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tv   New Day Cleveland  FOX  March 11, 2016 10:00am-10:59am EST

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e of eonverything because the prices are so great. - that's what i like about diners. - exactly, right? - [david] right, i like the good prices and i like the fact that they're open early, so i can always stop on the way to work, - or some of them open, stay open really late, and then you can stop on the way home, too. breakfast later in the day at a lot of these places. about diners that tastes like home-cooked food, right? - there is, in some of these places, the one stop i'm going to, the pancakes are bigger than my head, literally. - you braggin' about pancakes right now? - yeah, and my head, okay? - okay, there ya go, about the hamburgers, especially the place i'm goin' right now. i'm goin' to a place they've got a hamburger this big, and i actually saw a guy eat it. - woo hoo. have my special which is a tuna fish wrap with lettuce, tomato, and onions, and soup, good soup. - that's the mayor's special. - that's my special.
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- anita, i think i'm havin' deja vu, like i've been here before, right? - yes, you have. - how long ago was that? - about five years, maybe? - five years ago, it goes fast. - but the minute i got here, i started remembering the jefferson diner. somethin' with me, my leather punch. my leather punch for? - [david] to put another punch hole in my belt, the portions are so big and the food's so terrific. and i see some of the same people around here, that i saw last time. like the mayor comes in here all the time. - correct. - [david] yeah so, tell me a little bit about the crowd. strangers all the time, or what is it? - it's people from our hometown. they're all, you know been here, they live here, they eat here. they just come for the homemade food. - the homemade food, i saw she's got her teddy bear with her. - [anita] little girl, yeah. - [david] yeah, so it's a whole, big family thing. her mom and all that. - [anita] yup. - so it's, a lot of it's like about home-cooked meals, like let's take a look at some food while we're standin' here, because we got some action back there in the kitchen we wanna show ya too.
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- nope, that's a lasagna soup. - a lasagna soup? - [anita] yes. - so this is like a cheese thing on the top here? - [anita] that's like the ricotta cheese that you have in lasagna, so if you dig down in there, there's will be lasagna noodles. - oh, there's noodles in there, too? - oh yeah. - it tastes like lasagna. - yeah, it does. - that's pretty good, i like that. - and it's a grilled provolone sandwich. and then, this is our homemade chicken pot pie. - [david] that just looks beautiful. - [anita] and then we have a prime rib philly cheesesteak with fries, and we roast our own prime rib and slice it. - [david] so, when you start out the morning like, what time of morning does it start? what time does breakfast start? - [anita] we open at 6:00 am. so, you can have breakfast most of the time, from 6:00 till 12:00 during the week. - [david] and then lunch starts off, and then. - [anita] at 11:00. - [david] and these are like lunch items. and how late do you stay open? - [anita] on monday's we're till 3:00. and then during the rest of the week till 7:30, 'cause we also serve dinner. - oh so, so then okay, we've got a great big list here. we've got the homemade
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a look at that, we've already seen the prime rib philly cheesesteak, but $6.95 for that, isn't it? - [david] diner prices, you gotta love that. you've got the grilled provolone sandwich, and that goes with the bowl of lasagna. and the barbecued crispy chicken salad? you put crispy chicken salad? - yes. oh, we sell all kinds of, different kinds of salads. we sell taco salads and crispy chicken salads, and anything you could possibly think of. we have black beans we put on salads and. - [david] and, what's goin' on with that cornbread back there? - we have homemade cornbread at the start of every week, it doesn't last very long. we use it for breakfast items, we have a supreme chili bowl, which is the cornbread, the chili, and then you put some cheese, onions, sour cream on it. it's a big hit for lunch. i was wanderin' around the kitchen, let's see, i was here five years ago. i saw some familiar faces back there. - my staff has been here forever. i think the one here today, she's been here 11 years, and my youngest one here has been here for 2 1/2 years, so she's
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- and like i said earlier, the mayor is here and a lot of people i saw last time are here. so, everybody's still here. - [anita] yeah. - that's how good it is, right? - i hope so, it's, that's - i remember something that is unforgettable, and that was, is it, is it like a peanut butter pie, or cake, or what is that? - it's a peanut butter pie. what we're known for, and also our berry pies, and our cakes. - just like on cue. - [anita] yeah. - who's this young lady? - this is megan. - [megan] hi. - [anita] megan's my newest one at 2 1/2 years and here's an apple walnut pie, and this is a carrot cake, and this is our peanut butter pie, that's what we're known for. - [david] and when i came in the front door, i said, "boy, i remember that walnut apple pie, "how great is it?" and she says, "well, you want it with the ice cream, again?" so, you can get it with ice cream, too. - [anita] yup. - [david] diners, what's so special about diners you think? - well, diners always have homemade food, that's how it's supposed to be. we do everything from scratch, and that's what makes us different from most restaurants, because we still do it the old-fashioned way. - and the jefferson diner may be one of the ones that does it best.
