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friday eve it is.ay eve is. and of the week coming close. good morning to you on this i'm todd meany.nn t'm tod i'm stefani schaefer.meany glad you could start youryo morning with us here on fox.on in the headlines a lot to talk about police searching for two gunmen now who simply ambushed a backyard party from both sidesth ides opening fire the latest afterte five people are killed threekilled t others are in the hospital.pi will have the latest on thatt on that cleveland clinic says the nation first uterus transplantla the entire team they worked so hard to the doctors were soe s o excited about it the clinic supporting it and so excited buted but it's part of the medical worldrl things happen not everything ishing is a success. she is still alive other womenthe r may benefit as well butw e unfortunately more on why wh doctors had to remove that organr g will have a coming up. maybe that will help them in the the future to see what went wrong. wrong. should veterans, police officersve and firefighters get special parking privileges?terans, s
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spot? for one of these heroes.roe the story in your comments in in this morning's download. check in with scott on a rainyain thursday good morning scott. good goo morning everybody the rainody the ra continues now it is showing some signs of gradually thinning outig out don't be fooled us on fox radar although it shows some thinning out it will be short-lived.ot-live take a look now at clevelandeve plains to the east. the rain has been heavierer the last 45 minutes. further south and west 4 there's ar thinning out i talked about. will see a small break before round to redevelop'sdevelop' temperatures middle and upperp 50s. low cloud deck regionwide here's again a look ate the thinningin out. it's kind of you can see the separation between the two areas of rainn one in eastern ohio and other onesbetwe developing between indianapolis and cincinnati thattha will come in on its heels as the the afternoon goes on.oes on. probably good 12 to 15 hours of rain fall when that finishes uphes by looking at a good three g at a
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of rain whenc it is all said and done. hoping we can maybe cut 60 we'll see what happens check out theth eight day coming up and just and j little bit guys send it back toack to you. all right scott thank you.u. for the second time this week flames broke out at an apartment in brunswick luckily this time no one was hurt. the fire erupted just beforee seconk unswi luckily five this morning on laurel road. the complex was quickly e comp evacuated, and everyone has been accounted for. that's the good news in all of this. fire investigators are now looking into what sparked the fire. a manhunt is underway in pittsburgh after at least two people went on a shooting rampage.ilooking int in pit we've been talking about it some and questions we've been sayingsaying had to have been planned out.out wayne dawson has more on the search for the suspect who shot eight people five of them th fatally wounded. absolutely incredible story.le st heartbreaking news this morningornin as well. these victims didn't really have a chance police say multipleip shooters aiming form different sides.s.ferentt even running away couldn't help them..
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we're getting a first look att the backyard where that tragedy took place.tooklace cups thrown everywhere andhere bullet holds through the back of the house.hou the backyard porch is where four people were killedc they were found on the porch police saylice say they were trying to run insidesid for safety but unfortunately they didn't make it.t. allegheny county police say around 11 o'clock last night, the suspects started shooting into a backyard cookout party. five people were killed and three others are in the hospital two of them in critical condition.styard cookout parand thre police say someone started shooting from a backyard alley and when the crowds starteds start running toward the home another suspect started shooting from the side of the house, aiming at the back porch.ning toward the ho there's nobody in custody ater this point.e's nthis pnt. we do believe there were multiple gunmen.n.we do belie said situation. the scene last night. three women and one man died at brought to the scene, on the back porch. the fifth person a woman died at the hospital.t
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what was the motive behind that. i guess we will find out.m so sad. so s wayne thinks. it made news around the world. the first uterus transplant ever performed in the united states.n the states. two days after we met the recipient, word that the transplant failed. twor we met the fox 8's stacey frey is live at the cleveland clinic with the latest. clevel said news to report today. absolutely monday the woman who receive the first uterusus transplant was wheeled into al room full of people here at the cleveland cc. so excited to share her joy over the possibility to bear her own he child. yesterday we found out doctors had to remove the uterus because of sudden complications. around the age of sixteen andge of sieen and was told i would never haver have children and from that moment
