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tv   FOX 8 Sunday Midday News  FOX  March 13, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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this morning donald trump makes his way tohi the buckeye state hours afterh protests shut down a rally in chicago plus both hillary and bill clinton were inth ohio yesterday as theyy make a final push for votes. and don't forget to change your clocks..a everyone is waking up a little bit groggy this morning but not aj. he is chipper as always. >> eland i were right on time this morning so there you go. rain showers moving to the area right now and we are going we're going toto continue as foxy news in the morning starts right now.
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you, march 13, 2016. 11:00 a.m. your time. cloudy skies and a few showers out there if you are headed out and yo about be aware of that. we're going to send things out to aj where things are hopefully looking up veryher soon. >> well. >> may be? >> may be.e. it will take a while for the rain to get out of here. we wille be on and off with rain showers through the rest of thef day and may be maybe a rumble of thundermay but for now we will have a look at what is n happening. we were in a bit of a dry spell briefly after about seven or eight a.m. but now bush's thunder a showery weather we continues to move south to north. perhaps some heavier water falling around mentor right now
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county la and to the south of decent water falling decent water falling down to clintonn and we will also show you even south of there along i 71 mountnt vernon, utica getting some showery weather.t 44 at the lakefront and half a dozen degrees warmer at hopkins. 46 out at county airport and a county airport and crib camou shot courtesy of the city of cleveland showing all of our cloud cover c around there is a high death shot of the cloud scooting clouds scooting on by. we are at 10 at hopkins with lower disabilities earlier this morning. it seems to have improved a bit. brown's northeast ohio temperatures hovering close to the 50-degree mark.hio let's go back and show you where all the rain is. s it is extensive to the upper planes and great lakes. maps in motion showing our first wave of precipitation out of
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a break in the action and for tomorrow. a we will look at those details in a few minutes.ok a >> free speech free speech. >> get out of here! >> supporters and protesters clashing outside the i ask sent x center this weekend for thefo donald trump rally only one day after he was forced to postpone an appearance in chicago over security concerns. p thousands of supporters came out for donald trump's rally and here ind t cleveland confrontations with protesters remained largely c peaceful. >> no homemade signs. >> trump trump trump! >> tell me what democracy looks like. >> they came amid rising tensions. >> he is goingsi to say what is on his mind. >> liningg up before donald trump's cleveland rally.
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i was on board ford >> you have to admit you can't just come to the country just to jump in. for me it took me nearly three years to get my legal ne immigration. >> police were on alert as a vocal group of protesters gathered outside the i x center. geek if you will do that during campaign time, it will be chaos in, office when you have to be with so many people. >> are we going to win ohio? [cheering]g] >> inside trump hit his usual talking points on immigrationmi and trade. >> we are going to be the brilliant country.ia we are going to be sont smart.m >> he also hit is a woman's car kasich. trump has a slim lead over kasich on his home turf. >> kasich cannot be president. he is weak on immigration. he wants people to comment. he is in favor of amnesty.sty he can't be president.
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by protesters. >> what a crowd! [cheering] >> reporter: the crowd of 10,000 were told not to harm but just to surround them chanting trump. until police threw them out.ut. >> i held up a sign and told everyoneeld there that they had to remember what happened the last time we elected someone like donaldld trump.ump >> we are proud to work alongside a lot of incredible physicians were muslims and physicians i were immigrants. >> after the rally, trump trum supporters came face-to-face with protesters.s.s >> she's calling me a communist. >> anger palpable on both sides. s >> you are the troublemaking liberals! tbe >> from here trump travel to kansas city for anothermp rally,ll the final push on for votes this tuesday. o
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presidential hopeful john kasich making a final push before tuesday's ohio last night people in mansfield engaged with him during a town hall meeting.engaged w alison brown says his message was clear, the race for president is not over. >> i represent ohio i want you to know i will never take the low road to the highest office in the land.ow i will run up quality campaign. >> kasich says he is sticking to t the issues that affect all americans, low taxes, access to to health care and job growth. >> all c of my political career has always been to fights, f frankly, for those who don't have any power. >> the republican governor and presidential hopeful spent some time in mansfield. >> the spirit of our country is what we believe. >> nott once did he speak of his republican competitors by he name, but he did give reference to recent debates.
