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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  March 17, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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the family contacted fox -l last year. about a year into this mess. you talk about eggs hitting a house. a few eggs. but we're talking about a barrage. of eggs and other items hitting
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the family was terrified. very scared. now we hrerped from police, that someone has been arrested. and charged in the case. >> >> a surprising arrest of a former neighbor. a accused of felony vandalism. back barding this home with eggs and fruit over one hundred times. according to to police, firing the food from some sort of device. possibly like this. from across the street. >> i really don't believe it. i really don't. >> police arrested 30 year-old jason. tuesday. after an extensive investigation. that included under cover surveillance. and a study on the eggs flight path. >> . the accuracy was once they hit the front door. is tremendous. >> . terrorizing and often nearly hitting al sr.
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and is in his 80s. >> i have no intention of moving. stkpwhr-t january 2015. fox 8 helped the family by setting up a night vision camera. to try and catch the egg bomber. who he believed was targeting him. because his family helped establish a block watch program. and they're quick to call the police. >> they're angry at that house for some reason. it doesn't fit a pattern of for instance somebody goofing around. >> this is something that someone has a deep seeded dislike for someone in the house. >> shocked.
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seemed hraoeublg like a good egg. >> . he's a sweetheart. who knows. >> . so jason has been arrested and charged he was actually in court here. earlier today. bond was set a two thousand dollars. the case being turned over to a grand jury. for indictment. >> devastating details of the story. >> this is a kind of maneuver kids try all the time. they attempt the slam dunk every now and then they succeed. often come up short. this 16 year-old boy about 65
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up dying. just hanging out with dud buddies at the playgrounds about a month ago. and decided to have fun. they decided to see who could do the best dunk. this is not the same hoop he used. the one he was on actually crumbled. he landed on his head. the back board on top of him. he actually called his mother. he was bleeding a lot. a broken jaw. teeth were knocked out. he went into cardiac arrest twice and was air lifted to a hospital. where he was put into a medically induced coma. he never recovered from lack of oxygen and suffered brain damage. and chid on wednesday. >> and died on wednesday. >> -ts basketball rim was lowered so the kids could dunk. the pole cracked at a joint. triggering this tragedy.
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about the dangers of hanging on the rim. details matter of course. but what matters more is that a mother and friends are grieving now. that a 16 year-old with a lot o give is no longer with us. >> very sad. >> a man pleaded guilty to charges he tried to recruit people to join isis. 39 year-old. changed his name from robert last year. justice department says he pledged to support isis on social media. in 2014. then tried today convince others to join the cause. he will be sentenced in june. >> . eleven people under arrest in stark county today. part of a medical examiner mexican
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>> it we're a a hundred short. and we're at eleven hundred and somebody else is as five hundred. because we're way ahead of everybody. i don't think you can say that we don't get it automatically.
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youyou would have riots. >> . caseic's victory last night makes trump's road to the nomination much more difficult. though not impossible. >> . that means. the nominee would be picked during the convention. itself. >> . it is unlikely that anybody is going to achieve enough delegates to avoid a convention. for those that worry about convention.
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>> voters in several cities approve the controversial way to tackle the over population of deer. bow hunting was passed yesterday. all 6 cleveland suburbs. that placed it on the ballot. details and reaction. >> . some causing car accidents to destroying gardens. having too many deer is an issue facing residents in many communities. people in six local cities voted to allow regulated bow hunting to help solve the problem. >> . >> tony says his neighborhood on chestnut road in 7 hills. is over run with deer. and feels something needs to be done to control them. >> we put in a bunch of flowers and spent money on it to make the neighborhood look nice. and i feel sorry for the animals
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but they're destroying person property. >> he's among the majority of voters in 7 hills that voted yes. tuesday. to aepld the city's hunting ordnance. it permits the limited hunts of white tail deer by cross bow or long bow. by licensed people from elevated platforms. >> . officials say they will work with each community to iron out specifics on bow hunting regulations. >> . i don't like bow hunting. >> . some of her neighbors clearly showed their opposition to the ordnance. she says her husband feels other deer controlling methods like birth control should be explored. joan feels bow hunting could be risky. >> you have to be darn careful.
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that is goes down. >> . the division of wildlife says many cities already allow hunting. and haven't experienced any accidents related to the method. it will be up to city leaders in each city to come up with specific terms of the bow hunting. that will be over seen by the state. city leaders. and the local police department. >> tkpweb again making sure everything is safe.
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if we held onto temperatures like this. that process may accelerate. high of 6 is today. 61. cleveland 63. akron canton. but hang on. because the west winds are atmosphere. down. we're down to 52 now. and look up upstream. fort wayne 45. and take a look at the next couple of days. and there's the wind shift that will drive temperature es cooler. it's the second cool down and friday. and saturday. for tonight. down to 42. little cooler than what it has been.
