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tv   Fox 8 News at 5AM  FOX  March 14, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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my name is wayne dawson. the rain is, at least temporarily the temps continue to climb with a nice south and i will kick into gear later inte temperatures into the 60s sanders showers developing and western kentucky and that low starts to lift up their indiana and up to north and west
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i think the coverage will be a rumble of thunder it could be sick. that area of rainfall will see later on tonight were off to a good start. we don't have s any accidents good news if you do write the rta rapidew and had been down cents
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as you head into downtown met romney will be here and met romney and john kaisch will be here at the museum far brown pushing to get final votes before tomorrow all-important
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weekend he said during his message aroundd the economy and how he went to help small businesses go. after his speech they were invited to ask questions one man suggested he make marco rubio his candidate. they say it's too soon for that.te i think that's like measuring the drapes. but i do know is that when wehe win ohio with your help on tuesday it's going to help everything. what's interesting is that we are kind of friday february in illinoisbr we are doing better day
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led to the east coast as for today so that it will take place at the museum start to p.m. he'sto coming from anotherto event and youngstown earlier this month doors open up around 130 jessica dill with the latest. texas senator ted crews is helping to maketh t with a rally in columbus. we are going to seek millions of high-paying jobs created were goingt to keep wages rising for added that heep was a young people coming out of school with two, three, four, five job opportunities. he hosted a rally at a performing arts center yesterday. he shot took shots that donald trump saying if trump is that many than hillary clinton will win the white houseday republicans need to come together and standouts month gop front runner donald trump is planning to return to ohio today after campaigning in florida that will lead our route at the end towns
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their way down from what a could be the most important day foror several presidential camp a large number of delicates are up for grabs and they have been hitting the state very h hard hillary clinton in bernie sandersr burton:this sunday night. stacy fry is lifert as it continues. >> good morning. >> bernie sanders will be here out 1:00 p.m. he and hillary clinton both legacy center last night in columbus before heading over to meeting. both clinton and sanders ready for a fight pet not picking up with each other. they both accused him of incitingallll violence.
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pathological liar. donald trump is running a senate campaign of hate and fear for one reason to get votes. he's encouraging violence and chaos forget and the spirit he is putting americans against each otherr ticket hillary clinton not campaign in ohio today bernie sanders will be as akron civic center event is at 1:00 p.m. this afternoon there showing hillary clintons leading in ohio a very big delicateng stage. stacy fry reporting. reminder today is indeed the day last day to vote early here in the buckeye state for tomorrow's ohio primary. if you've registered to vote you can cast your ballot in person between 8:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
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mail in an absentee parent ballots must be postmarked by midnight fox they will have all of your election results tomorrow night stay with for five results as soon as the polls close will haveale e on all of the results and plenty of reaction on fox 8 news at 10:00 p.m. >> it is 5:06 a.m.ti weather and traffic just ahead. remembering marilyn police officer. delivering high praise for an officer his station. nice job. lebron james lead the cavaliers to another big win in la. good at morning. the fox 88 hour outlook.. i'm perfectly cap a little sliver of sunshine this afternoon even without any printouts pics of sunshine we shouldhi be fourth of the 60s later today with the next chance of frank a look at our snow
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welcome back there to we do weather and traffic every eight minutesig us about that time. you better believe it. if you some rain and thunder this evening the shower chances will steadily climbed here again prevalent waits for a night into early on wednesday the primary tomorrow the should be great we should see some sunshine to sayrahedihe much dryer than the cap are saint patty's day. temperatures start to drop there's a slight chance of rain thursday night of picking up an isolated snow shower and the cleanup continues heading into the right-field measurable snoweratr
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bl we look at our temperatures at it out going up space bar cycling out. it's pretty unorganized and there's a quick shower but in philadelphia they will head out within the next 5-10 minutesit s president. this is and ashland headed puppy on that everything is looking much. talk to deal with peaks of sunshine. laever left over shower off their connie at a temperature near 51. payment chardon. look at that just climbing near 50 down by midday and if it highlights is that begins to develop left in the winds pick up p a little bit of it
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'60ses and a new chicago. until after 6:00 p.m. the timing. on that customers. sixth -- which is still running 20 degrees above normal. we should be out of here by midnightul tonight in the evening
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-- pick gunman was shot and injured by his fellow officers second person also have to be at night nightmare commented on specific charges if they promised to pick the officers killer to justice. police. alcohol may be to blame for wrong way crash on a florida highway that killed about driver and his shirt stuff.r investigators say the 31 -year-old trevor was headed east in the eastbound lanes on an
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around 3:00 a.m. on saturday death he rushed to the hospital he says he defended a program to find a missing person whoe was also recognized for saving the kitchen and the storm drain. washington state man s s for shooting they attacked. he ran into the seattle area south and 11 swing a hatchet and went after the click the customerer headed to conceal to carry permit shot the suspect. the plus killed at least 34 people in most where than 100 others hern that ministry says those responsible for the attack will be meeting today in the meantime an attack ad hotel that killed 16 people they had been
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a massive cleanup effort is ongoing in the nation's help was for thousands of homes have been damage with widespread flooding footprints remain in effect as dangerous lehigh rivers. one thing for the city like that area has seen recently. twenty minutes after 5:00 a.m. weather and traffic just ahead. another now. and how the finish up
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ittenfeld. in the senate, i'll fight for commonsense gun safety, criminal background checks, ban assault weapons. i approve this message because ted strickland will never stand up to the nra.
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american workers brought us back from the crash. now, let's move forward. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. we've gotta create new jobs and industries of the future. i'm hillary clinton and i


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