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tv   FOX 8 Sunday Morning News  FOX  March 20, 2016 8:00am-10:00am EDT

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good morning everyone.ev the gray skies out there. some flurries. but it is spring. >>it it is officially the firstthe day of spring, march 20th. spring arrives at midnight this morning. >> it's like seven hours lead and we haven't had a blizzard yet. >> it is officially spring weather, not mother nature. it is here. thanks for waking up with us. >> jan has it all figured out.
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there rightht>> now. >> today you will need your winter jacket. some are waking up to a coating on the ground in some spots. you can say it is spring instead of winter is just dragging on but we will likely get some spring days coming up. we are seeing blue which means some light snow se showers and we will likely see some snow in portions of southern county and geography county county and geography county and southern lorraine. cty a a coating at best. we are not talking any big snow here. the less than half an inch. eventually by the afternoon wen could see someoo breaks ofr sunshine before the sun goes down.suns it will remain chilly with
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thirties. it is a little bit chilly out we have had 31 in cleveland 30 akron canton but if you factor in this wind it b is also breezy. it feels like low and mid twenties and that will be the case today.s we had to get past these flurries this morning and then we will have aa gradual warm-up but it will be a nice finish to the week as well. a lot of us have a holidayy weekend planned and easter sunday is coming upend so we will have that forecast for you in just a fo bit. tragedy in hudson this morning. police find the body of two people inside a house. >> police believe ita is the result of a possible murder suicide. stephen bice and his wife kristi bice found dead from gunshot wounds. police believe deo he shot his wife
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himself. this has left a community in distress. >> died close to home. >> on saturday the crime scene kept authoritiesat busy in and around the home. >> i was surprised. >> we never expect anything like that but nowadays you never know what is going to police were called out to the home a little bite we after noon but when they arrived they found two people deceased inside of the home according to city spokesperson jody roberts and for people who live near the scene, they say they are concerned.
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the day saturday it is still unclear what led to the deaths of two people.le family members came and went all day spending time consoling one another andnding obviously there's a lot of emotion regarding the deaths that happened here. >> authorities say there is nois reason to believe there is any threat or risk to the general public. police say a wrong way driver caused a serious crash on the soap sure wayed a saturday in the eastbound lanes of the sure way at the exit there. you can see this is just one of many wrong way crashes in the citys in the last few months. canton la police arrested 36 -year-old lance rankin wanted in connection with an homicide early friday night.
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night before he crashed into a highway patrol cruiser. c the suspect was treated for minor injuries and taken to the stark county jail. no officers were hurt during thater arrest. a third suspect in the murder of a five -month-old cleveland girl was issued ad o one million dollar dollars bond saturday. charles caldwell was arrested on charges of aggravated murder. investigators said they believe the wrong car was targeted and two other men have already been charged in connection with that case. sad news this morning out of well willow lake. we have learned wel that mayor richard bonde has died. he died saturday morning bell additional information has not been bonde was diagnosed with lymphoma several months this funeral be held today att
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followed by a funeral mass at seven and his burial will be private.n a and councilman joe council cimperman hasman tapped political newcomer careyd mccormick to be the new representative for ward three. cimperman is stepping down next nex month to head fox eight i team we arere hearing more about the story you saw first abut on fox eight .com. harsh words about the police shooting of 12 -year-old tamir rice.l >> just fired, tamir rice theic boy shot and killed by police as
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soft pistol. quote tamir rice rice should've been shot and i'm glad he is rice dead. i wish i was in the park that daisy terrorize innocent patronsn by pointing a gun at him.un i am upset i didn't get a chance to' kill the little criminal. that after local protest had quieted. assistant safety director ed urquhart another quote on that facebook page said someone had gotten his phone and put alll that out there and he apologized. tha it didn't save his job. >> to have a city employee in a position of authority and responsibility to have that content on a facebook page is totallyna unacceptable. >> was confirmed that last yearast his facebook page also had an
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baltimore. >> if he is making these statements boldly and publicly, this is a dangerous precedent. >> vi team also reserved postings after officer mise michael brelo was cleared in another police shooting quote yes and victory. >> it is about what is in in community's best interest. >> fox eight received an e-mail from a man claiming toht r be human denies making the post that he said he gave the city evidence ofhe who did it. still to come it is in a new take on the birth control pill. >>ntrol how men could benefit from the newen medication. say hello to the next adele and he was found in a most
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but first let's take another lookt's outside on a great first day ofat spring. will things be improving into
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good morning. it's really not gray out there. we are seeing a few flurries across the region at thew moment, but to those will be winding down, getting out of here and eventually we will get back to some sunshine as we say hello to spring. as some of us could see some breaks
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l you're waking up on the first day of spring but yes, there is a coating of snow on the ground, just a coating in somehe spots and by this afternoon we could see see some changeovers to rain showers. what i really want to talk about is this gradual warm-up. it's chilly today and tomorrow but when we have the bigig temperature changes we've got a lot of rain changes chances and when we get into spring we will likely have some thunderstorms later in the week. i am not tracking thunderstorms right now but i am tracking light snow and flurries. deeper shades of blue right now northern summit county i did get a picture d from the peninsula peninsula showing a coating on peninsula showing a coating on their deck.hehe o trinh's burrow down to streetsboro ride along the pike
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snow wi showers, something that you don't want to see but it is happening to down near modena and brunswick we are getting some light snow showers. get that is about it though. nothing widespread this morning. it will be pretty much gone by noon.t b we are still hanging onto the clouds though.i you can see some isolated showers possibly seeing someso sunshine later today before the sun goes down. that is going to really drop our temperatures back in the mid-y twenties but it is going to be a cold night on tap for us.
