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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  March 15, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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before we get to that.
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14ru percent. >> rubio dropped out tonight. 3 percent. and we'll talk about that in a bit. he got blown out in florida. all right. win wallace university. >>w. >> he spoke not too long ago. >> . you know we were talking about it all night. the little engine that could. that is governor caseic. he. derailed the trump rain tonight. here in ohio. it was an exciting night. >> so he can keep his traoepl
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he wasn't even on the radar. but he's center stage now. he's in it to win it. >> east not concerned about them. he's really just concerned about ohio. he doesn't care about the polls. he's concerned about the country. and what it's going to take to win this one. o in november. here's what he said. >> . i represent you. y my job to look at these and these problems and to listen to you. and that is my job to go and fix them. if that means at times i have to take some heat. that's just the price of leader
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>>p . never lost an election. didn't lose tonight. that has a lot of people here tonight. excited looking forward to november. >> calling himself the little engine that could.
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the math gist got harder for trump. because of the lost in ohio. tonight he needs to take 54 percent of the available delegates from here on out. o that's significant. because he's not reached that bar yet. there is some big delegate prizes out there still. including delegate rich and winner take all california. i had a cleveland exclusive spwrer viewlu outside youngstown last night. he made itt clear how importantim ohio was. and how much he wanted a win. this is a major disappointment.pp for the trump campaign.. here now live right now.
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>> . clearly a disappointing night. n ohio. he could have a good night elsewhere. 4 other primaries and continuec to build on his momentum. magic number here. 1237. needed to clench the much more unlikely tonight that nobody gets there. so while the parties not eager to see a brokered convention. it's a real possibility tonight. t
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>> right now trump projected i guess. could win in pennsylvania. although the governor does have momentum going. >> . he has potentially donald trump. a very big night. a loti of delegates at stake in illinois asn well.
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8 years ago. when she beat then senator obama in the primary. >> . clinton reached back to ohio. o in her remarks tonight. >> . 8 years ago. on the night of the ohio primary. i said i was running for everyone. who has ever been counted out. berefuseed to be knocked out. for everyone who has stumbledst but stood back up. >> also said the nation needs aa president who tries to bring people together. t rather than trying to divided people through her word bigotry.go a clear swipe at donald trump campaign.
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including here in ohio.o. clinton is looking to heads election showss down. with donald trump. nominee. in cleveland thiss summer. which we all know should beou quite a convention. >> . . it makes you wonder. how long sanders goes on. >> . sanders suffering a big set back to bese tonight. in ohio. and other states. >>d . live downtown. a a watch party. at for the sra t vermont senator tonight. >> . this. certainly a blow to the sanders campaign. in fact staffers telling me they were surprised the results were called so early. in fact about 50 volunteers and
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here at the hotel in downtown cleveland. as the race just called justj before nine.f with clinton the projected winner. here in ohio.
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certainly a set back. but it's not over and they'reth not out of it yet. however losing ohio.. which has 143 delegates will make itd hard for senator sanders to catch up to linn ton. in the weeks here to come. >> ohio is just one of five states voting tonight. >> .in results from florida turned thisth into a 3 man race. >> . standing by. with the latest. >> . trump and clinton won florida. handily. as expected. florida was a winnera take all state.
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important of ohio. without the victory tonight caseic would have had to drop out. >> he's pulling well in connecticut. california. and where the governor is from. pennsylvania. that's where he says he's headed next. >> . all right. thankl you. we're also watching a pair of u.s. senateof races. >> .> on the democratic side. former governor streubg strict land has a commanding lead. l
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portman is dominating. >> still early. but the numbers have flip-flopped here. having a very early lead. now with less than 14 percent still of the vote counted. o mallly up. two men in the race.
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>> targeting repeat offenders and creating a task forts force. to prosecute old rape cases. his message has been drowned out by opponents. critical of how he hand handledh the shooting of rice. >>in . calling system broken. promising to restore the integrity. that has been lost. between the criminal justice system. and theic county. and the community. at large. it's probably safe to say thatt neither bun wub one of these men. would have felt that they had
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easily right now. as you see with less than 14 percent. of the vote counted. this could still go either way.
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it's been a quiet day. that's not the case to the west. where powerful thunder storms have been moving in. let's check it out. here we go. you can see the thunder storms pushing through illinois. and iowa.w and there has been some severe weather. these dots indicate where tornadoes have touched down. in theo last 6 hours. most of them west central illinois. and youou can see that we have five dots but underneath one of them. there are 3 of them. t tornadoes. touched down. and almost 25 tornado warnings. in the last 3 hours -fpl you can see theo progression. moving to thees east. here's the good news. you can see the last tornado warning expired about ten minutes ago. and we have couple of severe thunder stormve warnings. remaining. now. down. as it works to the east. timing for us is perfect. morning.g.
