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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  March 8, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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battleground ohio, two presidential candidates here
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prior next week we have team coverage beginning with the republicans as kevin freeman is in broadview heights where governor kasich held a rally this evening.. >> it ended about refined events ago at ohio cat in broadview heights . he was here with hundreds of supporters . w when it looked like as he touted his competence as governor of the stateed in what he was a congressman . he says since he was a governor, or 3,000 jobs have been created in the private sector with wages higher than national the national average is a 2 billion-dollar surplus he said he wants to take those accomplishments in ohioage to washington . it included a town hall q&a session and when asked how she would trump donald trump and how he would improve health care ? he talked about bringing
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examples of how cleveland responded to tensions after the michael brelo verdict and tamir rice case. >> in cleveland, working with our community leaders working with ministers and activists and the police and law enforcement, putting people together . we have had some tough challenges. >> again, the ohio primary is next week, it is pretty close, donald trump has a 4 percent lead ahead of kasich, by kasich believes he can pull it off, he has his sights set first on michigan today, donald trump also has the lead of their not kasich lisa can also take michigan he will watch the votes at a columbus election party
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hillary clinton is taken to the stage and in tri-c tonight at suzanne stratford continues to coverage of the candidates. >> we are here tri-c in cleveland are waiting to hear hillary clinton to speak tonight . there can't be ready with doors open any minute the event beginning at 7:30 p.m. expecting xp about 1500 people in attendance will be acquire, multiple speakersrs a number of things taking place before she appears about 8:30 p.m., they encourage people to rsvp, it is first come first serve basis and she is trying to build upon her leg, has had a strong lead over bernie sandersrs on super tuesday hopes to have the primariess tonight in michigan and
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as we get ready for our primary next tuesday . expected to be exciting tonight have more details at fox >> and also tonight at 10:00 p.m.. we are about 30 degrees above normal today, 66 degrees in cleveland . the wind was much interesting earlier now between five and 15, coming from the south and west . given us the warm air and keeping the rainfall away thanks to the average acting as a shieldth but eventually it will lose its grip in the rain will come, but not
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to mostly clear that tomorrow, more sunshine to the east and south and a shower possible in the western counties . most of us will remain dry tomorrow . tomorrow morning and 50s it will be mostly rain free .i with winds gusting for up to 25 -- 30 mph . the brain gets closer, we can all expect it ? take a look at the forecast coming up to. >> the girl is dead, dozens losing everything this morning new brunswick apartment complex
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>> at the hickory hills apartmentnt complex in brunswick b you can see the damage caused by a fire on monday, peered the residents were moving out what theyou could salvage today, but for families left homeless,g nobody was more than a family which the mother got two of three children out butof not able a daughter . state fire marshal's office working to determine the causee they have excluded person, in the meantime, samples church has been helping to get these displays people back on their feet . >> it is devastating, you think about your family and about what is going through everyone's
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determine what they believe to be the cause of the fire, from brunswick, dave nethers fox 8 newsns. >> police say gunfight and lorraine ended with a bulletd going through a home home hitting a 6-year-old girl,g several shots fired on g. street just before 7:00 p.m. with one round hitting a home the girl injured the steel door so the bulletin to her only had minor injuries . terrorize family and the city ist trying to resolve a lawsuit before going to trial he was killed by the police at november 2014s the officers involved have been cleared of criminal chargesce, the family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city in police department according to court papers, the family and city
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judge to preside over a settlement processss, that request has been granteds. >> school guidance counselor at euclid high school accused of having sex with 18-year-old student,, but sea turtle ronetta smith of cleveland heights facing felony charges they say s she engaged in a sexual relationship with a student she was put on administrative leave in january when the principal was tipped off to what was allegedly occurring she ti resigned her position last week, more punishment handed down as result of the 2012 clip police chase that left two people dead, after john jordan was recently suspended 10 days because of what they says happened happened before the happened before the chase said he stopped the suspects and briefly chased theme but do not radio to the police and later lied, not clear why the city handled this punishment separately.pody
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derailment in the cars car to go off the
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baltimore officer charged in the deathth of freddie gray will have to testify against his colleagues,dd court of appeals made a decision, william porter was the first of six chars and the death but his
