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next day. two and a half hours late that is crazy. that long. i wouldn't.fos three hours late. all right. that's the news at 8:00 the news at nineal over there.l thank you. good morning to you.y wait a second there is question marks in the prompter we know friday eve. good morning i'm toddpatk's. and i'm stefani schaefer. thanks so for much for being with usmu today we have a lot to lt get you on this st. patrick's dayn before the fun begins but we'll have some fun. fofun we are. thousands of people decked out in green will line the streets of cleveland, today, for the annual st. patrick's day parade. ill in stacey frey is live there with more.. when team says now and now here wet that player decided to do. instead. that story and your comments in
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interesting topicde every day he brought him every day even had his own locker in the dugout and when the team said noow then he's decided to retire. re he wanted. ir love he wanted his son to be such a big part of it that is fantastic. that's pushing it does that mean everyone of those players can bring their children.ever it's interesting we'll talk about it. i check in with a.j. colby a look at our.. c forecast on the st. patrick's day good weather for the parade. do i get to be a.j. colby.y. okay. let's have a look at our scattered showers from earlier fom this morning on storm fox moving to the south and east e 46 degrees at hopkins currently akron canton 41 west or here's a look lo at our planner for today 104ody step off at the parade route here downtown cleveland sun and clouds temperatures around 50. there will be a spotty shower around it does not look like a big deal thoughpe mid- 50s at five.
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46 wendy colder 10:00 reading group camera time lapse courtesy of the city of cleveland showing g what a gorgeous sunrise on the st. patrick's day a few high clouds and you can see that was beginning to break up off to the west as 40s all across the buckeye state. couple of 50s popping up there zanesville parkersburg huntingtonp southpointe the wintry weather still to thei northwest but eventually some snowflakesl may stink into our neck of the width that will bema tomorrow and perhaps last into the afternoon. i would say the best chance for seeing any snowflakes would beth overnight tonight and early tomorrow. otherwise today's high 54. shower or twoomor southwest wind will be a little blustery at times. 3535 then nighttime low. flurries are possible and tomorrow we say hello to friday cloudy skies. flurries early onud and breaks ind the cloud br cover as well. temperatures right around und
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and we'll send it back over to ovr dad. my dad nick isbr well he doesn't get to leave his 60s behind just yet.. next year a different story. good happy birthday dad called thanks aj. you can expect a wee bit more today. yoee that's for sure. stacey frey is out there among the folks so excited it st. patrick's day lining the streets in were talking about the perforations for theit t. st. patrick's day parade such a fabulous parade. such richayade in tradition for our city.i one of the best parades in the country honestly. so many people they're there expecting half a million people downtownoe you can expect theret th might be somere traffic issue certainly a lot more police out heretue about 10,000 people marchingb in the parade.rad this is absolutely huge. a longs asol tradition been going on since the 1837.
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actually started.arted police will be out here on patrol public square is an issue with construction they're of course changing bus routes andn construction is also changing the safety strategy. police say in past years a lot of fights around public squarequ but with there intersections close that expectsi the brawls if there are any are going to move to v other places. they're ready for whatever happens.s. bill haveerr an explosive sniffing dog down here as a precaution as and if you are headed downtown for the big hd parade probably a good idea to take public transportation.ra pr the best and easiest way is to you to go on our website to plan your trip ahead.ake you so what you can do is park for free at many of our parking lots and take the rapid directlymany downtown. it's just five dollars. we encourage you to bring exactwn.. amount of fare that you will need, cash. it makes it faster to get on the
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five bucks round trip can't beat it especially if you're going to come down here hanging around the bars having a couple of years why riskh you know your life . takes the rapid instead. 's research is closing now betweenen superior between 18th it is 24 because that is the staging area. b closing off to the rest of the morning o parade steps off at 1:04. there they are.t that means the parade will start soon. there you go. stacey thanks. stacey if you're unable to join the thousands downtown for the yy we'll be streaming the underway today at one.e. wming t if you can do it take advantage. a fantastic parade. leprechauns. coming up on fox eight. an extreme case of vandalism may finally be solved with an alleged egg thrower arrested. eight.t.finall finally tormenting this family for a long time. you'll see the dried cake onake stuff on the house jessica dill
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wing. live at the euclid police department, with more on the high tech investigation.n. e euc good morning. good morning everyone. not a little deal basically they were using surveillance photos for this and also studying the path of an eggs travel. really intense honestly. they have a suspect arrested.. 30 year old jason e. kozan is is charged with felony vandalism he was arrested on tuesday. in march 2015, the clemens family contacted fox 8 about their home being egged more than a hundred times for over a year. they said the suspect threw eggseggs produce and canned goods at their home on wilmore at all hours of the night sometimes almost hitting family members. e andods at euclid police said kozan used tod ko live on the same street. the clemens believed they were targeted because they helped establish a block watch program and are quick to call the police.nn same stclemensns tase they believe the suspect was firing the food from sort of