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on the breezy side. the gusts of early. have since subsided. a few out there. not too many now. and then tomorrow the winds pick up again. some cloud mix. there could be an instability shower like today. >> tphoer all right. cleveland gears up for another st. patricks day celebration.
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most buns just hope to keep a hamburger together. but the new bun on a dave' s double brings a hamburger together. the perfect ratio of bun, to beef
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to...other bun. that' s the key. to the hamburger harmony of a deliciously different dave' s double. to succeed justice the president saying garland is fully qualified for the seat. however.
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backing down from his plan to stone wall the confirmation process. >> the senate starts a two week break at the end of the week. >> university of virginia student sentenced today 15 years hard labor in north korea. now says he was arrested after trying to steal a banner. with a political slogan from his hotel. the government claims he was encouraged to commit the hostile act by an ohio church. caseic calling for the student's release tonight. >> former sub way folks man reportedly assaulted in prison. tmz reporting that his attacker punched him in the recreation yard. at the colorado prison. he end up with a bloody nose and swollen face.
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that so many child sex predators are housed at the prison. >> . breaking news from the entertainment rule. the son of the legendary performer. has died. >> . in and out. in a matter of seconds. >> surveillance video shows the destruction left behind by a
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police hope it will lead to an arrest.
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beginning tomorrow morning at approximately nine o'clock. >> cleveland police are ready to go for the massive celebration. they'll have extra security. in place. and parade goers are encouraged to use public transportation. if possible. >> . what you can do is park for free. at many of our parking lots. and take the directly downtown. it's five dollars. >> since public square is under construction. riders can expect to see a lot
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rta says they'll have volunteers on site to give directions. and signs posted too. >> in recent years there have been major fights. >> the construction does make it physically impossible to have the same issues with the same intersection as last year. >> . explosives detection canine will be roaming around down downtown. it's just a precaution. and they aren't aware of any threats at this time.
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khroesz close at 2 tomorrow. of course you can learn more all about it the a >> . seen on tv. >> . still to come a pet owners brazen crime. >> suspect accuse of breaking into a local animal shelter.
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why a murder suspect questioned the response time of the police. >> it's a the bizarre item doctors found
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>> >> chilling phone call the fox 8 i team has. a suspected killer calls 911 and keeps asking when the police might arrive. >> we have more on the questions surrounding response time. >> 911 call. murder in progress. suspected killer george calling. yet the i team found it took nearly 12 minutes for police to get there. a couple weeks ago in cleveland. >> the caller quickly frustrated
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>> th-p went on this went on. minute after minute. after precious second. the suspected killer was asking where are the cops after nearly nine minutes. and noticed the time stamp showing police calling for an ambulance. for the first time. after nine minutes. >> . we were looking for about 3 minutes. for a car to become available. >> the police union president blames short staffing. this call came in as police cars in the district were already on high priority matters. so dispatchers had to wait for a car.
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>> the city says average response time about 8 and a half ph eubs. here. eleven minutes 50 seconds. inside. christopher hardy strangled to death. >> . ohio getting a second chance to execute a convicted killer back in 2009 the state stopped his execution -fplts after 18 unsuccessful attempts to find a usable vain.
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the city of lake wood has come to ab ab an to allow them to keep a pit bull in their home. >> searching for the suspect who used a stolen van. to steal an at many, from a gas station. on the city west side. >> . we were called back inside. we literally. it was all morning. cleaning up their mess. not ours. >> . just make it happened about 4:30 a.m. at the gas way carry out on memphis avenue. police say the two suspects got seconds. floor. but was knocked loose by the srab van. if you recognize the suspects, >> . security will be a major concern. at the republican national
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and now the cleveland police department is looking to set the record straight. counsel members said during today's counsel committee meeting. that. there have been they have been hearing rumors about plans to buy military equipment. including tanks. but chief williams denied that. and added it will be up to the safety director. to provide a list. of what the city is buying. >> . he will be ready and able to handle the security. in any issues that arise during the rnc. this july. >> as we reported earlier. in the talk of a contested republican national convention in cleveland.
