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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  March 10, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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thisre. >> the fireball explodes in the night sky comeod christie hit a record her cell phone in her office. >> another view captured on cell phone video, and the explosion about 10:30 a.m., outside of where they are building a new complex for american greetings, andilx two, 1,000-pound propane tanks, one exploded. >> it cannot happen in just one moment, the westlake 911 got a call from a small fire near the propane tanks and then emergency crews started arriving and then
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was the explosion was. >> that's explains how she captured it as it happeneded, and she works at integrity investigation is started her caramel and when she noticed the emergency crews try to. , let them burn out, construction crews say the force of the blast slammed the door shut and had to kick your way out of the new building,ck fire investigators do not expect to find anything suspicious.
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surreal experiencey there were a lot witnesses we have a lot of cell phone videos. >> the smoke and fire could be seen from miles away, trent hunter spoke with mr. witnesses continuing our team coverage. >> it is amazing that nobody was injured when you see the damage and realize how many people were in the nearby areaea . crocker park offered food to those folks as they waited in a parking garageto . it shows the inferno after the explosion . >> the explosion was huge it did
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>> it was scary because you don't know what's going to happenas and said that there were three or four more tanks that were going to explode. you heard the huge bomb and everybody started freaking out. >> you feel something that shakes the whole building, you are afraidg that something's going to happen to yourself. >> i thought somebody dropped some weight on the flooror i could hear it through my headphones. >> it brought the shopping center to a halt, i some stores remained open. >> any customers that were
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>> traffic was tied up and those relating waiting to get their carsrs. it was a bit of hassle, and they shudder when they think about what could have happened, crocker park suggestinger that you call ahead before you come down here, many are reopened but it is still a good idea to check, people and in the parking garage had not been able to access their vehiclesha investigators are still searching for pieces of the tank they should get to those cars tomorrow morning there st told to check in with the construction companyto. body cam video showing cleveland
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robbery suspect yells ande a man who ran after being the stock is peggy gallek reports. >> that happened including in august there still reviewing the case to determine if any departmental violations took place .y you may find the video difficult to watch. attained this video of august was shooting you may find it disturbing,fi 4:00 a.m. august 11 cleveland police pull over this car on puritas the driver wanted for robbery . >> 28-year-old justin damato, and just released from prison in june gets out with his hands up his cell phone drops in 15 volts
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he said he saw the suspect turned with a pistol in his hand ,t his partner did not fire knows it i do not fire, do not see the gun into a drop from his waistbandop tells him the suspect was shot several times, family members are concerned about the part of the shooting, and what they believe that he wasn't down but another gun shot is fired guns in he dropped the gun, even for the gun and chris was standing there goes in police union president steve loomis believes that the officeric acted properly doesn't absolutely, and on hello kitty robber a high-speed chasese with a gun, the stolen car, absolutely justified nose and he pointed out that the
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after the shooting. >> this young man is lucky that this officer was involved because he had extensive medical trainingng after coming from ems and he provided first aidm and probably saved his life. >> the suspects are guilty in november to numerous charges including robbery and sentenced 1111 years prisonon . >> they don't know how long it will beo taken before they're finished, he was also charged with resistingl arrest his family says he still recovering and they are considering possible legal action. families forced from their homes ei are allowed back into their products in brunswickck days after theys fire killed a girl that i
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many are stressed out, as rehearsed joins us with more coming i am sure that today's rainfall did not help the situation.d >> these residents here have no choice but to move out of the building me , is destroyed has been a devastating week for f residents here at hickory hill apartments in brunswickck. >> has been crazy and have a monday night, i have have been here tuesday, wednesday and stay today it has been a mad house. >> colleen sherrick is one of many who have to moveco out of the building caught fire on monday night, since six people injured and af 4-year-old girl killed. >> i can see flames coming from an apartment doesn't. >> i don't know if it is the first or second for the flames are going up out of the window. >> atomic bomb it felt like i
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watch movies about this and i've never seen one person person, it went up within five minutes, ut from the bottom to the top, and the fascinating thing i have seen it took five hours to put that fire out . >> the parking lot was filled with u-haul trucks people grabbing what they can salvage she saysc that her belongings are okay but did suffer some smoke damageu she's thankful and also for the acts of kindnessnk says she witnessed, churches and businesses have made donations comingng storage georgian facility is giving everybody impacted a first month free storage. >> some people, were not affected are still moving out, people are scared and, this can happen anywhere, no matter where you read something could happen. >> and she says even though it has beens stressful it is nothing compared to what others deal with. >> when you start to complain, om
