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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  March 10, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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crocker park in westlake, we have exclusive video, evacuations are currently underway,y, thank you for joining us. >> crocker park, one of the most popular shopping destinations in westlake is littered with emergency vehicles and crews after a huge bruise bruising near a construction site . jessica dill from the scene there.
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see behind me, one of the propane tankse at crocker park caught fire, everybody is safe, some exclusive video into the newsroom. it happened while construction workers were working on the new american greetings headquarters, roads and nearby businesses were evacuated, they said that they were just going about normal routine into the stores a lot of people live nearby,or then you heard this big explosion and then a large flame and then everybody started running,an so to sum a some of construction workers were in thehe american greetings building they said that there was a sizzling noise . as soon as i heard that they
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right and and they said theyat started running . then it was explosion and then the fire and crocker park says that they evacuated lot surrounded area . it is closed off they say it is no longer a threatay even to surrounding businesses . here is what they earliere. >> the first things i saw, as saw the flames shooting up in i ran away. i heard the explosion, we were
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away . we thought at first it would have been thunderwe and it shows how far the explosion could be heard everybody is safe, the construction workers knew that whenever this is the noise it was time to run, good thing they knew how to do that. >> amazing to see that video know that>, nobody was injured. >> , at this stage, and we know if the gasline is capped and whether or not the entire area will be shut shut down folding? >> they say that their getting more information about and about
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many propane tanks that were, they can tell you that part of crocker park is still opened in open in one sectioner some people are still walking around . they t think the police and fire to get this taken care of they say that it is safe right now . as to the cause of it, that is what they were working on air and we will keep you updated . >> want to thank our loyal viewers who had that video and sent that two us so that we can
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>> the cleveland fbi on the scene of a raid on lake road and bay village just after 8:00 a.m. today to fbi asked the local fbi's assistance, the reason for this raidr in bay village is unknown at this time so stay with us for latest u on this . how much rainfall are we going to getr? >> has been been raining steadily, it started last night, show you a live link . check him now withec jenn harcher . you're going to major umbrella all day long . it's going to take a while for this friend to move through expecting scattered light showers until 2:00 o'clock then the steady rainfall will push him around commute time 56
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.56 it is just so muggy with dew
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so it is a mild rain . that will continue, talk about the weekend showers and daylight saving time beginninght saturday night . a major tragedy in pittsburgh, five people, are dead and three hospitalized after a mass mass shooting,a it happened in wilkinsburg just outside of pittsburgh . for one shot to death and one man,o three more are in the hospital two in critical condition .t there are no suspects at this time, the police are looking forward two shooters they believe there was a backyard cookoutth when people
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different areas around 11:00 p.m. last night that's when people started running for their lives .. no headlines, the police investigating a pair of westside shootings, at west 43 rd and clark at 8:00 o'clock . the other person was shot in the legas short time later three people were shot one person killed the other to take into metroa despite their close proximity to did monopoly that they are connected. >> police arrest a suspect in connection to a carjacking outside of a cleveland clinic location in strongsville is parked his suv with a suspect carjacked him, they use his onstar system to track down the suspect they have not yet
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. >> high school and star canticles because of their backs , four were found in the pastin four days in school be treated during today's closure high school is expected to tomorrow.. >> cleveland clinic says the firstst uterus transplant in the us failed afterut it had to be removed procedure won't woman received ited last month he announced on wednesday that she developed complicationses forced them to remove it . two days ago she spoke about how grateful she was with a chance to get pregnant .wi released a statement that reads in part -- they say that the original study
12:10 pm >> rocky river today, this incredible event, jessica dill was on hand at saint christopher and rocky river as a group of students share their heads for theoo saint baldrick's foundation, 45 people decided to go bald including 10 girls to help raise money for childhood cancer research, the school was able to
