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, when 20,000 jobs, region higher than they actually are . he wants to take those punishments here in our state to washington .e what he is doing right now is answering questions , the first question is n how would you come donald trump ? and asked asked about improving healthcare and he talked aboutk how he can bring people together . give examples of how glib and responded to tensions after the michael brelo verdictct and their rice cakes. >> clarebird, working with relators and worth working with ministers and activist working with law enforcement, putting people together, we all know that we have had some tough challenges..
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heights, at ohio cat this was supposed to . he has been answered many voters questions . ahead about four percentage points in the polls, the governor believes he can pull this out, he goes to columbus tonight for a primary party to watch the election results from michigan, and thenp he still believes that he can pull it off . >> that he is somewhat encouraged by numbers in michigan and ohio that shows him moving upward. >> he said that and he believes one of the reasons that it is, that he is showing a positive message,he there's no name there is no name calling or mudslinging from him he believes that there people of ohio and the
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for he says that's what he is rising in the polls. >> thank you kevin freeman, he's not only one drawing a crowd, hillary clinton is in town at tri-c metro campus where we find suzanne stratford. >> the crowd is building here, we can show youow the people here at the tri-c rec center auditorium . people were encouraged to rsvp, catherine joe johnson, has been leading this event said that they do have room available a room available it is first come first inside you got to get here quickly, doors opened at 7:00 o'clock, the security is pretty tight soor if you don't need and don't bring it with you ,, there will be security
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to start at 7:30 p.m., although hillary clinton campaigning in michigan,ho but expected to arrive until 8:30 p.m. she has been campaigning hard trying to keep the lead going in michigan and mississippi and looking forward to next tuesday to win over ohio , her message has been strong trying to gain ground with millennials and female voters . again a different feel . this is going to be a pep rally, there will be several speakers including marcia fudge, there will be a band and choir, cheerleaders, it is going to be fired up for next tuesday's primary,, doors open at 7:00 o'clock the event expects to begin at 7:30 p.m., if you want to see this you need to get
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highlights, not that fox . they are waiting to hear hillary clinton's message for the country and she is about 17 points ahead of bernie sanders they want to get as many delegates as possibley and wrapped up the nomination of the democratic party . bernie sanders is filing a federal lawsuit against ohio secretary of state so that certain 17 euros can vote in the primary, just days ago jon husted announce he's keeping 17 -year-olds, who turn 18 before the election from voting for president next week primary, they can still vote and some congressional races but not the
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say that husted, a republican, changes the rules about who can go in our state. >> stay with us has returned to broadview heights than the john kasichch begins his rally can also ls live stream of the event at fox >> egg roll is dead and dozens lost everything when a brunswick apartment complex called fire as they never spoke to some people today and joins us with more. >> at the hickory hills apartments in brunswick you can see the damage from last night fire, dozens y try to find someplace else to stay, 24 families need a place to stay . the worst losses in the little girl who lost her life in this fire. >> residents were moving their belongings they could salvage on tuesday one apartment building
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monday,oui residents were unable to live in the attached building next to it home video shows the intensity of the fire which was three-story building when firefighters were for someone. >> crippled in there and i can see flames coming from an apartment . n. >> it was hotter than i ever felt in my> life i did not even lookfe like much but as soon as i opened the door it was, and i slammed it shut and said let's get out of here. >> we believe that the fire started on the outside of the building. w >> bay reports of six people injured,, another got two of to have three children out but theywo say that she was unable to rescue her 4-year-old daughter.