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allow me the opportunity to experience pregnancy. work doesn't stop.he art the clinic study continues.breaking g w they will try uterus transplants on nine more women. they are moving ahead with that process of screening and selecting the next candidate. on which to base their work. nine. pregnant.e moving reening anhaul rese four healthy babies were born. for women born without a uterus,without erus, and that's 35 percent of womenat's all around the globe, this still gives them hope.en they really crave thathat experience of feeling the babybaby grow, feeling the baby kick andling they k move and bearing that biological pregnancy themselves. moand bearing lindsey released a statement yesterday saying she's so's grateful to her doctors andoctors and she's okay.oka she is healing going to getto get better but you also very v thankful for all of the prayers and positive thoughts th sent her away. thee study continues nine moreine mo
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the cleveland clinic.s stacey frey live at the clinicin for us. thanks. th in other news here on this thursday. cleveland police are investigating a pair of deadly west side shootings, that happened about a mile apart.anker newhursday. ce are two people were shot at west 43rd and clark shortly before eight o'clock. 3rone victim hit in the neck and stomach died.d and clark y before the other persom was hit in the leg. a short time later, three people were shot at west 58th and storer. one person was killed, while the other two were taken to metro. despite their close proximity, police do not believe the shootings are related.a e aterson as killed,two were ts a suspect is behind bars this morning, accused of carjacking a man outside a cleveland clinic facility in strongsville.s this mornking a police say the victim was victimwas parking his suv yesterday, when the suspect approached with a gun. parking his suv the victim got out, and thegun. suspect drove off, getting ontodrovef, i71. getti investigators used the car's onators ed star system to track it down. the c they found the suv at a mcdonald's parking lot in slavic village. s police have not released thelavi r name of the suspect at this point.eleaseen you've been seeing on the bottom of your screen that alliance high school in starkigh school i
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of bed bugs. administrators wrote on the district's website four bugs have been found at the school, in the past four days. the school will be treated during today's the chooo the high school is expected tos expecto reopen tomorrow. all right.all rig cleveland mayor frank jackson is set to give his 11th state offcleve the city address today at noon. the mayor will deliver his comments at the publicts at th public auditorium on lakeside avenue.on lade av residents are being urged toare beg urged to follow it on twitter, and use the hashtag state of cle to join in.ashtag st his address last year was more of a q and a session with the president of keycorp.f a q and a coming up.coming p. an outspoken gun rights advocate is recovering, afterr accidentally being shot by herer is recoy be in four year old son.g sh by her details on why this evenn happened. driving down a highway at a time. e one city now has special parking places for superheroes but not the kind in capes. hiway at aone cng pl would you give up a prime parking spot to a veteran, police officer or firefighter?
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download. i hi the rain continues now it'snt thinning out a little bit bigger question is will look at the effectinues nowow thinning out hawks ate our outlook anticipating more rain today temperatures not climbing ang not clig a whole lot we'll check that outt forecast through the weekend
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it's a foggy start to your day we knew the vein was going to be here and be here tuesday.y. o coming in last night will checkt in with scott sabol a shorta sh while see when it will and get back to those 75 degrees temperatures.t nice and beautiful.autiful it's the grand prize when you pull up to a building front space parking.pull up to rockstar parking. but, would you give up that w prime spot to a veteran, police officer or firefighter?ould prime s this is a great idea.great a. one florida city has rolled out the first post preferred parkingflorida city privileges outside it's city hall.l three spots outside of city hall, in the city of cocoa are spots reserved for superheroes which includes veterans, officers and firefighters. for susu more are planned at a busy plann municipal lot nearby. the buzz also caught theght the attention of the brevard countyentio sheriff who is also adopting the policy.n of the brevard giant eagle now has them. it.