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tomorrow and eventually by tomorrow evening we will be clearing out. unfortunately, we will still be cloudy and cold but temperatures will start to warm up light snow showers across the area all in the system moving along the east coast started to get its act together and it will push its way up toward new york andw boston so if you have any east coast plans over the next 48 hours you will have to watch that system as it moves out. monday is looking good as we head intoay your afternoon hours. we are pretty uniform in cleveland cincinnati 35 willoughby and 37 not really
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tonight 27 degrees partial clearing and we will see some sunshine.n temperatures not rebounding that much. we warm-up here tuesday more companies are offering employees bereavement days when their pets
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they say grieving is grieving whether it is weather does a person oringng pet and new birth control pills for men this year. scientists are working for non- component compound to stop no lasting impact on fertility. and it caused side effects like weight gain and didn't work.2 percent of the time. consumer analysts say they're moving to the suburbs as and as starting families. they also say they see millennial's buying a larger vehicles before having kids
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look toward the future. and if you're looking foro something a little faster checkout chevrolet grand river assembly plant the sports car chevrolet says the sports cars quote poised to challenge the most advanced sports coupe in the world s by any measure. no word on how much it will set youhow back. edit your list. >> added to my list of all my cars. ded nike is going back to the future with itsng latest sneaker appeared to self lacing sneaker will be outla in time for thise year's holiday season. the sheer shoe activates with a sensor inr the s heel and allowsal wearers to make it fit either loser orear snyder by pressing buttons on the side. si what about just tying the shoe quacks and?ack they unveiled the sneaker along
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as they dig deeper into personalization.. if you want a pair sign up for the nike+. after t the release of the self lacing sneaker through the forhe the incredibly lazy will only be available for apps members. a grandfather disappointed after five ofa his six grandkids grandkids can skip to dinner he prepared is going viral. a college is student from oklahoma tweeted the photo sang dinner fruit with grandpa tonight he made burke 12 burgers for all six grandkids i'mix the only one who showed. sh twitter users twitter users net went crazy sayinge it made themhem miss their parents. after the tweet some people harassed the other five grandkids for not showing h up. one of the grandkids but them know he had as a brook had a burger with his grandfather the next day in and the mealhis skipper said he forgives them. the grandfather doesn't understand all of the newfound fame but he is veryy
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popular singer on the planet right now >> 21 -year-old brian earl taylor belted out an apology at his sentence of his sentenceou hearing similar to the hit a low buy a hello by t he hopes he finds an appropriate way to use it however it will be 17 years before he can. he got 17 years in prison for robbing and kidnapping a man at gunpoint.r lights camera action. >> couldgh this city of cleveland be heading to the big screen cit again and a movie soundstage in
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welcome back on this sunday morning, your first day of spring waking up to some cloudy skies in the area, but things could be changing for the best. hollywood here to cleveland and go to movie soundstage be in the works? m industry officials say it could happen. first the state needs to lower production here.fir >> this is a draft a day browns fans were waiting for.a mid hollywoodit backdrop captain
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day brought here by ohio's's motion picture tax credit.. >> film commission president ivan schwartz said it had a $4 million economic impact but captain america felt like captain america had have to leave thee state to shoot the scene on a movie soundstage. >> they come here and it's like dumping a truck load of cash right here in our community did you c first the ohio legislature has to pass a new bill and eliminated per movie cap that would tap more production and demand for aore soundstage.a >> we do this and we raise the incentive and we can create a full-time infrastructure than people are going to move here and in will want to stay
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footprint here in the rotation and the developer would cover in t the roughly 50 to $75 million cost to build this facilityaci which would include about six large multi- thousand square foot buildings. >> the purpose of those buildings is that filmmakers of all of all of the world are used to or certainly in the midwest. with its large empty storefronts in cleveland heights. >> i know that walmart space of there you need to do somethingh with that and they could >> it could boost the local
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worldwide cl stage. it is so cool and so nice to see those c movies. >> for every dollar spent theret is a $2 economic return. >> they hope that they will increase in past legislature in mentor. still ahead, it is holy week. >> lent is coming to an end but whatg t if you still need your fisho fry?
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the first day of spring calls for a little scat. >>'s got to have that. >> scat action. >> and you've got tocat have some great guys to make you appreciate the sun. >> there is the silver lining we were trying to get out of all of this. >> you've got to make it up as you go right? >> you really do. southside braving this cold springde day outside braving this cold spring day.
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thewa ground there are a few flurries outside right now. we will be in and out of here right now. in temperatures will remain on the cold side..t we have some brighter spots comingngwe up. light snow showers continue in the morning. by noon we are at 36 chili and we could see some sunshine and we will see the east coast storm pull away. there is a look at storm fox and yout s can see the light snowht flowers snow showers and flurries in this area of low pressure is going to turn into a nor'easter as it moves up the coast. it will bring the energy with it
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someexpe sunshine. a little bit of a coating in someme spots 31 degrees right now and it is chilly. thirty-two lorraine 30 akron canton and worcester. if you factor in the an wind it makes it feel colder than that, though low to mid twenties. saturday we have some things to look forwarde ha to, a gradual warm-up as we head into the first weekend of spring. yeah it looks like we will have awesome showers and even thunderstorms but the weekend forecast looks good so far. they call themselves mothers for justice and hearing cleveland they kicked off what they hope will be a national torrent aimed at shining the spotlight on police involved shootings. >> thered were mothers from other states as well who lost loved we
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mother she says this weekend fo is i an especially painful one as she as remembers her 18 -year-old son. >> today is the one year death ye anniversary of my son brandon jones who is coming out of the store. >> tonya brown fights to hold back the tears.s.> a year ago her son brandon jones was killed by cleveland police after allegedly breaking into thehe store. brown says her son was unarmed. >> i don't think breaking and enteringdon' warrants the death sentence. >> this was one of many events planned for this weekend in cleveland.d. people who have lost loved ones one in police involved incidents from around the nation came to cleveland for the event. >> they killed my seven -year-old granddaughter. >> there were three mothers have lost their children in police involved shootings in cleveland
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brandon jones mother 12the -year-old tamir rice's mother who spoke veryta briefly and alicia kirkman, mother of angelo miller who died in a police involved incidents nine years ago. >> everybody that they killed they want to pass off and that is not fair to us. indict the police. we are so sick and tired of it. we want justice and we are fed up. >> one person from dayton said d at an earlier eventa that the relationship between police and african-american men must change.-amech >> it doesn't really matter what our reaction is to police. we have had cases where our young menad have been killed surrendering, they've they been killed running away, they've been killed no matter what they do so we are seeking solutions and looking for answers. > so is tonya brown on the anniversary of her son's death.