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- [anita] thank you. - [david] nice to see ya. (50s music) (folk guitar music) - [ natalie] when you come to grafton, you have to stop here at nancy's main street diner, i have denise here with me, your mom's nancy. - [denise] yes, my mom's nancy. - [natalie] mom's back in the which means this has been around for quite some time, you're passin' on to generations. - yeah, yup, since 1984. - 1984, and what has it been like since that time? i know, this is a place where it seems like people come in and after they're like family here, they've probably been coming in for decades. - generations, generations. one family that came in the first day my mom opened and they have their grandchildren that are starting to graduate. - [natalie] are you serious? - so yes, they come in, it's nice. - [natalie] are there traditions that have stayed as far as maybe, the great breakfast foods that you have, that has carried on? - [denise] homemade desserts and biscuits and gravy, and ginormous omelets. (laughing) - [natalie] huge, the omelets are bigger than the size of your head,
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and i'll tell you they're as big as my head. (laughter) so those are the things, when people come here, they crave. - [denise] yeah, yup. - so we gotta get an, we gotta look at an omelet, that's for sure. - yes, an omelet, we do a breakfast pizza now. - what's on a breakfast pizza? - well, instead of doin' like a red sauce, you do a sausage gravy, and then you do the hashbrowns, eggs, sausage, mushrooms, cheese, all loaded on top. that's become really popular. - now what about those cinnamon buns that i see up front? - [denise] oh yes. - [natalie] those things are ginormous, too. and now you've become, i feel like, known for those. well actually, people - [natalie] really? - [denise] um hm, and actually there just bought out a whole tray of them. and she's like, "oh i'll take that, i'll take the whole tray." so yeah, i started doing those actually, when i worked at another job before i bought i used to make those all the time for everybody, so then i just brought it, incorporated it here, and started makin' 'em again. - well i don't know about you, but i know your mom is, you work so hard in that kitchen as well. she's cookin' up a storm back there. i would love to go back,
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she's whippin' up. - yeah, no problem. - i might just have to taste something while i'm back there, too. is that okay? - maybe eat the breakfast pizza or homemade bread, we have homemade bread. - either one, or both, okay. - yeah, yeah. (laughing) - i just had to stop on my way to the kitchen, because i looked at their meals. she's not lying, these portions are huge. and didn't you say that's the small size? - the short stack. - that's the short stack? - yeah, they're hubcap-tastic. (laughter) - [natalie] and that over there, will leave you breakfast for about five days. - (laughing) it's a week, yeah. - [natalie] it's a week's worth. all right, i gotta head back to those kitchens. - okay. - look who i found. i found nancy. - hi. - and what're you makin' today? - well right now, i'm fixin' you a breakfast pizza. - [natalie] oh now, you're daughter just told me about the breakfast pizza and how delicious it was. - yes, yes, yes. - [natalie] so i'm glad you're makin' it for me. - so, we're gonna make it for you, and the best way for me, is to add a little bit of our homemade hot sauce that she makes. she makes it from scratch. - [natalie] you're speakin' my language, nancy. homemade hot sauce?
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- oh, and that french toast looks delicious. - yes. - everything is so big, i just walked by those two guys out front they said that the stack of pancakes they had was the smallest stack. - yeah, yeah. - [natalie] and every year, on the anniversary i hear there is a little treat for people. - yeah, oh my goodness. we go back to our '84 prices and i'm tellin' you, you can't get in here. - [natalie] well, this looks delicious. i'm gonna let you keep cooking it up back here, if that's okay? - okay yup, i've got two right. - and i'll look forward to nibbling on it, when i get outside, all right? - yep. - all right, i'll let you get back to work. - okay, thank you, and great talkin' to you. - [natalie] your mom was pretty busy back in that kitchen. oh my gosh, so you can see by looking at what we have here, breakfast, lunch, and dinner you're going leave full and you're going to need a to-go box, probably. - right, right, or at least that. - so these are the generous desserts that you give. - right, right, we have triple berry pie, we have a banana chocolate, we have homemade cinnamon rolls, we have cakes, and we have parfaits that we do now. - and then, this is the side of pancakes that come with the omelets?
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- [natalie] seriously? i like how you said, they are bigger than my head. these look absolutely delicious. i'm gonna cut one open real quick. - okay. - this is the breakfast pizza? - breakfast pizza, homemade hot sauce, yup. - i just, these are ooey, gooey and look so delicious. no matter what time of day you come, you're open seven days a week. - um hm, seven days a week, breakfast all day. - you don't even need syrup on those. - they're good pancakes. - they're so good. and what's that over there? - oh, this is our southwestern chicken. it's a smothered chicken breast, with peppers and onions and barbecue sauce, mashed potatoes, and that's a southwestern corn, has a little spice to it. - everything looks good, i'm gonna live here, is that okay? - okay yeah, help yourself. - i will be back, here in grafton on main street, nancy's main street diner. thank you so much, denise, for being here. - [denise] oh, thanks for comin', thank you. - [natalie] i'll have to go back and thank your mom before i leave, too. - [denise] okay. - [natalie] we'll be back with more diners after this. - [voiceover] just gotta stay busy, keep movin'. that's the secret and the whole idea's to get it all up at the same time. - [david] yeah.