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think about veterans those havea u it don't know if you will fi wnhy nd anyone who would argue with that.. there is a couple of your.r. the only issue is in city of cleveland not a lot of parking anyway. that is true. p what do the veterans what do they do about that they'rethe y' parking i would rather walk.alk five extra blocks. that not a lot of parking to begin with..that not now you're reserving certain spots. may be a pregnant mother comes up or maybe somebody r r take offoff the handicap spots i don't know. that's a good question. s opposing some questions.est i think it's a greati idea.a. let's get to your comment scottsco writes on our fox eight facebook page they should be pulled into home depot pulled into home hoe depot couple of weeks ago andnd pulled into the closest space only to see a sign designating it as a spot for veteransi moreor than happy to back out and findan d
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tina writes not on the same pagee why do they need special parking spots i understand the handicap spots but why should a police officer get a close spot.pot doctors save lives should we give parking spots for them to. hospitals to. that is true. i would give up that spot to them in a heartbeat it would be small gift for the large ones that they have givenr or arer ae giving. tammie writes she sees it thises it way not ttrying to sound like a un church but a serving the bed ord elderly or disabled as theyhey would have a packard these people are probably in betterte physical shape the averagethe averag person or they should capable of walking a few extra steps. texter writes i think handicap people.. p veterans alend policemen are handicapped then use the spacesd if you give the then us response to allns have to walk a country to get to a store.n v
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veterans police and fire if theye were injured while on dutyu special record could be issued for proof like a handicapo or go go we want to know what you think about this.o should veterans police officers and firefighters get special parking privileges.ani we want to all right. thanks christy.tanks all right will talk about the weather the rain mo vecd inhri t lasta night with some sprinkles and heavier than that. some places with money.mon rain all day.ay pretty much a few billion sprinkles this morning. pretty mu really coming down real heavyeav and cause problems this morningrn with hydroplaning but as we look at storm fox radar we have seen someme spots where the rain has ha begun to thin out a little bit of a cloud cover still prettytill pretty thick and it will stay that way all day long showers kind ofnd fade away temporarily we have another pretty good area of rainf r developing in central and westest central ohio that will replacehat wil the raine and we saw this morning
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pushing 60 at fox8. upper ashtabula currently 55 and wey 55 ande have 50s all over the place along 77 the further south inhe the forecast kids had him todayoday pretty much the same be a looko at the rain and this goes all the way down to texas at the rain an this is a massive area of rain that is now beginning to kind of will on thewill front. there's the thinning out we talked about earlier this the rain that's's developing southern indiana will developd and move into northerno no ohio by afternoon. two areas of concern light to moderate rainfall basicallyo areas of conce the th general gist of this forecastforast over about a 12 hour period itperiod i will probably wrap up around mid evening good inch of rain todayod we've seen some pretty heftyretty hfty amounts of rain already there'se's the movement on that rain whichw will continue until sundown and beyond.wi showers move out there is a widespread rainfall hinted atnte earlier. and it conttinues the north wind pushes the rain further south partially cleared out tonight.igh see some sun tomorrow have ae
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middle upper 40s along the lake tomorroww m but watch whatwha happened saturday into sunday week kind of repeat this withh another low developing over arkansas and we will see a shower saturday better chance weance w see some rain on sunday and youand add up the rain we see today with the rain we will get this weekendaa good we many areasany probably receive a good 2 inches of rainr over the 72 hour period.ri quick look at the radar get a a break and more rain develops later on b eight day forecast evenve with several distinct chances of rain we keep it in the 50s ande 50 week.. weekendndw will be next wednesday.xt posing station. we set the clocks ahead an hour on sundayy we change that aboutge that a 10 years agob which means it muchuc harder to get to sleep for us wake up pretty early.or lighter later. we were talking about that withith doctor mark earlier this week and how it really affect your
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to start now he said to try andd get a little more sleep.e sleep. take a nap right now.right i'll wake you up after the next commercial break. the last scheduled debatea between the democratic presidential candidates gets heated.between they always are heated. are heate hear the hot topic that hillary clinton and bernie sanders faced off about, in florida.the ho one of the most popular stories of the day. show pawn stars is in jail. hear why police raided chumlee's home and what they the stars of th stars isjail. fathers are being called super dads were changing diapers.ll should they get that title.le. such good dads. that's what they say. theycds deserve special recognitionecognit doing what a parent is supposed to do. the baby is sound asleep hered as one blogger's words plus yourlee stories on your super dad. after hours into centers for healthcare and safe spaces for our kids. after princeton i turned down a job at google to work improving education. elected to city council, i've
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now i'm running for the senate and approve this message to offer bold new leadership
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welcome back everyone. we the last scheduled debatee baeduled bate between democratic presidentialcratic presidentia candidates was held in florida.l i did not send or receive any time.mailime. if you get indicted would youdicted uld y drop out.ou oh, for goodness. goodness. that is not going to happen. to happ. i'm not even going to answer that question.n i will stand for the purpose of my career, political career fighting for workers, fighting for the poorest people in thisrest pop le country. in th madam secretary, i will match my record against yours any day ofgainst ou the
