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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  March 11, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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next at 10:00, is it a hill and message ofn change.
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tonight's rally will be postponed until another date. thanker you very much for your attendance and please go in peace. >> chaos at a donald trump campaign rally. protest, fights and violence forced the candidate to abandon his plans. >> the protests in chicago, the eve of the busy weekend if presidential campaigning in northeast ohio. >> of course, our primary is tuesdayu and there are new concerns about safety here. lou maglio is on the story. some scary moments in chicago tonight.he st >> there has been worries about something like this repton for several days.hee just yesterday, a man wass arrested and charged after video
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protester at a trump rally. and trump has been criticizeded for not being forceful enough in telling his supporters to stay calm. more of the chaotic scene from a trump rally in chicago tonight. >> there were large protests both inside and outside during the planned trump event at the university of illinois chicago.o. illinois also holds a primary tuesday night. hundreds of protesters packeded the arena and started demonstrating even before trump arrived. five sections in the arena were filled with protesters. things spilled over outside as well. several flights between trump supporters and protesters erupted after the trump campaign announced that the rally would be canceled out of concern for the safety of tens of thousands t of people in the area. the statement ends, thank you engel and y peace. here is trump's response to the violence to fox news tonight.po >> i don't want to see people get hurt.
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worse and i decided very stronglyu to make a decision not to do it as to postpone the rally. it was a big rally and a tremendous rally with tremendous people but i don't want to see people get hurt. any people on either we have such a divided country now. it's been so divided under this president. i have been saying it for a long timeerer. >> trump's campaign stops at the i x center saturday at 2:00 p.m. cleveland police tell us they have a security plan in place for all events of this nature. john k sick will be in mansfield on saturday and strongsville on sunday. hillary clinton will be inn cleveland tomorrow we've learned tonight that president bill clinton has three ohio stopst plan for cincinnati, toledo and akron tomorrow. you can find info on all of these attom under seen on tv. we are seen a critical election and nobody wants to see a repeat of what happened in chicago
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>> we will have crews everywhere tomorrow. >> certain 17 -year-olds will be able to vote in tuesday's ohio primary. and ohio judge granted the request this afternoon.ft teens will be 18 before the november generalh election will be allowed to cast ballots. ohio secretary of state john husted had said that rules don't allow for thele votes. he plan to appeal the decision, butn the court told him they would not be able to hear the case until after tuesday's primary. democrat bernie sanders had filed suit to allow the 17 -year-olds to vote.ococ >> speaking of sanders, he brought his campaign to toledo late this afternoon, ahead of the ohio primary. he's hoping for a repeat of his surprise victory over hillary clinton and nearby michigan and is appealing to blue-collar workers and young voters. but before he addressed the crowd, he sat down with h fox 8 news for a one-on-one interview with melissa >> are job is to encourage young people to participate in the
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difficult for them to do so. >> moments before and ohio judge ruled thats 17 -year-olds can vote in tuesday's primaries, presidential hopefulr- senator bernie sanders sat down for a one-on-one with fox 8 at his rally in toledo. >> the idea that the secretary of state state we change the rulesolol would say that if you are going toyo be 18 when the generalen election comes, you should be allowed to participate in the primary to change those rules. to make it harder for young people to participate, i think isrd really outrageous. >> it is a big win for sanders and his young supporters, who are looking for another upset and ohio like the one less tuesday and nearby michigan.e but i've been one of the leaders in the united states congress against those disastrous trade agreements that have crested us millions of decent paying jobs in the united states. secretary clinton's position has been very different pitch he has supported virtually all of these trade agreements.