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(rock music) - this is a number five here, you get two eggs, a choice of meat, and two pancakes. - welcome back to new day cleveland, our show of iconic diners, great diners in northeast ohio,
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millions of good jobs lost. communities devastated. the jobs moved overseas.
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for president has consistently fought trade deals that ship ohio jobs overseas. bernie sanders. sanders opposed the disastrous nafta trade deal. opposed special trade status with china. now he's opposing the trans-pacific trade deal. while others waffle, bernie is fighting hundreds of thousands of new job losses. for jobs. for us. bernie. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. - good to see you. - let me shake that big paw there, he's got some strong hands.
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- 23 years, it's been my diner. - - 23 years, and big al told me that when you come in here, you usually catch him sittin' in a booth over here, and you sorta have a conversation with the entire place, huh? - oh yeah, that's part of it. everybody knows everybody. - [david] like cheers. - [big al] like cheers. (laughing) - [david] so we had a chance to come in here after the dust settles, because this place is busy all the time. - all the time. - yeah, i saw a look at your hall of fame over there, and it looks like every publication that has anything to do with food including michael simon and the food channel, they've been here, huh? - they've been here. several best of's and lots of plain dealer articles, yeah, and food network. - okay, so the food network thing, what they were talkin' a lot about is your corned beef hash. so, what makes your corned beef hash so special? - [big al] uh, family recipe, we make it fresh, it's real corned beef, it doesn't come from a can. we buy from vienna cleveland, so we like to buy local. that's what it is and. - it's a beautiful
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i like the way it looks here. i'm gonna pull out a fork or a knife here and just show you guys like. the hash is right under here, look at this, you get the nice runny egg with the nice hash. and it looks to me like it's sort of like a 50/50 mix with the potatoes and the corned beef, huh? - well, potatoes and green peppers and a lot of people like 'em with onions too, but. - [david] so, i came in here, i was, i saw a gentleman in the corner and he was havin' some pancakes. and he says he's been comin' here for 20 years. - that's not unusual. the whole business is about regulars. and that's what's and there's people been comin' in over 20 years, and not just a few of 'em, a lot of people. it's comfort food, that's what it's all about and that yeah, they do, they feel at home. - so, do you do any cooking back on the grill now? - um, once in a while. i open a few days a week. but i'm not doin' much cookin' at all, any more. - is that a young man's sport, back there? - that's a young man's sport. (laughter) and i'm not gettin' any younger. - i gotta tell you though, you're gettin' more famous
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everybody know's who big al is. and you know, and you watch the guy workin' on the hot top back there, makin' all the stuff. i mean, it is really a trick. how do you keep all of the different orders straight of what you're making or what's done at what time? what's the skill? - and, you just gotta stay busy, keep movin', that's the secret and, and he has to have some skill. i mean, he does, they both have skill, and it's just a timing thing. the whole idea's to get it all up at the same time. - [david] yeah. - [big al] so everybody eats at the same time. - so what have you got here, i see it looks like grilled onions on something there too? - yeah, we're famous for it, grilled onions on all potatoes, and it's always a choice, if you'd like that or not. and this is a western omelet, a regular-size omelet. there's probably close to 12-14 ounces of filling. - let's open that baby and show 'em what that looks like. look at this baby, this is beautiful. look at that. so which kind, this is the western omelet. so what goes in a western omelet? - [big al] ham, peppers, and onions.
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- [big al] (laughing) actually, a few. (laughter) - [david] a few hundred. so i gotta tell you, when you come to big al's, you're gonna see a bunch of folks that you see. if you come twice you're gonna see a lot of people you saw the first time. but most importantly, you're gonna find al right over there and he's gonna be talkin', what's the big subject around here for you to be talkin' about? - oh football, always browns football. - football, you're a browns fan? - oh yeah. - [david] oh yeah. i think it's gonna be better. better comin' up in the comin' year here too, right? - it can't get much worse. (laughter) - oh, you have to remember, it's always great at big al's, thank you, big al. - thank you. - yeah, a real pleasure, you got some strong hands there, man! (laughter) teach the browns a couple moves out there, uh huh! hey, guess what? we've got some other diners to visit. (jazz music) - [voiceover] gray dog diner is located in lakewood, across the street from st. ed's high school. the name came about because of the scottish dog out in our entranceway,
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pet his paw, you get some luck. we serve breakfast all day. our breakfast special is our number one item. but when you're headed into lunch, we do excellent corned beef. with my corned beef, i buy my beef from vienna, right downtown cleveland here. i every single morning, boil off a whole brisket of it. then one of my meat guys cuts it up. and then what doesn't sell tomorrow morning, becomes our corned beef hash for breakfast. the huevos rancheros, that is one of our specialty items. we make refried beans here in-house. chorizo, and we top it with eggs, salsa, a little bit of feta cheese, some scallions, and cilantro. and it is one of our best items here. all of the food here is prepared fresh. almost everything on this menu, if i can make it homemade i do. being across the street
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between 6:00 and 8:00 in the morning and 3:00 and 5:00 in the afternoon. i have a breakfast bagel sandwich that they can get, flyin' out the door for $3.00. and after school, a 1/4 pound cheeseburger with french fries for $5.00. you're comin' into the gray dog, if there's somethin' you like, it will most likely be on this menu. and a lotta times, i have veggie burgers back there that aren't on my menu. the captain crunch french toast for the kid's menu, i have adults who order it you know, the full-sized version portion of it, its kinda cool, actually. um, i have a breakfast bowl i run on special, which is pretty much my breakfast special, but it's in a bowl smothered with gravy and cheese. i don't always put it on special, but i always have the ingredients to make it. ask i might have it. and we have a daily deal every single day. on mondays, it's a blt platter. tuesday's, it's a chicken, grilled chicken platter.
