival off perfectly or someone gets hurtt . everybody has to be hyperaware at all times, it is a minimumha 12 hour day filmmakingm, so for 12 hours you'd better2 be on your game if not you can get hurt and things do happen, there are guns popping off by your ears you have explosions.u as i get older, things that mean the most to me are in personal relationships, back to the family, andal what is life all about, the meaning of life . that is what i am geared toward, i am directing a movie and that is what it is all aboutg . is fun to explode things it is exciting. . you get to be my age, you
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things . >> aaron eckhart stars in london has fallen, david moss fox 8 news cleveland. >> years ago most schools will
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still working on the plans for the end of winter party at my house for the weekend . i'm not going to say it is premature, i know you say so but i'm not going to, i have great faith to clickn we will have spring like weather next week but not prepared to say it will be the last snowfall of the season, we are more than 30 inchest below normal in the snowfall department . .
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or ay sled rider, or snowboarder, ow you like winter but it's okay to get this now and then, . >> i like the snow but i also like the sunshine and the temperatures in the 70s .> this morning, some areas got almost 3 inches in ashland, and broadview heights got about two half inches . we have temperatures just above freezing . the way makes it feel like it
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the next clipper system, does not have much moisture but predawn tomorrow, snowfall will fly and it will be in the mid to upper 30s than change towi all rainfall and a mix near the lake shore . tonight 22 degrees, mostly cloudy, predawn snow shower at giveaway to the rainfall in the afternoon with highs in the upper 30s .in
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employeete assaulting a colonial girl. >> video just released by the one placece that it happened in the fall of the school employee ath steam academy in warren upset after the fifth-grader put on a headband he told her told her to remove, faces former steam academy employee marcus crum dragging sophia sweet out of the classroom, itte happened in the fall at the one charter school, sophie and her mother, told us october that the fifth-grader suffered injuries . he was chart . he pled no contest and sentenced 50 days to 15 days in an alternative jail program and community service . she says she was said she was appalled by his >> she took it off then she put
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colonial child. academy in the family is considering a civil suit,, crowned and apologized and said that he does feel badly about what happenedda. >> the mother said that she wanted some accountability .e if they had pushed her like detention that the physical violence was too much to put the ashtabula county visit if you want to push back the start of the school year for students is a essay class starts too early hurt in the tourism industry as bringhurst brittany harris joins us with what that >> the tourism industry investment accounting is doing
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want toes keep that going to do that they will need the help of school districtshw are in charge of promoting tourism and from the latest numbers it sounds like everything is going well but one problem that executive director stephanie siegel has noticed. >> or head back to school dates impact tourism negatively throughout the counting starts to look started to look at it and it was not just one community, it was throughout thetarwa large accounting. >> it hurts businesses because students and teachers they hire for the summer have to go back to school school in mid-august, leaving them short step for the the rest of the pixies and.d >> for our businesses, that is the holiday season you think it repealed in december,t tourism and travel make all of their money in august thes one way to fix the issue isa to delay the start of the school year so they
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the county start on august 29, and she thinks that's a great idea and she iss the general manager at the lake house in. >> tourism is really big lots colozza businesses that are only open t 12 -- 16 weeks they depend on diocese of that season of the primary income for the entire year . >> s. talk to a number of school getting a lot ofooo of positive feedback that some with concerns like superintendento john rivet kinch he says -- might be better off taking this to the ohio general assembly so
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happens next. >> study supports link zika virus to bring birth defect here's a tracy mccool. >> bud lab study found that zika can in factd embryonic cells that can help from the brain, evidence that it causes a serious birth defect, and the virus spreading in latin america and caribbean, they're alarmed by indications that went it infects a pregnant woman and her baby may be born with a small head in a brand that has not developed properly,d previous studies have found zika virus in the brains of babies with a defect who had died, the new study finds that it can harm's specific cells that help brain development, and despite the findings they cautioned that this does not prove that it
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if you are in the market for new car you want may want to check
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plenty of roadworthy cars and trucks at the cleveland auto show this year. >> and it is a car designed to be noticed and made by ford. >> it is made to stand out inside and outside,s the luckiest guy in town this week, p.j. ziegler with a tough assignment at the car show again tonight .z a look at this ford fusion. >> not a lot of wholesale changes to the flight 17 ford fusion . there are some new designs you'll notice on the exterior lights and like the headlights but most importantly the technology is different t in this ford fusion and one thing they hope that will help them