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they're angry at someone in that household for some reason this doesn't really fit a pattern of for instance someone just goofing off this is someone who has a deep seeded dislike for someone in that household or th everyone for that matter. the vandalism did finally stop police say it was right aboutht aut the same time kozan moved off the street. fox8 went back to the street yesterday after the news of theofh arrest in the neighbors there were shocked he was a really great guyth. a strange story. what would make him want to do that. in ittww interesting you don't know.. all right. thanks we appreciate your help with thisks story and where a following majord developing newslo on this thursdaypi morning. update on a story we have beenben following check in with wayneayn dawson for a look at what is just in. sadd update to pass along to you this morning. we've learned big momentsthi momen develop missing the deadly home explosionn and or filled center the explosion which killed a family of four nter
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summit county medical examiner the m father jeffrey mather died by suicidefa after burning himself i using gasoline to set his home on fire. his wife cynthiashis died of an overdose of pills not clear if were given to her. two daughters died after their airways were blockedaf it appears they were killed before the fire was set ii. this is breaking news just into the fox a newsroom of course we will continue to follow these developments on our website and right here onn fox8 news. heartbreaking. wayne thank you. a freak accident costs a young basketball player his life. noah lear was just hanging out baske with some buddies at the local playground about a month ago. they decided to see who could do the best dunk.k. es at very similar to this one here. he landed on his head, thehis backboard on top of him. he was still awake and actually called his mother.. but then he went into cardiac hcald arrest, and was flown to a
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put into a medically induced coma.. p noah never recovered from a lack of oxygen and suffered brain damage.. we are told he away on wednesday. voters in six northeast ohio cities are giving their approvalal vot to a controversial method to tackle deer overpopulation.n. a many people who live along chestnut road in seven hills say the area is overrun with deer.. c tuesday, a majority of voters approved amending the city's hunting ordinance to allow sdters limited bow hunting of deer. similar ordinances were passedwerepa in broadview heights, north royalton, parma, parma heightss in and strongsville. some neighbors feel other control methods should bebe ighbs considered. and not this particular one. you have to be darn careful when you're hitting that deer that it goes down or if that thing bolts out, it's going to bolt out in the street.wn or its we put in a bunch of flowers and actually we spent a lot of money on it to make the neighborhood look nice and feel sorry for the animals that they have to go ent a lott tmake that way, but they're destroying
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division of wildlife officials say they will work with leaders specifics on bow hunting regulations.h cik o wildlife workers with the summit community meeting tonight toee discuss coyotes.ting t several pets have been attacked and killed by coyotes recently in northeast ohio.o. you've probably seen the stories here on fox eight. park workers will focus on coyote facts and myths. tonight's meeting will be at the s w twinsburg council chambers at seven o'clock. lakewood is allowing a family to keep a pitbull, despite a ban on the breed in the city. more than 200 thousand people signed a petition on behalf of y. the family. scrappy serves as a comfort dog for four year old alleah williams, who has cystic fibrosis. city leaders and the girl's grandmother reached a deal on tuesday.. omfot ho h c tyd t to allow them to keep the dogs. sweetie. all right. coming upp a big changes coming to see world what you won't see for much longer and why the theme park is just phasing them out. would you walk away from yourpas job if you could a bring your
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one major league baseball player does just thatat the story and s your comments next in this morning's download.o good morning aj. good morning good mo sunshine out here on the st. patrick's day. and here is our fox eight hourox ig forecast youht can see those numbers on the c way up into the 50s. sunshine. clouds in here though for perhaps a i little bit into the parade.ide. there may be may be a passing shower.s most likelyr. it will be dry. the eight day forecast much more news into the weekendnd
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a major league baseball player is walking away from millions of dollars, for the sake of his family. chicago white sox first basemanni wm millollrsn adam laroche stunned the team by telling them he would retire. here is what happened. laroche made the decision after being told to cut down the time his son spent in the clubhouse.d to fixture there last season, and even had his own locker.r.1 y y fi you see them there on the field even. but, the white sox team president reportedly told laroche to dial back drake's appearance. ox amiden take a listen here. i was actually in the back and you know i you just hear the mood changeo. something serious is going on andse came out and shaking everyone's hand.