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cheeseburger platter. thursday's is our gray dog hot dog platter, that's interesting, it's a half-pound hot dog, topped with fries and coleslaw, and a hot barbecue sauce. all of our desserts are homemade. all of our soups are homemade. i always have chicken noodle, and then every day or two, i switch up one of the other soups. today i have corned beef and cabbage soup. one of my items that i really, really wanna push is our gray dog omelet. i don't sell very much of it, but i think just 'cause it's made with artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, basil, and mozzarella cheese sprinkled all over. it is fabulous. our fresh-cut french fries, every single day, hand-pressed, partially fried, and then fried off again, so they're crispy when you want 'em, served with our homemade garlic aioli sauce. my customers love service, and it's your calm,
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you're not in a hurry. and don't be in a hurry when you come here. we're very little. my grill is about this big, so once i've got a full house, enjoy your coffee. our motto on the back of all of our shirts say, "sit, "stay, enjoy." - [david] back on the road to another great diner, after the break, it's nick's. (caribbean rock) - [natalie] welcome back to our diner road show. here's one in ohio city, that has been around since the 40s, is that right anna, here at nick's diner. - 1949 to be exact, yes. - and so 1949, and it's remained nick's diner since the day it opened up.
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die nick's diner, foreve this is what i came home for -- to work in the community, turning schools after hours
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and safe spaces for our kids. i'm p.g. sittenfeld. after princeton and a marshall scholarship, i turned down a job at google to work improving education. elected to city council, i've helped create 5,000 new jobs, took on big banks to clean up foreclosed properties. now i'm running for the senate and approve this message to offer bold new leadership
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- every day, just every day people. but we have many, many regulars for years. more than 20 years. - [natalie] more than 20 years. - there are some that have been here, yes, - [natalie] that's what i love about places like this, they feel like home when you come in and everybody is one big, happy family when they're here. - [anna] it feels like just one big happy family. happy family here. - [natalie] but there i'm sure, people keep - yes. this breakfast that you have, that i don't think you're gonna find at many diners throughout the cleveland area. - i would doubt it, i would doubt it. - what is so special about it? - well for $2.99.
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it right. - $2.99 you get three eggs any style. you get your choice of bacon or sausage. you get your choice of home fries or grits and you get wheat, white, or rye toast along with it. - [natalie] so this is something that is obviously breakfast. do you serve it all day long? we serve everything on the menu all day long. - [natalie] all day long. but that breakfast, the $2.99 ends at a certain time. - [anna] at 11:00 in the morning yes, you can get it afterwards as well, but for $4.69. - okay, so even if you sleep in, you still can get a great deal. - absolutely. - what about the skillet? i heard the skillet is delicious, the skillets you have. - we have many to choose from, but the ohio city skillet would be our top seller, our five star. - [natalie] what's in that one? - [anna] that one there, it has ham and bacon, it has sausage, onions, peppers, okay, it's covered with three eggs on top. - [natalie] okay, i can see why. - [anna] any style you want 'em, over easy, over medium, over hard, scrambled, scrambled with cheese, poached, you name it. - [natalie] now what about the soup here? because i heard the soup is to die for, is it? - fresh made every day, and we have potato and cheddar, we have chicken noodle,
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we have broccoli and cheese, we have just plain potato soup. you name it we have different fresh soups every day. - [natalie] so the food is spectacular, obviously. - [anna] yes. - [natalie] i like when you come in here, too. there's a lot of artwork up on the wall. it's very unique artwork. - [anna] yes, yes. - [natalie] who's responsible for all this? - [anna] harry would be responsible for most of 'em. - [natalie] the owner, okay. - [anna] yeah, yes, he's also the one that does the artwork. however the 3d ones is done by someone else, by tracy, a man named tracy, which is a long-time friend of ours as well. he's the one that does the 3d ones, the other ones, it's harry that does that, yeah. - light fixture, gorgeous. - oh yeah that, those are from mike's, from the bubble park too, so yes, um hm. - [natalie] the bubble is it, i think, right? - [anna] glass bubble, the glass bubble factory, yes. - [natalie] really, that's neat. so you know, when you're comin' along the stretch here, and you stop and you're thinking where can i go to get a good bite to eat? i mean this door is always open. - nick's diner, it's always open.
