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morning hope you're having a good start to the week march 7. i'm todd meany.od mornia good sta good morning.good m i'm stefani schaefer.orni remembering nancy reagan the nation mourns the loss of the former first lady that everyonetve just adored. jador they did.d.they did she is missed that is for sure. cleveland becoming a bigecoming a g stomping ground for presidentialsidential candidates who was here this here th weekend who will be in town this week. all right.. l r going out for a niicghte relaxing.relaxing meal.l. what d o you do with your kids ifr k they are young should childcare. we'll hear what else one newse one restaurant is offering and yourd yo comments in this morning'srni nloa that would make it convenient.n wouldn't have to pay a babysitter.bysi check in with a.j. colby for aolby fora look at our forecast what a beautiful start to the day. even warmer temperatures on theeratures right now though on there's nothing's no going on on storm fox we areare likely going to track a few
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going through the day today. especially late this evening doesn't look like that will be a big issue for us. the wind s will be breezy look at that southz winds 10 to 15 mileso 15 mles a beautiful sunrise thisautifu morning. look at those high clouds t addingdin sky. right now it is already 47 degrees. we are on our wayre quite candidlyndi to 60. 60. not much chill out there rightht now. bedford's 43 sullenness 42. north olmsted 45.ste willoughby is already flirting with 50. 50. canton cooler 41. around the state you can see thet thin clouds making their way in our direction. along with some showers.oe will see when those arrived the th eight day outlook coming up and all right. thank you.. one of the most influential first ladiese of our time hasr ti died.m ea in the wake of her death, president obama and other us
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media to express their prayersrs n sunday.kepresi de and condolences.ama and s their s fox 8's stacey frey is here with more on her passing and reaction to it.eyere with stacey good morning. good morning.acning. mrs. reagan was 94 years old. she died of congestive heart failure.anol as the news spread, messages ofsages of admiration, respect and sadness us political leaders posted statements on twitter honoring the life and work of nancy reagan.e the first lady from 1981 to 1989, reagan founded the justfounde just say no campaign which fought drug and alcohol abuse among young people.y she was known for her protection and deep devotion to herer she husband, former president ronald reagan. president obama and first lady michelle, along with republicang with republi and democratic presidentialcan thoughts and prayers.s. and democratic presidens. they wrote we remain grateful for nancy reagan's life.hey wrot ag the wife of a truly great president, was an amazing woman. she will be,e of a pr strength of character was legendary.rength
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sad day for america. longtime friend and former cnn host larry king talked about one of the last conversations he hadversatio he with mrs. reagan.had politics this year. last time i spoke to her, you know what she said??she wdisappointed wilitics this ye do you believe this larry? that's all she said. do you believe this? i don't think she what was going on with her party. and i'm sure she was wondering how ronnie would have taken all this.wonderi nancy reagan is survived by two children with the former president. also michael reagan, a son fromnancy reaed byd reagan, her ronald reagan's first marriagege to jane wyman. they had a daughter maureen diedmaureen in 2001. died001. mrs. reagan will be buried next presidential library in simi valley california.ried next a public viewing in a few days.ay such a couple.up. they really were.e. the way she gazed at him every time he spoke nothing like that
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that they had and how crucialu she was to his success. in every way.ay. the driving force no doubt and a they're together now. sure.'retsure. the streets of cleveland are getting crowded with presidential candidates. we saw bernie sanders over theie sa weekend, and this week hillary clinton and john kasich have visits planned.nders ala jessica dill is live at ohio cats live a cat in broadview heights where visit just days after he appeared onstage with arnold schwarzenegger.n broadtch good morning everyone. ever. ohio a big state fortat presidential candidates thingshi are definitely getting excitingnitely here. g we foundet ngout excit donald trump willump will be here at the i x center on saturday.. hillary clinton has a rally planned for tomorrowa as well asl john will be here at ohio tomorrow for a rally as well. kasich actually kicked off his campain in ohio with a special guest, former california fo governor arnold schwarzenegger,rmer c at a battleground ohio rally inal ifve columbus yesterday.rnor arnold schwleground ohi the hollywood star endorsed kasich, saying his balanced