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utility, a 4-year-old girl. >> i myself was going to run into the building to bang on doors for the but the common way was completely engulfed.o >> state fire marshal's office for helping to determine the cause of tuesday,y, red cross and others helping to p file for displaced families at saint ambrose church bringing food d clothing and other items to get them back on their feetin. >> is devastating to think about your family and what's going through everybody's mind. >> a probably just start over, and knew moved back in with my parents., >> about to get my stuff out and do the best that i can.ab >> they say that about ready to
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.bobo the building did not have a sprinkler systemi it was built before the code required themi although the units were believed to have working smoke detectors .. they passed the most recent fire inspections . there is a effort to help us out online that help lost a childor and also there will be expected a vigil at the same tonight. >> terrorize family and live and try to resolve a federal lawsuit before going to trial .lv the officers involved have been cleared of criminal charges, the terrorize family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the against the city in the and the department according to court paperssut this the family and representatives of the city have asked the judge to preside over a settlement process, that
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>> grandmother speaks out about gunfire that came blasting into her house. >> as ed gallek has the latest. >> it was so close to turning deadly,t right next door to where five people got shot to death, a grandmother grandmother invited the a-team in for a look at she told her story. nd >> it came in through here, i , rolled over and it hit the floor and that's how close it was. >> gunshots returned to this home with the boy and his grandmother and her three kids monday night nd especially since the family lives next aware of theve police say a gunman killed
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at east 92nd and wade park. >> he could have been a target along with my other childrenh and i am arrayed i am scared. >> the borders next door sparta vigils in 2014 and peace marches and there is a school across the street at the gunfire has not stopped, she says at least two shots came into her house .s the h police found several shell casings outside, that she does not know if the home was targeted or stray gunfire ? last year, it was a five -month-old baby killed included by a stray bullet. >> suspect in the borders next door, we recently showed you the plea talks , but now we've learned that those talks have
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undergoes mental health testing .sp but is hoping we can do a better job to come come together as acuity to help stop the violence around here. >> the i-team checked with police on the incident officers questioned a man that but did not tie him to this view was arrested on an unrelated warrantnr . the i-team obtained video of a robbery suspect that police need help to find, they were were robbing another woman and a gas station at gunpoint . the suspect out there in an unusual al
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video that you do not see often. >> the victim is shaken, she told the i-team she was pumping was pumping gas than excellent strangers in her car demanding cash, the suspect left evidenceasxc purple bike. >> north ridgeville police are looking for this woman, shot a ot video on video pushing a bike in the snow about seven friday morningvi they said as she left the bike in the parking lot of parking lot of the gas station approaching a woman who was pumping gas . the suspect,ti his face was covered, stood near the victim's car, while the woman finished pumping gas. >> but she was done pumping the gas, and she went to get into g her vehicle, the female suspect jumped in the passenger door. >> was the suspect was inside
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gun and demanded money.s >> the suspect refused to get out of the car and ordered the woman at gunpoint to drivea her to an area off of jefferson avenue, once there, the suspect fled the. >> they say the victim was not from the area and the suspect gave her directions back to the main road,i she went to a nearby mcdonald's and call the policehe , she was not injured but shakenut. >> she was distraught, absent again something you do not expect so early in the morning. >> police said the suspect left her purple bike at the gas stationc. >> if anybody recognize the bicycle, or the woman,bo please call north ridgeville police. police are asking anybody who
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or in the area around 630 or 7:00 a.m. friday to call them. >> local high school guidance counselor has resigned her job after>>hi being accused of having sex with one of her students. >> lorrie taylor says she is going to court facing several felony charges. >> she is 36, the student is 18, even, even though how ohio law says someone that age is old enough to consentev , it also said students are off-limits to school personnel,al district officials and police tell fox 8 that an ongoing sexual relationship was taking place off school property between the 36-year-oldc guidance counselor and the 18-year-old student, smith is a guidance counselor and longtime employee, she was put on leave at the end of january when a caller tipped off
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allegedly going on,t the superintendent says it's important to note that public concerns are taken seriously. >> what want to make sure that everybody knowsws that there is something wrong they say something, we cannot see everything through the snow and we will do the right thing to make sure that we follow up . they support counts of sexual battery and one count of evidence tampering she makes her first court appearance in two weeksever . a spokesman says the teenage boy and family have been
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can't you get you that feeling of wanting to vacation . looking outside, high clouds make for a beautiful sunset . you can see see the jet contrails of the high-level clouds . the do not hear any complaints about today's weather .ny the clouds add to the sunset,
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making for a beautiful sunset . official high hype video 72 at hopkins and 51 was a well which is still above the average high of 43 .5 senator scheider said to the record of the record set in 2,000,d on sunday, sunset after daylight savings time adjustment will be at 7:32 p.m. . we were 30 degrees above average temperature .r in dc, who is close to 80 degrees today, omaha
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degrees yesterday urged we start off with lots of clouds . clouds thinned out and we are in a range of clear . nice for us but has not been so good for those from missouri all the way to arkansas and texas . these are severe thunderstorms have been tornado watch is on top of the flooding with rainfall on the scene area for hours . we just enjoy these warm dry days . stalled front that gets closer and the rich breaks down with increasing clouds and increase
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we will all be having rainfall . six -- 10 inches of rainfall . tonight mid- 50s, and most of us will remain dry tomorrow especially to the east and south with more sunshine there could be a quick showerer in extreme northwest ohio . thought i bloglines rainfall moves in and especially thursdaym showers on saturday and sunday .