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worse i have things they will that will knock some people have nothing left. >> we talk to the brunswick fire department today they are investigating the cause of the firee and say it could be a while before they know anything new, back to youin. >> fbi raided a bay village am part of a child porn investigation removing boxes from a home on lake road, including two computers they said it was part of a multistate investigation the michigan task force spearheaded several raids around the nation spokeswoman would not say if anyone here was arrested. >> sandhill demarest connection with posting new photos on twinsburg high school students onc social media, his name not released because he is ai minor
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illegal use of a minor in nudity oriented material for second-degree felony, in january a search word was served on a social networking site after the new sofas were posted. >> mayor frank jackson paints a picture ofr a city trying to move into the future without leaving anybody behindt them a the main message of his annual state of the city address today he says that griffin faces a choice of tax increase or layoffs as bill sheil joins usla, why why is he saying it has come to this? >> the rest of the city has lost about $63 million a year in fundingll from lower property tax values, sharp reduction in money from this day and the loss of revenue from red light camerash so with a tax increase this is what he says that the city faces .
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is to lay off employees, and to cut or eliminate service. >> he also proposed a change in investment strategy that calls for $25 million two into neighborhoods to help with quality-of-life issues he also taught the importance of education says it is critical to pass an opportunity this fall he said that with the budget shortfall this city cannot have its way to prosperity with layoffs and reduced services. >> proposing a half cent increase in income tax, with $80 million, which is enough to cover the gap betweeni cost and peered . . . . is not agree with the findings
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that reform is neededes he signed a consent decree with the doj last year calling for reforms
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linda got into an all-out brawl on a spirit airlines flight over music, it was recorded and posted on instagram, alcohol was reportedly involved the airport policeo were called in a total of five women were removed from the flight and eventually released,
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>> it may be weeks before we know anything about the knife found at o.j. simpson's former home. >> official says he is pretty confident the knife that life is not connectedt to the killings of his ex-wife and her friend it'll take at least three weeks to know for sure,frle that's the official claimed theat claims the knife is common among gardeners and is too small to have caused the ones that killed them. >> insurgents came to rescue a driver of mississippi moments away from driving her car, heavy rain caused flooding all over the area andi she thought that she could make it, someone took a video as she tried to get out, she got deeper, another driver pulled her two safety, she is okay, this is a rider to not try
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there is plenty of rain on the road ways it has been a dreary kind of day . you cannot see the skyline, clock has been moving in behind the cool front, the wind shifted a few are zika to allow the temperature to a fault of dew point . looking at visibility lower in spots .ng so, we have that lowered
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above normal,a a 44 . sunset at 629 until sunday when he goes into they 7:32 p.m. time slot . about three quarters inch fell in cleveland,e most of us between half and three quarters inch since last night . look at this rainfall with a slow front, to the south and east than high pressure tried to push it towards southeast, we will partially clear outw could lead to some morning commute fog . to the south some flood warnings and advisories or advisories in
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that time of year with the colder air on the lake,a with the dew point cause of fog . tonight, about 40 some partial clearing . she of them lunchtime have sunshine and then, saturday a chance of rain late day with '60s on sunday a good chance of rainfall
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we'll have warm air monday tuesday wednesday, into the '50 s and then a rain, snow makes on st. patrick's day in friday the highest end the 30s . next weekend, will be the vernal equinox . johnny watch continues, 24 hour since nfl free agency began, he
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john telich, what about these colin kaepernick rumors and another browns player leaving? >> agreed on a two-year deal, and with him requesting a trade come r the browns one of the few teams looking for a potential trade, the broncos who lost iraq oslo yesterday in the jets have been named, rumors have the 49ers looking into rg3 if colin kaepernick is traded, he would be a reclamation project has not
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somebody will overpayatnn. >> and johnny manziel is still what the browns? >> he continues to party and still a member> of the browns, the team and hoping that some will give a late round provisional traffic has not happened, rumors a couple of teamsfiap interested more likely likely be releasedr in the next day . a complete list of players who signed with the browns after a two days of free agency, they have not signed anybody so check for the latest on johnny watch in free agency . tonight the final encounter between the cavaliers and kobe bryantnt. it is unlikely you will see a s