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significant in helping me whenme michigan and i think it will help me win here in ohio. >> sanders acknowledges the importance of the buckeye state and the november election and saysno if elected president, people in northeast ohio can expect a tougher stance on corporate americaca, as well as accessible higher education and less student debt. >> today they go in. what you want them to know? >> i don't have a super pack that receives millions and millions of dollars from wall street, drug companies, or the fossil fuel industry. my source of financial support comes from 5 million individual campaign contributions. you can tell a lot about a campaign candidate where we get our money. she gets it from powerful special interests and i get it fromit $27 a piece from ordinary americans.ecs. >> we joked with senator sanders that heor had the young vote, which was evident by the crowd
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they have to go after the senior citizens. senator sanders was headed to chicago next and he is back in ohio and columbus on sunday. back to you. >> and other news tonight, a of murdering his wife will not getde a new trial. suzanne strafford joins us with more on why the judge ruled againstor u douglas prade. argued that he was innocent because of new dna linked to the now infamous bite mark. but the judge decided that the unite in this case isn't clear-cut and certainly not the only evidence against prayed.le >> the brutal murder of doctor margo prade, found in her minivan in 1998 was so vicious f, prosecutors said then, and insist now, it could only have been committed by her estranged husband, former akron police captain douglas prade he was going through divorce. he stocked her and was wiretapping her. there was evidence he was controlling an abusive.n
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appeared his case. but friday afternoon, judge christine croce denied his motion for new trial. >> margaret scott's chief of the criminal division for the summit county prosecutor's office. >> we are confidentfo based on the evidence and the ruling that he will remain where he belongs in prison. >> he was freed in 2013 for about a year. after now retired judge declared him innocent because of new dna evidence found on margo's lab coat up of a bite mark, which some experts attributed to prayed and others disputed. >> there was male dna on the lab coat belonging to the real killer, which was not mr. prade. >> but prosecutors say, it was actually trace dna from severals males with no evidence of saliva. the ninth district court of appeals that the case back down and now judge croce ruled that it's'sju inconclusive and most likely from cross-contamination.
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only ae small part of the case that got prade convicted.on >> they found evidence that could actually calculated how muchc money he would receive upon her death and itemized what his bills were and how much money he would have left over. there was m just overwhelming evidence of his guilt. >> we were unable to reach prade's attorneys for comment tonight but back when judge croce first got the case, they did say they would appeal her decision if it went against their client. tul >> the browns made it official today. they cut ties with cornerback johnny manziel. >> it ends just less than two years after it began. fox 8 sports anchor john telich told us what the latest. >> not at all surprised. just a couple of days after the fact the team held off on releasingo johnny manziel because it was hoping someone would take him off the team's hands, but no takers, and thus the tumultuous two years is over with tons off
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quarterback position. easy to make note of it after take heededak the warnings prior to the night of may 8, 2014, when they selected manziel with the 22nd pick in the nfl draft. they took the quarterback, who had already established a history of late-night partying and excessive media presence. over two seasons of headlines, most of them for off the field knuckle headedness, manziel managed to start eight games with seven touchdowns m and seven interceptions. so, johnny iss gone, while he waits word on a grand jury findings in dallas. he did release a statement quote i like to think the browns for the opportunity they gave me, m nearly two years ago, we all hope that we were building what could be a championship team for cleveland. i will always remember the support i received from the organization, my teammates and
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benjamin the league. but for now, he as a man without a team. as for the browns plan to bring in a quarterback? we will fill you in the latest coming up in sports. >> it makes you wonder if any teams will pick him up. >> i would think he is somewhat radioactive because he has this grand jury thing over his head.d. >> still to come, andre breaks down the weekend and beyond. find out when the soggy weather will make a come back. >> the remarkable life of a beloved first lady. inside the funeral of nancy reagan. >> police say it's only a matter of time before they tracked down a murder. tonight they have a message for the suspect and a long-standing cold case.d d >> terrifying moments on the tracks. tonight we are learning more about what ledd up to an incredible train collision. >> plus, t a place to listen to your wife. just at the sky.
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change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability. bernie sanders. he was there when dr. king marched on washington. unafraid to challenge the status quo to end racial profiling, take on police misconduct, and take down a system that profits from mass imprisonment. there is no president who will fight harder to end institutional racism. education. opportunity. reform. bernie.