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my babyst is dead. he was unarmed and posing no type of threat to anyone.e.h >> brandon jones family has recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of ci cleveland and two of its police officers. it was a special dedication d and in sanduskye to remember ar police officer killed in thehe line of duty five years ago this weekend.nd. the erie county conservation league lead a large group ofo donors who raised the funds to dedicate this plaque in honor of officer officer and are done. five years ago he o stopped the bicyclist at 3:00 a.m. with no lights on his bike. he was immediately shot and killed.m sandusky's police chief tells us there dedications inside the police office officers officer office to officer re ded don but they wanted a plaque outside that everyone could see. >> the pain is still there. it is still raw
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children of andy that are here, their family and just the community is coming together and it shows them that their dad was very relevant and very important in ourand community. >> the chief estimates more than 200 people turned out for that dedication.0 p a police officer's body camera is rolling during a frightening moment along the e highway. >> 1768 radio vehicle struck by a car. >> the officers stays remarkablymar calm seconds after his cruiser was struck by a drunk driver on the east exit ramp of 100 40th street. the officer does not waste any time going after the no suspect who was arrested and charged. the officer was not seriously hurtr in. building a stronger relationship between cleveland police and the community. >> .-dot with beel the goal of the
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this weekend. they marked it with the first to forge a better relationship between officers and the cities they serve.bettp leaders saying this is just the latest in their ongoing effort to t try to reduce violence. r there is a lot. i >> there is a lot of tension in theere community with police event so this event partner targeting theeve community to sit down with residents and talk to them andand chat with them and get them to understand their real people. >> in addition to the free pizza and coffee, some officers and children got free haircuts as well. a man on spring break makes a bad decision and now police are making him a viral video star star. the gulf shores alabama policepo department posted a video on their facebook page that shows beachgoers screaming obscenities at police. then one man throws a football at a police cruiser..t police found out who he is and when they posted the video, theyvi
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hay cameron, we found you. great arm, bad decision. an arrest warrant has been issued for you. the clip has quickly racked up views on social media. >> never put it on tv. >> not a good idea. still to come, future programmers got a look at their competition this weekend. coming up, a look at the roboticsing contest. but coming up right now, you are looking at the sure way su with gray skies, light traffic and li a little fuller flurry action out there.
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i'm nice dress today have a jacket or a coat.or it is windy, chile, a little gray out there for this first daye of spring but what do you expect? welcome back everyone. a chilling phone call obtained by the fox 819. a suspected killer calls 911 and keeps asking when police might arise. here's more on the questions surrounding response times. >> i need a cop because me and my boy got into it and am about to kill him i'm about to kill him. >> say that ki again. >> we were fighting and i'm about too> kill him. >> 911 called murder in progress, suspected killer georgee roles suspected but the i team found it took nearly 12 minutes per police to get there. the caller quickly frustratedd with police dispatch. >> what's your point preference name. >> chris. >> he can't hear can tell you?
8:43 am
he can't hear me. why doesn't matter.e >> bats proper procedure okay?sn' >> i have a belt wrapped around his neck and i'm stroking him. >> do think he is okay or needs the ambulance? >> i don't know what he needs. i don't care what he needs. police will be responding. >> are you going to let him loose? >> no. >> this went off on minute minute after minute after precious seconds. the suspected killer asked where the cops after nearly nine minutes and we notice the timestamp on recording showing police calling for a first ambulance for the first time after nine minutes. >> is the breathing? geek it looks like his breathing. >> they're coming all right? >> where they come in i don't know white sickness along. >> i don't knowbreatow w where they're coming from. >> it took a few minutess for a car to become available. >> the police president blames short staffing. dispatchers had to wait for a
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>> the guys got thee assignment and they got here in a timely fashion but they came here in it from the south side of the city. >> are you letting up on the belt? >> no. >> the city says average response time is about a half minutes. here are 11 and a half minutes. m inside christopher hardy was strangled to death. >> are you hearing anythingny coming from him like shorthi breaths or anythingm like that? >> no. >> heath faces murder charges but he enters a non- guilty pleail in the case.i >> suchn a bizarre story. let's take a look at what there. we are hoping for we're hoping for some improvement thise week. >> we will get improvement but today you will need your winter coat unfortunately.. maybe even some hats and gloves because it is cold out there with temperatures right around 30 degrees.
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and flurries around g so i want to w take you into some of these spots. the deeper shades of blue is wherehe wed are likely getting the coatingl on the ground from litchfield akron and barberton and was the van up. it goes all the way down to starkt g county to north canton over and into t masculine. even farther south, sugarcreek,e millersburg, new philadelphia getting into that snow. unfortunately we have snow around this morning and what it will taper off a bit as we head toward noon.we it will be out of here before you know it but temperatures will kind of stay in thet forties all day long.lo forty-three in westlake 30 west salem and masculine. and here is one of the coldest spots, hudson at 28 to start the day. we continue with snow showers through wi the morning hours. lots of clouds and sun showers
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snow showers could change over to rain showers mainly in our southeasterns communities as the storm system makes its way up the east coast but by 5:00 o'clock those west northwest out toward the island and here he county we may see some sunshine before the sun goes down. that we will clear out the sun shine a sunshine a littlet we bit. tomorrow morning's commute kids at the bus stop no problem.o at the bus stop it will be cold again but grab your sunglasses. lots of sunshine toward the later half of the day three, four, 5:00 o'clock before the sun goes down and by 9:00 o'clock we are completely clear. we do have a nor'easter taking shape along the east coast. no as it moves up the east coast at one drag snow showers with it. be prepared to fly out of the east coast in the next 24 to 46
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lots of snow in portionsch of connecticut and boston even delaware could an get get upwardsrds of 6 inches of snow here. temperature wise across thee region pretty uniform, upper twenties to low thirties. no big warm-ups right now, but that willigh happen as we get to the first week of spring. 37 degrees staying in the mid- thirties for much of the afternoon.ees by dinner time we are right backt around the freezing point and then in fr the upper twenties. if you factor in the wind as it feels wi like upper twenties. we will be at 27 tonight. cold again with partial clearing and that means sunshine for the day tomorrow.a i expect more sunshine as the day goes on. we are back into the low fifties though on tuesday getting warmer herere so the middle of the week and unfortunately with that we will see some spring showers andunf rumbles of thunder.