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are you open seven days a week? how many days a week? - monday through friday 7-3, and saturday and sunday 7-4. - [natalie] so you are open every day of the week. - [anna] every day of the week. the only day that we are closed out of the year is christmas day. - that's it. - so we're open 364 days a year. - and i heard you're here for 364 days out of the year, too. is that true? (laughter) give you a little break. - close to it, very close, very close, no very close, yeah. - thank you so much for having us in here. - you are quite welcome, thank you for coming. - thank you, just another diner stop, that you have to see, when you're traveling throughout northeast ohio. - [anna] absolutely. (country funk music) (70s rock) - time to get a little iconic here, because we're at steve's diner. and steve's diner's been around a long time. and how long have you been with steve's diner? - well we bought it 15 years ago from steve's son. - from steve's son, okay, so now we're at biddulph plaza that's on biddulph and ridge road. - yeah. - [david] you got a big place here, a big diner. and this is the kind of place you can come
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in the middle of the night, right? - [ed] yup, we're 24 hours, we serve breakfast, and of course steve's hot dogs. - [david] what's the recipe for the chili? (laughter) he's laughing at me. - no, no, no, we paid a lot of money for that recipe. - okay, so, so. - and making that recipe, when we bought steve's, we had to change over the recipe into handfuls. the recipe's in handfuls, my hands were bigger than his, so we had to figure out how many handfuls of mine were matched his. 'cause it's a hundred pounds of ground meat, and so many handfuls of this and so many handfuls of that. - [david] excellent. - [ed] but to make sure that it stayed the same. - [david] okay, so i'm gonna go find angela right now, and angela's gonna make me a hot dog, and she's gonna put the magic chili on it, right? - that it is. - is this chili so hot you can't touch it with your hands? - no, not at all. - it's only in handfuls when you're makin' it. - (laughing) that's the spices. - i'm gonna find out, thanks. - [ed] great, great. (70s rock music) - okay now ed's a cool guy, and he can tell you great stories all night long, because he's got those late night stories. but angela is the one that's
10:28 am
- yes. - how did you come to start for you? - i came to learn to speak english, because i came from greece and i don't know how to speak english. and i went there just to learn to speak english and i stayed there. - and you just never left? - [angela] nope. - 37 years, so you're a lovely lady and your english is lovely, too. - thank you. - okay, so they talk about the chili dog, the big, famous chili dog. can you show me how to put one of those together? - yes. - so how long, you've been doin' the chili dog for 37 years? - [angela] 37 years. - i think that's great. how about the hot dog? what's better about it, the hot dog or the chili, what do you think? - the chili sauce, it's a secret recipe. - a secret recipe, now ed told me, he wasn't going to tell me the secret. i was wondering if maybe you could tell me the secret? - [angela] i cannot tell you. - [david] you can't tell me the secret? (rowdy rock music) okay, here it is, let's take a look at this. oh yeah.
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than the cincinnati chili? - [angela] i never have cincinnati chili. - [david] i don't think you're even allowed to say cincinnati chili inside steve's diner, right? - no, i never been there. - oh, that looks great. okay, i'm gonna come over here this way, and take a look at this. now, when you order a steve's hot dog here, does it get french fries sometimes, if you want? - yes. - what other kind of stuff do people get with it? - ricotta cheese, chili. - oh yeah? - [angela] coleslaw. - coleslaw, now if you were gonna have one, is this the way you'd have it? - yes. - that's exact, so this is the right way to do it? - yes. - so when you come to steve's diner, and you see angela, you say, "i want it like "you like it." and this is what you get, right? - yes. - okay, i'm gonna grab just a little bit. should i take a bite? - [angela] sure. - it looks pretty good. pretty good. - [angela] good? - um hm. - it's 10 hours to cook the chili sauce. it takes 10 hours to make it. - your last chance, what's the secret? - i cannot tell you. - oh, there you go. you're gonna have to come try it yourself. steve's diner, biddulph plaza,
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road, delicious. - [angela] thank you. - [david] more delicious stuff, right after the break. (rowdy, upbeat music) - i've got catfish and fries. and, i'm gonna work out later. (laughter) (rowdy, upbeat music) (country rock music) - welcome back to our show that is all diners, all day. i wanna know real quick, how many cups of coffee have you had so far for on this show? - about 15. (laughing) the coffee's always great in all the diners we visit. - it's so true, some of these places have been around for decades. decades, i mean some of them since the early 1900's. we cannot defeat a corrupt political system but i believe we need to lift our vision
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to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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and that makes for a great thing and diners are just that. and the diner we're gonna go to now, talkin' about bein' around a long time. this one looks like an old-fashioned diner. (dishes clinking, and sizzling frying) (mellow, upbeat music) (crowd murmurs) - pork chops? gonna eat it here? people come to the diner, like a lot of locals come. and then for lunch, we get a
10:34 am
it's definitely a mix you know, a good group of people. it's different, it's nice. - i've got catfish and fries. and i'm gonna work out later. (laughter) - i work with my dad here, we've been here for 12 years now. i like cookin' for people, you know i grew up doin' it, my whole life. it's tough sometimes, it gets a little old, like any job, but it's entertaining, you know, we have a good time here, a lot of fun. - meat loaf and mashed potatoes and gravy. - the gyro, onion rings, and it's delicious. - food is today, don't try to feed somebody something you don't eat. this is the truth. - fish sandwich in the face. - good food, it's a nice little cozy atmosphere. - [cook] put a little swiss cheese, rye bread. - [chrsto] got a lot of regulars keep comin' in.