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lebron james due to a shoulder a injury, he might not even play tonight,e just might have that memory of the final gamegh in cleveland,f kobe bryant and lebron jamese on the court, right now a, pretty severe with a bum shoulder, tilted to be battling injury during a swan song that they will be taken off at 1030. at one time they were to the best best players in the league . b as. >> that will be special because they have respect for one another>>. >> the number number-one number one seed was tested,r- eastern michigan took them to the end of the game .t keith dambrot on the
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year . they were nine -- 33 from long range, eastern michigan led by 12 at one time, there is for 3 pints in a polka sets up city such a two-day 61 here comes the es game-winning shot, isaiah johnson, making it 64 day 63 they want, 65 day 63, bowling green beat central michigan thanks to antwon lillard . girls high school basketball state semifinals today in columbus, in division iii the gilmore girls that most of the second half and a hold on, and they failed to mary and 50 day center 74 . in
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with automatic land arafat at 8:00 p.m. . she seemed to have it all, coming up, ohio model
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grand jury to decide if they vermilion police officer will facey charges for his treatment oft a intoxicated man resisting arrestm. >> jack shea has the story. >> 30 video from the body camera in the grand jury will decide if he was defending himself or broke a long. >> please respond to a fight at rudy's bar on liberty avenue september 23 people trying to restrain a man identified as jacob johnson behind the a building the building. >> and try to get him to comply that's that's when he got grabbed his leg that then he
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spray him with pepper sprayh. >> johnson continued to resist when they taken to a police cruiser .w one investigator would conclude that the video shows him slamming theilu car door against johnson's said . jacob johnson pled no contest to resisting arrest, and serve two
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>> the police asked the erie county sheriff department to conduct investigation intod whether sergeant aaron bolton broke the sheriff has sent the case to the erie county prosecutor's office prosecutors >> nona forfeits there their civil rights we have an obligation to protect individual civil rights and also to e arrest individuals who violate the law it is a double-edged sword we have to protect the rights of the individuals thatv we arrest at all times knows he doesn't the case will be presented to the grand jury in april, sergeant bolton is on paid leave pending the outcome. >> before former ohio model committed committed to turn a x. is the only thing more bizarre is hero john luskin interrogation in and we have got it this here taylor joins us to.
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lambert police interview check and take a look at the undercover videoke of the 33 -year-old meets with a sheriff's deputy she thinks it's a hitmanan. >> she seemed overwhelmed as she plots the murder of her husband 's ex-wife, the hitman is a franklin county sheriff's deputy,a she gives him on 25-dollar deposit to do the job that goes to a nearby wall mart, not long after she is in this interrogation roomh on video vi obtained by crime watch daily which airs her here on fox 8 weekdays, and she denies having anything to do with ordering a hit on the mother of herrd two stepdaughters.
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killed>> johnson doesn't want her a daughter killed i want her petaa he said he was going to punch her in the girlw doesn't. >> phone phone calls were recorded they are recorded and itre is you that want to have her killed goes and goes and she told the detective that her husband's ex-wife was slandering her name in her business,th a county common pleas judge called the former model a life lifelong manipulator and con woman sentenced for two to seven years in prison for conspiracy to commit aggravated murder.y >> murder charges against a man who he responsible for a wrong way crash along i-480 they say 40-year-old mark rafter old brooklyn attempting suicide when he drove the wrong way last month he survived but 20 -year-old kayla coates didn't he still in the hospital tonight .
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decision he made to stop the wrong way driverd it was recorded on the dash-camera camera, pinnelas texas on that terrifying ride doesn't does a generous 17, the state trooper is working the midnight shift when he learns a wrong way driver is coming his way on interstate 77, the dash camera records moments later when the driver goes by him, northbound in the and southbound lanes. >> he made the decision to correct way to turn around to stop the driver which also cost him to go the wrong way briefly on interstate 77g. >> and he catches up with a car but the driver will not stop after traveling more than 3 miles in the wrong direction. >> there is a curve north of the
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traffic when osseous i have the overhead lights on but the risk ofi the the nazi and the lights delights in having and the lights in hearing the sirens can action.hah >> a february 14 wrong way crash on interstate four killed 20 -year-old kayla coates, another wrong way crash on interstate 71 on march 4 that both drivers injured, and not wanting to risk a fatality, he performedit a maneuver bump in the wrong way driver card which caused it toro eventually come to a stop alongside the concrete barrier . >> that night he said at least one person's life of the driver who was impaired because. >> the 20-year-old was arrested and charged with violations includingch ovi, for his efforts, the trooper waso presented with a certificate of recognition, dave nethers fox 8 news.