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made my decision. laroche, himself the son ofthe so professional ball player, hasn fond memories of traveling with his dad and says he wants his son to have the same memtravel that's what were talking about today. what you think. kristi capel joining us the. it's nice take your kids i would love to take them to worke it's a business it's your job. may be looking at it as the team president they have thosehavt designated take your children to work day day i'm sure probably with someone like major leagueyour y we bring our children here max was cooking on the show last friday cannot was just here last week i've had sienna here a lot l wer have these opportunities to do that i'm sure theye t do to buy those designated days looking at it as a team president des here's a child on the field during batting practice what if he gets hit he f think of the liability i know it's such a litigious world you hate to think that way but
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him you can do it every single day. others and a lot of other members on the team there one dayy oth can't my kid come. and what's good for him is not good for my family. it's a fine line it's tough. tu it is.g going out for ait while he has a block or. got his own locker. comments coming at. let's get to some of the. bill sayss mmn half-and-half on this great he spent so much time with his son but think about your workplace that there was someone else's kids all day every dayaeve i'm sure it would get old quick.ry jason writes good on him area of grief fueled contractso refreshing to see someone make a decision based on family values and follow through sed on on it. and a rights he is to go to work with my mom all the timehts his son is old enough to take care of himself is not causing a family first. says tell them to suck it up and go to work without his gett them we aren't allowed to take our kids to work with us commoners every day why should he be allowed is hey w better or more
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life and your job find a sitter. denise says i don't doubt i don't agree with that family that comes first but child being there every day is too much more mr concernede about the sense of entitlement his child may be sherry says unless this is there is more to the story that i'm missingng didn't sound like he was complaining about themd not letting him bring his son sn anymore he just decided thatded at being with his son was more important than $13 million. good for him.hi michael says. good for him butim still a teammates voted on this t a team sport something tells me if he was playing better it wouldn't be an issue. p buddy rice on our facebook page you have to let the other players have the same privilege some players have two or three children boys and girls 50 kids there let's be fair the locker room is a sacred place for some
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chansons probably didn't help he e struck out every time he was at christina says good for him shows he has morals and let's see. steve says for 13 million i would divorce my wife if they wanted me to.f while. all right. we want to do what you think there is no pulpit go to our facebook page leave me a comment i'll read some more coming up. what doageeaveveil re you think about thisabu think you shouldt walk away from $3 million because he couldn't bring his childkk to work every day. t the fortunate part of the 14 -year-old boy is caught in the middle of this and having a great time in the knees like they don't want you anymore. what did i do. he was probably well behaved. he just played video games during practices and help out and he was very well-liked on the team not like he was a distraction at all but his first yearw with chicago and now he was with washington even in the league since 2004 been around aron while.
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say i don't need it i am good. o i want to be with my son and able to do that that's great. does the kid go to school. combination of homeschooling in traditional school that they have. hl it's not like he's being pulled out just to be there. along the team president said saying cut cut back did it say he is banned can be here or anything excessive like that.. now is may be a good time to retire. might be. want to be home with your kids more re and even if it wasn't what a noble precedent he is set i being able to walk away to be with his family.e you can't fault the guy. never. know you cannot. we'll read more comments coming up in a little bit.. thank you. you're welcome. right now will check in with a.j. colby taking a look at our forecast for us. for st. patrick's good morning. st. patrick's day good morning. it's reallyy
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even though it's on the cool sideuy we all know howow st. patrick's day can go aroundound here. anything from snow to 80 degrees. we'll have a look at that coming up at noon want to show you some of those debts on st. patrick's day. you saw athose dtric's brief little shower go through that was interesting withefr g the cloud cover and mixed with that beautiful blue sky. as if you will and more of that color from the airport perspective there courtesy of the premier flight academy down there you can see asht we look a off towards lake erie not a cloud inloud i the sky as andre would say 46 degrees at hopkins 48 at h dover new philly and there are passing showers from yesterday heading off intoo the keystone state of pennsylvania we've got more snowkey to the northwest a pool of cold airto sitting in and
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michiganhe. michigan. here comes the low. settles in for tonight and tomorrow. and there's certainly enough cold air c around that someeta snowflakes could fly not going to be a big issue by any means that there could be some snow in s the air.o nothing on the ground hopefully crossin your fingers. in wins a lap showing that trough of low pressure beginning to buckleh and allowing some warmer air up for the middlend of next week. wednesday thursday highs into the 60s againe. we'll take it the forecast for today goes as follows.a son this morning.h than cloudsi began to increase as that low settles to the south. we can rule out a passing shower or two especially late this afternoon and this evening. in of cold air to transition to a few flurries . cloudy colder. 35. winds out of the southwest and blowing.