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a four-game seriesli but can they step out of their funk ?an j.t.
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forgot conclusion that they would lose most of their free agents posing as a and i not keep all four guys, don't hear as many suitors for alex mack as for mitchell schwartz mike gast says that his odds of returns are greater than the gym shorts the 14th after him, figure they can hold onto
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these thoughts on free agency.ue >> i don't thank you would know exactly .. you still can't you if you you can sign some of your guys back inou. >> us mayor headen painted the browns could hold onto johnny manziel, believing if he were to be suspended than the browns could recover some of the money, all indicationsns that they will make it official wednesday and in his two years here .ay what about saying indians .com today. >> they face the seattle mariners,s, they played a taiwan today, mike napoli stepped up to the plate, the base and scoring a run and it was created to indians leading then eric
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reinvents winning four -- three of the mariners, the cavaliers left today for the west coast wednesday they are in sacramento than t the final game of the cavaliers against against kobe bryant and the lakerso than two days off and thenan they face the clippers sunday followed by monday game in utah . we join us tonight at 10:00 o'clock we will have a scenario that the personal basketball squad will have that tonight at 10:00 p.m.. >> you will want to go to the ballpark just for the food cominge up at 6:30 p.m. take you to progressive field for a sneak peek at all of the new food of the seasonke
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sac county please ask you for help identify a dangerous suspectctc response for an an armed robbery at a a gas station and nortonpopo. >> jack shea has surveillance video the crime.. >> he's getting ready to make his move, his right handet, he's got close on his right front pocket and about to pull out of lebanon. >> command with a pistol, a holdup at the duchess bp station on wadsworth road and norton saturday night.
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the woman next to him not to do anything or he's going to shoot them.. >> after getting cash, and wearing a dark setting he turns his attention to the customer next to him. >> he gets the keys from her, asking her what car is hers . he h fled the scene in her car with her purse inside of the car. >> she was one of several customers who saw the man acting suspiciously before the holdup. >> i try not to like him because i was so afraid that we were getting robbed . >> unfortunately the employees and other witnesses e gave police the wrong information about which directionv the suspect fled
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his getaway in her 2011 kia soul , eastbound on wadsworth toward akron.i >> suzanne you're the victim of a violent crime at that point they are thankful to be alive, they know that their lives could have been snuffed >> theorize the suspect is a drug addictct desperate for his next fix and that makes them dangerous. >> so county crime stoppers offers a 2,000-dollar reward for information leading to the arrest,, a the police are concerned ce that he might hire someone if not stoppedd. >> he is hungry for that track, he's doing something that he normally would not do and you don't know what this person is thinking, what isn capable of doing because often times they're just a drug sick.e >> jack shea fox 8 news anne thornton.