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jobs is what america needs. he added that so much work needso much weds to be done in washington and kasich needs to take charge ando take chge and be at the white house. something the presidentialpresidenal candidate vows he can and will do. i know how to balance budgets, i know how to build a team of people that are willing to get us on a strong fiscal track, and why do we want that?sc because if our job creatorsse if o don't feel like they can trust the future, they'll sit on their wallets and we won't get the jobs we want.. don't feel t futur if you want to see john kasich he will be here at 5:00.ll be here at 5: doors open at 4:30 event opens00.30 evenopens hillary clinton will be returning to cleveland tomorrow night for a campaign event. the democratic presidential candidate will speak at a rally at tomorrow .m i'll keep you updated. he will be back that's what wel k know. i will be back. that's thanks just. hillary clinton will be returning to cleveland tomorrow
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returning to the democratic presidential candidate will speak at a rallywill at tri-c. doors to the recreation center open at seven o'clock. speak at y door mrs. clinton is expected ton is expted speak a few hours tickets are free, but visitors must rsvp. we have all the information ononspeak a few hourkets are our website, with the ohio primary in just eight days, local boards of elections will be open all week and next weekend for earlyrdf voting.. ing. registered voters can cast ballots in person during the week until seven at night. saturday hours will be eight am until 5p.m.m.rere babak morning four the last day of early voting isof earlyotin g isnext monday, from eight am until t' absentee ballots can be mailed.s als the last fire crews battling a fire onon the west side.side near west 130 and cross burning.n police say they discovered the fire thanks to an alarm goingoing off at a nearby minimart.nima officers able to wake everyone up in the home and get them out
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no word on what caused the fire we want to tell you the redre cross is certainly helping out with that family.s a canton family is trying toto understand how a father, accusedn fa mi of killing his three yearly i daughter, could commit such a crime.tand how father, akillinhis th hailey miku was remembered at a remembed at a vigil last night.t. viast ni the toddler was found dead at aght. home on dewalt avenue northwest on friday.on fr hailey's father, 22 year old matthew miku, has been charged with murder and child endangering.tthew mikik his live in girlfriend, jessica bender, also charged with child endangering. police say the little girl hadder, also chil injuries all over her body. i just want to know why, what does a 3 year old have to do with this to make anybody doo make ady do this to her. they're taking donations. donations can be made any citizens bankns branch in thethe canton area to help out her he expenses. so for two teenagers are behind bars,wo t while cleveland police search
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a string of robberies near the case campus. investigators say the four stole a car from a woman friday andm took off.a woma two of them were arrested saturday in the stolen vehicle, took while the other two got away in a 2009 white mercury.white rcury. officers say, while no one was hurt, they want to catch the suspects before someone is hurt. another big turnout is expected at tonight's madison villageehurt, they want teone is hu. council meeting, for a public discussion about dissolving the police department. the meeting will be held at lakeland community college's madison campus at 7:30. the mayor has called for the police shutdown, to save money. we're following some developing news.tyty th mayor has money we're going to check in withwh wayne with a look at his letterstter just and for us.r u good morning guys.s. plane carrying a nascar team team forced to make an emergencymerge landing. the plane returning to charlotte from the nascar race out in laslas vegas. carrying members of the hendrix
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forced to land atd internationalional airport around 2:00 this morningrn the good news nobody was hurt.urt. the plane being checked out teamm members will take another flight fligh home but scary moments fornts r members of that nascar team.. back to you guys.u guys. all right. thanks wayne. coming up on fox8 news in thethe morning. morn do you want a night out withwi your kids or maybe a night out ou without an. one new restaurant is offeringf on-site babysitting. you can eatt babysitting in thet other room.. something you would use. the story in your comments nextnts in this morning's downloadn exwithd w kristi. is johnny keeping up with the kardashian's. oh see what new pictures reveal from his last vegas trip and whyrip and some say he fits right in evenven down to the outfit. we will show it to you coming up.t good morning.nin hi there. i was waiting for a good morning. my expectations are out of whack.whack all right.
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look at those mild temperatures.rat on theu upswing.wing. close to 60 degrees maybe even a maybeven a little bit better than that.
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many restaurants areremany u rant continuously expanding theiruously e menu but, one new restaurant isanding resta taking it to a new level by offering on site child care. actress jessica biel's new restaurant, au fudge just opened opened is west hollywood.