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out there. >> ilitch will do the same, often first appearance. >> if you are a ford fusion ordered him to look at closely to see the changes made, the biggest exterior change is the newly designed front grill with led headlamps . also added 19- inch wheels, a spoiler on the trunk and dueling sauce . they have added a rotary dial in place of the gearshift worked here selection. >> they keep innovating, people continue to buy the the ford because they trusted name in the innovation is key to the grand. >> one changes thegr pedestrian detection if someone is about to walk in front of the carpp that engages the brakes for you. >> decameron windshield that detects the pedestrian, purses
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audio warning to the driver .p to lure them to the pedestrian. >> the f-150 truck did not get a redesign .5 it really makes backing up with the trailer attached very easy .ke makes it very easy with this knob next to the the series will. >> the technology does not end there they have added thet technology to the track and now offer aheh new limited-edition of the f-150. >> can do pretty much what it's towing holland or off-roading. >> los angeles about all of these vehicles of all of the manufacturers and models is the
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it stands out both in the entertainment and the safety side and one of reasons is nowadays we spend more and more time in our cars get around townn so we always want to have the entertainment and safety but then you notice that all of these vehicles at the auto show. >> i think he spent so much time that next year,t >> there are over 1,000 vehicles oneh display at the auto show i think that there's just one left that i have to see before i get into all 1,000 . it is behind locked doors so may have delayed forbb another time and. >> onto value of the rules and in the battle of the sexes car giveaway. >> the chance to win a two-year
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honda cb. >> contest runs until march 6 for more details go to fox . >> snow pass if you can't we can really use your support. will be lots of sunshine as you drive home on fridayl and headed into the weekend . counters are still above norm, you can see the crowds earlier today sunset around 622 . bethany here in cleveland, windchills are like
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we do have a clipper system heading this waydo, right now we have that clearing and now we've got this system producing some predawnst snow showers than a mixture and that rainfall tomorrow . if you snow showers for your morning commute tomorrow . then around a the around the day, it's interested mainly all rainfall . we could have a quick coating initially but after the onset of precipitation it'll be more liquid form are not expecting any accumulationd throughout
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it tomorrow have snow showers giveaway to rainfall for most of us afternoon time . high temperature nearing normal, 22 were going to hit the upper 30s . that sunshine on sunday, even warmer into monday and tuesday . thin clouds lately tuesday, 52 min 60 . the rainfall, on monday, a better cold front thursday and early friday . we'll be lots of umbrella weather picture their work and getpi because you're going to need them next
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closed its elvis presley exhibit because of a recent dispute the casino accusing the museum operators of defaulting on a ten-year contract so they packed up the elvis itemsmin put them in storage, meanwhile elvis presley enterprises is went to court to return the memorabilia since they loved them to the resort is so close to run 10 years but has only been open for 10 ketchup maker london has made chocolate easter bunnies in the likeness of benedict cumberbatch .ba the costs about $70 . it weighs 400 grams and available in milk
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for some people one of the most important pieces of jewelry is
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i lost his wedding ring he got a anissa weier to replace an. >> now months later looks like he's going to cover that tattoo, he was on vacation in hawaii trying to do boogie boardth was hit hard on lockdown was hit by another
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his finger,r he went back to canada got to think about his loss rate so he contacted a man who is a professional metal detective who eventually found it. >> people think their stuff is gone for ever. >> issued back in the '90s says he planning a return trip to hawaii he wants to have a
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it's happened again, it wrong way driver on i-71 in cleveland this morning crashing head-on into a u-haul driver entering the two drivers and passengers likee jack shea joins us with more as he spoke to the man driving the u-haul truck think like all four aree lucky to be alive and video of the crashuc cr back set up. >> get on the freeway, 71 south, and that that moment something totally,, please do not not let it it wrong way driver hit us and as soon as i said that we both saw the light coming straight towards us,aot the her brother said there's a wrong way driver. >> they were headed home around 3:00 a.m. fridaynd when they realized a ford taurus going the
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split was coming towards them odot cameras captured the collision. >> he just hit us head on, and we hit the wall and i said, don't let us go over the wall. >> chris sanna thought that was going to die because we have seen this before, two or three times previously that was the first thing to my mind, that i i was going to die but i think that i didn't. >> to place place it wrong way driver, 47-year-old timothy taylor and his passenger had been drinking for the crash, he says, , taylor tried to be the same but to all the drivers venture that did not >> you can start in his car, , tried to leave, so a trucker blocked him, so he cannot leavet. >> them away to the driver off the runway at west 150th in


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