10:35 am
for the past 10 years. there's always, people seem to like the food a lot. - [demetrios] i mean, look at the weather, how cold it is, if it's cooler i get hot meals, more. if it's warmer, i have colder sandwiches and salads. people love the salad, they love the salads. - the food's always good here, and the price is right. - [demetrios] the quality like this, don't buy more than you need. if you run out a little bit, it's good to run short. but not to have it laying around in the coolers. (mellow, upbeat music) when i see the people eating, and they so happy. and they tell you how good it is, that makes me happy also. i love that, i love to see people to be happy with the food they eat. i've been in the business, 1966. i went through so many times down and up, the economy. and i know, if it's
10:36 am
next day is the same, the third day is gonna make up. you cannot have every day the same amount of people. people they go around, they go different places. - yeah that's a salad, gotta watch my figure. - you're not gonna get mad at the people they go some place else, they have to try. they can't go seven days to the same place. they gotta try other places. and that's what makes, they come back and they appreciate, they get a little better meal. i was gonna retire, but i have good clientele. the people comin' in, they give me so happy, and i feel like i'm never tired. how can i give it up? (clanking, sizzling) i cannot take an even day off. 'cause people they say, where were you jim? where were you? what happened to you? where you gonna find friends like that? it's not only customers, but friends.
10:37 am
- [waitress] here you guys are. - and the food's always good, right? the coffee's always good. well they are rich in history, that's for sure. now we're gonna head off to a place that's really cool, it's called, charlie's dog house diner. (jazz piano music) - it's time to have a little fun. we are here at charlie's dog house, where bobbi is cooking up some breakfast food. but where's the dogs? oh, the dogs are outside. - they're outside, they're outside. - [bobbi] on the building, on the building. - [natalie] on the building, that's what, okay. did it start off as a hot dog stop? it's always been, it's always been the dog house. they used to just serve hot dogs and hamburgers out that window. this was not ever open. we just served 'em right out the window. - [natalie] so, you'd be, you'd have to walk by. this is an actual sidewalk cafe, people would walk up to the window? - [bobbi] yeah, and then. - [natalie] it's not a drive, it was never a drive through? - nope, and then after years and years, i guess the place caught fire,
10:38 am
all that other stuff on. - [natalie] so that's when they added the additional seating. - [bobbi] they added the additional, right. - [natalie] so i hear though, there's more menu options than there are actual seats in this place. - [bobbi] there is. - [natalie] what all do you serve up? - [bobbi] we serve breakfast, everyday. breakfast is a good hit. and we serve lunch, hamburgers, hot dogs, omelets. - [natalie] jeez, how long has this place around? - since 1950. - [natalie] 1950? - yeah, 1950. - [natalie] that's incredible. and do you have your regulars that come back, day after day? - every day, we have a gentleman that comes in here, he's been comin' in here for 30 years. - is that his name tag i see sitting over there? - that's jim, yes. - [natalie] so, i'm guessing i'm not allowed to sit in big jim's seat. - [bobbi] only from 6:00-7:30. he comes in at 6:00 and he's here till 7:30. - [natalie] it's kind of a cool place, okay. so why don't i let you
10:39 am
- okay. sit down and we'll chat and we'll put a couple of those plates in front of us, - [bobbi] okay. - all right, i'll wait for you - all right. - [natalie] all right. egg, thanks to you. - broken eggs. (laughter) well, at least i got you a little bit of a break. - yes, you did. - put you on the front of the bar to sit down, and show us some of this delicious food. daughter just brought it over to me, is a must. - yes, it's an ashley burrito. - look at that, yummy. my daughter-in-law's niece made this up when she was. - yummy, what's in this? - sausage, bacon, cheddar cheese and loaded with sausage gravy. - that is delicious. so, this is the window you were talking about? - yes. - [natalie] now, if i try to order from that window today, could i? - no. - [natalie] not any more. - not any more. - but you did keep this 50's style vibe goin'. - yes, i tried to keep it as, as the way it was in 1950 as much as possible. - probably pretty nostalgic for people then who come in and get to relive their
10:40 am
- yes, yes. - like this gentleman, whose dad used to come here all the time. - yes, he did. - you get that a lot, don't you? - yes i do, and parents and grandparents that used to bring their children in. a lot of 'em come in here and say, "my grandparents "used to bring us in here, or my dad used "to bring us when we were little." or this is another one they say, " i've never been "in this place, i've lived in this neighborhood "whole life, and never been in here." - well, if you've never been in here before, we're right on brookpark road in cleveland. i think everybody sitting here at the bar will tell you, it's a place you must stop and visit. thank you so much. - thank you very much. - i'm gonna keep diggin' in. - knock yourself out. (laughing) - i'm getting a to-go box, okay? (laughter) you full from all that breakfast? well, you better save some room. up next, david is headed to a place that is all about some good old-fashioned comfort food.