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atmosphere where people show up at political events and fight with one another. >> with his wife karen at their side their words would have a big impact on people in this crowd. >> he peopn is not back lashing any of the other candidates. this is awesome. it's like they are bullying bullying each other. >> governor kasich known to many in this crowd is the quiet one but they is say that is alright. al >> actually, i would've voted for trump, but i'm going to change and vote for kasich. >> when it comes to this presidential race, supporters of kasich say it is far from over at this point. we're only at half point halftime and the reset button is tuesday. >> it's going to work. we've just got to put it in play. >> supporters say he is just not concerned about the drama. >> he stepped back and said you know what? i'm not going to stand here andd ka looksi likechrt on andton an idiot like the rest of the people who areg t t d an d let them throw the mad at each other. >> believes actions speak louder than words.s
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candidate will make an appearance at the ehrenfeld recreationaln senate in strongsville. the event begins at 1:00 p.m. it is free but you do have to register online.ou on the democratic side, hillary clinton also trying to round up more votes ahead of the ohio primary.hiro brittney harris tells us clinton is campaigning all across the buckeye state and felt in state and south ink cleveland to meet with clev voters. >> ladies and gentlemen, families, a big loud round of applause for secretary hillary rodham clinton!o [cheering] >> democratic candidate hillary clinton spent saturday on the campaigngn trail making stops all s around northeast ohio before visiting with voterso here in cleveland. >> as you know, tuesday is a big day in ohio.w, t i hope everyone turns out to
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stake for our families and ourd country. >> the town hall meeting gave clinton aur to chance to step awayawa from the podium and answer >> as president how would you use executivem power to streamline the process for those who have been imprisoned far toor long and did not deserve to be there in the first place? no >> i very much think we've got to go further and provide more clemency to larger numbers of people i know that the president is working very hard on this. i expect you will see more clemency requestspec granted duringdu this last year of his presidency >> clinton addressed a number of issues while on stage like her plans to create more jobs and keep companies in the us. >> a la tali what i believe. ifwhat a corporation walks out on america, they will have to pay an exita, tax and we will take back all the tax breaks they got from a city, a county, a state
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[applause]te >> she also talked about police corruption and gun violence and a how she wants kids to get a quality education no matterer >> i'm goingg to do everything i can to try to make our educationtio system child centered and provide the resources so that a child in cleveland gets just as much of an educational opportunity as a child in shakern heights or anywhere else in the area! >> former president bill clinton made an appearance in northeast ohio campaigning for hisear wife. president clinton was at the national underground railroad freedom center in akron saying hillary issn in a the best candidate to raise wages and incomes as well barriers. president clinton also making appearances in cincinnati and meanwhile ted cruz will appear
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arts in columbus this evening at 7:30 p.m. doors open at 6:30 p.m. and once again, this event is free but you must register if you want to attend and don't forget, you can head too the polls before ohio's oh tuesday primary. you can cast your ballot in person at your local board board ofst n elections today from 1:00 p.m. till 5:00 p.m. and tomorrow is the last day of early till voting 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and it is the last day you can mail in your absentee ballots.n ai election day day is tuesday march 15th.l we will have all of yourl election results tuesday night.l check for real-time results as soon as the polls. close and we will have all of the results and plenty ofe w actiontio on fox eight news at 10:00 p.m. 11:11 a.m. and still ahead, was it an accident or was it premeditated?ciden one dog is dead and others
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what led to this incident? he holds the record for the longest amount of time spent in up next find out when he is planning to call it quits but first a live look outside from one of our fox eight roof cam's. a great start to your sunday. will it improve anytime soon? aj will let us know when we come
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welcome back. police in alaska san apparent drunk driver plowed his snowmobile through two teams of sled dogs along a popular trail. the crash killed one dog and left to others seriously hurt. they are part of a four-time champion team, and witnesses say it was no accident. race officials say the s snowmobile or made repeatedted attempts to harm a female racer and her team. a f the injuries to the owner owners dogs will likely end they their