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found guilty of multiple m violations, license suspended and order to start serving a
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the four remaining candidates for the republican nominationfo debate at the university of miami in florida, because florida is considered a must win for candidates candidates stakes are high, if you expect another spy spy for the day, donald trump says, don't hold your breathay. >> expecting a different tone. >> i think it's going to be softer, i'm going to be ready to . >> according to a new poll he leads the pack in florida with 40 percent. >> a supporter of john kasich who told the governor that he found meaning in his message . >> i was in a dark place for a long time depressed but i can't n' found hope in the lord my friends and now i found it in my presidential candidate that i support and i would appreciate one of those hugs that you'd been talking about. >> brett smith, university of georgia student who was called
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explained tostst governor kasich that he's been struggling withch the suicide of a man who was like a father to him his first divorce and his father losing his job . he found purpose to travel therp country to support kasich today he was campaigning and today tonight speaking at tonight's lincoln day dinner for the cuyahoga county republican party. >> is not just all talk he is a good listener, and in south carolina you listen to my story not just in one and out the other ear, people like him because he is a nice guide it was, policy first and then the connection,t that built it up as a he yells at he yells at him and brought here by new day america, a super pack pac that t
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primary, and on tuesdayju next week, we will have results at fox 8.comr stay with us for complete coveragey. today was a lousy day overall, we do need the rain doesn't make you appreciate the warm spring-like days, sunshine returns tomorrow,d we will have a 50/50 weekend coming up and daylight saving time is that 2:00 a.m. on sunday you set your clocks forward one hour with sunset on sunday evening at 7:32
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the front is in the center of the rainfall . berlin has shifted for most of the area looking out the showers, we had someone some light to moderate rainfallso nothing really have a click in the south . high pressure submerges into the south and east allow us to partially clear out .l and then allow sunshine tomorrow, '50s for most of us, . you know that the front has come through because of the
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and 15 mph . the ranch of a a gone by midnight for everybody some partial clearing with some morning fogi . and then sunshine, tonight about 40 degrees . then the clouds break apart in dense fog tomorrow morning .
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shoreline and warmer inland, otherwise the sunshine will be more effective away from the shirley on saturday, pick day with showers in the evening . on sunday, . monday and tuesday chance chance of a shower . some 40s on thursday next week friday night looking as good maybe some lake enhancement on friday with highs in the 30s . some lovely pets up for adoption hears dick goddard. >> in the 35 years whodunits have never had a dog as large as
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the pats are from one-of-a-kind pet rescue . he weighs about 165 pounds . the stock, a couple of years old , the owner of the dog had to travel so much so can i give him the attention he needs, he is a big lover, gentle good with other dogs he is a wonderful companion . he is not a washed out,a does not have a mean bone in his body he is, knows how to
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perfect dog . and we have annie and the cat a couple years old her on her way into a home,wa this cat is affectionate, loves to cuddle, she will tolerate other cats would probably prefer to be the onlyr house can't now over two lulu . a long-haired duluth calico . it is good with others, is very laid back . is not high maintenance, just some o occasional brushing . and that is lulua . and give us a call the
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. >> golfers scott he pickpocket red-handed, and it was a red fox , they played a round in ireland when theou fox approached,
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that is when it grabbed his wallet and took off running, theyed fox eventually drops the them off so he gets it back. >> brazilian man has a unique bond with a penguin penguin rescued five years ago. >> who found it on a beach covered in oil, and he a week nursing a back to health, every year and swims 5,000 miles back to the00 same beach to visit him, it stays eight months until the
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. >> huge explosion had crocker parke glasslike shaking buildings for miles, no injuries, the question is what caused it . began with a small fire near propane tanks then the explosion sending planes into the sky as angelic as more of the exclusive video.


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