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sanders faced off in miami ahead of that state's primary on tuesday.tata tesday several other big states including ohio, are also up forare also up for grabs on that day. ohio's primary is less than aimary isess than week away and it looks like ay and i ooks there may be a controversy li involving the republican ballot.. there are two contests on there ballot for the election of presidential delegates when onlytt baot for the one matters in the winner take all process. ohio's secretary of state saysetary of both at large and district state s delegates will be counted butill counted the awarding of delegates will b be based solely on the at large vote.l a party where it perhapse it something would go wrong and youould go on g vote would it bea voted as intended. if i would only mark one place ione would be worried that since iat sincei plan on marking both it's not an issue just to be safe i want itant it to count. the bottom line on this ohio's secretary of stateio'
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all presidential primaries priorio to. to. just check both boxes and you should be okay. all right. in other headlines at 9:21 right now.w. allin ot florida woman known for being aing gun advocate is recovering aftererin g being shot by her four -year-old son.. jamie gilt was driving down a highway when her child who was gilt n her chilwho wa in the backseat shot her in the back. the ba gilt is in the hospital, inhe hospin stable condition. she runs a facebook page called jamie gilt for gun sense. in one of the last posts says even my 4 year old gets jacked up to target shoot the 22. and on her twitter feed she recently posted a picture of at 22. aa gun with the caption got to play with my new toy today. it's not clear how the four yeare old got his hands on the gun. that knife, found near oj simpson's former home probably
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of nicole brown simpson, and ronald that's what a law enforcement official tells the associated press.he he says the knife is common among gardners and is too smalla to make the wounds that killed the victims.rdn ers l still it's being tested and results should be back in at least three weeks. a cast member from pawn stars is under arrest after police raidedt ki ed and resulack i his home while investigating an alleged sexual assault. austin russell is known as while i i chumlee on the history channel show.. alleged sex russell iowl las vegas police say they foundveg meth and at least one gun.a he has not been charged in been chad in connection with the sexual assault case but cops are still investigating. a lot of people shocked about this.a lot logan county fair a couple of of months way but controversy already brewing. wife people are fightingonths way b up overo the confederate flag in what organizers are saying.ying. browns make a big roster changesan who was caught who is still on the team at least for now atw a this very moment. scott good good morning everybody goodybo
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thinning out a little bit at temporary break before another rain of waysy rebuilds.i eight our outlook temperaturesmper middle upper 50s might touch 60 check it out forecast a
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this is what i came home for -- to work in the community, turning schools after hours into centers for healthcare and safe spaces for our kids. i'm p.g. sittenfeld. after princeton and a marshall scholarship, i turned down a job at google to work improving education. now i'm running for the senate to offer new ideas -- cut college loan rates in half, pass common sense gun safety laws. i approve this message
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what but, uh. the yogurt made from
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mmmm, yoplait.
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the screen. i don't the guy deserved to be treated like a bit out of the game and deserves to be treated like that. the production coming did say that they were disrupting the live performance they asked them to leave to preventli further disturbances. they were just having fun. a warning for beer drinkers reported corona they found problems with 12 and 18 packs of corona extra beer one and every
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once you find thatat more and more are using apps like paypal to it looks like bernie sanders. it sounds like it. clearly an imposter. the real but it was speaking in a rally in florida that they
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tribune station johnny makes. in 2014 that was his mug shot they went viral. they've been jailed on federal weapons charges he's arty signed up modeling contract with an agent. he has a multitude of offers on
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yesterday. it's the web video of the day. behind them they have a basically it's like a long mattress with the handles on it. they went out there and grab the surfers. a so you can definitely see looke at that. they are massive.
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they solve the wave just stacking upe hired 10 feet 10 feet in size eat 152020. we're they go until the them back into the water. yes. they were going up. two of them made it over. no. let's get out of here and then you see the washout. it's almost as surf state in
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head over tosusu back to you everyone pivots check it out and see what's goingu on here. the brakes in the rain is not a definitive break. when we look back i think that's a waiver going to end up with times of rain 55 did near 60. the rain is going to move out. the northwind is going to take over by mid- evening were going to see the showers push out. there's a wide look at this the
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keep us a lot eventually over the weekend at the start to warm back up again.he we're going to re-create this whole pattern better chance of seeing more widespread on sunday that counts the rain today a quick look here at the radar showing the rain moving outi and that's it's going to make it in here later today that's it we are looking out w at the eight-day forecast 60-62 or 3 depending on how much rain we get a break late monday into tuesday with a slight chance of a shower on wednesday we could still keep it
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clocks ahead change the smoke detector we are going to check over to the other studio to see what natalie has planned for us for new day.erer good at morning. they're talking about some great drinks for the saint patty's holiday. it's easter time coming up in just a bit. so perfectly all the time under $75 for the holiday all of that and a lot more coming up at 10:00 a.m.
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good thursday morning to you while will come to good day.go


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