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but what does that mean exactly. >> on every camera trying to show you they're the ones that deserve the ball. after going back and forth. many times. the only dog to really get the ball is the one that gets the help. when it comes to politicians with no clear front runner. the guy who will get the ball or no, ma'am no, ma'am nomination. will be the one who got help. this all happened before. >>
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then it was garfield who stole the show. and he wasn't in the running. he was just there to support a friend and was urging the party to come together. >> beautiful way of speaking. and his calm approach. and his way of making people reflect. and instead of getting all tprepbz frenzy and whipped up. some people started thinking, i like him. >> many days passed. locked up in the chicago exposition home in the heat of summer with no air. there was no clear. they kept voting and voting. for the same 3. tkpwar taoeld got 16 votes on ballot 34. and by 36. garfield was the nominee. after two others threw in behind him. because they just really didn't like grant. history is great teacher of how things change and how they also stale the same. >> . he wanted to make it clear. he was not seeking office. he was there to nominate his friend. but of course after he got the party nomination.
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for his party. >> very interesting. >> . a turn for the chillier temperatures. just a couple days. >> about a 4 day stretch. then a very quick recovery. next week. so that's the good news in a nutshell. i want to start tonight off with one photograph. which is fairly representative of a couple that have come in. some people saw this. in the sky. kind of scratching their heads.
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just the perfect time. sunset tonight. from the pwerbg lake front web cam. you can see the sunsetting in all the clouds. tending to disappear. the over all flow though, is still out of the west northwest. now the winds are starting to settle down. just a bit. we had rain showers as mentioned earlier. and there were a few up upstream. you can see them from earlier today. but they're beginning to disappear. because the daytime heat is gone. these will likely regenerate during the day tomorrow. now take a look at the 24 hour temperature chart. this tells a bit of the story. notice how the big chunk of colder air is taking the long way around. going south first. and then getting whipped around.
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>> . breezy to windy. colder. now the breezes are losing their gustiness tonight. that will pick back up again during the day tomorrow. >> here comes the second front. and as that second surge of cooler air begins to come down, we will see temperatures knocked down another ten or 15 degrees. and that will set us up for the potential for a couple snow
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>> it doesn't look like a big deal. but look how quickly we recover next week. tuesday normal. at 45. and then way above. again. wednesday thursday back into the 60s. next front thursday with thunder storms. >> >> all right i don't mind. as long as you have a 65 at the end of that. >> 4 day cool down.
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she's being called a real life cat burglar. a woman under arrest after breaking into a local animal shelters. >> . surveillance footage helped
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>> employees recognize her. police had seized 6 cats on over brook drive. near her home. last month. the she later claimed those cats. but insisted the agency still had even more. >> . the cat she left with was actually not hers.
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she's being held currently on 15 thousand dollars bond. deputies say she's pass past arrest for theft and ovi. >> caught in the act. a teachers web surfing could cost him his job. what he was looking at with the entire class watching on.
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not your run of the mill car crash. it happened in the early morning hours. this week. in baltimore. police say a driver of a suv ran a red light. hit by another vehicle sending the suv airborne. the vehicle landed up sraoeud upside down on a car parked on the side of the road. that car was owned by university of maryland nursing student. who got a very unusual wake up call from police. telling her exactly what
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>> two men hijacked a helicopter. and forced the pilot to go to the jail. where they threw a rope down to two inmates. the chopper took off. but they r-r recaptured a few hours later. >> . the clip now part of a trial parents in california community are out raged after a teacher
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smart phones were rolling when it happened. and the incident quickly spread on social media. some are calling for him to be fired. but one student says the teacher deserves a second chance. >> if he can't control his web surfing forling ray what is one of the students walked up and saw that on the screen. >> . that teacher is on administrate i leave. >> walking away from millions. chicago white sox first baseman stunned the team.
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today we her her learn he made the decision he hasn't yet publicly announced his retirement. but if and when he steps aside he leaves 13 million dollars on the table. that's what he would have made this season.
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introducing new k-y touch gel cr me. for massage and intimacy. every touch, gently intensified. a little touch is all it takes.
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skpw removed. although it no longer looks anything like a polar bear. honey is expected to make a full recovery. >> . a late mavs
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and it showed. 33 points on 13 of 28 shooting for kyrie irving. k love working underneath. >> kyrie irving extends to 4 points with a lie up there. then he saves the day. with a steal. he would hit two free throws. cavs win. he had to atone for the boo boo he said. >> the experiment is over in for the browns. today they cut the veteran
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after one very under underwhepling football season. what a waste of money. given 9 million guaranteed. he caught five passes all year. mr. bow a chartered member of the country club made 1.8 million dollars per pass reception. he is one of many reasons why
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>> we wish him the best. as he continues his career. now the browns signed former jets line backer. to a two year deal. where they worth 8 million. led new york and in tackles last kwraoebg. came into the league in 2012. they agreed to terms with texas safety. he is expected to compete with jordan for the free safety spot. >> indians drop a 6 to 3 decision to the angels today. >> mr. basketball. in the state of ohio. congratulations to him. meanwhile. final 4 bound. garfield heights have two of its stars make the associated press all team.
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for division one.
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