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adult and kid palates. kids are welcome in the dining room, but, if they get a bitt a bit antsy they can be checked into the playroom so parents canom so pants ca continue eating. under the supervision of staffstaff members, children can do a variety of different activatesferent aivates including arts and crafts. there is an extra charge but,extra charge but, many parents say they'd be paying an at home babysitter, at ho b anyway.abysit nice they can still at leastt partake in some of it and not it t feel like the parents aren'te with the kids. i love that little restaurant.rant. isn't it cute.ut claims kind of country. very fun.n. i think i would like it. i had a meltdown with candle atdle at cracker barrel yesterday afterrcra church that would have been a good time.ckerbarr get out go over there.her let me finish eating i'll get back to you. have some fun that's what theyey want to do. do. kids get antsy we are okay with ith being at a dinner table for two hours they want to play. i could not eat fast enough enough
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the fee is less than what you would pay for a babysitter.itter. 40 or $50 depending on what wha you're doing how long you're at t 10 or 20 to have somebody there.od at least get a meal in peace.y i had such a problem i think itink i was years before we would go too t dinner or anything without the th kids. i miss the m so much. you feel like youu can stillll bring them and they are therehere and maybe just an extra 20 minutes while you0 and your you husband orr whatever catch up.eve doesn't taker cat me that long. get to know each other again. a couple of weeks after. the kids three weeks old. brought him home from the hospital.g craft with them all kinds of things.raft with not like you're just taking them in a display with each other. go outside.sp go outside be back.k. don't play in traffic.f stay around the restaurant.ur. so funny because she literallyitera ll had a meltdown and we finally
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told you this.e mom you're my best friend.riend bettering you up she know she going to be in trouble. that's right. i could upset i don't care..that go to the play area. i'm paying $20. we want to know what you think should restaurants offer on-siteu childcare. i want to read this one text it's funny it says do i needo i glasses. welcome to my club. clu i saw what youb did. d that's what happens kristi. to kids later.hat's what i think it's a great idea one question will they keep an eye on my teenage boys to. just kidding. maybe they will.w maybe they would.may yoube w can help babysit the littlele ones while you're in there.e a roomful of video games and just goo a section for the olderold kids. younger kids can do arts and crafts. that's a good we'll read more comments text metext me on the text on or on our websitewebsit it's working and vote on our web
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should restaurants offer on site child care?n b we want to know what you thinkat you t coming up.. bring more families arareco but if if you're going a lot of people go to a resta aurant to get away from the kids. a specific restaurant so theyurants don't have to worry about kids being around may not go k to a g chain restaurant or a family-style restaurant. if you know that's it going and you might your family you may beay b more inclined to go. that is true. you're my best friend.riend. you're my best friend mom and i know i'm grounded. she took three photos like this.g unbelievable. that's awesome.awes so cute. hard to stay yes it is. little faces. all right we'll check in with a.j. colby aj hello good morning. good morning good aj. aj. and good morning.r good morning to use there.e the good hate it when they cut your cu mike's earlyt. not our fault. i thought maybe my earpiece whenece when dad.
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poor folks in audio rang up. we are displaying. audio personud. tim is probably upset at us. let's have a look at a time tme lapse and it is just beautiful this is down at l the airport atort the premier flight gorgeous. that sayt those clouds ar high definition cameraition down there and came you can reallyal make out that detlyail on those littlet those little puffy clouds more like alto. 47 degrees right now 44 at akronkro canton. these temperatures are coming up are comg up nicely with very little if any windchill. windchill i believe goes away at 50 degrees when the sun is out.. in official thing i showers south of chicago heading toward indianapolis.
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could perhaps had a warm front ant tomorrow morning. but overall that breeze willwil shoot out any leica breezere potential pretty quicklyckly tomorrow.morrow. this mild air but more and more mo in the forecast as we get into i the month of april and may as advertised talking about here the fox8 weather teamse temperatures will be well aboveures wil normal thisbe well week.ek. and continue on into the weekend. weekend. the forecast for today mostly cloudy. and cool this morning but theth breezes are going to usher in the warm temperatures southwest 10 to 15 gust of 25. 25 for tonight a passing quick spritz t or light rain shower. and otherwise clouds will rule. 47 not dropping too much.uc and then closing in on 70
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probably won't quite get warmer and breezy with partlyth pa sunny skies. fox8 day outlook there is a 70a and that is not a misprint.sprin wednesday 70 degrees. mostly sunny. you can in clouds late in the in t day. and the chances for rain picking up at night.da 68 on thursday. not bad at all as the weathereea system goes through it turns 10 degrees off friday's high 58. 58 then we will bounce into the 60s again saturday and sunday.e really know cold air whatsoeveroeve on that a fox8 your official school closing station.tation. and joy that mild thank you aj.. looking some presidential debates get at a there. brutal. of next find out the big topic hillary clinton and bernie and rnie sanders actually agreed onagreed on during last night's debate.bate for a moment.or a mo
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joint military drills between the u.s. and south korea are nowint militt underway and north korea is threatening nuclear action..snd south korea a underwa the hermit kingdom says it will launch an indiscriminate nuclear strike responding to what it considers aggression on the part of its enemies.ts ene state media quotes a national defense spokesman saying the strike would show the country's military might. hillary clinton and bernie sanders squared off in another debate last night. they clashed on several topics, but stood together on whatatinton andernie should be done if anyone tried debate lnigh to cover u up the water problemsbuo in flint.d todone if aone tp the water take a listen. so i would have a fullhave a fl investigation, determine who knew what when, and yes people should be fired.what when, president sanders would fire anybody who knew about what wasat was happening and did not actd did not appropriately. they agreed. michigan governor rick snyder sent a tweet after the debate, after the date, saying quote i'm taking responsibility. saying q the city has already started work to replace lead pipes in the city.he citytypes