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they after ice fishing tent can get the debate stage in florida. >> clear that hillary clinton was trying to regainla momentum. >> as my dad said hassan too good to be true it probably is programs will work and how they would be paid paid for in. >> want you to think what she's saying is that the united states should continuethi to be the only doesn't guarantee health care to all of ourn' people. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders face-off in miami ahead offa that state primary on on
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are also up for grabs on that day including ohio . a florida woman, was shot by her 4 -year-old son, a gun advocate, she was driving down highway highway highway with her child in the back seat shocker, she runse a facebook page, and says that a longer post and says that , even my 4-year-old gets jacked up to target shoot for 22 . twitter feed she recently posted a picture of a gun with a caption, got to play with my two . it's not clear how the for 4 -year-old got his hands on the gun . >> cnn i found a near o.j. simpson's former home probably not connected to the murders ofsi paul brown simpson and ronald goldman, they say it's common it is too small to make the wounds that killed the victimshe it is
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be back in three weeks .st two friends kick out of a disney disney on ice concert for dressing like the characters, the two women wanted to go all outt to see the show so they can cost and with they say they were told to leave the show because the costumeswi and now they say they want an apology . >> they said that you need to stop, stop acting like princesses,yt and we were not doing anything disorderly, where customers trying to enjoy a disney show. >> i don't think i deserve to be treated like thati and i don't think anybody else deserves to >> the production company said thatat the women were disrupting the performance and asked to leaveve to prevent further disturbances now and tells him the so-called hot felon is ready to startn his modeling career,
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sensation in 2014 when his macho environment had been jailed on federal weapons charges he was released from prison this weekend has signed a modeling agent he says he has a multitude
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catalyst yes researchers say that salamanders arema out in full force to sue amphibians like this as do the researchers . we do have a corridor along 71 northeast . with steady to moderate showers .. from richland over to ashland and medina county on storm fox . of course norwalk is somewhat rainfall thisno will continue on
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receive overwhelming edge mostly .wge the storm fox, we still have a lot of rainfalli . some heavy rainfall down the ohio river valley down towards memphis . a cold front pushing through the area is moving slowly before it eventually exits out of northeast ohio . we're not under any floodde warnings as of yet . those are all to the southwest along those rivers nothing here, we will continue to monitor that an and not expecting any flooding issues . the cold front moves off after midnight . expect it to end with high-pressure movie and on friday start off off friday with clouds within friday afternoon, high pressure will do that and
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when the kids get off the school that you're goingl to need an umbrella . when wipers for the afternoon commute, about 9:00 p.m. 19 people start to taper off from northwest to southeast and by midnight most of us will be driedmi . start off friday with clouds . in the afternoon, more sunshine, rainfall between three quarters and upwards of 1 inch today about 60 degrees . wins out the southwest between 10 and 15 tonightst overnight, 37
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afternoon sunshine than 60s for the weekend, saturday will be the pick they . about 30 percent chance of showers late date on sunday chance of showers through the day also monday with temperatures well above average for the next eight days . online dating can be a roller coaster. >> some new findings from a okay cupido that helps singles landed
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is to go to crocker park you might want to change plans they had a massive explosion, everybody is od
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photos that we will bring you an update soon from the crocker park area. >> we have a live crew on the scene,e but just online dating, well who make when makes a person may have an easier time finding love,s okay cupid website took a look at dating histories and discovered women were to have times more likely to get a response that that they initiate the conversation, okay cupid also found women who send the first message get responses from more attractive men as he yells at the donald's all-day breakfast has been so successful they might makeee the entire menu breakfast available all day, they currently offered the fuel the full full menu at select locations that can order any and all but breakfast items st including biscuits that reference mcgriddles and hashbrowns,er when the fast food chain launched all-day breakfastod in october there was a catch catch only certain items were
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>> or kingston hot dogs are the bestor selling items in the years they been selling like crazy sinceth they debuted last month, the burger king ceo says there has been an overwhelming response to the newest menu itemsto that each store sells sells between 80 -- 100 each day . still to come, confederate flag