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the police or crime stoppers at. >> and officer disciplined for also disciplined for that matter jason 2012,inin john jordan suspended for what happened h before the chase they say he stopped the car but do not tell police radio thatr the same car led a change for half an hour, he is suspended 10 days. >> baltimore officer charged in the death of freddie gray to testify against his colleagues . the court of appeals made the decision officer william porter was the first of six are charged in his death but his trial ended in a hung jury, and and he is awaiting retrial, freddie gray died last year after ar neck neck injury in the police van.k >> blaser cincinnati seized
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the home of a four-tier, charged in a school shooting,f they say the teenager's father cooperated and handed over the boy's computer,ag to madison high school students were shot and others injured last week when shots were fired in the cafeteria. >> a six-year-old girl was shot inside her home after a fight breaks out in the neighborhood, the police have arrested two people believed to be involved in the gunbattle, the girl's grandmother says thatrett the girl is lucky to be alive. >> she is on on her bicycle in the front yard yesterday the next she and her grandmother are running into the house fearing that a fight would get out of handd and it did, almost turning deadly. >> the place receiving 911 calls of a fight in progress in the
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were sitting up straight monday when they witnessed the same fightht escalated this in a lot of fights and it escalated and they started shooting. >> she told the girl to go into the house but she left behind a car that also ran inside, the six-year-old was hit by a stray bullett that first traveled through the front door then hit her in her thigh. >> g. street vote was the bullet slowed down by the door that he did notd penetrate her skino. >> they say two of the suspect vehicles involved are located a short distance away . so far
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>> has been charged with conspiracy and aggravated bryant . >> she is at home, not injured but still shaken. >> i think that she does not n want to talk to much too much she is in shock. >> they say that the investigation is not over, they have made one arrest and there are several more to go for this senseless crime.aa >> you could put yourself at risk without knowing it, how safe is your identity ? fox 8 news tomorrow, protect yourself from identity theft, a group of experts from the attorney general's office, fbi and ftcf take questions live on facebook, and if you have been a victim of identity fraud or want to have to protect yourself come and join, join us starting at 4:00 p.m.. c
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go to the ballpark, for more restaurants are going toidt get to progressive field, dante's inferno, fathead's brewery, f brew kettle and momocho will be serving their foods and drinks along the lower level third-base line,ho making a total of 12 restaurants in progressive field is part of the commitment to showcase the city and team. >> the support that we get from thee keeping of these local vendors to bring that experience here is awesome. >> great lakes brewing company will expand their beer gardenen the lives of units of the season against the red soxu on april 4, even if you don't like baseball,. >> that there will be a favorite placee
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. >> today was a great day . right now we look outside, franchises will increase thursday . the daylight savings time beginning sunday at 2:00 a.m. .
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mentally gusting up to 30 mph today ..
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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o.j. simpson farm manager says that he is a little worried over the knife down on his own brentwood property on because it might affect his chance for parole, a norman pardo tolditit people magazine that it is one of hisp pocket knives and has itsis blood on it could make it look bad, and he says that when he heard the story, all he did was shake his head as if to say,w will this ever end? >> a new series called underground . tomorrow on wgn america. >> is a show about more than slavery does about human spirit as gabe spiegel spent some time in la with the cast here's a sneak peek.
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they new series called underground tells the story of slaveseyal breaking free to make your way to ohio but not just a story of the story of slavery it is about a human experience. >> we can identify this one is white and understand her story, this poll one was a field slave and a house slave, these are mothers, women who were at a losse trying to figure out how to make choices. >> the show follows christopher maloney as august pullman . the man who walks a tightrope of morality and survival. >> is almost like a template that can be movedo from one page to the next are still struggling , emancipation has come and gone but we still
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equality he says a lack of equality is still relevant in 2016aa. >> people fill the property estate and corporations want to be paid a fair wage they want to not be pulled over and died in a police zone the show is a >> anthony hemingway has a captivating way of telling the story through motion pictures, the musical score is by john legendthy ic. >> plays the relator slave who leads the escape . he says he was homeless homeless three times in his honor to play a strong character like noah.
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is necessary to get the job done . >> there haven't been off the plantation it is hard to dream about that he's the first person to share those dreams.he >> is a powerful narrative of slaves risking everything for their family in the future and their freedomwe. >> underground premieres tomorrow, march 9 at 10:00 p.m.
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the wicket of the deal that we package together called caught on camera.we >> began with a close was a close call for a reporter andnd rt cameraman in san francisco. >> alex savidge was covering a train derailment this morning when they car crashed and veered toward him, his photographerra yelled for him toph move and he got out of the way in the nick of time,
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his nextw live shot, he was heard to say that he's glad to be all right in thing thank you scalding for alerting him. >> now to china for a heart stopping moment, a giant trucko knocks a small child off a moped then drives over him, as the truck is trying to make a right turn it hits the child in need, the video shows the moped driver sped into the front of the trailer andn slamming on the door to get the driver driver to stop that's when the 5-year-old crawls out from beneath the truck unharmed. >> in california, a quick thinking officerer saves a family of four from a burning car, state patrol cruiser happened to be a few cars behind the smoking
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into action he grabbed the kids and help the two adults tot help them to escape, everybody survivedlp. >> want to thank you for joining us tonight.. >> the margin isn't is up next with oglebay today's top
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battleground ohio, two presidential candidates here


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