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for tomorrow friday begins cloudy f and maybe a few snowflakes otherwise breaks of sunshineana fe and temperatures top out near 40. come around to the northwest as the front goes through 10 to 15 miles an hour.hour that. is a brisk northwest wind for sure. with wind chills est readings likely in the 20s. nighttime low friday down to 23 saturday will have a fair amount a fa of sunshineir amount with temperatures trying to struggle towards 40i scratching and clawing there way up there for sunday. snow should hold off until late and should be fairly scattered.ho the first day of spring of course sporting some snowflakes are go okay. on monday possiblea here comes a nice little gust of warmer air. herein thunder on thursday with highs in the mid- 60s.mid
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on this st. patrick's day. will send it back your way. thank you.s 9:42 right now.ghtno president obama announces his nominee to fill the vacant supreme court justice seat.ww nt obameat. coming up on fox eight news in the morning.f find out why he's already facing an uphill battle. how about this. a mom hands her baby to a clerk for a good reason and find out what happened seconds later. incredible story.y. when moms to be go into labor what are they really concerned about?t? wh be apparently this mother is taking some heat after putting makeup on during her contractions.u she looks good. looks great. before contemplating the many choices on steak 'n shake's $4 dollar menu, one must calm the mind
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back everyone. sea world makes a big announcement it's ending it's killer whale program.. seake it's ceo says the orcas that are in its care now will be the last.. it'so it will not breed any more. and it won't take any from the wild, either. the head of sea world saysword they're responding to changing attitudes. adding they are proud of all of the work they've done, to educate people about marine mammals. president obama's nomination to the supreme court is widely seen as a centrist. presia's but he might still not even get a confirmation hearing. based solely on hisn heari qualifications, i support the nomination of mr. garland and i
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o m that was back in 1997, when republican senator orrin hatch supported merrick garland, to beetht publto b appointed to the dc appeals court.appin but now hatch says things are different and they should wait for the next president'sowat nominee.. the white house says judge garland has more federal th judicial experience than any nominee in history. serving nearly two decades on exees o the bench. before that, he prosecuted timothy mcveigh in the oklahoma city bombing case. bepros frank sinatra junior who carried on his father's musical legacyinara has passed away. [music playing] [music playing] the sinatra family said he died yesterday of cardiac arrest while on tour in daytona beach, aid hebeach florida. back when he was 19 he made headlines after being kidnapped and held for ransom. he was released two days later after his family paid 240 thousand dollars. om. wa
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into the music business and worked as his dad's musical director and conductor. frank sinatra junior was's musi former subway spokesman jared fogle is reportedly assaulted in prison. tmz reports that fogle's attacker punched him in the recreation yard at the colorado prison. fogle ended up with a bloody nose and swollen face. reealoro ris the attacker's family says he's upset that so many child sexacke predators are housed at the prison. startling surveillance video from a convenience store in colorado. it shows a cashier saving a baby with the mom is just about to pass out. you can see them him standing there and kind of she even grabs the mom by grabbing her arm to soften her fall. should grab the little infant's turns out the young woman was having a seizure.ld o she is okay now thankfully and
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absolutely because sometimes theme cashiers is they're doing her job you think alike some people areomepe afraid to interfere not reallyno sure what's going on to take somebody's babygo is major but she she obviously knew something is happening. the guy comes up and takes the baby while she is taking th she hands the baby to him and ad she is helping the other lady. what quick thinking and a really good act of kindness. coming up. the republican national convention will be held in cleveland, this summer.r. tblica get ready for it. the city will be increasing security but, does that include using military tanks? ee t be i the police department sets the record straight. say cheese. a local rescue dog is going viral after posing for this picture showing every single one of her pearly whites. good morning aj. hi there good morning guys. gy great look and st. patrick's day day today. you see on our fox eight our forecast temperatures rising into the 50s today. increasing clouds
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a shower we will have the full
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that must be her own.ow she must do it. why not show women. police officers in virginia hadg some funi singing the hit from
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mis what does that mean again. it meanss on the st. patrick's day.
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happy birthday to my dad. i will -- the equinox.e warmer after that timeq to findto out what's going on on due date here are natalie and jessica. hopefully are doing wellllh we have a big show today for you for st. patrick's day. it is st. patrick's day. we are cooking a little bit ofof it-with different candies. one of our favorite just talking about beauty alexis.or coming up at 10:00 a.m. don't go
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welcome back i am mountain jump happy birthday dad. that is the first time we've seenent that out.ut. thanks john.ohn. ein news out of coming that song testing n for the thought


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