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right now, 35 degrees and 30 degrees at the airport and 33 degrees and hopkins airport. you can see the cooler air 19 and things to high pressure and with clear skies so we are settling in a close to the overnight temperatures and some tonight. right now t the low temperature for today is the current temperature. that will go into the record
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clearing and frosty called and 36 degrees near the lake shore and 26 interior. tomorrow we will average 60 degrees was sunshine in the morningun and clouds increase in the afternoon. the onshore breeze will keep it a little cooler against the shoreline somewhere between 48 degrees and 55 degrees. out towards camden you hit 65 degrees. this is what happens this time of year with the light shore breeze. this is the clock change weekend to spring details coming up. >> still more questions than answers. an update on what rattled in an entire community. >> and a photo that caused customers to lose their appetite. why a picture in a restaurant
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the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. t fewer than 6% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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remarkable life of a beloved firstar lady, nancy reagan was laid to rest today next to her husband, the 40th president of the united states. >> fox news correspondent adam housley has more from the funeral.ta song, scripture and reflections asef family, friends, political figures, hollywood elite and the nation sit a final goodbye to
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former canadian prime minister brian mulroneyey reading the late president's own words about his wife. >> she's a wonderful person to sit by the fire with or to ride with, or just to be with. when the sun goes down in the stars come out. >> ronald and nancy reagan were defined by their love for each other. >> the former first lady eulogized by former reagan adviser andeu confidant, james baker, reagan's daughter patti davisg and son ron. all recounted need to strive, strength and love for her husband. >> my has parents were two has of the circle. closed tight around the world in which their love for each other was the only substance they needed. while they might venture out and include others in their orbit, no one truly crossed the boundary into the space they held as there is. >> they were cole equals.
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far, but together, they could and did go anywhere. >> in simi valley california, adam housley, fox news. >> president obama did not attend today's funeral. he is in austin, texas where he spoke this evening at the annual sxsw festival. his keynote address focused on civil engagement in a high-tech >> and iconic section of cleveland is getting a facelift. >> and tonight we have a birds eyen view of the public square renovations. a closer look at the progress is next.p >> plus, the safe haven law does not apply for an eight -year-old.
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talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, scream. only one guy's done more than talk. kasich. he'll do for america what he's done for us. create jobs. four hundred thousand jobs here in ohio. brought 'em back from mexico and china. turned our deficit into a surplus. more jobs? an america that works? let's loan 'em john kasich. new day for america is responsible for the content
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it's going to be a whole new public square. there is a big plan for a makeover in the worksks, scheduled to be done just in time for the republican national convention. >> lori taylor is taking you on a tour from high above the construction zoneor i hop aboard skyfox for a view of public square like none other you will ever see.ow notice the four quadrants coming together a stupid the vision of world renownd -- finally emerging from those artist renderings to the ground below. >> what we are really doing is changing the whole face of public square.
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theer project as executive director of the group plan commission. >> this isn't just a beautification project, it's taking a space that was underperforming, it was for separated quadrants, a lot of concrete and we are turning it into a world-class public's place t right in the heart of the city. >> we had to plan for the arctic freeze of the last few winters summer. says the 10-acre park dle has been built with finishes to last. >> the detail on the cobblestone promenade is hard to see down below, thea pavers have been laid in santa prevent cleveland's notorious freeze/thaw cycles from causing cracks. >> you see the tree come in and thet cafe has been built. theas foundation on the cleveland foundation centennial plaza is coming into shape. >> the soldiers and sailors
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and the butterfly shaped pathway trying together the two rectangular halves is coming together. beautiful for sure, but that's not all the project will bring to the community. >> every dollarro spent on public space infrastructure yields $6 in economic development impact in the surrounding area. >> the new public square will no doubt make a lasting impression on visitors to our city, while promising a lifetime of enjoyment for the rest of us who call cleveland our home.f lorrie taylor, fox 8 news. >> still to come, a near tragedy on the tracks. >> tonight there is new information on what led up to the shocking collision. >> plus, kids order root beer but that's not exactly what they
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police think they are close to finding a killer and tonight they have a message for him. >> he's got 5 million reasons to listen to his wife. meet the ohio man who hit the jackpot thanks to some very good advice. >> plus, the rain will return. but will it washout your weekend? andre is here to break down the forecast.r
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>> it has been fighting breaking out against protesters. >> this comes on the eve of a major trump rally planned for the eye x center at 2:00. security tells ust security is in place in a very chaotic scene in chicago tonight. >> it certainly was that.n fights broke out outside and inside and chicago. organizers announced the rally would be canceled charlie after 6:30 tonight. police ejected at least half a dozen trump supporters. he never got to the arena and called it off after having conversations with the police and in the safety of thousands of people in that area. he is telling media he does not condone violence.