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weather.w so for tonight. mainly cloudy. fog by the lake shore. some predawn showers. or a local thunder storm could arrive. with southeast winds. tomorrow, any scattered morning showers. local thunder storm.u and notn every backyard isck tkpwarpb tiered of seeing that. the front comes through in the and thenen behind it clearing. windy. high of 60. but the cooler air is not far behind. we'll start to see the temperatures fall through the 50s eventually 40s. tomorrow night. that sets us up for a cool period. we'll have a detailed look coming up.
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scary moments today. an election worker got angry and pulled out a gun. they arrested 45 year-old allen. following an argument with fellow workers. at the west 104. and pwalt baltic road.
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with us. telling her he became angry. after being corrected over howr he dealt with a voter. >> . shehe was talking to another coworker. next to him. saying, somebody is going to die pointing at me. then he showed her two handguns that he had. i was terrified. >> . he was immediately terminated. he has a prior conviction for sexual imposition. the board of elections tells us its doesn't do background checks c on 6 thousand poll workers. w all of whom are temporary employees. >> . take a look at some of the other stories.s first up a woman behind bars in ashn land. a murder for hire plot. police say she thought she was
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year-old girl and her 32 year-old father. turna out to be an under cover officer. investigators are looking into herer claims oo that the victims had molested her relative. >> . two people here facing charges after a brawl at a local wal-mart. police say it happened when a woman spoke inappropriately to app an employee. which started a brawl. and then moved to the parking lot. man charged with assault. in the fight. thehe woman was cited for disorderly conduct. > . investigators trying to figure out why cars and east side neighborhood are being set on fire. residents living near lamp son. say this is the third time vehiclese in the same neighborhood had been the target of arsonist.
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>> tkpwhradz you're 1234679 glad you're glad you're with us. major shake up in thes. race for the pwhaoeut white house. >> caseic takes ohio. a win that could be a major stumbling block for trumps white house hopes.
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>> . really a lot of excitement. in many e respects it does feel that way. because people counted him out.
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>> he gets to move forward.f he was fired up. also emotional at times. even admitted to being brought to tears. overwhelmed with the night.he and so grateful so thankful. and in fact he was standingta there with his wife.f and two daughters. hes. said he was extremely grateful. to the people of ohio. for supporting him. >> . what's not to love. no republicans won the whitewh house without the support of ohio.oh
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>> . how crucial ohio would be. he's lost now. so the game changes. the nomination was clear a highwaya with no traffic for the trump machine. provided he won as expected. in florida. expected. in the remaining states.
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>> i have to explain to these people him.
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and stillra moving forward tonight. >> . . it has been fascinating to watch. >> >> long way to go. >> we're also watching a pair ofof u.s. senate races for you tonight. >> from local ballot issues. to the race for the white house. keep it tuned here. our primary election coverage continues. throughout the hour. results will continue scrolling at the bottom of the screen. and you canth head to for complete election coverage. we'll be right back.
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right now. percent. that's it right now. reporting. michael o mallly leading. 51 percent to 49 percent. but reporters have talked about these numbers haveb gone back and forth. and not a big turn out just yet. >> . night. >> . . turning to the democratic side ofd the presidential race. r easy win for clinton in ohio. as well as the results for you. so. the question is what does thisth mean for the future of the democratic race. let's check in. >> do you sense a shift tonight. >> you do. the clinton is starting to look passed sanders. towards the general s election.ct in her victory in florida.ri the ohio primary 8 years ago. against then senator obama.
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forfi them. she started to pivot towardst looking at the possibility of facing republican front runner donald trump in the november generalno election.le in her remarks she made a not too subtle reference to trumps campaign. and the type of president she thinks the nation needs. >> . clinton says she saw firsthand as president obama secretary ofy state there's a big difference between running for president. and being in effect she is positioningon herself with someone who has the experience to be president. as oppose to trump. who champion the fact he's run a business before. and hasn't been a politician. >> . of course the republican convention coming to this summer. >> .
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campaign all the way to the convention. >> live at the sanders launch party. downtown cleveland. with reaction from thatwn side. >> there has been talk. that he could be a vice president. >> absolutely. in fact that momentum here. you can still feel it. they say they're down but not out. behind me, around 50 cam campaign staffer. volunteers. as well as former state senator. whoor has endorsed senator sanders. for president as well. here saying they still feel the bern. andnd are optimistic despite the defeat if the ohio preu primary. p today they watched in disbelief and disappointment. at the race call -td just before nine. withth clinton the projectedro winner in ohio. his campaign. was hoping for an upset. week. in michigan. and senator sanders spoke moments ago. at a rally in phoenix. about his continued focus on
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> . now ohio 143 dell tkpaeuts will make ta difficult for i asked what's next.e they said brush off hit theh floor running again tomorrow. hit the tphaeublds. and get the word out. o they areut still awaiting results in the other elections here iner the weeks to come. >> sanders in for the long haul. >> . all right. talk about our weather here.
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us yet. >> standing by with the extend forecast. when the temperatures will take a dive.
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>> back with a live look from our roof cam.