10:41 am
(accordion polka music) - welcome back to new day cleveland. are you ready to visit another great diner? how about the little polish diner. that's right, we're in parma on ridge road, right? - on ridge road. - [david] right near snow. - at the corner of snow road. - really hard to find, it's a little, tiny, little place on the corner, but if you
10:43 am
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10:44 am
lish fpoood. and, describe polish food to me. what does that mean? - polish food is normally considered comfort food. you know, the cabbage rolls or galumpki. you know, the kielbasi and sauerkraut. here you have a plate with the pierogies, the galumpki. like that word, good word. - [john] yeah. (laughing) that they always make is the, some of them call it the haluski, it's the cabbage and noodles, which we always pair up with our fish. in this case we have a plate of lake perch. - look how nice this lake perch is too. it's like barely breaded, i mean, it's really, it's perfect, look at that. - [john] we spent a long time making that breading for those. - it's good, did you cook all this? - sophie cooks all this. - sophie. - [john] sophie cooks. - so sophie does the magic thing in the kitchen. - yes, she does. - [david] now i saw sophie pull out some of that stuffed cabbage, and she keeps
10:45 am
- [john] yes, um hm. when you bake them, she covers them with the leaves to keep the moisture in and protect them from burning. - mm hm. i just love it too, she asked me whether i wanted french fries or noodles. - correct. - now where do you go to get asked whether you want french fries or noodles? i mean, that's unbelievable. - the little polish diner. - the little polish diner. - yeah, you get a choice on friday. and we only make 'em on friday. a lot of requests for during the week, but only on friday. - the heck with french fries. - [john] yes. - so, do you call those polish french fries? (laughter) - [john] no, it's just cabbage and noodles, or haluski. - [david] um hm, and i noticed too, when she cooks her pierogies, like she cooks 'em different ways. like some people, she said, like 'em a little more tender, some a little browner. - [john] yes, yes. - [david] but she browns 'em all. - [john] you get to know your customers. and they're always, unless you request otherwise, they're always sauteed with onions, in the butter. we do supply five varieties here. - i can't believe the great reviews you get at this place. i mean, it's a tiny, tiny, tiny little place. sophie's back there
10:46 am
- yes, yes. - to serve between the hours of 11:00 and 8:00. you get reviews from like the top critics. - oh. - yeah, whip one out there. go ahead and brag a little bit, john. - other than the ones on the wall, we have this whole stack. - look at that. - here's one, pick three. this is a joe crea, the scoop, by barbara collier, i mean it just goes on and on and on. - [david] i gotta tell ya, this perch is so good, and the noodles are so good. we have to take a look, now is this different than this, or is this the same? - [john] no, they're the same thing, they just look a little different, because of the color of the leaves. - so you see sophie back there doin' her magic, but when the diner's not open, she's back there. and she's rolling these babies up, these beautiful little stuffed cabbages. isn't that great? - [john] depending upon the day of the week, she'll roll 90 to 120 of those a night. - [david] sophie rolls. - [john] she rolls. - the little polish diner, we're on ridge road, we're in parma right near snow road. it's right on the corner of the building, so look for it. and if you come a
10:47 am
it might be a big line out there, tough to get in. - yes, yes. - just a few seats, but it is cool. thank you, john. - [john] thank you. - thank you, sophie! hey, a whole lot more new day cleveland coming up after the break, delicious. (ethnic mandolin music) (folk music) (bell rings) back, we are ending our diner show right where david and i started, here at kleifeld's in willoughby. gretchen, you and your wonderful husband picked up this place almost a year ago now? - yes.