10:31 pm
sections of the pavilion and there were hundreds of protesters in sight. here is rival ted cruz responding to the violence. >> i think a campaign bears responsibility for creating an when the candidate urges supporters to engage in physical violence and to punch people in the face. the predictable consequence of that is thatbl it escalates and today is likely to be the last -- protesters in chicago can be heard chatting. trump supporters responded that the protesters had one. attend situation in chicago. there are major primariesne on tuesday and the stakes are really high. if anything, the event in chicago will lead to advance security at the eye x center tomorrow afternoon at 2:00x we are days away from the ohio primary and we will have
10:32 pm
tuesday as soon as the returns come in. i stay with fox 8 for complete election coverage.wi it's been almost three decades him a 24 -year-old woman was w found stabbed to death inside a local apartment. >> now policest say they are close to catching her killer. >> march 13, 1987, 24 -year-old is stabbed to death in her bedford apartment. >> the young lady behind me said a death at the age of 24p rich he she should have never died and that person24 who committed the crime is still alive and on the street. >> the apartment's on broadway b avenue argonne but almost 29 years after her murder, police believe the case has new momentum. >> evidence is being resubmitted sometimes dna evidence that has been stored for a long time has a low newly developed technology is i allowing labs to amplify what is already there. >> police and prosecutors say
10:33 pm
forensic specialist, part of a specialized organization in philadelphia that has provided them a profile ofan annalee is killer. >> the killer has no the end is near. in a leah is supposed you for the failure thatyo you are. the final meals are being driven in your coffin.a given what i know, i would not go to the storen and by green bananas. >> investigators to believe someone still know something about the crime and is willing to talk.o >> i think everybody has a mother or a daughter that they cherish and love. nobody wants to see their loved one suffer such a gruesome death without the person responsible being held accountable and that's really what this is all about. >> dave nethers, fox 8 news. >> the reward for information is 8 up to $10,000. if you know anything, call crimestoppers or policece.
10:34 pm
investigators are still searching for the cause of that propane tank explosion at crocker park. yesterday's blast shook the ground for milest and sent a fireball high into the air. it also scorched the future headquarters of american greetings.h no one was hurt. >> an elementary school will transition back to tap water monday. gurney elementary has been using bottled water since january, after high lead levels were discovered. in district is working to update its water treatment system and has replaced all drinking fountains.ert spring breakers are being told to take extra precaution and traveling to countries where the zika virus is spreading. mexico and puerto rico are among the nations under a travel zika is usually transmitted through mosquito bites.y. >> every day people, police and even a pony all considered heroes tonight for the greater cleveland chapter of the
10:35 pm
all for showing courage and compassion to save a life or improve the lives of others. three cleveland police officer saved theth gunshot victim from bleeding to death by administering first aid. a first energy technician helped a carpenter who had severely injured his hand. npd the pony have put smiles on the faces of many sick children. >> to have the gentleman keep the pressure on the wound and i i remain calm fortunately until i had got back to my truck. after it was all over and realize what happened. really helped. a >> it's very unique and one-of-a-kind. he goes directly into the hospitals and does room to room visits.p >> petey is believed to be the first animal to receive this hero awardo .. have a nice weekend. part onend. part two might be the indoor book reading thing but the
10:36 pm
will rebound back up to almost the levels we had at midweek. but tonight a heightened cloud deck. it was a pretty sunset. the temperatures have really come down, thanks to a bubble of high pressure which is actually pushing the front wall to our south. this is an impressive system but there is a good part to all of this down here. you have probably heard about all the flooding in louisiana and let's take a closer look. the latest batch has actually angled to thect east so that the heaviest rain is now an area that hasn't been -- earlier this week a lot of rain in the 8-10-inch category and even isolated places where there was more than that.
10:37 pm
temperatures or prevented them from falling. as soon as they broke, you can see what happened. they went from 40 at 5:00 down into the 30s. 33 degrees is the current temperature and that is the overnight low foror the record books. it will be whatever it is at midnight tonight.t. it will be frosty cold and winds light and variable. tomorrow this is what the sky will look s like by afternoon but we should start off on a pretty sunny note with a high pressure because it is so close, the south east wind will turn on short by afternoon. notice that we start to muddy up the skies with cloud cover, no rain showers even as of 9:00. morning and jenn harcher tomorrow night to see where the showers are.