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weekend, easter sunday looks perfect with temperatures above average in the mid- fifties and a mix of sun and clouds. inaudible. it was a battle at cleveland state university saturday with a roasting center played host to the 15th annual first robotics competition buckeye regional. more than 1500 high school students from across eight states andstude canada competed in an intense competition showing robots theyon built and designed all bu themselves. >> their learning practical applications in science technology engineering andearn ap math by building these robots. they compete together as an as alliance and they compete separately. every single student and school year tells us how they got here.
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in the and a spot at the championshiph held in st. louis next month.d in here is some news that many twitter users will appreciate.te. the social media giants as it is sticking with a 140 character limit. the executive jack dorsey dorseyse made the announcement after reports they were considering asid feature that would allow for longer feeds. many users spoke out against the possible change and he agreed that quote it allows for the fo moment of brevity. the leader of the catholic church is going after newnew followers on instagram. hope francis has posted a photo of himself praying using the name franciscus.ra he says he wants to walk with his followers along the way of god's mercy.h the account already has more than 260,000 followers. this is his second four-way foray into social media. a very unusual robbery in las vegas happened at this convenience store on friday.
8:50 am
storee clerk but the only thing he made off with was a tray of nachos. the manager says he understands why his employees ran out after the hi thief. >> i talk to the customer as it did need to pay in paint he said no notdid going to pay it. when people are stealing something, i'm angry. >> thatn make sense. >> there was a physical confrontation outside before policetion said the suspect took out the weapon and fired one shot behind the counter as the clerk sprinted up un the back door. police caught the suspect after a short car chase and the 24 -year-old not show thief is nowf i looking at burglary, assault and weaponsrgl charges. a chicago business completely changing its workday for employees by allowing its workers toto drink during business hours. at tower review the company hasa two kegsny of craft beer in the office 24 / seven.
8:51 am
beer in the office the talent will come and stay. he got in touch with theuc business that now supplies the kegs to more than 100 chicago companies. >> we are not big on rules, but, there is common sense. >> we are having a we're having a problem-solving session at a 4:00 p.m., let's go have a beer. >> do you think that was on st. patrick's day.. >> i bet it was. >> seeing all that green their. >> gr you really want that guy inat your office. >> so how much of that creative credit goes to the beer? in these offices the motto is as the taps are flowing so are the ideas. >> you could call this the best summer job ever if you're looking for a summer you are looking for a summer gig.v world of beer is offering an internship for those 21 and older to travel all over the world and sample beer. in addition to the $12,000 paycheck, all travel expenses are covered as well. you just at have to send in a
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great pick for this for more information, go to still ahead, no beer. >> no, but an olympic hopeful has taken a much different journey than other athletes to this summer's games in rio and
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he did george comments you did george, it's yourur fault. >> we're going to blame it on him. >> it's george's fault. not all the stories we hear about syrian refugees. >> the journey of one refugee
8:56 am
a swimmer from syria, once a refugee, is now an olympic hopeful. seven months ago he she fled the civil war in her home country making the dangerous sea crossing to greece then tracking several weeks across europe to germany. now she is living in berlin going togee i school and swimming atwimm a pool near her refugee center training with the coach and determined to make it to t theh olympics this summer. if she is selected, she will be part of the ioc's very firstery team of refugee athletes. she says swimming at the olympics would be a dream come true and a chance to inspire people across the world. chan >> what is really cool aboutt that is the olympic committee has like refugees in syria iraq and other countries that of been tornrn apart. a lot of countries torn apart byt civil war right now. a lot of people in misery, but their athletes are getting ag place to stay, a place to eat, their families are coming with them. >> and train.
8:57 am
the team. i can't wait to see how this plays ac out. still another hour of fox eight news just a heads. >> we will be right back.
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a family found dead. helping police investigate whate wh they are calling a murder suicide. charges a man faces charges in a $1 million bond stemming from aa girl shot and killed. shaving sh for a cure. hundreds shaved their locks to raise funds and awareness funds and awareness for cancerfo research. hello spring. we are celebrating spring cleveland's sought style with spring cleveland's thought style with a few light snowht ri showers in the area. fox eight news this morning continues right now.thi happy sunday to you it is march 202016 9:00 a.m. is your time and it is springtime. spring has sprung and really spring has sprung reallyly doesn't some flurries have sprung but that is typical spring in s
9:01 am
>> always. >> thank you for joining us this morning. >> she is jen harper and she hase ha a look at our forecast. >> we have a few snow showers around not feeling or looking like spring out there but i have more springliketr temperatures in the eight day forecast that i think you will like.ight we are continuing to see some light snow showers mainly south here.. l portage county extending all the
9:02 am
tuscarora'swn county. we could get some sun today in our western areas we will continue with at light showers through the morningit hours and by that point 32 degrees in cleveland right now. twenty-nine and in worcester akron and was to akron canton and new and philadelphia coming in at 31 but if you factor in the wind it is going to be called out there.