10:48 am
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10:51 am
and we just want everybody to feel like they're at home. you know, comin' in here and relaxing, takin' your mind off things, drinkin' a cup of coffee and just having fun. - [natalie] you've kept a lot of the charm that brings people back. - [gretchen] yes. - [natalie] now, how much of it has stayed the same, really? - [gretchen] mostly everything, i did change the paint. i wanted to make it my own, you know? it's just been here so long. - [natalie] sure. - [gretchen] and you know, people don't like change, but it's hard to come into a restaurant and not make it your own. - absolutely. - so, i changed the paint, the counters, everything, tables, everything has stayed the same. - [natalie] that's awesome. - [gretchen] so it's pretty exciting, yeah. - [natalie] so what are the big draws? i know when people come in, i see a lot of different options on the tables here. what are some of your favorites, so to speak? when people come in here, what do they like to eat? - well we do have our special. that's like our main thing, is it's a cheap special, it's two eggs, bacon, home fries, toast and coffee. and we do that monday
10:52 am
beat the price on that. - great price. - other than that. - [natalie] what about your burgers, 'cause i heard the burgers are awesome? there's a special burger that you have. - [ gretchen] yes, we actually at last stop willoughby, in downtown, in downtown willoughby, we put our kboy burger in it, and we won second place. which is pretty exciting, i'll take second place, yes. - [natalie] oh, second place is pretty good. - [gretchen] it's very good, it's almost like, it's like a big boy burger. but, we just kinda did our own little twist to it, and made our own sauce and things like that. and so that's popular at lunch. - and okay so, i didn't skip to lunch, but for breakfast i hear an omelet's pretty phenomenal. - yes we actually, one of our specials right now, i came up with a spanish omelet, and we sell quite a few of those. - [natalie] and now, what about the is it, biscuits and gravy? - [gretchen] biscuits and gravy, i actually changed that recipe. - [natalie] you did, oh, oh, were customer's okay with the change? - [gretchen] yeah i know, yes, yes, they're actually pretty excited. i changed the gravy, i did more of a maple sausage in the gravy, and then i did the biscuits homemade. - so, i'm looking up
10:53 am
and i'm seeing the prices on a lot of these different foods, and everything looks so reasonable. did you really try to keep prices, at a lower price point? - i did, i did, yes. i did have to raise the prices a little bit, when i first bought the place, just because everything's gone up, tremendously. but i didn't wanna do it a lot. because you know, we have people that work hard and you know they come here, and they're locally, and i don't wanna just sell 'em $10 this or $10 that. i wanna, if i wanna go out to eat, i wanna pay $6.75 or something for stuffed peppers. - for stuffed peppers! - yes, i know, and i get up like at 4:00 every morning and come in and make these specials. - so is that what your day's, you come in really early in the morning, just to make this, the wonderful meals and breakfasts. - [gretchen] i have a pretty good staff, so i don't always have to come in, but when i do, it's really early. - so a lot of homemade, i mean so when you think of the type of food you're gonna come in here and get, it's homemade with a lot of love, in a way. - yes, um hm, i make all my soups homemade. everything's pretty much homemade in here. - [natalie] if i were to give you a specific
10:54 am
like some of the regulars that come in. - oh yeah, um hm. - at that time, every day. - i know every time. 6:00 in the morning, i have at least three or four people. - you know, just poundin' on the door. - ready at the door, and i'm just like, "give me "just one second, you know to get the door open." and then i have my regulars at like 8:00, 9:30, 10:00, 11:30, like i, i just know when they're comin' in. - well, for those who are watching now, and maybe haven't seen before, are you open seven days a week? how many days a week are you open? that they can come in and start to be regulars. - seven days a week, yes. - seven days a week. - monday through friday at 6:00, saturdays and sundays we open at 7:00. - [natalie] well gretchen, i can't thank you enough for having us here. and i think it's time to finish this diner show with a little bit of food, so i'm gonna dig in to some of that delicious food you've made, okay? sound good? - yes, yes, thank you. (peaceful guitar music) (50s music) - well, here we are together again, in front of food together. - yes, this is the kboy burger that everybody's been raving about.
10:55 am
- doesn't that look delicious? - yeah, it looks like real nice beef patties in there. - i saved that for you. - look what i got, puttin' gravy on my biscuits here. - so, if you wanna come to kleifeld's, it's here but man, we went all over the place with some really great diners. - we saw some crazy food, too. was the kind of food that you look at and you go like, "wow, "that looks good." but you can never eat it, like the wimpy burger at jefferson, oh my goodness, that thing was like, it was as big as this plate! it was unbelievable. - i think i took to-go boxes at every single stop i was at, because it was so good, and you didn't want to leave it sitting there. - [david] yeah. - you had to take it home with you too. - yeah, and you know what else? oh i really enjoyed about the diners, is like, it's like that everybody knows your name kinda thing. - [natalie] um hm. - you'd go into places, you'd see the same guys, the same time of day. the owner could be sittin' in the corner, he could be your best friend at that part of the day, so it's a great place not just for food, but the camaraderie. - i loved this show, we had a good time. - i think we should do another diner show. - i think we should, there's plenty more to see all over northeast ohio, that's for sure. - and you're always ready for something to eat, right? - you know it, so i'm gonna, i'm gonna head in. i'm gonna head in.
10:56 am
- and i'm natalie herbick. - go get it! - i can't do it, really. we'll see you on the next new day cleveland, don't watch. - say, "ah!" (laughter) (peppy, upbeat, electric organ music) - you weren't supposed to see that.
10:57 am
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