10:38 pm
part two of the weekend getting shoved up by a southwest wind. that is the good news in the temperature department. we stay on the warm side of that activity for a while. by midweek we start to see a break off of colder air and that is just the first and that we are going to see a pattern change. it will be a slow one but here's the rain sunday, monday and 62 degrees and 65 degrees. don't forget the time change saturday night we spring forward. the we start to see a pattern shift through here and another system with rain showers on wednesday and maybe thunder with that front because temperatures will go in the 40s and perhaps toward the end of the week or the beginning of next weekend, a few snow showers in the air. itrs doesn't look like a big deal but it can and does and will happen in the month of march, even though it has been very nice this week. >> we've been spoiled spoiled
10:39 pm
>> record highs this week. >> coming up, a heart stopping moment caught on tape. >> tonight we are learning much more about the rail crossing collision that nearly spelled tragedy. >> is it a hidden message of hate? tonight as seafood change chain is apologizing for the decor and one of its restaurants. of its restaurants.
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it's a follow-up to a fox 8 news exclusive we first brought to last night. one of our eagle eyed viewers capture the moment when a freight train slammed into a van at a rowea crossing. >> tonight we're learning more about whatle happened. fox eights jack shea has the story. h >> book park police say and elyria man made a critical mistake, when he ignored the flashing lights at the rail crossing on eastman road. according to the police report, he drove around a truck in frontfr of him and went out onto the tracks, causing one of the front tires on his work van to get stuck on rail. this video of the high-speed collision that happen happened moments later was shot by ig middleburg heights city councilman billll meaning, the father of fox 8 anger todd many. >> i realize the accident was going to happen because the train was on its horn,iz
10:43 pm
>> meanie says the driver of the at&t van was standing near the vehicle and is ie fortunate that veteran police patrolman hurled duncan t arrived at the scene and intimate out of the way it just before impact. s >> he pulled the guy further out of the way than he was. he knew the car was going to explode and the debris field would have probably had him if he had not been further away h. >> the accident illustrates how difficult it is to> stop a freight train. after the engineer applies the emergency brake, it can take up to a mild to bring it to a complete stop. >> the tragic accident contributed to the laws requiring flashing light thatat railroad crossings, all school buses are yellow and required to stop at the tracks, open their doors and listen. >> a 1930 collision between a train an abrupt parked schoolbus that killed the driver and nine young students led to many of the safety measuresnd a row crossings across the country and is the reason the school is now known as memorial school. >> we need to be careful because
10:44 pm
proofar . >> trains a nothing to play with.. they destroy you, destroy your car in a heartbeat. >> the driver of the van was cited for ignoring the flashing lights. he told us he is grateful thatat the police officer was there to pull him out of harms way.ce jack shea, fox 8 news in brook park. >> the lake humane society and mentor is in desperate need of donations after rescuing 70m at all d in less than two weeks. >> one of the animal owners is facing charges while the other to surrender their petsts voluntarily. the executive director says they did findndti out some good news recently. classic auto group is going to match every dollar the shelter gets in donations. if you'd like to help out, head totoi and click on seen on tv for more information. >> still to come, a mom gets fed up with her son's behavior.