9:03 am
out there. tragedy in hudson where police find the bodies of two people inside a house. >> police believe this is a result of a possible murder suicide. theyys say 53 -year-old steven bice and his wife were would a two -year-old kristi were found dead fromw an apparent gunshot wounds to get has left a community on average. g >> caution tape. hudson police and dci agents agent's not a typical site here on ravenna road inypi hudson. >> it's bad. it's so close to home. >> on saturday this crime scene kept authoritiesur busy investigating in and around the home. authorities eventually bringing in items from
9:04 am
>> it is pretty quiet. that's why i stopped to ask. >> you never expect anything like that in neighborhoods but nowadays you never know what is going to ne happen. >> the situation definitely drew attention.tu police were called up to the home aa little of little that afternoon but when they arrived, l they found two people dead inside of the home. that is won a six one of six the city's according to a city spokesperson and people who lived near the live near the scene say they aredive concerned. >> hudson police spent most of saturday investigating at the s home before coming back to the th police station, but it is still unclear what led to the deaths of two people. >> family members came and went all m day spending time consoling one another and obviously there is a lot a lot ofhe emotion surrounding what happened here. >> authorities say there is nois reason to believe there is any is threat or risk to the general
9:05 am
police say a wrong way driver caused a serious crash on the sort store sure way saturday evening in the eastboundwa lanes of the sure way at west 45th street at the exit there. t you can see the van and carnd collided head-on. police have not said if there were any injuries from this. f this isr just one of many accidents in the city and months.acc 36 -year-old lance rankin is wanted and was wanted in connection with thed w homicide. they tracked him down overnight and briefly chased him along i 77 in ch canton before rankin crashed into a highway cruiser. the suspect was treated for minor injuries and taken to jail. no officers were hurt during that arrest. the suspect in the murder of a five -month-old cleveland girl wasd c issued a $1 million bond saturday. 30 -year-old charles caldwell appeared appear down in court on
9:06 am
little a via wakefield were shot in the chest while in a car with her mother on speer wak wil avenue on october 1st. they believe the wrong car was targetedey b by gunfire. two other men have artie beenti charged in connection with that case.. services were held this weekend for a little girl who died in a house fire two weeks for ago. >> many people were displaced as a result of the were fire, and brittney harris tells us the community is stepping up to help out all of the family and friends gathered at saint ambrose parish on saturdayse to remember the life of keeganem sullivan who died in a fire on march 7th. several other people were hurt and the building was completely destroyed. >> personally i was one of the firstdes people at the parish. i helped coordinate through social media people to come in
9:07 am
clothes in the community was again all night long so overwhelminglyain responsive to supporting others in a time of need. >> kimberly brunswick says manyk of the stanleys are now struggling to pay their bills and find a place to live. >> probably about 80 percent of the residents did not have any renters insurance and with another firea later on that week and another complex there's aa great need right now in the community. >> herr group has alreadydy collected a lot of donations,t but they want to do even more and have decided to team up and host a fundraiser at the restaurant on monday. m every dollar made that day will go toward a fund to help the victims. fun >> families were displaced. i cannot even imagine losing all of myan belongings. >> this person is the director ofs p operations who says they are
9:08 am
>> we are hoping to be a big part of the community and as a business we should support the t community whenever there is an opportunity.. certain situations feel we need to stepc up and help where we canwhe and we are proud to do it. sad news out of willow lake.>> s we learned mayor richard bonde has died. he died saturday morning. mo additional information has not been released. according to the news herald he was to he was diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma on tuesday. there will be a funeral mass at 7:00 p.m. and his burial will be 's cleveland cleveland city councilman cl joe cimperman has named his replacement carey mccormick to be the new representative for ward three. cimperman is stepping down next month
9:09 am
nonprofit group. many people getting and you a new do all in the name of cancer research. t >> head shaving event was held in rocky riverving e saturday at a foundation that raises funds for pediatric cancer research. $200,000 have been raised so far. one of those people has a brain tumor and is in a wheelchair. >> the biggest thing is getting the awareness outt there. when you're in the community having a family member that is affected, a child that has been affected, it becomes a lot bigger community not only with the sportt we get for families but learning more about the families that have been touched. >> organizers expected more than 750 people to shave shape their head and they sh did shave morere
9:10 am
nine oh 9:00 a.m. and much an more coming up. >> the top suspect in the deadly terrorist attacks now behind bars. charges he faces after a shootout with police. donaldh trump on the attack but fought against fox news is megan kelly but no one understands the timing or basis for theu jabs jabs here. next we will detail the stop of the family's south american first traffic looks pretty clear at 910 were traffic going on downtown and a few other things going on out there. >> wet havehin an accident on i 90 near state state route 611 and state route 83. the road there is closed so be aware if you are headed out in that direction.u ar
9:11 am
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
good morning i'm i'm jen harr churned if you're looking lo for aj he will be in for mer first official day of spring is off to a great start.y flurries around this morning. unfortunately, they will be with us through most of the morning. you probably wakeu up in some don't want to see but unfortunately it is happening and you may want tottoortu get i will show you that coming up but here is what we really want to talk t about. this gradualolk warm-up will be feeling like spring toward the middleing of this week. temptress back to around 60 but when you get the warmerou temperatures colder temperatures change and you co get the showers and thunderstorms get so that is in
9:15 am
but first we take a look at stormmbut fox dealing with lightt snow showers through medina and over and the th portions of summit county in portage county right along the turnpike here. it extends all the way south through ashland and wayne county and down toward tuscarora's soa's we are seeing light snow showers continuing through the afternoon. and 38 degrees in and brunswick 33 in in brunswick 33 in elyria from the war at loretta barberton here is what is really happening in the the big nor'easter will bei pushing up the coast over the next 24 hours and it will pull those clouds away and pulled rain and snow showers away as well. snow if you have plans to fly out toward i boston or new york over