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>> we had a good time. police have identified nt police have identified the suspect. his attorney claims he didthe not hit the dog dogs intentionally but admits his client was quote blackout dog d drunk. he faces a number of charges this morning. at least one person deaddea and two others missing after aer tugboat crashed into a barge in new york's hudson river just after 5:00 a.m. saturday. witnesses say the tugboat hit a stationary barge that is part of a bridge construction project. the 90-foot tug boat sank to the bottom in a matter of minutes.ot t thrown into the water. divers have recovered one man's body but the other two are still missing. from texas to tennessee thousands of residents to across six states have been affected by historic rainfall.i authorities in louisiana have reported at least three deaths
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six-year-old child.loo one person was killed in texas as well and at least 400 homes are flooded in mississippi. the national weather service says flash flooding willll remain throughout the weekend and into the beginning of the week especially for southern and coastal mississippi.cia astronaut scott kelly isll hanging up his space suit. he plans to retire april 1st. he returned to earth earlier this month after a 340 day journey in space. a after retiring he will continue to participatee w in the ongoing research related to his nearly one year mission. he holds the american record for the most time in space. chicago held its annual saint paddy patty's dayy parade here is the dying in chicago they have
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everydyinc year since 1962 they dump and orange powder into the river and as you canowde see, as soon as it hits the river it turns that green color we all know but don't worry, it's safe for the environment. >> have you ever been there to see that?>> at apparently the powder when it hitsa water it turns green. >> at least we know that nothing is i mean it's safe. >> it is all okay. okay that is what we are > it is still raining outside.. >> a rainy start our sunday. >>ta the of thert song the soggy wender continues at least through then we get a break in the action tuesday tu potentially some strong storms.e watch. we are getting into that to >> i believe something is going on in hinckley on the ides of march. >> that bevis buzzer day.
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>> it's is my hometown. that is my hometown. >> pdu saw time lapse there and just clouds, wet roads in and around the metro and beyond. be show on storm fox this morning, and some pockets of moderate raa rain, especially in the yellows.. chardon thompson picking up a decent rain now down into trumbull countytydec just north of war and so it is out there. it is not an all day rain perd se. itayipe is a steady rain when it happens and every once in a while a bit of a lull, a e break and then it goes right back into the soup.. showers.
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action, otherwise this really shows a distinct low-pressure center. you see that spinning? thate low and associated warm front continues to aso drift to the to north and east. there will be another dry air in this but it will likely include ao stoppage around midnight onid into then morning rush hour. you see this around 1:00 a.m.? most of the rest of southwest ohio southwest ohio is precipitationrh free, so that is a much appreciated break in the rain action at least for a a little while but by monday another round of showery weather and perhaps some thunderstorms. you can see the line of waterf they are and maybe a couple of co inchesup of rain before all is said and done. b forties to the north of the warm front and 55 should do it today with rainy periods. tonight's low 49, brisk and breezy. lo tomorrow continued soggy and may
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thunder.wntm between the two of these there is enough instability along with an upper-level system up level support where we could add some funder to the mix.uld it is spring. don't forget election day tuesday. if the water subsides we will likely see a fine fine day for election day. no excuses otherwise. >> there ex is an elaborate never an excuse really. get out there and is arate vote. 11:21 a.m. and still ahead, you lose an they make you lose an hour ofht sy m sleep, but is it tough on the ticker? t we will let you know how sleep sl might not be only the only
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from ryan adams a rainy sunday.. this weekend as we know is daylight savings time when wewh spring powered by moving our clocks m ahead one hour. h it gives us an extra hour of daylight of band of the day but can also cause health concerns. doctors say the timeshift negatively affects our sleep and play they had heart attack and stroke seeing ahey rise in the first two or three days after her and and they're often more car crashes as well. and neighborhood and or argon is trying ton put an end too a stinky situation. residents are getting frustrated with people not cleaning up after theirr pets. some clever signs they aree planted next to every dog dropping left on the lawn. before they knew it there were close to 300 signs. they hope residents get the message about having a clean neighborhood. cleanup. pick up after your pet.
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i'm always picking up after the girls. you've got to do it. you know? >> sometimes we are thankful for all the rainw was falling. >> we can take care of that c naturally. >> we hope.a and during the summer and dries then turns to dust. 65 today for the rainy periods.s. we start out dry and maybe just some scattered showers. it election day sc though should hold off until after the polls close. showers, not snow for st. patrick's day. >> that's a lot bettera than the snowflakes. thanks ajay and thankk you for watching fox ate at home online.
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