10:45 pm
find out where she abandoned and eight -year-old boy along with a note. a plus a restaurant server makes a big mistake. how applebee's is responding after three kids are served
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10:48 pm
the utah mother who says she was fed up with her son's behavior w is now facing criminal charges afterci abandoning him at a local hospital. da -year-old a boy was left wearing a note which read this kid is rude and ungovernable. i do not want him in his house at all. now the mother is facing charges of child abandonmentnt and child abuse. she says she has overwhelmed becauseov she has four children with special needs. >> i told him that he was out of control and that he needed> more help than i could provide for him. i thought that was okay and we
10:49 pm
safe haven place. >> state officials say utah's safe haven lot is only intended for newborns. mothers can drop their babies off at the hospital, but only if up to three days old. >> the joe's crab shack seafood chain is apologizing for the decor and one of its restaurants. a historic photo embedded inin the table and a minnesota location shows thein hanging of ana african-american man for robbery and murder in 1895. he is surrounded by a crowd of white people. it includesde a a word bubble that reads quote all he said was i didn't like the gumbo.mb the photo came to light after two customers spoke up. >> we just felt sick and confuse. it was just sickening. it was disgustingge. and was so shocking. >> joe's crab shack has apologize, noting that it takes this matter very seriously. the photo in question was immediately removed. >> a tennessee father is looking
10:50 pm
applebee's restaurant served his young children alcohol. scotty barnett took his three childrenn, ages nine, ten and 11, out to eat. the children ordered brett beer to drink but he said they were all served bottles we will not your father's root beer. itat wasn't until after they started drinking that barnett looked closely at the bottles and realize the drink contain about 6 percent alcohol. >> i merely told the kids to stop drinking the alcoholic beverage and brought k it to her attention. and she said no, it's root beer. >> i said no it's not and so she grabbed one of the bottles and she goes to the back of the bottleegr. >> barnett said his nine -year-old complained of stomach pains ande c was taken to the hospital for treatment. he isis expected to be okay. andbe applebee's spokesman says the server s has been suspended. in addition, workers at the restaurant will be completely retrained. >> and northeast ohio man listens to his wife. >> find out how her advice made
10:51 pm
hoops and mac basketball, including the akron zips quest to make. >> title game. some action next. i hope we have a buyer for the house. me too! what are the neighbors doing here? bill! hey! come in! i didn't know your home wifi could stream so many devices at the same time. dad, it's time warner cable internet. crazy-fast. dad! you can get wifi all over this place. cool! make your home as connected as possible. get internet with unlimited data starting at $14.99 per month. and ask about free installation.
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a mansfield man hits the jackpot and he has his wife to think.
10:54 pm
buying auto pick mega millions ticket's two years m ago and hee kept plane the same numbers, but always contemplated moving on to new ones.mb his wife told them not to and it's a good thing he listened. this week he won $5 million in the mega millions drawing. >> i told i'm thinking about quit plane and wasting money on it. she saidd inin just keep plane them and i said all right.ju i said i will give them another six months and then i quit. that was in december and three months later i want it. >> after 29 percent state and federal taxes, ricky will receive $3.5 million. despite the jackpot, he plans to keep working until he reaches retirement age.t >> hi everyone. as you saw earlier, the browns cut their ties with johnny manziel. they released the former heisman trophyhe winner.
10:55 pm
shouldn'td have drafted him in the first place. he is being called the second worst pick in nfl history. ryan leaf became the clubhouseus leader. the browns sent a short news release out. some stats and no quotes from the team. you could almost hear them washing their hands of him in the background. the browns added free agents alan baileyac, an offense of lyman anda linebacker justin tuggle. both were undrafted free agents back in 2013. and the copper nick rumors persist. various reports state collinwood like to play for the browns, however if neither the broncos , browns or jets budge in the next few days, niners are ready to keep cap past april 1 deadline according to nfl network. tashi brown and into barry were in columbus today to check out the 22 ohio state pro prospects. cardale jones got a lot of the attention. he gathered his offense of buddies for a scripted session
10:56 pm
he needs a little bit of work on. his arm did not fail to impress and his offense and buddy, braxton a miller, made a statement with a 4.3340-yard. that is smoking to say the least. hardluck hardwood buckeyes getting drilled by's party tonight. here is a long cry late. williams steel and a dunk but oxford still down 16 with 11 to go. the spartans know how to get the ball inside. ballantine goes to shilling for two and former csu vikings bring forbes dialed up three rate here. it's party wins 81-54. base and top seed indiana home
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and the next wedding gift is... a gravy boat. ooh, one gravy boat. that's from sheldon. he told me he had it engraved. "in the event of a divorce, please return to sheldon cooper." one "inappropriate, yet i wish i thought of that" gravy boat. when i get married i'm going to register at the ucla cadavelab. ew, why? 'cause i've always wanted a whole human skeleton and they are really spendy. so, you actually see you and sheldon getting married someday? not just someday. in exactly four years. but don't tell sheldon. he's still a flight risk. what about you, penny? what about me what? do you think you and leonard might ever get married?


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