9:16 am
tomorrow to morning still dealing with clouds by the afternoon. temperature this more temperature wide on the smart temperature wide on the chilly side.. at you can see not as much in the way ofee snow is begin toward afternoon. that isw afternoon as the system sy continues north and east down toward carol, tuscarora's and columbia county otherwise it started it's starting to clearar out from the northwest to the southeast tonight.t we will clear out and it will be cold with temperatures down into the mid twenties. and as we look ahead towardd noon you will need sunglasses and by evening we will get rid of those cloudse w altogether and as you sit down for an dinner we will be in
9:17 am
a few flurries and a bit of a breeze so the 30 feels like 20. tomorrow mix of sun and clouds and gets better. we warned one which to warm but to ridede around 38 degrees. friday in little little bit chilly but for the upcoming weekendut of easter sunday days away. a four-month international manhunt ended friday with the f arrestr of a suspect in the paris terrorist attack. i the top suspect in the deadly terrorist attacks facesfa charges one day after being be
9:18 am
with belgian police. 26 -year-old saleh abdasalem was released from the hospital and later charged with participation ind wi a terrorist murder and participating in the murder. they will seek extradition his extradition to france for trial. histo lawyers said they will fight the extradition but attorneys think the process will happen fairlytrat quickly. >> of course it is under european law and it will take less time which is good. but victims themselves want and need and will ask to have an answer. they have a lot of questions.. >> saleh abdasalem was taken into custody friday along with four others during a morning raid in russell' authorities believe he has been
9:19 am
ininc paris led to bloodshed in paris. we all lto b know saleh abdasalem is one of hundreds and maybe more people who fled this paris attack. investigators have recovered the flight recorders of the side of the fatal plane crash in russia.i the plane went down while trying to land in strong and strong went wind killing all 62 people on board. newly released footage shows the s plane going down a steephow angle and exploding in a powerful blast like a big crater on theon runway. the budget airline was carrying 55 passengers, most of them russian, and seven crew members. >> our prayers go out to those whoray are who worked on the side.
9:20 am
details of the incident but we're working closely with the authorities to cl establish exactly what happened. >> it was fly dubai's first crash since they began operating in 20 oh nine. b rallying against republican presidential candidate donald trump. a massive crowd gathered in new york city where police had to to use pepper spray when the city got out when things got out of control. dozens of demonstrators created a traffic mess by blocking the road to the reactor the and the war of words between donald trump and fox news is back on. the latest round started on twitter one fox referred to megann kelly is sick and overrated.rated he has regularly attacked kelly since he accused her of being unfair to him during aa
9:21 am
fox fired back accusing the moguled of making sexist attacks againstmaki kelly. president obama is heading to to havana. he will be the first us sitting president to visit the island in nearly 90 years.visi the president and first lady lad arrived today. during that visit mister obama is set to meetat v with cubanh president roel castro and attend a baseball game. after cuba, the president and first lady will visit. 9:21 a.m. and still to come. >> coming up, why authorities are taking at it closer look at what happened to court bearing who ended up in a trashto chute at progressive field. police officers and community members we will take
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
welcome back. the fox aid i team breaks new details in the case of aam local man who died at progressive field. p did 6-foot to corey barron paul done a trash suit chute or did someone pushing their? for the first time, new pictures and new details released in theed i corey baran mystery death. d peggy galek has this exclusive stories story. >> the fox aid i team obtained these never before seen photographs that give an inside look into the investigation surrounding the death of 22 -year-old corey barron who died after falling down the garbageore chute at progressive field during a concert in the picture shows the 24-inch by
9:26 am
6-foot to 225-pound corey barron 's alleged to have gotten into the night he >> circumstances surrounding theng death of that young man who just graduated from college, he had a goodrad job a great family life, no sign of despondency or depression. >> what was going on about 9:45 p.m. >> the international research group, a team of retired federal agents asked re by cory's family to investigate, don't believe his death was an accident saying corey had bruises to his head and chest that were caused priord p to his death. >> we believe the blows to the head andlie ribs indicate the probabilities were that this kid was hit and kicked and picked up and sent feetfirst down that garbage a chute. >> leading investigators to that conclusion of i our discussions with the family ou police the corners office as well as a
9:27 am
this chillingti account. >> sometime between 945 when the concert be began and 10:00 o'clock, corey barron was seen in section 1 541 and perhaps in an argument for the young man corey turned to leave and was followed by several individuals. that was the last that he was seen. >> the witness also provided these pictures that show otherss in that section. these individuals are just witnesses investigators hope to talk to. >> bees are photographss of people seated there and we hope they will recognize themselves in the photo and call us. corey's family says they just want to know whatat happened. >> they don't know. we don't know. but we are hoping someone oute o there knows something. >> of reward of up to $10,000 is being offered for information
9:28 am
arrestin and conviction of the th individual or individuals involved in the death of corey barron. >> corey's body was found in a lorain county landfill a few days after he went missing. the county coroner ruled theed death is undetermined. if you have any information for fo and get investigators, you'll findrs confirmation contact information in our story atn much much more is coming from fox to news in the morning. >> t to put cleveland police officers cl facing a law wrongful death lawsuit. a look at the case and a look at the group speaking out on behalf of the victims family. on the other side of the blue line. sandusky officers are remembering those who lost their
9:29 am
9:30 am
9:31 am
so close. >> it might be chilly out there but at least it is not extremely windy.