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. there was a huge explosion at crocker park and lastly, this is exclusive video, that you only see here on fox 8 news, dozens of people were evacuated, thank you for spiegel. >> i'm stefani schaefer, crocker park, the shopping destination in westlake is littered withrk emergency vehicles and crews construction site
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tow jessica dill to fill us in on this breaking news situation.n >> good afternoon, we are here at crocker park, where that's tank exploded, but have haven't updated this two crocker park says from center street down to market on the east side of the street closed, but anything beyond market is closed and the remaining stores and restaurants are open, and back to the video you can see the explosion of the propane tank this morning . a very large explosions earlier . they had people evacuated, it happened as they were working on the american greetings headquarters,ee roads nearby businesses were closed down, and the construction workers are still here because they're not
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leavear . i am joined by one of construction workers tell me what you saw? >> was on the third floor in the t east building, a worker yelled out that there was a fire and saw everybody getting out of the building .sa observed a propane tank on fire. >> you actually saw people flying in the air. >> there were a few, after a look back and saw a few under there werew several more takes tanks about to blowta up it was unreal. happened to me in 30 years . this was just pretty crazy. >> everybody here is accounted for and safe, many are here because are not allowed to leavee
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westlakeo police and fire departments . crocker park is a heavily populated area, la fitnessla nearby said the charge came through the window at there were some people inside and there was some stuff going through the class,, but fortunately everybody is okay. >> it is hard to hardly hard to believe in you see hardly reducing that firebomb.. >> as she mentioned it is a popular areai and it is always busy . when this construction sites, go up, it is dangerous when they have these gas lines and crocker park has been n growing so quickly and there is so much construction . it has distracted us look at those
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seriously hurt . a good thing that they instinctively knew upon hearing that sizzling noise to get out . >> the 19 found a 78-year-old ye man thrown in jail for a chronic liver problems, but why him? >> ed gallek are more what he found. >> would you think when you saw him taken away?u >> we were shocked. >> his is his wife watched her husband taken away to the jailhouse,s james maynard a landlord sent to jail in connection with housing court violations were at least two properties she says that he needs a cane to walk and he had a heart attack during a short stint in jail last year for these problems . >> he went to courtney court and said all of the houses are sold,
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then, he heard 45 days in of workouts, he said, but the houses are sold . >> live in is littered with dilapidated properties and slum landlords, the housing court not commenting what he was locked locked up said it is a pending matter, and record show that his cases have dragged on since 2013 , the housing court wanted to serve his time and one of his rundown properties, this one on west 101st, he was told not to selle displacement to county records show thatce late last year didt was a. >> he says he complained to the council about the place nexte door unless on west 91st one off james maye properties with a list of violationsay. >> what you think the fact that they sent him to jail? >> it is the law, you have to obeyhe.
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home in olmsted township, outside of the home, there was junk everywhere, noo matter how you see the punishment, they are now out of the family business. >> humid said he bought too many alums that she should not have done,h but his houses were nothing like these other rundown houses that look like you're ready to fallli down. >> ed gallek fox 8. >> a confederate flag controversy growing ahead ofat the summer when county fair last year some commissioners asked as fair board to stop vendors from selling confederate memorabilia, and the request was deniede in now been rejected again, the executive director of the elyria and ywca health at the border change the policy, and the bard says it's a matter of free speechth but donaldson says it is also a reminder of slavery and segregation still used my hatemadoer it today. >> an inmate escape from jail in
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thanks to a drone, the detective to spot the drawn with the a camera attached the just finished their second day of training the user to find the 31 -year-old niklas amontillado who escaped during break time he had been charged with assaulting an officer duringc receiving stolen property and other charges. >> is quite a difference from yesterday . >> it is liquid sunshine, how much is coming and when will we see the real sunshine returned this is a live look roof-cam and here's jenn harcher >> there msas and that we will see several rounds of people more like april showers in march ,e spring coming march 20, it feels pretty monkey with dew points in thewi mid to upper 50s
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the green on storm fox . coming down moderately alone i-71 corridor had to portions of brunswick and wadsworth some light showers . frank continues today . you are major umbrella received about 1 inch bit that out of here about 1:00 o'clock so we can showers, mostly on sunday . with '60s . we will
