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tv   Fox 8 News at 430AM  FOX  March 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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you are worried. this is really early. the year again in first saint patrick's day. let's check in with injury to see what is happening.k you enjoy it is a?
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really is a second look at storm fox doppler radarnd is /is the person perfectly . the ashtabula and youngstown. maybe 7 degrees colder than yesterday at this time. look at dover do chilly, if you degrees colder than just try try four hours ago.ld 's will be looking at the brisk side and mr. to crank late tonight into tomorrow morning at the northeast. lookat at that went a think and they are put the pressure pressure is around the state and across the ohio valley, can pretty much everyone in the 30s that is the pump fake year. will show the maps in motion.ti here is the cold front going through today.da
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chelation or any kind. -- did it did for kessens coming up in traffic time with patty. >> thanks such a great start on this day after st. patrick's day day. don't have any issues up thereat on the freeways. this is an issue to and from the westbound shore way. these are posted and a bigger issuei is it is a 35 mouse per hour zone. it's very difficult to do. please do that because that is -- keeping it now and forever. jake the east 55th is the only eastbound traffic allowed the westbound traffic is marginal. this is 90 on the shore weight problem. there is hardly anybody out ut there and they know what they
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seventy went 77 into downtown. >> the case -- and this is scares have been part of the best figure out who stabbed stepped woman to death and act -- from the sheriff's office. now , such a sad story, here. >> this red mortgage ration. that tells if you don't hear from the last time it was -- and been able to read shock. pulling within this home with the teenage son is a foul now this come from the 17 -year-old. told the surest apartment that -- an extra confronted her killer diminished the trip to intervene intervene. >> and the attacker can after him, he dropped it in and took off played in a vehicle.
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5:00 a.m. the 17th of the only ones home at the time.i the boys father was out of town full work. neighbors and coworkersl. not natalie across the street. i grew up in his trailer park. simply and related then what happened a year ago.e what happened to gain some sort of incident and hunt is -- you feel for him to.
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run.u election day. they fit into the root they put the ball is in public and got the at their being spoken to do a and the likes it was very given its had the stole cash bond.v who move reasons fox 8 went right and jeff gery john here playing case credit.
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economic development. it's a dumb. truckload of cashsh you allow licensed as itlo bill that when went please say youl. as save there was just check perfectionism in for a soundstage.
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the rough seas cruises as soon with his large empty storefront.
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pressure killer for the weekend of may 7. >> and if they would do that. read you. >> no, if you think about it. you wouldn'tt? you go eco- . weather and traffic is easy vehicle and sho these temperatures are
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line. this is a lease yesterday. they know i do you talking about about. the story in the flakes playing around. had too much activity. in the
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and the north and west. yes, it is his silver and just technically so temperature plunged there we go for the weekend, highs 40 state in 30s leads to the weekend or so you
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12:30:00 a.m. a warm and c-euro-sign clouds and passing
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what happens as we get there that week. chastens she is his first no the nor'easter immediate he shares
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lose 60sdi who are up by through the closer on monday. this is only one as your semester no for.
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them. was a soldier all 50 states. they went through the s frozen it t
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still a whinger. just a few short minutes after a timeme. >> it has been a pretty easy sir on your friday. if you have a very here for a while, they are doing a little bit of construction and they're pretty and sewer pipes. they are could be traveling and 2a traffic is maintained. folks headed northbound are
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guys to get by. make your physical threat your commutes. seventy-seven andr east 20 seconds it into downtown and very little fine and 90 over by west 25th and it's also been a good commute. traneight trap is maintained over the turnpike by the signal. >> a little boy's bring up the biggest day of his life. >> for -year-old robert lost his twin brother at birth. special -- he fell rapid stream that a hockey player great craig at the
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so he will be more than ready. proper else find a one day nhl contracta. >> roberts is a really special point. he loves monster hockey. he is a really about it unless you ski and it is his wish please going to have his own lockerr it is great good escape through thet -- we will be capture incredible moment i really wish get up when the show here. >> the time is for:57. but the researching for a
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home.t >> the city of cleveland is looking to give the details
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