9:32 am
if you like snow flying aroundro for the first day of spring. of >> which is expected to be asked expectedd in in spring. jen harter is joining us from the front yard although that's nothinglth like what they're getting way out li east. >> eventually we will warm things up.ven really not that bad. you just have to wear your winter jacketou ju today we are doing some flurries and light snow showers but the birds are chirping so that is a good thing right? hears her forecast through the day today. we continue with light snow showers through the morningnti hours 32 degrees and 37 by 1:00 o'clock cloudy and we can't rule out some showers in the southeastern areas. by 5:00 p.m. mostly cloudy with breaking breaking sunshine out in s the northwestern area. theree is snow on storm fox right
9:33 am
not t a big deal here. just very light snow if a few flurries but it is enough to coat the ground your car and your deck. y it is going to move its way up the east t coast meaning lots of rain and lots of snow for those on the east coast. for us it pulls the snow and clouds out of here. so what am i expecting over the next 24 hours? you can see it here. 29 akron canton right now and 42 degrees and more rain in cleveland. a 30 degrees in ashtabula but you factor in the wind right now some spots or upward of 50 miles an hour. we are feeling more like 20.k akron canton 24 and was still feels more like the mid to upperan twenties along the lake. this morning i i'm talking about a i am talking about a gradual this warm-up and with that warm-up we w
9:34 am
thunderstormse but the question is will they be upbu for easter weekend and i will have that's coming that coming up. they call themselves a mothers forey justice and here in cleveland that kicked off what they hope will be a nationaltha tour aimed at shining a spotlight on police involved shooting shootings. >> there were mothers from other fro states who lost loved ones in and police shootings, but for one cleveland woman who tookpo part this week and it is an especially painful time that she remembers her 18 oldl son. >> today is the one-year anniversary of the one year anniversary of the death of myy>one son 18 -year-old son brandon jones who is coming out of a store. >> tonya brown fights to hold back the tears.ton a year ago her son brandon jonesnes was killed by cleveland police po after allegedly breaking into the store. >> i don't think breaking and entering warrants a death
9:35 am
logic into that.ntsca >> people have lost loved ones ino police involved incidents from around thece nation including in new york and michigan came to cleveland for the event. >> they killed my seven -year-old granddaughter in 2010. >> there were three mothers whoth lost their children in police involved shootings in clevelandeve taking part. brandon jones' mother, 12 girl girl tamir rice's mother who spoke very briefly. br >> and i practice humanity, thank you. >> and alicia kirkman mother ofn alisha kirkman monday of angelo miller who died in a police involved incidents nine years ago.. >> that is not fair to us they want to pass off and indict the police. we are so sick and tired of it. we want justice and we are fed up. >> one of the organizers from dayton said in an earlier o event that a relationship between
9:36 am
>> it really doesn't matter what our reaction has been to police. our young men have been killed surrendering. o they have been killed running away. they have been killed the matterr what they do. do. we are seeking solutions and looking for answers. >> i don't understand why my baby iso dead. he was unarmed and doesn't pose any type of threat to anyone. >> brandon jones family just filed a wrongful death lawsuit against cleveland in two of its police officers.vela a special dedication and and sandusky to remember a police officer killed in the lineao of duty five years ago. there was a large group of donors who raised money to build to donate the plaque to andrew
9:37 am
3:00 a.m. and hadho no lights on his bike. bi he was immediately shot and killed. sandusky police tell us there are sky po dedications inside the police station to officer officer done,ns i but they want to the plaque outside that everyone can see.e plaq >> the pain is still there. it is still raw and people have beenstill r so supportive and the the children of andy that are here you know theirdren family and just the community coming together shows them that their dad was very relevant and very important in ourel community. >> the chief estimates more than 200 people turnedre out for that o dedication. building a stronger relationship between cleveland police and the >> that was the goal of the boys boys and girlsd
9:38 am
cleveland leader said this is just the latest in their ongoing effort. >> there's a lot of tension in the community with police relationships, so this event is partnering with the cleveland clinic to bring police together in aing much more casual environment where police can sitan down with them and chat with them and get them to understand they are real people.t they also got free haircuts as well. 9:38 a.m. and still much much more toto come. >> drinking at work is usually frowned upon but one company hopes to attract up talent by adding a ale to the office. coming up a twist on the traditional easter baskets. designers are here with some delicious ideas. a live look outside this
9:39 am
smoothly nearng downtown although there are a few flakes flakes downtown theye re are not likely to stick around for long. jan archer weighs in on your work week forecast when workweek
9:40 am
9:42 am
welcome back. today we are springing into spring. s >> bat means just one thing, easter is just around the corner and we are just about oneaer week out.. >> if you're looking for a twist on the traditional easter basket this year look no farther than edible arrangements.em if someone here joining us this morning with details on >> thank you for being here. >> you said you just kind of k looked this up lastin night. >> whipped it out. it looks phenomenal and i think it would take me about two days d to put something together this
9:43 am
it's that simple? geek ees. >> tell us what goes intoe? making these baskets. >> every day we have someone who cooks tt the fruit and we have we someone dipping and someonene designing. we all kind of work together and then we have rapping and we make it work. >> make it work. it is beautiful. >> this is the kind of i thing ag lot of people you know you always think ofe y jelly beans and stuff like that but this is as a different twist on it. a lot of people once may be some healthier options. >> it is perfect for spring. fresh fruits and there is really no betterr time. >> it is a nice alternative i think ni especially when you have little kids and your family and they're bringing all of that candy. >> it is great. we love the candy. >> but it is nice to have an alternative to say okay honey let's have a strawberry instead. >> they will see the chocolate.
9:44 am
them in and be an enticing but it is a nice alternative. >> i'm ni trying to imagine the fruits of the bigtr enough so what are the bunnies made out of? >> all of our arrangements have pineapple and then. then the easter bunny. >> and you guysaste have a stencil or do you do this by hand. >> we have an easel. >> froude easel?ave like a press. >> you go ahead and put it in there and then we have a swipe her as and well to just chill andhil arrange. >> very simple. >> we have a lot of fun doing what we do. >> what is the shelf life for this? a lot of people would think i have to lot get this on easter sunday but this will last quite a while. >> three days is what we recommend, but obviously it is always fresh just ready to pick up with the ju day before. a lot of people if they have
9:45 am
before to give them a littlee t time. we have that a lot. >> you guys have some promotions going on for s easter? >> next easter we have 20 percent off $65 or more.. >> are you open on easter sunday? >> we are not. there are nine locations but we're open the day before and can do a same-day delivery, same-dayaywe'rrc pickup until 3:00 o'c pilock on saturday but it would be best to call your local store to see if they are open ca to because the corporate gives us the actions action so there are some e giv stores that will be open on easter sunday. su >> and everybody gets a taste of what they want. >>and body yes. >> and everything comes as is but there are several add-ons like apple wedgesar s or bananas. >> really? 's pick it up a little bit. b >> just oranges? is a good? >> yes andd white s and white chocolate.