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we'll have much more election coverage for you. as you canfo see. the results are scrolling at the bottom of the screen. but i want to talk about the weather. >> everybody voted.te so it's nice and quiet out there. everybody is exhausted. >> curl up on the couch and see what you can deliver. maybe au little rain in the morning. >> and it's the kind that we like. not the severe variety. like some of our neighbors have had. in the last 3 to 6 hours. in parts of illinois. 8 tornadoes. and most of t them in west central illinois. just over the mississippi river. and. almost 25 tornado warnings. w all in about a 3 to 4 hour time span. we se srer thunder storms approaching chicago. c things are settling down. the front will be crossing here. good news. in the early morning hours. and that will really reduce what comes with that front. well let's take a look.
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skies are mostly clear. there's mid and high level clouds. dancing around. thei below deck. disappeared after the sun went down. and that wasas unfortunate. because most people essentially saw a cloudy day. not only that. the temperatures stayed very cool. and crisp. infortunately. and that was a temperature bust tonight. we'll admit that. when theyey do occur. they don't occur very often. we're thankful for that. we were hoping for 65. and that did occur in parts of the area. today. it was far south. here in the thunder storms. that effected parts of illinois. and you cani see them making a slow east ward progress. but obviously nowhere near ohio. right now. but there are n a couple of little bits of activity. now pumping up around tippen.
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from the one in foster. a couple lightening strikes.ri nothing really severe. s by any stretch. s but it looks like very heavy rains just south. this activity is going to start to pick up a little bit. going into the early morning hours. but remember. with the front r coming through ingh the very early morning hours, we do expect just garden variety.t scattered showers. thunder storms. not even a guarantee. it won't be widespread. 49 the current temperature. that's going to be the low. 51 akron canton. then for tomorrow, morning showers with the front. clearing. windy behind the front. 60. so the colder air will not getet dragged in. to our neck of the woods. until tomorrow night. n that's when the atmosphere willh start to cool down. and even then you can see just a very slow cool down. here comes the system for the weekend.
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opportunity for a rain or snow shower. will be to the south and east. and a clipper type system. will try to give us snow showers on monday. >>n . we will be below normal. by the time we get to the end of the weekend.d. and early next week. w a quick warm up though.. we hit 45. and then 63. but for the time being it's going to be a bit on cool side. i think that's going to be the headline. once we get into the cooler air. at the end of the week. >> . i thisis we'll get through it.g >> . you bet. >> . election results at bottom of the screen. >>
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>> this is brooks. who has been trying for the last year. to get justice for her son. >> the 15 year-old high school sophomore. was murdered last march. 17. near lee and harvard in cleveland. the shooting happened here at this burger king last march. it happened in the middle of the and police believe somebody saw something. >> . . this happened around 2 p.m. a very busy intersection. a lot of people. pedestrian traffic. and i'm hoping someone saw something. >> detectives say after the teen was shot. he ran over to a nearby gas station. and collapsed. >> police say several teenagersee were in the parking lot. and in the area. a when the suspect began shooting. >> we don't know if he was the target or somebody shooting ran tkopbl randomly. >> no arrests have been made. and the victims mother saysay
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forward. >> . they're under this no snitch thing. i don't know. > . a reward is being offered.e for information leading to arrest. >> the victims mother says shehe needs closure. >>e . it has taken a very big toll on me. >> . stay with us. >
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get you caught up now. cab candidates are fairing outside of ohio. >> . things look a lot different tomorrow morning. >> you bet. the first state to fall tonight florida. a convincing win for trump and clinton. trump's victory notable. because florida is a winner take all state.. his win caused florida senator to formally suspend his campaign. in north carolina fox news has the declared the winners to be trump and clinton. as well. but because the state isn't winner take all. trump will walk away with aboutb 3 more delegates than second place finisher cruise. stkphr. illinois. trump also projected to win. cruise coming in second.
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>>to . missouri for example. trump currently leading by 3 tenth of one percent. >> . razor thin. >> . >> high everybody. 3 point abg abg it did not help them tonight inin the nit opener against ohio state.
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>> . a mavericks visit there. cavaliers return to cleveland after dropping a late mondaym night decision to the jazz. on the final game of their 4 game. they try to stay ahead of toronto in at fight for east. number one it doesn't matter who the
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>> . still standstill. nothing new to report. ucla pro-day. all 32 teams were there. including 8 general managerrers. and a head coach. that had head coach being of the browns. browns had line backer in today. for a visit. v davis is number 56 who helped become a helicopter. and knocked him out of game
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>> . a little bit of a critic there. >> all right. thank you. appreciate it. > . all right. things will be quiet tonight. temperature wise. 49 degrees. d if we see any showers or thunder storms it will be in the predawn hours. about five o'clock in the morning.g. they'll be scattered. not every backyard will see them. front goes through tomorrow morning. >>tgh . 40. on friday. >> . of course some of the races we
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>> it's been very close. be sure to check in on we will have the results for you. and join the morning crew. at 4 a.m.
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