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is waiting on a retrial, freddie gray divestiture after a neck injury in a police van . police near cincinnati seized computers knives and a bb gun for the home of the 40-year-old charged in a school shooting, they say that they bothers father handed over theed boy's computer, tumescent high school students were's shot and two others injured in a school cafeteria when shots were fired . at least nine people were injured after a commuter train derailed in northern california,ae derailed after hitting a tree, dozens were takene to a nearby town to be united with family and friends who say it is america that everybody survived. >> you see the magnitude of a rail car on its side that is partially submerged,on is daunting when you realize that there
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have been injured or killed. >> the unique approach to stop drinking and driving,ro illinois police department chose a car with a 15-foot tree lodged in the front grill- the police pulled over the driver who was also driving the wrong way he wasiv arrested and charged with dui that put the pictures pictures on their facebook page friday for but some questioned the office and authenticity the police releasededei dash-cam video monday included a message that don't drink and drive. >> nike suspending its endorsement deal with maria sharapova because of her failed drug teste their relationship on hold until it is cleared up c. is the highest-paid female athlete admitted to failing the test in test in january at the tennis star says that she had been taking it for years he says
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was banned at the start of the year . throughout causing major damage in north texas this morning a possible tornado ripped off lives and destroyed aboutde a a dozen mobile homes a tornado warning was issued about 8:00 a.m. they say that winds up to 70 mph hit the areaa , two people injured were injured but their injuries were not life-threatening..l for us, just rainfall, the flooding, watches or warnings . we are in this beautiful area, we are located against the rainfall . it's hard to believe that we're talking about late winter .. rain chances increase
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us until that most of us remain dry daylight saving time at 2:00 a.m. on sunday moved your clocksr ahead one hour with sunset at 7:32 p.m. on sunday . record high was 79 in 2,000, the midwest and join some works today, omaha, ndc was near 80 degrees .
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and eastern texas, arkansas and missouri and louisianath that rainfall will move into our area . the ranch is along the clouds and rainou here and that bubble of clear protectiveness with flooding and the area of their . tonight mostly clear to partly cloudy . on thursday morning,
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rainfall . will be heavy at times and once it moves in we will try out again on friday .. . rainfall through tomorrow . most of us stayed dry, then on thursday morning , will be a decent amount of rainfall for everybodywi . tonight mid- 60s tomorrow, a high of about 70 over the next eight days stay warm till thursday and friday in the 50s daylight savings time
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politics can get ugly, and a candidate who says he was beaten by his opponents supporters have the primary results at 10:00 o'clock . starbucks is recalling prepackaged breakfast and lunch due to the due to the steering appears stereo fears the item in question is the sausage bacon cheddar cheese on it which often, the fda says it may be contaminated with wisteria and they were sold at starbucks and arkansas texas and oklahoma, the money has reportedly become ill that they at are pulling it ofng it of nfl could come to your phone or laptop,ou a success is in the next two live streaming animal games, they are getting two live streaming thursday night
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others are interested, the tv packages worth about a pilot training program that does not require ch flight experience a and must have a equivalent and at least 23 years oldd at the end of a four year programe files must submit essay for consideration and pay $2 application fee, two dozen candidates will be chosen and guaranteed a a first officer job upon successful completion of program costs about $125,000 . underground . tomorrow night the show has a few clues and
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a new series a series called underground premieres wednesday at wgn america based onon george sleigh's escaping to go to ohio, john legend, tissue and yearning for freedom in a way that's ever been done before, it's not just about slaveryot it's about human experience, gabe spiegel talkbo to the cast in la and many of them are fond of northeast ohio except for maybe one. it was was very good some things that two things that happened that changed my life forever,e canton high will be a special place for me..
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fuddruckers and i got sick to my stomach . i was in the hotel throwing up for daysin . but i do love the city was beautiful. >> kluber rocks. >> i can't wait to go because be i've got to catch a cavaliers game while lebron james is there . >> is a powerful story of slaves risking everything, it is on the median american. >> ac/dc postponing concerts including the upcoming show at the q.,mi brian johnson was told to stop touring or risk total hearing loss, it could be that he played his flesh shall,in ac/dc postponing the remaining 10 american dates on the tour he including march 26 in cleveland, that may be rescheduled with a guest singer, if you have a ticket you can hold on to it or
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for the season that progressive field more restaurants coming , dante's inferno, fathead's brewery, brew kettle and momocho will be serving, locatedbr along n the third-base line, that makes a total ofrd 12 restaurants that progressive field, this is part of their commitment to showcaser city business as well as the teamam. >> support from from the committeem in these local vendors to bring then good experience here inside of progressive field is awesome. >> great lakes recovery will expand their beer garden you can see at all when they playr
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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