9:46 am
tasty.e for more information or to find an edible arrangement location head over too and click on seen on tv. thank you guys so much for being here this morning and happy easter. take it away i know you want to get over here >> yes. i have been looking at this liket that's going to makeh a great breakfast this morning but what a great treat for easter. who would have thought of that?ha the fruit, i think it is a great replacement for candy for sure. s my kids might disagree. people have been posting pictures be on my facebook page about this nice spring snow, cleveland style spring.rin this one was in akron. ak thanks are ascending for sending that shot to meet john.sce we have another one sent to us fromwe peninsula so it is snowing there as well and the light nice little coding on the deck and
9:47 am
barry in cleveland showing that he had a nice little coding on his car as well, something we don't really want toel see on the first day of spring but unfortunately we do have to contend with it.t. you have some showers were wherehere you're likely getting the coding ontt your ground or deck or grounder deck or windshield summitit county down 77 in canton canal fulton you're getting the snow even toward woods wooster you're seeing the light snow and that extends all the way through portions of ashland. richland county likely getting a few flurries. things will be winding down through the morning that is not a big deal here at most a coating on the ground. it is a chilly start to spring, 31 mass. maslin and alliance coming in at 30 and westlake is in the lower thirties. an we have a nice nor'easter that is going toice move up the east
9:48 am
to take the clouds, snow and even some rain showers with it so by tomorrowers we will notice a decrease in cloud cover through thell day and we are not going tong see snow or rain to the day tomorrow, but tomorrow morning up toward boston new york may maybe evenowa portland that is one thing you will have to watch may be some slight delays for you. current temperatures across the region pretty much the same. low thirties to upper twenties depending on where you are at. no bigng warm-up for us. it will be a gradual warm-up as we grad get to your first week of spring. forecast details to the rest of this morning you can see things really start to wind down. there could still be some snow showers around but temperatures above freezing. bt we will likely see a few of these snow showers changeover to rainin showers as we head toward three, four, 5:00 o'clock and it
9:49 am
southeastern communities. if you head west you already see breaks in the cloud deck so we get some sunshine here on out toward the island. we clear out a little bit through thet a night tonight. tomorrow morning there could be some clouds aroundere but we are still looking at a dry morning. m lots of sunshine in the afternoon. we will get out of the thirties and by tomorrow we will be right around 40. we tomorrow mostly cloudy, chile, tonight's 27 definitely cold night for us and tomorrow mix of sun and clouds with temperatures right around 40.oun and as we head toward the middle of this week low ande mid fifties on tuesday wednesday and thursday right around 60 degrees and with that we will see some showers and even thunderstorms and easternd e weekend fifties, dry and sunshine. we are your official school closing a chicago business
9:50 am
for employees.s. the company allows its workers to drink during business hours. the company has two kegs of craft beer in the office 24 / seven.n. the ceo sayss if you offer a beer a in the office talent will h stay. >> that's a good strategy. >> we got in touch with the business called crafty that c suppliesr a keg to more than 100 chicago companies. >> we are not big on rules, but there is common sense. >> we are having co a problem-solving session at 4:00 p.m. so let's have a beer.prob >> how much of the creative credit goes to the beer? the motto is when the taps are flowing so are the ideas. geek if you're looking for ao summerki gig or just like beer this might just to be the job be the job for you. mi
9:51 am
internship to those 21 and older in addition to the $12,000 paycheck, all travel expenses are covered as well. all you had have to do is send a short video explaining why you are a good fit expl for this job. just go to >> all of the college students. >> big-time. >> probably some journalists ass well. still toas come. >> one moments wedding to get one moments wedding planning time was cut short because of an mome
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
it will feel good if you like brisk weather outside. >> some do. >> some people do. a new jersey woman is calling it a miracle mere collector strangers came together to help make her wedding possible. >> eric meyersin says her mother is losing her battle with with a varying cancel and has only days to live. she fast tracked her wedding. local wedding photographers heardd about her weddingi situation, stepped in and made it happen. they set up a venue, makeup, food, all free of charge and impressively they got all the arrangements made within two days. erica says she is grateful for the effort and generosity of i strangers and is beyond the beyond excited her mother was able to see her walk down the aisle.. that's a wonderful story and in the theme of celebration we have learned. >> that ben's jen harper's
9:56 am
>> it's her birthday.d >> she's 19 again. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. happy birthday to you. >> >> meteorologist or birthday on the first day o of spring. how fitting is that? i got a manicure and pedicure yesterday. andc just hanging out with family. we've all been kind of under the weather but i was born about an hour and a half ago in a year in a snowstorm. s my parentsn had to drive to the hospital in aha snowstorm in chardon so it could be worse right? s we're talking about a snowstorm. >> it could haveb been much much worse. thank you so much. enjoy your >> at also i also had to say
9:57 am
hometown ofbuzz hinckley.ey they're celebrating the buzzards today in ce hinckley and i will be
9:58 am
most buns just hope to keep a hamburger together. but the new bun on a dave' s double brings a hamburger together. the perfect ratio of bun, to beef to toppings to...other bun. that' s the key. to the hamburger harmony of a deliciously different dave'
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i'm chris wallace. europe's most wanted man is captured alive. what will they tell authorities about isis plots against the west? we'll have a live report from europe and we'll ask the white house chief of staff denis mcdonough what it means on the war on terror. then the showdown of the president's supreme court nominee. >> i fulfilled my constitutional duty. now is the time for the senate to do theirs.


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