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on other topics during last last night's debate they are lookingthey are lking to sway voters before they head head to the polls tomorrow. jimmy carter is one step closer to being declared cancer free. the former president revealed his diagnosis in august wasn auguwas melanoma that spread to his brain.melanoma but now, doctors say there's no there'so sign of cancer on carter's brain, and he no longer needs, and h they will continue to monitor the 91 year old to make sure the cancer has not returned, and necessary. the man considered the inventor of email has died. ray tomlinson worked for a tech old ssary. th firm in boston, when he developed a direct email systemdirect eil in 1971, using the at symbol. syst this led to the first person to971, usinghe at sy person email use. his coworkers say he was modest, nice guy..nice guy and an infrequent checker of his email. ray tomlinson was 74.4. infrequent ch change the way we do business.iness. absolutely. and talk to our friends. el nino is once again battering
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powerful storms.nino is ba police say a woman died when aed when a man she was with drove around a barricade on a closed road, anda closed ad into a, flooded underpass.and forecasters say parts ofasters say northern california could see 20 week. a nches snow in the sierras which couldas whichould get several feet of snow. as a result of this. after calling plays for 18 years as an nfl quarterback, peytonl quart manning will be retiring from the game today. manning will hold a newswill hold conference at one o'clock, to a announce his retirement. the top pick in 1998, he spent 14 years with the colts, and the last four with den. bowl twice, winning once with each team. all time leader in passings super boeach t touchdowns and yards, and as a five time mvp. let a career. what a career. he is eligible in five years.
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fame. we could use them. we could. wi watching all that.tha up next the browns could be be cutting quarterback johnnyerbac mandel they're saying as earlky as wednesday the y cinould do that. we talked about that last month that last m didn't stop him from living it up once again see who he was body with has some askingtop him fro if he h is trying to keep up with the kardashian's. do you notkice you regular sleepeep get sick the one thing that could be taking a tour on your healthonha and why it is not too easy to i aj.. good morning aj. good morning. you're sosogoo chipper.ippe happy monday everybody it isy it mild.d. could this be winter's last gasppm
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talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, scream. only one guy's done more than talk. kasich. he'll do for america what he's done for us. create jobs. four hundred thousand jobs here in ohio. brought 'em back from mexico and china. turned our deficit into a surplus. more jobs? an america that works? let's loan 'em john kasich. new day for america is responsible for the content
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and out wife watching multiple shows an arrest could really be
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your voicemail messages.m
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absolute you never have to check your voicemail ever mabel cadets usually march in formation not the case after one graduation. whatt are they doing. will show youi are awesome. also check out this video making us laugh. things didn't really go as planned during one game last night.
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that's awesome. i love it. a cringe worthy moment for the miami heat game last night. bernie was trying to set the record for the longest mascot john. he assailed it miserably you canc see he felt pretty good about his attempt they liked the cushion a landed to see happy that she just crashed his friend. t august feeling the burn. here we go. all those poor mascots. this is incredible this is the pittsburgh pirates spring training game.s it the photo from the bleacher
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flying in the stands on the phone he could of been looking down he sticks out his hand andn say they kids from getting hithi in the face by at-bat who knows how that would have -- who knows whatho that would have done. that was a spectacular grab a big quick thinking of a parent or somebody who do my part you y don't even get a second to think about that g there carry right inht front of that little voice face. he should be given some sort of overboard. absolutely. no doubt that the latest world record holder and rents didn't have to trackss very far. she ran more than 73 miles and 12 hours on a treadmill she beat
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still needs to make it official it wasnke parked very casual conversation and her childrenh who really pushed her to go for it. will she has a few has written aa few races more than 100 route to further she had runn on a treadmill it's was 30 was the last time you wrote a check. the federal reserve study found that 2012 until now to climb by more than 50 percent. they found that 52 percent of more males have it never used a a check. effort. that is crazy. when is the last time you listeni to your voicemail messages manyes people don't like to check their voice but now there is an app
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when she could've calledca afforded to a number that continues to until whoever calls you get theve noise and hangs up. would you try it. you've heard that yawning is contagious did you know that women are more susceptible than researchers say they have a greater tendency to jan because of the world higher empathic abilities.he read between the lines it also found that guns are more likely to have the train people will close social bonds. if i jan and fentanyl it's him it's funny. guys are you having a bad day or
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man's researchers l have foundh that male bonding may be a great way for guys to lower theire stress levels it helps people cope with stress and even live longer. pack it out right now. researchers went so far as to say the health benefits of a pearl and aunts are similar to those seen in romantic r relationships. it's good to see you here is always perforating you smell so good.
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it up first lever for always 30. now you're going too far. break it offar graduate from norway'sad naval school so theyo can do more than just march in formation . you'll like this.
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