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different temperature wise .b tomorrow, we will still be above average, which is 44 movie about 50 start of cloudy event afternoon sunshine . another bachelors in late saturday afternoon on sunday, on the showers during the day with 60s rainfall next week with
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with so many food items disguises healthy it's often hard to know what is really good for you, you should skip the frozen dinners they arey filled with preservatives to order a fast food salad they have high calorie extras like croutons and dressing, and don't be fooled by someone the fat-free items like yogurt they often have as much as 15 grams of sugar in a single-serving. >> pediatric patients at st. joseph'sia children's hospital
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with their caregivers on tuesday . >> part an effort to help them to work to market falter in feel more couple during their holiday statear as katie jones is more. >> looks like a surgeon but it is this for euros first time on the other side of the hospital procedure.stst >> it's like a dream come true it isd wonderful and it gives them the opportunity to get more in touch with doctors and it is a nice bod for them and to the team. >> the patients at st. joseph's switch roles with their doctors and nurses and got some hands-on experience used to treat themthn. >> gives them a chance to play with some of the hospital equipment to normalize the environment, to kind of no where things are and to see the equipment themselves to get more comfortable interacting with other patients and doctors and
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>> broken bones, stomach aches, sore throat these kids could a treat at all part of an effort by the charlack and to make them feel safe and comfortable in their surroundings and seven appears to feel a little more at easeel. >> is something that she can do to get more familiar with herd her of ireland and to get closer to the doctors and they're not there to hurt her there thereth to help >> taking tlc mixed with make-believe makes a great impact, katie jones, bay news nine. >> working up the slack is great but over trainingg can lead to burnout it's important to give her your body time to recover, some signs that it needs more recovery time if you are always sore or possibly tired orsy dehydrated, a little bit of rest between workouts can go a long
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still to come, prom season is
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they will listen it has jobs in america producer steve was released last were found the time he'd is physicians with a median salary of $180,000 call my lawyer research and software development managerl report based on people who share their salaries with western they say
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report that cellaring conversation is their top concernnv when deciding where to work.w >> as you put together your collegeyo applications remember what you put on social media websites warli colleges are checking pages according to a new survey for 5 percent of the mission officers looked along the line and increase of 36 percent from the year before about half the things they saw gave them a positive impression. >> the prom is a big deal for teenagers, but the price and everything that comes with that comes with it can break the bank as her melodious tips maloney has tips on how to save some money without sacrificing style. >> spent a lot of money on proposals, elaborate way to ask someone to thewa big dance last year according to visa,e the
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$304 in addition, they spend money on dresses, tuxedos limousines take its pictures and events before and after the dance,nt intuitive team averaged averaged out to $919, can be a good opportunity to teach them some money lessons,pp to craft a budget, determined what caused they will be responsible for and which parents will handle and stay firm, they can cut costs and shannon elizabeth and taken their own pictures a smart phone picture, just as as good, or
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wisconsin woman is
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a final dose a close beer head will air tonight . the cavaliers game shows him heading off to a rocket to mars, he played a part for a decade and how to triple the beer says they plan to introduce a replacementn . wisconsin loan is turning 100 instead of a birthday party she's hosting a blood drive for her birthday,ng blanche baudhuin is believed to be the oldest red
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countrye she says one of her secrets to a long life has been volunteering . >> don't sit at home and feel sorry for yourself, get out and do something because a lot of people say i look young punk, but that is keeping busy,, and you sit at home, you just get old sitting at home. >> she says that she believes that a blood drive will help
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toda on "the real" -- >> on girl chat, are you too old to turn up? >> if you the oldest person at the club, you have to proceed with caution, you know what i mean? >> and who is feeling lucky. >> we're taking your bets as we play another rnd of "you bet your host." >>lus our favorite inmates from "orange is the new black." we have dascha polanco. >> on "the real." this is our time don't waste another minute this is our time gb ahold of timend get it join us right now, right now, right now


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